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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ys. >> reporter: 74-year-old daniel simmons' granddaughter invoked her grandfather's lesson. >> they lived and loved and their legacy is to live and love. so hate won't win. >> reporter: a lesson that 49- year-old depayne doctor's sister echoed. >> we are the family that love built. we have no room for hate, so we have to forgive. >> cbs news learned roof made incriminating statements to authorities indicating that he was involved in the shooting, that he had planned the attack several months and that he specificically targeted the emanuel ame church because it was a historically black church. the justice department is investigating the massacre. they say from all angles, the possible hate crime to possible domestic terrorism angle. >> roof's bond was set at $1 million for a weapons charge he faces in connection with the shooting. the magistrate judge did not
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have authority to set bond on the nine counts of murder. that comes at a later date for a circuit court judge. hundreds gathered at the metropolitan ame church in northwest today for a prayer vigil to honor the nine killed in their south carolina church. >> reporter: people who attended felt a sense of unity today. it was a very diverse crowd. they all came to worship and they came from different types of faith to honor the lives lost in a church massacre. [ singing ] >> it was such an important opportunity to bring the community together. i think people of every faith really need to come together and express the pain that this causes us all and the loss this is to the entire society. >> that evil will not win. very got a witness in the house today? >> reporter: the faces of nine
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people gunned down in their charleston, south carolina church. in washington the tears easily fell, heads bowed at metro ame in northwest. >> perhaps we can see more healing. >> i just want to come and support my brothers and sisters in the ame congregation. >> it's beyond my comprehension how anybody could do the act that this young man did, to assassinate nine people after spending an hour getting to know them. >> we are all together on the side of combating hatred and extremism. >> reporter: people of all walks of life, different backgrounds and religious faiths, came to pray. >> an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us and looking across that room you saw the immense diversity, people from all walks of life, different colors and faith denominations. >> i think that that shows we can come together and we want people to know they're welcome here. >> reporter: people were
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solemn today yet hopeful. they say that there's a serious sense of issues that need to be addressed moving forward. coming up at 6:00 we talk with people of different faiths who have a lot to say and unfortunately tragically linked because of violence. in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. we don't want to forget the nine lives cut short inside that church wednesday night. a recent college graduate tywanza sanders reportedly died trying to save his aunt susie jackson. sharonda coleman singleton was a speech therapist and high school track roach. the reverend daniel simmons regularly attended wednesday bible study sessions. the reverend pickney was pastor at ame, a state senator and was studying for his doctorate degree in d.c. susie jackson was a long time church member. the reverend depayne middleton doctor was a school
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administrator and mother of four. myra thompson was teaching bible study when she was killed and ethel lance spent 30 years working at charleston's gillard performance center. millions of americans are thinking and praying for charleston tonight. you can leave your thoughts and messages on our wusa9 facebook page or share your feelings through our news app where you can read more stories on the tragedy. use the #prayforcharleston. we move on to breaking news out of maryland, sky9 over the scene of a shooting in charles county and an unresponsive baby when a come came home on dove court and indian head and found a man cops believe shot himself and also in the home a 3-month- old child who was unresponsive. paramedics revived that child. the child is now in iccrital condition. police say there were no signs of trauma on the child. the case is still under investigation. more breaking news now out of prince george's county,
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greenbelt police released these photos of a man wanted for sexually assaulting a 6-year- old girl in a store in the 6600 block of greenbelt road. the suspect inappropriately touched the girl in the women's bathroom before that little girl yelled for help. now a followup to our reporting on a 16-year-old churchill high school sophomore accused of a brutal date rape caught on video. >> investigators in montgomery county are mystified by the death of this victim which was not necessarily related to the crime, but the investigation is continuing. scott broom is in rockville where he's just spoken to authorities about the case. what are they saying? >> reporter: it's disturbing obviously because of the attack and mystifying because of the circumstances how this ended up. the 18-year-old girl who was allegedly raped right on the side of the circuit courthouse in rockville was with her money in an ambulance being taken to shady grove medical center for a checkup after the rape when
