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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon. thanks for spending part of your memorial day with us. i'm nick giovanni. it's a day of remembrance across the country but particularly right here in d.c. where a series of powerful tributes are being paid to the troops who made the ultimate sacrifice. just within the past hour,
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president obama paid his respects laying the traditional wreath at the tomb for the first unknown soldier from world war i was buried 94 years ago. president obama says the nation owe as debt of gratitude to everyone who made that ultimate sacrifice. >> for many of us, this memorial day is especially meaningful. it is the first since our war in afghanistan came to an end. today it's the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states is not engaged in a major ground war. >> earlier this morning several wreaths were laid at the national world war ii memorial. a dozen veterans participated in the ceremony honoring the 400,000 americans who lost their lives during the war. veterans visiting from norway also took part in today's ceremonial. rockville also honoring the nation's heroes with its 71st annual memorial day parade. this year's grand marshal was
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corporal jeff king who served in afghanistan. along his honors, the purple heart and combat action ribbon. the parade featured a variety of floats, bands and other community groups. it looks like the weather has cooperated across the board this holiday. let's see how long that will last with allyson rae. >> it is gorgeous out here. a little breezy but the humidity is starting to inch its way up. we'll be warmer and more humid but we are going to be dry. let's take a look at your current conditions. we are looking at temperatures warming up fast. we're already at 79 degrees in the district. we are going to see 83. winds gusting to near 20 miles per hour. 73 for rockville. upper 80s this afternoon. these winds are going to remain today but we do stay dry but they're out of the southwest. so the humidity continues to
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move on in setting us up for a summer like week ahead -- summer like week ahead. tonight we'll be just a little bit warmer do to the southerly winds adding in a little more and more humidity. so that means rain chances are back in the forecast. i'll have all the details in your seven-day forecast a little later. nick? >> allyson, thank you. turning now to the investigation into the d.c. mansion murders. nearly four days after daron wint's arrest, he's still the only person in custody in connection to the crimes. court documents released friday afternoon make it clear wint did not act alone. the four people arrested with him thursday night were not charged. police are going through the evidence looking for accomplices. >> this is a tremendous amount of information that's now available to them that they have to go through and follow each and every one. >> wint remains held bond. his next court date is set for late june.
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investigators now say a pressured air tanker set off an explosion overnight in beltsville. it happened at the eaton can he on old baltimore pike. parts of the building collapsed in that explosion but fire investigators do say no one was injured. no one was injured after the bomb squad destroyed a pressure cooker inside a car ed on the national mall over the weekend. police found it hours before the national memorial day concert on the west lawn of the capitol. the car's owner was arrested on charges of operating after revocation. one man is dead in the wake after late night shooting in the district. it happened on 5th street near eade street northeast. a second man was also shot but his injuries are not life threatening. no charges have been filed in a motorcycle crash that left a little boy dead. 7-year-old alejandro santos from greenbelt died saturday in hyattsville. two other people suffered serious injuries when the motorcycle ran into a group of people. police believe speed may have been a factor in this crash. meanwhile rain is falling
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again today and quite possibly the last place that needs it. texas and oklahoma where flooding and tornadoes already left their mark oafort weekend and at least three -- over the weekend and at least three people dead. omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: the river in san marcos, texas rose 26 feet in just one hour. the river overflowed flooding homes and wiping away homes. >> we do have 12 missing persons that we're actively searching for. >> reporter: first responders used a helicopter to lift a 68- year-old father trapped in the river for two hours. >> hold on, please don't leave. please don't leave. i'm here for you. he was like i don't know what to tell you. i'm sorry. >> reporter: there was another dramatic rescue near austin. a kayaker struggled to keep his head above the rushing waters of the san gabriel river until bystanders pulled him to safety. nearby women letterly was also -- wimberley was also hit hard.
