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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  June 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. he made you want to be a better person. >> president obama delivering the eulogy for beau biden, the vice president and his family saying good-bye to their eldest son. hello. over a thousand mourners were in attendance at the roman catholic church in wilmington, delaware, including congressional leaders for the funeral of beau biden. president obama and both siblings delivered emotional tributes to that packed church. >> for beau, a cruel twist of
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fate came early. a car accident that took his mom and his sister, confined beau and hunter, then still toddlers, to hospital beds at christmas time. and so rather than use his childhood trauma as justification for a of pity or self-centeredness, that very young boy made a very grown-up decision. he would live a life of meaning. he would live a life for others. >> there are no words that could adequately describe my love, admiration and adoration for my brother. nothing i say will give justice to what he means to me, to us, and when trying to recall certain memories, i am at a loss because my life is a collage of memories and moments. beau was a constant presence
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every day. >> 46-year-old beau biden was an iraq war veteran and delaware's former attorney general. he died a week ago from brain cancer. here in southwest dc, family and friends gathered to say good-bye to a local journalist who was murdered in the district last month. stephanie ramirez tells us that that church was packed. ♪ >> reporter: every seat was filled. lots of people stood. and living word church in southwest dc, charniece mcclinton said his daughter's death was not about education or economics and poverty. >> it's really about family and it's about individuals. it's about your character and about your morals. >> reporter: his words to the community that saw his daughter die last month, police still on the hunt for suspects seen in this surveillance video. but today was about celebrating the life of 27-year-old milton,
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who everyone said first and foremost was a religious person. >> the way she was sweet and nice, a smile ear to ear. when she would sing and dance in the choir, it was definitely to god. >> reporter: many also remembered the passionate reporter milton was, wanting to serve her ward 7 and 8 communities by writing about them to local publications that were also handed out at the service. >> it's a heartbreaking thing, but she was a great child. she's one of the angels that's truly gone from this earth today. >> reporter: included in the bulletin for charniece milton is also the reward, $25,000 being offered to anyone that can provide information leading to an arrest. in southwest dc, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> marion barry's wife, also one of the many who spoke at the funeral. stephanie ramirez will have more on the service tonight at 11:00. enjoy tomorrow, because
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howard bernstein is tracking a front that could bring storms next week. say no! >> looks like monday could end up being a stormy day, especially later on in the afternoon and evening. what a nice evening we've got for most of us. very pleasant out here on the weather terrace. want to show you doppler 9news. south and east of town, i've been tracking showers and occasional rumbles of thunder coming out of that. the bigger stuff is toward the beach. they had a little shopping time today as those storms rolled through, but they are starting to clear out, especially from bethany and rohoboth. still a couple left here, but they are crossing the river. certainly past colonial beach, west of montrose, heavy showers. there's been a little bit of lightning and thunder, moving south-southwest right now. that will be toward champlain at 6:11. beasley at 6:23. the stuff on the eastern shore, that may just clip easton, but it's tracking more west, from
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queenstown, toward st. michaels. st. michaels, expect about 6:33. outside looks real nice here in dc. got temperatures falling through the mid-70s at 8:00. upper 60s by midnight. 50s and 60s tonight, the way it's going on. quick look at the three-day, i'm going with the yellow alert on monday, 88, because the storms in the afternoon and evening could be strong to severe. very warm tuesday, but just a slim chance of a shower. after that, if you like high heat, second half of the week looks promising for that. back in a few minutes with the seven-day. >> you know me well, howard. what would you do if your personal information was hacked? about 4 million current or former federal workers are no doubt asking the same thing, after the largest cyber attack on the u.s. government this week. hackers, of course, as we know, still at it every day. hank silverberg is live with the office of personnel management with advice from an expert. hank? >> reporter: this is not just
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about credit card information or banking records. when it comes to the wide berth of federal records, it could be blackmail or impersonation, which can have much broader consequences. it took the federal government several months to make the data breach public. now, some individual workers may want to be proactive and not wait for a government fix. the first thing you should do is get your credit monitored to see if your personal information is being used. you should also clean all your devices, phone, tablet, laptop, pc to get rid of nimal wear. it's unclear if the hackers were looking for financial information or aiming at identity theft or even blackmail. passwords become very important, both on work devices and even social media. >> if i go through your social media accounts, find out where you went to school, what your mom's maiden name is, find out the name of your first dog, i can probably get into all, any kind of knowledge base authentication out there. you have to monitor what you have and slowly take, take some of that information offline