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she had some kind of medical issue. here's the prosecutor spokesman. >> at this point we're awaiting the medical examiner's report to determine if there was any linkage to the events that transpired just before her passing. >> reporter: those events, a rape here beside the montgomery county courthouse before midnight, june 12th , caught on video. news of the girl's death was widely circulated among young people on twitter where friends remembered her as a girl who suffered merciless bullying in high school. reports spread it was a suicide, not concurrent with the facts as they stand the prosecutor says. >> this is a situation where she died in front of her mother in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. >> reporter: the death came after prosecutors say this 16- year-old boy marquiz turner charged as an adult date raped the young woman at 11:40 p.m. against the wall of the montgomery county circuit courthouse. the rape was caught on surveillance video by a security guard who alerted sheriff's deputies who ran out
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and rescued the woman while turner was still in the act. turner told investigators he met his victim at the nearby movie theater expecting sex and became angry when the young woman refused. turner was a sophomore at churchill high school and carried a 3.7 gpa. he's locked up on $0.5 million bail. >> prosecutors say they charged turner as an adult because of the violent nature of that crime. authorities in prince george's county say they know who they're looking for in the shooting at the huntingdon community center in bowie. he's christopher king, jr. investigators say he shot melvin thomas, juvenile during a fight at that center tuesday. thomas is hospitalized in stable condition after being hit with several bullets. the suspect is about 5 1/2 feet tall, weighs about 220 pounds, shoulder length dreadlocks.
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if you know of christopher king, jr.'s whereabouts, call police. the aftermath from night's storms are still being cleaned up in our area. several dreams fell in reston, some fell on top of homes on trotter lane. no one was hurt, but there is a huge mess. the storms raced through our area last night leaving significant damage. you could hear them outside. that happened in a number of maryland inbound thats. >> montgomery county had several houses damaged where we find our hank silverberg right now in white oak. >> reporter: the huge tree behind me just a sample of the damage done here which left a lot of damage in the wake forcing most of the people to spend the day cleaning up. this neighborhood is filled with large trees and in this
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case a tree came down on part of a roof and a wall. >> i grew up here. i remember when the tree was nothing. we used to sled over it every year. it wasn't till we grow up it really started growing. >> reporter: he was planning to reroof his house saturday, so in a way he lucked out. down the street a home for sale had roof damage in what was a powerful blast of wind and rain that threw debris and trash cans everywhere. >> this is what's left of it. i put it out on the curb. i had a regular trash can. this is all that was left. the county picked it up and emptied it and this is all i found. >> reporter: even those who escaped damage to their homes had a lasting impression. >> i looked out my window and see wind she's, a wall of water and -- sheer, a wall of water and feel the earth move and the house shake, so i knew the tree had fallen. >> reporter: they fell at opposite sides of the house. >> i was very fortunate.
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the tree fell just short of the house here on the other side of the property. >> reporter: a huge tree saturated in wet ground fell this morning and crushed two cars along wallhousing road in bethesda knocking out power and blocking the roads. lives have been disrupted in what could be a multi-day clean- up for some. that behind me is the root base of this tree which fell over and ironically this tree did not hit a house. this tree came down on the front lawn and it's now being taken apart piece by piece. hank silverberg, wusa9. >> that is a huge set of roots there, hank. speaking of weather we could be in for flooding over this weekend thanks to what's left of bill. >> oh, bill. topper is tracking what could be heading our way with live doppler 9000. how is it looking? >> at least tonight it's more quiet. we do have a flash flood watch in effect for the area 8 p.m. saturday to 8 a.m.
