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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. another summer like sizzler tops our news this afternoon and we're under another yellow alert today because of the threat of severe thunderstorms. howard bernstein is tracking
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the weather. >> 95 degrees at noon at reagan national. i believes that ate hottest we've been all year. a front is on the way. you see it on doppler 9000. see this line of the back edge approaching pittsburgh? that's where the cold front is. ahead of it hot, humid. as this front comes our way with the afternoon heating, we're likely to see showers and storms develop here. some of those could have heavy downpours like we've seen the last couple of days. a couple of light sprinkles west of winchester straddling the mason-dixon line. around here there's nothing on doppler. doppler for the afternoon or futurecast for the afternoon, and this is a simulated doppler, shows the scattering of showers and storms at 3:00. potentially a few stronger ones down toward fredricksburg. then by 4:00, 4:30 d.c. south looks like it will see most of the action. as we get into the evening hours, the area of rain likely will be south of us. so we'll see things settle down but you see the difference with the front. north of the front cleveland 74. pittsburgh 76 with the front approaching. we're generally now upper #s on to even as high as 95.
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see you in a few with the seven day. turning to texas now where tropical storm bill is making landfall and making life miserable for people there. the storm comes on the heels of historic rains and floods next month. omar villafranca is tracking the storm in houston. >> reporter: powerful waves crashed against the pier on matagorda bay between galveston and corpus christi as tropical storm bill moved ashore. even seasoned residents were taking precautions. >> we've fastened our shutters. we moved things off of our porch and our yard. >> reporter: tropical storm bill is expected to drop several inches in the houston area and throughout the state. but it's going to be packing with it sustained wins of about 50 miles an hour. on that-- >> on the ride side, flooding rains will continue to fall. there is as much as a possible of -- of 7 to 8 inches of rain and some areas up to a foot of rain. >> reporter: that's a problem.
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record rainfall in may and a series of storms oafort memorial day weekend -- over the memorial day weekend killed dozens of people and destroyed businesses and homes. >> what was here? >> all carpet. >> reporter: lillian price's house was heavily damaged by a foot and a half of flood water. >> nothing worse can happen than what's already happened to my house. when nature decides to do its thing, it does it and you just sit there and look out the window and watch it. >> reporter: many here are hoping it won't be a repeat performance. omar villafranca, cbs news, galveston, texas. >> many schools and businesses in the houston area are closed for the day and local officials say flooding could cause them to shut down some roadways until the weather clears. the only man charged in the d.c. mansion murders has a new attorney. daron wint appeared in court this morning. during the hearing the judge accepted sean hanover as his new attorney. hanover was hired by wint's family and replaces a public defender. as a result of the change, the next hearing has been delayed
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till july 2. wind remains held without bond in the murders of savvas and amy savopoulos, their son philip and alecia figueroa. a young boy died in an accident on sam eig highway. the road was closed for six hours but is now back open. nikki burdine has been at the crash scene all morning and has more from gaithersburg. >> reporter: a very sad day in montgomery county. a young boy is dead after a fiery car crash early this morning. around 3:30 this morning, a woman in this car was driving on sam eig highway when for some reason she crossed over the median and crashed. at some point the car caught fire and ems crew happened to be driving by. they stopped to help. the driver of the car was outside trying to get the car door open. >> they were able to get on the scene, use their fire excontinuing girrers to knock down the fire. >> reporter: but it was -- extinguishers to knock down the fire. >> reporter: but it because too -- but it was too late.
