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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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nick: jack has done over the bunkers. they're now twice as deep. jim: how hard of an up and down will it be for lingmerth? upslope? nick: i don't think it's too bad. the slope is a huge help. it might leave him a downhill six-footer. jim: just a sea of supporters ringing the 1th green and lined up all the way down the fairway some 10 deep.
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nick: it could be a little bit of -- the courtesy on tour is if you miss the green you play up first. is he away first peter? peter: he's asking justin and justin was looking around for slugger white and here he comes with a slow jog. nick: from my angle, rose might be given further from the hole. peter: i don't believe so. -- i believe so >> sure. you want justin? you want to go, just season >> go ahead, gid. peter: in this situation since it's still stroke play, there's no mandate that the ball away has to go and that's what lingmerth was asking. he's ready to go. it's not as much on an upslope as he might prefer, so he's got a fairly small area to land this on and control his distance. nick: he has a very strong
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right-hand grip, peter. that makes it more different for the bunker players. peter: yeah, you have to open the blade a lot more. nick: look at this. that's just about justin rose played his incredible third shot in regulation play. something like a big three-footer. jim: and it's not slick downhill or anything you might have thought. it's going to be one that he can stroke confidently. it's going to be a four for lingmerth in all likelihood. and rose, david feherty you're down there. how hard a two-putt will this be? one-putt for the win. david: it will be a heck of a
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one-putt. a crrble amount of right to left on it. it will pick up some speed about halfway. nick: would it track close to his line 10 minutes ago david? david: no, it's below that it's going to have a little more swing. nick: well, he's ready. didn't take long to read it. jim: can he brush another one in for a dramatic victory? look at all this break though. two putts would be quite good. and i think he's asured that. and if they both knock them from in from here they're going to actually go after this to the 16th hole. big your pardon, they're going to go to the 10th hole next. the 10th hole.
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nick: which is just 25 yards away. be interesting how they can move -- what, a good 5,000 people around the 18th? move them close to the 10th. jim: at least that. peter: he's been rock solid on all putts of this length from what i've seen today. nick: yes just a nasty one. just inside left g. peter: if you die on it you'll give the hole away, which i'm not sure he wants to do. jim: got his four.
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and i wouldn't think there'd be a whole lot on this one david. david: no. very little. it's not a tap-in, though. jim: heading to playoff hole number three. steps away. to the -- steps away to the 10th. give anyone an advantage playing the 10th? that is one of the strongest holes out here, nick. nick: where's that wind going a little left to right? jim: yes for them off this 10th tee, it will be a left-to-right wind. it's actually gusting pretty good. nick: yeah, rosie lost his in the right rough in regulation play but a tiny bit of dampness
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in the air. a little later not quite as hot so need a really good tee shot off this one gary mccord. jim: gary, you get to make the call here, my friend. gary: we have the hole that's the second ranked hardest hole on the golf course. slugger is pointing over here to someone. and you guys were talking about moving a lot of people and there's going to be a lot of people streaming of that -- over that left-hand side to get over a little bridge to get over that creek to go up towards the viewing so these guys might have to sit for a minute. ok let's set this hole up. there have only been five birdies here all day. the proximation of this hole is front right. it's been about 40 feet. again, it looks like a couple of pars and get out of here. if you flinch you have bunker on the left, bunkers on the right
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and some big, big dark, deep grass everywhere if you miss the fairway. peter: yeah, imperative that you hit the fairway. so lingmerth still has the honor. gary: peter this has been the toughest fairway to hit all day. peter: i think it's a little easier for david because he didn't doesn't hit it quite as far as justin. he can take it inside and let the ground funnel it toward the middle. that's a great shot. they're clapping. perfect. peter, he's not flinching at all, is he? peter: nope, he's had the same attitude. really impressive for somebody who's not won before on the pga tour. gary: we have 463 yards today and that hole cut just over that bunker. just a step and a half basically. justin has played the holbert
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with that birdie, one urd -- under. david: just leaking. gary: right over the top of the camera and remember that long grass we talked about. that's just a bad angle. jim: we'll be back at the memorial tournament, presented by nationwide in just a moment.
