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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ation, insuffer track time for maintenance. no one on headsets. too much noise and distractions which has caused more than a dozen miscommunication incidents, trains directed into active work zones through red signals and power mistakenly restored in work zones. a total of 54 problems that need to be addressed, including ten for buses. >> it's terrible. i hate it. it's the worst. >> it's unfortunate because we end up paying the price for the lack of effort. >> i don't have a car so it's really -- i can't get into work otherwise. >> reporter: the fta said metro has made improvements since the transit system's deadliest crash in 2009 that killed nine people. while the feds say metro has been unsuccessful in followingity own safety policy, the ac administrator says? >> it is not unsafe but it has to do better. >> it is unsafe. they need to use a better terminology of that. how are we as travelers supposed to continue to feel safe on metro? >> reporter: metro has 90 days
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to coup with an action plan for the federal government and address all these problems. metro says they welcome this report and they want to strengthen their training and safety culture and increase staff. meanwhile the mayor also responded late this afternoon saying she is looking forward to improvements and more accountability. at l'enfant plaza, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. because of the l'enfant smoke incident, the fta is looking at vept ration in tunnels at transit systems -- ventilation in tunnels at transit systems all over the country. it's going to be a wet road home for some of us tonight. >> topper shutt is tracking the showers. would does doppler 9000 show? >> we have light activity but we think as we go through the nighttime hours, we get heavy downpours later on. but this is still nuisance showers. this is over the last hour, doppler 9000. mostly showers out to the west out toward leesburg and loudoun county and also into win
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chester. a couple of showers moving out of the district into southern prince george's county. very light activity, though. we'll zoom in on this. showers in leesburg. this is kind of what we're focused on. see a little bit of yellow in there to indicate moderate rainfall with this. we'll zoom in a little bit move. it's right over upperville right now over 17. it's drifting off to the east. a lot of the showers earlier today were moving southeast n. is moving more easterly. so right along 50. so get ready in upperville and aldie for moderate rainfall over the next few minutes or so. headed toward chantilly at 6:48. maybe to reston a little bit before 7:00 this evening. so again nothing heavy. as this warm front begins to lift out, we are going to see some activity increase as we go through the 9:00 to about 2:00 a.m. hours. 7:30 tonight, 81 downtown. still in the 70s across the board. just scattered showers. by 7:30 we're okay. 8:00 70s again. by 10:00 now we're seeing some showers build. and those are the showers that will roll through and maybe even keep you up a little bit
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tonight. we'll come back. we'll talk about the remnants of bill and what that could mean for our weekend forecast and that includes dad's day. breaking news in the shooting after manual at a union tie -- man at a community center. just a short time ago police identified the victim and said they have someone involved in connection with this case. >> reporter: all of this happened since we last spoke to you. the big fear here among residents in old town bowie is this may be a part of a cycle retaliatory violence that's erupted in this corner of prince george's county that feels a lot more like maybury. edgar garcia now afraid for his kids. >> we worry about it because they have all the cameras and
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stuff like -- we don't worry about it because they have all the cameras and stuff. and now all this crazy stuff is going on here. >> reporter: police providing a heavy presence if old town bowie after a shooting outside the huntington community center at 5:45 yesterday afternoon with lots of people around. and a murder june 4 just a block away. shot and kid june 4 -- killed june 4 was demarcus king known as taydo by friends mourning him in twitter posts. arrested quickly was robert anthony meyer. yesterday's shooting happened as another 22-year-old man melvin avon thomas, jr. was walking out of the busy community center at 5:45 p.m. companions took him to a hospital, dropped him off and fled without identifying themselves. tonight police tell us thomas is in stable condition at the washington hospital center. maryland national capital park and planning police who are investigating the shooting here at the community center are not saying the two incidents here
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in old town bowie are linked, but residents cannot help but worry about it. reporting live in old town bowie, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you, scott. that huntington community center is covered by security cameras which police told us tonight may have provided some of that evidence. two brothers now facing charges in a fight that turned fatal early sunday morning in fredericksburg, virginia. a 17-yard now facing two -- 17- year-old now facing two counts of assault by mob and his brother is facing charges for stabbing two men outside a fast food restaurant. two men died from their injuries. the 15-year-old suspect appeared in juvenile court today. police, however, are expecting him to be tried as an adult. >> three different adult men, two of them subsequently died at the hospital just within hours of the attack. so, no, i would not characterize that as an accident. >> the father of one of the victims tells wusa9 they are
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making funeral arrangements today. dangerously drunk. there are new concerns for maryland state police as troopers pull over a surprising number of drivers who haven't just been drinking a little bit. they are highly intoxicated. as rick ritter from our sister station wjz in baltimore reports, those drivers are putting all of us at risk. >> reporter: drunk behind the wheel, cell phone video shows it only takes seconds for a deadly impact. this 2011 fatal crash rocked montgomery county in march boozing bus drivers caught trying to pick up children. >> they were weaving back and forth. >> reporter: incidents state police are desperate to prevent. >> most of the people we come in contact now are not the people that have one or two drinks at dinner. it's people this is what they do. this is what they like to do. >> reporter: 08dui arrests across maryland in just one weekend. 13 are done by the state police
