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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a plan to single track all day, even during rush hour for an entire week. >> this is the piece that the ntsb recognizes, not being a part of our installation. >> reporter: months of the investigation for the smoke disaster that killed glover and nearly suffocated scores of metro riders have pinpointed what the ntsb says are improperly constructed and installed electrical connections. >> please remain calm that there will be no fire in the tunnel, just smoke. >> reporter: they say that they are following their urgent recommendations, for the immediate action. >> and this is what the sleeve is, fitting essentially right here. >> this is the connection where metro will be pointing two things to keep water in it and to install this in each ring to protect the electrical cable right there. and then this sleeve that will
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also help keep water in contaminants. >> reporter: the ntsb says that the electrical booth was so badly burned that it is still unsure if they had that plastic sleeve. but metro, they now plan to install sleeves in 6,400 of those booths throughout the system. and getting that work done means single tracking trains in the middle of the work days, maybe single tracking for a whole week. >> that would be a problem, i don't know if freaked out is the right word, but certainly an inconvenience. >> and spring tourism season is not ideal. but i don't know when they would do it at some point they need to work on it. >> it won't please us all, but we certainly don't want the disasters. they are hoping to assign more people and that the cost to the
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cash strapped agency, they just don't know yet. live at the metro station, bruce leshan wusa9. >> thanks, bruce. metro also reported today that three times in the last month that they have had problems with the doors opening on moving trains. and all those 4,000 series cars, so they are now pulled out of service until metro could figure out what's going on. >> well don't start complaining about the heat just yet that they are just getting started. the 90s are going to stick around for a while longer, but how long? that's the question. >> and that is a very good question, derek. some of the computer models break it over the weekend. it'll continue through the weekend and in to next week the actual temperatures. i'm outside right now that you don't move around and maybe you're not in a suit coat that it's not horrible right now. temperatures are essentially in the lower 90s, pretty much across the board looking at 91. and that is downtown at national officially at leesburg and manassas and 84 in annapolis as they got pretty warm by the water and that
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water is a nice way to kind of modify the climate. okay. feels like 97 downtown and 92 in manassas and 95 in leesburg. so this isn't crazy either that we would see the heat index over the century mark and then we really take notice. record highs to beat today, well, 96 in martinsburg and 93 at dulles and only 92 so far and that they probably did not make it, 91 is safe downtown and 99 also safe in baltimore. and so the heat wave is here for the next four days and 93 tomorrow on saturday and 93 on sunday. and 95 on monday. the record highs, again, at national as the average is 83. so we are running about 10 degrees above average and their record is 95 tomorrow and 96 on saturday as those two were in jeopardy and 98 on understood looks safe and 101 on monday that looks safe. we will come back and talk about that three-degree
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guarantee to let you know if they could bring some relief to parts of the metro area. there is concern tonight that they were convicted of three counts after their plea on wednesday that they may try to withdraw those pleas. >> reporter: that jesse matthews, he can try to withdraw the guilty pleas until the time he's sentenced in october. but the judge would only allow it if he determines that he did not knowingly or voluntarily enter those pleas. one thing is certain that the guilty pleas were upsetting to his family. >> what a devastating thing to have your son stand up and say guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: the compassion that she feels for the family of jesse matthews is remarkable. linking him through the dna to her daughter's 2009 abduction and murder in charlottesville. on trial for the 2005 attack
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that happened here in fairfax on wednesday that matthew entered the guilty pleas for all three counts. abduction and sexual assaults. >> his family that i could see they were suffering. all to help save the next girls, making t-shirts that they gave to the prosecution team. >> they would link all three cases involving mr. matthew who was charged with capitol murder in -- capital murder in the abduction and killing of hannah graham, believed that the victim here in the fairfax case survived because of the passer- by scaring jesse matthews. >> reporter: and they were close to these woods where they would continue attacking her. when he bolted through the woods where search dogs were here, wondering how they would get away so fast that it was
