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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ear-old man who felt some teens and a young adult were disrespecting them smacked one of them knocking three to the ground. police say there could be more arrests. bruce leshan is live with our story. >> reporter: almost 2.7 million people have now watched the video of this assault online. some are convinced the younger men must have done something to provoke the attack and got what they deserved. others think this older man was completely out of control and a warning, the video for a lot of us, pretty disturbing. a short twitter video starts at 1 end of the train. the 54-year-old hits two teen- agers. >> you ready? you ready? >> reporter: then another man, a young adult, allegedly calls the attacker a name that rhymes
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with witch. on facebook somebody is rolling on sunday afternoon from the other end of the train. >> don't play with me. >> reporter: but the younger man gets back up and the older one knocks him to the floor of the southbound green line train. >> you ready to go again? come on. >> oh, damn! >> reporter: metro transit police say they did respond and talked to the two adults, but the younger man declined to press charges and there were no arrests. >> want to go again? >> oh, damn. >> damn! >> reporter: he was not charged in this. the younger man didn't want to press charges. >> i should say not. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> because they are knocked out. >> reporter: but later sunday afternoon a parent of one of the teens called police to complain the teen had been assaulted and detectives are following up.
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>> that's crazy. that should have been a police on that train. >> don't play with me. >> i think it's sad. it's absolutely ridiculous that it had to come to that, but it looked like the man was defending himself. >> reporter: now people usually don't start rolling video taking pictures until they see something happen and a lot of people seem to think that the children, the teen- agers are out of control on metro. so we likely missed the video on this, but there is nothing we saw in the video that seems likely of provoking this attack. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> that is unique, thank you. metro declined to talk on camera about the incident citing the fact there is an ongoing investigation. from violence on the metro to violence across the district one woman died in one of two incidents where four people were stabbed. in all at least 17 people were
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shot and stabbed and that spike in violence has some residents concerned. ellison barber joins us live in northwest d.c. with the story. >> reporter: around 9:30 last night police responded to this corner of t street, the reports of a quadruple stabbing that left one woman dead. it has some concerned violence is increasing. a quiet apartment building steps away from the bustle of 14th and u street was covered in crime tape surrounded by police lights sunday night. d.c. police responded to the building around 9:30 and found four people suffering from stab wounds. three of the victims were taken to the hospital. one now is identified as 64- year-old santos ventura later died. manuel antonio ramos was arrested and charged with first degree murder. neighbors say ramos and ventura were married and lived in an apartment on e thsecond floor. this stabbing wasn't the on one in d.c. in china town four people were stabbed after an
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argument inside this walgreen's spilled outside. the incident report says the suspect went to his car, came back with a of new, stabbed the -- with a knife, stabbed the four people he was arguing with and fled in his car. >> this weekend there was a lot of violence. >> reporter: police made an arrest in the case, but that was only part of the violence this weekend. three men were shot on irvington street southwest early saturday morning. there were shootings in southeast, southwest and northwest. at least eight shootings were reported in d.c. those and the stabbings all happened this weekend, but they were all unrelated. >> kind of surprising. that's kind of a record, right? >> reporter: it has some residents worried. >> i'm always kind of watching to see the behavior of people around me just to not live in fear but to be responsive. >> reporter: sources with the d.c. police department tell me despite these incidents overall violent crime in d.c. has not increased. some of the violence that happened in weekend that has concerned residents the most seems to be the two quadruple
