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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news in prince georges county where police are searching for the person who shot a 22-year-old man multiple times. this took place earlier on the grounds of the hunting uncommunity center on 8th street. that is on maryland national capitol parkland. he was dropped off at doctors community hospital where he is in serious condition. the suspect or suspects remain at large. but there is no description at this time.
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just two weeks ago, 18-year-old devante king was shot and killed a few blocks away from tonight's shooting scene. police are searching for three men in connection with that case. and it is not clear whether all of these shootings are related. good evening. i am less lelli foster. >> man convicted in the brutal killing of a grandmother could be months away from being released on parole just 10 years into his sentence. his victim's family is furious about it. the victim's daughter talks about justice denied and the loophole in the sentencing. garrett? >> reporter: glenda duncan's father geraldine was stabbed in 1990. but the killer wasn't caught until the mid 2,000s. change in the law at that time could have that killer freed after just 10 years served. the murder of 67-year-old
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grandmother geraldene williams shook her community and confounded police for years after the crime. >> we have reasons to believe that the suspect was hurt during the struggle. >> reporter: 15 years after the killing, dna evidence led prosecutors to william's neighbors boyfriend, michael lamont johnson. he was convicted and sentence to 40 years to life. williams' daughter linda recalls. >> parole wasn't even mentioned at that point to us. i'm just thinking that he's going to be in calorie for 40 -- going to be in jail for 40 years. >> reporter: but based on 1990 law, a convicted criminal becomes eligible for parole after 25% of their sentence. that is the standard applied to johnson this summer. >> it is not fair. he viciously took an innocent life. her mother weighed 110 pounds. she was 67 years old. >> how likely is he to be released? >> i think that statistics would probably show that it is possible. but probably very unlikely.
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>> reporter: the maryland crime resource center counsels duncan and other victims whose testimony can keep an offender locked up longer. >> there is no equity. there is no justice. it is almost like the victims of the family members of these victims have life sentences and offenders get out. >> reporter: now duncan is calling for lawmakers to change requirements for parole and probation. so 40 years means 40 years. >> first degree murders should not be offered probation and a chance to get out and start over again. i am for second chances. but not for that. >> reporter: johnson's first parole hearing was originally set for may but administrative issues pushed it back until later this summer. duncan plans to be there to fight his release then and any other time she needs to be. reporting live, garrett hague, wusa9. >> maryland did change sentencing guidelines in 1994 to require offenders serve 50% of their sentences to become eligible for parole.
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16 states including virginia have dropped their parole boards all together. new tonight, a defense attorney for deputy matthews -- jesse matthews asked that a new judge take over. charged with murdering hannah graham last september. circuit court judge cheryl higgins is presiding over the case. but her daughter attends uva but they believe that could compromise her judgment. we will find out where this is headed next week. we expect troubling news about metro tomorrow when a federal safety inspection is released about the embattled em. congressional leaders shed light on the inspection today and they noted significant safety concerns on the rails and the buses. mola lenghi spoke to riders about their concerns. >> reporter: lesli, the findings of that investigation have not yet been released but as one congressman who is privy to the investigation said today, this inspection confirms what many of us have feared.
