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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ing up the man and bringing help down slowly to a waiting ambulance. how complicated is it to get somebody down from a roof on a building like this still under construction? >> under construction it's very difficult. all we have is what the work earlies use to get up. sometimes that's -- workers use to get up. sometime that's stairwells. most of the time not. 40 minutes is a long time. fortunately we provided our medics on the roof right away by air. >> reporter: in a statement from the contractors in charge of this site announcing the death of that worker, they are cooperating with an osha investigation already underway. garrett haake, wusa9. >> i have to ask are there any more detimes as to the nature of the accident? what happened to -- details as to the nature of the accident? what happened to this poor man? >> reporter: we weren't able to talk to any of the workers,
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but it was some kind of scaffolding collapse. the man was some kind of metal worker, but a lot of details will come out once osha investigators get on the site. >> thank you. there have been other construction accidents at that same museum site. in july of 2013 cranes were used to pull a worker from a 60- foot deep hole. it is a busy day for our emergency workers across the area. crews are scouring the potomac river searching for a swimmer last seen floating downstream. ellison barber is at that scene now with the latest from potomac, maryland. ellison? >> reporter: when we put up here, the first thing i heard was a park police helicopter flying in the air. we don't hear that anymore because most of the crews have left the scene because the sun is starting to set. they'll be back at sunrise looking for this person, but this was a very active search
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that involved multiple agencies, montgomery fire and rescue, montgomery county and fairfax police and the u.s. park police looking on land, sea and in the water. one thing they were using the helicopter which was the most noticeable thing. we saw a lot of people going out to look in boats in full diving gear and there were police officers using thermal energy to potentially look for a body along the shore. what we know now is there were two men in their early 20s swimming in the river. only one of them made it out. a spokesperson for the fire and rescue in montgomery county told me one of the men was swimming near the shore. so he got out on his own. the other man was further out when he seemed to get caught in the current. he was last seen floating downstream near the great falls area wearing a white t-shirt. this is still considered an active search, but right now a lot of the crews have already left to go home for the day. they will be back tomorrow morning to keep looking for this person. what they hope now is maybe
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this young man was able to swim to shore and got in his car and hasn't been able to tell anyone yet, but right now this is still an active search with one young man in his early 20s missing at the potomac river. >> let's hope for the best because that is some tough terrain over there. right now investigators from the u.s. bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are trying to piece together the cause of a tragic fire in dupont circle that claimed the lives of two people and injured two others. scott broom is there at 1610 riggs place in dupont circle with some dramatic bystander video. >> reporter: look at the home behind me now, a beautiful four- level brick home, now the scene of tragedy. video shows what an inferno it was earlier. the home according to neighbors and friends, the residence of a man in his 60s who rents an apartment and rooms to a number of young adults.
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the inferno caught on cell phone video early today, two people who neighbors believe were young adults, possibly university students renting rooms in the home, died. their identities have not been revealed by d.c. fire officials. two other adults also not named by fewer officials escaped the stately four-level brick row home with serious but not life threatening injuries. three firefighters were also hurt. neighbors are deeply concerned that one of the injured residents is a 64-year-old man who they have not been able to contact. shock spread quickly in the aftermath. >> i was frightened and you could smell the smoke inside my unit. >> i think it's terrible obviously and i'm just surprised at how -- you don't see these kinds of fire as to often anymore. >> reporter: today -- fires too often anymore. >> reporter: today agents from the atf took the lead on the investigation. no cause has been determined. the fire was reported at 2:30
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a.m. and gutted all four levels of the building including a basement apartment whose tenant was out of town acquaintances said. again, the cause of the fire is not determined by the investigators and the identities of the people who died here and were injured here have not been confirmed by authorities. the on scene investigation has wrapped up, but investigators clearly have a lot more to do to figure out what the root of this tragedy was. live in northwest, scott broom, wusa9. >> yet another story we've got a report with a sad ending there. the atf says their involvement in d.c. fire investigations is routine. search warrants just unsealed today in the d.c. mansion murders offered chilling new details of the brutality of the crimes inside that stately home blocks from the vice president's house. our bruce leshan has been covering the murders of the savopoulos family and their
