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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders is being held without bond and tonight we are learning more about the chain of events leading up to the killings of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper. good evening, everyone. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. 34-year-old daron wint appeared before a judge this afternoon. investigators believe his crime was so elaborate it would have been impossible for him to carry it out by himself.
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stephanie ramirez is outside the savopoulos mansion now. what do we know about who else might be facing charges? >> reporter: i can tell you this. the home now is still a protected crime scene. part of reason is because they are looking for more suspects. we know police caught 34-year- old daron wint with five other people, but the other people were questioned and released. it's in these charging documents that say the crimes described in this affidavit required the presence and assistance of more than one person. but on friday it was a smaller 5' 7, 155-pound daron wint appearing before a judge in a white jump suit and chains. he said his name and then looked down. the charging documents discussed today in court revealed more of the gruesome discovery last week inside the savopoulos home where investigators found 10-year-old phillip savopoulos in an adjacent bedroom and worse, he may have been torture and
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burned to death. charging documents say he died of thermal and sharp force injuries. we also learned in charging documents the assistant who dropped off $40,000 lied about certain details and the man spotted in savvas savopoulos' porsche is described as a black man with short well groomed hair. a defense attorney used this to argue police had the wrong guy. that's when prosecutors introduced wint's lengthy court history that includes assault, theft, making false statements and in 2010 wint pled guilty to malicious destruction of property. he broke into a woman's home threatening to kill her and her daughter. believing this is at least one of the suspects, acting u.s. attorney vincent cohen said -- >> we unsealed the arrest today and sent it unsealed. additional search warrants in the coming days. >> reporter: wint's family
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immigrated from guyana and he went to boot camp in parris island and dropped out and a few years later went to american iron works owned and operated by savvas savopoulos. >> now mr. will not is held without bond. our work is not done. >> reporter: prosecutors mentioned today in court that piece of pizza with the dna evidence lining will not. they brought -- linking wint. they brought up a plastic water bottle that may have provided more evidence. today's court appearance was for the felony murder charm -- charge of savvas savopoulos and more charges could be pending. will not is due again in court may 23rd. >> the capital area regional fugitive task force caught wint late last night at 10th and rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. police and u.s. marshal followed him and five others leaving college park in a car and small moving van. >> we blocked it in the front and back and on the sides. there was no way they could get
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out. we also had other vehicles surround the truck and everybody submitted and gave up. >> police found more than $10,000 in one of those vehicles. some 60 agents were tracking will not first. they -- tracking wint first. they tracked him to a brooklyn apartment. he saw his face there on tv and left. we'll have more on the mansions murders case on our wusa9 news app. another infamous d.c. murder case appears to be heading back to court. more than 14 years after chandra levy disappeared the man convicted is likely to get a new trial. hank silverberg has followed this case over a decade. he has more on this latest twist from the northwest washington apartment building where levy lived. >> reporter: chandra levy was 24 years old and had just completed her internship at the bureau of prisons when she
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disappeared in may of 20 definitely. her body was found a year -- 200definitely. her body was found a year later -- 2001. her body was found a year later in a remote area of rock creek park. >> it was quite something when it was fresh and i would say at that time there may well have been a question about whether you could get jurors who had not formed an opinion. >> reporter: it took almost a decade before police eventually arrested ingmar guandique. he was convicted of murdering levy in 2010 based largely on the testimony of one time cellmate armando morales who said guandique told him about murdering levy. guandique was sentenced to 60 years in prison. >> the government seems to people it's unable to get -- feel it's unable to get to the reliability of this guy. so rather than go to all the
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trouble of trying to ferret that out and investigate it further, they said let's just have a new retrial. >> reporter: there have been a series of hearings since the conviction. >> the length of these trials means the judicial system is indeed very careful and does give the defendant every benefit of the doubt and that's the way it should be. >> reporter: late today the u.s. attorney's office withdrew its objection to a new trial which is now likely to take place in. this statement the u.s. attorney indicated they still believe the original conviction of guandique back in 2010 was correct. in the district hank silverberg, wusa9. >> at this point there is no indication when a new trial might take place. jesse matthew, the man accused of killing uva student hannah graham, was in a fairfax county courtroom today for a pretrial hearing in the sexual assault and attempted murder of a woman in 2005 that. woman now lives in india.
