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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. investigators are trying to figure out the cause after double fatal fire. it happened about 2:30 this morning in some row houses at 16th and riggs place in northeast d.c. surae chinn has more from the scene. >> reporter: two adults are
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dead, five others jurld, including several -- injured, including several firefighters who were hurd. firefighters arrived to find flames shooting from the three- story row house. cell phone video from chris mcguill shows the intensity of the fire. the response quickly escalated to a second alarm. >> found out it was the house behind me and hufng out the back of my -- hung out the back of my building. i could see the flames coming through the roof of the building. >> i was frightened. you could smell the smoke inside my unit. >> reporter: it took more than half an hour for firefighters to put out the fire. d.c. fire says to adults were found unconscious insides the home and were pronounced -- inside the home and were pronounced dead. >> this is tragic for the whole neighborhood. >> i think it's terrible. i'm just surprised at how -- you don't see these kinds of fires too often anymore. i'm guessing it's because they didn't have the fire detectors, alarms or whatever. it's pretty horrible. >> reporter: two other adults were transported to a local hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. three firefighters suffered
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minor injuries. >> it's going to make me go home and check all my smoke detectors and fire alarms for sure. >> reporter: investigators are here on the scene trying to figure out what caused this fire. they haven't said if there were any working smoke detectors. in northwest washington, chin dhin, wusa9 -- surae chinn, wusa9. >> police, fire and a.t.f. officers were all on the scene investigating which is standard protocol here in the district. we are following some breaking news. this is out of pennsylvania. you're looking live at a pennsylvania d.o.t. traffic camera. officials say a head-on crash involving a bus on i-380 has left two dead and 17 injured. this happened in the poke knows around 10:30 this morning. the mills family has announced legal action against the d.c. fire department. in a lawsuit announced family is now asking for $7 million in damages. back in january 2014 cecil mills suffer add heart attack right across the street from engine company 26 in northeast d.c. despite pleas from
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relatives, firefighters did not immediately respond and 77-year- old mills later died. we're following new developments in the d.c. mansion murders case. cnn is reporting investigators have found a new clue linking the suspect daron wint to one of the victims. forensic analysis has matched traces of blood on wint's shoe to at least one of the murder victims. d.n.a. on a pizza crust previously led authorities to wint in the killings of three members of the savopoulos family as well as their housekeeper. two men identified in a terrorism investigation in boston were allegedly planning to behead a police officer. two law enforcement sources told "the boston globe" that usaama rahim and david wright were planning to take this action on tuesday. more details are expected to be revealed today when wright will face federal charges in u.s. district court in south boston. wright was taken into custody at his home in everett hours after boston police officer and an f.b.i. agent shot and killed rahim, 26
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years old, who was under 24- hour surveillance by terrorism investigators in roslindale. it could be a wet drive home tonight. showers in the forecast once again. yellow alert day, too. meteorologist howard bernstein standing by with the first look at the forecast. howard? >> hey, mike, so far we're watching the steadier showers off to our south and east. a lot of them are in eastern north carolina, southern southwestern virginia but they're inching toward us and we have the stuff on the eastern shore we're tracking from easton to denton more so toward delaware. locally drizzle, a heavier mist if you will. you see this stuff in prince william, fairfax, over toward montgomery as well and even northwest some light drizzle outside. everything is moving toward the east. we still have the easterly push from the winds. that's a colder, damp wind coming in off the atlantic. off to the south notice richmond seeing the steadier showers and the concern is some of this could inch up toward us for the afternoon commute so that's idea yellow alert. temps are not growing to be moving much. they're not high at all. we're in the mid-50s.