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housekeeper from the beginning of this terrible story and is live in woodley park with the latest. >> reporter: these search warrants pretty clearly suggest that these crimes were carefully planned and carried out with almost incomprehensible brutality. almost three weeks after firefighters found savvas, amy and philip savopoulos and housekeeper vera figueroa murdered in the burning mansion crime scene investigators finally pulled out most of their equipment, but at the courthouse police returned six different search warrants. in the two vehicles traveling with suspect daron wint they were looking for duct tape. sources say it was used to bind the victims. they were looking for the missing digital video recorder, for the home surveillance system and looking for knives, guns and gasoline containers. finally they wanted to search cell phones in the vehicles for
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photos or communication between wint and any of the co- conspirators police are convinced were involved. the killers also apparently stole the cell phones of all three adults and the warrants seek location and call records for those phones. there was also a warrant for the cell phone records of savvas savopoulos' assistant, a guy named jordan wallace, the man who delivered the $40,000 cash leighing it in a car in the garage. in-- leaving it in a car in the garage. detectives say wallace lied about some of the details and they wanted to know who he had called and texted. police had been building their case against wint and sources say they have more than just his dna on a pizza crust found in the room with three of the murder victims. they also say they now have the blood of one of those victims
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on wint's shoes. now police believe that the killers tortured and mutilated 10-year-old philip savopoulos, that they poured gasoline over him in his bed and set him on fire. it is hard to comprehend. reporting live at woodley park d.c., bruce leshan, wusa9. >> that is very difficult to hear. we should also note there is a pretty firm statement today from the public defender regarding attorney robin thicker who has been talking to suspect daron wint and the press. the public defender service says robin thicker does not represent mr. wint and mr. wint has no intention of hiring mr. ficker and mr. ficker does not speak for mr. wint. ficker says that could change. we've got rainy weather and slick roads that could make for another yellow alert day. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now. live doppler 9000 has been going all week.
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>> it really has. i guess the good news, there's no yellows, reds or oranges, but it's kind of dreary. we're watching showers, light rain to the south pushing south to north. so it's into charles county and fredericksburg, almost into stafford. is in going to move up to the north, in fact, north -- this is going to move up to the north, in fact, northwest just south of la plata. if you go down 301 just past la plata, you'll have some slow going and 95 past quantico some slow going, too. it's not moving fast, but it will be in manassas at about 5:46, oldtown at 6:02 and some of these showers could affect the nats game. it's going to be a nasty, cool event. temperatures by 8:00 tonight 65 downtown, low to mid-60s the rest of the suburbs, a lot of clouds, drizzle and showers. we'll come back. guess what? we had to issue a yellow alert for tomorrow. we'll explain when the milder air gets in. the family of an elderly
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d.c. man is suing the fire department after he was refused treatment and later died of a heart attack. outside the superior courthouse today the children of cecil mills said they are seeking $7.7 million. bruce johnson is live outside the firehouse where mills died in northeast with more. >> reporter: it's still hard to believe after all this time. let's go back january of last year, total of five firefighters inside this firehouse on rhode island avenue in northeast, a lieutenant, three veterans and a firefighter on probation. while they were inside out here on this very sidewalk 77-year- old cecil mills was on that sidewalk where he collapsed from apparent cardiac arrest. people came to the firehouse begging for help only to be turned away. that rookie firefighter told him they could only respond after somebody first called 911. he was wrong. a d.c. cop comes by, eventually
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flags a passing ambulance. mr. mills later died on the way to the hospital. >> when people went and knocked on the door and were told that you need to call 911 and they were saying we called 911, the man needs help and they could not one of those five people could come, one went and got back in his bed and he still has a job. if i have to call and he's in the fire station closest to my house, how i do know he's going to come? >> the city needs to be accountable for every action or lack of action that its city employees fail to take in the time of a dying man's death. >> reporter: now fire department internal probe resulted in a veteran firefighter garrett murphy being given a 60 hour suspension without pay. word is he was reading a book while mr. mills was dying on the sidewalk. another firefighter was reprimanded. another firefighter was exonerated and that lieutenant helene davis was allowed to
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retire. today she's making 70,000- dollar a year in pension money. in addition to that -- $70,000 in pension money. in addition to the lawsuit, the family is asking for reform in the d.c. fire department. >> in a statement the deputy city administrator kevin donahue called mills' death a tragedy and has hired a nationally renowned expert to help transform d.c. fire and ems. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. new details on a 4th grade teacher charged with sex abuse of a child. our stephanie ramirez has the update at 5:30. >> topper comes back with more on tonight's yellow alert and what werest of the week. >> look, ma, no hands! where you'll see self-driving cars here in our neck of the woods. >> reporter: dozens of labs in at least 17 states were sent live anthrax by mistake. i'm craig boswell at the
