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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v right now the fbi and department of homeland security are investigating what could be the largest data breach in u.s. government history. good evening. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm derek mcginty. the administration believes personal info for more than 4 million current and former federal employees may have been hacked. garrett haake has followed the story for us all day. he is live in the satellite center with the details. >> the hackers targeted the office of personnel management. that's essentially the hr department for the entire
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federal government. once they got inside the network they were able to snoop around quite a while before they were eventually detected in april. by then it was already too late. personal information for at least 4 million current and former government employees is now in the hands of hackers. government sources tell cbs news the hack began in china, something investigators won't get officially confirm. once they penetrated the government computer system hackers had access to a wide range of information on federal employees past and present across many different agencies. former fbi and counter intelligence attorney. >> penetrations are the gift that keeps on giving because certain information is hard for you to change, your birth date, where you were born, your social security number. if that's all part of the package that has been taken, that's complicated for you to have to try and change that. >> reporter: that kind of information for employees who work in intelligence, law enforcement or other sensitive
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areas could be worth a lot of money to certain buyers experts say, especially to a foreign government. >> this is a very targeted group that has a great deal of value for the right type of perpetrator. >> reporter: the fbi and department of homeland security are investigating the breach. hackers made a smaller intrusion into the same systems last summer. the question on the lips of many, how highly guarded federal systems could still be so vulnerable. >> as we say in this game, offense beats defense. all it takes is one errant e- mail with the appropriate malware clicked into the system and you're behind the eight ball. >> reporter: the process of notifying all those millions of workers whose data was stolen which could take weeks will begin next week. reporting live garrett haake, wusa9. >> we haven't heard the last of this. the office of personnel management says it will offer free credit monitoring and other services for the federal employees affected by the breach. that also begins next week.
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new tonight d.c. police release surveillance video that might show of a killer make -- show a killer making a quick get-away. police are calling these people on motorbikes persons of interest and want to hear from anyone who can pin some names to these pictures. the case is the killing of charnice milton, the reporter gunned down last week near good hope road and southeast. milton was changing buses after covering a meeting for capital community news. it's believed the shooter was aiming for someone else. we are learning more about the victims of a deadly fire near dupont circle. that fire destroyed a row house at the intersection of 16th street and riggs place. two people survived. two college students did not. our mola lenghi joins us live from the scene with more on who those two people were. >> reporter: police identified one of the two victims, 24-year- old michael patrick mclaughlin and another young woman were killed in in dupont circle house fire -- in this dupont
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circle house fire. the identity of the second victim, the young woman, has not been made public by police, but we are learning more about her as well. the two victims lived on the third floor of this dupont circle neighbor row house. 24-year-old michael patrick laughlin and the young woman not yet identified were not able to get out as the house went up in flames early wednesday morning. the woman, a kentucky native who just finished a masters at georgetown university planned to continue her academic studies in jordan. the house had no visible fire escapes. many windows had windows had iron bars for security. two other victims got out of the house with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. friends of the young woman who police have not yet identified tell us notifying her family has been complicated by the fact some of them are overseas in china on business, but
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authorities say once the entire family has been notified they'll release her identity as well. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> the cause of that fire is still being investigated by the fire marshal. now to the latest on the d.c. mansion murders, today a judge unsealed another search warrant in the case, this one involving the search of the bmw driven by jordan wallace. he was the assistant to the murder victim savvas savopoulos. wallace also was the man who dropped off that $40,000 cash into another car parked in the garage just before the murders. inside the bmw bliss were looking for cash, maybe -- police were looking for cash, maybe money wrappers, manila envelopes, banking documents, any forensic evidence that might link wallace to the death, but they did not find the money or documents and jordan wallace has not been charged with a crime. for the first time all workweek we don't have a yellow alert for tomorrow, but we're not totally in the clear.
