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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  May 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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member memorial day at the beaches from delaware to ocean city. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. we'll have more on the holiday weekend in a moment. first breaking news out of hyattsville. a motorcycle and car have collided striking pedestrians in the 3500 block of east/west highway. we are hearing that some of the victims are children and one person has died. our hank silverberg is on the scene. can you add to this? >> reporter: yes, we can tell you pretty much what happened although we don't know -- you mentioned one fatal. we don't know who that is. this happened as the car was trying to make a left-hand turn by the prince george's mall.
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a motorcycle apparently hit that car and we are going to pan over and show you the distance. it went over the car. it crashed into a group of pedestrians waiting for the traffic light to cross. there is a family involved. several people were injured including two children. one person has died as a result of this crash. we are going to show you some close-up videotapes to get an idea of how much damage was done here. this all unfolded late this afternoon as people were coming back on the mall. this mall is now across from the metro station so it's a busy station. the bake was going west on east/west highway when it struck that car making a left turn. we hope to get more details coming up in an hour or so as to who exactly was involved with there. but a horrific accident here on memorial day weekend. and right now, a section of east/west highway going west near the ball is closed down.
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the weather this holiday weekend is off to a great start. let's find out from first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> reporter: bruce, what a beautiful day we had. if you like warmer weather it's going to get better. humidity will follow but that's going to hold off until monday. we have a great evening under way. satellite and radar today, we have barely any clouds a fantastic start to the weekend. after a decent friday. but today was even better. temperatures comfortable and dry. 20s and 30s in humidity. so very comfortable. but 73 currently at reagan national. mid-60s in annapolis and 72 in dulles. if you are hanging out this evening and grilling out, going to be great with sunny skies. 68 by 8:00. need a little bit of a jacket out this evening with temperatures falling to the lower 60s by midnight. another cool night tonight. you know, last night we had temperatures in some spots in the 30s.
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well, we won't be that cold. but looks like the cold spots in the 40s most of us in the 50s. a warming trend tomorrow. more of that coming up in a few minutes. thousands from the area spending the memorial day weekend at the beach! you're looking at a live camera view from ocean city, maryland. the start of the summer vacation season looks really promising. temperatures in the atlantic keeping most of the visitors out of the water and on the beach or boardwalk. same can be said up the road in delaware to the north. they are looking for 40- to 50,000 visitors every day for the holiday weekend. the sea of motorcycles arriving in the nation's capital for the memorial day weekend. the rolling thunder is made up of veterans and their supporters and they ride into dc and it's become an annual pilgrimage to honor the fallen vets. today's ceremonies included a stop at the navy memorial downtown for a wreath-laying ceremony. >> four years ago, i was one of those people that was saying
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have a happy memorial day with no real understanding of what this weekend is. and it's really to pay tribute to all of those who have given their lives to ensure that we are able to live with the freedoms and mutual respect that we get to have on a daily basis. >> rolling thunder is part of its annual ride on memorial day weekend urges the government to provide a full accounting of all pows and service members listed as missing in action. tonight the violent task force commander who led the arrest in the dc mansion murders is telling wusa9 he has not received any arrest warrants in this gruesome case. no new arrest warrants. dc police haven't announced the second arrest either. even though we know from charging documents released more than one person is believed to be involved. investigators are back at the mansion again today and stephanie ramirez reports. >> reporter: we know from
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charging documents the assistant and driver to savvas savopoulos lied to investigators about dropping off that $40,000 and lied about the car involved whether it was in or out of the garage, locked or unlocked. the investigators went into the home again, we didn't see them touch the car. faintly in the background church bells were about the only thing you could hear outside, while inside investigators swept through the savopoulos northwest dc mansion again saturday. those passing the crime tape stopped to take a look and take pictures. >> my very best friend lives literally around the corner from this house. >> reporter: antonio is just in town from l.a. for the holiday weekend. he says he has been following this case closely since last week. >> i think all of us have, like, a sigh of relief but a sense of how incredibly absurd and i just don't understand it. i just can't ever understand how you can commit this kind of horror. >> reporter: the gruesome crime schemes to have been motivated by money and while investigators continue their search for possibly more
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suspects, police now have 34- year-old daron dylon wint in custody. >> i actually did see a big wad of money when we pulled them out of the cars. >> reporter: commander robert fernandez led the task force that caught wint along route 1 thursday night. fernandez says he doesn't believe wint had planned to turn himself in after seeing his photo in new york news. the commander tells us, wint fled from there and had been in the dc area all day thursday before his arrest. >> once the warrant was issued we went right to work and we were very motivated to find this individual because of the heinous nature of the crime. >> reporter: outside the mansion saturday, fred griffin also came to see the crime scene in person. >> to see if there are accomplices, i hope that they are able to find them and find out exactly what the reason was that this happened. >> reporter: in northwest dc, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> we know the five people caught with wint have been questioned but not arrested. the prosecutors say more charges are pending against wint. he is due back in court on