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the 100 -year-old trees were uprooted n. home was ripped off its foundation and pushed into the hillside. >> this area is going to come back? >> it will. it will. >> reporter: massive flooding also hit oklahoma. two people were killed, including a firefighter who was trying to evacuate stranded residents. >> he's our hero. that's for sure. >> reporter: the storms also spawned a tornado that damaged a houston apartment complex. omar villafranca, cbs news, wimberley, texas. now back to our coverage of memorial day events today. a group of veterans is honoring fallen heros with a ride from d.c. to virginia beach today. vehicle ni wur dine was there when -- nikki there when they rode out. >> reporter: it's held every year on memorial day to honor those who pay the ultimate price but also to help those incredible veterans who are still with us. >> to get out of the hospital, to actually be back doing something somewhat competitive, it's definitely a challenge to yourself. they say it's not a race but
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you always try to race yourself and get better and that in turn helps you with your recovery. >> reporter: chad is one of nearly 200 veterans, wounded warriors who are biking 360 miles for the next several days. he's joined by stanley roy who he met at walter reed. they were both wounded in afghanistan. they then got treatment at walter reid as roommates and are now riding together. >> i couldn't walk. i had a really hard time getting my prosthetics to work. this was the only way i could maintain any physical fitness. >> reporter: the walk started this morning at the vice president's house. >> you are the finest warriors that ever existed on the planet earth. >> reporter: who rallied the troops along the secretary of defense ashton carter, took selfies and even promised to ride next year. before sending them off on the ride of a lifetime, one that
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bill from west virginia knows all too well. this is his fifth ride. >> just helps me, gets my mind off everything else back home, bills and everything else and gets me out here, gets me to meet more people. >> reporter: their first stop manassas, then re ending in virginia beach. in d.c., nikki burdine, wusa9. >> again some powerful testimonies and tributes today. the national memorial day parade kicks off at 2:00 right along constitution avenue. certainly plan that. still ahead on the news at noon, new concerns over isis as the group gains more ground in iraq. >> and what would you do if someone gave you a briefcase stuffed with cash that said you could either keep it or give it to a needy family. you'll meet one
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taking a look at international headlines. more than a week after isis managed to seize a paddy, new
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fears the -- seized ramadi, new fears it could capture all of anbar province. >> reporter: thirsty and exhausted, thousands of refugees fled iraq's anbar province on foot out of fear the entire region could soon fall to isis. this man said all our properties and animals were destroyed. we don't know the destiny of our families. more than 40,000 people have escaped since isis took control of ramadi nearly two weeks ago and reportedly carried out public executions as a fear tactic. this isis video showed american- backed iraqi soldiers pulling out of the city. u.s. defense officials said iraqi troops lost the will to fight. iraq's shiite muslim militias have deployed to try to retake the city but security analysts say they could fuel religious tensions among the predominantly sunni population.
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it's been nine months since the u.s.-led coalition began air strikes against isis and militants are still seizing territory in both iraq and across the board near syria. on wednesday militants captured the ancient city of palmiere and more than 200 people were executed, including children. this video claims to show militants rallying residents in the streets. >> u.s. military officials say america and its allies carried out ten air strikes against isis in syria and 25 strikes in iraq since sunday alone. meanwhile back home, the f.b.i. is looking for a bank robber who hit a bank in hyattsville. investigators say this man robbed the capital one bank on annapolis road late friday afternoon. he handed the teller a note that said the box he was carrying had a bomb in it. police later determined that box was empty. no one was hurt. less than an hour the university of maryland looks for its first ncaa men's
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lacrosse championship in 40 years. they take on denver in philadelphia. kristen berset has a front row seat and will have a report for you coming up at 5:00. it could actually be the second championship in as many days. last night the women's lacrosse team defended their crown over north carolina. it's back-to-back titles for the american women. oh, by the way, the nats are on 9 this afternoon. they're at the friendly confines of wrigley field opening up a three-game series with the cubbies. pre-game coverage begins at 2:00 with the first pitch slated for 2:20. up next, decisions, deoncisis. keep the cash or give it away. a maryland family that stars in the cbs show "the briefcase" here to tell more about an emotional experience. >> it's still nice and very breezy out here, but we're warming up to the upper 80s and we're going to factor in some rain and thunderstorms within
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the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when to expect it. keep it right here.
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decisions, decisions. keep it, give it or share it. that's the dilemma each family faces on the new cbs reality show "the briefcase." two families are handed identical briefcases full of cash and they have to figure out what to do with it. joining us today is a couple from maryland who had to make that very choice. the scott family, josh and
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susan from mechanicsville. can't thank you enough for standing by. i know you can't talk about it but take us through the choice you were presented with. >> you get a knock on your door and he comes in and hands you a briefcase. you open it up and you see you have $101,000 in it. >> $101,000. >> in cash. >> it's very shocking. very never seen so much money in my life. >> i can't even picture that. what happens next? >> you look at it for five minutes. next thing he says, you guys, a decision. >> always a catch. >> you can either keep all of it, some of it or donate it all away to another family. and the family will be the same as you or in even greater need. >> how do you go about the decision-making process? >> it's a lot of tears, praying and discussing back and forth because you want to help other people but you also want to accomplish your goals and your
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dreams. for us we want to adopt a child. >> that was your goal? >> that's our goal. >> that's -- that was going to go to that. what was the other family against? >> they were in two different states. the husband has a job in florida and the family lives in another state. for us it seemed like their biggest thing that they wanted was to be a family together. >> definitely some tough decisions to make. >> oh, yeah. >> at the end of the day, how do you go about that decision? again, i know you can't tell us the choice. how do you weigh something like that? >> it takes a lot of thinking and praying about it. >> definitely some profound moments there. we definitely appreciate your time and cannot wait to see the end result. the briefcase premiers this wednesday. you can see the scotts coming up next week, as a matter of fact, right here on wusa9. appreciate you both. now we'll send it over to allyson for another look at forecast. thanks, nick. we're off to a good start for memorial day. lots of sunshine. boy is it breezy out there.