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we had three tied for the lead heading down to the final couple of holes. it has been close throughout and now we're on to the third hole of a playoff featuring england's justin rose, sweden's david lingmerth. now back in regulation that would have been over two and a half hours ago this was lingmerth for a par. nick: he hit his second shot long back into the middle of the green and justin rose did well because he was in the right rough but had a shot and then judges this one very nicely. jim: have to find out what kind of lie rose is going to have. there are some issues over there. there's a little forest he's
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going to have to contend with. david: yeah, not good. peter: lingmerth has 185 yards which is a fairly substantial distance to attack that hole location gary. gary: yeah, we're looking at this lie by justin rose. i imagine he'll give that a glance before he hits that one. peter: he is not paying any attention to it whatsoever. look at that. the best players in the world. 10 feet is the closest anyone got. 71 attempts. a little rain coming through. wasn't any lightning or anything like that in it. we're waiting for the big event here hours from now. but right now peter kostis, we have to take something past the bunker past the pin and get it in the middle of the green i would assume. peter: yeah, and the thing that justin has to realize 30 feet
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for lingmerth is going to be a really good shot which means probably more likely than not a four. so it's not mandatory that justin try to knock his on the green. gary: again, the average second shot here is 40 feet. peter: he's got a 5-iron. gary: see that flag over there? two bunkers on the right. that bunker right underneath bill there's the flag. good strike. started left, peter. point of view it's very high. it's cutting. just left of the hole. gary: very good. very good. peter: just like you draw it up there. gary: and he had the same putt
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today and he left that one short, so he knows exactly what's going on with this one. david: you're not going to believe this some kind of utility wood. he's got 147 yards to the hole. the only thing i can think of is he's trying to hit a low something and chop it onto the green. oh heavens get down. oh, nurse. oh that may be down the 11th if it missed everybody. gary: no, it didn't. there are too many people here. look at all these people on this hole. everybody came in unison right over here to the 10th hole. and david, they stopped it. otherwise that ball was gone. it was gone. peter: that one is going to leave a mark, i can tell you that. gary: he hit this thing in a hurry. way left. i was worried about that stake right there. he didn't think at this point that he was going to make this
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good a contact. very clever shot, though, trying there -- this he wanted to make sure he got past. the longest playoff in tournament history. 40 years that's pretty good. 409 anniversary, memorial tournament. congratulations. everybody associated with this fantastic event. i remember when i came here, it was the second year i came here in 1977. never saw anything like it. i didn't want to take a divot on the driving range. i mean, i'm thinking, guys, that the reason he hit that shot, david feherty, he just wanted to get past the flag. you don't want to get underneath in a bunker. david: yes, no space to work with there. it just came out like a rocket.
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gary: he's going to have plenty of green and it's downhill so, again, other than the situation he left himself right where he needed to. i can see a lot of that ball right there, too. nick: if he can get the right feel and strike on this, he'll need to field it over the hill and run it down. because that's going to be quick, sergeant it? david: actually, it's not lying too badly. nick: he's got to get the right kind of forward bobble to just get over the hill. if it lands too softly it would go hard right and too hot it would cross the other side of the green. gary: i have a lot of confidence in him after watching the first couple of playoff holes. nick: i agree. david: i sort of like them both. we might be here a while.
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gary: we could. we're going to go from here to 14 the short par 4 and get these people back around towards the 18th tee again if we go that far. david: this is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. gary: of course, -- where should he pitch the ball on the green david? david: i think about 10 feet on the green. gary: did you hear all those cameras click as soon as he hit it? that's hot coming in that's going to leave him 20, 22 feet maybe for his par? so all of a sudden david lingmerth is looking pretty good. david: just tossed it a little too far.
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gary: it just glanced and therefore we have this putt. you're right peter kostis. the main thing i'm looking for an expression from lingmerth, any expression at all. i can't see one. peter: nope. not there. now, this putt is downhill to start but it's uphill the last 10 or 15 feet, which is probably why he left it short in regulation. he knows that now. gary: and from that graphic you see if he does make that putt and i don't think this is going to be churning too hard when it gets there it will be the longest putt he's made this year. i'd take my two-putt and just stand there and watch.
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this ball won't break back. boy, he overcorrected there and gave it a little highlight there at the end and he's got it about four feet by, looks like. this is quite a back and forth battle. guys get in position, the other guy gets out of position. they juxtapose they keep going back. look at justin. he's still got work to do. david, what do we have? david: well, this, i think is going to turn a little right to left to start with but then straighten up at the end. it is not an easy putt to read, the front of this green. gary: we're talking what 20 feet here 18 feet? david: yeah, it's got to be 20 i would have thought. gary: so it's one finger outside
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right edge, david? david: yeah. gary: get that line and figure it out now. they've officially got this one at 17 feet, five inches, if that means anything. that's not dead. wow. that's six feet by the home.
