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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed. call. data. and reliability. so you never have to settle. now also get $300 or more when you trade-in your smartphone and buy a new one. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. here it is, the 37 year wait is over. american pharoah is finally the one. american pharoah has won. >> he did it. the drought is over. american pharoah taking the triple crown. hello, i'm debra alfarone. bruce johnson is off tonight. for the first time in nearly four decades, we have a triple crown winner. the long, long wait for a winner of horse racing's most
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coveted prize and today at the belmont stakes. wendy had prime seats. >> here it is, the 37 year wait is over. american pharoah is finally the one. american pharoah has won the triple crown. >> american pharoah galloped into the history books with saturday's belmont stakes. winning the triple crown. >> i am incredibly excited. i've never been so excited in my life. >> 37 years in the making. it's incredible because who knows when the next time somebody is going to win. >> the last time a horse won the triple crown was in 1978. when affirmed captured the kentucky derby, preakness, and belmont stakes. since then, 12 horses were in the winner circle for the derby and preakness, but failed at belmont park. >> the event was a sellout for the first time in new york racing association capped attendance at 90,000. >> this is the winning ticket. >> they placed bets carefully
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through the program to pick a winner. they had drinks with friends and showed off their fashionable outfits. >> si just made the hat for the carnations that it represents for the belmont, for the derby we went to i made roses, for the preakness, i had black eyed suzannes. >> when it gets hot, you have to wipe the brow. >> now that american pharoah has won horse racing's biggest prize, his breeding fees will rise substantially, from a prerace $20 million. wendy for cbs news, elmont, new york. >> frosted finished second. keen ice finished third. american pharoah won by 5 1/2 lengths. and he's the first triple crown winner who had never previously raced at belmont. in the wake of the largest cyber attack on government secret information ever, how do you keep your identity and your money yours and not in the hands of a hacker?
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well hank silverberg is live at the office of personnel management with what you need to do right now to someone who knows. hey hank. >> this is not just about bank records and credit cards. for federal employees, this is a big deal and it could have more consequences. >> it affects me, i'm scared to death. >> federal workers do all kinds of things. many of them are worried about this breech. >> the federal government can't guarantee security, who are we going to count on? >> there are some things you can do and are worried about the information being used. starting with monitoring your credit accounts. >> you have to change all your passwords for all your core functions, e-mail, financial services, social media. what happens, if an intruder gets into your e-mail account, they change all your passwords and lock you out. >> think about facebook,
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twitter, and other social media. eliminate anything that fully identifies you, like your birth date. >> if i go through your social media account, what your mom's maiden name is, find out the name of your first dog, i can probably get into any kind of knowledge base authentication out there. >> and this is not just a one- time fix. >> just because you have been breeched now and you take steps now, doesn't mean that you're not going to see something on your credit report later. these cyber thieves, they play the long game. it could be two, three, four years. so, you have to be constantly vigilant. >> one particular worry for federal workers, blackmail and impersonation. now our nongovernment expert is advising feds no the to wait to see what their agency is doing. you should be proactive and do something now before you have a chance before they get ahold of your records. wusa9. thank you, hank. and the source of the hacking hasn't fully been determined. though some say there's evidence that it originated in
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china. while president barack obama says former delaware attorney general, beau biden, made a decision to live a life of meaning and a life dedicated to others. the president along with beau biden's siblings delivered emotional tributes during his funeral in delaware as jim action l rod axelrod reports. >> the loss of beau biden. >> he was a good man. a man of character. >> a thousand people gathered to celebrate beau biden's life, father, husband, son, delaware's attorney general, a major in the national guard. >> he did in 46 years what most of us couldn't do in 146. he left nothing in the tank. >> the president wanted to make it crystal clear that beau biden's most important achievements would never show up on a resume. >> this is man who at the democratic national convention didn't spend all his time in
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back rooms with donors or glad handing. instead, he rode the escalators with his son up and down, up and down. again and again. >> beau biden was just three years old when he and his brother, hunter, survived a car accident that claimed the lives of their mother and sister. >> rather than use his childhood trauma as justification for a life of self-pity or self-centeredness, he would live a life for otherrings. >> what the president didn't say, but what filled this room today, was the knowledge that joe biden has endured tragedy enough for two lifetimes. it's why his other son, hunter, said his father is so beloved. >> we would go to the senate with him. more often than any children of any senator ever. we would ride the subway and the conductor would say, you know, your dad is our favorite.
