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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fox was in court. >> reporter: can you comment? the family of steven der reel had no comment but his attorney did. >> he is distraught. >> reporter: he was a student at mary washington university and lived in this off-campus house with two other women. how close was he with grace? >> just housemates, no other relationship to my knowledge. >> reporter: housemates found mann's body, hands bound and a plafortic plastic bag over her head she was blue. they said that they looked for the house and called for grace. no answer. then they said steven came out
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dripping sweat and was erratic, and said what would you do if grace wasn't here anymore? she said he told us, i slapped her. she bit me. i strangled her. there was evidence of a wound on his hand. >> there is evidence, a bite wound, what appears to be a bite wound. >> reporter: from grace mann? >> i can't say say if it was. there is no warrant to my knowledge. >> reporter: the housemates testified that they did not know of any problems between the two nor did they know what the apparent fight was about. pegg fox, wusa 9. >> the judge in today's hearing determined there is enough everyday to send the case to a
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grand jury. the murder of the savopolous family and housekeeper vera figueroa continues. daron wint is the only man charged so far. >> reporter: daron wint walked into court with his armed shackled around his waist. it's an image weave seen but the people next to him were people we had never seen before. it - - . >> reporter: the court appearance was brief with new attorneys. one of them, an immigration lawyer. >> she will be here for the entire trial. >> reporter: wint was born in guyana, and he is a legal
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resident. >> the supreme court ruled it's ineffective not to advise him on the consequences he would face as a non-u.s. citizen. >> reporter: wint is charged with first-degree murder, and that's a deportable defense. police say that savvas savopolous and his wife amy and housekeeper vera figueroa were held for hours and tortured for $40,000. >> he feels good about the case. >> reporter: police say they have mountains of evidence hanfords over didn't rule out the possibility of a plea deal. >> i can't say answer. we just entered. and that's what we're finding out. >> reporter: hanover said they are taking this one step at a time. the next hearing, a preliminary hearing, scheduled for july 2.
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>> thank you, allison. and hanover and his firm were fired by wint's family, and hanover said that they asked him to work on the case. he was previously represented by a public defender. a 16-year-old is in grave condition after being shot in southeasd.c. at 28th street and naylor road after midnight. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. bruce johnson has more on what people in the neighborhood are saying, bruce. >> reporter: police are releasing very little, and police are saying a lot about this. he goes by the name of jr and they believe he lives up the street with his older brother. we know that jr is in grave condition tonight. >> what did you hear? >> gunshots. >> reporter: the shattered glass at the gunshot where the
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16-year-old system was. >> running, hollering. >> reporter: the teen had just stepped off a metrobus with a friend. >> you could tell. he was running and had to get hit. >> reporter: people in nearby apartment buildings were awakened by the gunshots heard at 28th and naylor. violence is no stranger in these parts but the people who live here continue to tell us that the violence is something they never get used to. >> want the best for them. you expect your children will bury you and walk behind your coffin, and you have to walk behind theirs, it hurts. and they don't seem to understand none of this. >> reporter: patricia just happened to drive by. her son was killed in the streets of southeast d.c. more than two decades ago. >> it hurt like hell. it still hurts 25 years later.
