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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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a reported confession from the suspect in the charleston church shooting. law enforcement sources are saying dylann roof admits to killing nine peep at the emanuel -- people at the emanuel a.m.e. church. he is expected to go before a judge for a bond hearing.
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good afternoon. i'm we have more now from charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: the suspect has been held in isolation. he's expected to make his court appearance via video link. strangers embraced each other outsides the emanuel a.m.e. church. >> god bless you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: carol ellerbee said she came here to show love and support. >> to give me some type of closure. we'll never understand why this happened. >> reporter: nine people were killed during a bible study wednesday night, including the pastor, state senator clementa pinckney. dylann roof has been charged with nine counts of murder and possession after weapon. the 21-year-old made incriminating statements when arrested. a friend says roof often talked about hurting people.
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>> he told me he -- i mean, that the black people were taking over the country and that the -- that he wanted it to be segregation. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether the shooting rampage at this historic church should be prosecuted as a hate crime. there are also calls for south carolina to stop flying the confederate flag good while a lot of issues are going to come up, my job as governor is to bring everybody back together. we've got to heal. >> reporter: nine white ribbons were placed outside the eman -- emanuel a.m.e. church a. prayer vigil is scheduled for this evening. outside the church a steady stream of people are leaving flowers and notes adding to this growing memorial. case-- craig boswell, cbs news. now back to you. millions of people across the country have been praying for healing in the last two
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days really. even at this hour, there's a vigil getting under way in northwest washington. our surae chinn is there at mel poll tan a.m.e. -- metropolitan a.m.e. surae? [ applause ] >> reporter: we are at metropolitan a.m.e. it's a bit loud but i want to go right here. hundreds have gathered at the church. right now at the podium is reverend william lamar, the pastor here at metropolitan a.m.e. let's listen in for just a second. >> people of african descent wonder themselves. >> reporter: leaders of faith are here n. is a day after -- here. this is a day after people woke up to the news. this is meant to be an uplifting and salem prayer vigil today inviting the community to worship n. is a
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painful time in our country. an unspeakable massacre has stirred up issues that have already been boiling over about race relations, gun violence. one of the victims they're remember drag is reverend and south carolina state senator clementa pinckney. we've been hearing a lot about him. he had strong ties to washington. family members live here and attend church here. one of his cousins is a member at this church. her husband is a district elder in d.c. and former pastor here. clementa pinckney even gave the morning prayer once here and went to wesley theological seminary in northwest. again folks are remembering the nine victims who were lost in south carolina. here's the prayer card here remembering folks who have died and perished at this church. the program should last more than an hour. we'll be here and talk to a lot of people who have a lot of emotions after today's vigil.
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live here in washington, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you very much. it's obviously hard to put yourselves in the shoes after community who just lost nine people so suddenly, so violently. six women and three men were killed. three of hose people pastors at the emanuel a.m.e. church. some worked as a high school coach, a librarian a church custodian. chris singleton is a baseball player at charleston southern university who lost his mother. >> we're mourning right now but i know we'll get through t. my momma was a god fearing woman. >> the youngest victim, 26-year- old twanza sanders just graduated from college with a business degree. the oldest, 87 yearldz suzie -- 87-year-old suzie jackson who sang in the church choir. these victims on the minds of people. you can leave your thoughts and messages for those mourning on wusa9 and our facebook page. or you could share your feelings through our mobile app where you can find info on the
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latest developments with this tragedy. just use the hashtag prayforcharleston. let's take a moment to check in with ecame grow for a look -- erica grow for a look at your friday forecast. >> we could see another round of showers and storms. it doesn't look nearly as powerful as it was yesterday. you can see them develop on 9 futurecast. most of the activity this time around will be to the south and west of the beltway as opposed to north of the beltway like it was yesterday. 6:00 another round of storms potentially moving through prince william and fauquier counties. and then we'll start to clear out as we head into the evening hours which is great news of course if you're heading down to the nats game. they are taking on the pirates and temperatures will be in the mid-80s. can't rule out that storm but as you just saw on futurecast, not a lot of activity. we'll look at bill, though, and how it could impact your weekend coming up in the first alert seven day. back you to, nick. turning now to pepco crews on their way to the scene where a huge tree came down this morning. it happened about two hours ago on wall hadden road in
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bethesda. it took down power lines leaving people without electricity or ac. no word on how long it will take to cut the tree and fix the power lines. d.c. homicide detectives worked through the night well into the morning rush hour at the scene of a murder in northwest. just before midnight, a man was shot in the shaw neighborhood along 5th and n streets. he showed up at the hospital with several gunshot wounds to his back and then died from those injuries. police still don't know how he made it to the hospital. they also haven't released the victim's name or information about a possible suspect. this weekend marks a month since a mother in la plata was found pushing her dead toddler on a swing. tonight a candlelight vigil is going to be held for that toddler, 3-year-old josiah lee. family and churches are invited to participate 7:00 at wills memorial park in la plata. to a traffic alert for drivers in the district.