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metro has work to do. heavy on scold but light on specifics, a delegation of congressmen and women from the d.c. metro area repry mannedded them for lacking a top to bottom culture of safety. >> do you feel safe when you ride metro? >> only when big things happen i am scared. >> what kind of big things? >> like the fire. >> reporter: it was after that deadly fire and smoke incident that the federal transit administration launched an investigation into metro that will be released tomorrow. george glass is a regular rider who says he generally feels safe though he admits he's only on the train a few stops a day. anymore he says and he might be a little uneasy. >> i understand why people are very concerned. >> reporter: why? >> it is -- you know you got fires. most of the time. pretty much every day now. and you know, escalators out of service. elevators out. it is dangerous. >> reporter: stephanie reed's
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concerns are two-fold. >> in certain places you feel safer than others. however, if there are people, a lot of people on there, sometimes i don't feel as safe whether it be with the technical issues that might go down or the crime rate. >> as taxpayers we can't complain about safety or service on metro unless we're willing to pay just a little bit more. >> reporter: is it on metro or is this just the risk you take when you ride public transit? >> i think it is a combination of both. >> i mean, i don't think there is anyone to blame right now. there is no general manager. >> reporter: doesn't sound all that encouraging for metro's next boss. whoever it is will have their hands full. getting metro back on track. besides safety, metro has long been plagued by leadership concerns. there is internal debate whether they need a financial expert, transit expert or turn- around expert. mola lenghi for wusa9. >> expected to be included in
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the safety inspections report, are recommendations from the fta on how metro could improve safety. we will bring you those findings when they are released tomorrow. five children suffered minor injuries when parts of a motorcycle involved in a street collision came crashing into their church day care center. this happened late today at quaker lane and dogwood drive in alexandria. police say the motorcycle collided with a car. that biker suffered serious injuries. the police department's crash reconstruction team is trying to pull together what happened. well, those storms never materialized today but don't worry, it could happen tomorrow. >> we thought all the humidity, that it was brewing up anyway. chief meteorologist topper shutt is here on our foot-and- mouthfourth yellow alert in a row. >> i was on the -- on our foot- and-mouth yellow alert in the row. >> i was on the fence with this but, the morning commute will be fine. it will be cooler actually north and west of town you see
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the 67 in gaithersburg and even low 70s downtown. 70s downtown have been running in the upper -- lows in the upper 70s last couple of nights. we will advance to lunchtime. you probably safe walking to lunch unless you're west of town after manassas and culpeper. by 6:00, there could be a couple of showers for the evening commute. but by and large, we're issuing the yellow alert for between about 4:00 p.m. and midnight. here is why. this frontal boundary returns as a warm front and will produce showers that could produce heavy downpours as we go through say the late hours tomorrow night and also into early on thursday morning. the cold front south of us now, are reaping the benefits but it turns around and becomes a wart tomorrow and that will give us chance for heavy downpours. we will come back and talk more about the weekend and have our 3-degree guarantee. tropical storm bill is starting to lose steam as it moves deeper into texas but the danger is far from over. flash flood watches expect warnings are up all across areas that saw record rainfall
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in may. craig boswell reports from houston. >> it is raining in eastern texas and may not stop for days. the rain is heavy and promises to be steady. the national weather service says most areas will get 4 to 8 inches of rain by wednesday night. some isolated areas could see up to a foot. tropical storm bill blew ashore tuesday morning. the town of matagorda saw 50- mile-per-hour winds. this rain comes three weeks after the memorial day weekend storms that killed more than 40 people and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes in texas. people in this houston neighborhood are still cleaning up the mess those storms left behind. >> this was 16 to 18 inches. and this is kind of become our little nest. >> reporter: this family moved everything they own into their living room after water swamped their home in may. >> this flood was epic. i will try to make this the best i can make out of a terrible situation.
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i never want to do it again. >> reporter: marcus and her neighbors are hopeful they won't see a repeat of last month. >> i am ready to have it done and go back to resuming our normal life. >> reporter: forecasters say flooding is possible as far away as dallas as the remnants of bill head north. craig boswell, cbs news, houston. this is the first time a tropical storm system has reached texas in four years. th e key suspect in the d.c. mansion murders has a new attorney. darren wint has ditched the public defenders and they have hired sean hanover. handover told reporters he has not ruled out a possible plea deal. >> he is encouraged about the case. he feels good that justice will be served in this matter. >> are you considering a plea or is that -- >> that is a great question and honestly i can't answer it right now because we just entered. so that is part of what we're finding out in the ensuing timeframe. >> the prosecutors charge that
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darren wint murdered sava pooulos, his wife and house keeper. wint is in custody without bail. and new information tonight on the man charged in the murder of a university of mary washington student. a judge ruled that there is enough evidence to send this case to a grand jury. 30-year-old steven van -- vander briel is accused of killing house mate grace mann last april. after the hearing, the other housemate testified that vander briel confessed. they say he strangled mann after she attacked him. the grand jury is scheduled to address it next month. montgomery county police are trying to determine what led to a fiery crash that killed a boy. it all happened this morning around 3:30 on sam ike highway near 370 in gaithersburg. a would it toyota apparently somehow got out of control jumped the median, crashed into