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i wanted to upon when he would have had a baby and what he would have accomplished. it never go away. >> we are going to take that community back. >> reporter: now the neighborhood is trying to become a part of the solution, a problem that transcends generations. >> we should be having a conversation about why the body ended up there and have a conversation about the body. >> reporter: again, no motive, no suspect in the shooting of this 16-year-old last night and the community again has to deal with yet another senseless act of violence. back to you ysgu. >> thank you, bruce. sentencing day for the man who jumped the fence and ran into the white house with a folding knife. 43-year-old omar gonzalez was sentenced to 17 months in prison and then will be on
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probation. he is paying the price for putting the first family and white house staff at risk. tonight, montgomery county investigators are piecing together how a young boy could have died in gaithersburg at fields road and route 370, near sam eig highway that was shut down for three hours. and that is where a vehicle crashed with a child inside. >> reporter: we still don't know that many details about this fatal crash, but we know that the female driver involve side in serious condition in the hospital and may not survive her injuries from this early on morning crash that happened behind me. this is from the downtown crown shopping center. the neighbors tell me there were so many accidents in the area that they didn't realize it was that serious. >> a lot where a lot of of accidents occur. >> reporter: adrienne duncan said she didn't hear it but it
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was around the same time that another driver lost control and jumped the median and crashed into a lane and caught on fire around 3:30 tuesday morning. ems crews just happened to be driving by and tried to get the door open, but by the time firefighters got in, it was too late. a 10-year-old boy in the back seat died. >> any time something happens to a child or anybody, it's of great concern. >> reporter: people told me that they are concerned about the combination of speeding and the newer traffic patterns and may have had something to do with the fatal crash. >> with the lane switchings no longer there, you know, it's kind of confusing for any of the people that drive on this. >> you know, the situation is
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very sad. >> it's startling. >> reporter: montgomery county homicide, the fire marshal and collision reconstruction unit are investigating, and are asking anyone who may have seen this crash to give them a call. in gaithersburg, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> police tell us that the woman suffered burns trying to get the back door open. we don't know if the woman is the victim's mom. fairfax county police are trying to figure out how this woman died, the woman found dead in huntsville lake. kayakers found the body on sunday morning. and a bizarre request from suspected alexandria killer charles severin. >> he asked his lawyer to buy him a kilt in court. he is the suspect in the shooting death of three
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prominent residents. and he also requested a colonial williamsburg-style three-cornered hat. we're just getting started on the wusa 9news at 5:00. six students are dead after the collapse of a balcony during a party. >> and we hear from rachel dolezal for the first time since she was accused of portraying herself to be. >> and
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all the lanes on the beltway are open following an accident with a box truck from an insulation company crashed after it was cut off by another vehicle. tropical storm bill came ashore along the texas gulf coast this morning as storms being paing sustained -- packing sustainedded winds is dropping rain in an area that
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just doesn't need it anymore. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: tropical storm bill made landfall 90 miles west of houston. wind gusts whiched up the surf. >> it's not a hurricane, and we are not in danger of high wind or storm surge. >> reporter: residents in the low-lying coastal areas were asked to evacuate. >> flooding rains will continue to forel -- with up to some areas seeing a foot of rain. >> reporter: has been rain is what the houston area doesn't need. after the wetting may on record, it won't take much to send the rivers and streams back over their banks. dozens died after a series of storms caused major flooding over the memorial day weekend. signs and detours are in place
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in case this storm causes more flooding before it's over. craig boswell, texas. >> and then the storm is expected to move northward. >> bill doesn't scare us. >> we'll track bill and by the time it gets here, it will be wrung out. we have other problems. the three degree guarantee, we went 91. thought that was pretty safe, and here's a hint. it's 95 right now. >> oh! >>! [laughter] okay. he's laughing too hard. >> okay. yeah, cue to microphone. >> 95 at national and winds west northwest at 16. here is the radar. not as active as we thought,
