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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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r: emotional testimony in the trial of jesse matthew, the victim in the sex sexual assault trial taking the stand with some new information. i'm peggy fox in fairfax, this story coming up. where the rain has fallen you can see it puddling in our streets, but where it's still coming down the driving conditions can be very hazardous. doppler is tracking it all with doppler 9000. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. it's a pretty busy day in the weather department. top, what is live doppler 9000 showing you and who is under the tornado watch? >> right now everybody is under the tornado watch until 8:00. that is all the counties in red. it includes the entire metro area except technically for southern maryland. you folks could still get severe weather later on tonight. look at doppler radar. we've got storms passing through the district running into prince george's county, more heavy storms between hagerstown, frederick and southwest of us toward warrenton. we do have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect.
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we have two. one is until 6:30. both are until 6:30. one is for clark, frederick, shenandoah and warren and one for fauquier, rappahannock and warren. they either contain winds of 60 miles per hour and/or hail an inch in diameter, about quarter size. this storm just moved into the district and hammered us just a minute ago, pretty big rains from bowie to annapolis. the rainfall is over 1 inch per hour and moderate rains between d.c. and baltimore. the good news is nothing severe. that had a warning earlier. that is now what's heavy storm. heaviest rain from bowie eastward over toward annapolis. we'll come back. howard will join me. we'll track some of the storms to west because they'll roll through the metro area in the next hour or two. a veto for a controversial property tax hike in prince george's county. >> the irony here is the man doing the vetoing would have raised taxes even more if he
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had his way. it is quite the political drama in a big county with a failing school system. our scott broom is in upper marlboro to explain this latest showdown. what's going on? >> reporter: it is a little head spinning. look at it this way. county executive rushern baker here in prince george's county says if you are going to raise property taxes at all, you got to spend every single dime and penny on education. instead last week the county council here passed a tax increase to fund parks and recreation. so the county executive today took out his veto pen and drew a line in the sand. it's a 2-year-old $14 million taj mahal of rec centers in oxon hill. george's county executive rushern baker used it as the backdrop to veto a 1.5% countywide property tax hike approved by the county to pay for more parks and rec.
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>> when we need to invest every dollar in education we're investing in more facilities. that's not the priority of the county. >> reporter: baker's priority is schools, but it's a fight baker is losing. >> the county council is disappointed and thinks the county should be fiscally responsible. >> reporter: chairman mel franklin says if the council didn't raise park taxes now, it would cost even more next year, but baker says no tax hike is justifiable unless every penny goes to schools. >> chairman franklin said i was myoptic about education. he's right. we've improved in public safety and health and economic development. the thing that we have left is education. so we disagree fundamentally on what would move this county forward. so contrast all of this
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with baker's plan which was reflected by the council. baker wanted to raise property taxes 15% and spend every dime on schools and raise school performance from the bottom in the state of maryland into the top 10. that's not happening. now if he doesn't want a tacks increase for parks and recreation to happen -- tax increase for parks and recreation to happen, the county executive said he's got the votes to override this veto and he'll decide whether he's going to veto the rest of the budget and draw a line in the sand there. 1 thing is for sure, he's starting a conversation about funding county education they haven't had in a long time. >> we should note real property taxes for parks and recreation have gone up nearly 100% in morning since the 1970s, but real property taxes for everything else have gone down.
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he is already serving three life sentences in virginia and today the man known as the east coast rapist pled guilty to three more charges in prince george's county. the most recent charge aaron thomas pled to stems from the kidnapping and raining of six women between 1997 -- raping of six women tween 1997 and 200definitely. he -- between 1997 and 2001. he will receive a life sentence for those. jesse matthew went on trial in fairfax where a victim of a violent beating and sexual assault took the stand. peggy fox is live with the story. >> reporter: it was an emotional and tough day in court for the victim who recounted that brutal attack that she suffered 10 years ago and she provided some new information. the woman who is from india and is now 36 fought back tears on the stand as she describes
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fighting off her attacker. she said he not only used his hand to sexually assault her but tried to have intercourse with her as well, something she said she recently remembered. she said she recognized her attacker as jesse matthew who sat in the courtroom wearing a yellow shirt and tie. the woman the evening of september 24th, 2005, from a giant's grocery store. she is was almost home when she came across an african american man asking her questions. she walked away and heard foot steps behind her. he dropped her, picked her up and drugged her by her feet. he took her to a grassy area, took her to the ground, sat on her legs and began choking her, slamming her head against the ground telling her he was going to kill her. she remembers him taking off her pants and assaulting her. she said she used her hands to try to push him away and fought back screaming and scratching him. suddenly he was gone. a man driving into the parking lot startled the attacker.
