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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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storms have passed. we'll see how they're affecting your morning commute with larry miller but first, allyson rae. is that the truth? >> everything is relative, right? it is very muggy out there this morning. it's not low humid tip. however, later on today -- humidity. however, later on today the humidity will drop. if you're one of those people who say i don't want to get up and go running, do it when you get home from work. it will be a lot more comfortable. we have light showers. one pocket east of dale city. this is going to head just north of waldorf along 301. these are very fast moving, moving to the east, northeast. as the front actually pushes on through, these light showers will come on through and it's going to take the humidity with it but it's just a quick break of the relatively lower humidity until it all returns on thursday. as we head off to the east, light showers continuing through upper marlboro headed to annapolis. we'll have the threat for the light showers till about lunch time. then we'll see increasing sunshine and highs into the
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upper 80s. more on the hot temperatures headed your way in just a little bit but here is larry miller. metro riders, looks like we have issues going on on the yellow line this morning because of an earlier situation outside of the king street metro station so we have delays in both directions, the buses running on schedule. it's in prince george's county where we're looking at clear roads especially traveling westbound on 50. no issues on bw parkway or 95 on the maryland side. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up. this is 50 at 301. no issues as you can see. all the lanes are open. from our other maryland camera, we can show you how things are shaping up on i-270. traveling southbound toward the beltway, no issues there this morning at shady grove. next update coming up in ten minute. >> reporter: our top story this morning more trouble at the tsa and with security at our nation's airports. a new report finds the transportation security administration does not have access totterer watch list -- access to the terror watch list
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that would have flagged 73 workers. those employees including airline worker, airport vendors and others who all had access to security areas at commercial airports. the investigating process of airport employees was found by this report to be, quote, generally effective but the homeland security department inspector general found major holes in tsa employee records. 75,000 immigrant workers were found with no passport numbers. 85,000 with no social security numbers. the report comes just one week after undercover agents were able to smuggle fake bombs through airport security 95% of the time. what could be most troubling about this report is we don't know how dangerous these 73 workers actually were because that part of the report is redacted. i'll let you know what tsa's next move is coming up in the next half-hour. we're live at reagan national
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airport, delia goncalves, wusa9. more warning signs about speed and a second amtrak crew member at the helm. those are just some of the recommendations offered aimed at preventing another deadly derailment like the one in philadelphia. the recommendations coming from the federal railroad administration. railroad operators are also being told to adjust their automatic train control safety systems in areas where there are sharp curves. metro ises being urged to make some major changes in the wake of the tragedy in january at the l'enfant plaza station. the national transportation safety board says it found several spots where cable connectors were missing sealing sleeves. the sleeves are meant to keep out moisture and contaminants. the agency wants metro to develop a program to make sure those sleeves are in place. the investigation stems from the day smoke filled the l'enfant plaza station leaving one woman dead. there will be no gag order in the fredz di gray case --
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freddie gray case, at least for now. that's the ruling from the judge handling the prosecution of six baltimore police officers involved in gray's arrest. the judge issued the ruling based on a technicality. no word if state's attorney marilyn mosby will file a new gag order motion. a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by jesse matthew is telling her story to a jury in fairfax county. the victim flew from india in order to testify about the 2005 attack. she claims matthew banged her head on the ground and hit her face when they tried to walk away from him. she said she was screaming. then she said he hit her again. matthew has pleaded not guilty. he's also charged in the deaths of uva student hannah graham. the east coast rapist must serve three more life sentences. that's the latest in the case of aaron thomas. he pleaded guilty to three kidnappings and rapes in prince george's county between 1997 and 2001. thomas is already serving three life terms in prince william
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county and another two life terms in loudoun county on similar charges. he was charged in a string of attacks as far away as connecticut. prince george's county police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest for a murder in capitol heights. 22-year-old davonn fogg was shot and killed sunday night while sitting in a car in the 1500 block of southern avenue. he was driven to capitol heights metro station where paramedics tried unsuccessfully to save him. polls have been open for five minutes because eight primary day in virginia. voters in the commonwealth will elect party candidates for state senate and house of delegates. there are also some key local races like alexandria mayor. polls are open till 7:00 tonight. you can read up on the candidateses and all the races by going to the voters guide on the wusa9 news app and at glrs happening today, big news -- >> reporter: happening today, big news for d.c. united national. you'll soon have a brand new
