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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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the federal government releases a first of its kind full-scale inspection on metro and it's not pretty. tropical storm bill sweeps through texas dropping nearly a foot of rain in some places. i'm craig boswell in dallas. i'm tell you where it's headed next. i thought it was biting at my left arm. >> a terrifying encounter with a shark, but this teen's attitude will inspire you. plus, distracted at work? you will not believe some of the time wasted people were caught doing while on the clock. but first to that scathing report that has revealed serious safety lapses in metro's rail control center. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. i'm derek mcginty. the term transportation administration -- federal
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transportation administration released the report today and investigators outlined systemic problems, inadequate training, safety improvements needed and understarring. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn at l'enfant plaza. it's the first of its kind full- scale inspection by the federal government and it's not pretty. >> they still haven't gotten their act together. passengers are demanding improvement. so is the federal government. >> metro needs to improve its culture to make things safer for its passengers and workers. >> reporter: ten teams of 35 experts looked at metro's rail and bus system in a three-week period following the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza. the full-scale inspection found metro's rail operations control center known as the rock significantly understaffed. there's inadequate training, lack of required certification, insufficient track time for maintenance. no one on headsets. too much noise and distractions
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which has caused more than a dozen miscommunication incidents, trains directed into active work zones, through red signals and power mistakenly restored in work zones. >> we as travelers are supposed to continue to feel safe on metro. >> reporter: they have 90 days to give the fta an action plan. in southwest, surae chinn, wusa9. for its part metro says it welcomed the report and it will work with strengthening its safety culture and staff. we now know the victim after fiery car crash in gaithersburg yesterday morning was a 5-year-old boy. daniel dana died at the scene. emergency crews rushed his mother narges shafeirad with injuries of her own. investigators from the montgomery county major crimes division are now involved since police are calling this crash and fire suspicious. >> this is an unusual collision. you have a single-vehicle
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collision. we don't have any witnesses to this collision at this point. >> police are hoping to learn more when they were finally able to interview the boy's mother and receive those autopsy results. the clouds have been rolling in all day. there's been a little rain here and there. our chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking some late night storms. what about this timing, top? >> i think probably about 9:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. the best chance of hearing any rumbles of thunder and heavier downpours. that said, we still have showers pushing through parts of the metro area. they're light. they have been all afternoon and evening n. is over the last hour. -- evening. this is over the last hour. you can see the activity north of town, along i-70 and points south to howard county. frederick you have light showers. mount airy has light showers. also extending into the east side of upper montgomery county and maybe just north of olney some showers as well. still around laytonsville and damascus and dayton. just kind of pushing away from olney this moment. some light activity. light activity on the other
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side of the river, unerville. we've been watching this the past hour. -- upperville. we've been watching this the past half-hour. it's kind of wimpy, if you will. on our storm track i, aldie about 7:19. chantilly about 7:43. we'll come back and talk about the warm front busting through tonight. what it can mean for your morning commute and we'll talk about whether or not the remnants of bill could affect your father's day plans. it is d.c.'s top cop with a public plea today asking for your help to identify these three men seen in a metro bus video. police want to talk with these persons of interest about a shooting of a teenage boy. the surveillance video shows the three men follow the victim off the bus at 29th and nailer in southeast. our bruce johnson with an exclusive interview with the victim's best friend who was with him on that bus. we're not giving his name or his address for his own protection. >> no expractice neighbors, no reason? -- no explanation, no reason? >> didn't say nothing. while on the bus didn't say
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nothing neither. >> reporter: when did you realize he had been shot? >> it was right if my face. >> reporter: how many shots? >> one but they say it was three. once he got shot, he fell. >> friend identified the shooting victim as malik mercer, a 10th grader out of ballou. his injuries are described as life threatening. police are trying to figure out who fired the fatal shot in northeast. they pulled up to the 1300 block of orange street to find lockhart with what looked like as gunshot wounds. he died at the hospital. a man was shot last night. he is 22-year-old melvin thomas, jr. he's still in the hospital in stable conditioning tonight. just two weeks ago an 18-year- old man was shot and killed about a block away and many residents fear the violence is linked. >> this is really unsettling. >> we never worried about it because they have all these
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cameras and stuff like that now all this crazy stuff is going on. >> investigators say they have a person of interest in yesterday's shooting, but they are not revealing who person is. the violence is extremely unusual for bowie which before these incidents had only one murder since 2012. a second teen is now charged in a fight that took a deadly turn in fredricksburg, virginia. today prosecutors charged a 17- year-old with two counts of assault by mob and his 15-year- old brother is already charged with stabbing three men outside of a restaurant in the greenbrier shopping center. two of those men died. we talked to a parent outside the restaurant today who was stunned to learn that two teens are in custody. >> i know a lot of 15-year- olds. i happen to abscout leader. i'd like to believe that none of those boys are capable of doing that but obviously it's happened. maybe we need to focus more on our kids. get them doing something more constructive than hanging out