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>> nope. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with your forecast for your morning commute. >> it's a borderline alert. we're resisting. we may see drizzle in the morning. first live doppler 9000 has most of the activity moving westward up toward frederick and pennsylvania, straggler showers back into mayr. most everything is now pushing through the metro from -- maryland. most everything is now pushing through the metro. that is all pushing northwest. we'll zoom to the northwest, leesburg, moderate rain between 15 and down toward aldie across 50 and also tuscarora, a little moderate rain mixed in with rain. by morning all the green blobs are pretty much gone, but that doesn't mean we won't have
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drizzle, cool temps. by 7:30 upper 50s to low 60s and by 10:00 still low 60s downtown. we'll come back, talk about whether or not we think the milder air will win the battle tomorrow and what that means for the weekend and have your 3- degree guarantee. a woman who says jesse matthew sexually assaulted her in fairfax county 10 years ago will be allowed to identify him in court during trial. the judge made that call late today. the defense had argued detectives urged the woman to look up pictures of matthew online which therefore might influence her ability to positively him as the man who attacked her. the judge said it will be up to the jury to figure out whether or not they believe her. the woman arrived today from india where she now lives. the trial starts monday. matthews also is charged separately in the murder of uva student hannah graham. we have all lived with the drawn out shandra levy murder case for years and now we'll have to relive it. a judge granted a new trial for the man convicted of killing
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the government intern. defense attorneys argued that a key prosecution witness lied on the stand. levy disappeared while jogging in rock creek park in 2001. her remains were found one year later. ingmar guandique was convicted of the murder in 2010 sentenced to 60 years, but his attorneys asked he get released on bond until the new trial. a hearing is set for that next week. prince george's county police are trying to fine the gunman who shot a -- find the gunman who shot a teen to death in bowie. police found the young man in the 1300 block of sixth street. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the victim was identified as 18- year-old devonte king. >> about 1:10 this morning we received a call for a shooting. bowie officers responded, found the victim in the backyard of a residence suffering from gunshot wounds. >> police don't know why king was near that house because it's not his home. the people who live there were asleep inside when a bullet came through the front window.
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investigators believe three people were involved in king's murder and they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. murder suspect donald bicker, jr. is due in court tomorrow for a bond marrying. bicker is accused of kill -- hearing. bicker is accused of killing his ex-girl friend monday night in the parking lot of a target store in germantown. he shot her once, shot her again at close range. police spotted his truck and chased him. he crashed it. today he was transferred from the hospital to a jail cell. a burglary suspect has learned the hard way, don't trust everything you read on the internet. >> police say he broke into a home in frederick and before he left he logged onto the victim's computer in the home to look up the best way to use a stolen bank card. apparently he got lousy advice because cops say mayors used the bank card later that
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morning and set off enough alarms for the system for police to track him down. the park at 14th is back open tonight. d.c. police chief cathy lanier ordered the club closed over the weekend after an assault there, but the d.c. alcohol board decided operations at the club do not pose an imminent danger to the community. lanier said the restaurant tried to hide the assault from police, but the owner mark barnes described it as a one punch incidents and the cops went too far when they shut the club down. the ship that capsized in a china river has been uprighted. chinese state television shows the top of that ship emerged from the water with the help of steel cables. the ship capsized monday night after being hit by a freak tornado. 82 have been confirmed dead. 360 are missing still. philadelphia, we have a problem. check out a plane that skidded to a stop at philly
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international airport tonight. the nose gear did not deploy. the plane was on a flight from new mexico to new jersey when the pilot declared an emergency and returned to philadelphia. ground crews were ready for the plane. there were five passengers and no one was hurt. coming up the tar ball mystery on southern california beaches. >> also ahead a national chain changes its policies after the death of a dog in one of its virginia stores. >> hear from a woman who may have been the target of an
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the family of the terror suspect shot and killed in boston denies any knowledge that ussamah rahim might have been influenced by the islamist state terrorists or planned any sort of attack. cbs news learned rahim had planned an isis style beheading possibly against pamela geller, the woman who started the muhammad cartoon contest last month in texas. >> it won't end with me or the cops. the 1 thing that came out of garland is that isis is here. >> rahim was shot and killed tuesday in boston during a police confrontation.