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stadium to watch your beloved united play. plans will be announced here at the wilson building. this is what we know so far. the new stadium will be $285 million worth and it will be located in the district contrary to a last-minute push to have the stadium in loudoun county, virginia. we heard those rumors yesterday. it will be in buzzards point in southwest and it will be all about the atmosphere and the fans. the teams have been playing at rrveg since they first came to the -- rfk since they first came to the city. the stadium holds about 95,000 people. the new stadium will seat 25,000 people and it will be a more intimate setting. it will be all about the fans. >> it would be great. soccer specific stadiums around the country have been huge and they've been a huge success. we've been a very successful club. we have four mls titles. we're having a very good year so far this year. to build a stadium on top of the success we already have
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would be just huge. >> reporter: the city does still have to acquire some land and then d.c. city council will of course have final approval but we're told other than that it's pretty much a done deal. again, we expect more details details and that announcement will be made today at the wilson building at 11:00. but what do fans have to say about leaving classic rfk stadium? i'll tell you coming up at 6:30. live in front of the wilson building, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> we were just saying this doesn't just mean soccer in the city. we're talking about concerts. an opportunity. >> in a nice area where sports is now going to be changed. members of a texas community are planning another day of protests against the controversial actions of a local police officer. >> a new study sheds some let's just say disturbing light on for profit hospitals. >> wusa9 is back with those stories and more but first here's allyson with a look at today's wet gler thanks, an -- today's weather. >> thanks, andrea. we're muggy for now but not for
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long. i can already feel things starting to change. a few light showers but behind the light showers, for the rest of the afternoon lower humidity and more sunshine. if you are east of 95, your chance for these lingering showers will linger till about lunch time. we'll have all the details and your planner
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. for the horn hours still a little -- morning hours, still a little humid. a few lingering showers and some clouds but the actual front is going to come through and drop the humidity a little bit. can i feel the winds out there. it's going to feel pretty nice. waldorf 3 01, light showers. just south of bowie headed to
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annapolis and through the eastern shore. notice how the winds turn by 1:00 instead of the southwest out of the west that will take away our rain chance, increase the sunshine. temperatures still into the upper 80s. larry, over to you. looks like we're seeing a 10-mile backup on 95 on the virginia side because again the express lanes are closed so we have a lot more drivers traveling up the normal stretch of 95 than what we would normally see. so this delay is extended all the way to garrisonville and beyond. so we're asking drivers to account for that. a live look right now shows you how things are shaping up on 95. you can see the northbound side which would be on the left hand side of your screen, traffic is literally crawling this morning. along 50 looks like a lot better if you're going to be traveling inbound toward the beltway. we'll have much more coming up after the seven-day forecast. we'll send it over you to. >> thanks, larry. prosecutors bring a murder charge against the police officer in south carolina. >> in just a few minutes, we're going to share some of the stories you shared with us about surviving and living with
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cancer. we're back
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6:14 on this tuesday morning. always accurate. i'm going to complete what i was starting to say because you were a little bit later but
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that was good, with the storms yesterday. >> they could have packed more of a punch if they came earlier. i was glad they came a little bit later because they still caused some damage with damaging winds and trees down. here's the good news. we see things quiet down. we still have light showers out there but no severe weather. as we head through the rest of the afternoon, the humidity will drop and more sunshine. that's something to look forward to let's take a look how we're starting off. this is the 24-hour temperature change. so right along 95 and really off to the east, we are much warmer than we were yesterday because the humidity is still high. that's going to keep your overnight lows very warm. but if lieu back off to the west -- if you look back off to the west, you see a difference. things are cooler. the front is still coming on through. we're not going to see a drastic drop in temperatures but upper 80s are the coolest we're going to be in the next seven. here you go with a few last lingering showers. the threat for the light showers will continue till
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about lunch time, especially east of 95. then we'll be much drier for this afternoon. so from alexandria down through quantico, headed over to 301 just south of bowie to upper marlboro over to annapolis and down through dunkirk, light showers will continue. also through martinsburg and hagerstown. a couple more light showers will push on through till about lunch time. then we're done. as you look back off to the west, we'll get high pressure for tomorrow and it's going to be just the start of our temperatures rising. it's going to be quite uncomfortable. they're seeing a heat wave in the midwest and we'll see one too thursday, friday into saturday. temperatures will be very hot. close to record highs. i'm not sure we're going to break any record highs because i think the closest record high we have is on friday which is 95. we'll be watching that one closely. i think on thursday the record high is pretty high. 88 degrees for today and tomorrow. increasing sunshine. tomorrow looks great. warm, dry, humidity is relatively lower than it's
