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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  June 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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7:00 saturday morning. a somber saturday. beau biden is laid to rest. and a final goodbye for a reporter gunned down in the street. and more bad news for dennis hastert. more alleged victims of sexual abuse. and we'll talk about fog and rain for today. good saturday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. it's the 71st anniversary of d-
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day: >> and we're going to see the humidity back in. >> it's a little humid. and we have dense fog also. but we are going to be looking at a little bit more sunshine later on today. but that's going to set the stage for showers and storms. here we go. still a layer of clouds out there. and we'll see the sun, especially in the metro spots. it's off to the west where the dense fog advisory is in place until 9:00 so another two hours or so. we're starting to see sun within the beltway. 67degrees. and there'll be storms later on today. take a look at the visibility. so it's pretty dense. visibility is low through the shenandoah valley. and that's where the dense fog advisory is in place until 9:00. we're already past where we have been the past couple of days. take a quick look at future
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cast. when you head out to the nats game, we'll be running the risk of a chance of a thunderstorm. a lot of the showers will be well off to the east. so expect a nice comfortable day near 80 degrees. we are following breaking news last night. several overnight shootings in the district. police were busy responding to at least five shootings. >> a triple shooting in southwest d.c. >> good morning to both of you. this is a spate of violence that washington, d.c. has not seen in some time. nearly every quadrant of the city. the most violent at this coroner the 100 block of irvington street southwest. this is video from earlier
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today, around 2:30 this morning. police found dozens of shell casings. it's a suspected robbery and one person was shot. police are looking for a black chrysler or infinity with tinted windows. four other shootings happened within 2 miles of each other. police have not said if any of the shootings are related. and we don't know the condition of the victims. seven people shot in five separate shootings. hundreds are expected to say goodbye to beau biden this morning as funeral services get underway in wilmington, delaware. president obama will deliver the eulogy. beau biden was only 46 and died of brain cancer. >> it's sadness that words
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can't express. one of the finest young men i've ever met. >> the funeral takes place at 10:30 in wilmington, delaware. and also a funeral held for a reporter gunned down on her way home from a story. she'll be remembered at the living word church in southwest d.c. the family is urging the public to take a closer look at this surveillance video. it shows more than a dozen people of interest in that case. we're following the details on the case of a map who went miss -- a man who went missing on the river. marco ray sanchez and another person were cliff diving. he got caught up in the strong
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current and disappeared. sexual abuse allegations against former speaker of the house dennis hastert are starting to pile up. the fbi is aware of two more cases of potential victims who are alleging sexual misconduct. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: former house speaker dennis hastert is being linked to three potential victims of sexual misconduct. cases that came to light during an fbi investigation into millions of dollars he allegedly paid as hush money. the victims date back to his days as a teacher and coach. one of the persons is listed as individual a in a federal indictment. he's charged with evading bank regulations by withdrawing the money in small increments and
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lying about toyota the fbi. a woman said her brother was molested. >> i asked him when was your first same sex experience and he looked at me and said it was with dennis hastert. >> reporter: he died of aids in 1995. gary mat lock was also on the wrestling team. >> it surprised me, it disappointed me. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> to be clear, dennis hastert is not charged with sexual abuse, just violating banking regulations. a man is under arrest for sexually abusing a man in a bathroom. he pulled the boy into the
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bathroom and touched him inappropriately. he was later arrested. a woman was -- a woman suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by a broken bat at fenway park in boston. the game was delayed while paramedics tended to the patient. she was rushed to a nearby hospital. american pharoah is competing for a chance after horse racing history. he's in line to become the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. the trainer is taking the pressure in stride. >> the way he ran in the preakness he was so dominating. and when he's right he likes to dominate. hopefully, he can bring it one