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one of the alleged accomplices, david wright, is under arrest charged with conspiracy. police are still looking for a third man. tonight police in colorado ether a third shooting in the same area is decide to two others. in the first case a woman was wounded while driving on the highway in april. a bicycle u.s. was -- and killed last month. now a plan was shot to death on -- a man was shot to death on the sidewalk. the deaths happened in loveland. mysterious balls of oil washing up on the beaches of southern california. >> scientists are trying to figure out if those tar balls stem from an oil spill in santa barbara or something else. >> reporter: the tar ball spread across an 80-mile stretch of southern california oates coast. long beach is the latest to close after the oily material was spotted.
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clean-up crews scooped up nearly 60 gallons of tar balls. volunteers used yellow flags to mark more of the petroleum based blobs. the fire chief said tar balls are common on the beach, but the blobs washing up now are unlike any he has seen. >> typically we'll see little bits of tar places up and down the coast here that are kind of granular. this material yesterday had a lot of sea floor products. it was more of an oil consistency. it seemed fresher, if you will. >> reporter: the coastguard is testing samples to determine if they're connected to last month's oil spill 140 miles north in santa barbara county. the slick covered 9 square miles of central california's coast and leaked as much as 101,000 gallons of oil. investigators now know a corroded pipeline is to blame, but the source of the tar balls has scientists stumped. >> it's going to be a chemical analysis that will help determine whether or not it's tied to oil from this area. >> reporter: long beach
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officials say they should get test results on these oily clumps by the weekend. until then they expect to see more of these washing up along this shore. danielle nottingham, cbs news, long beach, california. >> the long beach fire department is waiting to see if mortar because show up during the low -- more tar balls show up during the low tide tonight so they can figure out when the beach can be reopened. government approval of the female viagra but with conditions. the pill must have a plan with it to deal with the side effects. it's a drug intended to boost the female sex drive. flibanserin has been rejected
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twice over its lack of effectiveness and safety issues. petco supply chain said it's fired a chesterfield employee directly involved in an incident where a dog died and will retrain groomers and say they'll remove the heated drying cages where 2-year-old colby died last saturday. that's when allison mark said she dropped her golden retrieve are off at the richmond store for grooming and when she called to check on colby, she was told to go to a nearby animal clinic where she found out her beloved dog died of heatstroke. the assistant manager told her a groomer accidentally left colby in the heated drying cage too long. the museum that houses the national toy hall of fame is now recognizing individual electronic games, pong, pacman, tetra, supermario brothers, doom and world of warcraft made up the inaugural class of the world video game hall of fame. all inductees are honored for spanning multiple decades and leaving their mark on the video
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game industry. lady luck must be hanging out at a central virginia convenience store. the kangaroo express off i-95 in colonial heights sold three $1 million lottery tickets this week. three mega millions tickets bought at that store matched all the winning numbers in tuesday night's drawing except the mega ball. the winners have yet to come forward. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> that's never going to happen again. >> i'm not going to go there now and buy a ticket. >> they're done. we were a little concerned about the high today with the northeast wind, clouds, shower and drizzle. we went for a high of 67. remember our average high is 82. this is going out on a limb. the limb held. i went 65. >> when you said at 5:00 it was
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65 degrees, i said it's really over now. >> it's not jumping to 71. we were two over today. we'll go 73 tomorrow. that's going to be a tough one. monday was 92. it seems like a lifetime ago. 72 tuesday, but remember the highs in the day were in the 60s, 64 yesterday, 65 today. that's almost 20 degrees below average. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures still in the low 60s, wind northeast at 10. till the winds turn the milder air won't get in here. here's radar the past hour, some light rain and showers in southern sections of prince george's county, also into frederick, leesburg, back into loudoun county and beginning to exit prince william county, but also still into northern fauquier county north of warrenton. milder friday with more showers. we're on the cusp of issuing a