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going to be. by thursday 94 degrees. it's hot. now we're going to have the chance for a shower or thunderstorm each afternoon. the best temperature relief we get is sunday into monday but that's still 90 degrees. so quite uncomfortable. larry miller, good morning. good morning, allyson. we still have the issues on the yellow line this morning. again delays in both directions because of an earlier issue outside of the king street metro station. the buses are running on schedule this morning. want to take you back to 95 on the virginia side again where we have a ten-mile backup because of the express lanes being closed. so we have a lot more traffic traveling up 95 on the virginia side than what we normally -- we normally would see. also on the virginia side here on i-66, we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane between nutley street and the beltway. from our camera we're able to see the delays building up. looks like traffic is starting to move so good news there. around the beltway things looking a lot better but again, you just want to be mindful of the delays mainly on the
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virginia side. we'll have another update now shortly. in the news right now at 6:17, a number of groups in mckinney, texas, are planning another protest in response to a controversial video that's now gone viral. >> some people say the video shows an officer using excessive force while detaining a 15-year-old girl over the weekend. as don champion reports, hundreds of people protested the officer's actions last night. >> reporter: video of the incident during a pool party has been seen more than eight million times online. monday evening it had hundreds of people protesting at a mckinney, texas pool where officer casebolt was seen aggressively detaining a 15- year-old. neighbors called police after a fight and to complain about teens who did not have permission to be at the pool. the pool was reserved for a party by a woman who lived in the neighborhood. the homeowners association limits guests to only two per person but about 130 showed up. at one point casebolt in the
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video can be heard cursing. he even drew his weapon when someone interfered while he was -- [ inaudible ] >> i was telling him he could get off me because my back was hurting really bad. >> reporter: at the protest many called for the officer's firing. >> i'm angry. i've been angry all day. to be treated that way? i think god it wasn't my son. >> reporter: others showed support for the police. >> absolutely ridiculous. at the end of the day the children screwed up and they didn't listen to what the police officer said. >> reporter: mckinney police say their internal investigation into the incident continues. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> officer casebolt is currently on administrative leave. the teens who were detained all were released and an 18-year- old was arrested for interfering with the duties of a police officer. a north charleston police officer has been indicted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. 33-year-old michael slager is accused in the death of walter scott. scott's family says they welcome the indictment and plan
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to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the south carolina city. new york city mayor bill de blasio is speaking out this morning about the suicide death of a young man who as a teen spent three years at rutgers island prison in solitaire confinement without ever going to trial. 22-year-old kalif brow dder was found dead in his home saturday. his story helped inspire hid efforts to reform the jail facility. meanwhile he spent four decades in solitary confinement and this morning he's looking at the possibility of freedom. a federal judge has ordered the release of albert woodfox, one of the so-called angola three. woodfox was charged in the death of a state penitentiary guide back in 1972. he has been tried twice. both convicts were overturned. the statistics are alarming. a new study released in this month's issue of the health affairs journal analyzed the 50 u.s. hospitals with the highest charge to cost ratio. it found the hospitals have markups about ten times the
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average medicare rate. of the 50 hospitals 49 are for profit hospitals. 46 are owned by for profit hospital systems. 20 are located in florida. in today's health alert, celebrating live and survivorship on the ninth day of the month. sunday was national cancer survivors day and we asked you to share your inspiring cancer stories with us. many of you took us up on that. there were young and old, women, men, those at the beginning and those in the midst of their cancer journeys. here are just a few of the facebook books. arlene saying her father is a nine-year prostrate cancer survivor and i'm proud to say he's still doing amazingly well and will turn # 0 on july -- turn 80 on july 19. a happy early birthday you to. please keep my father in your prayers on this journey of life. he's retired. he volunteers at the church, makes ecue grills and still doing what he does best, helping others and spending time with his adult
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children and grans and -- grands and great grands. my daughter madison is ten years old and is a five-time cancerrer is viefer. originally -- survivor. originally diagnosed at age 3, she has relapsed four times. she's currently enjoying remission number five and gearing up for an awesome summer. madison, we wish you the best. and from vanessa davis. she's a survivor who had breast cancer twice, got a mastectomy and reconstruction. she eventually sold everything and moved to capetown, south africa last year. she describes herself as bad, bold and cancer free. congratulations to all of them and again, continue to share your cancer survivor stories with us and we'll put them out on facebook and maybe share more with you on air. >> truly inspirational and remarkable. >> five times but still going strong. it is 6:22. still no sign of to dangerous
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prisoners on the run from police. after the break, we'll hear from the brother of the man one of the escapees murdered. >> the end of one family's mystery. a lieutenant laid to rest seven decades after going people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate.