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a little boy was in the back seat and didn't make it. the woman was taken to the hospital with burns on her hands. accident reconstruction crews worked to find out what happened and why. >> it's definitely one of the questions we're trying to figure out is where the woman us a coming from, the circumstances, why she had the young boy out at 3:30 in the morning. >> reporter: the woman in the car was taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. and she's expected to survive. in montgomery county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> the names have not been released and the relationship it the woman and the boy is not known. motorists should avoid the outer loop of the beltway near central avenue. maryland state police say a box truck flipped on its side when it was cut off by another vehicle. the two right lanes were blocked while authorities offloaded fuel from the overturned truck. another young person is clinging to life after being shot in southeast washington. a teenager was found gravely
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wounded around 12:30 this morning near 28th street and nailer road. delia goncalves is in southeast with more. >> reporter: community activists say the culture that keeps people quiet and these crimes unsolved has to stop. the shooting happened just blocks away from where reporter charnice wilson was gunned down. >> all i heard was heck no. >> reporter: it was just after 12:30 in the morning. sharon wise woke to a barrage of gunshots, an all too familiar sound she says in ward 8 talking to us only in shadow. >> we know no one is going to look out for us so we don't talk to the police. >> reporter: the victim a boy just 15 or 16 years old. sharon wise was on the streets herself but sober now for 27 years, she mentors children and sadly says a generation will be lost until residents learn to speak up and stand up for what's right. >> we can blame the kids all we want but trauma is real.
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when kids grow up with certain types of violence, the symptoms become adaptive. >> when the playing field is level for people who are witnesses, then people will tell. they will say what they saw. but if the child who did it is my nephew, who do you think i'm going to be loyal to? the family or the police who i can't even say good morning to. >> reporter: in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> police are still looking for the suspects and they ask anyone with information to call them. to california now and the latest on the deadly balcony collapse. five people all of them believed to be irish were killed in the accident near the university of california at berkley. chris martinez has our report. >> reporter: a fourth floor balcony loaded with students suddenly gave way early this morning in berkley, california. >> i saw all the rubble on the ground. >> reporter: five irish students attending a 21st
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birthday party were killed. eight other people were hurt, many with life threatening injuries. >> it is an appalling tragedy. a number have been seriously injured and are being cared for and treated. it's every parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: officers at scene say the balcony disintegrated. debris was scattered on the sidewalk below the apartment which is not far from the u.c. berkley campus. police are interviewing witnesses trying to figure out what happened. >> we just don't know. we don't know what happened specifically to cause the balcony collapse. >> reporter: irish officials say the students were in the u.s. on temporary visas. they're inprocess of notifying relatives of the dead and injured. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> the irish foreign minister also said hundreds of irish students attend school in the berkley area. the lawyer for a man accused of killing an ice cream truck driver says his client was being stalked by the man he's accused shooting. larnell lyles fired three shots into the crest of brandon brown
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while he was selling ice cream to children this weekend. brown had been trying to find and kill lyles over a $20 debt. charging documents say lyles told the children to watch it before he opened fire on brown in front of the children. sentencing today i for the man who jumped the white house fence and made it inside the executive mansion. the lawyer for omar gonzalez is asking that he be sentenced to time served and says he deserves leniency because of his army service. gonzalez has been in jail for nearly nine months since his re arst last september. his arrest was one of several secret service security breaches that led to julia pierson's resignation as director of the agency. the new soccer stadium for d.c. you nighted could end up displace something people living in southwest. the proposed site at buzzard point is surrounded by industrial buildings and a couple of low income housing developments. according to our partners at wnew, if the city can't reach -- if they can't reach a deal, the city may seize the property
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using eminent domain. ward 6 councilman charles allen says he's hopeful a deal can be reached but says the city will get the land, quote, one way or another. coming up on wusa9 news, from the boardroom to the oval office? the donald, yes, donald frump does it again. he formally launches his 2016 presidential campaign. >> plus, new revelations about the woman accused of helping two convicted killers escape from a maximum security prison in new york. we're back
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we have breaking news from fairfax county. police there have identified the body recovered in huntsman lake this weekend. she was 22 yearldz leslie -- 22- year-old leslie p. bradford of fairfax. two kayakers found her body in the lake sunday. the cause and manner of death are still under investigation.