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unrelated stabbings, but again police made arrests in both of those cases. i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> the man arrested in the china town stabbing is 19-year- old ryan may charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. a drug dealing organization selling heroin and crack in montgomery and the prince george's counties no longer exists today after what's being call an unprecedented operation. that's the word from the fbi who along with local police staged the large scale roundup of suspected drug dealers this morning in silver spring and in prince george's county. garrett haake has been following up on this developing story and is live from the newsroom. what do we know about this group itself, garrett? >> the investigation into this drug trafficking group began more than a year ago when residents complained to police about drug dealers running what amounted to an open air drug market in their neighborhood. today law enforcement swept in executing more than 30 search warrants simultaneously. prosecutors say the dealers
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were operating out of the bellpre housing complex in silver spring selling crack cocaine and heroin and business was good, but this morning fbi agents and several area police forces served 30 warrants at once arresting 18 people on federal charges from street level dealers to the suppliers of the group in hackensack. >> today we have identified and brought evidence against this drug trafficking organization and we eliminated that group. they no longer exist. they've been taken out of that neighborhood all the way up to the source of supply in new jersey. >> prosecutors say they seized at least 11 handguns in the raids this morning, something they believe speaks to the violent nature of the group they now say no longer exists. reporting live garrett haake, wusa9. >> all 18 people charged with federal crimes face minimum 10 year convicted. prosecutors hope the heavy
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sentences could serve as a deterrent to others. the trial of the accused killer of hannah graham took place today. peggy fox was in the courtroom for the emotional testimony where this victim revealed new and sometimes graphic information about that attack. >> reporter: the victim fought back tears as she described fighting off her attacker who she says not only sexually assaulted her with his hand but also tried to have intercourse with her. that part is new. now look at some of the video today of the defense team walking into the courtroom for the first day of this trial. jury shrek lasted about four hours -- selection lasted about four hours and then we had opening statements and then the first witness. second witness was the victim. the woman said she was walking
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home on the evening of september 24th, 2005, from a giant grocery store on jermantown road and was almost to her row house when she came across an african american man asking her questions. she walked faster and heard foot steps behind her. suddenly she said he lifted her up, started carrying her, dropped her, picked her up again and dragged her by her feet. she said he took her to a grassy area near some woods, threw her to the ground, sat on her legs and began choking her and slamming her head against the ground. she remembers him taking off her pants and assaulting her. she became emotional when she described the attack and said she used her hands to try to push him away. she said she fought back screaming and scratching him. suddenly she was gone. a man who happened to drive into the parking lot startled the attack are with his headlight -- attacker with his headlights. he said he heard someone calling for help faintly and saw the victim naked covered in blood. she told him there was a guy, an african american man who fled into the woods.
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he could not find the attacker but got the woman help from neighbors who called 911. prosecutors say the dna collected under the victim's fingernail matches jesse matthew. commonwealth attorney ray morrogh said to the jury today in the whole world's population there is only one person who has that dna profile and it's jesse matthew. jesse matthew's dna has been linked also to the abduction and murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. her parents jill and dan sat in the front row today. it was the first time dan harrington saw matthew in person. here's what his wife said. >> it was the first time that dan was in the presence of jesse matthew and i know that he did have some hard moments and felt kind of rattled during the proceedings, but i think we're holding up really well and we'll continue to do so.