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83 degrees. the winds are out of the south. that's going to add in a lot of humidity. so more humid than yesterday but we're -- it's not going to be oppressive this afternoon, especially with the breeze out there but it's coming. by tomorrow morning, you're going to notice a big difference. the dew point is already on the rise for today, up to 62 dye pound. here's what -- dew point. here's what we're looking at. 80 for annapolis and andrews. a dry day. worked out that the driest day of the week ahead is today, memorial day for all the parades and all the plans that we have for this afternoon. we do have high pressure well off to the east and that's fueling in the southwesterly wind for a few days. soit' just going to get more and -- so it's just going to get more and more humid for the week. eight going to set us up for a summer-like pattern. we're inching our way to the summer-like feel. we have a cold front well off to the west that is taking a good old time to get here that will be here later on into the week and the weekend. so today a dry day, mostly sunny. a few fair weather clouds but
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we're not expecting a lot of rain today by any means. temperatures will stay in the 80s this afternoon. first thing tomorrow morning the winds are going to still be out of the south, southwest. you'll feel tomorrow morning going back to work or school, you'll notice that it does feel a little more humid when you step outside. we'll see the winds die off just a bit but clouds move on n. here come our showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon each day this week. you have to have the umbrella on stand by. we are going to have showers and thunderstorms across the area. areas on tuesday mainly off to the west. also 70 points north. not everybody will see the rain on tuesday. it's wednesday and thursday and also into friday that more people will see the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. you know how summertime goes with the showers and thunderstorms. sometimes you get drenched one day and the next day you're dry. so you just have to be ready for some of those thunderstorms interrupting some of your evening plans. 84 degrees this afternoon for gaithersburg. 88 for d.c. we're going to be above average for several days. today is actually one of the
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coolest days that we're going to have because we're going to be near 90 degrees. today with the humidity factored in, it is going to feel about 89, 90 degrees. hot and breezy for your memorial day. for tomorrow a lot of those storms are going to be off to the west because we see a couple of showers through the -- could we see a couple of showers through the district? of course but the bulk will be off to the north. with the humidity adding 3 to 5 degrees to the actual temperature. even if we don't hit 90 degrees, it will feel 93, 94 during the heating hours of the day. here's the next seven days. we're going to stay above average for thursday and friday. i think our best chances for rain for the metro spots are going to be wednesday, thursday, and friday. saturday we get into the warm sector ahead of the cold front i showed you earlier on. we get to near 90. another round on
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tis the season to fire up the grill. we're doing just that. jeff is here from match bock. you doing all right today? >> yes, thank you. >> a beautiful day. great to be outside taking care of business on the grill. you're talking briskets, hamburgers, hot dogs but also corn play as major role. >> absolutely. we all are looking forward to corn and luckily sunshine state of florida, sweet corn is brought up to us. we're able to get it on this memorial day. we're able to celebrate it with the corn as well. tell me how versatile a food product would you say this is when it comes to especially summertime? >> a hundred percent. it's the wing man, right. it goes perfect by itself and also plays well with all the other ingredients. whether you're pairing chicken, pork, fish, anywhere in that general direction or as we'll see today by itself we all know it's lovely and of course
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paired with something as simple askew cup betters and other spring and summer items. >> let's see what we can do with it. >> we've already taken this, did a quick little roast on the grill. we did it with the husk off so you get the nice color and points of interest. >> you know the sign after good time. >> that's right. you can hear popping and doing all of its little talking. we have a little meted butter in the pan. i've basted it but we all do a little butter on our corn, we know. so a little bit-- >> bringing back childhood memories. >> a little fresh pepper. then we've got these seasoned bread crumbs, also panko they're known as. we put it right across and garlic and fresh parsley. >> that's how you kick it up a notch. you broil that? >> that's been done. that's perfect. this is coming off the grill and done. you have a little parmesan, rental an know and you'll -- reg gp iano and push that right
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over the point there. >> you have a second dish? >> absolutely. we have a little cucumber that's been masqueraded in a little salt and sugar. we have a little bit of corn. the same corn. we've just taken it right off the cob. squeeze a little lime juice into it. that gets mixed in there with it. easy as that. >> this will make for a nice stand alone side dish. >> a little salad to go alongside t. you have a little feta cheese to go into it there. >> smells like summer in here now. that is what i'm talking about. >> a little bit of the scallions. pepper adds a little spice to it. that's really about it. >> that's how it's done. we have corn on the cob, corn as a stand alone salad. what more could you ask for to start a summer. much appreciated. thank you for spending your time with us on this memorial day. enjoy the rest of it. nats on 9 coming up first pitch set for 2:20 this afternoon. we'll see you again at 5:00.
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>> victor: hold it right there. just leave, okay? >> ashley: turn around and walk away. you're not invited, and you're not welcome. >> tobias: or i could stay here and enjoy some more of your hospitality. have you tried the crab puffs? >> victor: son, i said get out of here. >> tobias: or maybe some more of that champagne over here. sir? >> ashley: do you remember what i told you when i fired you? if i saw your face again, i'd have you arrested. >> tobias: cheers. >> jack: uh, what's going on here? >> ashley: it's tobias. tobias, the mole that was working as a tech at jabot, but we found out he was really spying for victor to find out information about hex. >> jack: excuse me. uh, i don't remember if we've met. if we have, it didn't register on me, but we don't need spies any longer. we're all one tea


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