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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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starts right now. good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's thursday, june 4. i'm andrea roane. look at the picture. it looks nice but prepare for another cool, rainy day. not a great day. >> no. the upside is you're not going to be dealing with 90-degree heat and 90% humidity. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck in for nick today. larry millioner is here with traffic but we'll start with weather. is this rain going to move out soon, allyson? not exactly. everyone said it was too hot in may. mother nature just gave it to us with some cool and damp weather for the next day. we do have some light rain out there for areas off to the west along 66 and some pockets of heavier rain as well. so your morning rush a little wet. you'll neat the windshield wipers, especially along 95 and off to the west. once you head off to southern maryland and the northern neck,
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you're dry for now. you'll see some more rain as well. we do have light showers or heavier stuff through dale city and manassas. once again in the 50s and we'll head into the 60s. keep the umbrella and sweat shirt with you. 6:016789 metro riders -- 6:01. metro riders everything is running on schedule so we're off to a good start. traveling around the beltway no issues on the inner or outer loop. 295 and 395 free and clear of any issues. 66 right now, we're starting to see some slowdowns. mainly volume from east to west like front royal, gainesville headed toward manassas and fairfax. that's the eastbound side there. you can see traffic starting to build as you get toward the beltway. it should ease up a little bit once you get inside the beltway. expect the delays for at least the next 20 to 30 minutes. around the beltway no issues as we just told you. free and clear. a live look at new hampshire avenue both on the inner and outer loop no problems there.
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the next update coming up in ten minutes. we are following new information this morning on the mansion murders. police now say this home you see behind me still wrapped up in police tape was actually broken into. detectives are now tracking the stolen cell phones that belonged to the family members and they're also tracking the phone of the man who delivered the ransom money. he is 28-year-old jordan wallace. he worked as a driver, an assistant to savvas savopoulos. according to a search warrant, wallace lied to investigators about the $40,000 in cash that he dropped off at the house the morning of the murders. detectives got a warrant for his cell phone records dating back three days prior to the mansion murders but daron wint remains the prime suspect in this case. police finding the victim's blood on his shoe and now evidence of forced entry, a broken window pane from a set of french doors and an unknown
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boot print outside the home. investigators will be taking a closer look at the car that wint was arrested in in northeast washington they want to find out if there is more evidence in the car, including digital records of the sir veil lance video -- surveillance video from the home. we're live in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. montgomery county police need your help. they're trying to find a missing man in gaithersburg. eric is 41. he was last seen at his house on center way road. he's about 6'1", 210 pounds wearing a black shirt and camouflage shorts. detectives believe he might be in the arlington area. police in bowie are looking for three suspects after an overnight shooting there. this is bowie's first shooting of the year. the victim was taken to the hospital with what we are told are serious and even possibly
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life threatening injuries. investigators are still trying to find the cause after house fire that killed two college students near dupont circle. five others, three of them firefighters were hurt in the fire at 16th street and riggs place. the names of the two students have not been released so far. the man convicted in the death of chandra leashy is -- chandra levy is due in court today. a judge is expected to grant ingmar guandique a new trial. he was convicted of killing the 24-year-old intern about five years ago. levy's disappearance made news across the country after being linked to congressman gary condit. the man charged with killing uva student hannah graham in charlottesville is also due in court today in fairfax county. the victim in the attempted murder and sex assault case is expected to testify at a hearing for jesse matthew. the key question is whether the victim can kent identify matthew as her attacker or if
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media coverage has influenced her. matthew's trial is expected to start monday. more than a month after freddie gray died in police custody, baltimore police officials are proposing sweeping new safety measures to its transport van. baltimore city's police commissioner anthony batts wants to upgrade its fleet with new partitions, side doors and cameras. immediately they could improve the current fleet of 24 vans at a cost of $15,000 each to including installing cameras, eliminating doors and putting in a center partition to make getting in and out of the vans easier. >> the cameras could be monitored by the driver to see what's happening but more importantly it's recorded. >> reporter: police say all transport van drivers have been retrained since the gray incident in april. they are also considering adding gps tracking to the van.