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sunday. technically our friends in southern maryland, charles county south is not under the watch. everybody else is. that just means flash flooding is possible. let's talk about what's going on now. here's radar the last hour, a couple showers. we watched 1 little storm on the east side of 70 and 270. this is going to move essentially south east on the east side of 270. so it's going to storm track into frederick or very close at 5:22 and maybe newspaper market at 5:38, just some heavy rain possible with 245-6789 -- with that. let's talk about futurecast now, afternoon storms and perhaps big rains tomorrow night, but at 2:30 it's 86 downtown, 84 in frederick, showers and storms developing to the west. by 5:00, 80s and scattered showers. at 7:00 heavy rain in gaithersburg and south of 66
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down 95. 9 p.m. big time rain west of leesburg to culpeper and look what rolls through about 10:30. if you have an outdoor event tomorrow, you need a strong tent because this is the remnants of bill that will possibly create some flash flooding. we'll come back and tell you if that gets out in time for saturday. looks a little rough for saturday. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. coming up meet the hero who helped cops find suspect dylann roof. >> reporter: celebrating more than 100 years of service at a northeast school. hear from three educators as they dismiss class for the last time coming up.
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]2 police are investigating a shooting near boston university. helicopter footage shows crime scene tape and a blanket over what is likely a body. the boston globe tweeted out the shooting may have involved a police officer who came to the scene during some sort of confrontation. the charleston church tragedy will be one of the topics discussed sunday morning on face the nation. >> moderator john dickerson
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joins us live and i know you'll be speaking with naacp cornell brooks. >> tim scott and charleston mayor joseph riley and we'll have a panel and try and sort through this and make some kind of sense of it. >> a lot of people are sort of having a big conversation about the continuing issue of race in this country. >> it is everywhere and yet hard to exactly grab ahold of it in a tragedy like this and have a conversation about it where people feel like they can kind of understand and maybe try to stop something like this from happening again, but you're right. race is absolutely at the center of this conversation and that's what we're going to try and pull apart on sunday. >> john, are you going to ask questions like where do we go
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from here after something like this? >> well, where do we go? what contributes in the culture to creating this kind of hate? obviously this was a special level of hate that we saw, but there are a lot of people who have a view about the pervasive racism in our society. other people including the president talk about the role of guns in this situation and so there are a lot of people trying to grasp for some meaning both to explain what happened and then also going forward to explain how to keep it from happening again or how to squeeze this out of our society, something that can create this kind of madness. >> we'll be looking for some context and meaning from your conversation on sunday, john. thank you. you can watch face the nation sunday morning 10:30 here on wusa9. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
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>> leading over to weather now, i saw some of the stuff you had there, 90s, a lot of red. what's going on? >> yeah, a lot of heat and perhaps some flooding. i hope no one out there is having any kind of graduation party because it's going to be a mess. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's still toasty, 88, dew point under 70. winds are westerly at 10. the radar over the last hour most of the showers in the mountains, they are much -- well, fewer and farther between certainly today. big thunderstorms actually rolled across the bay into the delmarva. we're tracking that one storm north of frederick which is kind of wimping out now and showers to cumberland and romney. you have the best chance of a shower west of i-81 this evening and a little storm north of frederick. we'll keep the shower chance in
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overnight, yellow alert this afternoon and tomorrow night. heavy rain possible, critical time 7 p.m. saturday until 2 p.m. sunday. right now father's day looks hot with isolated storms and morning showers, but the bulk of the day looks okay, low to mid-90s. 10:00 tonight, we're okay, a couple showers possible, but look at the temps, 70s. we'll put this into motion and go further into saturday afternoon. again get your activities and chores done. cut the grass tomorrow morning, if you can. 80s 5 by 1:00. showers are starting to pop up. 84 in manassas and leesburg. by 5:00 got a good area of showers and thunderstorms and once again don't get too fixated on the exact location. be advised by 5:00 there's going to be quite a few showers and storms around. here's bill lurking back to the west, martinsburg, winchester. this is 8:00. we have one big thunderstorm
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over d.c. into prince george's county, but the bulk of the moisture with bill rolls through 7:00 to 2 a.m. you can see all the reds and magenta. that's heavy rain. there could be isolated severe weather inside this clump of rain that rolls through, could have lay and flash flooding. by 11 -- hail and flash flooding. by 11:00 it's east of town. by 1:00 it's across the bay. how much rain? we think the bull's eye will be north of d.c., gaithersburg, frederick, right along the maryland/p.a. border. 75 to start, 82 at 11:00, 85 by 1 p.m. sunday morning showers for dad but boom, 94 and 93 monday with an isolated thunderstorm. next seven days tuesday
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isolated storms, mid-90s, low 90s on wednesday, dry. i get kind of board putting a thunderstorm on every -- bored putting a thunderstorm on every day. 97 thursday and friday and nats on 9 tonight, tomorrow and sunday. all three teachers say they'll miss their colleagues and the kids. >> their fellow teachers send them off into retirement with a big celebration and wusa9's vanessa herring was there. >> reporter: three educators here at minor elementary school have taught generations, all together more than 100 years of service. atlas ingram accepted a reward with his fellow retirees. this is his second go out retirement. a child he helped urged him to pursue teaching.
