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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the county executive's initial proposed 15.6% tax increase, as well as yesterday's revised 7% proposed tax increase are not affordable for county taxpayers. >> reporter: and yet council members voted for a tax increase nonetheless. an increase to cover the cost of teacher pension obligations. the state of maryland is now refusing to pay. so follow me here. the outcome of this, then, is a 4% property tax increase in prince george's county, to recover retirement obligations for teachers. but no money, zero, for the kids who were in school right now, and who are functioning at just about last or next to last in every performance category in the state. several council members said instead of throwing large amounts of money, for instance the county executive's previous 15% proposal in tax increases at the schools, they intend to pass a performance audit for
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the school system, a comprehensive analysis that has not been done since 1998. the reasoning there is you've got to figure out what the problems are before you throw money at the problem. the county executive who risked a lot politically on this has not commend on the outcome of these developments yet this afternoon. we are trying to track him down. there is no doubt he is not going to be happy about it. he has the power to veto this and there is a 10-day window to get that done. so this debate from prince george's county highly charged, over property taxes is not over yet. scott broom, wusa9. we have more breaking news, this time regarding the memorial bridge. this is a big deal for everybody who uses that bridge. starting before tomorrow morning's rush, both the curbside lanes and 4 feet after joining sidewalks will be shut down. those lanes will stay closed until emergency repairs to the bridge are done.
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engineers recently identified corrosion problems on the load bearing support beams and deterioration to the concrete deck. the repair work should begin in july. this is going to last 6-9 months. awe know the name of the one -- we know the name of the one person killed in the rash of shootings in northeast and southeast dc. 27-year-old shanice milton died after a gunman shot at her along good hope and naylor road southeast. it wasn't intended for her she was innocent, covering news east of the river and the unthinkable happened. >> shanice is just a wonderful human being that was doing last night, what she did every day. she was combining the love of her work with the-of her community and the betterment of the residents that lived east of the river, in her family. >> and police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information that leads to the arrest of milton's killer.
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to want dc police are on the hunt for the gunman involved in a deadly shooting along 295 near the naval research lab. another person was hurt when shots rang out during this morning's commute. weather is preventing sue chin from joining us live. >> reporter: an suv riddled with bullet holes. the driver and passenger windows shattered. the driver dead inside, his passenger in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> two people in the car were struck, one of which died on the scene here. >> reporter: detectives in a line walked 295 for clues and bullet casings. chief lanier thought the shooting may have been gun rage but said the gunman followed the suv from virginia into the district. >> initially we thought this might have been road rage but now it seems like there was a car and i don't know the description of the car that was
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following this suv out in virginia before they each entered the district. i'm kind of asking to expand that a little bit. >> reporter: 25 northbound was closed for several hours, causing gridlock for folks driving into dc. it was rush hour when the shooting stopped this suv in the middle of the highway, killing one person. >> a lot of cars out here. people had to see something. a lot of times callers give basic information. we want to get some more. now if you were traveling near exit 1 northbound on 25 north between 845 and 8:55 this morning and you saw something that could help this investigation, call police. 202-727-9099. guilty. that is what two women at the center of a murder of a married attorney at the donovan hotel pleaded to today.
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21-year-old maya gel man admitted to stabbing 30-year- old married attorney david smith last february. police say robbery was the motive. dominique johnson pled guilty to conspiracy to commit robberies she admitted helping, buying zip ties across the street from the hotel. the two guilty pleas brought the widow kim wong to tears. johnson is free on bond. >> look, it is a horrible, unfortunate incident. a tragedy for all concerned. nobody ever intended for this to occur. and the, my client expresses you know, sympathy and empathy for the victim and the victim's family. >> reporter: johnson's lawyer says they will ask probation. gelman faces between 18 and 25
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years. the uva student arrested from a bloody confrontation spoke out today after a court hearing in charlottesville. marquis johnson is asking the commonwealth drop the charges filed against him in the controversial and violent arrest. today's hearing in district court was only to set a trial date for the public intoxication and obstruction of justice charges filed after johnson was arrested on march 1st. the trial date was set for september. >> i hope that, in the near future, this process will end. it has endured a bit longer than we all expected, but i believe that justice will be served at the end of the day. >> if the commonwealth decides not to prosecute or dismiss charges against johnson, the judge said he will hear that motion june 12th. the cdc is investigating how the u.s. military could
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have mistakenly shipped life anthrax spores to the cdc. they were supposed to be dead when they left a u.s. army base in utah. the pentagon said similar samples may have been sent to labs from eight other states and 1:00 south korea. there are concerns about lab workers who may have been exposed, four in the u.s. and 22 in south korea are taking antibiotics as a precaution. it is only may, but it sure feels like july. >> it is hot and humid and we are likely to see a few storms. topper knows the when and the where and he is tracking it all with doppler 9000. >> reporter: essentially if you are south of i-66 and south of 50 you are getting storms right now. up to the north, you are not. a couple of storms popped up west of leesburg. fairfax county, and into arlington county down to prince george's county, the one around manassas has weakened a bit.