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an opposite lane and then caught fire. an ems crew just happened to be driving by. they immediately tried to help the driver get that back door open. but by the time firefighters forced their way in, it was too late. a young boy in the back seat had died. from prince georges county bureau yaoeau, the county council has overridden the budget veto. baker had sought to replace the council's 4-cent increase in property tax rates with a double digit increase to generate millions of extra dollars for the county schools. but the council said residents and businesses found it unaffordable and hurtful not county's economic recovery. coming up, a deadly balcony collapse here in the u.s. is seen as a national tragedy in ireland. also ahead, the four-legged hero of a new hollywood movie walking the red carpet here in the nation's capital. but up next, a new york sheriff believes a prison worker accused of helping two
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tonight new york state police are changing their strategy to search for two escaped prisoners. for the last 11 days hundreds of officers have gone over 16 square miles of woods and fields near that prison in upstate new york. now they say they are going to search where the new leads take
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them. convicted killers david sweat and richard matt broke out of the prison using power tools. prison employee joyce mitchell is behind bars charged with giving those men hacksaw blades and other items to get out. at least six people were killed and seven others injured in this just awful apartment balcony accident. it simply gave way in berkeley, california. >> tonight we're learning five of those who died were students from ireland. >> reporter: investigators are examining this 4th floor apartment balcony where three men and -- four men and three women fell to their deaths. many of the victims were irish college students in this country on work visas. >> i was absolutely devastated to hear the news. >> ireland is a small country. when you have the numbers that we have here today, very few of us have been left untouched. >> reporter: police say more than a dozen people celebrating a 21st birthday party packed
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the balcony early tuesday morning. >> two students desperate to find their injured friends waived down gerald robinson for a ride. >> they were distraught. i didn't talk with them at all. they were just comforting each other. >> the property owner has been ordered to do a structural evaluation and we will be doing our own evaluation. >> reporter: now there is a memorial marking the site of the tragedy where inspectors are trying to figure out just why that balcony fell. that building was built 9 years ago. just a couple of blocks away from uc berkeley campus. officers have closed off the other balconies in that complex as a precaution. billionaire donald trump ended the speculation today. the donald is running for president. and trump becomes the 12th candidate to seek the 2016 republican presidential nomination. the real estate mogul delivered an hour long speech at trump tower in new york city. he waste nod time taking jabs at -- no time at taking jabs at obamacare, and the u.s.
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unemployment rate. >> our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day. and we as a country are getting weaker. >> trump says his successful business empire will carry over into a potential presidency. he promises to be the greatest jobs president that, quote, god ever created ." but political experts do not consider trump a serious contender for the gop nomination. well, tonight actor gary sinise received an honor here in washington. >> he was presented with the service to america leadership award given by the national association of broadcasters, education foundation. sinise was recognized for his ongoing commitment to raising awareness and support for veterans. the ceremony took place at the foundation's annual gala held at the national building museum. you know they say every dog has its day. but for a dog named max, it has been quite a night. max is the military trained dog who stars in a new movie called
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appropriately enough "max." tonight they rolled out the red carpet for the dog for an advanced screening of the movie at the u.s. navy memorial. we don't want to get into the story line too much and spoil it. suffice it to say, max is one special dog. the movie hits theaters nationwide june 26. got to love a dog. >> yeah, do you. a little rain didn't stop a vision of pink in downtown d.c. this is news bash 2015. each year a pretty much of us d.c. news women including men of your favorites here at wusa9 come together to raise money to bash breast cancer. linda sanchez provided words of inspiration and thanks to some incredible generosity we donated more than $20,000 to fund the prevent cancer foundation's program. so, nice job. we had a great turnout. tonight we were supposed to be on the roof top at the warner theater. we moved things indoors thinking the rain was coming.
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but the humidity was there and thank goodness we moved it indoors. otherwise the pictures would be a whole lot different. >> even my hair would have fallen. >> yes! >> but you could have done it outside it turns out except for the hair thing. okay. okay. just as well. >> can we talk about the 3- degree guarantee? >> i don't want to talk about the 3-degree guarantee. >> how many degrees of guarantee are there tonight? >> oh! >> 91. >> my goodness. >> okay, okay. >> my little sister could have put a better guarantee up than that. >> okay. 91 was the forecast. 96 was the actual high. notice the 91 at dulles. we were 4 or 5 degrees off. i want to point these out. these are recorded highs today. 96 in d.c. sticks out like a sore thumb. gaithersburg 90. leesburg 90. and annapolis, 92. now a look outside. still pretty toasty. still 83. dew points below 70. almost acceptable. winds out of the northwest at about 10. okay. not as hot tomorrow.