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this morning some rockville high school students and staff will be tested for tuberculosis. last week a case of tb was confirmed at the school. dr. jeff boil is chief scientist for the company that creates qft, the blood test that will be administered to people who come in contact with the patient. in the past tuberculosis testing relied on a skin test. dr. boyle says the blood test technology is an easy and accurate alternative to the skin test and he believes it can help lower the rates of tb which is the world's second most common cause of death. >> it's absolutely critical and when you think about the difficulties we have in terms of the logistics, funding, anything that provides more easy, accurate, quick results really helps in getting out there and preventing the spread of tuberculosis. >> qft measures the immune response to the bacteria that causes tb. rockville high school students
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and staff who had contact with the infected person between february and march have been recommended for the test. it was a late rally but it gave them the win in the stanley cup finals. nonetheless the chicago black hawks stole the opener of the finals last night beating the tampa bay lightning 2-1. it was one of two goals scored in the final six and a half minutes. game number two slated for saturday night. > rescue crews in china have begun cutting into the hull of a capsized cruise ship looking for survivors. >> federal agents are revealing more now about a new england man me say was planning a terror attack here in the united states. >> wusa9 is back after this but first here's allyson with a check on the weather. >> the light rain continues. last time i was out here it turned from a drizzle to a light rain and it's just going to continue on and off today. chilly once again. another day stuck into the 60s. when do we get out of this? i'll have all the
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welcome back. it is a yellow alert day because we're going to stay in the 60s again. it's cloudy and some rain for both commutes. we have some rain for some areas. take a look at doppler 9000 as you head out the door. areas along 95 south of the district and also drizzle, some very light rain near frederick along 270 as well. zooming into the heavier stuff through chantilly, manassas and also dale city. we'll see the pockets of heavier rainfall kind of in and out but the general trend will be the drizzle, some fog, cloudy skies and staying into the 60s for another day. our pattern is going to change starting tomorrow but we do have a better looking weekend as well. all those details coming up in
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just a bit. larry, over to you. allyson, thanks. the left lane between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue blocked as the result of an accident. we're starting to see delays heading all the way up to university boulevard. our trafficland camera just west of 97 shows you the delays on the outer loop. add 10 to 15 minutes to your drive time to account for the delays. for those of you traveling on 95 heading northbound up toward the beltway coming from dale city toward the beltway, again just some slowdowns in newington as you approach springfield. we'll send it over on you. a government report details decades of the physical and sexual abuse children suffered during decades of culture genocide in canada. and a judge is making headlines for his un
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing. gldz no more chiening. mother nature is watering -- no more whining. mother nature is watering our lawns. >> and keeping our pollen count down. i haven't been sniffling for a few days. a lot of windows open and it is
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a little damp. we're starting off in the 50s heading for the 60s. we might have to turn the ac on over the weekend but hey, it's the weekend. we do have some rain out there. yeah, not even just a drizzle and light showers. we had heavier rain, kind after few pockets. this -- kind of a few pockets. this will be the trend throughout the afternoon and evening. you have a few spots of yellow where you'll see heavier rain. a lot of green out there and a lot of drizzle. this is just off to the west of the district near chantilly, along manassas, down through dale city. this will be the heavier rain moving right up to the north heading to west of sterling and reston. going to your fut -- through your futurecast, the northeasterly winds will continue. 1:30 this afternoon pockets of light showers for continue for southern maryland and also through the northern neck. so just count on a shore at any point. i was just outside and it was a drizzle and turned into a light rain. that's what you're going to run into for the rest of the
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afternoon. 6:30. if you're headed to the nats game bring the sweat shirt and rain jacket. there will be light showers maybe to start the game. not going to last all night by any means but it will stay chilly. into the mid-60s by 6:30 and still light rain as you head home from work. by 8:00 already starting to clear out a little bit so that game will be fine. it will just be a little cool for you. as we head evening showers, the cloudy skies will change and a few light showers will continue. friday morning temperatures are staying into the 60s. another round of showers for friday morning. we do see improvements on the temperatures by friday afternoon getting into the mid- 70s. we have a cold front heading our way. that will bring showers again on saturday. maybe not so much on sunday, though. we're going to warm up so we'll have to turn on the ac again. 57 for baltimore. 59 for annapolis. another cool one. it's cloudy and cool and drizzly. up to the 70s tomorrow. 66 for today. 76 for friday. saturday 82 degrees. that's not too bad. as we head through sunday, sunday looks to be kind of dry.
