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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and savvas savopoulos. the new documents also offer us an even better color photo of the boot print on the broken side door of the house where police think the killers broke in. after posting it on twitter several people told me they're convinced it is a timberland and then someone sent this picture of a dickies boot. the fbi has experts on this. now lead detective jeff owens swore to a judge he thought daron wint must have had help committing the crime here, but tonight a law enforcement source theys me that wint's brother and the people traveling with wint honestly did not seem to have any knowledge of what wayne had allegedly done and all those people -- what wint had allegedly done and all those people have been released. >> that last is quite a revelation. we also have this from police
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who note even after they paid that $40,000 ransom the savopoulos family and figueroa were murdered anyway. just made public late today the name of the last victim to be identified after fire gutted a $1.6 million home in dupont circle earlier this week. now questions about the investigation and the safety of that house itself. scott broom is live at 1610 riggs place northwest with these new developments. what do you know, scott? >> reporter: let's start with the identity of that victim, the name withheld until today because of the challenges of notifying some of her family who are overseas. she is 24-year-old nina brekelmans, a student who just graduated with a masters degree from georgetown university, a kentucky native and candidate for a fulbright scholarship. her friends and some of the neighbors here among those asking questions about the safety inside this house. nina brekelmans of louisville,
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kentucky, seen here on her linkedin page, a distinguished young scholar in arabic language who just earned her masters at georgetown and was planning to continue her work in jordan was among two tenants of this $1.6 million row home on riggs place northwest to die early wednesday. the other victim, 24-year-old michael mcloughlin, a student pursuing a career in project research and analysis for government contractors, his family from st. mary's county, maryland. new video shot at the scene by firefighter john mullen posted publicly to youtube shows the challenges firefighters faced including cutting away iron security bars to get in the house. >> we have a skylight. >> reporter: overheard radio traffic about a skylight on the roof. >> we feel lucky that it wasn't our house. >> reporter: neighborhood residents say it's a common modification for the late 19th century homes on this block. the interior of the homes, a
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wide open atrium. >> it was common to take out the second level and the third level in the middle of the house to create an atrium and then put a skylight on the first floor and sunlight would come in and fill the house. our house is designed the same way, so we could have the same problem with flames spreading through the house quickly. these houses don't have fire escapes, so yeah, you'd have to jump out a window basically. >> reporter: the landlord max salas occupied the main house and survived with serious injuries. friends of brekelmans who did not want to appear on camera questioned whether the open floor plan contributed to the rapid spread of the fire. they asked why such a large landlord occupied building with tenants renting rooms on the top floor does not have fire escapes. these are questions that i have asked the district agency that is responsible for permitting
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an inspection of rental property. that is the agency of the department of consumer and regulatory affairs in d.c. that agency has not responded at all so far, has not provided me with any information about the permitting and compliance status of this building. so these are open questions now and they're questions we'll certainly follow up on. i want to finally mention police are still at this location keeping watch on the house because the investigation into this fire is still not complete. they don't know what caused it. live from northwest washington, scott broom, wusa9. >> a lot of work to do in this case. thank you. all rental units in d.c. have to be licensed and they all require a certificate of occupancy. an arrest and new information on yesterday's murder in bowie. prince george's county police arrested 22-year-old robert meyers late last night. they say he and the victim, 18- year-old davonte marcus king knew each other, got into some sort of argument on sixth street early thursday morning
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and it ended with a fatal shooting. he's charged with first degree murder. people who live in that neighborhood told our ellison barber yesterday they've been concerned about the increase in violence in the area. the man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girl friend in the parking lot of a target store in germantown will stay in prison without bond. the lawyer for donald bicker argued for his release today, but here is why the judge said no. >> he's a registered sex offender who is not entitled to have firearms, yet he was able to obtain one via mail because he got an unregulated firearm, a gunpowder replica antique firearm which he used to kill his estranged girl friend the very night that he received that via mail. >> witnesses say they saw bicker arguing with the victim, mariam adebayo, before she was shot. bicker is charged with first degree murder. the man accused of killing uva student hannah graham goes on trial monday in fairfax for an attack that occurred 10 years ago.