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that could be used to identify you. >> lot of people put their birthday on social media. i don't, for security reasons. take it off, right? >> take it off. you could put the day, but maybe not the year. >> reporter: now, this is not just a one-time thing either. experts say basically you should do this every couple of months, change your passwords, make these changes, do the malware, just in case. in the district, hank silverberg, wusa 9. >> thank you, hank. that is good advice. well, a violent night overnight in the district of columbia. seven people were shot in five separate incidents. three victims were shot in the 100 block of irvington street southwest. police there say it may have been an attempted robbery. they are looking for a black infinity or chrysler with tinted windows. police also reported shootings overnight in the 300 block of upshire street northwest, also in the 3800 block of 8th street and southeast, and also in
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southeast at the 800 block of chesapeake street. well, pope francis was on the move, spreading his messages of peace. we'll tell you who he is trying to bring together. >> and in about 40 minutes, we should know if american pharoah will break the 37-year drought and give us a triple crown winner. we have a
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. pope francis made an
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historic one-day trip to sarajevo, bosnia today, as tens of thousands of pilgrims arrived in bosnia to celebrate the open air mass with the pontiff. pope francis hopes to bring peace among bosnia's muslims, christian orthodox and catholics. in just about 40 minutes, we'll find out if american pharoah will become the first triple crown winner since 1978. wendy gillette is at belmont. >> number one! >> reporter: american pharoah is trying to gallop into racing world history, by winning the triple crown. >> i would like to see american pharoah win. i got a ticket. i would like to frame it up. i wouldn't cash it in if he won. >> reporter: the last time a horse won the triple crown was in 1978, when affirmed captured the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont stakes. since then, 12 horses were in the winner's circle for the derby and preakness, but failed at belmont park. >> this is the graveyard of
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champions. >> reporter: the event was a sellout. for the first time, the new york racing association capped attendance at 90,000. >> this is the winning ticket! >> reporter: they placed bets, carefully perusing the program to pick a winner. >> ice cold beer here! >> reporter: they had drinks with friends and showed off their fashionable outfits. >> i made the hat for the carnation that represents the belmont. for the derby, i made roses. for the preakness, i had the black eyed susans. >> i got my seersucker suit, cane, hat. >> reporter: american pharoah already won big last month, when the horses breeding rights were sold to what industry experts say will amount to at least $20 million. wendy gillette, belmont, new york. >> awesome. well, a warm day today. should you make those barbecue plans or pool plans for tomorrow? howard bernstein has your answer, when we
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. check out this large tornado just east of the denver area. fortunately, it only caused just a little bit of damage. the storm was very close to the metro area and many subdivisions. people living there say they consider themselves pretty lucky. but the new concern for them this weekend is flooding. . >> they get a lot of tornadoes there. >> they do. you like that area. >> it's pretty in denver, absolutely. >> thank you for today. >> you're welcome. i didn't have anything to do with it. >> you might as well take the credit. we blame you when it's yucky. >> exactly. tomorrow's going to be fine. got any plans tomorrow, maybe clouds around in the morning, but i think tomorrow's the good day. monday afternoon, you'll need to stay up on the weather, because we could get strong to maybe severe storms late afternoon into the evening hours, ahead of the next front that's coming our way.
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doppler does have a few showers and storms, mainly south and east of us. lot more activity toward the beaches and southern maryland on the eastern shore. that's where we'll focus right now, because we're still looking at a few heavy downpours there. most of it is down in virginia, crossed the river out of southern maryland. we're watching these big guys, with a little bit of lightning and heavy downpours. that's approaching queenstown and st. michaels. a new shower near dunn kirk, huntington, benedict, charlotte hall, watching this tracking towards st. mary's and far eastern charles county. the heavy stuff we had is crossing the 301 bridge toward colonial beach, coming out of swan point, those areas. port royal, newland moving toward the south-southwest at about 20 miles an hour. you can see colonial beach here, up the road toward dahlgren, there's rain. the heavy stuff is mainly west
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and south of you. then on the eastern shore, friends in st. michaels about to get the rain, queenstown. easton, lighter showers there. this whole area is moving south- southwest. till man, 6:46. easton in the next few minutes, rain getting toward your doorstep. here in washington, look at all the sunshine. very nice evening here. temperature of 81, after hitting 85 for the high, believe it or not. 79 at dulles. winds are north at 13, gusts over 20, a breezy day. right now, we're down to 72 at the naval air station. we're holding on to 81 in dc. good-looking afternoon in the shenandoah valley with temperatures in the 70s to near 80. we've got a few 60s holding out in the highest elevations and far western maryland and west virginia. weather headlines, a nice sunday. i think it will be comfortable. we may start off with clouds in the morning, but at least we'll go partly sunny, dry temps, 80- ish, give or take. heading into monday, the