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so the nats game looks great. by monday and tuesday, very warm ahead of a cold front that will bring some showers and drier by wednesday. larry, over on you. >> thank you. your time right now 6:17. marc train riders we are still in good shape this morning. vre is in great shape as well. attaching on the in-- traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, a 23-minute commute this morning river road to landover road. a 12-minute commute leesburg pike to 27th street. slowdowns but should ease up toward newington and picks up again as you make your way to springfield to i-395. but gordon boulevard to 395 that is a 14-minute commute. westbound 50 from collington road ue, a 12- minute commute. no major issues to report at this point. for those of you traveling on i- 270 making your way southbound
6:18 am
from frederick toward the beltway, no major issues. just volume starting to build up mainly in rockville as you approach the beltway. at 6:18 here's some of what's in the news right now. two terror suspects in boston were allegedly plotting to area out a beheading here in the u.s. the target? a controversial blogger behind a prophet mohamad cartoon contest in texas. >> when the plans changed and the focus turned to law enforcement, that's when federal agents moved in quickly. >> reporter: conservative blogger pamela geller is now at the center of what federal agents are calling a foiled homegrown terror plot that unraveled in boston tuesday. geller organized last month's art exhibit depicting the prophet mohamad in garland, texas, during which two men were killed when they opened fire on police. sources tell cbs news usaama rahim was originally plotting an isis-style beheading of geller. >> they mean to kill everyone who doesn't do their bidding thcht is a showdown for -- this
6:19 am
is a showdown for american freedom. >> reporter: court documents allege rahim discussed an immediate change of plans tuesday morning with his accused conspirator david wright of everett, massachusetts. you're attempting to go on vacation, wrict said, alleged -- wright said, allegedly referring to jihad. rahim responded i'm just going to go after them, ah, those boys in blue. authorities decided to move in and question him. they shot and killed him when they say he lunged at them with a knife. the case has renewed concerns here in washington about individuals radicalized by li mitant groups like isis through social media. the c.i.a. says the terror group has lost a third of its forces as rawflt ongoing air strikes -- as a result of ongoing air strikes in iraq and mark albert for cbs news, washington. just about 6:20 now. hope for survivors is fading at that chinese cruise ship disaster. rescuers started calling he --
6:20 am
started cutting the hull. so far they have found no signs of life. the death toll stands at 65 and 370 are still missing. there are only 14 known survivors. 3,000 militia fighters who were originally formed to fight the taliban in afghanistan are now out of control. that's according to a report from the international crisis group. it says the militia are brothering power deals and acting as vigilantes making it harder for the afghan government to control them. fighting has taken a turn in where israel says it has ceardz out air strikes against -- carried out air strikes against hamas training sites. another group took responsibility for firing those rockets. pentagon officials are trying to reassure the public this morning after word that a number of shipments of potentially live anthrax continues to climb. now we're talking about 51 labs in 17 states, d.c. and three foreign countries. deputy defense secretary admits
6:21 am
this is probably not the final count. >> we expect this number may raise because the scope of the investigation is going on. >> the pentagon insists the samples were too small to infect a healthy person. still 31 lab workers exposed to that anthrax are taking medication as a precaution. canada's prime minister is apologizing after a disturbing report about state funded church schools for children. they found the schools were responsible for cultural genocide. the native children who attended these church schools were also repeatedly abused physically and sexually. the schools operated from the 19th century till the 1970's. the dance community remembers a trailblazer in the modern movement this morning. dudley williams died over the weekend in manhattan. he paved the way for men in modern dance. he performed with the martha graham dance company and american dance theater. williams was 76 years old.