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were matthew has not been -- >> reporter: matthew has not been charged in the harrington case. he does face capital murder charges in the hannah graham abduction and murder case. in the hannah graham case if he is convicted, he faces the death penalty here. if he is convicted in this fairfax case, he faces life in prison. i'm peggy fox reporting live in fairfax, back to you. >> that jury consists of seven men and seven women, two alternatives and the trial is expected to last through next week. the man known as the east coast rapist pleaded guilty to three more charges in prince george's county. aaron thomas is already serving three life terms in prince william county and another two life terms in loudoun. today's plea stems from charges he kidnapped and raped six women between 1997 and 2001. thomas will be sentenced to life in prison on those charges. the national transportation safety board is looking into an accident involving a plane from
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dulles airport. the united airlines flight skidded off the runway onto some grass last night at the buffalo niagra airport. extreme weather may have played a part in it. there were high winds at the time. passengers say the plane circled the airport at least three times before it even tried to land. >> turned left at the end. >> i'm sorry. say it again. roger. >> looking out both windows it was pretty clear we weren't on a runway. >> those are words you never want to hear. there were no injuries, though. passengers and crew evacuated and were taken to the terminal. united airlines attributed incident to the high winds. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a cop drawls his gun and gets down-- draws his gun and gets downright aggressive with teens at a pool party all caught on video, the latest on that investigation at 5:30. >> a tornado watch covers the entire metro area until 8:00 and a severe thunderstorm
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warning until 5:15 for fairfax county. howard will dissect that storm. we'll take you through futurecast, tell you when the severe weather threat is over tonight. >> the ntsb issues metro an ultimatum after that deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. >> reporter: two convicted murderers are on the loose after a daring weekend
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this is a red alert day. wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> essentially the entire metro area under a tornado watch until 8:00 tonight. we're now looking at what's shaded in red. that means you're under a tornado watch, does not include southern maryland, but
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you, too, could see severe weather. up into pennsylvania north of hagerstown severe thunderstorm warnings up i-81. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's getting dark in northwest because the big storm off the southwest is moving in, 88 now. dew points in the 70s. that is not a comfortable thing. it can add to the formation of severe weather. winds south at about 20. the radar, over the last hour we still see big thunderstorms off to the south and west. so we have one set of storms going through now and another set back along i-81 that will move through during the evening. this prompted a severe thunderstorm warning for page and shenandoah county until 6 p.m. this is a pretty big storm around hagerstown northward into pennsylvania around breezewood. they're looking at a severe thunderstorm warning near adams until 6:15 and franklin and york counties in pennsylvania until about 6:15. that means the severe thunderstorm produces wind over 60 miles an hour and/or has
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hail about an inch in diameter. we'll zoom back down and track these heavy storms in the shenandoah moving north and east at about 38 miles an hour. this will head toward front royal on our storm tracker probably at about 5:28 and upperville at about 5:55, but notice back to the far right hand portion of your screen, fairfax, that was a big storm. i know the warning is gone, but that's still an important storm. >> this is still a very strong thunderstorm with a lot of lightning, very half rainfall rates. so we'll have some blinding rains potentially and some winds. it has fallen below severe levels, but we're tracking this as it comes toward alexandria, the district and southern montgomery. so anybody trying to commute on the outer loop, you can see what's happening there. that lightning is coming in toward arlington headed toward northwest d.c., so between annandale and northwest now. the worst of it is past you, but it's just in towards
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georgetown and in a few minutes washington as well as it moves east at 40 miles an hour with rainfall rates up to 8 inches per hour, silver spring at 5:26, college park 5:31 and lanham about 5:38. it looks like a busy night, topper. >> even though they aren't under a warning yet, we could see that again. let's talk about tornado safety because everybody is under a tornado watch until 8:00. go to the basement or interior room. stay away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris. weather headlines, tornado watch until 8:00 except for southern maryland, heavy to severe storms possible until midnight. the storms will linger a bit into tuesday morning, not in a big way. by 8:30 tonight the second line of showers and storms from frederick to leesburg back to culpeper, so we aren't done. by 10:00 there's still heavy storms essentially from d.c. up into howard county toward
