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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon, i'm mike hydeck, our hazy hot and humid weather is topping the news this noon. will it affect your weekend? it is just about here for the weekend erica, meteorologist erica grow has some answers.
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>> well, we will see those weekend plans affected especially on sunday. but today, we have the potential for some pop up thunderstorms, very similar to yesterday where we have the heat and humidity building. and then without a sufficient trigger to actually get the thunderstorms to bubble up and move, we'll just see isolated thunderstorms develop and then not move very much. so on 9 futurecast you can see a few of them in the mountains there but then starting to develop around the time you'd be getting the kids off the bus and maybe starting to make those plans for dinner. and notice they don't move very far at all. this is three hours later still raining in the same areas. now are these storms going to develop exactly here in western fauquier county and up into northern montgomery county? maybe, maybe not. it's very hard to predict exactly where those storms are going to bubble up. but suffice it to say we will see isolated threat for thunderstorms through the rest of today. and then tomorrow is mostly dry. but sunday is a different story. current temperature being held down by those clouds 77 in gaithersburg and downtown washington. but we're up to 81 in leesburg
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and 82 in fredericksburg. we're tracking the heat as it makes its return in the first alert seven day forecast. thank you erica and now detectives -- the rain will not go away in texas. another night of record-setting flash flooding if more dramatic rescues today. in dallas people were plucked from the roof of their vehicles and stranded in high water in many cases. chris martinez has more from texas. >> reporter: flash floods from thunderstorms parked over the dallas area showed no mercy. rising water trapped many drivers including a police officer in saxie. a helicopter plucked him to safety. other drivers were caught by surprise too. many had to abandon their cars under this overpass. officials say as much as seven inches of rain fell in some areas. streams snaked through neighborhoods forcing people from their homes. >> i'm talking about the water was risen up to any heck. like -- my neck. like that was very carry.
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>> reporter: also cut off streets and johnson county, southwest of dallas. the water pushed this car right off the road. here in texas, heavy rain overnight forced the plan key river to swell again. crews searching debris along the banks discovered another body last night. more than ten people are still missing in texas including members of three families swept away in their vacation home. the colorado and san jacinto rivers are the big concern now. they're expected to overflow in the coming days, possibly leaving entire communities underwater. chris martinez, cbs news, texas. >> we are learning more now about the victims of yesterday's shooting on interstate 295 in the district. 50-year-old pedro alvarado was shot and killed not far from the naval research lab. his brother-in-law 57-year-old miguel rodriguez has a bullet lodged in his cheek now. the father of four is expected to be released from the hospital today. his family says the victims knew they were being followed
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and the shooter or shooters could possibly still be out there. the suspect in the murder of a rockville couple is now headed back to our region. scott thom chef ski is being transported to maryland from alaska so he can face charges for the murders of his neighbors. dick and jody vilardo. he was arrested in juneau, alaska while he was on a vacation cruise with his parents. the massive repair job is underway on the arlington memorial bridge now. the span that links arlington national cemetery to the lincoln memorial so badly corroded two lanes need to be partially shut down for six to nine months, heavy vehicles such as buses will be banned from the bridge eventually. there will be a grace period to allow metro and tour bus operators a chance the find some detours. after being closed for the second straight day, the national park service just reopened the washington monument. the landmark was closed to the public thursday because of an electrical problem with
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elevators. tests today determined the problem has been fixed. as a precaution though electricians will be there until the monument closes tonight at 10:00. lot of mystery today surrounding former house speaker dennis hastert. he was indicted by a grand jury found that he violated banking laws all in a bid to pay millions of dollars of hush money. craig boswell has an update. >> reporter: the federal indictment alleges former house speaker dennis hastert paid millions of dollars in hush money to keep someone from his past quiet about previous misconduct. the indictment says a person identified as individual a. received payments from the congressman. the individual was from the same town where hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach from 1965 to 1981. prosecutors say in 2010, hastert met with the individual multiple times and agreed to pay $3.5 million. the fbi got involved last year