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prosecutors plan to fly her in a few days before the start of the she be flown in sooner so they can have more time to question her, but judge said no. >> she's going to be here before trial. they'll have an opportunity to cross-examine her on the witness stand prior to trial. i think that's fair. >> defense attorneys argue if the alleged victim can identify matthew as her attacker, it's because of all the punt -- publicity over the hannah graham case. the trial is set for june 8th. tonight authorities in charles county, maryland, are investigating the death of a little boy after law officers came across a heartwrenching sight at a public park. they were called to wills memorial park in la plata and they found a woman pushing her dead 3-year-old son in a swing. now continuances said this had been going on for -- witnesses said this had been going on for hour. the medical examiner will try
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to determine thuse cae of death. the mother has been taken to the hospital for evaluation. two d.c. women faced charges of shoplifting and assaulting the police officers who arrested them. they are 23-year-old bianca jackson and 24-year-old kenya crawly. police say plain clothes officers spotted the pair shoplifting yesterday at tysons corner. the women allegedly bit, kick and stat of spat on the five arrests -- kicked and spat on the five arrests officers. they stole over $10,000 worth of makeup and lingerie. we'll see one more nice day before it begins to feel like summer. >> chief meteorologist howard bernstein is here with the holiday weekend forecast. >> let me tell you we've got a beautiful night underway especially now that the mic's on, had a couple sprinkles
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earlier coming through the shenandoah valley. those were falling apart in culpeper and fauquier county. it will be a chilly night tonight. in town low 50s, but look at hagerstown, 43, cumberland 41, oakland 36. frost advisories in the mountains. we're talking about a gorgeous saturday. by 10:00 it's 60, lunchtime 60s with highs tomorrow between 70 and 75. enjoy it, one of the best of the year. we've got heat and humidity on the way. i'll have your memorial day forecast and the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. in court tonight in california two young men who allegedly want to join isis and die as martyrs. the two 24-year-olds were arrested last night and authorities have investigated these two fellows the past two
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years. the men discussed last month how it would be "a blessing" to fight for the cause of allah and to die on the battlefield. >> i think if you're looking at spending a lot of time in prison when a couple days ago you're going to earn a degree in college. that's scary. >> ton bightoth men are behind bars pending further hearing. the public now has access to hundreds of e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton account related to the deadly 2010 attack on the embassy in benghazi, libya. one e-mail is now classified and those 23 words about arrests of possible suspects were deleted at the fbi's request. >> it's not uncommon for
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information that was previous unclassified to upon later review and based on changing events in the world be deemed classified. >> all the information in the e- mail was handled appropriately. >> the state department says the classification status does not change the facts of the benghazi attack. the congressional committee investigating the attack has a full copy of the e-mail, but the republican clair of the panel calls -- chair of the panel calls the public release incomplete. one of these strangest police chases we've ever seen. this is no high speed chase. this is in slow motion. this is really how it went, a chase so slow a bystr ande walked in front of the car and stopped it. police had been chasing it for miles through southern california. the good samaritan gets the guy out of the car, calls him to the hood of the patrol karl. police take both men into custody. could be the driver thought he was in a parade. he'd be riding along in that
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mustang convertible with a banner on the side reading victory parade waving to the crowd giving fist pumps. he's not waving now. >> this is a first, a slow speed chase. >> it's happened once or twice. coming up tlc releases a statement on its decision to remove 19 kids and counting from its lineup after a shocking admission from the family. >> also ahead no butts on the beach, visitors to ocean city will have a new anti-smoking law. >> up
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fredericksburg police released body cam video from a police officer who tased and pepper sprayed a suspect during a traffic stop. >> officer shaun jurgens resigned last week after an investigation found he used inappropriate force in an arrest earlier this month. it was shown to the use of force expert. >> reporter: a tense situation for a fredericks burgpolice officer. >> as you watch all three videos, you see the officers are having to deal with traffic issues and their attention is diverted, but they do a good job staying focused on the drive. >> reporter: the video shows the driver -- driver. >> reporter: the video shows the driver of the car does not respond to the command of the officer. >> he's not belligerent and he is not refusing to raise his han verbally or with gesture. he's non-- hand verbally or with gesture. he's noncompliant. >> reporter: a third police officer arrives and moves towards the car. >> the officer is transitioning away from his sidearm and now
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has his taser, fires tathe ser. >> reporter: the taser doesn't make proper contact, so it doesn't function properly. so the officer uses a different tactic. >> this is pepper spray being deployed. >> reporter: before the pepper spray? >> i would have liked to have seen a little more communication to try to find out what the condition of the driver is. >> reporter: this video he says is a learning experience for other departments. >> in this case i know it was not a termination that he resigned, but in this case it seems that maybe the conduct here was not what the city wanted. >> that man in the car is still in the hospital. is he charged with hit and run and reckless driving. officer jurgens has not been charged. saying it is deeply troubled and saddened by what it calls a heartbreaking situation, tlc has pulled 19