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to boston where police are defending the man alleging to shoot to kill cops. his alleged accomplice 24-year- old david wright appeared in federal court this afternoon accused of conspiring to steal or destroy evidence belonging to the suspect usaamah rahim. he was shot and killed by police. >> it has been stated the individual was shot in the back while on his cell phone talking to his father was false. >> authorities decided to approach rahim after he made increasing threats to police on social media sites. because of problems at a military lab in utah live
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samples of anthrax have been shipped around the world here in our area. as craig boswell reports, the issue goes back at least a decade. the pentagon says much more live anthrax has been shipped to labs around the world than was previously reported. >> everyone in the department of defense takes this issue very seriously because it is a matter of public health and also the health of all the members of our department. >> reporter: as of now 50 it unlabs in 17 states, the -- 50 run labs in 17 states, the -- 51 labs in 17 states, the d.c. and it may go higher. >> these were possibly hundreds of different lots. so that's why i do believe the numbers may go up. >> reporter: the pentagon does not believe live spores were sent from the lab deliberately but do not know why the spores weren't killed. >> we have a tight layer of controls on these lab samples and two layers seemed to have failed. >> reporter: officials say for a least a decade there was a
5:17 pm
failure of the radiation process to kill the anthrax spores and the test to ensure the samples are dead. >> people have been working with this material 10 years and nobody has contracted anthrax from the material. >> reporter: military doctors say the low concentration of live spores and the packaging that it was shipped in means the threat to the public is virtually nonexistent. >> some lab workers who opened the materials are being given antibiotics as a precaution. u.s. investigators may be targeting recently resigned fifa president seth blatter as part of the ongoing corruption scandal. attorney general loretta lynch said she'll speak through the courts. interpol has put six men with ties to blatter on its most wanted list including one fellow accused of taking a $10 million bribe for bringing the 2010 world cup to south africa. you should expect to see driverless cars on virginia highways in the next year.
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there will be somebody behind the wheel ready to take over in case disaster strikes, but the computer will actually be doing all the driving. this is part of a deal between the commonwealth and virginia tech transportation institute. those cars will be on i-95, 495, 66, u.s. 29 and u.s. 50. the vehicle manufactures haven't quite finalized that just yet. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> temperatures running 20 degrees below average. we went 67 today on our 3- degree guarantee. we'll let you know tonight how close we were. tonight a live look on our weather cam, 63, winds east at 9. it doesn't matter what month, but northeasterly winds bring cool air.
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showed you radar earlier, showers, light rain pushing up 95 and charles county. moving northwest light activity in quantico, stafford, a couple flecks of yellow. everything is pushing off to the north headed toward lorton at about 5:22 and fairfax at 6:21 and could affect the nats game, won't wash it out but add insult to injury to our cool temperatures. damp and cool tonight with showers. bus stop temperatures 52 to 64. grab the umbrella tomorrow. i think it will be wet are than today -- wetter than today, thursday cool and damp, 60s. milder friday, warmer saturday. we delayed the milder air one day. we thought it might get in here tomorrow. we have to wait till friday. 10:00 tonight low to mid- 60s, 63 downtown, a couple
5:20 pm
showers to the west and over into prince george's county, so be advised showers and drizzle possible if you're trying to walk the dog late. by morning better chance of showers pushing through. by sucks ann there could be some light showers, nothing heavy but enough to slow you ng commute if you're coming in 66 eastbound or 50 into prince george's county, anne arundel county, a couple showers possible there, too. look at the temps, upper 50s, mid-60s. that's it. by 9:00 showers more prevalent. the coverage expands across the metro area a bit with temps either side of 60. by 1:00 we see some 66-degree reading down toward fredericksburg and also see yellow and orange south of fredericksburg, the leading edge of milder air. we want the milder air in here but with that comes the chance of thunderstorms and that means friday night, saturday and into saturday night. by 8:00 tomorrow a few showers here and there, 60s, a little better of showers out toward the shenandoah valley either
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side of i-81. day planner, 60s to start, doesn't go up much, 62 at 11:00, 64 by 1:00. friday milder with showers, 78 and on saturday showers, perhaps thunderstorms, low 80s. next seven days. sunday we keep dry and nats are in town through sunday. you can watch friday and saturday's game. here on 9. warmer monday and tuesday, upper 80s, showers and storms, dry wednesday with highs in the middle 80s. a pay disparity between some minority workers and their white counterparts in one industry. >> and in a few days how you'll be able to control even more devices in your home with a smartphone. i'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. >> after the break why james holmes' lawyers are asking for a mistrial in the case of