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mark castro testified that he saw the victim naked and covered in blood. she told him there was a guy, an african american man, who fled into the woods. he could not find the attacker but got the woman help. prosecutors say the dna collected frunder the victim's fingernail matches jesse matthew. commonwealth attorney ray murrow said in the whole world's population -- ray morrogh said in the whole world's population there's only one person with that profile and he pointed at jesse matthew. now matthew's dna is also linked to morgan harrington, the virginia student abducted and murdered at uva in 2009 in charlottesville. today morgan harrington's parents were here and it's the first time her father saw jesse matthew. here's what her mother had to say. >> we really felt we should be here today to honor our
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daughter morgan as well as to honor and encourage the strength and the courage of the victim who came from so very far and waited so very long to have her justice and we wanted to come and support those efforts and her courage in the face of such difficulty. >> reporter: matthew has not been charged in morgan harrington's debt. he is charmed with capital murder in hannah graham's death. he could see the death penalty if convicted. if convicted, of the fairfax case here he faces life in prison. we'll be back tomorrow a the trial resumes. i'm peggy fox reporting live in fairfax. >> the naacp -- the naacp is calling for a full investigation involving a texas police officer at a pool party in a dallas suburb. this cell phone video posted on youtube shows officers responding to a disturbance call friday of teens refusing to leave a community pool.
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the officer can be seen pushing a 14-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground and pulling his gun on the group trying to intervene. experts say most men take better care of their cars than their own bodies. coming up see how two top surgeons made it their mission to check that. >> a tornado watch continuing till 8:00. we have severe thunderstorm warnings south and weapon of town till 6 -- west of town till 6:30.
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breaking news from d.c. where it now appears the new d.c. united stadium will be built in the district. mayor muriel bowser announced a final agreement to construct that stadium. as recently as last week d.c. united was said to be scouting a site in loudoun county, but now it appears the team will stay in d.c. i just tweeted this out, a lot of soccer fans happy about this news. >> they were just trying to mess with us. >> d.c. united should be in d.c. tonight the search is intensifying for two convicted killers who broke out of new
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york's largest maximum security prison over the weekend. >> investigators are trying to figure out whether the pair may have had help from the inside as they escaped from the clinton correctional facility 20 miles from canada. david sweat and richard matt used power tools to cut through steel and brick and shimmied their way through a maze of underground steam pipes and tunnels before they popped out of a manhole and made a run for it. >> there's limited surveillance tape with the facility. we have taken a look. nothing has been fruitful at this time for our investigation. >> it all sounds very shawshank, doesn't it? governor andrew cuomo is convinced the men had help but he said he would be shocked if a prison guard was involved. richard matt had been serving 25 years to life for killing and dismembering his boss in 1987. david sweat was arrested for killing a sheriff's deputy in 1992. topper
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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june is men health month and a new survey is revealing something pretty interesting about you guys, pretty eye opening about you and your medical visits. >> turns out men know more about their first car than
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their last checkup. andrea roane shows us how two of the nation's top surgeons hit the road to get more of us guys to go to the doctor. >> reporter: they may be considered two of the best microsurgeons and urologists in the nation, but they say they're frustrated. they love what they do, but it's clear some of the men they treat don't. >> you can tell their wives dragging them in. they do not want to be there. >> reporter: they're driving a tesla coast to coast to drive home a few points about men and their medical habits. a new survey commissioned by orlando health found more than 80% of men could remember the make and model of their first car, but only half could remember their last checkup with the doctor. >> they don't make it a priority and what we're doing with this drive is essentially using the car and the technology to track these guys into our message. >> reporter: it's called the drive for men's health. what started last spring as an off the wall idea has turned into an off the charts success
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from riding out rainstorms in florida to sitting in traffic jams in new york. >> we definitely need to shower. >> reporter: to raise public awareness at various stops they held live events and on the road live webcasts, 45 speakers from 16 countries all talking about men's health and the results are impressive. >> we had a following, a group of people that would actually watch us and think this is pretty entertaining. we reached out to about 350,000 men through social media. >> reporter: 6,000 miles, more than 250 speakers and one simple message for all men. >> take ownership of their health. make it a responsibility. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> all of the money they raised during the event will go to research and scholarships. this is a red alert day. wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> check out this picture from