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this case will hinge on the alleged victim's testimony with forensic evidence. peggy fox is at the fairfax county courthouse live with more on that story. >> reporter: jury selection begins monday morning and it's likely that the alleged victim will be the first witness called. she now lives in india and after an 11 hour flight with her two children she came to the courthouse late yesterday afternoon and testified in a pretrial hearing requested by the defense. however, it wound up helping the prosecution. testifying in court she came face to face with her alleged attacker jesse matthew. his defense attorneys tried to prevent her from identifying him in court arguing that her memory could have been corrupted by viewing media reports. she testified that she recognized his face despite his hair being different. here's the sketch drawn from her account in 2005. the judge denied the defense motion and will allow her to identify matthew during the
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trial. matthew is charged with capital attempted murder, object sexual penetration and abduction with intent to defile. the victim was 26 years old at the time. she was walking home from this giant grocery store on jermantown road in fairfax on september 24th , 2005. she told police she was attacked, choked and sexually assaulted near her apartment. until the victim testifies the only thing we know about what happened here is what she told police and what's in court documents. she told police that her attacker picked her up and carried her here and then sexually assaulted her, but she fought back and screamed. she screamed so loud that a passer-by caused her attacker to flee, but the scratching would leigh skin from her attacker under her finger -- leave skin from her attacker under her fingernails and police say it's that dna which connects jesse matthew to this case. in 2009 the dna from the fairfax case was connected to the abduction and murder of morgan harrington, a virginia
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tech student who disappeared during a metallica concert at uva. jesse matthew is a suspect but has not been charged in that case. he has been charged with capital murder and abduction in uva student hannah graham's disappearance and death. if jesse matthew is convicted of murdering hannah graham, he could face the death penalty in that case. in virginia homicides can be charged as capital murders when there are allegations of abduction or sexual assault. derek? >> peggy fox, thank you. jesse matthew's fairfax trial 2005 case begins monday at 10 a.m. a young boy pulled into an ihop bathroom and touched inappropriately. that's what arlington police say cesar muzmoya did on june 2nd on stafford street. the cops caught up with him. he's held without bond. a wake tonight for the d.c. reporter caught in crossfire
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during the shooting last week in southeast. police do not think the bullets were meant for charnice milton. investigators hope new surveillance video will help bring her killer to justice. they are calling the people on these motorbikes persons of interest. the capital community news reporter was gunned down while changing buses on good hope road. tonight's wake will be from 6:00 until 9:00 at the living word church on mlk avenue in southwest. it's being called the biggest cyber attack on the u.s. government ever and today some lawmakers are urging to do something so this never happens again. debra alfarone is live on capitol hill with what they want. >> reporter: with 4 million people potentially affected senator tim kaine wants to invest more in cyber security. arizona senator john mccain wants to pass an info sharing bill, but some say this is all like closing the barn door after the horse has already bolted.
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>> i think with the money the u.s. government has that things like this shouldn't happen. >> reporter: government workers are now caught up in what's called the largest cyber attack on the u.s. government ever. their credit, banking, personal information hacked, employees affected from virtually every agency. >> we're still trying to determine exactly the scope of this particular intrusion and how precisely some individual or group of individuals was able to obtain access. >> reporter: the hackers apparently inserted malware last december. the breach doesn't discovered until april. it took a month before the government realized information was taken. publicly the white house won't confirm that evidence is suggesting china is to blame. >> it's more cyber espionage than crime. >> reporter: the attack could be useful for spies. >> it sounds a bit fantastic, but i don't think it is. i think it's really within the
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republicans of what a nation state would do versus a cyber criminal group. >> reporter: markita burnett works for fema. she says this is just what happens these days. >> also have a monitoring on my credit just because that's what you have to have nowadays. it's almost like a mandatory thing if you want to make sure that you're in good standing all the time. >> reporter: we talked to other federal workers today. we'll have more at 6:00. >> china -- foreign minister says the u.s. should stop making what he calls unfair assumptions. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. the battle heats up on where the new fbi headquarters ought to be located, hank silverberg brings that story coming your way at 5:30.
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>> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, a vast improvement. want to fire up the bbq, you can. by 9:00 all the showers in the mountains, temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. we'll come back with generally good news about the weekend. >> off the break bracing for -- after the break bracing for more violent weather after reports nine tornadoes touched down in colorado.