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baltimore with heavy storms still back to the west into the mountains. so we'll be here watching this till about midnight. on the day planner 74 at 7:00, 77 at 9:00, 84 by 1:00, maybe a sprinkle. next three days leftover shower or storm tomorrow, 88. hot but not humid wednesday and hot, isolated thunderstorms on thursday, back in the low 90s. 90s are here to stay, low 90s on friday, saturday, around 90 on sunday, around 90 on monday with isolated storms every afternoon. right now the search is intensifying for two convicted murderers who broke out of new york's largest maximum prison over the weekend. investigators are looking into whether this pair had help from the inside as they made their big escape. jill wagner reports from dannemora, new york. >> reporter: convicted murderers david sweat and richard matt are on the run for a third day since they pulled off their daring escape at the
5:19 pm
clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. the killers used power tools to cut through steel and bricks, then shimmied through a maze of underground steam pipes and tunnels before they passed out of a manhole and ran for it. >> there's limited surveillance tape with the facility. we have taken a look. nothing has been fruitful at this time for our investigation. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo is convinced the men had help but says he would be shocked if a prison guard was involved. police are interviewing hundreds of civilian contractors and employees here at the 170-year-old prison which has been undergoing an extensive renovation. the prison is about 20 miles from the canadian border. officials say the men could be anywhere. >> we're leave nothing stone unturned. >> reporter: matt was serving 25 years to life for kidnapping, killing and boss in 1997. sweat was in for life for killing a sheriff's deputy in 2002. officials say both are considered armed and extremely
5:20 pm
dangerous. jill wagner, cbs news, den more remarks new york -- den mora, new york -- dannemora, new york. >> there is a $100,000 reward leading up to the capture of those men. as part of its investigation into metro's deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza in january the national transportation safety board today ordered an immediate safety investigation. investigators found some power supplies were improperly built and installed that could result in smoke events. so the ntsb asked wmata to fix the problem as soon as possible today. a problem with some jeeps is causing the brakes to come on all by themselves. >> plus a formidable foe squares off against spotify and pandora for streaming sumpremacy all ahead in tonight's consumer alert. >> we'll look at what world le
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the g-7 summit is all wrapped up in germany. president obama and the other leaders decided to keep in place sanctions against russia over the fight in ukraine.
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they called upon greece to adopt tough economic reforms for its debt crisis and want to wane world economies off fossil fuels by the end of the century. president obama said the u.s. is ready to help in the fight against isis. >> we want to get more iraqi security forces trained, fresh, well equipped and focused. >> president obama said part of the problem in iraq is there are not enough iraqis to fill the training classes the americans are willing to hold. in tonight also consumer alert stocks lost ground across the board the start of this week, the dow falling 83 points. the nasdaq fell 47 points and the s&p 500 fell 14 points. nhtsa is investigating consumer complaints about unintended braking in the 2014 jeep grand cherokee. consumers say the braking system which is consigned to help avoid collisions comes on -- designed to help a vied collisions comes on for no reason.
5:25 pm
this -- avoid collisions comes on for no reason. no crashes or injuries have been reported. the speculation is over. apple's new music streaming service is now available. the company plans to sign up 100 million subscribers for its apple music. the tech giant is looking to gain a stronger position in the paid music streaming business and a base that would trump competitors like spotify, pandora and others. there are reports samsung plans to offer mobile payments on a smart watch. it's the same type of technology apple uses in its smart watch. samsung said its mobile pay system should be available by fall. forget florida. turns out you don't have to look too far from here to find a great place to retire. >> yeah. according to phoenix, arizona is, really where you want to spend your golden year, but the second best area is arlington and alexandria, virginia. prescott and tucson, arizona
5:26 pm
are third and fourth. straight ahead what writers are saying about the fancy new railcars now on metro's red line. >> plus music mayhem, why cops separate music fans at a concert last night. >> a cop pulled a gun on teams at a pool party all caught onand stephanie ramirez has the latest on the investigation. >> right after the break topper with the latest on that severe weather including a tornado watch for the entire metro. stick around.