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turning now to the trial of the accused colorado movie theater james holm, the judge denying a request for mistrial. holmes' lawyers objected to a video in the courtroom featuring his interview with a
5:25 pm
court-appointed psychiatrist and in it holmes describes his feelings about the shooting spree that killed 12 and injured 70. the psychiatrist tells jurors he believes holmes was mentally ill but legally sawn at the time of the massacre. more than -- sane at the time of the palacer is. rescue -- sane at the time of the massacre. in tonight's consumer alert stocks made modest gains by close of the bell. the dow climbed 64 points. the nasdaq rose 22. unequal pay, a new study shows african american and latino retail workers are paid lower wages than white employees in the same industry. that report conducted by the naacp and a public policy firm also says those two groups are less likely to be professor moated than their white
5:26 pm
counterparts. the research reveals 9% of the retail workforce live below the poverty line. amazon offers free shipping on thousands of small items. the company's small and light service will ship items that we less than 8 ounces and cost less than $10. delivery for those petite packages will take four to eight days. the first theory controlled smart gadgets go on sale this week. apple's home kit software lets users control the lights, the thermostat from their iphone, ipad or ipod touch. eventually you'll be able to control your entire home by voice command and while other companies are working on similar technology, analysts say apple could convince more people to try them. a former local anchor is running for congress. more on kathleen matthews straight ahead. >> but why firefighters in prince george's county battled the same flames four times today. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez outside d.c. superior
5:27 pm
court where a d.c. 4th grade teacher is facing second degree child sex abuse. a few
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life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, super poligrip. new details on that 4th grade teacher accused of child sex abuse. 31-year-old giovanni pena was arrested monday night. stephanie ramirez just got out of court and what did we learn today? >> reporter: i was in the
5:30 pm
courtroom about three hours. 31-year-old giovanni pena still hadn't been arraigned, but i just got ahold of those charging documents that say the 31-year-old 4th grade teacher admitted to sending a photo of his private parts via snapchat to the alleged victim and said he admitted to touching the alleged victim's private parts over his pants. this allegedly happened inside the classroom at oyster adams elementary school on more than one occasion. the school is located in the adams morgan section of d.c. the alleged victim was 9 or 10 years old at the time according to these documents. they say this happened on school grounds. this morning when we spoke with parents on school grounds, they spoke out in support of who we learned is a very important teacher at this bilingual school. one woman told our delia goncalves in spanish this morning he's a good teacher.
5:31 pm
>> i just want to say we love mr. pena and i 100% support him and am really upset to hear these charges. >> he was my son's 4th grade teacher. he's a great person. he was a neighbor as well and always had great interactions with him. >> reporter: we learned online today pena even won the agnes meyer outstanding teacher award for the 2010/2011 school year. court documents describe pena as a close friend and former teacher of this alleged victim. we'll keep you updated on this story. stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. we've got breaking news from the national park service where moments ago park service announced the washington monument will reopen tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. the monument's elevator has been plagued with electrical problems and those problems caused issues with the elevator's alignment. it will be fixed and reopen by
5:32 pm
tomorrow morning. campaign now 2016 and she's gone from the newsroom to the boardroom and kathleen matthews hopes her next stop is capitol hill. the former wjla anchor and marriott executive launched her candidacy today to represent maryland's 8th congressional district. a lifelong democrat matthews hopes to replace chris van holland who is running for the senate seat vacated by barbara mikulski. >> i have advocated for women and children in all of my career work as well as being a strong fighter for human dignity and equality. >> if elected to congress, matthews said she will fight for pay equity and reproductive rights for women and an increase in the minimum wage. a new candidate poised to join the democrat race. lincoln chaffee is expected to announce he is running for the
5:33 pm
democratic top spot. the former rhode island senator may be the longest long shot. before switching parties he was the only republican senator to vote against authorizing use of force to oust saddam hussein. louisiana governor bobby jindal confirmed today he is set to announce his future plans. it is widely expected the republican leader will reveal that he, too will join the crowded gop presidential field on june 24th. jindal has established a committee and website to evaluate his presidential chances. d.c. police still trying to figure out who killed a local reporter. charnice milton was killed a week ago in southeast and it's not believed she was the intended target. milton worked for capital community news. the community will remember her tonight with a candlelight vigil at 7:30 at senior wellness center on alabama avenue. a northern virginia private school is moving, paul vi
5:34 pm