6:22 am
an unusual choice in punishment spares some people in jail time in one ohio county. the judge been overseeing this garden for 21 years now and what make it is unique is that it's planted by people who choose gardening time instead of prison time. >> i think it's a great alternative to putting people in jail. where would you rather be? in 75-degree sunny -- a sunny day or sitting in a stuffy jail cell. >> food from the garden goes to local food banks and churches. it saves the city $80,000 -- wait a minute, let me read that again. $80 a day that would go toward housing a prisoner. one convenience store has sold three million dollar lottery tickets and it's not too far from here. you expect to pay interest on a loan but not more than the amount that you borrowed. that story is coming up. allyson? >> here on the weather terrace, still pretty chilly. we're only in the 50s.
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a food and drug package is taking another look at a drug. it's been rejected twice in the past five years saying the benefits do not outweigh side effects which include dizziness and nausea. a new review highlights additional safety issues including low blood pressure, fainting and accidental injury. several women health organizations say lola bead dough in women is -- low bead toe in women is -- lobito is not -- [indiscernible] the fda does not have to follow the advice of the advisory panel but it usually does. imagine paying $6,000 on a $4,000 loan. that's what happened in the case of joseph saguna after he took a cash advance on his credit card. he's still in shock.
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>> i took the max. i think it was $4,000 and then they charged me 10% to take it. >> a new survey by found cash advances are loaded with hidden fees. they say the advance fee is typically 5% so the longer you go without paying off those fees, the more interest you accrue. beware. this morning there are new allegations about more corruption at fifa. >> one of the men indicted in the scandal last week now says he fears for his life and he is ready to tell all. don champion with the latest. >> reporter: as the investigation into corruption at fifa continues, the group's former vice president jack warner says he will no longer keep secrets. during a paid political advertisement that aired wednesday night, warner claimed he had documents and checks that link fifa officials to the 2010 election in train dads. warner is among 14 people indicted in the u.s. for corruption at fifa. on wednesday federal prosecutors in new york
6:28 am
unsealed court documents involving chuck blazer, a former american and international soccer official. blazer pleaded guilty to racketeering and other charges in 2013 and helped build the federal case. and u.s. court documents he admits that he and other fifa officials conspired to facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for the 1998 world cup which was held in france. and that he and others on the fifa executive committee took bribes to select south africa in 2010. as new details emerge, the u.s. women's soccer team is in canada preparing for the women's world cup. many say they're more focused on the game than the scandals. don champion, cbs news, new york. the women's world cup starts saturday and that runs through july 5.
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coming up on 6:29. you can see from our cameras it's going to be another wet day. good morning. welcome back to wusa9 on this thursday, january 4. i'm andrea roane. april seems more like april than june. prepare for that cool day of steady rain and drizzle. >> by now you're used to it. thanks for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck in for nick. larry miller have traffic but we start off with meteorologist allyson rae. we have northeasterly winds that want to keep this pattern locked. it's a hard pattern to break with the northeasterly winds. it will break, just not today. keep the umbrella and jacket with you. a cool one to start. into the 50s out there. 59 degrees, some light rain, a little bit of drizzle and there are pockets of heavier rain as well. doppler 9000 mainly areas west of 95 and along 66, that's where you'll need the windshield wipers for sure. today it's just kind of more of
6:30 am
the same. i think we'll see more pockets of rain than we did yesterday, more so than that drizzle. for the nat us game we will see drizzle and light rain but it won't last all night by any means. highs mid-60s today. we'll talk about 70s in just a few moments. your time 6:30. metro riders, we are still on track this morning. no issues on any of the lines. all buses running on schedule so good news there. we have an accident on the northbound side of i-395 at 14th street bridge. a live look right now shows you we're starting to see it is certainly slow going on the bridge from our trafficland camera. all the lanes are packed. traffic crawling. typically we don't normally see this much volume at this hour but looks like it's going from bad to worse. if you normally take this bridge, again a major artery into the district, i subject you leave the -- i suggest you leave the house earlier rather than later. i-270 no major issues as you make your way from frederick
6:31 am
toward the beltway. just expect volume as you get into rockville. your next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. >> reporter: new this morning, we are following developments in the mansion murders. police are now tracking the family's stolen cell phones hoping that those stolen cell phones will lead to more suspects in this case. we're also learning that police are taking a closer look at the man who delivered that ransom money to this house the morning of the murders, the manual police say actually -- the man police say actually lied to investigators. he's 28-year-old jordan wallace. he worked as a driver and personal assistant to savvas savopoulos. according to search warrants, wallace first told detectives he saw the bank teller count out the 40k in cash and dropped it off inside a locked sports car in the garage. then he said he never saw the bank transaction and the car was unlocked. wallace even sent a text image of the cash seemingly showing
6:32 am