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june 23. a man is dead a woman wounded in the shooting overnight in southeast washington. dc police say 29-year-old anthony osgood was shot to death just after 1 a.m. in the 2300 block of irvin street. unidentified woman is in the hospital with gunshot wounds. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. coming up, an historic day overseas by a landslide, ireland backs legalized gay marriage. we are going to have the details when we come back. >> peaceful protests so far in cleveland
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a cleveland police officer is acquitted in the fatal shooting of two men in a car after officers mistook the sound of the car backfiring as gunshots. protestors took to the streets in cleveland after learning of the verdict. hanna daniels reports officer michael bree low, who is white, had been accused of involuntary manslaughter in the 2012 death of a black man and woman timothy russell and melissa williams. >> reporter: police officer mychal bell michael bree low
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cried in the verdict. it is after a four-week trial in the death of two people. the judge ruled prosecutors failed to prove he fired the fatal shots. >> the defendant proved by a preponderance of the evidence that he is legally excused from liability. >> reporter: demonstratessers were frustrated over the ruling. brelo is the only officer criminally charged despite a high-speed chase involving about 100 colleagues. the pursuit began when a 1979 chevy malibu driven by russell apparently backfired while passing police headquarters. the noise was mistaken for a gunshot. after a 20-minute chase the car was boxed in when police officers fired 137 shots. brelo fired the most including 15 shots when he climbed on to the hood of the car and shot at the unarmed pair through the windshield. >> there was testimony from other officers that indicated that they felt that it was wrong. >> reporter: last year, the u.s. attorney general released a report finding cleveland
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police had engaged in a pattern of excessive force. saturday, the department of justice announced it will review the testimony and evidence presented in brelo's trial. in new york, hanna daniels for cbs news. elected and community leaders in cleveland have been working to keep the city from erupting. they have said they don't want to become the next ferguson or baltimore. ireland votes to approve same-sex marriage. 62% of irish voters were in favor of gay marriage. [ pause ] i'm feeling emotional. it's amazing what's going on right now throughout ireland and everybody has gotten us here. every person who voted yes all of us who campaigned for so long, the people who came on the doorstep even in the last two weeks to join us for yes equality, everyone has gotten us to this point. [ applause and cheers ] >> ireland becomes the first country to approve gay marriage by popular vote. same-sex marriage has been made
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legal in 19 other countries. what a day for the beach. we have a live look at virginia beach when we come back. howard has the full holiday weekend forecast. we
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after the winter we have had we say bring it on this is nice. it's going to heat up and we're going for a record. >> we could be number 2. today was gorgeous. most of the coming week above average. lets me show you the five warmest mays we have had in washington. 1991, we averaged 73. and we do in a by taking the high, the low for the day and just averaging them out through the month. you will notice going back to
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1880 that was number 5 at 70 point 5. so far, this year, we're running at 71.1 through today which would put us in fourth place. i think number 2 is going to be a shoo-in and we may make a run at the warm elves may on record in washington. our records go back to the 1870s. beautiful this evening. no problems or complaints. it's dry, too. humidity is only 31%. one of the keys for today as opposed to yesterday the winds were nice and light. we didn't have gusts to 30. they are south-southeast at 8. throw some warmth our way. they are only in the low 60s with the water temperatures offshore only being upper 50s, low 60s. while here, beautiful afternoon. low 70s. we have the 75 here. even in the 60s in the mountains there were 30s this morning. had frost advisories up. another cool night but not as chilly as this morning. we are talking about lows which will be in the 50s and upper 40s.
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all right, we can stop the camera now a little dizzy. warmer sunday. humidity is going to be in check even though temperatures will be in the 80s. the humidity will be in check tomorrow. so it will be a nice warmth, a dry warmth if you will. but by memorial day hot and more humid. however, thunderstorms threat not going to be arnold monday. it will hold off until tuesday. then next week, i think every afternoon tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, we have that storm threat. tonight, if you are outside, midnight, 9:30 or so, look to the west you will see venus here but moon and jupiter and venus will be closer to each other as we go through july. so that should be a nice sight to see out there. today high pressure is in control. a beautiful day. nearest moisture to us rain- wise -- couple of sprinkles in eastern missouri but you have to get back into kansas and oklahoma and texas and the plains. futurecast has high pressure which is going to give us
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another great night tonight and decent day tomorrow. this is a july and august pattern the bermuda high. when you get that high between us and bermuda we call it a bermuda high it pumps up the heat and h. here we are monday morning. it's going to be warm and sticky and monday we get to 990 but monday, look, 5:00, still quiet around here. looks like the showers and storms, tennessee ohio valley. by tuesday afternoon, that's when we got to start worrying about those storms getting closer to us and that could be a problem then. but i think summer is starting early around here. tonight, though, not going to feel like it. good night to open the windows. upper 40s in the cool spots. most of us in the low to mid- 50s but south winds at 5. tomorrow morning 50s and 60s early but we'll warm up nicely. not too humid. but your high 82 to even 87 down in fredericksburg. i'm thinking 85, 86 in washington. but no real humidity tomorrow. monday 90. you're going to feel the humidity on monday.