catholic high is relocating to a 68-acre property in south riding in loudoun county. the diocese of arlington says it's building a $60 million facility on that new location. that should be open by 2020. the move is not expected to impact any of the current student toes. some firefighters in prince george's county battled the same flames four time today. can you imagine that? they just kept restarting. photojournalist james hash takes us to a rare training opportunity in bowie. >> reporter: the best way to learn how to fight fires is to fight fires. >> we can start it and stop it at will. >> reporter: but blazes in real world structures are often very different from the training fires in academy burn buildings. >> it's t becomes almost commonplace and veried on and
5:35 pm
familiar. >> it's routine. you know where all the exits are. >> reporter: when a local developer offered prince george's county fire and ems the chance to practice on this small building being razed for a redevelopment project, they took full opportunity. for veteran firefighters this training burn is a chance to stay sharp. >> whether you have one year or 20 years on the job the opportunity to train in a commercial structure that you're unfamiliar with is pretty phenomenal. >> reporter: for rookies like loren lucas, it's invaluable. >> almost like with a professional sports team if they didn't practice, how would they be ready to play when anything comes at them? >> this was the first such training burn for county firefighters in eight years. the building was donated by berman enterprises, the company redeveloping the former mall site in bowie. new information about the
5:36 pm
victim and park where a woman was mauled to death by a lion. >> despite what you may have seen on social media, queen elizabeth is very much alive. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. i would keep one of these handy through tomorrow. look at the temps. our average high is 83. it's 63 at national, 62 at dulles, 61 at leesburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk about when the milder air will win the battle and another
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trending right now, the queen is not dead. the bbc is apologizing for causing a bit of a scare. >> this was a breaking news tweet that read her majesty was being tweeted at king edward vii hospital in london. a second tweet said she died. bbc officials later explained their mistweet happened during a technical rehearsal for the coverage of the queen's death. ouch. >> i don't know if that's it or not. they got to say something. >> ouch. the nats bryce harper
5:40 pm
helped a fan get a memorable picture. >> look at this shot of we saw last night. harper tells the a.p. he saw a woman trying to snap a selfie with him in the frame last night and said toss down the phone and i'll take the picture. that's what he had happen. that's the result. there's a newlywed company honeymooning in bali and were in a surprise when they came home. >> an amateur photographer saw the couple kissing with london's tower bridge in the background while riding in a taxi. he snapped the picture while the car was moving and posted the pictures on facebook hoping someone could identify the newlyweds. as most things do, it went viral. express uk says the couple laura and james has been identified and are still in bali and probably have no idea they are famous on the internet. that is a beautiful shot. a company that got its start on facebook hopes you will consider this the next time you send flowers to a
5:41 pm
loved one. >> they are bacon roses. player death browning of plano, texas, says that she's been working on the project for four years and uses a specific type of bacon to make this all work out. the bacon bouquet arrives back in field and could last two weeks before you open it, but why would you let it hang out that long? >> that does not actually look appetizing. if it was chocolate, that would be another thing. coming up get an exclusive behind the scenes look at gio gonzalez far from the diamond, looking pretty slick. easement most personable guy in the nats clubhouse, wait till you see what he's up to. >> he's one of them. >> after the break why
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no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer. in tonight's health alert a food and drug administration advisory panel is taking another look at a drug to treat the lack of sexual desire in women. marl on the little pink pill. >> reporter: barbara gutuso
5:45 pm
first saw a drop in her sex drive 30 years ago. happily married she said it was devastating. >> i had tremendous feelings of love and respect for my husband, but i just had no sexual desire. >> reporter: the 66-year-old signed up for a clinical trial in 2010 testing this little ping pill for women with lowly -- pink pill for women with low libido called flibanserin. >> it increased the number of sexual events that the woman in the trial found to be satisfying. >> reporter: the fda rejected flibanserin twice in the last five years saying the benefits do not outweigh side effects which include dizziness and nausea. a new review released tuesday also highlights safety issues including low blood pressure, fainting and accidental injury. several women's health organizations say low libido in women is not a medical problem
5:46 pm
but a psychological 1 and are concerned about the drug's side effect. >> this drug increases satisfying sexual events by less than one per month and one of five women will have an adverse effect. >> reporter: but barbara says the drug helped her. >> within a week it was a total transformation. >> reporter: she believes the drug gives women an option they've never had. marley hall, cbs news, new york. >> the fda does not have to follow the advice of the advisory panel, but it usually does. we've got new information tonight on the woman mauled to death by a lion in south africa. 29-year-old katherine chappelle was in the country to raise money for anti-poaching organizations. she was an award winning video editor who worked on the hit movie series captain america and game of thrones. the park where the attack happened was under investigation for selling off older lions to be used in canned hunting operations.