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not that difficult. he hopped over through the woods across that field and in to their car behind the office building on tinder drive. >> they believe they quickly drove away. in fairfax, peggy fox wusa9. >> and now they hope that the guilty plea are assigned to matthew will also plead guilty to the murders of the daughter and hannah graham. that they arrested a man who allegedly met them online and arranged for the upscale local hotel rooms and then beat them violently. the 31-year-old is behind pars, facing some serious charges tonight, including rape, abduction of attempt to file and strangulation and that two incidents happened this week alone and the crown plaza in mcclane and the hyatts place. now according to police that they met their victims on and while the assaults are not life threatening that the assaults are causing
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significant injuries to the victims. >> the fairfax county police believe that there may be other hotel rooms and sexual assaultvictims, urging them to come forward as they found that easter had extensive criminal history in prince george's county, maryland dating back to 2006. this saturday the city of alexandria is holding a grand opening ceremony for a playground honoring ruth -- lodado. it will be located behind the manny jay lee recreational center on jefferson street. and a woman had to cough up$500 after finding a $10 joint. she flew back from jamaica when a drug-sniffing dog smelled the marijuana. agents slapped her with a fine sending her on the way as custom officials seize more than 10,000 pounds of illegal drugs smuggled in to this
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country every day. coming up, why they may go after the owners of this fuel depot after a deadly fire that lasted for days. and that you could call it a $3 million student and how that hard work has given them a chance to attempt just about any college that she would like. plus, they are just
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at least five people are dead and three people missing after this huge fire in kiev. various safety violations triggered monday's fire as thousands of people living near the plant were ordered to leave. that blaze is raising huge environmental concerns because of the cocktail of the toxic substances that are being released in to the air as the ukrainian government could take legal actions against the company that owns that plant. nearly 300 immigrants are safe after a heroing ordeal on the high seas. >> they got the emergency call and found a boat full of immigrants about 50 miles off the coast of libya. the italian officials had to call for more ships to safely rescue all the people. the refugees came from nigeria and syria and other places. an american has died fighting against isis in syria. the u.s. state department says that 36-year-old keith bloomfield from massachusetts was killed as he fought alongside kurdish forces inside
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syria against isis militants reportedly back on june 3. now friends say they do not believe he had any military background, but that he became angered by isis's brutality. dozens of americans are suspected to be involved in the fighting without the permission of the u.s. government. a man in oklahoma took a leap of faith in hopes that he would get out of jail. but that is what it shows that it did not work out so well for them. he was on his way to a bond hearing on theft charges when he decided that i'm going to jump off the second floor and try to head down to the first floor. well he didn't get far. afterall he was wearing handcuffs, so wheeler was booked in to jail and with a few more fresh scrapes on his arms. and he seems to be okay. all right, topper is up with more on the heat wave and how it could affect your weekend. also ahead. we met hundreds of seniors today, beating the heat as they were inside cooling froms like the one -- centers
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paying for college is rarely easy, but scholarships could be a god send. >> they certainly know that as ariana alexander is the class valedictorian and the amount of scholarship money that has been offered is nothing short, but
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staggering. >> i was accepted to over 20 schools so a lot of thescholarship money would come from there totaling over $3 million. >> for how much? >> $3 million. >> and now she can't accept all of that money, of course, but she is going to use quite a bit of it. she has accepted a scholarship to attend the university of pennsylvania where she would have her eyes fixed on the prestigious horton business school. you go girl. whether you love it or hate it that the heat is there and it could pose a danger for some of us. >> it doesn't matter, but there are ways to beat it. >> i'm debra alfarone on georgia avenue in northwest dc by one of the senior cooling centers in the district. where todd was -- today was annual senior day where there we met about 1,500 seniors who were beating the heat gracefully and they shared their time tested tips with us. >> don't get excited when the weather gets warm. i just go with the flow.