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cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v the power is back on tonight after a tree took down bauer lines in mclean -- power lines in mclean. it just miss the hitting our newscast director who is in our control room as we speak by a matter of seconds. it happened this morning just south of georgetown pike. at 1 point more than 1,200
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customers were without power. crews were brought in to chop up the tree and take it off the streets. >> we are so grateful scott rubens is in the control room today and so happy that he was not there under that tree. so, scott, glad you're here, buddy. people in northern colorado are assessing the damage and bracing for more violent storms. as danielle nottingham explains, there were reports of at least nine tornadoes touching down as severe weather hit thursday night. a tornado ripped apart homes in the town of berthoud 40 miles north of denver. the powerful storm completely destroyed several home and flipped over cars. >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: one woman heard the twister coming and ran for cover. her father watched it coming from his porch. >> i figured that god was with me and it's is going to take my house, it will take me, too, and it didn't. it actually moved away. >> reporter: the tornado
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demolished don grabokski's garage but spared his home. >> i've never seen anything like in my life. i've lived here 37 years. >> reporter: the severe weather left an unusual sight in denver, colorado. hail the size of quarters were piled up like snow on several residential blocks while the surrounding area was completely clear and not far away a giant sinkhole swallow a police suv overnight. the officer managed to crawl out of the massive hole and is okay. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> a tornado also hit the town of stem dla and officials -- stemla and officials there are assessing damage, too. >> it takes a long time. we're looking at a vast improvement. the weekend looks really good.
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sunday is better than saturday, but tomorrow by no means is a disaster. your games will be played. >> thank you. >> we'll look at the 3-degree guarantee. we went 73 today, kind of a tough workout, 10 minutes of sun we'll be 79. right now we're at 73. dew point is pretty comfortable in the low 60s. wind are calm, not a factor -- winds are call, not a factor at all this weekend. the radar, we're quiet for a change in the metro area. all the showers and storms are west of us in the mountains and essentially west of the divide. i can't rule out a shower or passing drizzle, but dry and mild for the nats game, 70s. that's good. his been a tough week for weather -- it's been a tough week pore weather for the home game of the saturday -- for weather for the home game. saturday showers but not a washout, 11 p.m. to 3 -- 11 a.m.
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to 3 a.m. everybody can fire up the grill tomorrow evening. saturday not a washout. sunday we'll be dry and still warm and the better of the two days. 10:00 tonight temperatures upper 60s, 69 downtown and leesburg. 66 in gaithersburg. showers are still back into the mountain, maybe as close as romney. by morning 7:00 60s, so no 50s, a lot of clouds but no green blobs. by 10:00 you got a game, it will be played, a couple showers possible but not a lot. a front will drop south of us during late morning, early afternoon hours tomorrow but will not generate a lot of activity. by 2:00 we see 75 in gaithersburg and 77 in leesburg and most of the showers and storms are confined east and south of 95. where is that? prince george's county, calvert county, st. mary's county, charles county and across the northern neck with 70s. by 6 p.m. everybody is in freight shape, a gorgeous evening tomorrow --
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great shape, a gorgeous evening tomorrow, 70s under mostly clear skies. by 8:00 toe night low to mid- 70s -- tomorrow night low to mid-70s and a gorgeous evening. tonight we'll keep the clouds, mostly cloudy, milder, shower not a bad night, 60s. winds southeast trying to become southwest at 10 by dawn tomorrow. on the day planner temperatures in the 60s to start, 71 by 9:00. this looks a little overdone. 75 by 11:00 and 78 by 1:00, a slight chance of a shower or storm. next three days very nice on sunday, low 80s, upper 80s on monday, slight chance of afternoon showers and storms and almost hot. tuesday maybe a morning shower, another front goes through, 89. back to 90 wednesday, low 90s on thursday and a better chance of thunderstorms on friday, but temps still low 90s.
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tomorrow the horse with the misspelled name will try to been done in 37 years. that is win the triple crown. here is american pharoah preparing for tomorrow's belmont. anything short of victory they say will be a letdown. today a lot of folks showed up at a local high school to help a teenager in need. >> carly nguyen is a high school senior in bladensburg and was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant. today her high school sprung into action hosting a bone marrow donor match drive and the response has been encouraging. >> it's really overwhelming to have so much support by the community and by her school and our friends at home and our family. >> the samples collected today will be scanned in the coming days. carly's birthday is coming up
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soon, june 13th. the family says finding a donor match would be the greatest gift carly could receive. that wallet we're all lugging around is so last year, why it's about to get even easier to pay with your phone. >> plus facebook makes it easier to log on even if there's only a bar or two on your phone. i'll tell you about it in our consumer alert. >> prince george's county using a new tool to crack down on drivers who speed through school zones. >> a programming note. wusa9 will carry tonight's nationals game against the cubs at 7 p.m., but you can still watch wusa9 news at 7:00 on our digital channel 9.2. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you.