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and that's a good thing. we are tracking showers and storms north and west of town and will traverse southeastern towards the western suburbs. let's not let our guard down until 7:00, 8:00 tonight. this storm northeast of winchester and this between romney and winchester. heavy rain and lightning and heavy downpours around charlestown and to the south and southwest of winchester. so this storm will move through especially through winchester and maybe as far south as upperville by 619. we will see if they gather strength like yesterday. but right now, they are few and far between. this just popped up. 95, now on the east side of 95 heading into portions of southern maryland in about half an hour or so and moving
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southeast at 30. a yellow a -- alert for the thunderstorms. and it will be a nice evening with highs below 90 on thursday and friday. that would be nice. even tomorrow, it will hold in the 80s and heating up over the weekend, and the heat is never far from us. and by early in the morning, clouds returning to the south and pleasant. 67 in leesburg and 69 in manassas, and by 6:00 6 -- showers and storms are back. this thing is going hog-wild. i am not sure i buy it, but we have showers and storms in the forecast late tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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bill made land fall earlier today. and it turns northeast ward and by friday, it's north of little rock. the rainfall, pretty darned impressive. this is over 10 ich in houston, and by 5:00 tomorrow and dallas, 3 to 7", and then it will slide into missouri and up into northwestern arkansas. bill is never a threat with wind. it will be with rain and flooding. the day planner, at 1:00. 88 tomorrow and 89 on thursday and 89 on friday which is hot for this time of year. it's only june. the next 7 days, 91 on saturday. dad's day, 97. and 98 on monday, and 96 with only afternoon storms again on side. one day after resigning her post as president of the
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spokane chapter of the naacp, rachel dolezal was on the today show this morning. >> this goes back to a very early age with my self identification with the black experience, as a very young child. >> the 37-year-old had been representing herself as a plaque women for the last 10 years, but her parents have said, no. she's white. dolezal's mom said now is the time for her to get some help. >> i think she needs to get back and regroup before she plunges back in. >> the city of spokane is investigating whether dolezal lied about her ethnicity when she landed an a poim on the police oversight board. today in southwest, the mayor and other district leaders announced a $4 million investment by bloomberg
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philanthropies. the investment will be a valuable asset for students as they prepare for college, job training, and careers. why honda is setting down production on two models of the civic and chipotle hunts for the forever tortilla. >> and after the break, baseball is the focus in the la test
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professional baseball at latest focus of a hacking. the f.b.i. and justice department are investigating the st. louis cardinals. apparently, there is everyday that the team hacked into the houston astro's network database. we are not sure who did the snooping, but it is f.b.i. is looking into whether the front office is involved. and some may not be so excited about the new soccer stadium for the d.c. united. residents living in low-income housing near buzzard's point could get booted.
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the councilmember said they hope to workout a deal but the city will get the land, quote, one way or another. and the dow was up 113 points today and the nasdaq up 125 points. the gap is shutting the door on 125 stores across the country. the retailer has seen sales slump in recent years and admits not keeping up with younger, tech-savvy shoppers has affected business as well. and -- honda will no longer sell the gas-electric hybrid and the gas-powers vehicle and replace it with a plug-in hybrid saying that falling gas prices and better milings on the newer models contributed to the change.
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chipotle goes through 800,000 tortillas a day, and now, theyor a mission to mass produce the perfect tortilla. in the quest for the recipe, they are looking at one that uses whole wheat, flour, water, and oil. >> i am sure if they find that perfect tortilla, the lines will get longer. using foul language on the streets of arlington one time can cost you. >> the county board approved the measure to increase it from $100 to $250 and public intoxication, the same thing. >> if you are caught cursing 3 or more times in a year which you really have to work hard to do, the type will be capped at $250 instead of $500. i don't know. yeah. the board said they want to bring the code in line. just when you thought the race for president couldn't get
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any fuller, outspoken real estate mogul donald trump make its official. >> and latest on the new york state prison worker. >> and a former ravens' cheerleader accused of raping a 15-year-old
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all right. right now, the storms are few and far between but we cannot let our guard down until 7:00, 8:00. even the showers northwest of lee burg, we don't see lightning but heavy rain. it's a small area, and i will say that. you south of charlestown, yellows with the rainfall rates at up to 1" an hour.
