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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 3, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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knives, duct tape, cans of gasoline, a missing surveillance system and cell phones, chilling new details in the mansion murders in new search warrants just unsealed. >> reporter: i'm garrett haake at the national museum for african american history and culture where a construction worker has died in an accident on the roof. i'll have the details. >> keeping suspects safe, the changes baltimore police are making to the vans like the one freddie gray rode in. >> we had to extend our yellow alert tomorrow, why we're tracking more showers, a little drizzle. we'll talk about why we may have to issue a yellow alert friday. new tonight at 7:00 this image of a boot print may be the crucial bit of evidence that helps investigators determine how the killers broke into that d.c. mansion to attack the savopoulos family and their housekeeper.
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good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. they suspect the murderers kicked their way through the french doors on the side of the hope and left behind that boot print. our bruce leshan reports the details are all in the search warrants just unsealed at the courthouse. >> reporter: these search warrants make it very clear that this crime was carefully planned and carried out with almost incomprehensible brutality. almost three weeks after firefighters found savvas, amy and philip savopoulos and housekeeper vera figueroa murdered in the burning mansion crime scene investigators finally pulled out most of their equipment, but at the courthouse police returned six different search warrants. in the two vehicles traveling with suspect daron wint they were looking for duct tape. sources say it was used to bind the victims. they were looking for the missing digital video recorder,
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for the home surveillance system and looking for knives, guns and gasoline containers. finally they wanted to search cell phones in the vehicles for photos or communications. there was a warrant for cell phone records for savvas savopoulos' assistant, the man who delivered $40,000 cash leaving it in a car in the garage. investigators believe they tortured and mutilated philip savopoulos and poured gasoline on his bed and set it on fire, hard to comprehend. >> they also have another bit of evidence, that is blood from one of the victims found on daron wint's shoes. the search will likely pick up tomorrow morning for a
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missing swimmer in the potomac river. sky9 was above the scene earlier this evening at great falls where fairfax rescue workers searched but did not find that swimmer. two men in their 20s were swimming when one of them got caught in the current. the other man safely made it to shore. a dramatic rescue attempt outside the new african american history museum just of not enough to save a construction worker's life. that unidentified 50-year-old was hurt while on the roof of the museum. garrett haake explains how that led to some challenges for the crew trying to keep him alive. >> reporter: rescuers were faced with a large challenge, how to get an unconscious man down without stairs or an elevator. many workers were loaded into ler
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construction cranes as the site was evacuate, shut down for the day. medics reached the roof by interior ladders and took over cpr on the man. construction workers and firefighters worked together to turn a platform crane into an aerial gurney loading up the man and bringing him down slowly in a waiting ambulance. how complicated is it to get somebody down in a building like this under construction? >> it's very difficult under construction. we only have what the workers used to get out, stairwells or ladders all the way to the roof. >> reporter: the man received cpr some 40 minutes before being loaded into the ambulance. >> 40 minutes is a long time. fortunately we had our medics up on the roof right away. >> reporter: the man was a metal panel subcontractor working here and his family has been notified. garrett haake, wusa9. >> the contractor building the museum released a statement saying that the job site safety
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is their top priority and they are cooperating with that osha investigation. investigators from the u.s. bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms have not yet figured out what caused a fire that killed two people and hurt five others in the dupont circle area earlier today. officials haven't said who was killed. the two survivors have serious injuries and are expected to get better. neighbors at the home at riggs place are deeply concerned one of the injured is a 64-year-old man who rented units in that home to several young adults. the atf does get involved in investigating fatal fires in d.c. tonight we are getting our very first look at the home where a prince george's county woman got a deadly butt enlargement injection. kelly mayhew went to an apparently unlicensed doctor in the basement apartment of this house in queens, new york, over the weekend. her mother tomorrow us she started having problems breathing after receiving silicone injections. the person who gave her the shot did not help and ran off. police are still looking for
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that person. meantime a nuke was surprised to hear procedure -- a neighbor was surprised to hear procedures like that were going on nearby. >> there's no doctor or nurse or anybody with a medical background over there. >> that is the point. mayhew's family tomorrow -- mayhew's family said they're getting a lawyer. the family of the man who collapsed across the street from a d.c. firehouse is suing the fire department for nearly $8 million. cecil mills later died of a heart attack at the hospital. an internal investigation found firefighters failed to rescue mills, but all of them walked away without serious punishment. the family's lawyer said that ruling spoke volumes which is why the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. a d.c. teacher is held without bond tonight on a child sex abuse charge. giovanni pena facing a judge today and admitted to touching the private area of a male student inside the oyster adams elementary school last year according to court docume nts.