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this is a red alert day, wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> the red counties filled in here is the tornado watch until 8:00. got some big thunderstorms pushing through to the north and west, southwest and also in town. there's not a warning anymore, but this is a very heavy thunderstorm, frequent lightning, heavy downpours, rainfall rate over 2 inches an hour pushing off to the north and east. it's going right through the district into prince george's county headed toward bowie and mitchellville across root 50 if you're trying to go back home -- route 50 if you're trying to go back home toward annapolis. this has a severe thunderstorm warning until 6 p.m. including our friends in page and shenandoah county pushing north and east headed off toward north royal, solid line of heavy thunderstorms winchester up i-81 through martinsburg into hagerstown. the red is rainfall rates over
5:30 pm
1 inch per hour, up to greencastle and a severe thunderstorm warning for adams, franklin and york county in pennsylvania. get ready. we will come back and have howard highlight that one storm down in the southwest part of our area and tell you if that is actually the possibility of having a little bit of sheer or rotation in just a minute. in about an hour from now a protest is expected to take place in a place called mckinney, texas. this is where an officer is under administrative leave after this cell phone video showing him wrestling a bikini clad teenager to the ground surfaced and immediately went viral. it happened over this past weekend. our stephanie ramirez joins us from the newsroom to explain how it went down. >> this incident happened friday according to police. now the naacp is calling for a full investigation. even the town's mayor said he is concerned and disturbed by what he saw, but today we're seeing more come out in support
5:31 pm
of the officer's actions. here's another look at this video. >> i told you to stay! >> reporter: this is cell phone video that surfaced over the weekend after dozens of officers responded to a disturbance at a texas pool, but the part that sparked national outrage is when the officer identified as corporal eric casebolt forced a 15-year- old african american girl to the ground and in the video pulled out his service weapon on a group of teens that tried to intervene. sunday police held a last minute meeting to address concerned residents. >> wasn't right. his force was excessive. >> he grabbed her arm to try to handcuff her and she immediately started resisting. she should have just stopped at this point like anybody and sat down and put her hands behind her back and he said lie on the floor and she wouldn't. >> these are children. they got to be able to handle things in a better manner than this. >> i do believe he was trying to restore order. i don't believe it was anything
5:32 pm
malicious. >> reporter: mckinney police chief greg conley. >> it's something we have to look into. >> police did tell the teens to leave mullet tell times. of the dozens of officers who -- multiple time. of the dozens of officers who responded, casebolt is the only one being investigated. >> one person was arrested. we have not heard announcements from the justice department whether they'll also look into this. a night of music turned into mayhem in jersey. >> crowds turn angry when hundreds of fans even with tickets were not allowed inside the summer jam hip-hop concert last night. cops can be even using pepper spray to get people to leave after what officials called a crowd control problem. >> people have been standing out here over 3 1/2 hours trying to get into a concert that they paid their money for and they wouldn't let us in. the way they treat success like animals. >> some fans could be seen --
5:33 pm
treat us is like animals. >> some fans could be seen jumping the fence. tactical vehicles were brought in to contain the crowd. concert organizers say refunds will be given to the ticket holders whose tickets were not scanned. welcome changes today for metro riders. the transit agency rolled out its latest 7000 series cars on the red line. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves riding the new 7000 series cars, electronic signs, new lighting, nonslip floors, wider aisles, more leg room. >> i need some more leg room. >> i have room to open my computer and do some work while i'm riding the train, which is great. >> reporter: the new digs a long time coming for metro. it's been a decade since the system had new trains and some metro enthusiasts dressed up for the occasion. >> i can see a lot of help for tourism if you look at those screens over there. you can see exactly where you are and what you're going to do. the seats are a lot more
5:34 pm