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this will head towardssterling. and maybe into sterling at 6:16. right now, we don't see anything severe. we'll keep an eye on 95 at noon at national, and 90 in leesburg and 82 in martinsburg. but the heat index feels like between 95 and 100. we always say this, exercise in the morning and not in the evening. we'll come back and see if the cold front will reduce our temps. >> thank you, top. a former ravens cheerleader and the ex-wife of a prominent executive has pleaded guilty to the rape of a 15-year-old boy. >> reporter: molly shaddock left court without saying a word after pleading guilty to raping her son's 15-year-old
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friends, a charge that could land her in jail for 15 years. is she sorry? this was a child, a 15-year- old. she pleaded guilty to raping snipe -- him. >> we made it very clear we will not address this. >> reporter: investigators say that shaddock began a flirtation on instagram and then culminated in a represented house. >> this is obviously a very difficult time. therefore, we ask that you respect the privacy of all involved. >> reporter: shaddock had faced more50 years behind bars if this went to trial. she will have to register as a sex offender. she gained fame as the nfl's oldest cheerleader, a socialite
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act 95 charities and married to an energy executive who used to run bge's parent company. >> and shaddock very to register as a sex offender. she was a member of the raven's cheerleading squad in 2005. authorities in berkeley, california are investigating the collapse of a balcony that sent six people falling to their death. the balance cony is attached to the fourth floor apartment and is about two blocks from the u.c. berkeley campus. more than a dozen people packed that balance cony on -- balcony to celebrate a friend's birthday. the 6 who died were students from ireland, and several other were injured. >> i saw a lot of rubble on the ground and people in tears. >> police have closes off the other balcony while they investigate. an airstrike over the weekend killed one of al
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qaeda's most important leaders, the terror organization's second in command and leader on the arabian pee nines last u.s. officials say he was responsible for the so-called under war bomber plot in 2009 and the deadly attack in paris earlier this year regarding. there are new revelations about the prison seamstress helping the two convicted murderers to break out of the new york prison. joyce mitchell said she has had numerous sexual encounters in prison. >> obviously, joyce mitchell went a step further in the relationship with the two individuals, whether showing them more attention than anyone else or them showing her attention or affection. >> the da said she believes mitchell would have been killed
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if she followed through with the original plan to pick up the two. and donald trump has joined the presidential race partying the speech at trump tower and took a shot at current office holders. >> how stupid are our leaders and politicians to allow this to? i will be the greatest job creating president ever created. >> trump declared that the american dream is dead but if he is elected, he will bring it back bigger and better than ever. >> move over. cracking down on slow poke drivers in th
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trending now, stories about the shark bites in north carolina got you nervous? they are using drones to track sharks in the ocean.
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check this out. lifeguards near long beach, california is using the upmanned aircraft to see how many sharks are out there. within 10 minutes, they learned there were 10 to 12 sharks in the area. and there was even a juvenile great white hanging out in water that was waist deep. the good news ises there were no swimmers around? >> if we get bigger sharks or sharks that are aggressive, we see close the water. >> sharks are my biggest fear. >> when they get aggressive, isn't it too late? [laughter] they will leave the beaches open for now but keep the warning signs out there. >> a warning sign for sure. and there is a viral video that shows the world what aspergers can look like and the power of special service jogs.
5:39 pm
>> daniel jacob posted a video of what she called a meltdown, and watch as the dog comforts until jacob calms down. yeah. amazing. almost 1 million views on this video since it was posted earlier. what a beautiful dog. >> what a beautiful relationship. >> yeah. wonderful. seinfeld fans will remember the episodes featuring keith hernandez. wont a couple of dates with elaine. in a recent interview, he revealed he is still getting royalty checks from the shows, get this, 3 there,000 a year for doing nothing. >> on a show about nothing. >> that's true. and why folks are going to the ballpark for more than just the game. >> plus, topper is back with the latest on our yellow alert and the
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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breaking news right now. more overdoses from synthetic marijuana. >> reporter: at least 7 people have been rushed to the