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more time. >> eight horse will compete in the belmont stakes. starting is 6:50. staples owes back taxes to maryland. they underpaid between 1999 and 2004. staples altered the corporate structure in part to improperly avoid paying its share of state taxes. they operate 40 stores in maryland and can appeal the ruling if they choose. we want to invite you to tweet us your weekend plans. details on an event or to say hi or whatever. celebrate national trails day at shenandoah national park today. new trail skills will be taught between 9:15 and 3:30 in the
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afternoon. there are 500 miles of trails. how bacon may be off the menu at midwest diners. no one was injured on this crash but one big mess to clean up. and an event to give you and your whole family some healthy weekend activity. i'm here on the weather terrace and i see more blue that we've seen in several days. here is the beach forecast. and ocean city, we're looking at few chances for rain. and we'll be talking about rain here and a lot of sunshine. 71 in bethany this afternoon. and by sunday lots of sunshine and the humidity will drop by tomorrow. stay here, i'm going to track the afternoon
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and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. always watching and always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather. sure would be nice to track some sunshine for a change. >> it's out there and nice. you have to use your sunglasses. >> my wife bought new sunglasses the day before this rainy mess and now she can use hem this. >> i think we deserve a nice weekend. we are going to be tracking a few thunderstorms this afternoon and not everybody will see it. let's take a look at our cameras. sunshine mixed with a little bit of haze in the metro. we have dense fog through the shenandoah valley. you can a dense fog advisory until 9:00.
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visibility is quite low. we're talking about visibility at zero. if you're getting an early start on saturday morning, give yourself extra time and space out there. 67degrees and we're watching up fast. winds out of the west, southwest. and they're going to turn more northerly. and our warmest day since monday. that seems so long ago. and we'll be in the near 80 range. storms will be isolated and areas on 95 have the best chance. the chances are a little bit lower, and temperatures will slide up to 80 degrees. and most of the evening is looking good. we'll be tracking a few isolated showers in southern maryland today. this is 3:00 and the chances for rain start to increase. we're dry. by 5:00 moving through the district. the nats game should start dry.
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sunday the humidity will drop. things are looking perfect for sunday. if you have outdoor plans. today not too bad. just keep the app with you and track the showers around the area. 78 to 82 degrees today. warm weather and a few clouds and we are going to see the afternoon storms start to brew. areas off to the east and southern maryland corm -- you couldn't ask for a better day. the nats game will be great. and next week a scorcher. and temperatures feeling like summer once again. saturday health alert. lace up the hiking shoes and hit a local trail. good morning. we know walking is good for your health. and today is the american hiking society's national trails day. president obama has proclaimed june 2015 great outdoors month
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and what better way to celebrate than heading into nature. every state has events. there are plenty of festivities to take in the beautiful landscapes of our region. interested in seeing what's literally going on in your own backyard. head to national trails and start exploring. the food and drug administration panel has approved a drug that has been dubbed the female viagra. the fda is set to make a final decision on whether the drug will be available at the local pharmacy. the drug works by manipulating chemicals in the brain. the affordable care act is being credited for an increase in colon cancer screenings. researchers say a single blood sample can reveal a
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person's entire history of infection. this is very interesting. scientists came up with this technological test a person's blood for both current and past viral infections. researchers say the new test is more efficient than testing for specific viruses one at a time. happening today, beer drinkers and soccer lovers, this is your event. guinness is hosting a party for the barcelona matchup. the event raises money for youth soccer clubs. apple news -- when it comes to the apple watches, you might be able to get one soon. and the death toll rises in the yangtze river cruise disaster. we have the latest details coming up. good morning, everybody. i got a lot to report on.