comfortable. >> reporter: metro ordered about 528 of these new 7000 series cars that will all eventually replace the 1000 series cars which date back to the 1970s. >> state of is our first priority and the reason -- safety is our first priority and the reason why we're replacing all the railcars is an ntsb recommendation. >> the first set of new cars rolled out in april on the blue line. all five 28 7000 series cars were especially designed for metro at a price tag of $1.5 billion. cab drivers in montgomery county hope legislators follow through on their mission to level the playing field when it comes to competing against those online services like uber and lyft. the county council met today with that goal in mind. according to wamu, the council is looking at a univl ersaride hailing app for cabs in the county and putting a limit on
5:35 pm
credit card fees that can be charged drivers. oscar pistorius is to be released in august after serving just 10 months for shooting his girl friend to death through a bathroom door. pistorius rose to fame in south africa after overcoming the amputation of his legs to become a world class sprinter. now a family member says pistorius will be out on parole after serving a fraction of his five year sentence. the blade runner shot his girl friend after mistaking her for an intruder he said. the supreme court is declining to get into the middle of an israeli palestinian conflict. the parents of a jewish boy born in jerusalem wanted his passport to read he was born in israel, but official state department policy says people born there can only right jerusalem as their place of birth, not israel, jordan or west bank. the status of jerusalem has been at the top of the conflict since 1948 and the high court today sided with the state
5:36 pm
department. a second trial in iran today for washington post reporter jason rezaian who has been detained nearly a year now. the post said he defended himself against espionage charges in a closed door session. his mom says rezaian is accused of being a master spy when he was really just reporting on the country he loves. why paychecks could soon get bigger for millions of americans working more than 40 hours a week. >> plus why jerry seinfeld says he does not play college campuses, that and
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trending now some amazing dashcam video featuring an airborne moose. agenting more like rocky than bullwinkle the animal completely vaulted over a small car in russia. apparently many cars have dashcam video from russia. the animal failed to stick the landing but scrambled to its feet and went on its way. that moose had some major ups. >> oh. >> oh. clearly i hadn't given that script enough time. >> he had packages to send,
5:40 pm
major ups. >> my bad. jerry seinfeld opens up about why he doesn't do his act at colleges. >> yes. in an interview on espn radio to promote the latest season of comedian in cars getting coffee seinfeld said the campus is too pc and the students use words like racist and sexist and prejudice without apparently knowing what they're talking about. apparently cable guy doesn't perform in colleges either for the very same reason. the simpsons killing off bart? next season it's going to happen. >> in part of a long running gag sideshow bob voice of kelsey grammer is constantly trying to kill bart, but simpson will die in a halloween episode. it's not likely bart will leave for good. a local golfer trying to qualify for the u.s. open which
5:41 pm
is difficult for anybody, but even more so for him. we'll explain why in a minute. >> plus making sure you get the most out of your airline miles. >> tracking some severe weather in parts of our area including a tornado watch over the whole metro. topper is back with the latest on doppler 9000.
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this is a red red alert day, wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> check this out. this what is you'll be facing trying to drive home. this is suitland parkway, heavy rain and looking at the potential for severe weather we think until midnight even though the tornado watch expires at 8 p.m. get ready for a slow commute home. that's why we went from a yellow alert to a red alert. howard issued this yellow alert on saturday for today. the yellow is the severe thunderstorm warning upper prince george's county and the district and another warning toward luray and shenandoah
5:45 pm
county. live look outside, that's kind of ominous, michael and son weather cam, 73 at national, wind calmed down. we have a severe thunderstorm warning south and west of us. some of these are new. we have one in page and shenandoah county until 6:00 and now fauquier, page and rappahannock county until 6:30. we'll focus on this storm moving through the district to the east side of the beltway and prince george's county. this is a big storm, frequent lightning and this severe thunderstorm warning goes until 6 p.m. for the district and prince george's county. i checked for sheer, didn't see too much with it. we are looking at very heavy rains especially from lanham across and south of route 50. it's moving north and east. it is headed toward south gate on our storm tracker by 6:02. it will be a slow go on the east side of the beltway into prince george's county with that storm. back west a different story.