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i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. officials continue to
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search cars at check points set up near the maximum security prison in upstate new york where two convicted killers escaped and there's still no sign of the men. officials believe the plan could have taken days, even weeks to hatch. >> hannah daniels reports where investigators are trying to figure out if these men had help. >> reporter: the manhunt for david sweat and richard matt has now entered a fourth day. law enforcement officials have fanned out across the state and elsewhere following hundreds of leads. cbs news has learned investigators are questioning a woman who worked at the clinton correctional facility in connection to this daring escape. >> disgusted. i can't believe it. >> reporter: steven's brother was murdered back in 2002. sweat was serving life without parole for the crime. >> i can't believe anybody would help them get out knowing what they have done. >> reporter: matt was sentenced to 25 years to life for killing and dismembering his former
6:27 am
boss in 1997. the convicted killers used power tools to cut through walls and metal pipes before exiting through a manhole three blocks away from the prison. >> our forensic investigation unit has recovered some limited cutting tools. we presume more sophisticated tools may have been used. >> reporter: the men could have gotten the power tools from outside contractors working at the facility. the investigators say the 170- year-old prison and surrounding area had little if any electronic surveillance. so far officials say there are no signs as to where the two escaped prisoners may be. hannah daniels for cbs news, dannemora, new york. >> according to the associated press, a 2014 report by the correctional association of new york revealed a pattern of brutality and racism at the prison. the g-7 summit in germany has come to a close. world leaders discussed a variety of issues facing the global community. one topic of discussion, training iraqi forces to fight
6:28 am
isis. iraq's prime minister says the coalition isn't doing enough to defeat isis in his country. president obama says some fault lies with the iraqi government. >> one of the things we're still seeing is in iraq places where we've got more training capacity than we have recruits. >> g-7 leaders also took on the issue of saptions against russia -- sanctions against russia, fossil fuels and global warming. this september marks the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii but there are still thousands of soldiers who fought and never returned home. one is lieutenant alvin beathy. he was laid to rest in arlington national cemetery yesterday. he disappeared in germany in 1944. his remains were found two years ago ending seven decades of mystery for his family. >> no one really even had a hope that he'd ever be found. it was disbelief and ecstasy that somebody had found him after all these years.
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>> 73,000 soldiers we're told who have served in world war ii are still missing. the military says a new agency to help find the missing soldiers in action will open by the end of the year. good morning and welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's tuesday, june 9. i'm andrea roane. you can put away the umbrellas maybe later in the day. a few little spotty showers around but at least it's going to feel less clammy this afternoon. right now it's mug time. >> looking ahead, allyson rae has a check. what exactly are we looking at forecast wise? >> every time i step out on the weather terrace, i think i lose another curl. i don't know. pretty muggy for sure but by the afternoon we'll see much better conditions. let's take a look at our doppler 9000. we do have these light showers.
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we're going to continue the chance for a shower, even a stray thunderstorm for areas south. a light shower for everybody until about lunch time. this front itself has to still come on through and it hasn't done so yet. once the front comes on through, that's when we'll drop the humidity a little bit. here we are south of bowie, east of alexandria headed over on 301. if you're traveling on 301, all very light rain. pretty light for everybody till you head farther south through the northern neck. hagerstown along 81 just north of winchester near martinsburg, just some light showers. again, we're not growing to lose the rain chance till after lunch time. then the humidity drops a smidge. we see a lot of sunshine and highs today into the upper 80s. we still have issues going on on the yellow line this morning where we have delays in both directions because of an earlier issue outside of king street. buses are running on schedule this morning. we have a ten-mile backup going on on 95 because of the express lanes are still closed at this point. so we have a lot more drivers traveling up 95 northbound
6:31 am
heading toward the beltway on the regular roads and that we would see normally. a live look right now shows you how things are shaping up. you can see traffic is starting to get by just a little bit but again we still have those residual delays. back to the maps, manassas for those of you traveling on i-66, it looks like the earlier disabled vehicle that we had mainly in the fairfax area near newedley street has wrapped up. it's now on the shoulder but still seeing delays. we'll have another update in about ten minutes. >> reporter: our top story this morning, the agency meant to keep us all safe at our nation's airports now struggling with security failures of its own. according to a new report by homeland security, 73 airport workers were given security clearances by the tsa even though they were on the terror watch list. the inspector general found this happened because the transportation security administration does not have access to that terror watch list. there are also thousands of incomplete employee records.