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the prince george's county police department has a brand- new tool to crack down on folks who speed through school zones. it's called a hand-held photo laser gun. the county acquired two. officers will use them to patrol busy streets, maybe side street, any place neighbors identified as a safety problem for kids going to or from school. >> frequently we'll get calls from a community member and kneel ask us to set up -- they'll ask us to set up on a street with a speed camera and we can't put a box on somebody's front yard, but we
5:25 pm
can run this right from the police car from the side of the street for that hour or two a day it's needed. >> so you can add these two laser guns to the county's arsenal. they've got 72 speed cameras, 31 red light cameras and 20 school bus cameras. >> which means slow down. in tonight's consumer alert stocks end the week mixed on the last day of points, but the nasdaq was up nine points. apple wants to make it easier for you to leave the wallet at home. about 50% of the top 100 u.s. retailers will accept apple pay this year, but according to analysts apple's prediction may be too rosy because some retailers are still skeptical. facebook released a new version of its social media network that will work across network conditions even in areas with poor connectivity. the facebook app uses less data than the regular app and it carries the core features like
5:26 pm
the status updates, photos and notifications. it's a first for barbie. she is kicking off those high heels putting on the flats all in the name of comfort and part of mattel's newest fashionista line, but do not despair. this version will have adjustable ankles so she can still rock those iconic heels with the ballet flats and sneakers. >> barbie, just getting the flat thing on? she's a little behind. sharing the science, the cool way some of our top students are spreading the knowledge. >> plus why maryland governor larry hogan wants a train that can bring you from d.c. to baltimore in 15 minutes. >> reporter: the competition is heating up again over a location for a new fbi
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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years.
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or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v the competition for that new fbi building is heating up again. fairfax county has released the latest traffic study saying their site is better than the other two approved in prince george's county. hank silverberg is out live at the very site virginia would love to see happen. >> reporter: it's high stakes here. there are 11,000 employees for the fbi and it would be a big boost to the local economy. so this new traffic study that fairfax county put out indicates this site would be better for commuters in springfield. >> we're able to show statistically that the commute
5:30 pm
would be shorter wherever you are coming from. >> reporter: the new traffic study says fbi employees no matter where they live would spend an average 28 minutes driving to work, 10 minutes less than the two sites in maryland. it would be an hour less on the train for some if this sprawling warehouse site just off i-95 becomes the site for the new fbi headquarters. that's a positive impact on the overought commuting patterns. >> we took a look at what the distances would be and the time constraints and in all cases we were able to demonstrate with metrics real numbers what the commuting time would be and there's a definite savings. >> reporter: they will get an argument from prince george's county. a spokeman there called the data flawed. the statement says, "they choose a number of cities predominantly in virginia and come to the shocking conclusion that virginia cities are closer to the virginia site than the
5:31 pm
maryland site. " there is high economic development potential in all three locations. >> it's a big deal having the fbi headquarters. it's a significant location, significant relocation and it's not just the fbi headquarters, but it really is also industries that want to locate close by. >> reporter: the general services administration is expected to name a site and developer next spring, but congress has the final say. and there is some politics involved. virginia thinks they have a new edge with senator barbara mikulski of maryland who served on a key committee now retiring. >> the fbi currently is located down on pennsylvania avenue in d.c. in a building some could suggest might be better looking when they redevelop the site once the move is done.