it off to a unknown woman. now they are tracking his cell phone dating back to three days prior to the day that police say daron wint torched this northwest home after killing the family, the businessman, his wife, 10-year-old son and their housekeeper. police also have new evidence that the home was actually broken into and right now they say the recording from the surveillance system inside this home is missing. it was stolen and they will be checking the car that wint was arrested in for that evidence and much more. that's the latest here in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> reporter: baltimore ease police commissioner anthony batts wants to improve the vans. this comes nearly two months after freddie gray died in police custody. many believe the fleet needs an
6:33 am
upgrade but how they go about it and how much it will cost is still uncertain. there are long and short-term options. the department is looking to outfit the current fleet or buy new transport vans with harnesses. there's been a call for change since the death of freddie gray. he died in police custody and suffered injuries while being taken for a prolonged ride in a transport van. some are still skeptical and question if changes would bring more transparency. >> these cameras in these vans could be monitored by the driver to see what's happening but more importantly it's recorded. >> reporter: if outfitted, it would cost $15,000 for each of the 24 advance. if they decide to -- vans. if they decide go with brand new vehicles that would cost roughly $50,000. honoring the life of bee biden. the son -- of beau biden. the son of vice president biden will lie in honor in dover, delaware there. will be viewings in wilmington
6:34 am
tomorrow afternoon and in the evening. president obama will deliver the eulogy in honor of beau biden in a mass at 10:00 a.m. in wilmington. services are open to the public. the virginia supreme court is taking up the case of the closing of sweet prior college today. alumni -- briar college today. alumni and others have filed suit. in march the school's president announced the women's college would close by this summer for financial reasons. the hot topic before the d.c. city council is the state of accessible parking. many drivers still don't know that those short parking meters with red tops are reserved for people with handicapped stickers. d.c. officials admit they need to do a better joive getting the words out. there's also -- better job at getting the word out. there are also proposes for a normal parking rate but double the time on the meter. a facility will be located at 1525 14th street and will be known simply as 1525 witnessman
6:35 am
walker serves over 15,000 patients annually and administers about 10,000 free h.i.v. tests. one store in central virginia hit the jackpot not once, not twice -- yes, it hit three times. three tickets purchased at the kangaroo express in colonial heights matched the first five must bees in the june 2 megamillions drawing. those three tickets are worth a million dollars each. so far no one has claimed their reward. >> i'd like to claim it. >> all three of them really. bette midler is coming to verizon later this month and you can score a pair of tickets to see her performance. >> to have that chance, enter our wusa9 text to win. text bette midler to 25543 to enter the drawing. allyson? >> i'm here on the weather terrace. i come out ear every 20 minutes or so. one minute i do need the umbrella. the next time i don't. it's just one of those days. grab the up bell remark the
6:36 am
jacket. some heavier -- umbrella. the jacket. some heavier rain in pockets. it's cool again today. the clouds will be hard to budge. dress for the 60s. we're into the 50s right now. i'll have more on
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welcome back. it is another day where it's just cool and cloudy and damp and a little bit of rain out there. let's take a look how we're starting off on doppler 9000. the showers are moving off to the northwest. if it's not raining in your area right now through southern maryland, the northern neck, grab the umbrella. you'll probably need it at some point later on today and heavier rain pushing on through places like chantilly and near manassas right along 29 and 66. temperatures, they're cool, well below average into the mid- 50s. very similar setup from yesterday. this is a stubborn setup. it's hard to budge. we'll hopefully start to budge tomorrow but in the meantime temperatures stay into the 60s today. if you're headed to the nats game, it will be chilly. grab the rain it won't rain all night. we'll see the light rain showers start to taper off after sunset. looks like we have a disabled truck on the eastbound side of 66 between fairfax and
6:40 am
123 causing some slowdowns in the area. once you get past that point, you should be good to go. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up at waples mill road. we're starting to see volume build up. pretty significant stuff. once you get into the beltway, you shouldn't have any major this point. heading down toward the beltway on the woodrow wilson bridge, no issues there. looks like wet roads the biggest thing drivers are having to deal with this morning. make sure you take it easy, drop the speed and increase the distance between you and the driver in front of you. we'll have drive times and another update on metro as well coming up. 6:40. it's a dream school for many high school students. the massachusetts institute of technology. >> coming up, meet the triplets who are all heading across the country to go
6:41 am
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two brothers and a sister are all going to m.i.t. in the fall. >> what's even more amazing they're triplets. >> it doesn't feel any different to me. >> reporter: it's two days from graduation for the trimlets of newport coast. while they try on their caps and gowns... >> it's weird. i don't know how i feel about it right now. >> reporter: the seniors are very much looking forward to the next chapter in life. college together on the same campus. that would be massachusetts institute of technology. the trio who love physics, math and engineering found out in december they all had been accepted to m.i.t. where their grandfather, one of their mentors was a math professor. >> he would tell us about his experiments as a kid.