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humidity, heat and storms return afternoon and evening. a yellow alert for monday. we'll dry out some tuesday and then get ready for the hottest weather of the year by week's end. thursday, friday, mid-90s i think will be here. tonight, if but get a chance around 9:25, look toward the west. this is going to be neat in the sky. jupiter and venus and over the next few weeks, they get closer to each other. should be quite spectacular on the clear nights in the evenings to the west. satellite radar, we have showers and storms coming down. i got to apologize, the allergies getting to me all day today. we got the showers and storms coming down behind a cold front here. much warmer south of the front. we've got cool north-northeast flow and that will be the case for tonight and tomorrow. with that easterly wind hitting the higher elevations, that's where we get clouds to form, especially east of the blue ridge. we should go partly sunny in the afternoon and then it will be monday afternoon and evening that we've got to watch the storm threat. for tonight, clear to partly
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cloudy, comfortable, mid-50s to mid-60s. i know the degree sign got on the wrong side. we'll fix it later on. tomorrow morning, mid-60s to mid-70s, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. sun in the afternoon should make it fairly nice. high temperatures either side of 80 degrees. yellow alert for monday with afternoon and evening storms, 88. tuesday, 87, a stray shower possible. then look at the temperatures by midweek, starting to ramp up. wednesday, near 90. thursday, friday, mid-90s. by friday and saturday, we'll have a chance for a couple of storms in the afternoon. looks like the hottest weather of the year by week's end. >> i'll take tomorrow. >> you got it. >> i can do that. >> pool time, i know you want that. >> i really do! not so bad for horse racing, right? >> this will be one of the greatest feats if american pharoah can pull this off, for a lot of reasons. >> absolutely. >> he's a horse -- tell you who's another horse, bryce harper. >> nice transition! >> we're getting used to number
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. [ no audio ] as we come back on the air, he retired the first nine batters he faced. then wilson ramos going deep. bryce harper also homered. herrera to center. denard span with the throw, it's a good throw, to the wrong side. too late. nats lose 4-2. matt williams is impressed with his rookie starter. >> the situation we're ready to hit, try to get back in the game. he could have gone another one, but all in all, i think he threw the ball well. he was unfazed by the magnitude of it. indians buck showalter, gang, i promise you he is not sleeping, right there. manny machado not sleeping either.
6:26 pm
into the wind, too. that's a huge shot. that's his ninth of the season. but cleveland's half of the third, they get the equalizer and they tie it at 1-1. right now, this game's got a ways to go, into the 7th inning, tied at 1-1, cleveland and baltimore. so if you're so inclined to watch college baseball, you rode the wave of emotions yesterday. if you root for maryland, your team had game 1 of the superregional locked. then you lost it. you root for virginia, your team was on life support and then popped back to life. all that and they still have to play another one today. let's get to that video. that's maryland manager there john sczip. the bunt falls in to tie the ball game. runner's out, but ball game tied. maryland rallies to lead 4-2. now i'm told it's 4-3, with the bases loaded in the ninth. so hold on right there! maryland trying to force a game
6:27 pm
3. as you said earlier on, deb, about 20, 30 minutes from now, we'll see if we have a triple crown winner. american pharoah looking to accomplish what no other horse has been able to do in 37 years. good reason for that, too. three races, every three weeks, it's brutal. plus, he'll have to face some competition that hasn't run in the other races, so they are fresh. his trainer bob baffert says no biggie. >> -- during this whole campaign, you know, he still wants to do -- he's happy when he goes out there. he wants to go out there and gallop and have fun. finally, guys, this young lady continues to be one of the greatest athletes of this generation. serena williams defeated her opponent in three sets to win her 20th grand slam. only margaret court and steffi graf have more. williams battled the flu and
6:28 pm
herself. she won six straight games in the end. >> she's good. 20 grand slams. and maryland just lost by four. virginia moving on. they are done. >> okay. we'll be watching horse racing in a little bit. give us a little bit before we go. >> looks good for most of us this evening. stray showers south and east. we're hot by monday with afternoon storms. then it really heats up the second half of the week. thanks for watching, everyone. see you back here at 11:00. don't forget our app. bye!
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>> beau biden brought to his work a mighty heart. >> axelrod: president obama delivers a powerful and deeply personal eulogy for beau biden calling the tragic loss of the the vice president's son a death in his own family. >> he made you want to be a better person. >> axelrod: a manhunt is on after 22 two killers break out of a maximum security prison in new york. a frightening accident at a ballgame. a woman is seriously injured by a shattered back. and a bear named cinder severely burned in a wildfire finally goes home. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening.i'm jim axelrod. more than 42 years after he


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