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more state of the art metro cars are headed towards the tracks. a final batch of 220 7000 series cars will be purchased. metro is already in the process of buying 528 of them. there are already 6 in the system. maryland governor hogan isn't sure about a purple line for metro, but he's apparently all about a bullet train to get riders from d.c. to baltimore in 15 minutes. hogan rode in a high speed magnetic levitation train with speeds breaking 300 miles an hour yesterday in japan. now he wants to spend $28 million on a study to possibly bring that technology here. new surveillance photos from baltimore police show suspects wanted in connection with the pharmacies looted during the riots. as a result of those thefts, baltimore's police commissioner has said there are enough drugs on streets to keep residents high for a year. cops are offering a $2,000
5:33 pm
reward for information that leads to the prosecution of the pharmacy looting suspects. new information tonight on the pilot of that germanwings airbus who deliberately crashed his plane into the side of the french alps. andreas lubitz reached out to dozens of doctors before that crash, but we still don't know why he did that. meantime the victims' families in germany are getting increasingly angry over the errors and delays in death certificates. the bbc says climbers stranded by a powerful earthquake in malaysia are trying to make their way down one of its popular mountains. initial attempts to reach the 137 mountain claim climbers had to be abandoned because of -- climbers had to be abandoned because the weather was terrible. at least one person died in the quake. others were trapped in the landslide. a montana woman said her deceased brother was a victim of sex abuse by the former house speaker denny hastert. that woman said her brother
5:34 pm
steve rhinbolt was an equipment manager where hastert was a coach. an fbi indictment accuses hastert of making withdrawals of hush money. it's still unclear publicly who was going to receive that money. they are some of the smartest students in the d.c. area. now they want to share what they've learned about science. >> they are building science learning kits and making them free for middle schoolers across the country. mike hydek has more in his series called stem is cool in school. were if u ask them, they'd say science just isn't their thing. >> not at all. >> reporter: at least that's what they used to say until these boxes arrived. >> there's water in this cup, yet it does not connect. >> because it's hydrophobic and it doesn't want to connect with the water. so when you take it out, it will be completely dry. >> reporter: the free science kits are part of project best
5:35 pm
or building excitement for sciencen and technology. the nonprofit was started by students at thomas jefferson high school for science and engineering. supplies for physics, biology, chemistry and electronics experiments are backed in these boxes and they ship them off to middle schools around the country. >> basically in each kit we have 20 or 30 different activities that we planned accordingly. >> reporter: they contact high school students and teachers in those cities on google hangout and walk them through the program so they can use the kits to teach stem to local middle schoolers. what was your reaction when you found out you were going to get these kits for free? >> i responded immediately and said absolutely send these kits our way. >> reporter: the students who didn't like science have seen the light, so to speak. some of them can even teach these experiments now. what on earth is this blue goop? >> it's called upike and it's
5:36 pm
water and we color it together and when you touch it really hard, it turns to solid. >> reporter: it does? yes, it does. the girls you saw there are all taking a summer stem program they liked it so much. hike hydeck, wusa9. -- mike hydek, wusa9. >> if you've got a cool stem story, you can find mike hydek on facebook, twitter or trending now find for -- fined for flattulence, a story that really stinks. >> and then there's this story after that one, epic whale fail, why crews unsuccessfully used this mechanical orca to try and scare away the sea lions. >> i don't think that could fool a 6-year-old. >> didn't work. >> one silver lining of our cool damp week, pollen, low for trees, grasses, weeds. the not so silver lining, it's in the high range for mold
5:37 pm
spores. that's on our website at along with our
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5:39 pm
ending right now, whale fail in the waters off the oregon coast, the problem? dozens of sea lions taking up
5:40 pm
valuable dock space in astoria. solution was a motorized fiberglass orca driven by an operator to try and scare them away, but the thing just didn't work because it didn't work. first they had to replace the engine and then the rudder and then -- >> it took over and got full of water. >> they're like what? the tea lions were like what -- sea lions were like what? the operator was finally able to get it moving in 30 minutes before it started taking on water. crews started pulling it with the rope again. the sea lions are costing the port $100,000 a year. >> maybe they should have spent more getting a better fake orca. >> yeah. there's a lot of money attached to that. also trending tonight game and gas, not only do the denver broncos have a fine for flattulence in meetings, they know force it.
5:41 pm
>> a fart fine? their star linebacker von miller is fined the most of anybody on the team. >> would you want to be singled out? >> no. miller responded saying they can't find me if i get up and walk away. i keep telling them it's not healthy if i just sit there and hold it in. nobody in the world does that. i just do it more than the average person, so there you go, von miller. no wonder -- >> apparently nobody wants to sit by him. >> no wonder quarterbacks fear him. okay. if you haven't done so already, collect yourself. there's still time to take advantage of national donut day. >> dunkin' donuts will give you a free donut when you buy a drink of your choice. krispy kreme will give customers one free donut and no purchase necessary. i love donuts. >> you do? >> yes. >> did you get one today? >> we had some in the newsroom with emphasis on the word had. they're gone. >> once we get food here, it stays for a second.