6:32 am
75,000 immigrant workers with no passport numbers on file, 85,000 workers with no social social security numbers. the report comes one week after undercover agents were able to smuggle fake bombs through airport security 95% of the time. former tsa administrator john pistol weighs in on the agency's troubles. >> the balance that tsa seeks every day and dhs seeks is how do you facilitate -- [indiscernible] -- with the best of security and then using results such as this in a way that helps improve all of that. >> reporter: we don't know at this point just how dangerous the 73 workers were because that part of the report was actually redacted. the tsa will address these employee investigating concerns by the end of the year. -- vetting concerns by the end of the year. i'm delia goncalves, wusa9. he ends two weeks of
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silence later this morning. former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to make his first court appearance later today and enter a plea. hastert is accused of paying $3.5 million to cover up past sexual misconduct. the 73-year-old former house speaker hasn't spoken publicly about the allegations. the associated press reports hastert's payments were intended to hide claims he sexually molested someone decades ago when he was a high schoolteacher. some grainy surveillance video of a boston man killed by terrorism detectives is raising new questions about exactly what happened. authorities say the video confirms officers acted responsibly in the case of usaama rahim. the authorities say police drew their guns only after giving rahim several chances to drop the knife he was holding. rahim's family says the video shows the 26-year-old security guard was not threatening anyone with a weapon. there is a startling turn of events in the take mile an
6:34 am
hour rice -- tamir rice case in ohio. he's the 12-year-old boy shot by two police officers at a park in clevelands. the snoring times -- "the new york times" reports they will go directly to a judge to ask that murder charges be filed against police. the usual procedure is to wait for prosecutors to decide whether to file charges. later today the washington airports authority open twos days of hearing -- two days of hearings on changes to its ground transportation rules. the board is looking at ways to allow companies like uber and lyft to operate at both dulles and reagan. tomorrow's sessions take place at reagan national. cab drivers in montgomery county are hoping legislators follow through on their mission to level the playing field so they can better compete against uber and lyft. the county council met yesterday to discuss that very issue. according to wamu, the council is looking at a universal ride
6:35 am
hailing app for cabs in the county along with putting a limit on credit card fees taxi companies can impose on drivers. >> reporter: happening today, a big announcement for d.c. united fans. you will soon have a brand new stadium all to your own to watch the team play. we expect an announcement today here at the wilson building by d.c. mayor muriel bowser, but this is what we know so far. e thnew stadium will be about 285 -- $285 million, and it will be located at buzzard point adjacent to fort mcnair between r and t streets in northwest. the new digs will hold between 20,000 and 25,000 people and will be a world class soccer atmosphere. d.c. united has always played at rfk since they first began in 1996. while they already have a really big fan base here, the new spot will hopefully generate even more soccer fans. what do current fans think about leaving classic rfk? what they had to say.