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at the mall or whatever, keep them busy. >> the 15-year-old appeared in juvenile court today. police do expect him to be tried as an adult. new york state police say there is just no evidence showing those two escaped convicts have left the upstate new york area. in fact, they're out with these new photos of david sweat and richard matt meant to show what the two may be looking like after eight days on the run. because there are no concrete evidence the convicted murderers have left town, police officials are still urging residents in the dannemora area to keep their eyes open and report anything that looks suspicious. so far they've investigated 1400 such tips, and have searched 16 square miles. in just a few hours, friends and lovered ones in california will be gathering for a prayer service for the students killed and injured in a balcony collapse. the fifth floor balcony just gave way early yesterday morning in berkley during a 21st birthday party. seven people are still in the hospital with pretty serious injuries, but six people died. investigators believe at least
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13 people were on that small balcony when it fell and some of the engineers believe it should have held up. city officials are determined to figure out why it didn't. >> it's a wake-up call. we're going to fully investigate this particular incident. with our inspectors, we're not going to leave any rock unturned. >> most of those victims were here from ireland studying and working in this country for the summer. the family members are slowly arriving in california to bring their loved ones home. the remnants of tropical storm bill are moving northward across texas bringing heavy rain and the risk of tornadoes into arkansas and oklahoma. the storm is now a tropical depression but as craig boswell reports, bill certainly left his mark for areas still recovering from last month's record rain. >> reporter: east texas can't take much more water. roads quickly turned into lakes wednesday as the remnants of tropical storm bill dumped as much as 5 inches of rain. still texas governor greg
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abbott said the state dodged a bullet. >> it looks like we have been able to avoid the worst. >> reporter: this spillway diverts excess water to areas that can handle it. it could take days for the rainfall and runoff to stop causing problems. the rain is headed into oklahoma and arkansas. sandra is sand bagging her home for the second time in a month. >> we're kind of getting used to it. >> reporter: so the preparations go on. craig boswell, cbs news, dallas. >> while the rain has pretty much ended in dallas and points south, the runoff could cause flooding problems for the rest of the week. that alexandria police officer who was shot in the head is retiring. this morning alexandria liss tweeted this photo with the caption "special day at apd." laboy talked about the ?entsdz and thanked members of the fire department who helped him. a taxi driver shot him in 2013 during a traffic stop. the suspect was found not
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equipment by reason of insanity w. very a crew talking with officer laboy right now and we'll share his story tonight at 11:00 on wusa9. >> really looking forward to seeing that. speaking out from his hospital bed, later the teen who was bit by a shark just days ago has quite a message to share. >> plus, the possible future of packaged delivery. amazon's latest app could put you behind the wheel. you're watching wusa9 and your only local
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>> first drones. now ordinary jose could be delivering your next amazon orders. "the wall street journal" reports am don is developing an app that would skip typical carriers like ups or fedex and instead pay regular people to drop off packages while they're on their way to other destinations. according to sources inside amazon, the company would pay retailers to store packages in
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their facilities making it even easier for pseudo delivery guys and gals to pick up a package and deliver it on the go. amazon is looking to make regular folks productive but there are definitely lazy workers out there. but we don't know any here. >> has hiring managers all over the country for the common distractions in the workplace. here are the top five weird answers. taking a sponge bath in the sink. that's frowned upon. trying to hypnotize other employees to stop them from smoking. not necessarily frowned on but not all that effective. visiting a tanning bed instead of making deliveries. playing a video game on a smartphone while sitting on the commode. how do you know? finally drinking vodka while watching netflix which is good at home but not so good perhaps on the job. >> how do you take a sponge bath-- >> how do you know what's going
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on inside the stall? have to -- it's so -- i don't know. >> i don't get it. >> that's a bit much. top, what do you think? >> top does that all the time. >> yeah, exactly. my vodka is right behind there. all of those are quite disturbing. while out grab one of these. the temperature change the last 24 hours, it's 12 degrees cooler in d.c. right now than 7:00 yesterday. we'll come back and talk about the heat returning. we'll also talk about whether or not bill affects your plans over the weekend. a possible cure for type 1 describe dike. the drug is already -- diabetes. the drug is already helping in one other disease. >> hear from the teenager who survived a shark attack over the weekend. you're watching wusa9 and your
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a lion that escaped during floods killed a man and injured another. cell phone video shows officials carrying the white tiger away on a stretcher. what a waste. police say it was hiding in an abandoned factory which turned into a construction market. zoo officials previously said the flooding had killed all the zoo's lions and tigers and only one jaguar was still missing. obviously they missed that tiger. two vehicle tips bitten in separate shark attacks are recovering in a north carolina hospital. >> wendy gillette reports that one of them says he is ready to fight and determined to live a normal life. >> reporter: the 16-year-old colorado boy who lost his left arm in a shark attack in oak island, north carolina sunday says he's staying positive. staff at new hanover regional medical center interviewed hunter treschl from his hospital bed and released the video. >> i can try to live the life the way it was and make an