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>> and it's why so many feel his loss. chris martin from the play cold play volunteered to come sing. the biden family is so obviously close, everyone today felt like they were part of it. >> joe, jo you are my brother. we are honorary members now, and biden family rule applies. we're always here for you. we always will be. >> jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> among the other speakers was the army chief of staff who presented beau biden the legion of merit for his service in the delaware national guard. here in southwest d.c., family and friends gatheredded to say good-bye to local journalist who was murdered in the district last month. stephanie ramirez brings us a story of a young woman who left a lasting impression on so many, including the late marion
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barry. >> every seat was filled. lots of people stood and to this packed church in southwest d.c., milton's stepfather said his daughter's death is not about education or about economics and poverty. >> it's really about family and about individuals. it's about your character and about your morals. >> his words to the community that saw his daughter die last month. police are still on the hunt for those suspectings seen in this surveillance video, but today was about celebrating the life of 27-year-old, milton, who everyone said first and foremost was a religious person. >> the way she was sweet and nice, i smile. when she would dance in the choir and sing to the song, it was definitely to god. >> friends tell us milton overcame shyness and a speech impediment to be a part of the church choir. marion barry's wife, cora
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masters. >> she said, this young lady, she is so different. she is so thorough. she asks me questions i wasn't thinking about. >> many also remembered the passionate reporter milton was wanting to serve her ward 7 and ward 8 communities by writing about them to local publications that were hand ed out at the service. >> she was wonderful and somebody we can all aspire to be like. she was a good girl, good kid. and it's sad that things like this that bring people together. hopefully, they will be a resolution. >> included in the bulletin is also the police reward, $25,000 is being offered to anyone that can provide information leading to an arrest. in southwest d.c., stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> before that funeral service began, a slide show that included the names and photos of other dc unsolved homicides was played.
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any information, police ask that you give them a call. well, we are looking at a nice sunday to get outdoors, but storms heading our way to start the week. let's get right over to howard bernstein. what do you say? >> it's a good night. we had a few showers and isolated storms south and east of us for the most part, but tonight, no problems, everything calmed down. tomorrow looks good and monday, the heat, the humidity builds, so will the threat for storms. here's the satellite and radar. you can see all the showers. quite a few over toward the ocean beaches. if you know anybody who was at the shore, they spent time doing shopping until those storms pass. right now, temperatures, big difference. one thing about washington, we have the potomac river, of course all the cement and the asphalt near the airport and the city and holds the temperatures. we're sitting at 72 at national. you get out to some of the rural areas, already down to 60 degrees. in the low to mid 50s by sunday
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morning. along with bowie, 68 on the bay in north beach and 65 white oak. down south, dumfries, manassas, all in the mid 60s. we're in for a good night tonight and i think a decent sunday. in fact, in the morning in washington, we'll be in the low to mid 60s by 6:00. again, 50s in the suburbs. there could be some clouds around tomorrow morning as well to start the day, i think they will burn off, a mix of clouds and sunshine by lunchtime, 75. on our way close to 80. tomorrow is going to be a good day for your plans, you have monday afternoon evening plans, maybe a sports thing or after work, after school activities. even the drive home. that could be impacted by thunderstorms. monday will be yellow alert day. more on that in just a few minutes. a man hunt is underway tonight in up state new york for two convicted murders who staged a daring escape. 34-year-old, david sweat and 48- year-old, richard matt escaped from the maximum security clinton correctional facility. clinton is new york's largest
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maximum security prison. the two inmates were discovered missing during a bed check early this morning. instead, guards found a hole cut through a prison cell wall and an uncovered manhole outside. >> no doubt that it was an extraordinary act. you have a facility that opened in 1865, just think about it. this is the first escape from the maximum security portion of the institution ever. >> wow. authorities also notified the royal canadian police because the clinton correctional facility is 25 miles from the canadian border. seven people are recovering from gun shot wounds for a violent friday night in the district of columbia. d.c. police say an attempted robbery may be the motive for a triple shooting in the 100 block of irvington street southwest. police also reported shootings overnight in the 300 block of upshire street northwest. the 3800 block of 8th street