6:45 am
perhaps that was some sort of motivation for me wanting to go there. >> reporter: chris, the youngest of the three is known as the family inventor. >> she researches and works really hard and that's impressive. >> reporter: edward the oldest sibling is best described by his sister and brother as the most spontaneous of the group. when he visited m.i.t. his sophomore year, he knew it was his place. they were all accepted to ucla as well. they already spent a summer interning at m.i.t.'s lab. claire currently is finishing up studying cancer cells at uci. their advice for those applying to college? >> research is always good and doing some sort of work outside of school, outside of just normal classes. >> i would say just believe in yourself. >> reporter: no question the triplets have many who believe in them n. newport beach, -- in them. in newport beach, i'm michele
6:46 am
greeley. time for see what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> we talk with the woman who may have been a target of the massachusetts terror plot. plus, the man sued for turning his gated community into a swingers club and the resick lining plant making drinkable water from -- recycling plant making drinkable water from sewage and the airports let us try out the simulator for the new fighter jet. we'll see you at 7:00. >> congratulations on your 2015 cronkite award. proud of you. >> thank you so much, andrea. thank you, thank you. >> great show. >> lots of people would have been better. >> not true a. all. not true at all. have a between g day, charlie. what -- have a good day, charlie. what kind of day are we going to have? rinse and repeat? >> we're stuck in this pattern. it will change tomorrow. we have another day of 60s and
6:47 am
cloudy and damp out there as well. let's take a look how we're starting off from the michael & son camera. it's cloudy. we also have some fog. hard to see the washington monument but it's there obviously. the cloudy skies will continue today. the damp weather continues. hard to get out of the 60s for almost everybody. it's the northeasterly winds that do it for us. it keep us in this pattern, very cool. there is better weather to come, aassure you, just not today. areas off to the west of the district are getting most of the rain. light stuff around the district. southern maryland, northern neck, you're dry for now. you won't be dry all day. keep the umbrella with you as well. [ no audio ] >> the general trend, it's light. it's just a nuisance rain. north army winds and the pattern will start to break up
6:48 am
tomorrow afternoon. that's when we're going to get into the 70s. futurecast today, it's going to be the same trend. on and off showers especially moving from the southeast off to the northwest. you'll need the umbrella later on tonight for your drive home. 6:00 some showers continue. the nats game, lots of tweets headed my way. what about the nats game. grab the sweat shirt and the rain jackeng to be another round of light showers where it's not heavier enough where you'll need the poncho or umbrella. it won't last all night. it's definitely going to be a cool one. for tonight this is midnight. a couple more showers. they just continue right through tomorrow morning for your morning rush. this is 7:00. another round of showers but then we start to dry out a little bit for friday afternoon. we get into the 70s. a little bit better but still pretty cloudy out there. we'll head to the 80s for saturday and sunday but our rain chances remain on saturday so we can put away the umbrellas on sunday. that's something to look forward to. if you're looking for a day to
6:49 am
get outside and enjoy june weather, actual june weather, sunday will be your day. 66 today. 76 tomorrow and a nats game on sunday as well. 81 degrees by sunday. we'll get into the upper 80s with a cold front for monday and tuesday. larry, over to you. your time right now 6:49. marc train riders, you are good to go. no issues with the trains. vre is running on schedule as well. if you'll be traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, no issues from old georgetown pike to annapolis road. a 17-minute commute. eastbound on 66 from nutley street into town to 27th street northwest a 15-minute commute. for those of you making the trek up 95 going from prince william parkway up to 395, you're looking at a 14-minute commute this morning. westbound on 50 from crain highway to south dakota avenue northeast, a 14-minute commute for you. want to give you a look at i- 395 the northbound side. volume starting to build up there but again you should be able to make it to your destination on time. this is typical volume we would
6:50 am