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nats at nine. and the super regional in
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and welcome back. happy saturday. finally, some good weather. some sunshine and warmer
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temperatures for outdoor plans. the nats game could be a good one today but we could see showers through the end of the game. we'll have a dense fog advisory in the shenandoah until 9:00. temperatures around the area, 50s and 60s. it's comfortable and you can feel the humidity. a chance for showers on 95 and mainly off to the east during the afternoon she should fade away as soon as the sun begins to set. 79degrees for manassas. and 80s and upper 70s. and tomorrow same story but temperature-wise, lower humidity and dry. hotter temperatures on monday. new this morning. chinese state media says the death toll is 396 in the eastern star cruise ship disaster. hundreds more bodies were found overnight. they were able to get to more of the victims after the both
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was hoisted upright. there are still nearly 100 people missing in this. a close call in illinois when an amtrak train carrying 200 passengers cloudy skies with a truck. the big rig was hauling 70,000 pounds of bacon. this happened an hour outside of chicago. no major injuries reported in this. and a vital night in the district. a triple shooting occurred in the 100 block of irvington street in southwest d.c., four other shootings citywide. two people were killed in a wednesday morning fire in d.c. investigators are working to determine what caused the fire. it killed two and left five homeless. and could the giant hack of the irs be the start of something bigger? that's coming up in the second
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half hour. are you heading to the beach? this is virginia
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welcome back. you may have noticed the tweets at the bottom of the screen. tweet us your weekend plans. details on an event, say hi, propose to your girlfriend, whatever you want to do. get on twitter and send us a message. >> people are doing some fun things this weekend and rightfully so because the weather is good. >> barbecue fests. all these things we're talking about with the facebook and twitter. >> our producer is here with trending recap. >> in case you missed it.
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here's the top talkers on facebook. >> this is a photo of a rare apple one computer. a woman took it to a recycle firm and then the computer auctioned for $200,000. and now the firm is trying to find her to give her a big check. we've all met caitlyn jenner. what's next? a docu serious will be filmed. a family did not expect an arrest warrant for cheering at a graduation. and here's a video that hundreds shared. a lightning strike that happened during storms this week. keep up with all the trending stories by liking wusa on facebook. these are fun. watch this from chicago. this guy steals an ambulance.
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takes it on a 100-mile joyride. nearly falls asleep at the wheel, and then crashes. it was all caught on the dash cam. the ambulance thief was treated for cuts and bruises and then locked up. imagine driving along and then this? wow, look at this. a massive sinkhole. a colorado road gave way and a police officer's suv fell in. e thhole was 15 feet deep. the sergeant crawled on the roof of the suv and then out of the hole. hash tag whale fail. lots of people are catching this. a mechanical whale was supposed to scare sea lions. we'll show you the video next time. it didn't work. paula abdul will be at the nats game. why is she there?
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>> i don't know. the latest cyber attack could be just the beginning. we have more on the massive data breach coming up. and we'll get you the weather for the nats game partly cloudy.
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7:30 saturday morning. a violent night on the streets of washington, d.c. as seven
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people are shot in five separate shooting incidents. america's cyber security under attack as thousands of documents are hacked and experts warn this could just be the beginning. and finally, the sun has returned. several days. the fog is out there for areas off to the west. we have some good looking weekend weather for you. i'll track the showers. thanks for waking up with us. allison has done a good job describing the same weather conditions for five straight days. >> it was pretty nasty out there. let's take a look at our michael and son camera. we have deeps fog. you can see the sup shining. we'll track showers.
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67degrees. here's the dense fog through the shenandoah valley. a couple of areas through manassas. and areas off to the east, no problems. that's where you're setting the stage for the showers today. we're in the 60s right now. it's pretty comfortable. you're not going to need the jackets. 16 for manassas and 63 as you head up towards the french fork area. notice where the showers develop. there's 12:00, just in time >> if nats. and as the game starts to wind down and you're walking to your car, you'll run into a few showers. a lot of them through southern maryland and the eastern shore. chances are lower as you head to the north and west. temperatures right about 80 degrees. now to our top story, breaking news in washington, d.c. police were very busy responding to five shootings overnight.