5:47 pm
nasa now celebrating the 50th anniversary of a staple from outer space called the spacewalk. it was half a century ago astronaut edward white stepped outside the gemini 4 spacecraft and the video shows him floating above the earth in a white spacesuit with tethers behind him. white was only the second human to walk in space. it looks like maryland is losing the hbo political comedy veep. the show currently films in columbia, baltimore , but the california commission said the film received tax benefits in exchange for relocating. it's likely the netflix series will also relocate to southern california following that better battle we told you about with annapolis over tax credits. if you're looking to score
5:48 pm
a cheap deal on flights, you've got most day to take advantage of southwest's sale. you can get a one-way ticket out of reagan national airport to indianapolis starting at $49 or chicago for just $99. the site is apparently having trouble keeping up with the traffic and has been down off and on this evening. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i do consumer stories and i can never seen to get through on these websites when they report on these deals. >> they're good deals. >> they're great if you can get them. >> we have a little warmer air. somewhere between 90 and 60 would be nice. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature only 63, sweating out the 3-
5:49 pm
degree guarantee today. we went 67. relative humidity pretty high at 78%, winds northeast at 9. there's really nothing heavy on radar. we've tracked these light showers, patches of light rain south of town now into charles county and extending across 95 into prince william county and southern faquier county. wet roads down la plata, route 301 and route 5 and down 95 to dale city, stafford and fredericksburg. it's all green which is light activity. we'll zoom in. quantico and dumfries has rain. those will slow you down going 95 southbound and out 234. we'll keep showers in all night, damp and cool tonight. tomorrow bus stop temperatures kind of cool, too, 52 to 64. i'd grab the umbrella at the bus stop. i think we'll have more activity tomorrow than today. thursday cool and damp, 60s. then milder friday.
5:50 pm
we should make 70 on friday and we should make low 80s on saturday. here's futurecast. 10:00 tonight a little shower activity west. town, winchester, culpeper, luray -- west of town, winchester, culpeper, luray. 61 leesburg, 63 downtown. by morning we see a better chance of showers across even eastern suburb, prince george's county, bowie, mitchellville and to the west if you're coming in i-66 eastbound tomorrow, temps upper 50s to low 60s to start. by 9:00 futurecast becomes more exuberant, if you will, on a wider coverage area with showers and light rain. by lunchtime still some showers, light rain. notice the colors now, yellows and oranges, appearing south of fredericksburg. that's the leading edge of warmer air. while we want the warmer air to return with it comes the threat of thunderstorms friday night into saturday. by tomorrow night about this
5:51 pm
time tomorrow evening showers, temperatures in the 60s but heavier activity developing south of fredericksburg. we'll still have one more day of stable conditions tomorrow before the atmosphere destablizes on friday. low 60s to start tomorrow. these are downtown temps, 64 at 1:00. friday milder with showers, 78, showers and storms saturday, 82. we'll monitor the next few days for yellow alerts and make tomorrow a yellow alert for the possibility of showers both to and from work. so next seven days 82 on saturday, watch friday's game and saturday's game on 9 here. probably the best day for nats will be sunday. sunshine, 81 and more like summer, showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday, back to the mid-80s and dry next wednesday. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> if you spend any time in the nats locker room or watched any
5:52 pm
postgame interviews, you know pitcher gio gonzalez loves to talk and has a great personality. this next story probably won't surprise you. it's one you'll only see here on wusa9, gio gonzalez becoming an ace in something other than baseball. dave owens has the story. >> reporter: you look pretty good, man. not quite presidential, but gio gonzalez is the dean of duds or how about the head of haberdashery? it all fits. the nationals' lefty was named brand ambassador for ike bay har clothing. >> i've been doing back flips. this is incredible. i haven't had a feel like this in a while. it's almost like the butterflies when you throw on the mound the first time. >> reporter: not the first time he's been recognized for his style. gq and men's journal took notice in years past, but this partnership is special. ike bayhar is based in gonzalez's hometown of miami. >> take it off the rack, put it
