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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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only on verizon. >> rose: two terror suspects were allegedly plotting to carry out an isis-style beheading here in the united states. and tonight former c.i.a. director david petraeus on the battle against isis. are we winning or losing? the washington mansion murders, police put new focus on the man who delivered the ransom. we've learned the identity of the american mauled to death in a south african lion park. and-- >> you're just a normal prng out here on the highway like everybody else. >> just like everybody else. >> reporter: not quite. greg dyke on the road back. >> rose: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. federal agents have broken up what they describe as a home-grown terror plot. it included plans for an
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isis-style beheading of an unidentified individual and attacks on police officers. it all started falling apart on the streets of boston yesterday when agents and police killed one suspect, usaama abdullah rahim, after they say he lunged at them with a knife. last night, an alleged accomplice was arrested. david wright is charged with conspiring to obstruct an investigation by destroying evidence. more now from jeff pegues. >> reporter: the week before his fatal encounter with law enforcement, investigators say usaama rahim bought the knife he pulled on f.b.i. agents. court documents say he went on and bought a marine fighting knife with a 10-inch blade as well as a knife sharpener. the next day rahim who was under surveillance, called david wright. the f.b.i. recorded the call and believe the men were speaking in code about a plot to kill.
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rahim told wright: rahim then told wright something was, "like thinking with your hod your chest" an apparent reference to beheadings carried out by isis. on may 27, f.b.i. agents intercepted the amazon package and x-rayed it before it was delivered. that same day court papers allege rahim went back on amazon and purchased another knife. he would buy a total of three. this past sunday may 31, rahim and wright went to a beech in rode and discussed with a third person their plans to behead someone but yesterday investigators say, the plan changed. at 5:00 a.m. rahim called wright and told him he was planning an immediate attack on police. according to the recorded calls wright said, "you're attempting to go on vacation, i see." a terrorist code for committing jihad. rahim replied i'm just going to
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go after them, those boys in blue." that prompted law enforcement to act. shortly after 7:00 a.m. in a drugstore parking lot f.b.i. agents and boston police tried to question rahim. police say rahim pulled one of the knives on the officers and threatened them. boston police commissioner william evans says a surveillance camera nearby shows what happened next. >> and then all of a sudden, you see five f.b.i. agents and boston retreating, book their feet, backing on their feet with their hands up like this, and from the witnesses' accounts, from officers' account giving commands, "drop the weapon. drop the weapon." and then, unfortunately, we see the suspect shot. >> reporter: that surveillance tape was shown today to members of boston's muslim community. they say is clearly shows rahim was not shot in the back, as alleged by his family. but, charlie the video far away to draw any further connection about his interactions with law enforcement. >> rose: thanks, jeff.
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the u.s.-led coalition is keeping up air attacks on isis targets in iraq and syria yet the islamic terror group still controls important territory and cities, including palmyra in syria, as well as mosul and ramadi in iraq. joining us now former c.i.a. drecialt general david petraeus, who commanded forces in iraq and afghanistan, as well as the surge in iraq. how bad is the situation on the ground in iraq and syria today? because the impression is that isis is gaining ground and cities. >> well, it's worrisome. as we say the enemy gets a vote. that's what's happened in ramadi. so this is both an operational and a strategic setback a significant one. but this is a moment at which i think you sit back and say what do we need to do in the military arena? what also, do we need to do in the political arena? >> rose: is it a threat to the united states? >> well, isis clearly is a threat to the united states, to