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near barryville, virginia. mark sent this into us, a shelf cloud and maybe a hail core here. that's a great picture, mark. we will post that in a minute on our facebook. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperatures down to 77, although it's going back up again, was 73. then the storm rolled out, looking at 77, dew points 60s for the time being. today started out nice in term of humidity and went crazy this afternoon. look at the big picture with the radar over the last hour. the red is a tornado watch until 8:00. look at the solid line of solid and storms wes of frederick west of frederick back to winchester and a separate line west of warrenton. >> topper, that is a new severe thunderstorm warning moving east of 50 with winds potentially in excess of 60 miles an hour on that 1. >> these are all the warnings. the box is a severe thunderstorm warning. we'll focus on a couple of first i want to -- couple of these. first i want to check out this
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one towards annapolis and heavy rain into parts of prince george's county and anne arundel county. this is a pretty big storm. a little bit of lightning. headed toward middletown and steven city on our storm tracker and then millwood. this is also a big storm just to the south. for more on that here's howard. >> loading up the weather computer because i was checking that storm that just developed coming in toward northern loudoun, southern frederick and washington. let's go over to the weather computer. this is the one i'm talking about coming out of the charlestown area moving in toward frederick. this hail could be quarter size and wind in excess of 50 miles an hour. watch out if you're on 340, 270, 15. the one to the south is coming towards marshall leaving washington. this one is a severe thunderstorm, also till about 6:30. this is moving east at 40 miles
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an hour. these storms have a lot of forward speed. you see the lightning west of vernon mills and south of bell meade. i think this will cross 66 near marshall heading towards southern loudoun. upperville will see it at 6:25, aldie at 6:40 first, sterling just after 7 -- 6:44, sterling just after 7:00. it could be tracking towards d.c. and prince george's county before it's done. >> even though the watch is until 8:00 we feel severe weather could go until about midnight. if there's a tornado warning, go to the basement or interior room. stay away from windows. protects yourself from flying did he -- protect yourself from flying debris. we think storms could be heavy or severe through midnight, thunderstorms could linger into tuesday morning especially south of town. check futurecast out. look at this solid line of storms at 8:00, still heavy weather from frederick to leesburg west of manassas. we'll stop it at 10:00, big
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storms rolling through the immediate metro area around springfield, d.c., over into the mitchellville area, 80 at 10:00 tonight. by midnight storms to south hitting our friends in southern maryland between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. the watch goes until 8:00. that does not mean we can sound the all clear. day planner, maybe a shower at 11:00, but drier air moves in tomorrow, not that humid, pleasant in the afternoon. not humid on wednesday, pair of 88s and low 90s thursday with an isolated thunderstorm possible and the 90s take up shop here, low 90s on friday, saturday, 90 sunday and monday with isolated storms
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> we are less than two months away from the annual quicken loans national golf tournament. the event gets new digs this year in gainesville, virginia, and host tiger woods will be on the course, all this despite his recent struggles. tiger shot his worst round ever in his career this past saturday at memorial. when asked about it today, woods reminded everyone that just because he is tiger woods doesn't mean he is invited to every event. he still has to earn it. >> it's kind of funny to think about. i think i won at firestone
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eight times, so i need to obviously start playing better to get into that event and get into the playoffs. that's not guaranteed. so i got a lot of work ahead of me and i'm looking forward to it. >> the media got to check out the course at robert trent jones golf course today. morning anchor mike hydek, sports producer tom hunzicker and myself tried it out. beautiful course. earlier in the newscast we brought you the story of dan hernandez, a former marine trying to qualify for the u.s. open today in rockville. only the top three move on. unfortunately hernandez was not one of them. he did play extremely well, though, but a very competitive field. the washington nationals off today but they begin an eight-game road trip tomorrow. their first stop is the bronx for that two-game series again
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the yankees. you can catch game on right here on wusa9. max smearser -- scherzer on the mound for the nats. >> good thing they're not playing here. now we have a severe thunderstorm warning in frederick county until 7:15. it's not going to be over by 8:00 even though the tornado watch expires. we think we could see severe weather until midnight. follow us on facebook and twitter. >> that is it for us for now. stay with us for the cbs evening news next. >> we'll be back in 30 minutes and have your only local news in 30 minutes. we'll see you then.
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
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clearance even though they were on a terror watch list. also tonight, police search everywhere for escaped killers who could be anywhere. did think have inside help breaking out? a cop is put on administrative leave after this takedown of a teenage girl caught on video. and parts of louisiana, it is the worst flooding in 70 years. and the river is still rising. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. nearly 14 years after tourists turned commercial jetliners into weapons of mass destruction, there are still holes in the airport security net. an investigation by the inspector general of the homeland security dep


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