7:32 am
>> a triple shooting occurred in the 100 block of irvington street. >> a troubling night overnight especially in the last several hours from midnight on. very troubling. at this particular spot. three victims were found. we don't know the condition as of yet. we talked to several people who did not want to go on camera. and one person said it's crazy and people can get hurt over just about anything. three people shot and one person shot in the chest. video from earlier today around 2:30 this morning. police found dozens of shell casings. and police suspect this was a robbery. one person was shot in the chest and the condition of all of the victims is unknown. police are looking for a black chrysler or infinity with
7:33 am
tinted windows. four shootings happened within 2 miles of each other. police have not said if any of these are connected. 2700 block of mlk avenue southeast. and 800 block of chesapeake street in southeast. all the quadrants had some type of violence overnight. we'll bring you more in the next half hour. happening today, the annual standing for peace and justice rally. hundreds will be marching on the capital. it gets underway at 10 a.m. the fbi is working around the clock, trying to pinpoint those responsible for the massive cyber security attack on the federal government. >> it's believed of the originated in china. and many experts say this could be the beginning of the pursuit
7:34 am
of bigger u.s. secrets. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement source says the attack against the office of personnel management began last fall. and it bears similarities to can earlier attacks against healthcare companies. all the hacks are aimed at personnel records. >> what are they doing with this data? >> they're collecting huge amounts of data and mining it to see if they can find patterns and get a sense of who their opponents are. >> reporter: now the majority of what we do is follow ip addresses. >> reporter: the fbi has stepped up the training of new agents. he's looking to hire 700 new specialized cyber agents every year but finding them is a
7:35 am
challenge. >> i'm competing with fortune 500 companies that can pay three times what i can pay. and i lose those candidates to the private sector and other government agencies every day. >> every day. >> reporter: every day. >> the fbi has 13,000 agents. within a few years, they would like 4000 of them to specialize in cyber crime. cbs news, washington. top democrat on house intelligence committee says that the scale of the breach is staggering, and there's no telling how many more attacks could be spun by the information stolen in this case. both people killed in a -- nina brinkleman had just
7:36 am
graduated. michael patrick mclaughlin was the other victim. in less than a half hour, the search will resume for the body of a man who went missing in the potomac river. search crews will head back to the sandy landing part of the great falls park. marco ray sanchez was cliff diving and got caught up in the river's current and disappeared. funeral services are held in wilmington, delaware. president obama will deliver a eulogy in honor of the vice president's son who died from brain cancer. he was only 46. thousands paid their respects last night. in the district, a funeral will be held for a community reporter gunned down on her way home from a story on wednesday.
7:37 am
milton will be remembered at the living word church on martin luther king avenue in southwest d.c., her family is urging you to take a look at the newly released surveillance footage that police say shows more than a dozen people of interest. the woman accused of dumping her son in the woods so she could visit her boyfriend in maryland has been found competent to stand trial. a psychiatrist says she needs mental health treatment. he abandoned her 21-year-old son in april before taking a bus to visit her boyfriend. he's a quadriplegic and she left him with no food and water and it was cold and rainy outside. she's charged with attempted murder and neglect of care of a dependent person. according to newly released
7:38 am
documents, police recovered two knives, money orders, and cash. the items were found after police got search warrants for daron wint's chevy cruise. he's accused of holding the family hostage, killing them, and setting the house on fire. a young girl is fortunate to be alive after she was falling out of a window. she was taken to the hospital conscious and breathing and has serious but non-life- threatening injuries. a man is in the hospital and in police custody after being shot in the leg by an officer with the campus police. the man had been near a medical center andwaving a knife around. at this point there's no word
7:39 am
on if the person earn deed had a gun. history could be made at the belmont race course today in long island. everyone is talking about american pharoah. he's competing to become the 12th horse to win the triple crown. eight horses will compete for the $1.5 million belmont stakes. >> you might have noticed tweets on the bottom of the screen. tweet us your weekend plans, details on an event or to say high to the beautiful allison ray. celebrate fairfax festival is happening today in northern virginia's largest annual community celebration. live entertainment, children's rides, a community marketplace, nightly fireworks. and it runs from 10 a.m. to mid-night. tell me, why is paula abdul
7:40 am
hanging out with the nats. and more cars added to the growing list of air bag recalls. game time at 12:00 and things are looking good. bring the rain gear for the way home we'll be around 80 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. a great day.