6:36 am
>> it's big [ inaudible ] it doesn't feel soccer'ish. >> reporter: we asked d.c. united goalkeeper travis what he thought about it. he said d.c. is absolutely a soccer town despite what anyone says and this new stadium will make it even more of a passionate fan base here. the press conference will begin at 11:00 at the wilson building. we'll be there and bring you updates all morning long on wusa9 news at noon. it will put rumors to rest that the soccer stadium will be in virginia. not the case. mayor bowser says it will be in d.c. where it belongs. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> we were saying earlier not just a sports venue but an better at the same time venue. >> see what all that brings to the area. speaking of entertainment,
6:37 am
you'll want -- you want to join the riot tour? pick up your phone for a chance to win a couple of tickets to see rascal flatts in concert. >>it's part of our test to win campaign. text the key words "rascal flatts" to 25543 to be entered in the drawing. >> i'm here on the weather terrace. and just since to hours ago, i can already notice just a touch change in the humidity. it is going to drop later on today as winds turn from the southwest to more westerly. not done with the rain just yet. just some light showers east of 95 leaving rain in the forecast until about lunch time. then more and more sunshine and temperatures back up to the upper 80s. that's pretty cool exairdz to the rest of your -- compared to the rest of
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welcome back. we have light showers. we're not done with the rain chances till lunch time. then the sun comes out. look at thursday. 94. the rest of your se we have power repairs going on the northbound side of beach drive near the zoo tunnel so be mindful of that. not seeing any delays but be mindful if you're head manager that area. in prince george's county we have an accident bloc shoulder on the northbound side of the bw parkway at the
6:41 am
goddard space flight center so we're seeing delays all the way to 410. we're asking drivers to use caution in that area this morning. i want to take you right now to our maryland camera and show you how things are shaping up in on -- up on 270. expect volume to build up mainly in rockville. over to you. time is 6:41. have you told your first lie today? a closer look at just how much some people fib. >> i meant nothing. >> the nba fiernlgs isn't just a -- finals isn't just a matc
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welcome back to wusa9. our time right now 16:44. -- is 6:446789 tonight the cleveland cavaliers will play host to the golden state warriors in game three of the nba finals. >> the whole series is being hyped as mvp versus mvp but bottom line it's also a marketing battle between nike
6:45 am
and underarmor. >> reporter: a small victory for underarmor. >> i might pick up a seth curry pair and see where it goes from there. >> reporter: the nba finals aren't just a matchup between lebron james and curry. it's also a head-to-head battle between their sponsors, nike and under armor. >> i can see them proving some type of competition. i see them competing a little bit. >> reporter: the under armor brand is still relatively under the radar but by signing rising stars like nba's seth curry, it's hoping to attack nike's dominance. >> it's a lesson in general on business. how they should go after goliath. >> reporter: even though nike remains the dominant player in the sports wear in the industry, under armor is growing a lot faster. its sales rose 25% in the first quarter compared to nike's 13%. also under armor stock has
6:46 am
soared 16% this year compared to a 7% gain for nike. but nike which makes the bebon 12 is -- lebron 12 is still the king in the basketball arena. >> bebon james is -- lebron james is still the key in the shoe world. >> reporter: but here in the bay area, curry's popularity is selling out the curry 1 shoes. >> we can't keep them in the shop when we get them. there are always lines at stores to get the pair. >> reporter: under armor has already made shoes for riley curry who is perhaps even more popular and marketable than her dad. >> hold on one second. >> be quiet. >> adorable. >> how do you top the riley? >> we keep pointing out under armor, maryland grad. support the local team in all ways. >> cashing in on the cuteness. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning. that's a brilliant idea from
6:47 am
under armor. i said to my son henry you need a new pair of nikes and he said mom, what's nickee? i said those are tennis shoes and he said no, i want under armor. so it's interesting that sort of generational-- >> have him sit with you and d maybe you can work something out. >> i know, right? we have a lot of news. first, a woman is treated for drug resistant tuberculosis after traveling through several states. we'll talk about the importance of tracking down anyone who may have come in contact with her. plus, john stewart's program to help veterans break into the entertainment industry. china uses drones to stop students from cheating on tests. and the new taylor -- new tailored service that comes right to your door. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. >> uses drones to stop cheating? >> and happy anniversary to chef jeff. it's our wedding anniversary. >> congratulations. good to see you.