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the d.c. department of transportation is closing a one- block portion of military road this weekend. the closure runs from 7:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. monday. that's to let crews continue renovation work on the 16th street bridge. military road traffic will be detoured on to ramps to cross 16th street. what's on the menu for father's day? a local chef will show us a hearty recipe you can cook up for pops. >> plus, what did you witness during the demonstrations in baltimore? coming up how you can contribute to
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welcome back. an 18-year-old woman is dead after police say she was the victim of date rape. court documents show the victim and 16-year-old martese turner from silver spring went to a movie in rockville last friday. after that movie is when police say she was raped. the woman was taken to the hospital where she later died. turner is now being charged as
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an adult. the civil unrest in bat mr over freddie gray -- baltimore over freddie gray has inspired a new website by the maryland historical society t. features videos, photos and oral histories from the riots and peaceful rallies. six baltimore police officers face charges after gray suffered fatal injuries while in a police van back in april. you can see the site at over the next ten days nearly 300 troops injured in combat are going to be testing their limits. the warrior games kick off today in quantico, virginia. the athletes are from all u.s. military branches and the british armed forces. events include cycling, archery, swimming, basketball, and volleyball. this is the first time it's all being organized by the defense department. in the past they were set up by the u.s. olympic committee and held in colorado. there is a long list of events planned for today to celebrate juneteenth. thed onest known marking of the
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end of slavery in the u.s. will be somber because of the event events in charleston. i amtraking a potential of pop-up showers and thunderstorms once again this afternoon and evening. we could see temperatures getting into the 90s all weekend lo
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back to our top story. the suspect in the charleston church shooting has a bond hearing today. 21-year-old dylann roof is charged with nine counts of murder. he waived extradition after his capture yesterday in north carolina. he's reportedly made incriminating statements to investigators. charleston's mayor is promising an online fund will be set up to help both the church and the
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victims' families. at this hour the metropolitan a.m.e. church in northwest washington is holding a prayer vigil in memory of the charleston victims. ministers are calling on people who abhor violence to come together and pray for both the victims and the nation. the service of music and prayer lasts until 1:00 p.m. we just spoke with surae there. certainly a somber indication no doubt a somber mood on this juneteenth. that is a day typically made up of dancing, music, celebration of freedom, sacrifice and progress. here to discuss both topics with us today, historian and author c.r. giks. i preesh -- c.r. gibbs. appreciate you sitting down with us. talk about the history of the church in charleston. that goes back even beyond that. >> we can trace the history of mother emanuel back to 1816. it's the oldest a.m.e. church in the south and houses the oldest congregation south
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of baltimore. this is a church that for generation has provided leadership, educated people when it was against the law to educate black people. this particular week when we're instruct by this coincidence, this is also the 193rd anniversary of a significant event in the history of charleston and emanuel church. [indiscernible] this would lead to shutting down of black churches. it would lead to emanuel essentially having to go underground for 30 years to carry on its services, to continue its mission of education. can you imagine that. and then it would not be until 1865, the end of the civil war, when the church can proudly reemerge and continuity historic mission. >> unfortunately still going back to that point on into where we stand today, this incident that we've been
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talking about the last two days unfortunately not the first act of violence that they've been the target of? >> no, no. the church was burned as a result of the public reaction over the denmark rebellion. it suffered an earthquake, a storm. but the thing that girls us hope is its ability to rise again. it's the resilience. it's the courage and spiritual belief of the people that compies emanuel that remind us that in difficult times like these, they look to their faith. they look to their leaders. and they will rise again. >> certainly a strength to celebrate right now. talking about the day that -- or the event that is being celebrated today juneteenth, could you talk about what that day is all about and what is being done to celebrate juneteenth. >> today is the 150 rght so it -- 150th so it has a special resonance. it's the end of slavery in
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texas. it's often referred to as the oldest end of slavery but there were still slaves in the united states at the end of 1856 where there would not be a -- 1865 where there would not have been a need for the 18th amendment. i'm be speaking this evening at 5:00 across from university hospital. there's a play at northwestern high school tomorrow at 3:30 and 7:00. there's a river walk by a group called adoce. all of these events to look forward to as well as a presentation that i'll be doing the 21st of june. >> cannot thank you enough for sitting down with us. >> sure. >> very good. we want to take a quick check of the forecast. >> thank you, nick. we are looking at temperatures on the rise into the low 90s in some parts of the metro area. we're going to cap that temperature at 90 degrees this afternoon. that's also your 3:00 temperature. so just a little bit cooler, a little bit less humid than