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hospital after over dozing on this synthetic drug, spice. the homeless shelter at 2nd and d street in northwest, and this is the same place where we saw almost a dozen people overdose less than two weeks ago on a different version of the drug. there is never a good time for this to happen, but the timing is interesting when officials announced a fight against the dangerous use of these synthetic drugs, looking to combat that. the condition of the seven people taken to the hospital has not been made clear. we will update you when we get any information. right now at 5:43, key lawmakers are blasting metro
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for the leadership. their comments come 1 day before they are expected to release a scathing review of a troubled transit agency saying that they urgently need new staff, training, oversight and new leadership. we'll tell you what they're demanding coming up at 6:00. so what are we looking at, topper? >> it's good news, not as crazy as a thought it would be. >> okay. we'll take it. >> looking at the frontal boundary pushing through, and mostly showers and storms few and far between. we'll take a look at that on the live radarment a look outside, very nice but unbearable, 95 still, and the relative humidity, 41%, yeah, and winds west northwest at 16 that will bring in drier air
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but won't cool off. good news there. so the radar, over the past hour, we've seen a couple of showers and storms into southern maryland and moving through southern sections of charles county, some heavy but not severe, and this storm has held together for the panhandle of west virginia, berkeley springs and leesburg's doorstep. nothing crazy heavy, and it could be briefly heavy but no red and orange with this. the red and orange confined to charles county in southern sections of charles county. we will track this for you headed towards leesburg about 5:50, and churchill, 6:41. sieving moving south eastward at 30 miles per hour and pretty much the same speed as yesterday. this is a good storm on the
5:46 pm
south side of charles county, and it's headed across the bridge and it will be tough going, a heavy downpour and pushing across and down the river and will skirt into st. mary's county in the next half hour. so that said before we have a yellow alert, a few storms around, and the critical time, now until 8:00, and we'll end up with a nice night. highs may hold below 90s tomorrow and thursday and friday, and that's more psychological, but we'll take it. so 10:00 tonight and everything is gone, and 83 downtown and 78 in manassas. the temps won't plummet behind the front. in the morning, 60s. upper 60s in manassas and culpepper and 73 downtown. and we know how warm national
5:47 pm
airport is. 9:00, 70s across the board and clouds with a few showers here and there. and 1:00, a couple of stray showers, and most of the showers in the mountains. the temperatures in the mid-80s by then, and then 6:00, showers and storms and martinsburg, winchester, south and west of town, and the models are all the over. and looking at this, going hog- wild tomorrow, and we have showers and storms in the forecast through tonight. evening storms, some heavy and severe, otherwise, partly cloudy and cooler, and on the day planner, 77 at 9:00, and that's cooler than it's been. it's been 80 by 9:00 the last couple days. 81 at 11:00, and 85 at 1:00 p.m. thursday, hot and more storms,
5:48 pm
89. friday, hot and more afternoon storms, 89. the next 7 days, 91 91 on saturday, and 97 on saturday for dad. the storms would affect us on saturday and sunday but doesn't look like a big deal. >> thank you, top. the f.b.i. has arrested a phoenix man over the attack in garland, texas. two detectives were shot dead in the event, and now, the investigators are accusing the man of helping the others to plan the attack even heading into the desert to do target practice. it's a story a lot of you are reading, a daycare worker under arrest in connection with
5:49 pm
an allegedy sexual assault. a father stopped by the daycare to pick up his 5-year-old daughter. he saw his girl and the adult male teacher crouched behind the bookshelf. the teacher said they were having a tickle fight but his daughter said he had sexually abused her. parents are upset they were not told. >> when something happens like that, we need to be identified. >> police say that the investigation is ongoing, and they are trying to determine if official -- other children were abused. this is one of the things you hear drivers complain about most: slow cars in the left lane that will not move over. >> you gotta hate that, and dozens of states have laws that could type drivers across the country are getting pulled over not for speeding -- >> there is a new slow poke
5:50 pm
law. >> reporter: -- but for going too slow in the passing lane. lieutenant colonel patrick callahan is with the new jersey state police. >> i agree going ?ient more dangerous than going 50 but doing 50 comes with consequences. >> reporter: at least 38 states have laws to fine you forlingering for -- for lingering. >> it's about time. >> reporter: in new jersey, the fine is at a maximum of $300 two years ago. the assemblyman pushed for the law to reduce accidents and anger on the road. what is so bad about driving in the left lane? it's the fast lane. that's what it's for, isn't? >> you should be passing. it's the left lane. ple on the right is when you get the most severe accidents. >> reporter: enforcing the law in new jersey iny is largely up