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we want you to be part of our morning news this saturday. so tweet with the #tellwusa9 to share your weekend plans. we'll all w about community events or just say hi to our morning team mike and erica. they want to hear from you. a local man making an extreme difference in his community, trying to give someone an extra chance on the court and in the classroom. >> want to get a job? after the break the fastes
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a new study shows millions of jobs will be created here in the u.s. in the next five years. if you're thinking about a career path or perhaps wanting a change, certain industries are expected to see the greatest growth. >> reporter: victoria sheehan improves translation from french to english at a company called french perfect. she landed the job in just one more after receiving her masters degree. >> i see a tremendous increase. >> reporter: a new career
5:46 pm
builder study shows translation and interpretation services tops the list of the fastest growing industries over the next five years projected to increase 36%. work in specialty hospitals is projected to rise 29% and rounding out the top five, residential remodelers at 26%, home healthcare at 25% and wine and beverage whole salers also at 25%. the study also predicts u.s. will create 8 million jobs between 2014 to 2019, an increase of 5%. transperfect senior vice president says the translation industry has grown as companies think more globally. >> companies are seeing the opportunity to drive significant profits outside of just whatever country that they are in. >> reporter: there will be many more jobs in home healthcare. it's the largest sector on the list projected to add the greatest number of jobs, more
5:47 pm
than 330,000 over five years. hannah daniels, cbs news, new york. >> here are a few other fast growing industries, retirement communities, electronic shopping and computer systems design. more tributes today for beau biden. a public wake is underway for the vice president's oldest son at st. anthony church in wilmington. president obama will deliver a eulogy tomorrow. beau biden died last saturday following a battle with brain cancer. he was 46. a former top aide to saddam hussein has died, tariq aziz. hospital said he died after suffering a heart attack. he had been in poor health for years. he was 79. sunday is a big day for cbs's face the nation. john dickerson replaces the retiring bob schieffer. i sat down with job on the set
5:48 pm
and asked what he's most looking forward to. >> again this idea of you have a lot of notion when you cover the news, politics and you have ideas. they sit in your head. this is an opportunity to talk with people in the center of the story and say does that notion -- is it worth anything or does it make any sense? >> very smart guy, very nice man. guests sunday include governor chris christie, rick perry and bill deblasio. you can watch face the nation at 10:30 on sunday here on wusa9. this is a yellow alert alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the old terminal at national, sitting on 73, dew points comfortable, low 60s and calm winds. while it's not picture perfect, it is a much better night than last night. let's talk about the radar.
5:49 pm
why? in part because there's nothing around the metro area. all the showers are west of us approaching romney but primarily across savage mountain and the eastern continental divide into garrett county and the canaan valley. saturday some showers and storms but not a washout. the best chance is 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. a cold front is moving through but more south and east of town. that means you folks in say charles county, st. mary's county, prince george's county, that's south and east. sunday great any way we slice it, dry and warm. tonight 10:00 temperatures in the upper 60s, showers back in the mountains and by morning you got soccer games tomorrow. they will be played, 60s with clouds. a couple showers possible by 10:00. it's light. they're all light green, so nothing crazy heavy. we'll stop it at noon. now you see most of the showers on the east side of i-95 with
5:50 pm
temperatures in the 70s. by 2:00 still showers, prince george's county, calvert, st. mary's and charles across the river into the northern neck. by tomorrow evening i mean just spectacular, temperatures in the 70s with clearing skies and low humidity. that's a pretty good deal. by 8:30 tomorrow 76 downtown, 72 in gaithersburg, 74 manassas. cold front is moving through. nice average temps sunday. 71 at 9:00, 75 at 11:00, 78 at 1:00. we got a shower or thunderstorm. that's a bit overdone. very nice on sunday 82 and still we're in good shape monday, very warm, i suppose almost hot, a few afternoon storms, high temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days tuesday maybe a morning shower and then near 90, 90 wednesday, low 90s thursday, maybe an isolated storm and 91 on friday and a
5:51 pm
better chance of thunderstorms next week. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> in today's profile piece we tip or cap to a man who truly embodies no child left behind. back in 2012 lloyd cornish had a unique idea. now it's taken three years and thousands of his own dollars, but this one of a kind sports league has become somewhat of a success story. take a look. the plan with the mic is lloyd cornish and tonight's big game is all part of his big plan. >> it's great to see the kids enjoy it. it's great to hear the language. >> reporter: typical language you hear in a high school gym. this isn't, however, your typical high school team. >> disconnected youth. they've been disconnected from schools, homes, family, just different situations. some have been through the
5:52 pm
justice systems. >> reporter: these are alternative education kids without a high school team to play on. cornish created this alternative education league. the athletics he says helps keep them on track academically. >> just because you messed up doesn't mean you should be counted out. so this is an opportunity for them to be counted in. >> reporter: right now we're on the campus of the stay academy standing for school to aid youth. the halls are quiet now, but this place is fully functional from early morning till late at night. here's the deal. you want to play on the court? you better get it done in the classroom. funded from his own pocket, cornish has seen the program grow now partnering with 10 alternative education centers throughout the district. participants like ronaldo rouse are the beneficiaries. >> i got another opportunity to earn my high school diploma and i probably will go to college from here. >> reporter: exactly what you want to hear.