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spider unit where one driver swipes a trooper. another caught driving drunk twice in just hours. the average blood alcohol level for those arrested by the spider team was .17. that's more than twice the legal limit. >> you're probably pretty intoxicated if you're .17. >> reporter: that's seven or eight drinks for a man, five for women. >> very concerned. there are far too many accidents on the road. >> that was rick ritter reporting. the legal limit for impaired driving in maryland, virginia, and the district is .08. a salisbury man is facing a long list of charges after police say a kidnapped woman escaped from his home. 59-year-old harry jones is behind bars tonight. police say that 37-year-old victim flagged down a stranger who called authorities yesterday. she claims jones kidnapped her saturday. investigators searched the
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suspect's home and found evidence to support the victim's story. bird experts with the chesapeake conservancy pulled the old switch radio on -- switch a radio withs on provides. today experts went to the island and replaced to have the eggs with a pair of chicks. it appears tom and audrey have accepted them as their own. >> oh. >> osprey not that bright. it is a big hit for wildlife enthusiasts. >> which is why we know you are not a parent. the so-called memory pills under the microscope to see if they actually work. >> you know you're having a bad day when this happens. next, how crews rescued these workers stuck in a really tough spot in virginia. >> topper is tracking showers coming through the area. find out how they could
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first responders pulled men to safety after scaffolding failed. one was treated for minor injuries at the scene. authorities are trying to figure out why this happened. south korea thownsed that a -- announced take a person has died from middle east respiratory syndrome or percent. >> the 54 -- or mers. >> the 54-year-old woman was diagnosed with the disease last monday and died this morning.
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more than 120 patients are in south korean hospitals for this disease. eight new cases were confirmed today. hundreds of syrians have returned to their homes near the border with turkey after kurdish fighters drove out the isis militants. nearly 25,000 syrians left for turkey during the fighting which touched off two weeks ago. the town's recapture cuts off a vital supply line for isis fighters waning their war in syria. after can migrants camped out for a fifth day. police removed dozens of them in northern italy. the migrants, mostly from sudan have been camped out for five days after french border police refused to let them cross. they are refusing to leave saying they want to reach their family members. could this evening's showers turn into thunderstorms overnight? topper is tracking what happens and what
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there are 47.5 million people living now with alzheimer's with more than 7 million new cases every year. >> here's a question. do supplements really help to fortify your memory over time?
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andrea roane talks to a local expert who suggests there is no magic pill to keep your memory sharp. >> reporter: memory retention varies with different people. some keep a strong memory well into their older years. for others cognitive strengths starts to fade away fairly early. is it inevitable? >> there are cognitive changes that happen with changing, slow processing speeds but memory itself is not something that comes with aging. >> reporter: dementia is the main cause of cognitive changes, a disease where a certain part of the brain is degenerating out of control. companies that sell supplements like ginko frequently advertise that these products can help ward off cognitive changes. do supplements help? >> none of them clearly help. ginko is one that we have evidence that it does not help. the fish oils like dha can be helpful and have been shown to be helpful in some studieses. >> reporter: here more food for thought. some of your favorite summer dishes can promote brain health. blueberries are antioxidants
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that help protect the brain. leafy greens can help protect against cancer. avocados contain upon unsaturated fat which contributes to a healthy blood flow. >> there are also going to be fads out there. coconut oil is the big one now and there's been curry and everything else. what i tell people as long as it's not hurting you, it's not a problem to take it just because there's not evidence that it helps doesn't mean there's evidence that it doesn't work. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa the 9. june is men's health month n. tuesday here on wusa9, we're going to have inova expertses here throughout the day talking about how to protect you and your loved ones from prostrate cancer. derek coined a new term for you. you'll be checking the toppler 9000. >> can i copyright that? actually a long time ago i got
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an e-mail from somebody who thought i invented doppler. i'm not that smart. i did not. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. this is kind of an interesting day. frontal boundary slipped to our south. i went 88 so it means i needed 85, right? >> or 91. >> i'll give you a hint. >> but it's 79 right now. >> i'll give you a hint it was 8410:30 this morning. that is the question we'll answer tonight at 11:00. a live look outside. we're still 79. winds are calm. looking at just some clouds now at the airport. all the showers have pushed east of the airport. again nothing crazy heavy today. a nuisance, enough to wet the roads. this is the radar, the toppler if you will over the last hour. you can see the activity moving through loudoun county. it's essentially moving east. a little bit south and due east heading toward fairfax county. light activity in upper montgomery county and light showers toward berkley springs and our friends toward