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but just to the west of burke. this has been a big storm now, around old town and toward shirley duke. you see the red. a little bit of lightning. remember if you hear thunder you could be struck by lightning, get the kids indoors. pretty good storm now to the south and east of fedex. heavy rain around leland. we are looking at this drifting now to the south and east perhaps into upper marlboro at about 6:16. the main threat with all these storms will be heavy rain. we will come back and talk about the prospect of more storms tomorrow but we are tracking a cold front for late in the weekend. people living along the colorado river are seeking higher ground as mother nature continues to mess with texas. and coming up later. >> we all sweat in hot weather. but excessive sweating can be a medical problem. i'm andrea
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. right now authorities in parts of north texas are asking hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. >> the rain swollen colorado river is expected to spill over its banks sometime in the next 24 hours, and that spells major trouble for places like wharton, texas. where more than half of the doctors dents live in a flood plane. once it starts coming across there, we know it is coming across the street. >> reporter: 21 deaths are
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already blamed on flooding in texas and oklahoma. emergency management agencies fear that number will climb once the flood waters recede. search teams found another body in houston yesterday, and the search is still going on for members of three families who vanished when flood waters ripped their vacation home from its foundation. talk about troubling trends on the road. traffic deaths shot up 8% in the last six months and experts say gas prices are lower, the economy is better, more people are driving. and they say that can make the next few months some of the deadliest we have seep in some time. hot and sticky. great for donuts. weather, not so much.
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in tonight's health alert, it is not summer yet but it certainly feels like it. this time of year is especially trying for people who sweat a lot. >> andrea roane shows us how a local dermatologist uses a procedure that can literally
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sap the sweat away. >> i take my suit on and there are sweat bands right there. >> reporter: john move fat says excessive sweat asking embarrassing. >> you go into a meeting and shake someone's hands and they look at you. sweat stains. not good. >> reporter: hyperhidrosis is a condition where sweating causes problem. many people with the condition are unaware of all of their treatment options. >> what we think is undertreated and underrecognized. we are excited about this mirror dry. >> reporter: it uses microwave energy to deliver heat to the sweat glands from the underarms. >> it injures the sweat glands so they no longer can produce sweat. >> reporter: it provides a long lasting sweat reduction from the underarm, but it is important the body sweats in other areas to maintain its ability to cool off. >> reporter: fortunately the underarm area is only 2% of your body surface area. by removing the ability to
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sweat from the underarm area, you are still able to sweat elsewhere, you are still able to get rid of heat. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> the treatment is around 3000 bucks. the fda has but it is not covered by insurance. when grandma loses her groove, where does she go to get it back? how about the food court at the mall? check out the senior citizen flash mob that surprised shoppers at a mall in tampa. an agency that serves older residents organized the flash mob. the motto here, if you keep moving, you keep improving. >> it means good health, it means flexibility, it just means happiness.