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kid and counting from its lineup, this after the oldest of the duggar clan, 27-year-old josh, admitted to molesting five underage girls a dozen years ago. he and his parents issued an apology for past inexcusable behavior. he quickly resigned from his job with the family conservative research council in washington. just as americans head into peak driving season, fire forced a shut down on the key part of the oil refinery on the east coast up in philly. it took firefighters about an hour to knock it down. the refinery said nobody was hurt. this refinery is a major supplier of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel and it's not clear when it will run again at full capacity. a veterinarian says a dead dolphin and three dead pelicans were found near the oil spill
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in santa barbara county, california. rescue teams are working to save the other creatures covered in oil. cleanup crews are trying to capable -- contain the spill. it covers 10 square miles. beaches and campgrounds will be shut down at least till june 4th. the oil spill is from a broken pipeline. this holiday weekend ocean city is welcoming vacationers to the big kickoff to summer. pack your bags and not your cigarettes. visitors will find a new smoking ban in place on the boardwalk and most of the beach. it was approved this year not only as a public health issue but a litter issue. the fine for violators is a hefty $500. the mayor said the first year they'll probably give out more warnings than citations. smoking is permitted within 15 feet of designated bins on the beach. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert
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weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> 3-degree guarantee. nailed it again. my projection was 77. it was 75 at dulles, 79 at national. so that's within the three. 19 of 21 for the month of may. tomorrow i'm going 74. right now it's a beautiful evening, 69, clear skies. did you see the moon, venus and jupiter? you'll see them again tomorrow night. we've got a cool night coming our way, 50s in frederick and gaithersburg, 62 in fredericksburg, easton 66. 40s in the mountains. they'll be in the 30s with a frost advisory till 8 a.m. tomorrow. chilly tonight with most lows in the 40s. we'll be low 50s in town, fantastic saturday. tomorrow could be potentially the best day of the year weatherwise. we'll be warmer sunday but not humid as we get back into the
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80s and heat and humidity by memorial day. next week it will be hot and sticky and feel like july. in the morning lows 40s in cumberland, low 50s in town, 45 gaithersburg, 49 at joint base andrews. a couple light showers earlier, but those are falling apart. looking at the forecast if you're traveling to the beach for the holiday weekend, 65 tomorrow, 74 sunday and 80 monday. looks pretty nice there. for tonight we're certainly going to be chilly, lows between 43 and 53 and 30s in the mountains. enjoy it now because we'll warm up quickly here by next week. 50s and 60s early tomorrow, sunny and cool, beautiful afternoon, highs between 70 and 75. winds southwest and a lot less than today. we have gusted to 30 today, tomorrow 5 to 10. 85 sunday, not bad. it will be not too humid. by monday near 90 for the holiday and next week get ready
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for stop real heat and humidity way above average, 90 or better and potentially afternoon storms and this could put it us if he it i close to the warmest may on record if -- pretty close to the warmest way on record. we are well on our way to having a hot dry month. we're talking college lacrosse tonight, my friend. >> yes, the women of maryland are trying to repeat national champs. can they do it? we'll find out in sports as they take on syracuse. highlights when we return. i'm first alert chief meteorologist erica grow. saturday morning at 7 a.m. i'll be tracking a wonderful holiday weekend forecast for you.
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, one of the hardest things to do is repeat as a champion. that's what the maryland women's lacrosse team is looking to do, final four action facing syracuse tonight in chester p.a. which is just outside philadelphia. terps getting pumped up to face the orange. they were pumped and off and
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running just 35 seconds in taylor cummings scoring to give maryland the quick 1-0 lead. brooke griffin with the great stick work and the patience to score here a the terps hold on for the 10-8 win and will face north carolina for the national title on sunday night. with more on maryland advancing to the final game kristen berset is in the keystone state. >> reporter: in every game this season the maryland terrapins have scored at least 10 goals, but friday night they faced a tough and physical syracuse defense. in the end it was just enough for a chance at another national title. >> i think we kind of took our foot off the gas a bit, but we stuck it off and fought to the end. i'm very proud of our team. >> everyone is really excited. it's what you work for all
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season. our girls take a lot of pride in everything they've done. >> reporter: now the only thing between maryland and a consecutive championship is former acc foe north carolina. that game sunday night here at ptl park. kristen berset, wusa9. nationals the other night taught us a new way to use syrup. remember max scherzer dumping hershey's chocolate syrup after a home walkoff against the yankees. scherzer on the mound tonight as the nats start a set against the phillies. scherzer looking like the $210 million man, sharp against the phillies striking out six in eight innings. he was just mowing down the phillies. speaking of mowing them down, bryce harper at the plate, another home run, his 16th of the season. this is why he can't get kicked out of guys, guys. fans love it. nats edge the phillies 2-1. nats win their sixth straight, now 18-4 in their last 22
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matches, the best 22 game run in nat history. remember that tv show, 3a maryland softball championship. hardware up for grabs in softball, northern calvert taking on c. milton wright and chance to play university of maryland. morgan at the dish, going to drive in a couple runs with a triple there. wright led early, but northern cal storming back. michaela cummings with a base knock. northern cal wins 9-4 and wins that trophy and the championship. >> all right. there's different sports tonight. >> yeah, a little mix. i
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go ahead. >> been happening all day. >> it's going to be chilly tonight, 40s in most spots, phenomenal day tomorrow, one of the best of the year, 74. warm but not too humid on sunday. we've got the nats on 9, great day for baseball. memorial day you'll like, hot and sticky, more like july than may stuff next week. it's going to be seriously hot. i hope the ac is working. you'll need it. >> it's almost like not a seven- day but a one-day plus a six- day. >> enjoy tomorrow. >> have a great weekend. obviously i'm out of
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