normally see during the 6:00 hour. around the beltway things still relatively quiet for the most part. just wet roads on both the inner and outer loop. this is seven locks road. again no issues that will slow you down and you should be able to make it to your destination on time. we'll send it over you to. national park service hopes the elevator woes at the national monument are finally over intlt latest revelations -- over. >> the latest revelations in the fifa scandal. the connection between bryce harper and a pair of major league rookies runs deep. joey gallow made his debut tuesday night and this picture surfaced on his twitter timeline. here gallow is the pitcher. harper was his catcher. fee thoms grew up playing little league in las vegas but they weren't around. when the nats recently played
6:51 am
the cubs in chicago, bly want was -- bryant was quoted as saying shoe have seen harper. lucky for baseball fans watching this trio from las vegas should be fun for a long, long time. that's your nats inside
6:52 am
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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6:54 am
i'm delia goncalves in northwest washington following new information on the mansion murders. detectives right now are taking a close look at the cell phone records of the assistant who dropped off that ransom money to this house here the morning of the murders. we're also hearing that detectives are hoping the stolen cell phone belonging to the family members will lead to more suspects. right now the only man charged with the murders, former savopoulos employee daron wint.
6:55 am
>> reporter: baltimore city's police commissioner anthony batts wants to prevent another death while people are transported in police custody. he's looking to either buy new vehicles with built-in harnesses or improve their current transport vans with partitions, side doors and cameras. this comes nearly two months after freddie gray died in police custody and many agree the fleet needed an upgrade but how they go about it and how much it will cost is still to be determined. bowie's first shooting of the year, a victim was taken to the hospital and later died [ inaudible ] the committee's corruption scandal. jack warner said he would prove a link between soccer's governing body and the 2010 elections in trinidad & tobago. warner is one of several fifa officials named in the justice department's indictment. >> the list of laboratories that potentially received live
6:56 am
anthrax from the military is widening now. at least 51 labs in 17 states, washington, d.c. and three foreign countries were all sent samples. officials say the samples pose very little health risk. the washington monument will reopen at 9:00 this morning. it's been closed for nearly a week for repairs, including the realignment of the elevator car and testing of the electrical system. tickets go on sale at #:30 this morning -- 8:30 this morning at the washington monument lodge. >> that picture, that gorgeo video of the monument with the blue skies looks so inviting. >> not today. >> so not today. we'll see some blue skies before you know it. today 66. another day with cloudy weather, dreary weather. some rain showers. keep the umbrella and jackets with you. a little warmer tomorrow. the weekend looks good. i think we'll see the ample blue skies by sunday. trains, buses running all on schedule. that earlier incident that we had on the 14th street bridge, again 395 northbound has all cleared from our trafficland
6:57 am
camera. you can see traffic starting to build up. allow additional time for the delays. >> cbs this morning is next. facebook executive cheryl sandberg speaks out for the first first time very emotionally about her husband's sudden death. >> marriage pharoah could be galloping into the history books this weekend. the first triple crown winner since 1978 if that happens. >> we'll talk about that. >> i'll be back with larry in 25 minutes. >> if you haven't gotten the app already, shoe because the app is where it's at. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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good morning. it is thursday june 4th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details on who the terror suspect shot by boston police may have been targeting. we talk to the woman at the center of the threat. police target the assistant of a man w whoas murdered with his family and housekeeper in their washington, d.c., mansion. plus one of the wealthiest counties in america is turning its attention to the drought by turning its toilet water into tap water. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye


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