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>> that was a great movement into topper. >> reporter: if you want to exercise, do it in the morning. it is a little too hot and air quality is not so great in the evening. 3-degree guarantee, literally. we weapon for a high of 9 today and i know i've seen 92 on the observation, so we might have missed it today. check in at 11:00. we'll let you know what happened. right now a live look outside at our michael and son weather cam. down to 81 why? because of the storm we showed you earlier in old town and arlington, kind of billowed to the north a little bit. showers and thunderstorms at national. winds west-southwest at 24. we are looking at heavy rain, especially dc south. we'll show you the radar. we'll widen this out last hour or so and you can see all the showers again south of dc. a couple popped up well west of
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winchester. these are little pop up storms. life span is anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. that said, they can produce locally leaf rainfall. especially that one there. that could produce heavy rainfall headed toward st. louis on our storm tracker at 6:33. if it holds together that long, which i think it will, they are slowly drifting to the south and the east. but this is by far and away the heaviest storm. really it hasn't changed at all in terms of intensity. these are pop up storms that developed over the last hour or so. heavy, heavy rain in old town and back into braddock. of this could cause flash flooding. if you come across a flooded street, don't cross it. turn around. rainfall rates are well over an inch per hour. so i think weto see flooding in that area. these are heavy storms inquetterring, white house road
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a second storm toward leland. these two are drifting i mean just drifting off to the south, headed toward wells corner at 6:21 and bristol at 6:31 needles to say, humid tonight. those areas that have showers and storms will more than likely have fog develop. 65 to 78 bus stop temperatures. hot and humid tomorrow. afternoon storms, the storms could fire up earlier tomorrow two. weekend humid, a better chance of showers and storms. tonight 10:00, maybe a left over shower and storms dying out. for the most part, cloudy and muggy. upper 60s in the suburbs. then by 9:00 a couple of showers maybe south. afternoon storms to tomorrow.
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gaithersburg, rockville. temperatures well into the 80s. by 6:00 a lot of showers and storms with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. check this out. these are do you want temperatures in the 70s to start, 81 at 11:00. 84 at 1:00. same deal, 9 tomorrow afternoon storms. 88 saturday afternoon storms. 85 better chance of storms on sunday. next 7 days, the nats come back into town on monday. cooler, mid-70s. that is the good news. showers and storms, low 70s on tuesday with rain or showers and we are in pretty good shape. the cold front goes south, 77 on wednesday, 81 with sunshine on thursday. somebody posted on facebook that curry should stop showing up to his daughter's press conferences. >> she takes over the whole thing. >> no kidding. what happens when your dad
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heads to the championship game of course? you take over his press conference. stay with us for
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives.
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weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at the nationals are in first place on a hot streak. the bad news outfielder jayson werth is out for awhile with fractures in his wrist. several reports claim a ct scan show two small fractures in his left wrist. he can't return any earlier
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than august. the injury happened right here when he was hit by a pitch may 15th. the team will soldier on without werth and you can catch the next nats on 9 game tonight night, 7:00 against the reds, right here. trouble is following john wall at the wizards point guard and people he was traveling with, apparently, were kicked off a plane tuesday. according to a report, someone in wall's entourage threatened another passenger. tmz said wallwas on an american airlines flight when someone got into a verbal argument with another passenger. the passenger didn't press charges but the pilot didn't want wall ask company to stay on board. the maryland women's lacrosse team won back to back national championships. to want we'll find out if one of their best players will win back to back awards, we are talking about taylor cummings. the junior led the team and received the honor last year and is one of five finalists
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this year. we talked to her at the museum of the american indian as she awaits tonight's awards presentation. >> winning the national championship is definitely a bright spot. but you know it is just a huge honor to be here and see what this caliber of players are, to be considered among them is very humbling. we are very excited and excited to be here and enjoy the moment. >> reporter: the nba playoffs have produced an unlikely star. her name is riley curry. stefan carry is a pretty good basketball player he is available at the press conferences. she joined him after the warriors won the western conference finals last night. >> our goal, that is a special
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feeling. >> dada, help me. >> it was special i think because everybody was kind of enjoying the moment. >> you wanted to say that? >> dada help me. >> oh, she is special. >> she is the special one have she is. >> love riley. >> boy i tell you, the press conferences have never been more interesting. >> that is true. >> that series is going to be interesting, too. we are getting out of here with some heat. >> heat and showers and storms early this evening, maybe south of town. that is it for us. the cbs news is up next
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>> rose: former house speaker denny hastert is indicted on federal criminal charges including lying to the f.b.i. and hiding big cash withdrawals. where did the money go? also tonight was james holmes insane as he claims when he opened fire on a colorado movie theater? what an expert told jurors today. drones joined the hunt forked from victims. >> we may be getting into areas we can't get people into. >> rose: and a contest naming for hemingway helps write a new chapter in u.s.-cuba relations. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> reporter: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. we begin with late-breaking news, denny hastert the former


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