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al qaeda confirms a u.s. air strike killed one of its top leaders. a c.i.a. drone reportedly killed nasir al-hazikhiover the weekend. several attacks were organized on the west, including a massacre at charlie hebdo magazine in paris. he was the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which is considered the most dangerous branch of the terror group. the prison worker who helped two convicted killers escape in new york is opening up about her affair with one of the fugitives. sources tell cbs news, joyce tilly mitchell says she had sex multiple times with rich chart matt -- richard matt. we have more from western new york where the manhunt is in its 11th day. >> reporter: wearing prison clothes and a bullet proof vest, joyce mitchell appeared in court for a second time. she previously pled not guilty
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to charges that she helped david sweat and matt richard escape. there was an agreement between mitchell and the two men to kill her husband lyle. unknown at this time is whether mitchell was in on the murder plot or if it may have been an attempt by matt and sweat to force mitchell to help them escape. stephen johnston is mitchell's new attorney. >> i will just say that she's very upset. she's distraught. >> reporter: law enforcement sources confirm to cbs news that mitchell told investigators she had sex multiple times with richard matt inside the prison. on sunday clinton district attorney andrew wiley would not confirm a sexual relationship but said this. >> obviously joyce mitchell went a step further in a relationship with these two individuals, whether it's showing them more attention than anyone else or them showing her attention or affection. >> have a safe day. >> reporter: more than 800 local, state and federal law enforcement officers are
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investigating over 1,000 leads using canine teams, helicopters, and even survey lance cameras in the -- surveillance cameras in the woods to look for the fugitives. prosecutors say the inmates had been planning their escape for several weeks, including familiarizing themselves with the maze of steam pipes outside of their cells. >> that was anna warner reporting. the clinton county sheriff says he believes joyce mitchell would have been killed if she met matt and sweat after they climbed out of the manhole beyond the prison holes. she backed out the day of the prison break. it's now an even dozen. developer donald trump has added his name to the already crowded g.o.p. presidential field. at least four other republicans are likely to join the race as well. kicking off his campaign at trump tower in new york, trump's promise is to restore america's competitive age and make america great again. coming up on wusa9 news,
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there's dynasty talk in chicago after the blackhawks captured yet another stanley cup. more on that. >> the rains yesterday, boy, the allergens are low on the grass, low on the trees, low on the weeds but the mold spores are way up in the high category. that may be what's getting you today. we'll talk about bill. we'll talk about the threat for strong storms this afternoon and i'll have the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult.
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and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at their cup runneth over and it's a pretty big one. chicago is celebrating its third stanley cup in the last six years. the blackhawks defeated the tampa bay lightning 2-0 last night to capture their sixth stanley cup overall. severe weather delayed the arrival of the the trophy at
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united center. sources say a crew bringing the stanley cup to the hockey rink was accompanied by a police escort and speeds reached up to 100 miles an hour. we've seen that trophy right here in person at tv9. it is beautiful. and tonight you can cheer on the u.s.a. women when they take on nigeria in the world cup. the watch party is set for 8:00 tonight at the national harbor. bring a blanket and picnic or stop by red zone american grill's outdoor patio. they'll have the game projected on a giant jumbo ton. -- >> jumbotron. is the indoor option the better option tonight for the watch party? >> just for the heat potentially. you have pink on. >> for our bash tonight. >> raising money for breast cancer research and awareness. andrea being one of the news women. we have the threat for severe storms potentially for the mid- to late afternoon, early evening so hoping that's gone
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in time for all the evening events. i want to start with bill, bill the second named storm. coming on shore up the coast from corpus christi. heavy rains into texas and oklahoma the next couple of days will be the big threat. for us we're watching some showers in pennsylvania right now with a front that's approaching pittsburgh and includes bus but there's -- columbus but there's not much activity locally. we had a couple of light sprinkles toward hagerstown and areas way to the north there. skies at least here have become mostly cloudy. you can see it on our michael & son weather camera. looking at the kennedy center. temperatures in the low 90s this afternoon. then this evening we'll fall into the low 80s by 10:00 with clear skies. winds turn to the northwest and north overnight. that will bring in slightly drier and slightly cooler air for the next couple of days. a cold front is on the way with a few storms this afternoon. back in the 80s for a few days. probably upper 80s but that's better than 90s. then showers return as soon as late tomorrow afternoon,