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>> he said you should be a teach earn. >> reporter: ingram calls fellow teachers comrades and said teaching kindergarten isn't much different than his military career. >> try to develop a system of merit. >> i really like this book. >> reporter: just down the hall porsche estridge is looking back on 46 years of education. >> when i add in my leave, i've got 47 years, nine months and 25 days of teaching. >> reporter: she says there's a good reason why she didn't take more time off. >> i didn't have to. i have good health. i'm committed. i didn't have to. >> reporter: in the school's main office retiring assistants assistant principal francis montez has advice. >> you have to have a passion for education, a passion for children and their families. you have to be able to help
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everyone. >> reporter: in northeast d.c., vanessa herring, wusa9. >> we wish them well. the teachers union offered to take all three retirees to dinner. coming up the bridge reconstruction plan that didn't go quite as planned. >> but first what the feds found when they cracked down on healthcare fraud.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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stocks on wall street end on a down note, the dow off 101 points, nasdaq slipping nearly 16. the nationwide crackdown by the feds nets more than 200 people. the crime? healthcare fraud. >> prosecutors say doctors, nurses and pharmacy workers allegedly billed medicare more than $700 million in fraudulent claims and in most instances those services were not needed or even provided. apple's next generation smart watch will take a page from the jetson's or perhaps dick tracy. it will have a camera that will let users make and receive face time video calls right on your
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arm. the wireless system will be improved so the watch will operate independently from your iphone. the golden arches will serve up more egg mcmuffins and hash browns across the country. mcdonald's will expand its all day breakfast at targeted chains to more states. in idea was tested last spring in san diego and apparently it's been a success. >> you hate when you show up and they say we're not serving breakfast anymore. meet the folks designing the cars of their future. they won't get their driver's license for another four or five years. >> up next what this woman did to help catch the charleston shooting mall suspect straight
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today a judge sets bond at $1 million for accused south carolina church killer dylann roof. the hours long manhunt ended because of a tip from a lady hundreds of miles away. >> that woman just about everyone is calling a hero said
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she was simply following her instincts. >> dylann roof was on the run 14 hours after the mass shooting at a charleston church. hundreds of miles away in north carolina debbie dills had seen the news. she was going to work praying for the victims when she looked at the driver in the next lane. >> i seen the back of his head and i seen that bowl cut, that hair. >> the black hyundai looked familiar. then she noticed the south carolina plate. her gut tomorrow her she was looking at -- told her she was looking at a suspected mass murderer. >> i was directly behind him at a stoplight and everything going through my mind was what if, what if, but the only thing i could still see was those people in charleston with their hands together praying. >> she wrote down the number and called her boss at the florist shop. he called police. dills with her heart pounding trailed the car 2 miles until police pulled him over in
5:32 pm
shelby. her action was called a wonderful american story. >> the arrest of this heinous person was so important for the healing of this community. when we got that guy in custody, an audible gasp of relief was heard in our community and in people's hearts. >> reporter: dills denies she's a hero saying divine intervention put her at the right place at the right time. who is dylann roof? friends say he is a loner who often slept in his car. they they say he hard -- they say he harbors a deep anger toward african americans and say in recent weeks roof talked openly about an attack he was planning and 1 friend joseph meeks said roof told him he wanted to start a civil war. >> it was a race thing because he told me that the black people was taking over the country and that he wanted it
5:33 pm