5:51 pm
to state troopers. callahan said not all left- leaning drivers are targeted. >> it's the cars really obstructing the flow of traffic. >> and you know who you are, you left lane hangers. i see you out there all the time and won't move over and make us pass you on the right. we hate you. [laughter] there are no laws regarding left lane driving in virginia, maryland, or d.c., and a recent survey found that slow driving in the left lane is the number 3 cause of road rage. tailgating is number 2, and texting is number one. >> number one for you, apparently. >> i mentioned texting. that's bad, too. many of you on wusa 9's facebook page would love to see every state come up with laws to punish the left lane slow pokes. >> and it's just common courtesy from craig, and dawn said if you want to go the speed limit or under, stay in
5:52 pm
the right lane. log onto our facebook page and join the conversation. the nationals conclude their 8-game road trip tonight with a matchup against the tampa bay rays. the race are just one team in major league baseball that features something unique at their home ballpark in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: with the nationals wrapping up their road trip in tampa, it's a good time to talk about the unique quirks of the stadiums that they visit. you will notice a large tank. and for every homerun ball hit there during the game for the home team, $5,000 is donated to
5:53 pm
charity. and a fish tank behind meho plate in miami. it's made by bulletproof glass, and then whatever the heck this thing is in the outfield. miami; right? the nats recently wrapped up a series in milwaukee where brewer takes a slide after the home team hits a homerun. it happened a few times. and in arizona, you can rent a hot tub if the game is not entering enough. and back home? it's the president's race, something that caught the attention of a certain man that lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the actual president challenged the fake period to a race. i would pay to see that happen. that's your quirky edition of the nats' inside pitch. >> and, you know, baseball can be slow sometimes. so they are adding these quirks. it will make it fun. the guys in the water for the homeruns and i want to go down the slide. >> i like that in miami.
5:54 pm
that may be fun. the redskins back on the field today, and we have the latest from the first day at the veteran's minicamp in sports. >> and coming up new at 6:00, u.s. senators blast metro one day before the federal transit administration releases a report with a hefty list of recommendations. >> i know the feeling of that, and i wanted to give them something that i didn't get when i was in the hospital. >> but first, a little boy has a
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
? if you ever spent any time in the hospital, you know it's tough not to obsess about the situation. >> and a loudoun county third grader is trying to take the scare out of hospital visits for kids he never met. you are about to learn how grayson gives. >> every morning i woke up, and it's like what will happen today? >> reporter: grayson may look healthy now but he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, scary for his parents and more so for him. >> i was in the hospital and kind of scared. i didn't know if they were going to give me a shot or an iv or something. >> reporter: fast forward three
5:58 pm
years, and grayson and his family are monitoring his disease with shots and blood checks, and then he had a big idea. >> i wanted to collect toys. i knew there were a lot of children in the hospital that were sick and scared like me when i was in the hospital with diabetes. >> reporter: like that, his good idea took off. toys started streaming in. >> to get your mind off what's happening and the scary stuff and get your mind onto you stuff. >> reporter: she asked for coloring books, legos, play- doh, and things to keep the kids in nova fairfax hospital busy. this is just a portion. and people are giving and giving. >> i never even dreamed of having a truckload of toys donated to the fairfax hospital. >> it is unbelievable, and it truly goes to slow that little
5:59 pm
people can do big things. >> if you want like to help grayson give, we'll have a link on our website, wusa and our app to where you can drop off toys. we are bracing for more heavy storms to roll through the region. thank you for joining lesli foft near and i'm derek mcginty. top, how much are we talking tonight? >> we're in better shape tonight. this storm has weakened a bit, and wore looking at light activity in the past half hour, and this has a little red in it,a a bowling ball-stipe
6:00 pm
storm. this could still bring rain to sterling on the stormtracker and tyson at 6:39 and bethesda at 6:48 and d.c., before 7:00, and they are moving southeast at 30, and we will see these popping up, and it is a stronger storm and still storms upstream as well. so we're not going to sound the all-clear until 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. temperature wise, 94 in d.c., and 91 in manassas and 90 in leesburg. and if you go outside, it feels like 100 in waldorf. we will come back and talk about the cold front ending up to the south of us, and that means cooler


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