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our allies and partners around the world and, of course, very much in the region. there's instability, violence, and so forth and indeed, far beyond just iraq and syria. it's also into north africa. it's even trying to recruit in afghanistan and pakistan. >> rose: when you look at what's necessary to do, we need a new strategy. does it mean more american participation at any level? >> i think it does, and i don't know that you need a whole new strategy. what you need to do is look at what you have, figure out where you need to augment. do we need to bring advisers down to brigade level, for example? right now they're just at division level. perhaps even to battalion level. should there be teams of joint tactical air controllers on the ground with a lot of security-- >> rose: should there be? >> i think there probably should be. >> quijano: is there risk to losing lives if they do that? >> there is risk but there is also risk for not doing this fight. >> rose: if push comes to shove, which we let iraqi
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militia are connections to iran participate in order to defeat isis? >> i think that's something we don't want to do, in fact-- >> rose: but we might have to do it. >> thought that would be a very last resort. what we need to do is focus not just on the military. you can't kill or capture a way out of your industrial-strength insurgency like this, charlie. really, an industrial-strength conventional force. because that's what isil has actually come to be. you need to have the political component. and without that without that, you're not going to solve the problem. >> rose: the political component is support in baghdad that the enlist the support of sunni arab tribes in iraq. >> that's exactly right. >> rose: are we winning or losing at this moment? >> well, you know, these are fights where if you're not winning you're probably losing because time is not on your side. >> rose: and we are not winning. >> it's arguably now in iraq. we'll turn it around. we will win again in iraq. i do think that iraq can definitely be handled. i think that it can be kept intact. we've got to do a lot more in
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syria. and this is already a long war. it's become longer because of the advent of the islamic state and we have to recognize that and we have to be in it. >> rose: general petraeus thank you for joining us. >> it's great to be with you charlie. >> rose: you can see the full interview with general petraeus on cbsn. available on all devices at and i'll have more on it tomorrow on "cbs this morning." today the pentagon said it does not know for sure how many labs were mistakenly sent live anthrax instead of inactive samples, but it was quick to say there is very little chance anyone was infected. david martin has the latest. >> reporter: the number of shipments of potentially live anthrax continues to climb. 51 labs located in 17 states, the district of columbia and three foreign countries. and deputy defense secretary admitted that is probably not the final count. >> we expect this number may rise because the scope of the
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investigation is going on. >> reporter: why does it take so long to figure out where a supposedly tightly controlled substance like anthrax was actually shipped? >> right now what's causing the super bowl we just-- it takes days in some cases to determine if any of the lots that we are testing have any live anthrax in them. >> reporter: so far, four lots, or batches, have been found to contain live anthrax. even though they had been irradiated and tested to make sure the spores were dead. >> we actually issue a death certificate that says, "this organism is now dead." >> reporter: commander franca jones demonstrated how each sample was then particularred for shipment in a liquid form which is less infectious than powder and inside multiple containers. >> we believe that the risk is zero for the general public, as well as for the people who have handled this box. >> reporter: pentagon officials also said the samples were too small to infect a
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healthy person, but 31 lab workers who were exposed to the anthrax are taking medication as a precaution. charlie. >> rose: thanks, david. the latest chapter in soccer's corruption scandal takes us back to the beginning. today, federal prosecutors in new york unsealed court documents involving the first man to plead guilty to years ago. he's helped build the case against officials of soccer's world governing body. here's mark phillips. >> reporter: this is the man they call "mr. 10 percent." now chuck blazer's only avarice has exposed a culture of corruption in fifa, world soccer's governing body, going back decades. blazer is a former american and international soccer official who operated in the shadowy backrooms of the sport. and in u.s. court documents just revealed, he admits that he and other fifa officials conspired to "facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for