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tuesday chance of an afternoon storm. 92. next week oh, my goodness, feeling more like july than late may. we are going to have highs 90 or better. nighttime lows in town will be above 70. but some 60s in the suburbs. and i said it yesterday i'll say it again i hope the ac is working well where you are. you are definitely going to be needing it sooner than you would like. >> they are going to try to get the national title but johns hopkins is in the way. we'll see how th
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speed, call, data and reliability. so you never have to settle. now, also get $200 when you join and buy a new smartphone. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. now, wusa9 game-on sports brought to you by xfinity. big day for maryland men's lacrosse. they are trying to get over that hump and win the school's first title since 1975. national semifinals taking on johns hopkins up in philadelphia this afternoon. look who is on the sidelines
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for johns hopkins. that is bill belichick. i don't think you can deflate lacrosse balls! 1st quarter already up 2-1. great ball movement. matt rambo scores to give maryland a 3-1 advantage. [ laughter ] >> and terps coach loving it. 3rd quarter now maryland up 9- 5. shot deflection. and a goal there for johns hopkins as they storm back and they tie this thing up at 10 apiece. but maryland give them credit they respond here. matt rambo another goal for the terps and right now, maryland holding on to a 12-11 lead. very late in the 4th quarter. we'll keep you posted. other semifinal it was top- seeded notre dame versus denver. denver is a rising power in lacrosse. late going denver holding on but the fighting irish tie it up in the waning seconds. over time. sudden death new life for denver. wesley scores and the pioneers advance to the national title game on monday. so with the maryland men
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trying to get into the finals maryland women already there with a win overseer accuse last night and -- over syracuse last night. they will play in pennsylvania for all the mart. last night senior a-- for all the marbles. last night senior with the fake and score. the tenth of the night. maryland beat syracuse 10-0. so one more win and national champs again for the terps. >> obviously, there are a lot of similarities which -- between our two teams and between situations. but, um, you know, we're going to take the next two days and focus on us, focus on maryland, figure out a game plan for unc and hopefully win a national championship on sunday if we do it right. >> notice there's a theme. the resurgence for maryland baseball. last season's trip to the tournament was the first in 43 years and now they are trying to get back at the end of the season playing in the big 10 tournament. semifinals against indiana. playing this one in minneapolis. check out this guy.
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he skipped graduation to watch this game. wonder if he will regret that in a few years. scoreless in the 7th in minneapolis. terps puts down a bunt, bad defense by the hoosiers down the line. terms 1-0. comebacker pitcher in decisive doesn't know where to go. bee beyondak scores. terps didn't get the ball out of the infield but score three runs and win 4-2 to advance to the big ten title game tomorrow. how cool would it be if you are a little leaguer and a big team skipper stops by for practice? that happened for dc teams. check this out. you will see skipper matt williams upper right-hand corner taking pictures with a little league team there along with another player for the nationals craig salmon. there's gio gonzalez talking to some kids at friendship field. and this is a way fortunate for
6:27 pm
the nationals to give back. they provided union force to thousands of little leaguers. >> when i was younger it was nice to see guys come out talk to us give us some words of wisdom and, you know, it's always nice to come back and give back to youth. give them hope and something to look forward to as they get older. >> good stuff there fortunates. now, not great stuff on the field. this afternoon against the phillies, it's been an up-and- down year for stephen strasburg. he struggled down 2-1. he gives up a two-run blast to franco. nats down 4-0. strasburg would give up five runs. aj cole give us a homer. nats trail the phillies 8-0 in the 8th. check out this athleticism from might trout on the angels avoids the tag holds it, matrix style. he is safe.
6:28 pm
one more look. watch this. here comes a tag. picks up the left hand and swoops in for the right. who says baseball players aren't athletes, right? the mike trout! fantastic. >> wow. >> good stuff. want a recap? >> going to be another cool night but not as chilly as last night. we'll be in the 80s but dry tomorrow. hot and humid monday and hot, humid next week with afternoon storms tuesday through saturday. highs 90 or better. >> thank you for watching. we are going to be back here at 11. we'll see you then. captions by: caption colorado
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>> i therefore find the defendant not guilty. >> axelrod: a white cop in cleveland acquitted in the deaths of two unarmed african americans. >> officer michael brelo fired dozens of shots, 15 at close range. protesters take to the streets the justice department weighs federal charges. >> are you ready for love. >> axelrod: the emerald aisle turns rainbow ireland becomes the world's first country to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. >> axelrod: in drought stricken california, sod farmers say don't treat me like a criminal just because i sell grass. >> and some 20th century war veterans fly back in captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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