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♪ a good saturday morning to you. i want to give you a quick update on how things are shaping up on metro. they'll be running on a regular schedule this weekend. and also for medical center and silver spring. for orange line and green line. orange line every 15 minute and green line every 20 minutes. regular service on the yellow, blue, and silver lines this weekend. i'll see you monday morning
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starting at 4:25. always watching and tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. thanks so much for waking up with us. there's definitely humidity and sunshine is on the way. >> i've been outside a couple of times and my hair went like this to this. sunshine is out and things are looking good. anything is better than the past couple of days we had. i think the consensus is that it's time for some sunshine. let's take a look outside. and we're starting out pretty good. except for the shenandoah valley and a couple of spots to the west you are dealing with dense fog. we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00. it's sticking around for another hour or so. and then it goes away. 67degrees and winds out of the west, southwest and that's adding in a little bit of humidity ahead of a cold front,
7:44 am
bringing showers and storms this afternoon. not everybody will see the showers. once you head off to frederick and clarksburg. temperatures will head back to average temperatures for this time of year, about the 80- degree mark. and some places in the upper 70s. and definitely the warmest day we've seen since june 1st where we were in the 90s. we'll see how the scattered showers start to flourish in areas east of 95. you'll find a higher concentration of some of the showers off to the west. as we head through the nats game from 12:00 to 3:00, looking dry. and temperatures in the upper septembers and a few clouds and you'll probably need the sunglasses. by 5:00, more showers through southern maryland and that's where we could run into some of the showers on the way home from the game. by 8:30 the sun is setting and
7:45 am
we're already dry. the evening looks pretty good. a few sprinkles possible but we should be dry into the overnight hours. sunday looks beautiful. low humidity and temperatures above the 80-degree mark. outdoor plans will be even better. morning fog with a little bit of cloud cover and of course the scattered showers as you head east of 95. pretty isolated once you head to the west. 81 tomorrow, dry, sunshine, and low humidity. that's a good day. and the nats game are home again. storms monday night to tuesday. and we'll watching for a yellow alert. thursday and friday it's going to be pretty steamy out there. hash tag whales fail. you see lots of people catching this on camera. it was a mechanical whale that was supposed to scare sea lions. and it started to take on water and flipped over and the whole
7:46 am
thing had to be pulled to shore. sea lions, one, fake willie, zero. paula abdul will be spending the day at nationals park. she'll participate in pregame ceremonies. she'll be part of the ingame festivities. she's a new judge on so you think you can dance and she's promoting the show. the fresh summertime initiative at the district's annual truck touch festival. it features activities for children of all ages. there's summer programming from june through august for kids. the event is 8 a.m. through 1 p.m. at rfk stadium. our communities are more connected than ever now. and there are residents across the area caught in a digital divide. leslie foster has more on a
7:47 am
program that's helping d.c. residents. one in four residents does not have internet access at home. a program called connect d.c. is working to make technology more accessible and affordable. it's focuses onwards five, seven, and eight, where the broad band adoption rate is less than 65%. to learn more or participate in the focus groups, (202)478-5960 or text cci to 83224. and as the connect d.c.'s motto says, your future depends on it. leslie foster, wusa 9. more cars are being add to the recall for air bags. air bags can potentially explode with too much force.