to be segregation. >> the only public photo from roof's facebook profile shows him wearing the insignia of one patch representing south africa's apartheid era government and the other showcasing the former country of rhodesia that was also under white rule. >> you leave your condolences on our wusa9 facebook or our news app. the civil unrest in baltimore over freddie gray has inspired a new website by the maryland historical society. it features video, photos and oral histories from both the riot and peaceful rally. six baltimore police officers face charges after gray suffered fatal injuries while in a police van in april. you can see that site at baltimoreupriseing2015. org. the man charged with trying to murder george zimmerman is
5:34 pm
out on bond. matthew apperson said he'll plead not guilty next week. apperson was charged with assault and battery for allegedly firing a gun into george zimmerman's gun last month in florida. he said it was self-defense because of road rage, but today prosecutors upgraded that charge to attempted murder. >> my reaction would have to be a pronounced shrug about the whole thing. it doesn't change anything. >> zimmerman's attorney says zimmerman is pleased the charge has been upgraded. the jury acquitted zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin two years ago. today authorities announcing a shift in their search for two convicted killers who broke out of prison in upstate new york. they say the search efforts have transitioned now from ground searches of large areas to potential provens the men might have taken on the get- away. -- routes the men might have
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taken on the get-away. authorities say they have repaired the cells where the inmates broke out of. normal visitation comes back this weekend. three construction workers were hurt when a bridge gave way near pittsburgh. surveillance cameras were rolling as half of bridge fell as the workers were walking across. americans at a nearby pizza -- customers at a nearby fizz -- pizza shop figured the noise was construction. >> no semi went past. i was just anything something broke. >> thankfully the workers weren't seriously hurt. observe a is investigating that -- osha is investigating that collapse. police north of houston on the trail of a person considered a fire bug caught on tape, right there the suspect pouring a liquid across a bar patio before torching the place. no one was hurt and last thursday's friday caused more
5:36 pm
than $100,000 worth of damage. crumple zones, air bags, absorbing impact, all things you expect to hear from safety experiments about cars but not 6th graders. >> these germantown middle schoolers don't just know the terms. they're actually designing the safe cars of the future. our mike hydek shows us how in his stem is cool in school report. >> i try to see designs that failed and why they have failed. >> reporter: creating the safe car of the future takes time. 6th graders at germantown, maryland are getting their chance. it starts with design software where their concepts come to life. >> you finish the sketch, extrude it however many inches you want. >> reporter: neat! >> reporter: middle schoolteacher david hill tells them build it within a certain size and their carp has to protect a passenger in a crash.
5:37 pm
that passenger? a raw egg. >> we want to cushion the passenger, keep them in place, reduce forces and absorb as much of the force as possible. >> reporter: christopher castro has a braking system with rubber bands. as far as cushioning the impact -- >> i'm going to put these two pill burglars on the front so when it slows down, it crashes. then it will push the pillar back. >> reporter: the egg will be here and the crumple zone like here? >> yes. >> reporter: lessons in design, physics, manufacturing and teamwork all come into play. >> then we test it. does it work? does it need alterations? then we start that whole process again. >> reporter: which is just fine with the students. >> if we have a mistake, we ask our teacher for help. if we don't, we keep going. >> this is a good experience for me. i'm into science, math and
5:38 pm
engineering a lot. >> reporter: the amazing thing is how quickly they pick up that design software and how they're willing to try anything to protect that passenger. stem sure is cool in school. >> it sure is. reach out to mike on twitter or facebook if you've got a cool stem project in school. think you're strong? you'll want to meet that guy. >> plus a special program to get wounded warriors back into the workforce. >> well, i could hold this up, yeah. here's the pollen count, mold spores still in the high range. this is on our website at we'll come back, talk flash flood watch and yellow alert tomorrow.