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southeast and in had the 800 block of chesapeake street southeast. we spoke with d.c. police an hour ago. right now, looking into whether any of those shootings are related. well, still ahead tonight, the first official photos of the newest member of the royal family. stick around. and people who live in the central plains are bracing for nasty weather tonight. and howard is tracking storms heading our way. we're back in ♪ there's nothing wrong with being flashy. ♪ so long as you've done the work to back it up. ♪
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new warnings tonight for violent storms across the central plains. this nasty weather could extend from colorado into kansas, nebraska and iowa through the weekend. now colorado has been dealing with tornadoes, heavy rain, and damaging hail over the past few days. and the most recent storms have been moving too quickly to cause widespread flooding. storms spawned several tornadoes in colorado friday and believe it or not, no serious injuries were reported. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> tough break over there for sure. >> not atypical for them to get storms this time of year. the severe storm threats farther north to the canadian border as the jet stream lives
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north. >> look at that, you know stuff. you kind of know stuff. >> a thing or two. you know, 3-degree guarantee time. >> is that what time it is? >> we missedded it by this much today. reagan national, let's show you what's going on. reagan national got to 85 degrees. forecast high was 81. so, that's wrong. that close it was. >> you're always so good. >> so close, so close. it was a pretty decent day. dulles was only 79. if we average them, we would have been right there. but we don't do it that way. we take reagan national. 72 right now. partly cloudy out there. winds are south at 9 miles an hour. that's trying to bring a little bit of moisture, but we'll have fairly light winds out of the east tonight. temperatures, big difference from in town and in the rural areas. look at frederic at 59. along with front royal. oakland is at 55. holding on to 72 in town. 60s across the bay and heavier showers across parts of the eastern shore, southern maryland, even the northern
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neck earlier this afternoon and to the evening hours. fredericksburg also, one of the warm spots at 71 degrees. so, a pleasant night, a comfortable sunday. temperatures in the 70s to maybe a few low 80s. humidity and storms are going to return monday afternoon along with temperatures in the 80s. some of these storms could be strong to severe. we're talking about a yellow alert for monday. drying out some on tuesday. can't rule out a shower or isolated storm and get ready for some of the hottest weather of the summer season, early summer season if you will. temperatures by thursday, friday, saturday, lower to mid 90s. satellite and radar has really quieted down for the earlier showers and storms. a couple clouds here and there. we've got high pressure off across ontario. we are still on the cool side of the high, but as the high shifts east, our winds turn more south and that will bring the warmth back and that is going to happen as early as monday. for tonight into tomorrow morning, a few clouds, but should be fairly quiet start to
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your sunday. we'll see skies go partly sunny here. any shower sunday afternoon well to the west in the mountain. so we head to monday, partly cloudy skies, by midday, the showers and storms start to build. in the mountains, by mid afternoon, everything starts to approach d.c. by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, this could mess the commute home and some of the evening. some of the heavier showers and storms, that's why i have the yellow alert up for monday. for tonight, mid 50s, even some lower 50s in some of the outer suburbs. 64 in town. comfortable. winds northeast to east. generally 5 miles an hour. tomorrow will be a partly sunny day. a mix of sun and clouds. by 1:00, 76. we're talking mid to low 70s by lunchtime. upper 70s to low 80s for your afternoon high. winds south to southeast at 10 to 12 miles per hour. you'll see the yellow alert on monday with afternoon and
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evening storms. tuesday, still very warm, isolated shower and here comes the heat big time. on thursday, friday, low to mid 90s and could see a storm friday. we'll see a better chance on saturday. so you got tickets to the nats game tomorrow. >> excellent, i wish i had some tickets. you know what i do have, i have a story about a baby. britain's royal family released its first official photo of prince and charlotte. shown with her brother, prince george, haven't been seen publicly since she left the hospital after she was born in may. >> they look like a normal family. >> the newly released photos were taken two weeks ago by the children's mother. the duchess of cambridge. charlotte was born may 2, the little princess is fourth in line to the thrown. try and follow that, dave. >> i can get you tickets to a nats game. >> i'm listening. >> make some phone calls for you. i'm going to talk about the triple crown. we have baseball, we're all over the map today. no doubt about it.