7:48 am
a new study shows translation and interpretation services top the list of the most growing industries. work in hospitals is projected to rise by 29%. and rounding out the top five. residential remodelers, home healthcare, and wine and beverage wholesalers. the apple watch is making its way to the apple store. apple will start selling some models at the retail stores coming up this month. that's about two months after it went on sale online. and half of the 100 retailers in the united states will accept apple pay. many are skeptical about the payment system and apple's prediction might be a bit too rosy. a fast moving thunderstorm dumped heavy rain in the denver area overnight. there was ponding on streets
7:49 am
and under passes. the storms came less than a day after 4 feet of hail buried parts of the city. as people in texas wait for the flood waters to recede. they are not waiting to help stranded animals. people are going by boat to rescue animals left behind when residents were evacuated. and watch as a tornado near reno throws debris around. it's an ef1 and moved through the area friday evening and brought with it heavy rain 245 caused flooding in the -- that caused flooding in the area. no one was hurt. here's a look at what's coming up next on cbs this morning saturday. >> shoot the moon is more than a expression for a group of photographers. meet the men who focus on getting a perfect picture of the moon. and the tallest men on
7:50 am
earth will perform. that's his band name, not his height. >> that's ahead on cbs news this morning. the festival hosts local businesses, arts organizations, and hands on arts and crafts for the kids. if you'd like to go it's in bethesda. the late show gets a little creole flavor. the next leader of the cbs orchestra is announced. and can a hit on hbo be a hit on the silver screen? as we head to break. pet pick nine. >> that's my dog. that's my precious pup. he shakes so much when there's thunderstorms. >> and i didn't know this. you can buy a shirt for your dog that helps with the fear of thunder. elizabeth, this is mr. turtle saying hello.
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overnight shootings in the district. police have been responding to at least five incidents. in the 100 block of irvington street. >> reporter: the spate of violence happened within a few hours overnight. really troubling, disturbing news. the latest happened here in the 100 block of irvington street southwest. three people were shot as you mentioned, one person in the chest. we do not know the condition of the victims. video from earlier today, you could see police canvassing the area, picking up shell casings, more than 30 shell casings and no one in custody. they are looking for a black chrysler or infinity with tinted windows. meanwhile, four of the five shootings happened within 2 miles of each other. and police have not said if any of the shootings are connected. what's really sad is that we've seen a lot of kids and people
7:55 am
walking around here in this neighborhood in the 100 block of irvington street southwest. that's the late itself here for wusa neighbor. >> it was a huge hit on hbo. >> the boys from entourage will appear in a movie in theaters now four years after the popular tv series ended. the film is expected to make between 12 and $15 million this weekend. and the tony awards -- two of the most prominent leading ladies of our time. helen mirren for queen elizabeth. and rivera for the visit. and strike up the band. steven colbert the host of the late show has tapped a new musical. john batiste is the new band
7:56 am
leader. the late show premieres on september 8th right here on wusa 9. >> and he's have been good. let's take a look at the weather. ball cap and a pony tail because of the humidity. >> you'll need the sunglasses. we might run into a few rain showers on the way home. the chances for rain increase for the nats park regional after 3:00. i think we'll start the game dry, near 80 degrees. and tomorrow is going to be everyone better. tomorrow the humidity drops after the showers push on through. if you're on 95 or off to the east, that's where the chances for rain are a little higher. keep your app with us and you can track the showers and
7:57 am
storms. tomorrow looks absolutely beautiful 81 degrees. the monday night we'll probably issue the yellow alert. when you get that warm ahead of a front. there's a good setup. a good day on wednesday and hot and humid by thursday and into friday. >> and we want to thank everybody who joined us this morning via twitter for our tweet fest. and reach all of us by using the hash tag tell wusa 9. notice the tweets at the bottom >> you can never have enough pet pics.
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it's june 6th 20156789 welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." insult to injury. another round of violent storms slams the nation's central plains. plus tragedy at the ball game after a fan is nearly killed by a broken bat. rescued from a fire and rehabbed to the wild. watch one bear's incredible story of survival. and high stakes at the belmont. just


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