5:53 pm
>> here's the cool thing. you saw one of the principals there. she says attendance amongst this group is trending upward, so the program is working. it's a process, but it is working and he's actually working on some other things, too. he wants to expand the program to include career trending. this is a community guy really doing some community stuff with his own money. >> lots of optimism, lots of heart. >> that's how change starts and keeps going. >> lloyd cornish, the man is making a different. at 6:20 we've got a little baseball border war going on here, maryland and virginia battling for a berth in the college world series and right now scoreless, but we'll see what happens by 6:20. >> plus a tall ship sailing to america, how the original voyage helped shape the foundation of this country and where you can see it somewhere soon. >> a safe haven for children in one of baltimore's harshest neighborhoods, the program this former pro football player started to make sure they don't
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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at luna's incredible 70% off sale. visit online or call 877-241- luna. one month after the riots that rocked baltimore the city plunged into a new crisis. for the family left in part of the city left the hardest the conditions that fueled the violgone away. >> i visited 1 neighborhood where a hometown boy and nfl player wants to be a change agent for people in desperate need of help and hope. twice a week these children at
5:57 pm
frederick elementary in west baltimore get a respite from the community crumbling around them. >> we want to make sure we focus and don't become a static, right? >> yes. >> reporter: outside these walls the city is counting more bullets and bodies than it has in 40 years and the wounds from the riots after freddie gray's death are still fresh in these young minds. kion carpenter sees himself in the children who come to the shut down academy each week for tutoring, mentoring and coaching. raised by a single mom, football and college were his ticket to the nfl and a better life. now off the field the former safety feels a gravitational pull to give back. he has seen firsthand how poverty affects the psyche and the soul. >> i wouldn't even imagine as a child their age having to come out of my door, you know, and you see the alleys and the boarded up houses and all this trash. >> reporter: it weighs heavily on 3rd grader elijah randall. >> when i see broken up
5:58 pm
buildings and such, i get kind of sad. >> reporter: this is shipley hill, one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in baltimore. every social issue you can think about shows up disproportionately here, drugs, violence, lack of education and opportunity and it's generational. families in this school community have cried out for help long before the nation took notice. >> all these abandoned homes and all you want to do is get a couple of them to fix up and do the work of carpenter house. >> that's it. >> reporter: in a city where far too many have failed the families who need that help, children like deshawn brasswell is happy the academy is there to help fill the void. >> show me how to be respectful, focused, positive. >> reporter: after 10 years of working with children here that's what carpenter wants to spread, something different through the generations, change and hope. nearly all the children in
5:59 pm
carpenter's shut down program are advancing to the next grade. carpenter believes it's people like the mentors working with his nonprofits that will ultimately make life better for all baltimore citizens and help turn the city around. he still feels that city leaders are tone deaf to the needs of the most vulnerable. tonight officials in china say america needs to look somewhere else because it is not to blame for that massive government security breach. thanks for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. hackers got ahold of a lot of personnel information from some 4 million federal workers. somebody in the intelligence community said the cyber thieves are probably based in china, but that country's foreign ministry says the u.s. needs to stop with the presumptions. the fbi is trying to determine who is behind the attack. a whole lot of folks around here are worried. our debra alfarone talked with some of the federal workers
6:00 pm
today. they is -- she is live right now. [ audio difficulties ] >> i'm not willing to talk about it because of my employment. >> i'd rather not say. >> reporter: even though their personal information may likely be exposed. several government employees we spoke to kept their feelings underwrap hours after the breach was announced. >> the news came out today, so they'll be letting us know. >> reporter: evidence points to china-based hackers once again. china's thirst for our info is nothing new. a data breach this size is. >> it affects me. i'm scared to death. i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know what they're going to have, what information they


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