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after banks reported hastiest's large crash -- hastert's large cash withdrawals, he told agents he was taking the money out because he didn't trust the banking system. [ applause ] hastert was the longest serving republican house speaker holding the leadership and second in line to the presidency from 1999 to 2007. >> this is shocking that democrats, republicans, lobbyists, consultants everybody. it's really rocked this town. >> reporter: so far hastert isn't commenting. thursday night the 73-year-old resigned from the lobbying firm where he worked since leaving congress. his bio was removed if the company website. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> according to our partners at the "washington post" hastert became one of the wealthiest lobbyists in washington, d.c. after he left office. a major milestone with are building lower hasn't. the observatory -- manhattan. observatory at one world trade opened to the public this morning. it brought back a view that hasn't been seen since the attack on the twin towers back
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in 2001. the focus is now on the beauty of new york city. a worker who helped install the beacon etched his brother's name in the steel. james cartier was killed in the 9/11 attacks. >> i hope that when i see him again, that he'll know that i took his name to the highest place that i possibly could and that will he knows that i love him. -- he knows that i love him. >> it will be open year-round and they expect three to four million visitors a year there. the adult admission price is $32. metro says it is banning all issue oriented ads from stations and buses for the rest of the year. the move came after controversial pro israel group wanted to place ads in the transit system featuring the prophet mohammed. the drawing is linked to that deadly violence in texas this month. the metro board voted to ban the issue oriented advertising that vote was unanimous. hundreds of people say they will attend an antiislamic
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rally this evening in arizona. it will be happening outside a mosque in phoenix. it's the same mosque where two gunmen killed in texas once attended that pair drove to dallas suburb to shoot up a prophet mohammed core toon contest. dash car -- cartoon contest. the future of the fifa president sepp blatter is in question this afternoon. he called for transparency before a vote on whether or not he will be re-elected president of that soccer organization. jonathan vigliotti has the latest. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: fifa members cast their ballots in secret to decide whether to keep sepp blatter in power in the midst of the worst corruption scandal to ever hit international soccer. the president called for unity ahead of the vote. and promised to restore trust within fifa if re-elected. 209 member nations met in switzerland to decide between blatter and his only opponent,
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prince hussein of jordan. the -- jordan. the u.s. and europe asked the prince while blatter got support from africa, asia, south america and beyond. the election comes just days after u.s. officials indicted 14 people including senior fifa figures on corruption charges dating back two decades. blatter is not charged but there have been calls for his resignation. >> he has provided over a sham bollic fifa. a sham bollic fifa and his credibility is really -- it's finished in my opinion. >> reporter: blatter blamed the fbi's investigation on fifa's decision to award the 2018 world cup to russia and the 2022 tournament to qatar. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. >> if there's no clear cut winner in the first vote. they will vote again. still ahead onuses at noon, after -- on the news at noon, after more than four decades at cbs news, bob schaffer is calling it quits this weekend. we will rare from the hedge dare -- hear from the legendary
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newsman. >> plus behind the wheel with jerry seinfeld. his online comedy show is
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three grueling days and two winners in the end. when the judges ran out of words, a tie was declared in the scripps national spelling bee and as susan mcginnis reports for one of the champions it's a family affair. >> reporter: if he got it tight it would be a tie. >> if you spell this word correctly the scrips national pee will declare you co- champions. >> reporter: after 14 perfect rounds between vanya shivashankar of missouri and 13- year-old gokul venkatachalam of kansas it came down to the final words. for venkatachalam -- >> n. u. n. t. a. k. a. >> correct. >> reporter: he nailed it with
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ease bringing the national spelling bee to a tie for the second year in a row. before that it hadn't happened in 52 years, shivashankar's final word? after writing the word on her hand with a finger she wowed the crowd with the correct spelling. >> t. e.. >> correct. >> reporter: not only is she part of the second spelling bee tie. she's also the first sibling of a past champion to win. in 2009 her sister won. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> they will receive more than $37,000 in cash and prizes, congratulations. well, comedians will be getting in cars with jerry seinfeld for a new season. his online show have you seen it? he's been viewed more than 100 million times since it debuted three years ago. anthony mason sat down with seinfeld for a feature piece on the cbs sunday morning show. >> always amuses me.
