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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm deck deck. our stop story daron dylon wint the prime suspect in the murder
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in northwest -- [ stand by for captions ] >> reporter: they learned he had traveled here to the howard johnson in college park. this is where we are live and a police officer from prince george's county police have been guarding this motel all morning long, guarding room 412. >> it's kind of frightening. >> reporter: motel patrons waking up to the disturbing news, an accused murderer was hiding out just doors away at the howard johnson. >> i guess we were fortunate not to have run into him. >> reporter: fugitive tank force mechanics about to descend on the motel last night when they learned their man was on the move. 34-year-old daron wint running from police with his relatives drove right back into d.c. and that's where u.s. marshals
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cornered a box truck and this sedan. according to our news partners at "the washington post," wint was in sedan at least $10,000 as a suspect in the torture and murders of savvas and amy savopoulos, their young son and housekeeper. police say he extorted $40,000 from his former boss before torching their home stealing his car and then setting that vehicle on fire just miles from his father's lanham home. and according to the u.s. marshal, wijts was arrest -- wint was arrested around 11:00 last night in northeast washington with five other people. his rap sheet pretty lengthy. it consists of assaults, threats, even some burglary charges. we're also learning that back in 2010 wint was arrested after he was caught with a bb gun and a machete right outside his former workplace which happens to be the business owned by
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savvas savopoulos. we're live in college park, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you, deal ya. the savopoulos family issued a statement this morning. it read in part, quote, we are thankful to law enforcement who have worked so diligently to bring about an arrest in this case. while it does not abate our pain, we hope it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and our city. we are blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who have supported us and grieve us with. as delia mentioned, daron wint has a long and extensive criminal record. it stretches over several year. court records show there are at least six assault charges. reports say at least three of them led to convicts in one allegation in 2010 a woman said wint threatened her claiming he was good with a knife. later saying i'm going to come over here and kill you. in other news metro transit police are asking for your help in connection with a parental abduction this morning. dejuan good is accused of
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taking his son from his mother from the king street metro station this morning. police say his mother handed over her son after he implied that he had a gun. metro is flashing information about the abduction on its electronic signs and its stations. if you have seen either the boy or the father, police would love to hear from you. a springfield, virginia, couple accused of kidnapping and torturing a lawyer and his wife will find out soon when their trial starts. police say andrew and alecia schmuhl abducted 61-year-old leo fisher and his wife, holding them hostage for three hours. fisher was a managing part near at a law firm with alicia schmuhl had recently been fired. the court ruled last week there was sufficient evidence to move forward with a trial. the defense team for jesse matthew will be back in court today. matthew's lawyers are trying to prevent a woman he's accused of sexually assaulting from identifying him in a fairfax county court. the defense claims the victim only gave a general description at the time of the assault so she could not pick out matthew
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as her attacker ten years later. matthew is also charged with the murder of uva student hannah graham in charlottesville. he's scheduled to go on trial for the fairfax case coming up on june 8. a fairfax county judge denied several attempts to limit evidence in the trial of accused killer charles severance. the man charged with killing three prominent residents of alexandria arrived for a pretrial hearing in a wheelchair. he claims he suffered an ankle injury while being transferred from alexandria's jail to one in fairfax county. he also said he didn't like or trust his attorney. the judge said she would consider a request for a new lawyer. a grand jury has now indicted all six baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. the state's attorney for baltimore updated those charges on thursday and marley hall has more. >> reporter: baltimore's top prosecutor marilyn mosby announced new charges against
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the six city police officers linked to the death of freddie gray. after more than a week of sometimes violent protests, mosby filed charges against the six officers ranging from second-degree murder to second degree assault. >> as is often the case, during an ongoing investigation charges can and should be revied based upon the evidence. >> reporter: thursday's inmedictnt include similar charges but adds reckless endangerment and removes charges of false imprisonment. baltimore's fraternal order of police issue add statement saying all citizens are innocent until proven guilty including these six officers. they will be arraigned on july 2. marley hall, cbs news, new york. this weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. so are we in for summer like temperatures or the cool, breezy ones we have now? first alert meteorologist erica grow with the forecast. >> it will be cool tomorrow but the breezes are going to diminish. i'll show you why on satellite and radar why we have the breezes right now. it's due to this cold front
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moving backdoor cold front. most of our fronts approach from the west. this one is coming from the north. it's not packing much of a punch. you can see that the showers are very minimal and all above the mason-dixon line. here tuned into wusa9 this morning, i 208d you i thought the showers would stay up near the pa-maryland border and that's t. now it looks like we won't get a single drop out of this system which is great news. we got plenty of rain yesterday. 73 degrees in ocean city. 65 tomorrow, though. it's going to be cooler tomorrow because today we have winds coming from the west. the land breeze is warmer this time of year than the sea breeze. but the sea breeze returns as we head into saturday. overall, though, it's going to be a great weekend. anything you want to do outdoors if you're headed to the nats game tonight, first pitch at 7:05 and it will be in the low 70s. the winds still around 15 miles per hour out of the west but at least the temperature will be nice and pleasant and more beautiful temperatures ahead in the metro area in the first
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alert seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, erica. when you have a holiday weekend headed your way, getaway friday is in spades today. that is why nikki burdine is joining us live from the bay bridge -- excuse me? nikki burdine has more from the bay bridge. >> reporter: traveling this weekend has the potential to be the perfect storm and i'm not talking about the weather. with improving economy and cheaper gas prices, traffic could end up being quite the headache. >> so no matter how you're leaving town, it's going to be very crowded. >> reporter: so you're saying there's going to be traffic. >> there's going to be a lot of traffic. >> reporter: okay, we get it. >> you haven't left yet? oh, my gosh. >> reporter: aaa estimates close to a million people from the washington, d.c. area are headed out of town this weekend. lucky for the mantler family, they got a head start. >> that's always the plan on memorial day. you have to get on the road early or you'll be stuck in