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investigators say pena also sent a photo of his own genitals to that student. parents were shocked about the allegations. of a few years ago peen -- a few years ago pena received the agnes meyer outstanding teachers award. he'll be back in court friday. we're not tracking any more big storms. so we take the good with the bad. >> enjoy the time we can rest the ac. we'll be warm by the weekend, but now cool, light rain, nothing heavy, a very stable st of the activity into southern maryland now into southern portions of prince george's county, la plata, waldorf, quantico, almost up to fairfax and i-66. oldtown some light rain, light rain on the doorstep of upper marlboro, but it's very, very light. we'll zoom in more. right now nats park is dry, but i think this activity will move across into nats park, but it won't wash out the games.
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it will add insult to injury because our temperatures are only in the upper 50s to low 60s. by 8:30 tonight upper 50s, maybe 64 downtown, still some sprinkles, all shades of green. by 10:00 some showers again along i-81 and a couple sprinkles possible around the immediate metro area. we'll come back and talk about another yellow alert for thursday. a second boston terror suspect appeared in federal court this afternoon charged in connection with a plot to kill cops. yesterday police shot and killed the other terror suspect after they say he lunged at them with a knife. police and prosecutors showed video of the incident to civic and religious leaders today. they say it is clear that man started to charge the officers. prosecutors say the men spent a week planning a violent attack. baltimore city police making safety upgrades to those transport vans like the one freddie gray rode in before he died. the fleet will get new
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partitions, side doors and cameras, but not everybody is convinced the changes will help. >> the cameras in the vans could be monitored by the drive to see what's happening, but more importantly it's recorded. >> there could be incide where the camera and audio could work or could not work. it's a win/lose for the residents. >> the department is trying to figure out how to pay for all that. state's attorney marilyn mosby found six baltimore companies failed repeatedly to strap in freddie gray when he was transmitted in that van and he -- transported in that van and he came out of it with a severe spinal injury and a week later he was dead. the washington monument will reopen tomorrow morning to the public. the national park service says repairs on the elevator are done. the electrical system is back in working order. the monument has been closed since sunday night because of electrical issues. that anthrax mistake keeps
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getting bigger, what the defense department revealed today is coming up. >> reporter: this isn't just a garden where kids plant what they eat. it's on a historical piece of property dating back to the civil war era that arlington county wants to sell. i'm peggy fox. i'll have that controversial story coming up. >> and after the break fessing up to taking bribes, what a former fifa official admitted
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dozens of additional divers have joined the search for survivors on board a capsized cruise ship in china. rescuers have recovered 26 people so far. more than 400 are still missing. surveillance video shows the ship passing through severe lightning moments before it flipped over in a river. the ship's captain and engineer both survived and are in custody and told police the
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boat capsized during a cyclone. several people remain in critical condition tonight after a tour bus crashed head on into a tractor trailer in eastern pennsylvania. that bus was full of tourists from italy heading from new york to niagra falls. three people were killed including the bus driver. it's not clear yet what caused that crash. a former fifa executive committee member told a u.s. federal judge he agreed to accept bribes in return for voting to bring the 2010 world cup to south africa. chuck blazer implicated other fifa board members as well in the 2013 documents unsealed today. blazer was a high ranking official on soccer's governing board from 1990 to 2013. favorite american pharoah has drawn the no. five post in the belmont stakes, the 3-5 favorite to win could become the first triple crown winner in 37 years. 14 horses have won from the no. 5 spot and trainer the trainer
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cannot help -- and the trainer cannot help but be pleased with that decision. showers just south of d.c. headed towards nats park, but nothing heavy. we'll come back, talk about how long the showers last and why we issued a yellow alert for tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend. >> next arlington national cemetery under fire, the reason one service member killed in a crash
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a father in louisiana says a decision from arlington national cemetery is like a slap in the face. his son staff sergeant thomas florich was one of 11 military members killed in a blackhawk helicopter crashed off the coast of florida in march. florich's father wants him buried at arlington, but the cemetery says that will not happen because burial plots are reserved for service members who die on active duty. florich was killed during a training exercise. >> the last thing he wanted was to be buried in arlington and i might add next to his grandfather who is a green beret. >> arlington said space is extremely limited in the cemetery and that is why it has to reserve spots for active duty members. florich's family asked the army for an exception.