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let's look at what's trending tonight. charlie brown and the gang are back. >> the peanuts crew is making a bug comeback with the movie -- big comeback with the movie hitting theaters in november just in time for the holiday movie season. people may remember charlie brown best as a comic strip. the last peanuts strip was
5:42 pm
published nearly 15 years ago. >> i keep waiting for a live action version. if you think you're in good shape, look at this dude. that's 100 pounds he's holding while doing chair splits. while the feat is incredible, it's very dangerous. if things go wrong, he probably can't i have nothing to say. for once i'm quiet. we'll move on. to the problem of binge drinking especially for this raccoon. he found himself in heaven in a beer garden including one after another. employees found him ripped staggering around drunk the next morning. the take-away here, remember to drink responsibly, but if you come across a drunk animal like this, apparently you should film it and post it on the web. he's not going to feel good
5:43 pm
when he wakes up. do not left the dance moves of these two guys fool you. they're decorated runners whose fleet feet have really taken them places. diane roberts has that story just ahead in sports. >> reporter: me military veterans will soon fight a new battle against child sex predators. i'm andrea mccarren with the
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
homeland security secretary jeh johnson swore in 22 new military members for a mission. >> they are entering the hero courts, humanex exploitation operatives. >> reporter: these military veterans will serve their country on a new battlefield waging war on child predators. >> you want to rebuild. you want to get back into the fight. >> i can only state the facts of what i found. >> so that strength and character is what we see reflected in the 22 graduates we have here today. >> reporter: the graduates will embed with isis homeland
5:47 pm
security investigations. they'll help identify and rescue victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation and arrest those responsible. >> what i found was that i had to give back to what really drove me as an individual even before my injury. the tenets of being in the military and sacrifice and service, i needed to find a way to get back into doing that. >> reporter: some of these wounded warriors served in iraq, others in afghanistan. >> it gives veterans new life like a new mission. >> reporter: for dominic malgiari that mission is personal, his pain still raw. >> there's a need for it and i know it. so i want to do good. >> reporter: this was the first news conference for our military service dog in training named bunt. at just 10 weeks it seems he already understands his mission. >> warm puppy time. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> look at bunt.
5:48 pm
hero corps developed in 2013 by i.c.e., department of defense and protect, the association to protect children. in 2014 more than 2,300 child predators were arrested by them related to the online sexual exploitation of kids. homeowners north of dallas brace for flooding. rising waters at nearby creeks and rivers could threaten homes. fish can be spotted swimming in the front yard of 1 house. authorities urge residents to move valuables to higher ground before going to sleep thursday night. city officials say those levels could continue to rise throughout friday and the weekend. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> this is going to be a bit of a damp one. >> if you want to cut the grass, do it tomorrow morning. i know you don't want to get up early on saturday. >> no. >> let's talk about the 3- degree guarantee.
5:49 pm
we went for a high today of 91. hmmmm. clouds kept temps down a little bit today, didn't it. right now michael and son weather cam, live look outside, 88. winds out of the west at 10 and the dew point is below 70, so that's okay. it's not great but okay. let's talk about the radar the past hour. in the metro area quiet, looks nice for the nats game. there's a slight chance for a shower tonight, nothing heavy. those showers will cross over 81 heading towards winchester and maybe as far east as leesburg. my feeling is they'll probably fall apart east of i-81. we'll keep the chance of an early isolated thunderstorm this evening. yellow alert tomorrow for afternoon storms. some of those could be hefty. we have two threats tomorrow, big storms in the afternoon and evening and heavy rain from bill tomorrow night. we could see 1 to 3 inches. critical time 7 p.m. tomorrow till 2 a.m.