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54 rockville. 57 waldorf. perhaps we'll northbound the mid-60s for highs for the afternoon. i'll have your seven-day in a few. a fourth grade teacher at oyster-adams bilingual school in d.c. has been arrested on sexual charges. the parents are shocked and are beginning to speak out about the allegations against the popular teacher there. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: school administrators line the sidewalk outside the school to keep us from talking to parents but we spoke to a lot of them who talked about mr. pena, a teacher popular with the students. [foreign language] >> reporter: a diverse community of parents dropping off children at oyster-adams bilingual school today, many hearing for the first time that giovanni pena is facing second degree child sex charges. [foreign language] br patricia says her son was in
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his fourth grade class last year and he was a great teacher. >> we love mr. pena and a 100% support him and i'm sorry to hear these charges. >> he's a great person. i actually had him as a neighbor as well. always had great interactions with him. >> reporter: according to the school's website pena who lived about a mile away from the columbia heights school has been at oyster-adams since 2008 teaching second and third grades as well. have you talked to your son about the situation? >> no, i have not. not yet. >> reporter: will you? >> it's always good to present to your children but again you have to look at both sides of things. and you can't be quick to make judgments. >> reporter: in columbia height, delia goncalves, wusa9. who stabbed a man in district heights? police are trying to answer that question right now as they put together a murder investigation. just before 6:30 last night, a man stumbled into the forestville barracks of the maryland state police looking
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for help. he had several stab wounds at the time. and died at the hospital a short time later. the victim's name has not been released. the woman killed outside a local target store will be remembered tonight. a vigil will be held for shade abey -- abedayo. she had agreed to need her ex- boyfriend at the germantown target and that's where they say donald bricker allegedly shot her during an argument. he was arrest add short time later. the vigil starts tonight at 8:30. a community will be coming together to remember a local reporter who was murdered in southeast d.c. she was shot and killed a week ago and no one has been arrested in this case. she worked for capital community news. a candlelight vigil starts at 7:30 at senior wellness center which is on alabama avenue. as hope fades, chinese authorities escalated efforts to recover more than 420 people believed to be trapped inside an overturned river cruise
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ship. surveillance video shows severe lightning around the time this multideck eastern star capsized on monday in the yangtze river which is in southern china. chinese authorities have launched a high profile response and they are tightly controlling the media coverage at the same time. the sinking is on track to become the country's deadliest maritime disaster in seven decades. crews are using sonar right now at the bottom of the james river near richmond as they search for a missing pad letter there. the manual -- paddler there. he's been missing since his canoe overturned on monday. they believe two men got on a river in a canoe not long after the storms moved through. they were able to rescue one man. he told them his friend was not wearing a life jacket. it's amazing no one was killed when this car ignored a rail crossing stop and was cut in two by an amtrak train. this was in jacksonville, florida. the car which was carrying three people was nearly torn in
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half. the driver admitted to investigators he had driven around that rail crossing arm. coming up on the news at noon, find out more about an effort to clean up two of d.c.'s most beloved green spaces. >> plus, long live the queen as a tweet causes a worldwide stir about the monarch's health. >> also ahead, a well known former d.c. news anchor is throwing her hat into the political ri
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welcome back. long-time d.c. news anchor is returning for congress in maryland. kathleen matthews, the former wjal anchor and wife of msnbc's chris matthews has announced she's running for the seat of congressman chris van hollen. van hollen announced he will seek the seat being vacationed by senator barbara mikulski. lincoln chafee will make a
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presidential announcement at an appearance at george mason university today. chafee, a former republican, turned independent now democrat has been with thpaat rty for the last two years. another republican set to enter a packed g.o.p. field. they'll need a big plane to move all these people around. bobby jindal will declare his 2016 plans on june 24 in new orleans, louisiana according to a recently formed exploratory committee. the day after announcing his decision to resign, sepp blatter was back at work at fifa headquarters in the worst corruption crisis continues unfold. six men with ties to fifa has been added to its most wanted list. the international police force issued the charges including racketeering and corruption in the case. despite the approved plans in the district for a $150
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million d.c. united stadium, the team may be about to show the capitals a red card. our media partners at "the washington post" is reporting the soccer team is listening to pitches from virginia governor terry mcauliffe and lieutenant county officials -- and loudoun county officials which would bring the teams across the potomac. currently they play at rfk stadium. how cool is this. byte harper called this -- bryce harper called this shot. he snap add playful selfie on a fan's cell phone before last night's game before the toronto blue jays. the fan from laurel threw the phone to him and she said it was awesome. pretty cool. the queen is not dead despite what you have may have read on twitter. speculation started after a tweet posted on bbc journalist account that said the queen was being treated at the hospital and the tweet later said she had died. it turns out the station was conducting a technical rehearsal for an obituary for the monarch. the false tweet led buckingham palace to take the unusual step
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to confirm that queen elizabeth ii went to the hospital for her annual medical checkup after social media comments touched off the speculation about her health. still to come, a preview of d.c.'s number one food and restaurant event is coming up. plus, working to clean up two of america's crown jewels. the potomac river and rock creek. find out more about the work to clean up these spaces. >> howard bernstein out on the weather terrace. we have this cool, drizzly weather with us. stick around. june is going to get warm again but look at all that moisture still coming up from the carolinas. i'm have your full forecast coming up in just
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welcome back. increasing urban green space could go a long way toward cleaning up america's crown