5:46 pm
we want to talk about the potential for tornado. if we say there's a warning, go to the basement, an interior room, stay away from windows, protect yourself from flying debris. let's talk about the possibility of some sheer and rotation with those storms in the shenandoah valley. for more on that here's h.b. >> it's the storms coming out of the shenandoah valley now that have the biggest concern for us in the weather office. let's go to doppler. the storm is severe until 6 p.m., that storm passing toward front royal the next few minutes. go down 340, a lot of lightning north of luray now. we'll zoom in. this shows signs it's got some wind. the warning from the weather service has winds on this potentially in excess of 60 miles an hour near compton and bentonville tracking towards front royal. i switched over to the velocity mode and the greens are toward the radar side and reds are away. i'll put some arrows. you get the idea from compton
5:47 pm
the winds are blowing east and back west. it looks like we've got a weak circulation in this area. we'll really have to watch this area as it moves off to the northeast to see if it gets tight enough and anything can develop from that. right now this storm again moving about 40 miles an hour. the heart of the storm is over toward front royal, but the heart of the storm probably not and upperville at 6:22. this is likely tracking in toward loudoun county after it leaves areas in fauquier county. that's about the strongest thing we have, but we won't be done with the severe threat even though the tornado watch goes till 8, top. could be several hours later. >> i think we're in agreement on that. we could see severe weather till about midnight. we'll see heavy to severe storms until midnight and the threat isolated storms, tornadoes and damaging winds. the storms linger a bit into tuesday. futurecast 8:00 tonight still a line of showers and storms from
5:48 pm
frederick southwestward back through leesburg and north of culpeper. you see it move through. by 10:00 there's a flash of magenta and red, a heavy storm. the watch expires at 8:00. we may see the watch go to a severe thunderstorm watch and maybe that will be extended. this is 10:00. we've got all kinds of severe weather across much of the metro area. day planner tomorrow again maybe a shower or thunderstorm were, maybe a prank -- thunderstorm, maybe a sprinkle or storm. 88 wednesday, 93 thursday. heat and humidity returns, just an isolated thunderstorm. next seven days, friday low 80s, isolated storms, scattered activity on saturday, low 90s, isolated sunday and monday with highs around 90. a prince william county mom is desperately searching for her 14-year-old son who police
5:49 pm
believe is a danger to himself. detectives are asking everyone to keep an eye out for him and the truck he may be driving. the vehicle is an older blue ford range are pickup truck. thomas james or t.j. sadler has been missing for five days straight now. police say he left his hickerson lane home in nokesville, virginia, sometime in the afternoon last wednesday. his mom said this is the first time her son has ever ran away and she believes a very public dispute the family has been having on a local website may have something to do with why he's gone. >> please come home. it's been horrible and i think people are going to pay attention now and do something about it and stop it from going on and i just hope he hasn't made a decision that can't be reversed at this point. >> authorities tell us t.j. sadler looks a lot older than he is. he's about 6' 5 and weighs 220 and he's got sandy brown hair and brown eyes. if you see him or maybe the
5:50 pm
vehicle, please call the police right away. a consumer alert, 100 million people belong to a frequent flyer program, but according to a new report some airlines are better than others at honoring that award travel. as matt kosar explains, here's how to get the most out of your miles. >> reporter: steve sterachi travels around the country for business. he says using frequent flyer miles for travel can be a challenge. >> you'll find those types of seats aren't always available. you got to book early. >> reporter: a consumer reports investigation found the major airlines are getting a little better at honoring frequent flyer miles, but some companies are better than others. southwest ranks no. 1 for offering the most award tickets followed by united, american, delta and jetblue. shawn brennan regularly flies southwest. >> i think us a great program because -- it's a great program because you can fly one way or round trip and you can use relatively few miles to get a
5:51 pm
quick trip in. >> reporter: consumer reports says frequent flyers should shop months in advance for awards tickets, book on the phone with a ticket agent and never buy points. >> if you call up and talk to a ticket agent, they have more power. they're more skilled at looking through all the computer system and trying out different routes. >> reporter: consumer reports editor says airlines profit when consumers don't use their miles about. >> when you don't use your miles, it's called breakage. basically that becomes revenue. the airline puts it right in their pocket and it goes right down to profits. >> reporter: but using those points the right way can help you get the most out of your miles. millions of americans working more than 40 hours a week could soon be entitled to overtime. the obama administration via the labor department could increase the current overtime threshold this week from about $24,000 a year to $52,000 a
5:52 pm
year. congressional republicans and business leaders are expected to oppose that rule. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the pga tour second major of the year, the us open, begins next thursday. expect all the big names, tiger, phil, rory, jordan spieth all playing. one local man is trying to play his way in. if dan hernandez makes it, it would be quite the feat. dave owens has his story. >> reporter: the profound peacefulness here is a perfect setting for dan hernandez. after all, there's a towering task ahead. >> doing the possible and everybody thinks it's impossible. >> reporter: the fairfax, virginia resident swings a golf club better than most, in fact, good enough to make it for the final round of qualifying in next week's u.s. open. to qualify he'll have to tame
5:53 pm
the course here at woodmont country club in rockville, 36 holes in one day, but it's nothing compared to what hernandez has already been through. while deployed to iraq in 2005, a suicide car bomb exploded near his marine corps unit killing one soldier. hernandez survived but sustained back and shoulder injuries and today suffers from ptsd or post-traumatic stress disorder. >> you never stop smelling what combat's like. you never stop hearing the screams. >> reporter: eight years of therapy and the love of his wife and family have sustained him. so has golf. he says attempting to qualify for the most hallowed tournament in the country doesn't unnerve him at all, but here's the question. how will the man who admits he's still sensitive to crowds deal with larger galleries on the course? >> that's a good question. i still have sleepless nights.