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the 1998 world cup." which was held in france. and that he and others, "on the fifa executive committee" took bribes to select south africa in 2010. blazer's testimony was part of a plea bargain with the i.r.s. and the f.b.i. who turned him into an informant, even sending him into meetings held during the london 2012 olympics, carrying a wiretap on a key ring fob. the bribes were paid going back at least as far as france showing how deeply ingrained the practice has been. blazer doesn't name names in the court documents, but the revelations will confirm that bribery has long been the lubricant that made the wheels of fifa turn. defenders of the next world cups in russia and qatar where corruption has also been alleged, charlie can now say that's the way it's always worked. >> rose: mark phillips in london. thanks purpose there were two deadly bus crashes today in the
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pocono mount of mountain of pennsylvania. three people were killed when a bus collided with a tractor trailer. in wyemer, texas, at least two people were killed and 10 injured when a bus rammed an 18 wheeler on interstate 10. detectives investigating the murders of four people in a washington, d.c. mansion are focusing now on a former assistant to one of the victims. businessman savvas savopoulus, his wife son and housekeeper were killed last month in an apparent extortion plot. wyatt andrews has the latest. >> reporter: search warrants reveal police suspicions aimed at the man who delivered the ransom, jordan wallace the personal driver and assistant to businessman savvas savopoulus. police say that wallace lied or changed i had account about the $40,000 he took to the home on the morning of the murders including how he received the package, where he left it, and when he was told to get the package. investigators got a warrant for wallace's texts calls and
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locations going back to sunday may 10, three days before the family was held captive tortured and later killed. but the prime suspect remains daron wint who is now in custody. the documents reveal that police discovered a single broken window pane on a side door and that a shoe or boot print is visible on the exterior, suggesting forced entry. that dispels the theory that wint may have been invited inside because he'd worked for savopolous in the past. police are also still looking for video from the family's extensive security system. we learned today that the video recorder is missing. police believe that the assailants in this crime stole the cell phones of the three adult victims and investigators are now tracking the locations of those phones. as for jordan wallace charlie he has not returned our calls seeking comment. >> rose: thanks, wyatt. today, facebook executive cheryl posted a very personnel message to mark the end of the 30-day
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>> >> rose: an f.d.a. panel is reconsidering a little pink pill that promises to increase a woman's desire. dr. jon lapook explains how the drug works and why it has been rejected in the past. >> this is the age of knowing what you're made of. >> reporter: drugs to treat erectile dysfunction brought in $3 billion in sales last year alone. however, there is no f.d.a.-approved drug to treat decreased libido, either in men or women. flibanserin is targeted to premenopausal women who have low sexual desire. three years ago after her son was born, 30-year-old katherine campbell lost all interest in having sex. she was prescribed an antidepressant. >> after taking them for a couple months i realized i was just now happily not wanting any sex so it didn't fix the problem. >> reporter: campbell will urge the f.d.a. advisory committee to recommend approval when it meets tomorrow. >> it's had a tremendous impact
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on our marriage. it's a bond that you share that's special and we wanted to share that for the rest of our lives. and i'm only 30 years old. i feel like i've pulled a bait and switch with my husband to be honest. >> reporter: the medication was rejected in 2010 and again in 2013 when the f.d.a. said the benefits were too small to outweigh safety concerns, including sleepiness, dizziness and nausea. a new review by the f.d.a. says the medication can also cause low blood pressure and fainting when combined with alcohol. it's designed to be taken every day. sprout pharmaceuticals has submitted now evidence showing an improvement in sexual satisfaction and reduction in feelings of distress. dr. adriane fugh-berman opposes approval. >> this drug increases satisfying sexual events by less than one per month and one out of five women is going to have an adverse effect. >> reporter: a drug like viagra is actually relatively simple when compared to a drug that could treat decreased libido where so many factors-- medical, psychological sleep
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how your day was-- could be playing a role. >> rose: thank you very much jon. we have new information about the american killed by a lion and the park where it happened. that's next. you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. >> rose: we learned today that the american killed monday by a lion at a safari park in south africa was katherine chapell of rye, new york. she worked in film ruks pruks and also on the television series "game of throens."