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the pentagon expects the anthrax shipment incident to keep spreading. as of today labs in 17 state and the district and three countries have reported getting live anthrax spores from the labs. this afternoon defense officials said they expect those numbers to grow as the investigation continues. so far no anthrax-related illnesses and the defense department insists there is no risk to the general public. >> the concentration of these samples are too low to infect the average healthy individual. >> the department believes there was some sort of problem with the process that usually kills the spores which went out for research. so far 51 labs believe they've received the life anthrax spores. opponents of a controversial vote in arlington to sell a historic farmhouse are fighting back. >> as peggy fox reports, the activists say the farmhouse is an important part of history and should be kept in public hands. >> reporter: there's about 2 1/2 acres here of public land
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including this garden that's used by local schoolchildren and that's the farmhouse on the hill that the county wants to sell, but opponents are trying to reverse that vote. >> it would be cool if there was cows just walking around here. >> reporter: the historic reeves farmhouse dates back to 1867. in the 1950s it was the last working dairy farm in arlington county. now the county wants to put the house and 6,000 square feet of land up for sale. what do you think mr. reeves would think about the county's decision to sell his property? >> he'd be horrified. >> reporter: norman reeves was 99 when he died in 2000. in 2001 his heirs sold the property to arlington county. the board decided to keep the garden but not the house because it would take $2.4 million to renovate. the president of the learning garden, joan horowitz, calls that decision to sell the house a slap in the face. >> the county opened it up and a group of us, 20 people, went inside including two of the
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reeves children to find the inside covered with animal feces, demolition by neglect, and that's a terrible thing to do with our history. >> reporter: board member libby garvey voted to sell the house. >> we just couldn't justify over $2 million for a very small building that wouldn't accomplish much. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9. >> the activists are planning a protest and rally at the arlington county board meeting saturday, june 13th at 8:15 a.m. this is a yellow alert day. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it's a but more like april, but you said earlier we need a little rain. >> actually we do. we had a very dry may. >> we're about good there now. we're there. >> we're good on temperature, making up on 90s, balancing everything out. looks like we'll be back to average temperatures friday and saturday. in the meantime a little cool.
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look at our 3-degree guarantee, 67. we thought that would be low enough for today. we'll tell you tonight at 11:00. it will be very close. temperature now 64, the warmest it's been all day. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, wind still east, northeast at 8, a cool chilly wind. the radar, not a lot of activity the past hour or so, tracking light rain and showers from the south moving northward. we'll zoom in more. there's a little activity around oldtown and national airport toward upper marlboro, prince george's county and fairfax and toward manassas headed across i-66, but it's very light activity and we're looking at showers and drizzle, maybe some patches of rain on and off all night. i think tomorrow will be wetter than it was today. put this into motion the last hour. showers are moving north, northwest kind of counterintuitive. most of the time they moved west to east but not now.
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showers in fairfax, manassas, a couple sprinkles up 15 as you get into aldie crossing over route 50. tonight damp and cool. we can rest the ac, the only silver lining. bus stop temperatures low 50s to mid-60s. take the umbrella tomorrow, a better chance of showers if you're there 8:00, 9:00 at the bus stop. thursday, cool and damp, 60s. not much change in the air mass. milder friday and warmer on saturday. we should be back in the low 80s by saturday which is average. so 10:00 tonight you can walk the dog, temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s, a couple showers possible, especially out toward winchester, luray and culpeper but nothing heavy. by morning again a couple showers possible, 50s, only 62 downtown. it's just green, light activity. then we get into 9:00. on your way home from the bus
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stop more activity lifts up from the south, so a better chance of showers. 59 leesburg and manassas, 63 downtown and 61 in andrews, showers up into the bowie area and prince george's county. by lunchtime good chance of showers up i-270, out route 7 and certainly down i-95 southward, fredericksburg. low to mid-60s, like 20 degrees below average. by 5:30 tomorrow evening showers in fredericksburg and we'll advance this into friday and show you the milder air wins out, mid-70s by this time on friday with a couple showers, though. 60s to start on the day planner up to 64 by 1:00. friday milder with showers, 78, showers and storms on saturday but 82 degrees. next seven days nats in great shape sunday.
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that's all for us. we'll see you at 11:00. >> have a great night, everybody. bye bye.
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. kim's steaming mad and new pregnancy rumors, is she having twins? caitlyn jenner outrage, is the focus on her looks sexist? >> professional come in and do my make run. what a difference. >> now you're a woman. your looks are the only thing we care about. >> kim talking about caitlyn as goes viral can "i am kate." >> who did kim blast on twitter and why? plus the "19 kids and counting molestation scandal." >> one of our children made some really bad choices. we were devastated. plus, we'll show you jessica simpson's spirited night out. a party's not a party until jessica gets there.


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