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>> keep a lot of water. >> yeah, but you've got to be in a cool place. >> it is slowly under your chin. >> reporter: they would dodge their rays by standing under the tents today where the dc office on aging says we all need to check on the seniors in our life and seniors need to take the precautions. >> go to the nearest mall and go somewhere to be comfortable. don't go out there and cut grass when it is 90 degrees, stay cool. >> we'll have a list of all the senior cooling centers like this one behind me on our app. you're trying to play beat the heat too to get that right. >> yes, we are. the smoke got in the way as
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we're in pretty good shape with a high of 93. dulles came very close to the record high. so far only 92. just missed it. 93 the forecast for national today. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. all right, a live look outside as it is really nice, except for the fact that it is 91. if you don't move around too much it is okay. the winds are out of the south at 9. we don't see anything out of the radar at that time. this is the way that it feels like. 92 in manassas and leesburg and 93 in gaithersburg. and until we would see their triple digits that we're not going to panic. just keep that in mind. and stay hydrated. the best time to exééercise in the morning with the bus stop temperatures tomorrow, pretty toasty. yeah, it will be in the lower 80s by late 9:00. we'll flirt with those record highs on friday and in the 90s
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to continue right on through your weekend with a cold front as we are still looking at maps. it may be a case actually on saturday where baltimore would end up to stay in the 90s. that's how close that it would be to bisect the metro area with their record highs for tomorrow. 96 at dulles. 95 in dc and 96 in baltimore and all set the same year in 1986. so some of those could be in jeopardy, especially for 95 at national. 84 downtown and 82 over in bowie and manassas and pretty toasty and pretty long. then by morning, we're back in to the 70s, the lower 70s, yes, but only the mid to upper 70s in town and inside that beltway and a muggy start. then by 9:00, boom, 81 downtown. 80 in fredericksburg and 79 as far north as hagerstown where it will be hot everywhere, much like today that everybody is in
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a leveled playing field in temps of temperatures -- in terms of temperatures. out towards comberland and romney and a chance for -- cumberland and romney and a chance for the showers south of 66. we wouldn't get hung up on the exact locations, but there will be a few of them here and there. if you have something planned outdoors, if you end up with a shower lasting about 45 minutes to an hour and then you'll clear out again. upper 70s in the suburbs. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, we'll call it muggy. the winds are light out of the southwest at 10. then by the afternoon, breezy hot isolated storms with the highs 90 to 95. then boom, 81 at 9:00 and 91
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with the sunshine at 1:00. the next three days, essentially the same day with a better chance for showers and storms as they would get closer to us. and then isolated storms on sunday and also 93. the next seven days, monday at 95 and 91 on tuesday. they covered up a little bit of sun there and isolated storms on wednesday and thursday and maybe on wednesday, the nats roll back in to town next wednesday. i guess this is baseball weather sort of. >> yes. but they're in milwaukee that it might be a little better there. probably cooler here as they would be back in action, going for two in a row here tonight and without the face of the franchise the latest
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no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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the washington nationals have been decimated by injuries so far as they had to get creative as they have used 39 different lineups in just 59 games. really hasn't been much consistency in the line up as well obviously. now williams, going back to switch things up again, the first baseman who has been placed on a 15-day disabled list facing an injury in his left foot. zimmerman missed last night's
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game. maryland men's basketball coach along with the other terrapins are in baltimore tonight as a part of their maryland pride tour across the state. our dave owens is there. >> reporter: i'm dave owens at the scenic inner harbor as the maryland pride tour makes their way here to baltimore. we've got a lot to talk about tonight as coaches and administrators will be here like marketer like -- like mark turgeon. we'll have that for you and also the school announcing today that they are considering alcohol sales at their sporting contest, as we'll try to catch up with the athletic director on that as it should be an interesting conversation. we'll have it for you later on. for now though back to you in the studios. all right, dave, thank you so much as they mentioned that the former maryland terrapins, making the nba rounds. where today they would stop in dc. and it all worked out well for them at the verizon center for their eighth predrafted workout. with three more to go as they
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were solid walking off the court pleased with their performance, apparently impressing their nba scouts with their athleticism and decision making. the wizards guard is a childhood friend of wells, so playing for the wizards, of course would be a nice full circle moment. but right now he just wants to live out the dream of playing in the nba. >> and well john, he's a good friend, like a big brother to me, but it does matter where i play as i just want to play in the nba. i'd love to be a teammate of john wall, but wherefore i go -- but wherever i go, i'm blessed and happy to be there. >> reporter: the city council came under fire from the local sports fans after they voted to void their contract with the coyotes to the local hockey team as the phoenix resident along with tons of other fans, they would fill them to express their displeasure and to the mayor jerry wires. >> i support this team and that you don't. you don't show up to games to pay for your tickets that none of you do. why were you at the super bowl?
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because you didn't buy a ticket that someone gave you tickets. what happened to all the events that will come with the super bowl as they moved them to scottsdale because of you. and look at all these people who showed up supporting this team last minute. that i called them down the road to please don't give me a speeding ticket, officer. >> and they should have taken the audio down. >> yeah, you could see her. just the passionate fans as they avoided that contract two years later as they could have been gone. >> apparently that they had, well, a grudge. >> a little grudge. >> a little bit. >> all right, that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back in 30 for your only local news at 7:00. see you
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>> pelley: a judge has found there is enough evidence to charge a rookie cleveland cop with murder in the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy. also tonight, a break in the hunt for those escaped killers. police dogs lead searchers to a small town near the new york prison. we expose pharmacies charging tens of thousands of dollars for supplements that are worth a couple of hundred. and a tv star's real-life drama. >> i remember the barbed wire fences, sentry towers and the machine guns pointed at us. expwhrrchlt captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, a judge in cleveland said there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against two police


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