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do you have a note pad? i don't know why people and this. >> the question bothers you know? >> just seems word that so -- weird that so many people ask it i have a feeling you're on the verge of asking it. >> i'm glad you stopped me. >> who cares you know? it's just a little note pad. it's a dollar. >> you can see the rest of anthony mason's conversation with jerry seinfeld during cbs sunday morning of course this sunday. well, first it was david letterman and now another television legend iscalling it quits. this sunday will be bob schieffer's last at the "face the nation" anchor desk. he has been with cbs news for 46 years and he has asked what he'll miss when he spoke to charlie rose earlier this morning. >> you know, i'm just going to miss charlie, exactly what you would miss. and that is being in the middle of things. i've kind of been in the middle of things for a long time now. i've -- had access to the people who make the news. who have an impact with their actions. on the rest of us in this
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country. and i just never got over that. i mean, that's the reason i wanted to be a reporter. you know, i just -- i always got a big kick out of being able to go behind police lines where other people couldn't go. talking to these people who made the news. and i guess i have to say that is the part i'm going to miss the most. >> and of course you can see bob schaffer's final show right here on wusa9 here on sunday. former florida governor bush and john brennan will be his guests. the weather now with erica. >> all right mike we are still looking at plenty of humidity that could spark only showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. -- some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. just like yesterday isolated in nature. might help with the pollen a little bit if we can get some of that rain. grass pollen right now pretty much at its peak. we will see some more showers and thunderstorms before the weekend is over. i'll detail that for you coming up in the first alert seven day forecast.
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first alert weather time. the weekend is here. people are going to enjoy a nice drive home. will it include thundershowers? >> it could. and it looks like we could see those thundershowers in the same locations that we had them yesterday. which will be fauquier county, down to culpepper, areas to the south and generally to the west of the beltway. however, it really could pop up anywhere. it's like trying to predict where the little bubbles are going to develop when you put a pot of water on the stove and set it to boil. it's really hard to predict exactly where those thunderstorms are going to pop up. but 9 futurecast is trying to give us a view of thatment we're going to start off right now with a michael & son weather camera. and our day planner. as we head into the afternoon, the sunshine is going to return and that's going to pop our
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temperatures very quickly. this time of year it doesn't take a lot of sun to get those temperatures rising three to five degrees in just one hour. 3:00, we're going to be sitting at 89 degrees. that's also our high temperature for today. 85 at 6:00. notice these thunderstorms on the map here, the thunderstorms will be very, very scattered. we're going for isolated thunderstorms in today's forecast. right now 77 can cloudy with calm winds -- and cloudy with calm winds at reagan national airport. here's a look at more temperatures in the area. it's 81 reston and ashton and leesburg. 80 right now in centerville and 75 though in alexandria and waldorf. that easterly flow and the cloud cover really holding those temperatures back at the moment. you can see here on satellite and radar how that cloud cover has developed because of the east wind. there's not really much of a trigger to move things today. we don't have any of those sweeping areas of energy that are going to pop through producing thunderstorms that move quickly. any thunderstorms that develop will be very low moving this
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afternoon and -- slow moving this early afternoon and evening. in time for the evening commute we could have some pop up showers and storms. but it's still a green alert day because it doesn't lodge like a lot of activity. as we start the day on saturday, we are dry. and most of us stay completely dry during the day on saturday. however, it will still be humid and it's going to be breezy on saturday and here comes one of those triggers. that will help to increase our chance for thunderstorms on sunday. again sunday morning we start out dry. but that cold front as it makes its approach is going to brios much better chance -- bring us a much better chance for short and i think -- showers and thunderstorms and i think we might have to upgrade sunday to a yellow alert day as a result. forecast for today up to 85 in leesburg and 88 in manassas. 9 downtown washington and -- 89 downtown washington and 83 martinsburg. overnight tonight needing the ac once again but then finally a break next workweek. tonight you will need it. 8:00 degrees for the low in fredericksburg. 66 winchester and leesburg and 70 in downtown washington. it's going to feel muggy and