6:51 pm
debora patta is in johannesburg. >> in a tragic irony katherine chapell was in south africa raising money for an antipoaching campaign when she was fatally attacked by a lioness. assistant operations manager scott simpson says chapel was takenning photographs through an open window, contrary to park rules, when the animal attacked her. >> i think for the internationals, they do sometimes come here with the idea that it's a bit of a disney world thing where these are tame lions and i think that is a problem. i think that needs to be stressed that these are still wild animals. >> reporter: 29-year-old chapell had been an emmy-winner. the attack that killed chapell is the third incident at the lion park in the past six months. an australian tourist was mauled by a lion in march. but unlike chapell the other victims lived to tell their stories. the lion park is part of a multi-million-dlarp south african tourist industry where lionslions are bred in captivity.
6:52 pm
visitors are allowed to drive their own vehicles through large enclosures where lions roam freely. tourists can even interact with the lions allowed to hold and pet young lion cubs who grow up with little fear of humans. this latest incident has raised questions about just how safe unsupervised tours are in park where's lions are bred in captivity. one wildlife expert told me it is time to reassess them, but for now the lion park remains open. >> rose: debora patta in johannesburg. thank you. in a moment, a former olympic athlete proves she is still a champion. meet the world's newest energy supeerrpow. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology
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>> rose: we end tonight with a profile in courage. one year ago this week, former olympic swimmer amy van dyken was seriously injured in an a.t.v. accident. now as barry petersen shows you she is taking giant steps on the road to recovery. >> reporter: this was amy van dyken a year ago. even though doctors initially said she suffered a severe spinal injury, she vowed to walk again. >> that was a good one for lefty. >> reporter: and now she is, with help from a full-body machine that moves her legs. >> oh, sugar! >> reporter: but the therapists keep dialing down the machine'smachine's assistance, ramping up her struggle. what's it like to use this and walk again? >> it's so hard. like, you can see i get done with walking maybe 50 feet, and i'm sweating and-- i mean, you can see, you know, when you
6:57 pm
walk you don't grunt like i'm grunting. >> come on, three more. >> reporter: al biemond oversees her therapy at the barrow neurological in phoenix. >> we'll see how far you can do that and still maintain position. >> reporter: where they found rare good news. unlike many paralyzed patients her spine still has some connections to her lower body. so there's still some nerve that's functioning in there. >> there are nerves that are making it past the level of her injury, make the leg motion, the function that we're seeing today and the recovery she's making possible. >> i was good. if i've only got one nerve that's attached, then i'm going to take that nerve and i'm going to use it to hopefully be able to find new pathways. >> reporter: there seems to be no stopping her-- hiking-- >> thank you guys so much. >> reporter: public speaking. and driving in her specially modified camaro s.s.. >> it actually stands for super sexy. >> reporter: where from the outside no one can tell she is
6:58 pm
paralyzed. you're just a normal person out here on the highway just like everybody else. >> just like everybody else. >> reporter: and that's important because? >> well, it gives you your freedom back. >> reporter: she took up swimming to beat asthma and went on to win six olympic gold medals. >> that side is always my worst. >> reporter: that championship spirit is tested now as never before. harder than training for the olympics, really? >> yes. i was going for pride of my country, which is great which is awesome. but my life is a better incentive. i'm training for my life right now. oh, my god seriously. >> reporter: and training with the same motive to win. barry petersen, cbs news, phoenix. >> that was pretty good. >> rose: once again the power of the human will and the human spirit. that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose. i'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." good night.
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knives, duct tape, cans of gasoline, a missing surveillance system and cell phones, chilling new details in the mansion murders in new search warrants just unsealed. >> reporter: i'm garrett haake at the national museum for african american history and culture where a construction worker has died in an accident on the roof. i'll have the details. >> keeping suspects safe, the changes baltimore police are making to the vans like the one freddie gray rode in. >> we had to extend our yellow alert tomorrow, why we're tracking more showers, a little drizzle. we'll talk about why we may have to issue a yellow alert friday. new tonight at 7:00 this image of a boot print may be the crucial bit of evidence that helps investigators determine how the killers broke into that d.c. mansion to attack the savopoulos


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