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yellow alert. we've resisted for now. bus stop temperatures 56 to 66. i think an umbrella is a good idea and maybe a light jacket. warmer saturday with some thunderstorms, but not a washout. warm and dry sunday. that will be the best weekend day. you want a solid tee time with no threat of showers, do it on sunday. i think saturday will not be a bad day at all. 6 a.m. tomorrow, a couple sprinkles, upper 50s, low 60s, 58 in manassas, low 60s downtown. 9:00 still clouds, enough to produce some drizzle and temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, but by 1:00 we're 70, a few breaks in the clouds. with the milder air will come some showers, but 74 finally by 6 p.m. tomorrow. that's going to feel nice. if you're going to the game tomorrow night, they'll be in the 70s. 60s to start on the day planner, 70 by 1:00. saturday showers and storms, 81, not a washout, pleasant
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sunday, 82, no storms and no showers. next seven days kind of back to summer again monday. we're 90. looking at some showers and storms possible on tuesday, wednesday in pretty good shape, an isolated storm on thursday and we're back to 90 again. >> i like 90. >> better than 64. >> especially in june, man. we need baseball weather. there's some fans that braved it out tonight. plenty of them sat through about an hour long rain delay and they're still there. >> were they rewarded for their patience '. >> game still ongoing. it's been a good game. the nats won their last series against the cubs. could they get back on the right track? we've got the latest highlights. plus they welcome anthony rendon back to the lineup coming up next. rinse and repeat, the same old weather. >> this pattern has been stub
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born, but i think i have a forecast you'll
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>> one week ago the nats returned home from the windy city having taken two of three from chicago to win their ninth straight series. tonight they face the cubs again looking to get back on that winning track. anthony rendon, seen him out there, that smile making a season debut after a lengthy rain delay tonight. nice night at the dish for rendon. in the 6th he goes opposite field. denard span goes from first to third, rendon with his first double of 2015. the nats get 1 run in the inning, but that's all. ian desmond with a shot, nice snag by anthony rizzo taking away at least two runs. nats trail now 2-1 in the 7th inning. you can watch the nationals tomorrow on channel 9. we'll have game two of the series against the cubs at 7 p.m. the washington redskins are investigating an off the field issue regarding one of their
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rookies. earlier today someone posted on the instagram account fourth round pick jamison crowder accusing him of domestic violence. the post included pictures of a woman with a busted lip and bruises on her arm. theye werquickly deleted. the redskins told us they are working with the nfl to investigate these claims. crowder's agent told espn tonight crowder's account has been hacked, that he didn't hit anyone. in 2014 the maryland terrapins made history by advancing to the program's first ever super regional in baseball. they were one win from heading to the world series, would have been a great story. this weekend they get another shot to make history. this year's story line is even sweet are for many -- sweeter for many reasons. the terps first knocked off the top overall seed to advance again to the super regionals and that means a chance to avenge last year -- loss to virginia because the two are -- last year's loss to virginia because the two are facing off
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again in charlottesville. here's cavaliers coach brian o'connor. >> they do a great job. they have talented players. their entire coaching staff is very good. they earned the right to be in the position they're in. shoot, they went out to los angeles and beat the no. 1 overall national seed that people were predicting to win the national championship. >> best of three starts tomorrow. you know how much adam jones loves to pie people. this is the mascot orbit and he was going to get a faceful. that was with some force, too. nice smile. adam was happy to do that. orbit having a little bake sale and adam is like here, taste your own pie. >> you know the big problem now, the dry cleaning on those things is murder. >> $800. >> very expensive to clean that pie off. >> could you see derek in one of
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is right for you. we are ready for the return of summertime, my friend. >> i know we are. we'll get there slowly but surely and don't call my shirley. not a yellow alert -- me shirley. not a yellow alert tomorrow, but finally we're low 80s over the weekend and 90 monday. >> nice. >> that's our broadcast. >> good night. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you?
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