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yesterday as well. that's mostly because of those winds primarily out of the west. however, with heat and humidity already in place, there is the potential for some thunderstorms. right now it's # 7 degrees -- 87 degrees with a feels like temperature of 91 because of the dew point not at 70 degrees but just below it at 68. so that is a noticeably humid atmosphere. right now it's 80 degrees in hagerstown. 79 frederick but that's kind of the cool spot on the map. 08 in culpeper. we'll rise to the upper 80s to around 90 degrees throughout the area and on satellite and radar, you can see we don't have any heavy rain but there are spotty showers on the approach. you know how quickly those storms developed yesterday so it's not a big surprise to see 9 futurecast just kind of bubble up those storms as we head toward the evening commute. notice most of the activity is to the south and west of the beltway. again, it doesn't look like it's going to be as strong as it was during the afternoon and early evening yesterday. as we head into tomorrow, that front lifts out and we'll actually enter a more humid air mass. so that really sticky summer
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like feel comes back. then the remnants of what was tropical storm bill will start to move n. some pockets of heavy rain are possible during the overnight hours n. is 11:00 p.m. on saturday. the rain is largely moving out of the metro area, but we will still see some lingering showers potentially as we wake up on sunday morning. but the main story here is the heat and humidity that are going to be returning and temperatures will be well into the 90s on sunday afternoon. today we're going to cap it around 85 to 90 throughout the metro. 85 for your high in leesburg. # 6 in manassas -- 86 in manassas. 90 in downtown washington. only 28 in martinsburg and -- 82 in martinsburg and hagerstown. some areas you may be able to give the ac a rest. 62346 frederick. 72, though, in downtown washington. you still need the ac. if you don't have it, of course open up the windows. let in the fresh air. get the box fans circulating the air in your home. saturday, that's a day of concern as we head into the later evening. if you have an outdoor barbecue
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planned, if you wrap it up by about 8:00 so sunset you should be in good shape but then the remnants of bill arrive bringing us rain that could last into sunday morning. check out these temperatures, too, all the way up to 94 degrees on sunday. and in the first alert seven- day forecast, another heat wave on the way. 96 on monday. still in the 90s
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rain is in the forecast this father's day. so grilling may abno go but -- may be a no go but roasting still on the table. erica is here from wildfire in tysons corner. she's going to take us through a pretty extensive menu. this is not your standard prime rib we're talking. >> not your standard prime rib. it's a nice brunch item for dad. dad likes brunches too but we
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need to make something nice and hearty for him. >> what do we have here? >> this the prime rib hash with poached eggs. it's basically chopped up prime rib, nicely marinated. we've got potatoes onions and all sorts of yummy vegetables ready to grill and go for you. we'll mix it all together gl. show me the way. -- together. >> show me the way. >> a little bit of olive oil. you'll take your nice piece of prime rib and chop it up in chunks. dad really wants to enjoy that piece of meat. >> you have that medium rare? >> right now, yes. when you go ahead, you chop up as much as you'd like for dad. when you put it in the pan, then you can hear it sizzle-- >> i like that sizzle. >> absolutely. it all depends on how dad want it is cooked. go ahead and cook it to his liking. you want to know the secret? we have a little bit of ran chair row -- ranchero sauce.
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we're going to put that in there for: you're going to saute this just a little bit. so however dad likes it cooked. we'll move this out of the heat. i have one prepped and ready to go for you. >> show us the good stuff. >> once that's ready to go, it's going to look like this. when you're ready, then you're going to add the already cooked potatoes and onions. it can't be hash without the poe toy toe and -- potato and onion and vegetables. to these vegetables we sauteed. it's red and green bell pepper and a little bit of onion and the secret in here is the herbs. so the herbs are the best part. we have rosemary, thyme, sage, a little bit of quarrel toik give it that flavor -- a little bit of garlic to give it that flavor good you can smell it. throw a poached egg on top and call it a day. >> a lot of guests -- a lot of people are so afraid of making that poached egg. have no fear.
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a little bit of-- >> it's a little intimidating. >> it is at first. got to admit. if i may, i'll reach across you. thank you. white vinegar is the secret. >> oh, really. equal parts? water and white vinegar? >> not equal parts necessarily. just pour a little bit of it on there and you'll be totally good to go. it keeps the egg from breaking or separating. >> perfectly intact. >> chef, show us the way. cannot thank you enough for stopping by. >> thank you for having me. it's been a pleasure. >> i'm hungry already. >> dad's ready. now to a quick programming note. it is a weekend packed with nats on 9. they take on the pittsburgh pirates tonight, tomorrow and sunday. all games you can see right here on wusa9. first pitch tonight set for 7:00. for now that's going to do it us for. the news is back at 5:00. we're on 24/7 at >> i'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 with mike hydeck. have a great weekend. >> happy father's day.
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>> summer: hi, grandpa. happy father's day. >> victor: thank you. >> phyllis: let's go somewhere else. >> marco: no, no, no, no, no no, no. i'm not afraid of victor. besides, he's not gonna pull anything here. >> phyllis: do you seriously think victor is trying to kill you? >> marco: i think he's capable of anything. >> phyllis: if he wanted you dead, then why wouldn't he just have let you die in that building collapse? >> marco: if that situation happened today, believe me there would be a different outcome. >> phyllis: so, because of this perceived threat, you're gonna start this war up again between the two of you? >> marco: i am going to take a defensive stance, because sooner or later, he's gonna launch an attack. >> phyllis: even if he knew exactly what you were up to, there is no way he would retaliate with cold-blooded murder. >> marco: you underestimate how much this company means to him. >> phyllis: if he killed you, he would lose everything.


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