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peter: he hasn't given up his turn. gary: no. they're going to stare at each other here to see which one is out. david: i'm too nervous to read it. gary: lingmerth is out right? guys? peter: justin had a look at it, went back and kept his hand in his pocket. didn't look like it to me from here but so be it. this to win. gary: this putt here right around six feet. this putt -- there we go. 4'6". this week, the graphic again 50-50. peter: i told you he was rock solid on these.
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gary: rock solid! david lingmerth! his first tournament win and the 40th anniversary of the memorial tournament! let's go down to david feherty. david, after a couple of second-place finishes, you finally break through with your first victory at jack's memorial tournament. how special is this and how great is this day? david: i can't believe it right now. i'm so happy. i don't know where to go. peter: you deserved it. you played great. david: thank you i appreciate it. jim: that was all grit. david lingmerth, 21 holes today to finally taste victory. nick: i agree. we talked about the last three holes. the pressure of those and the pressure of that playoff was
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quite immense so congratulations to david. he hung in there and for a first time win that was incredibly impressive. jim: he's the seventh first time winner on tour this year. a winning par to defeat justin rose to tack the memorial tournament presented by nationwide. and again tonight on cbs "60 minutes" and the live broadcast of the tony awards, tonight on cbs. he may not look it but you could tell by his answer, he's stunned right there. nick: oh, he will be. he'll be in song and enjoy the shock. jim: for nick and all the crew, jim nantz saying so long. congratulations, david lingmerth, the champion for the first time.
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right now a violent weekend shakes the district. at least 13 people have been shot or stacked. good evening. i am debra alfarone. that most recent shooting happened two hours ago on 21st street and betting road northeast. an adult man expected to recover from minor injuries. it started when seven people were shot early saturday. then early this morning investigators say four people were stabbed near 7th and 8th streets in chinatown. police are still on the hunt for suspects. >> reporter: this all happened at around 2:30 this morning near the 800 block of 7th street northwest. this is just right across the street from the verizon center
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and the four victims included three men and one woman. dozens of people had no idea they were walking right over the bloody footprints of bare feet on the sidewalk sunday afternoon. earlier this morning police tell us this is the area where someone stabbed a woman in the shoulder and neck. a man in the back of the head and another in the arm. they didn't describe the fourth scrimmage's injuries or provide any details on what could have started this, but just word of a multiple stabbing was enough for people downtown today. >> it's like a secure place. so i am quite shocked. >> i don't like it. a lot of nice things here. >> there needs to be more regulation. more people like cops coming here and regulating this area more. >> reporter: throughout the district d.c. saw 13 people shot and stabbed this weekend. but even with this rash of violence, corey good says d.c.
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is still better off. >> this with as a parking lot. we used to park our cars there. i used to work on g street, you know? so to see this, i remember seeing homeless people and this was really like, you know, to just see the change overall over the years, it's a major improvement. the people of d.c. is trying to change. the environment is changing. hopefully, you will be a part of that. if you are not, well then move elsewhere. >> reporter: the stabbing police gave a vague description of the male and female suspects. all four victims were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. stephanie ramirez. >> and d.c. police are also searching for a black chrysler or an infinity with tinted windows said to be involved in the triple shooting. police call police if you have info. howard bernstein, we have a shortened show here. talk to us about the weather. >> tomorrow we have to watch out for storms. on the futurecast you can see in the afternoon we will have strong to potentially severe storms mid to late afternoon
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and evening. we will watch that very carefully. three day forecast. yellow alert tomorrow. 89. storms tuesday. 87. wednesday 89. here comes some serious heat. thursday, friday, saturday a stray afternoon storms with highs in the low-to-mid 90s. hello summertime. >> we have a lot of good stories tonight. the girl scout troup is visiting. thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11. >> there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers
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with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> whitaker: welcome to the "mile high" city, where marijuana, long a symbol of the counter culture, now is just a part of everyday culture. it's a thursday night in downtown denver, and we were invited to a marijuana food and wine pairing catering to young professionals. you might expect to see the band toking up, but here everybody is. denver is the epicenter of a marijuana industry that is now in full bloom. this is not somebody's backyard. >> this is industrial agriculture, absolutely. >> alfonsi: super-storm sandy killed 117 people and caused more than $60 billion worth of damage in 2012.


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