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martinsburg in the panhandle of west virginia. we'll zoom in on this area. i hate to call it a storm. if leesburg southwards, we see a little bit of yellow. that's moderate rainfall. no reds now, no oranges. moderate rainfall. we'll zoom in a little more. as you go out 50, once you get to aldie, you'll have moderate rain and moderate rain till you get over toward upperville. so you're going out 50, going to be kind of a slow ride. again nothing severe, nothing heavy, but just some wet roads. this is moving off to the east headed towards dulles. and headed toward reston, probably hitting reston maybe around 6:55 and oakton at about 7:01. we've got light showers this evening. we think some heavier downpours are possible late tonight, 9:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. as the warm front lifts northward. highs tomorrow barely below 90 and friday barely below 90. we're trying to be optimistic here. bill's rep nantzs could actually -- remnants could actually arrive on father's day. some of the models have it
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taking the bully's eye north of us. if it's in our facility, it will give us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on father's day. 10:00 tonight 70s, showers building off to the west and north of us. you saw the batch of showers and storms roll through between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. you might hear the rumble of thunder around midnight or 1:00 in the morning. 73 at 6:00 a.m. in the 60s although upper 60s at that in leesburg and gaithersburg and manassas. 71 in fredricksburg and 70 in la plata. so a little muggy tomorrow morning with clouds to start. then by 9:00 we have temps again in the 70s across the board. for some reason it's producing another shower in the mid- morning hours. not so sure about that. most of the showers will be confined to the afternoon with temperatures back in the 80s. then by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, 86 downtown. most of the showers to the north and east of us and across the bay. so day planner, some clouds to start, no doubt, with temps in the 70s. then 81 at 11:00. then partly cloudy skies or
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partly sunny skies by 1:00. temperature about 85. friday isolated storms. hot. 89 is still hot. 89 for a high. 90 on saturday. a little better chance of showers and storms over the weekend. and in fact on sunday for dad, bill's remnants could put a damper on the cookouts. 88. it will keep the temps down. low 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. only relief those three days will be isolated thunderstorms. a taste of redskins. >> they look good now. you have that feeling that football is around the corner. >> we're getting close to your favorite time of year. >> basketball over. hockey over. football coming up. today robert griffin iii talks about how far along he feels he has come the past couple of months.
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the final off-season workout for the redskins before training camp gets under way at the end of jewel. coach jay gruden has been pleased with the progression of robert griffin iii but how does the qb feel? dave owens has more. >> reporter: i'm not breaking any news to say this is the most important training camp of robert griffin's young career, so popular his rookie career. now a lot of question marks.
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here's a question. did he lay the groundwork for a successful training camp next month during this mini camp? the prevail willing -- the prevailing thought is yes. >> he's fundamentally very, very sound, accurate, spreading the ball around to a bunch of receivers and like i said earlier, i said -- i told him you -- [indiscernible] >> we're all feeling better about what we're doing. being -- [ inaudible ] -- we know a lot more than we did last year. as a player you always have to be confident. sometimes you have to throw a little swag on it. >> reporter: swag? you've got to love any story that's got the word "swag" in it that's for sure. one thing we know robert griffin certainly has the personality. one thing he'll have to show next month that his game matches that personality. we shall see. in ashburn, dave owe wenls, wusa 89 -- owens, wusa9 sports.
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stephen strasburg hasn't pitched a game since may 30. he's been recovering from a strained muscle as he works to get his mechanics and his season on track, the nationals just wanted to get through rehab with no more issues. strasburg made a his first rehab start today in harrisburgrg, viinia and the assessment is he looked very comfortable. he gave up four hits two runs with six strikeouts in five innings. after the game strasburg was asked if this is the healthiest he's been all season. here's his response. >> yes, yes, a hundred percent. ever since, you know, kind of went down with an injury i feel much better. >> the nats take on tampa bay rays the next two nights when they welcome the pirates in town. game one of that series is friday. you can see it right here on wusa9. coverage begins at 7:00. finally tonight, we always
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love a good tirade on the baseball diamond. the rough riders against midland at the plate. the catcher lost control of the ball. the ump still called the runner out and the manager just lost it. shoes co mingoff. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't personally get these but it's hilarious. kicks it. he just keeps going. oh, boy. now he's throwing stuff. >> okay, wait, who gets that mad? i mean really. >> what is it with you guys in not being able to control your emotions? >> earl weaver would be proud. >> i just don't get it. i just don't get it. >> i don't either. >> nothing ever gets reversed. >> we've got to
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>> pelley: what's leftof bill soaks the southern plains. there's fear of flooding but these dark clouds also have a silver lining. also tonight homegrown terror. an alleged isis sympathizer is charged with attempting to murder an f.b.i. agent. seeing red-- a strange invasion of tuna crabs in southern california. and they're playing his song. ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world ♪ >> pelley: but what happens when songwriter and candidate are out of harmony. ♪ keep on rockin' in the free world captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the last major storm of spring dumps several more inches of rain on texas today, a state still recovering from deadly


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