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miles of traffic. >> reporter: but if you're like some of us who don't have the day off. >> nobody wants to work memorial day weekend. some people have to. >> reporter: like michael lynn taylor of chesapeake land scape who have to deal with the same gridlock. their only hope? >> people using their head when they're driving, not getting too frustrated sitting in traffic. >> reporter: if you're wondering when to leave, try after 10:00 tonight or before 7:00 tomorrow morning. remember... >> the whole point is to turn off, cell phones off, enjoy the sun, the nice weather. it's shaping up to be a good day today. >> reporter: and avoid traffic. >> and avoid the traffic. >> reporter: if all else fails? >> stay home. put in a patio. we'll come do it for you. >> reporter: at the bay bridge, nikki burdine, wusa9. >> nice to have a little advertisement on the back side of that. gas prices are about a dollar less than this time last year so plenty of company on the roads for your getaway friday. d.c. is getting into the summer spirit. mayor muriel bowser will launch
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the city's outdoor pool season this afternoon. the department of parks and recreation has a mystery jumper who plans to cannonball into the banneker pool. d.c. has 18 public outdoor pools, 24 spray parks, and four children poops as well as 11 in- - children pools as well as 11 indoor pools. still ahead, reality tv star josh duggar says he acted inexcuse al. we'll tell you why one of the oldest children on the
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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welcome back. josh duggar, the oldest child featured in the reality tv show "19 kids and counting" said he acted inexcusable. he issued an apology after a report surfaced he molested girls as a teenager.
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the family doesn't believe in birth control and follow strict rules. he confessed what he had done to his parents and has received counseling. he resigned his position from the family research council. from one man's trash another man's treasure, some lucky dumpster divers have a piece of television history. crews dismantled the set of the late show yesterday following david letterman's final show. some fans were able to grab pieces of the stage out of the trash. letterman told cbs sunday morning that he really did not have any interest in holding on to the past. >> somebody said you to, well, jeez, do you want the desk. i thought, really? what i would do with the desk? the tangible things don't mean anything to me really. it's the music and the acts and on and on and on. it's a thing. you know, your life is more than a thing, isn't it? >> 14 million viewers watched letterman's finale. that was more than any prime
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welcome back. that is vice president joe biden, graduation day at naval academy. this is a live picture. he delivered the commencement address at the navy marine corps memorial stadium in annapolis. and many of the grads yachts will be commissioned -- graduates will be commissioned as navy ensigns. others will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the marine corps. so fun to take that live. a series of free concerts today on the grounds of the washington monument get under way. the program is called music at the monument appropriately. former n.f.l. player daryl haley is playing host. he's here with all the details and he's a former patriot which
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i completely appreciate. how are you, sir. tell us about the concerts. >> we have a few today starting with the music at 15th and independence aji sent to the washington monument. we'll be featuring r&b as well as a little bit of hip hop. it's going to be lx, the fix. >> are these free concerts? do you have to pay? >> no, they're free concerts. they're going to be going on for the whole summer starting today and ending october 30. so it's the first and third friday of each month, 4:00 to 6:30. >> these pictures look as if -- i've never been to the theater. i apologize. is some of it outside and inside? >> it's all outside but the stage itself is covered. also the important part is the concerts are being put on to support our veterans as well as -- [indiscernible] veterans in the sense of employment as well as
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homelessness. and then youth when it comes to advanced youth development and lifestyle choices. we want to make sure we hit those two. i'm a firm believer that music is the one thing that can bring it all together. >> we have such a big veteran population and a big homeless problem here in the d.c. area so that will help two causes. >> help two causes and we all take -- if we all take the time, each person help one, we'll begin to solve the problem. >> you have hip hop today. this goes all the way through october. >> we'll have hip hop. then we'll have jazz. we have big band, country, pop. we have a variety of music because washington, d.c. in itself is a place to have a variety of people. so therefore all kinds of music is coming n. the other piece is all the people who are performing are grammy voting artists so it's going to be really, really good music. >> fantastic. again it's tree. >> on the national mall, 15th and independence right adjacent
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to the monument. >> to check the schedule, do you have a website? >>, >> the radio voice, can i hear it right now. >> a pleasure to meet you. appreciate your time. a big holiday weekend. >> that's right. we are so lucky. the weather is going to be phenomenal as we head into the holiday weekend. today not bad either, especially when you compare it to yesterday. just a few clouds entering the picture late today. 77 degrees at 3:00. that's also your high temperature today. notice the winds, though. that's the reason i say not bad because we will have those gusty breezes throughout the rest of the afternoon. 57 degrees at 6:00 -- 75 degrees at 6:00. gusts could trigger a shower north and west of town. all you're going to see are a few of those fat raindrops that come down real quick and everything moves out. that's what you'll experience this afternoon. if you live in hagerstown or
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frederick, that's where it may happen. so a gorgeous holiday weekend on tap. it will start to get more warm and humid by monday. right now just pleasant out there, breezy, 68 degrees in leesburg and manassas. 68 in hagerstown and 72 right now in downtown washington. we're clear on satellite and radar despite the little area of cloud cover in pennsylvania and a few sprinkles and showers. we are looking dry and that's what you'll see on 9 futurecast, too. just a few little sprinkles near the pa-maryland border and dissipating as they make their way toward the metro. just too dry here. it will be beautifully pleasant on saturday. a return of the sunshine and the winds get lighter too as well because of an area of high pressure that will almost be exactly over us on saturday. on sunday is slides to the south, the return flow. that's when the air starts to move out of the south on the back side of high pressure. that's going to bump our temperatures up. that'sities' going to feel -- that's why it's going to feel like summer again on monday. today just beautiful. 75 in leesburg. 80 for your high temperature in fredericksburg. 77 in downtown washington.