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sticky as well. you can get some relief from the heat though at the beach. beautiful sunshine in ocean city with a high of 77 degrees. 79 on saturday and then we have to introduce that threat for a thunderstorm on sunday. not only in ocean city, but also bethany where you're going to get up to 80 degrees on saturday and sunday. back here in the immediate metro area though we'll get up to 90 on saturday with just the isolated storm most likely west of the blue ridge. not really affecting the immediate metro area. on sunday, though, as that cold front approaches, more widespread showers and thunderstorms that could extend into the evening hours. even into the overnight hours, and then in the first alert seven day forecast, can you believe this drop in temperature on monday? scattered showers with a high of only 74 degrees, 72 on tuesday with more scattered showers only and start to dry out and warm up as we head into the middle of next workweek. high temperatures in the 70s though on wednesday. so if you're looking for cool refreshing air, it will arrive next week. stay with us, we'l l beri
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welcome back. republicans are organizing a special salute to black musicians on monday. it's part of black music month. republican political consultant radar jackson is here, he's going to be moderating that event and he's here to explain it now. this started back in 1979 and if people aren't familiar. by president carter to celebrate black music right? >> exactly. and every president democrat, republican, in the white house, they will invite black artists to come and participate in the concert in the white house. so every president has hono that since carter. >> talk about monday's event. it's taking place where and who's involved in it's a panel discussion right? >> it's at the university club. at 16th street and l.. and we have sam ward legendary
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rock 'n' roll hall of famer and grammy award sin winner, marlon jackson one of the original members of the jackson 5. car vin hagueens. now he's written songs for justin timberlake and chris brown and we have bria marie, her cd drops tuesday and she's going to be on the panel as well. >> okay. so what are some of the things you're going to try to discuss and explore through the history of black music as it relates to the republican party? you said some links there. >> yes number one the history of a lot of artists especially in the civil rights days their involvement with the republican party promoted civil rights back in the '40s and '50s and ' 0s number one. number two how can the republican party feed music through some of the artists reach into the black community based on common shared values and especially this issue of raunchy lyrics in the music. that's going to be a key issue. >> and you said that the artists that you're going to help drop her cd is --
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>> bria marie. >> live that is. >> lives her lyrics -- >> reporter: very clean, because she's 22. the first 18 years of her life were a living hell because she was bullied. now here's the girl that is very attractive on the cheerleading squad in high school but nobody liked her because she's beautiful. and smart. and so the past three years, she's come out of that shell. and now she's just turned into a beautiful butterfly. and -- so we also have the chairman of the republican party. she's going to be -- he's going to be on the panel as well which is going to be interesting. >> open to the public? >> yes it's open to the public. they can go to my website. and find out more about it but it's going to be a great event. >> we appreciate your time mr. jackson. good luck with event on monday and that's it for the news now on wusa9, we'll be back on tv at 5:00. keep the umbrella handy, erica says you will probably need it soon. have a great day everybody. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> jack: [ groans ] >> kelly: don't worry. you'll get your sea legs soon enough. welcome aboard the s.s. misery. [ chuckles ] what's the matter? no greeting? no friendly smoocherino? >> jack: how -- how -- >> kelly: how -- how -- how am i doing? oh, i'm doing pretty darn good no thanks to you. >> jack: i saw for myself you're -- you're gone.


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