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first, talking college baseball, which we don't talk about all that much. but this finish between maryland and virginia, wow. your terp fan, you may want to
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now, wusa9 game on sports with dave owens, brought to you by exfinty. >> they always say you can tell something is significant on television. when everybody stops and watches, well, shortly after our newscast at 6:00, everybody around here huddled around the television to see if american pharoah can actually make history. could he pull this thing off? by now, you already know the answer. yes, and it wasn't even close. >> american pharoah has a two length lead. frosted is all out and here it is. the 37 year wait is over. american pharoah is finally the one. american pharoah has won the triple crown. >> i get chills just watching that, don't you? cool stuff. the drought is over. only secretaryotte won the belmont faster. what a story. the horse with the short tail.
11:24 pm
part of it bitten off by another horse. believe that? i didn't know that. going wire to wire. wire to wire in electrifying fashion. here's his owner. >> this is for the sport, 37 years. i'm so thrilled and honored, privileged, humbled, excited. this is all for you. >> he's excited. >> two games, 18 innings, the terps dominated 16 or so of those innings. those other two, wow. gut punch. they lost game one late yesterday. boy, check this out, let's set the scene for you. maryland now leading 3-2 in the 8th. this is anthony. don't you just love it. that's what howard bernstein sayings. >> he doesn't know what that means. >> that made it 4-2. maryland led 3-0 yesterday in the 8th and lost to the 9th.
11:25 pm
virginia loadings the bases. kevin mooney walks one, so it was 4-3. now walks in a run. next batter, ernie, oh no, oh no. oh yeah, there goes my hero. two runs score. virginia coming back to eliminate maryland. they rush the field and look at the maryland players. boy, shock. that's a tough one. virginia moving on to the college baseball world series. all right, nats, joe ross just called up from aa. smoking joe they should call him. he retired the first nine batters he faced. anthony rizzo off the wall. five innings, three earned runs. bryce harper, he's been lifting. yeah, look at that. his 19th. leads the majors, but just not enough. the cubs kept nibbling. and pedro says nope, strop says nope and nats lose 4-2. o's and indians, buck showalter and the
11:26 pm
boys this afternoon. manny, this guy rock em, sock em pop em. bye bye. opposite field into the wind, 9th inning. tie game. 6th inning, carlos santana ripping one and jason, this guy is motoring. all the way around the score. cleveland pulls on to win 2-1. >> was that night? >> night ranger. i love that. d.c. united tough at home. and look at this setup on the corner kick. fabian, i just like saying his name. sets up steve to make it 1- 0d.c. united. later, toronto blasting one, andrew filling in for the injured. drops his first home game. basketball, we are all over the place tonight. basketball, thorough, natasha cloud firing that ball up into the cloud into the net.
11:27 pm
not just a three point play, a four point play. the three pointer and she got banged on the arm for the free throw. carol pushed the dagger in the new york liberty. mystics, 2-0, they went 67-62. >> hockey, stanley cup. >> everywhere. >> tampa bay taking on chicago. third period. brit seabrook lines it up. five minutes later, jason garrison unties it. tampa bay evening the series with a 4-3 win. all right, so good stuff there. >> exciting day. >> it's all over the map today, but that triple crown, how about that? >> that was amazing. who is the guy that you like to say his name? >> fabian. >> you told me that he likes to say the name dave owens. we'll be right back with a look
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tty/v so, nats game is going to be nice. >> it looked good. should be a dry day. monday has the potential for strong storms in the afternoon. upper 80s and look at heat build. mid 90s potentially. >> you don't like that weather? >> it doesn't matter. i run in anything. >> thank you for watching. we'll see you back here
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tty/v hey, i'm sorry, buddy. are you all right? i hope i didn't ruin your suit! (grunts) (grunting continues) what is that? calvin klein?! (rain continues) (rain fades away) (waves lapping, birds squawking) (indistinct chatter, gavel banging) owen: what happened? o-okay. o-okay. yeah, i... i will tell her. i love you, mom. good luck. didn't know he had committed fraud? i've done a full inventory since fall. i resolved to give investigators my memos and e-mails. and you think that's the extent of your responsibility? look i run a software company, that's all. i'm involved in the big picture, not all these details. you mean details like defrauding the irs for $430 million? both: objection! yes. thank you.


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