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overnight tonight north and west, we'll dip into the 40s but we'll stay at 52 in d.c. for your overnight low. 54 in pacs river. 43 in hagerstown and 44 luray. green weather alerts the next few days. we talked about how great it's going to be this weekend. 77 today. it will be breezy. the breezes diminish tonight and tomorrow just beautiful with a high of 74. lots of sunshine. if you've been looking forward to the return of the mild weather, though, on sunday we're going to get back into the 80s and it's certainly going to feel like pool weather on memorial day, the unofficial start of summer in the first alert seven-day forecast. a high of 88 degrees. it's also going to be more humid. we can't rule out just a quick little isolated shower or thunderstorm on monday but i think it's going to stay dry until tuesday so just as you're heading back to work and back to school, that's when we're going to look for that threat for storms again. just isolated storms on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and notice those high temperatures remain right around 90 degrees. stay
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welcome back. learning the art of meditation can help you achieve success in the workplace and at home. that's what our next guest believes. her new book is called "the om factor." thank you for being here. some people think it's mystical or i couldn't do that. what do you say to those statements? >> i just say it's easy. you just need two minutes of your day. you sit wherever you are, whether it's in our chair right now with your palms facing up, close your eyes and observe your breath without manipulating it, without judging it and you're in that present home because you're
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connecting with your highest self at that moment. it's not how often you do it. it's not how long you do it. it's that you're consistent with it. >> is there more than one kind of meditation or is it everybody does exactly the same thing? >> there are many kinds and variations of meditations but the foundationthat connection. that'sities' that connection with your breath that's really important. >> limited reading i've done on it people say well, you need annual instructor and you have to have a mantra and start reciting the same things over and over again. is that true in every case? >> not at all. i think that's stressful just hearing that, what you just said. so i think you can apply man takes and affirmations -- mantras and ap fir nations as tools. you can use tools in the moment when you're feeling anxiety, when you're feeling overwhelmed, when you're feeling anger and resentment. you can use those tools and there are two or three words you can use like "this too shall pass." but at the end of the day it's
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just connecting with yourself. >> if you would like to try to get started whether you go for your book or try to get some instruction online, what are some of the first steps where you can maybe take one step forward to try to -- your very first try to sit down and meditate? >> a great first step is to understand it's not this daunting thing. sit in a chair. sit at your desk at the office or sit at home, put your timer on your phone for two minutes. just close your eyes and just observe your breath, even if you're going to have thoughts coming and going, that's what this is about. you're a human being. don't fight it. >> this way you don't have to fight it. >> you'll hear i have dry cleaning to pick up, very this to do but just be in that space. i just wanted to share with you all a technique that you can do even when you're feeling overwhelmed with that client that is just stressing you out or whatever. >> i'm so sorry. we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much.
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the book is "the om factor." we ap
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>> lily: hey. thanks for filling in for chelsea. i hope that connor's okay. >> phyllis: oh, i'm sure he will be. it's probably just a bug going around. >> lily: [ sighing ] yeah. i'm gonna have a meeting with the servers before we get under way. i know jack said this is really important, so i want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. >> phyllis: yeah. he wants the key players at newman-abbott to celebrate this merger without strangling each other. if we can accomplish that, sky's the limit. >> lily: [ chuckling ] yeah, right. [ footsteps approaching ] excuse me. so, it's true. you're really doing this. >> devon: let's not start this please? >> hilary: okay, just pretend you didn't see us. >> lily: i don't expect anything from you. but i thought that you actually cared about putting our family back together. >> neil: so, i saw the updated guest list, and i see that you invited nikki. >> victor: today's a day for all


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