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effort even though i don't have an arm or i could let this be completely debilitating. i felt this kind of hit on my left leg. i felt like a big fish coming at you or something. >> reporter: this was the second shark attack of the day. about 90 minutes earlier, 12- year-old kersten you suffered a leg injury and her arm when she was bitten. there's no indication if the same shark bit both teens. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> he's in stable condition at a north carolina hospital. while the girl lost part of her left arm, doctors are confident she will be able to keep her leg but it will be a long road of surgeries and rehab. researchers are testing a possible breakthrough in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. an inexpensive generic vaccine has shown from promise. researchers at massachusetts general hospital are launching a five-year clinical trial using a drug called bcg that might not just treat the
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disease. it might actually reverse the disease. that same drug has been used to prevent tuberculosis for decades and there is hope that 150 long-term patients will participate. more than a million americans suffer from type 1 diabetes. it's a chronic condition that often hits during childhood. the first lady is going international with her healthy eating campaign. michele obama with the help after chef from louisiana put on a bit of a cook be demonstration for the children in milan today. of course everybody got a taste. we bet mrs. obama's other half is keeping it mostly healthy at the white house. obama is hosting the annual congressional white house picnic. the meal is all fun, no big. just a chance for lawmakers to bring their families to enjoy a nice evening on the south lawn. will it rain on their
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festivities tonight? >> well, it sprinkled a little bit but the good news, nothing heavy. i think we still run the risk after heavy downpour later tonight, maybe 9:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. let's start with a live look outside. it's 79. we've been sitting on 79 for a while. winds are calm. and just clouds. the showers are actually -- have actually passed for the time being although i think will move back to the airport and maybe into old town. here's the doppler radar over the last hour. again, nothing crazy heavy. certainly light activity up into frederick. we see some more yellow and maybe a little bit of orange to the west of warrenton. these are becoming a little more significant. nothing severe still, just some moderate downpours. we'll zoom in a little bit. this one may actually have three little areas we're watching. one west of warrenton and one to the east now of straussburg pushing off -- strasburg pushing off to the south and east. don't see any wind with it or lightning. this is all part of a warm front that will push back to
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the north. that's why we think we'll see heavier downpours later tonight. a pretty good rain on the doorstep of upperville. you've already had a moderate shower earlier this evening and pretty good rains out 66 past haymarket and again to the west of warrenton. this is moving off to the east essentially, almost due east headed toward clifton at about 7:58 on our storm tracker and maybe fairfax a little after 8:00 tonight. generally light showers this evening but heavy downpours are possible 9:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. highs tomorrow barely below 90 and again on friday it will be sort of a psychological victory for us. bill's remnants could arrive on father's day. the exact track is still up in the air so to speak. its see far away and is going to be a hard system to track. k we're going to see an increased chance of showers and storms on sunday. the good news is it will keep temps down a little bit for dad. 10:00 tonight temps in the 70s. a couple of showers north of town. and also west of town in the mountains. then you see that band of showers roll through. so late tonight we're going to
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see some heavier showers develop. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, everything is across the bay. residual clouds, yes. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. then by 8:30, a lot of clouds. temps in the 70s. a couple of showers upstream up toward winchester and along i- 81. so on the day planner, we've got temps in the 70s to start with those clouds starting the day. even clouds by 11:00, 81. then partly sunny, 85 by 1:00 p.m. now on friday isolated storms, 89. and on saturday showers and storms 90. next seven days, for dad we'll go 88 depending on bill. if it rains it will be 88. if it doesn't rain, it will be 93. then low 90s monday, tuesday and wednesday. isolated storms the only form of
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a stuffed tiger went on quite the adventure after being left behind at the airport in tampa. >> this is hobbs probably named after calvin and hobbs. 6-year-old owen and his family were in a rush and they left the cuddly cat behind. so owens' mom called the airport. the operations manager took hobbs on a tour of the airport when it was found by staffers.
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they took pictures along the way. he got his tiger back along with great pictures of the journey. >> very nice. we'll see you
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donald trump today addressing his critics. has he become a laughsting ock? >> as late night has a field day with his white house run. american workers -- >> he's going to have to come clean about his hair. >> he's pt barnum. >> slammed on tv and the front page. >> clown runs for president. >> is the criticism trump's worst enemy? >> that sad, ugly face of hers. then the first video of john stamos after his dui arrest, >> and that sean penn has called off his engagement. >> plus, why miley was left in tears. the new red carpet fight. and is her new video with madonna a swipe at taylor. also, move over duggars. how the singing family of 12 kids is now stealing the spotlight. ♪ and --


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