6:48 am
back home we're still kind of assessing the damage there really from last night. you look at some of the spots like delia goncalves's home. looks like the storms have passed. >> the severe threat is over. we still have some lingering showers but all the heavy stuff, the severe stuff is done for today and for the afternoon. so, yeah, lots of trees down. lots of wind damage yesterday. we had a lot of rain, especially near the baltimore area. over 2 inches of rain. for us light showers left over and some clouds, but by the afternoon much better, more comfortable. take a look at our michael & son camera. here are the clouds. i'll show you the rain in just a moment. 72 degrees. the dew point is still high but it's dropping as we speak. the winds are still out of the south, southwest. later on today behind the front, they'll turn more westerly. that's going to knock our humidity down a little bit. only for a little bit, only for 36 hours before we get back to heat and humidity so enjoy this afternoon and tomorrow. light showers south of bowie headed over to annapolis and down through 301 just starting to see light stuff head on out. watch off to the west, east of
6:49 am
81. we have another line of showers making their way out of hagerstown near martinsburg. these showers could push on through as well. so we're not done with the rain chance till about lunch time. then after that, the front is out of here and we'll have a brief weak high pressure for tonight and into tomorrow. some dry weather before the heat is on. we're talking mid 90s for thursday. same temperatures that are going on through the midwest right now. highs today upper 80s. same goes for tomorrow. tomorrow will be pretty nice with a lot of sunshine. we'll track those lingering showers throughout the morning. 94 degrees by thursday. low to mid-90s for the rest of the forecast period and it's going to be hot with a chance of rain each afternoon. larry, over to you. time 6:50. metro riders, looks like we're all in the clear. earlier issues on the yellow line have been resolved. everything running back on schedule for the buses and trains. want to take you back down 95 on the virginia side. significant delays starting to
6:50 am
clear up. traffic is moving there but again want to let you know the express lanes are still closed this morning. in the district right now, beach drive is where we have some emergency pots hole repair going on. this is near the zoo tunnel. we've had several cars disabled as a result of those major potholes that we've seen on beach drive this morning. i want to take our cameras right now and show you how things are shaping up around the metro. this is 14th street bridge. this is i-395 northbound getting on to the 14th street bridge. traffic is slowing. no issues there this morning. from our maryland camera, we are definitely in the clear there as well. this is at connecticut avenue here on the inner and outer loop. no problems around the beltway. if you're going to be traveling on the beltway, you shouldn't have any problems getting to your destination on time. we'll send it over to you. we never lie here but women from across the pond actually admit to quite a bit of lying. >> about what? tommy mcfly has the answer in the 94 fresh fm studios. good morning, tommy. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, women in the united
6:51 am
states would never ever lie, right? well, their lady friends across the pond, their counterparts do it quite a bit. an insurance company over there surveyed 2,000 people and they found that four out of five women say they lie every day. and some lie up to 30 times a day. they're counting those little while lies that don't normally hurt anybody in there as well. the number one reason for women lying? to make men feel better. that's according to them. 2,000 women all say that, you know, dudes need a little lie once in a while to get through the day. in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, aim tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> they have such fragile egos, they need to be coddled. >> it helps. especially if your hairline is retreating on you at a rapid pace. later this morning in d.c.
6:52 am
-- [ inaud (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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i'm nikki burdine live at the wilson building where later this morning a big announcement will be made. d.c. united will soon have a brand new stadium all of its own right here in the district. it will be located in southwest in the buzzard point neighborhood. the new stadium is estimated to cost about $285 million and will hold 25,000 fans. we're told it will be a much more fan centric experience and it will be all about the atmosphere. delia? >> reporter: we're live at reagan national airport with more trouble for the tsa. a new report finds that 73 airport workers were given security clearances, even though they were on a terror
6:56 am
watch list. also, there are major holes in the employee records of thousands of airport workers, immigrant workers without passport numbers or social security numbers. the tsa says they will fix the problems by itself end ever the year. -- by the end of the year. back to you. madam tussauds museum on f street northwest has a new figure this morning. today the museum will unveil captain america. it will be clothed in an actual suit worn by chris evans' stunt double. the figure will be on display here through the summer with his mighty shield as well. >> i want to see that. today 88 degrees. we will be having the humidity drop a little bit after lunch but keep the umbrella with you. they're light but we'll have some showers till about lunch time. then we'll see some sunshine. still have delays on the bw parkway right now. the northbound side, the showldzer is blocked at -- shoulder is blocked at the goddard space flight center. we're seeing delays all the way to 410 so be mindful of that if
6:57 am
you're going to be heading out in that direction. things are shaping up rather nicely on i-66 at gallows road this morning. cbs this morning is next. a routine traffic stop turned deadly and it was all caught on camera. the story about the former south carolina police officer indicted on a murder charge. and from the military to the media, john stewart talks about his efforts to bring veterans into the entertainment industry. i'm tracking showers and larry is tracking traffic. we'll be back in 25 minutes. >> we're always tracking. >> always tracking. >> if you haven't done so already, make sure you get the wusa9 mobile app because the app is where it's at. >> there it is. >> i'll see you at noon. >> take care now.
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good morning. it's tuesday june 9th 2015. welcome to cbc this morning. who helped the kill ers breakout of prison. health officials rush to find airline passengers that may have been exposed to a woman with tuberculosis. and john shows us how the "daily show" is helping more veterans break in. but today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. investigators are questioning a


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