5:53 pm
on, have it fit well and look great, you couldn't ask for somebody better than gio. >> reporter: the clothier has inventory to make you feel comfortable in any setting and who better to market that message than gonzalez, a man who is seemingly confident anywhere he goes. >> good looking. enough said, right? >> reporter: yeah. no cure for a sharp dressed man, but will it be fodder for teammates in the clubhouse? >> absolutely not. they can't touch me when i'm looking this great, you know. that's what i love about them. watch out, dezi, coming for you. watch out of brycey. you already know. >> reporter: that's right. they already know the pitch man has become a pitch man. >> i think we'll have to work on his self-esteem. >> he lacks confidence. >> you'd think as good as he is out there, he'd have confidence. he's also dressing good, looking good. now he gets to show it off a bit more.
5:54 pm
redskins back to work today. desean jackson returned to the practice field and reacted to all the criticism about missing last week's otas. we have that coming up later in sports. new at 6:00 the family of the elderly man who collapsed and died after nearby d.c. firefighters failed to come to his aid are taking the department to court. >> reporter: isis and other terrorist groups are ramping up their use of social media to recruit and threat
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
♪ there's nothing wrong with being flashy. ♪ so long as you've done the work to back it up. ♪
5:57 pm or call 877-241- luna. a house committee is looking into the increasing threat of violent terrorist attacks in the u.s. >> lawmakers claim the attack on a prophet muhammad drawing contest is proof terrorism has gone viral. >> reporter: isis uses a slick social media campaign to recruit new members. lawmakers are concerned the u.s. is not doing enough to respond. >> we are no longer hunting terrorists living in caves. we are facing an enemy whose messages and calls to violence are posted in realtime over the internet. >> reporter: the terror attack last month in garland, texas, grew greater attention to the threat of terrorism in america. it's said the two men acted on their own, but after the incident a suspected isis member quickly posted more attacks are coming with 71 so- called trained soldiers in 15
5:58 pm
states. >> this event highlights the growing threat our nation faces from a new generation of terrorists often operating from afar who use social medial. >> reporter: lawmakers believe there are thousands of people already in the u.s. following isis propaganda online who could potentially attack america if called on. >> we know the threats from foreign and domestic terrorist groups are not going away overnight. >> reporter: tuesday law enforcement shot and killed a man who threatened investigators. he posted radical information online. >> ussamah rahim was killed after he lunged with a knife at members of the task force who approached to ask him questions. this is bruce johnson, a man collapsed and died of a heart attack on rhode island. back there five firefighters in that firehouse refused to come
5:59 pm
to his aid. there's now a lawsuit. >> reporter: medics attempt a dramatic rescue on the roof of the newest smithsonian museum still under construction. i'm garrett haake. i'll have the details. but first the family of an elderly d.c. man is suing the d.c. fire department after he was refused treatment and later died of a heart attack. thanks for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. outside the d.c. superior courthouse today the family of medric cecil mills said they are suing for $7.7 million. bruce johnson is live outside that firehouse in northeast where the incident happened. >> reporter: back over there at that firehouse there's an engine about to come out. last january the firehouse was fully staffed with five rookies and a lieutenant in there.
6:00 pm
on the sidewalk 77-year-old medric cecil mills collapsed in cardiac arrest. now people came to the firehouse begging for help to be turned away. the rookie firefighter told them they had to first call 911 before firefighters could respond. he was wrong. a d.c. cop comes by, eventually flags down a passing plan, but cecil mills would later die at the -- passing ambulance, but cecil mills would later die at the hospital. >> when people knock on the door and they say you need to call 99 and they say we called 9 -- 911 and they say we called 911. if i call and he's the closest fire station to my house, how i do know he's going to come? >> we know there are a lot of good firefighters in this city and we applaud them every day. we know a lot of


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