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jewels, two of them in our area, the potomac river and rock creek. how would this plan work? here is becky hammer, an attorney at the national resources defense council. what does that mean by increasing green space and how can it clean the water? >> here in washington, d.c., our sewer system spims billions -- spills billions of gallons of rue sue j -- sewage into our rivers every year. in the oldest parts of our city, the sewer pipes capture rainwater and waste water in the same pipes and during rain storms, they overflow into the nearest waterway. >> like it's been raining significant amounts recently so this is a problem right now. >> it's happening right now. i hope no one is swimming in the potomac today. d.c. water has approached fixing this problem and that's to build underground tunnels. >> the big project on the glifer exactly. >> but this -- on the river. >> exactly. >> but this they will take in a
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different direction? >> yes. in rock creek, d.c. water is taking a new approach to stopping overflows with what is called green infrastructure. that means using practices like rain gardens, green roofs. >> what's a rain garden? we're seeing pictures now. what kind of vegetation is that? >> that's a green roof. that's on the roof of my office building where i work. and it's planted with native vegetation that can be -- that soaks up rain where it falls preventing it from entering the sewer system in the first place. >> is it filtered as well? >> it completely captures it. it never leaves the site. if d.c. water does this the right way, if it uses enough green practices on the fastest schedule possible, this approach has a lot of benefits for people as opposed to the underground tunnels which only have a single purpose. but the green infrastructure practices that are above ground, they have a lot of benefits for the people in those neighborhoods. >> we're going to expect to see these along the potomac river? have they talked about where they would place these green
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sites? >> the neighborhoods where they're focusing on to implement these practices are georgetown along the potomac and up near rock creek, neighborhoods including columbia heights, petworth, tacoma and a few others. we can expect to see a lot more vegetation, trees, literally greener neighborhoods that have greater higher property values. these practices reduce flooding, reduce air pollution, all benefits that come along with using more vegetation in an urban environment. >> we'll have to leave it there. such a pleasure to meet you, becky. we appreciate your time. weather time now. >> we're keeping the yellow alert up because we do have the threat for a few more showers. it's a borderline day yellow wise. if you notice the drizzle around, we've got that. the steadier showers and some are trying to get closer to us
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like fredericksburg, closer toward i-64. it's inching up. we have a couple of light showers, if you will, across parts of prince william and fauquier county and even in northern fairfax we're picking up some of this light drizzle mist that's heavy enough that doppler is picking it up as it's coming across the potomac near the american legion ridge toward route 7 and sterling and even in montgomery county, prince george's, the district we've had that spotty drizzle. it's off to the south, the steadier rains, which are lifting more northwest than north. but richmond up i-64 seeing that. and in reedville, just got off the phone with jan. 3.9 inches of rain since the other night and she's going for 4 with the showers today. 61. that's it at reagan national. our normal high is 80. east, northeast winds at 11:00 and the humidity is up at 82%. you can see how cool it is. look at all the cold marine air locked in place. it's relative to june being cold obviously but mid-50s to low 60s.
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that's it. notice elkin 69. on the other sides of the mountains, that's -- other side of the mountain that's where we find the warm air and it will slowly be returning the next few days. this afternoon 65, 66 maybe at reagan national. i think some of you are going to stay closer to the low 60s with the steady east, northeast wind 5 to 10 with a couple of showers and areas of drizzle. so we are kind of socked in with lots of clouds and a few showers. we'll see showers again tomorrow with a couple of peeks of sun. we might actually get closer to 70 degrees. we'll dry out some i believe starting friday so temperatures will start to warm up and it's going to get warm again by the weekend into early next week. 80s and there's a chance it will make a run back toward 90 by next week. bigger picture, a lot more sunshine as we get toward southwestern virginia so temperatures are warmer there. look at all the rain to the south. this is trying to come up north. we'll have waves of moisture trying to get close. timing of specific showers is tough but the threat for showers and drizzle certainly with us today, tonight and on
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thursday. 66 today. tonight not much move in the temps. 50s to about 60. 70 on thursday. some of you are going to stay in the 60s with more showers. finally on friday a little sun, still a threat of a shower or two, warmer, highs closer to 80. over the weekend -- by the way we have the nats on 9 friday night and saturday. an isolated shower saturday. look at the temperatures, in the low to mid-80s both saturday and sunday. here comes the heat. monday and tuesday upper 80s to near 90 with a threat of a couple of afternoon thunderstorms. we've got more of wusa9 thus at noon the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours.
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welcome back. who are the hottest chefs in town? we'll find out this sunday when the annual rammy awards, the 33rd annual in fact. the gala takes place at the
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d.c. convention center. the embassy of peru is the sponsor. here is the ceo of the peru trade and tourism and investment office. first and foremost, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, mike. >> tell us about the rammies. >> we're excite -- rammys. >> we're excited. this is the second time we've participated. the best restaurants, bakeries are awarded that night and there's a big dinner. we'll have a big biewf fay with the -- buffet with the best. we're so happy. we have the best 50 of the world world. [indiscernible] a proven japanese restaurants.
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we're so excited about the impact peru is making on the world stage both in cuisine and ingredients, peruvian natural ingredients. >> one of the great things about this coming up this the convention center, derek mcginty is one of the hosts and is going to be one of the judges i believe. d.c. has turned into a foodie destination in the last ten years. this is a great place to find new restaurants to go to, right? >> this is just wonderful. washington, d.c. is such a comes cosmopolitan place. so many embassies are represented here. there are more than 200 embassies based in d.c., international. people from all over the world are working here and they want to try new and different things. peruvian food and peruvian restaurants is making a big splash on the scene. we're so proud of that. peru is already the tenth food supplier to the u.s. in many different categories. we're sporting fresh
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vegetables, fresh foods and of course our quality is the highest you can get. >> we have to leave it there. a pleasure to meet you. good luck with the event on sunday. that will do it for the news at noon.
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