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monitorially in the 80s on wednesday. -- mainly in the 80s on wednesday. we issued a yellow alert last hour for late tomorrow and tomorrow night. critical time 4:00 p.m. to midnight. and the main threat will be heavy downpours as the warm front lifts to the north. 6:00 in the morning, we're okay. in fact, even some 60s north of town. the clouds begin to roll back pretty quickly. that will keep the temping down. by 9:00, 70s. showers but still dry for the this morning commute. no worries there. by 1:00, couple of showers possible west of town. manassas and along i-81, upper winchester. by 6:00 p.m., 83 downtown. showers here and there. a couple of showers on your way home. but yeah, the evening commute, anyway. by 10:00, the computer slows this down. this big line of showers and storms are just west of us by 10:00. now slowing it down a little bit. looks like it will roll through late tomorrow and early, early tomorrow morning after midnight. so thus, the yellow alert. so for the most part we're okay in terms of tomorrow evening commute and tomorrow morning's commute. it is sort of after sunset
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we're worried about. temperatures in the 70s. 80 by 11:00 and 85 by 1:00. thursday, friday, same day. near 90 both days. just isolated thunderstorms possible. and then guess what? here comes the heat again. got a little streak of 80s going but then on saturday, in the low 90s. door fad -- for dad in the mid- to-upper 90s. upper 90s to mid 90s on monday and even on tuesday. of course that is back in town tomorrow. by the way, 96 was the hottest day of the year so far. >> wow. >> it felt like it. >> we felt it! >> what about the nats. are they hot? >> you're sometimes not a huge baseball fan. >> sometimes i'm not. >> it can be a little slow. tonight it felt like the homerun derby or just fan of offense, you will like this tonight. a record-setting evening for the nationals. we have got your highlights coming up next. a fatal accident and more on the victim's tomorrow. and a change in the weather
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finally. >> we have been in the 90s but we will talk about some 80s and how long is that going to
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35. that's the number of runs the nationals and the orioles put up tonight, combined. yeah, 35. their opponent? only mustered a measle 7. quite the home run derby tonight -- a measly7. clint robinson, i don't think this one ever came down. then 4 runs later, same inning, robinson now becomes the last batter of the same inning. this time, deep to right center. escobar scores. bryce harper coming around. he gets tagged out at home but hey, didn't really matter because the up 16 runs over the rays' 23 hits which is a team record. in charm city, orioles having a monster night against the phillies. this got started in the 1st
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inning by machado. manny was first up in the 2nd inning and, well, another long ball. orioles 8 total homeruns tonight. a franchise record. they win 19-3. phillies waving the white flag. just send us home. it has been 16 years since the u.s. women have won the world cup. many of the players on this year's team are some of the best to ever play the game. and for many of them it might be their last chance. the women had to first fight their way out of the group of death. ooh the final match played tonight against nigeria in the 8th minute veteran abby wombach headed this pass but the refuse ruled it offsides. take another look. it is close. but a close -- or good call, i should say. 45th minute off the corner kick, she find the back of the net. the u.s. women win 1-nil and advance to play the round of 16 in edmonton. the redskins veterans hit
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the field for their first of three mandatory practices. mini camps. they are forbid from physical contact but coach gruden say the players are chomping at the bit to put on the pads and hit each other. players say the intensity is simply building. >> just a little more personal. it gets more intense. we're all competitors. i want to end this thing strong. even me just in opposition battles and with each other, we want to end strong. so it is natural more intense. >> kind of that point where you're halfway through the off- season practice but so close to training camp. >> that is good for our guys. i like that. i like that
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wusa 9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. is it going to be cooler tomorrow my friend? >> a little bit. if you think -- i guess 88 better than the 90s. >> we will take it. thunderstorms possible but not until late tomorrow and tomorrow night. 89 on thursday. 89 on friday. there is your streak of 80s then upper 90s for dad. >> dad is going to play golf early! >> yeah. thanks for jo
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previously on hawaii five-o... what are you doing in my house? who are you? i'm marco reyes. when your brother disappeared, he was in possession of a significant amount my money. okay. how much money? 18-and-a-half million dollars. you have until monday to bring my money to this address. what happens if i don't bring you the money? you'll get a package with your brother's head in it. danny: three years ago, matt gets ont thaplane. not a single piece of luggage, but he's supposed to have 18-and-a-half million dollars. if that's the case then it's here on the island. so, what? how you supposed to find it? about a month after he disappeared he sent me a postcard. steve: yeah? what'd it say? did it mention the money? no, he didn't mention the money. he just wrote, “wish you were here.” it was a picture of this remote area on oahu with a rock formation and a couple of palm trees.


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