5:54 pm
i still scream at night not knowing it, still have nightmares, but i just know that i will accomplish what i need to accomplish. >> reporter: typical marine. in rockville dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> it's great that he can find that solace out there on the golf course. he was playing pretty well. they finished the round up today. >> makes you want to root for the little guy, the underdog. >> what he's overcome it would be cool to see him out there in the u.s. open being played in chambers bay. billy hurley, iii is competing. we were there today when dan took the course and tell you if he qualified or not coming up at 6:00 plus tiger woods talks quicken loans national. he said he would am have raised tax -- would have raised taxes higher if he could, so
5:55 pm
why did rusher baker veto a property bill? >> reporter: i'm mark albert at arlington
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
or call 877-241- luna. this september will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. >> for some families the anguish is far from done as the search continues for tens of thousands of american troops who never came home. today at arlington national cemetery decades of mystery
5:58 pm
ended for one family from nebraska. mark albert has their story. >> reporter: the beethe family came to arlington national cemetery for the farewell they wait the seven decades to deliver. with full military honors relatives laid to rest lieutenant alvin beethe. the 23-year-old was flying a fighter bomber like this 1 over germany when he disappeared november 26th , 1944. doug is his nephew. has this been a family mystery for decades? >> oh, yes. we had no clue. >> reporter: two years ago a defense department team found a set of remains at the crash site, dna from his nephew helping to identify them as his. >> nobody really had a hope that he'd ever be found. >> it was disbelief and ecstasy that somebody had found cal after all these years. >> reporter: the lieutenant is
5:59 pm
one of seven world war ii veterans whose remains have been identified so far this year. 73,000 are still missing. one out of every six americans who died in the conflict, but the lieutenant's return to american soil means the end of one family's mystery and a chance for a solemn good-bye. mark albert for cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> 16 million americans served in world war 2. 400,000 died. the military is consolidating its efforts of finding u.s. service members missing in action. it said by the end of this year a new defense p.o.w.m.i.a. accounting agency will be fully operational. the county executive who wants to raise taxes vetoes a tax increase. i'm scott broom in prince george's county. coming up the head spinning details in a battle that pits education against parks and recreation. >> reporter: emotional testimony in the trial of jesse matthew, the victim in the sex
6:00 pm
sexual assault trial taking the stand with some new information. i'm peggy fox in fairfax, this story coming up. where the rain has fallen you can see it puddling in our streets, but where it's still coming down the driving conditions can be very hazardous. doppler is tracking it all with doppler 9000. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. it's a pretty busy day in the weather department. top, what is live doppler 9000 showing you and who is under the tornado watch? >> right now everybody is under the tornado watch until 8:00. that is all the counties in red. it includes the entire metro area except technically for southern maryland. you folks could still get severe weather later on tonight. look at doppler radar. we've got storms passing through the district running into prince george's county, more heavy storms between hagerstown, frederick and southwest of us toward warrenton. we do have severe thunderstorm warnings in


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