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especially west of town. temperatures range from the 60s in the mountains to the 90s here. i'm a little suspect of the 95 at reagan national but low 90s for many areas and north and west we're in the mid- to upper #s on due to the cloud -- 80s due to the cloud cover. officially we're reading 95 with a dew point of 71. that puts the heat index at 102 although it doesn't feel like that here on the weather terrace. there's bill one more time. big picture showing all of this moisture streaming north in toward texas. they're already inundated. the ground is saturated through a portion of texas and oklahoma. you can see areas with more than eight, maybe 10 inches of rain from bill. then more showers with that front extend from the midwest all the way in toward parts of the northeast. it's going to push south again. you can see the clouds also that are with us now. more sun south. that's why we're in the 90s. with temperatures like this as that front approaches, i'd expect some showers and storms potentially to be popping. so we have the yellow alert because anything that develops,
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heavy downpours. we've had strong storms the last couple of afternoons. 60s to low 70s. tomorrow i think more clouds than sun, 87 with late showers and storms, especially to our west. 87. when i say west, i'm thinking areas along and west of i-81 a better chance than here in d.c. 87 thursday. friday 88. the heat builds once again, especially on sunday. father's day
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some of the most rare and most compelling photographers ever taken are now on display at the national gallery's west building. the show is called "in light of the past." here is the senior curator sarah. thank you for being with us. "in light of the past" is one
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of three major photography exhibits you have at the gallery. you started this 25 years ago. >> we did. giorgio oh o'keefe laid the foundation. but the museum didn't start collecting photography until 1990. we've been doing it quite act iferl since then but it's -- actively since then but it's been a long endeavor to build up collection of photographs. >> this is something pretty modern i would say and you have another exhibit going on celebrating your 25th anniversary and that's called "the memory of time." talk to us about the title of that. >> well, the title refers to how a number of contemporary photographers are really dealing with issues of time, memory and history in their photographs. they've recognized that since the invention of digital photography, photography's relationship to truth is really very slippery. and they have been exploring that. so the memory of time includes
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work by 26 international artists over 70 works. i think it's a really wonderful survey of contemporary photography. >> i read one review talking about the two photography exhibits saying it almost definitely puts to rest the ideas that photographs are not art. as i said some go back as far as 1839. and they really tell so much of a story that more than a painting or sculpture. >> they absolutely do. the exhibition starts in the very early 1840s. photography was invented in 139. it shows the extraordinary way photography has been used in the last 170, 180 years. >> a good way to celebrate the anniversary at the national gallery in the west building and a good way to stay out of the heat so it's all wonderful and great place to take your friends and family who are visiting for the summer. thank you very much. good luck with the exhibition. >> thank you. that's it for wusa9 news at
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noon. we'll be back of course at 5:00. until then have a great day but we're always on at and on our mobile app. i'll see you tomorrow.
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>> michael: the fact that you thought you had to leave town, that you had just to disappear. >> avery: [ sighs ] it was a moment of panic. >> michael: yeah, panic's a response, fight or flight. the question is, a response to what? hearing about your car by the lake, the blood in your apartment, obviously we were all concerned. >> avery: well, that was never my intention. i just needed to clear my head. i needed a few days. >> michael: i'm not buying it. phyllis was beside herself. i was worried. you really -- you really planned just to leave without telling any of us, and not just for a few days. >> avery: you afraid that i'm gonna drop my caseload on you? >> michael: if you felt leaving was your only option, just tell me why.


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