5:50 pm
sunday. that's not for thunderstorms. that's for bill. we'll have thunderstorms right after noon. hot for father's day with just isolated storms, maybe a better day sunday for dad. 10:00 tonight muggy, 79 downtown, 74 in manassas, culpeper and 76 in hagerstown. by morning just a few sprinkles and by lunchtime some showers pop up and despite the clouds 84 in d.c. and 83 in leesburg and manassas. then by afternoon showers and storms get more numerous. this is the threat no. 1 with just scattered showers and storms, some of which could be hefty. 86 at 5:00 downtown even though it's cloudy with showers, but this is what's left of bill that will roll through. some of these will be heavy, even a batch of heavy activity ahead of it at the 8:00 hour on saturday. we'll stop it at 9:30, big time a solid line, but the heaviest access of rain will be north of
5:51 pm
town and especially north of frederick and i-70 tomorrow night. everything get out of here by about 2 a.m., the heavy activity anyway. day planner 70s, cloudy but dry tomorrow and 82 at 11:00, 85 by 1:00. next three days morning showers sunday, maybe an afternoon storm, 94, 93 monday, very hot, isolated storm again. tuesday 96, isolated storm, wednesday 93, 97 thursday, isolated storm and 94 on friday and isolated storm. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> you've heard of a one-two surgery in sports or maybe a tandem of thunder and lightning. you can use these and any number of things to describe a pair of brothers at williams high school. you'll immediate the speedsters who are so good at their craft.
5:52 pm
noah in the dark drunks and joestevis in the blue are the lyle brothers. what kind of runner do you see when you look at your brother? >> the most clean powerful finesse runner ever. >> everybody come up to me wow, it looks like you're gliding on air. you-so samosetly. >> reporter: what do you see -- smooth -- you run so smoothly. >> reporter: what do you see when you look at your brother as a runner? >> a tall guy. >> reporter: his favorite race is the 200-meter. he had asthma as a child. the jokester, the 16-year-old, excels at a longer distance. >> the 400 is my best race.
5:53 pm
i love it. >> reporter: he took first place. the boys have been best buddies and running partners since childhood. they love racing. >> i love putting in the hard work. i love the pain that you get from a hard day's track work, yes, the pain, and after you finish it just makes you feel like yeah, i just did that. >> reporter: they can't help how they feel. running is in their blood. their mom and dad met as members of the seton hall track team in the early '90s. both qualified for the u.s. olympic trials in 1996. the boys have many goals after college including being professional runners and -- >> breaking a world record. >> of course. >> we might as well break some records. >> reporter: nobody said olympics. >> that was implied. >> you've got to love these kids. they're scheduled to compete this weekend at nationals.
5:54 pm
they're also competing in track and field in colombia and canada this summer and have a gofundme site to help them with costs that aren't already covered. i love these guys. >> as my old man used to say, they can ramble. >> no lie. switching sports to baseball where the nationals have endured another injury this, time to superstar bryce harper. we'll hear from matt williams with how the team is faring with so many players on the injured list in about a half hour. coming up at 6:00 police announce several arrests after a series of craigslist robberies, details just ahead. >> next it's the last day of school for ail lot of students. we'll have some valuable advice on scheduling your child's summer when we return.
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school is out for good for three teachers in northeast d.c. their colleagues give them a big sendoff into retirement and a huge celebration. [ cheering and applause ] >> wow, that is a big sendoff. combined the three teachers have more than a century's worth of service in education. teachers at minor elementary celebrated them as they spent their last day in the building.
5:58 pm
>> rewards of knowing that i helped people, that i educated children, that i haven't heard any adverse remarks about the children that i've taught. >> that's great reward indeed. the teachers union has offered to take all three retirees out to dinner to show their appreciation. many parents think they need to keep their children busy all summer, but experts say too much scheduling may be a bad thing. chelsea edwards has more from los angeles. >> we should make some new paintings. >> we should. >> reporter: after a jam packed break last year joyce wants to try to balance her children's schedules this summer. >> we're doing a few camps and the rest of the time we have its its. >> reporter: with so many children overscheduled during the school year down time is critical over the summer. >> a lot of kids get up way too early, going to bed way too light. they're very tired. they are basically scheduled
5:59 pm
from the minute they wake up until almost the minute they go to sleep. >> reporter: down time is not screen time. kids need variety that combines fun, learning and physical activity. >> say okay. let's do one week of this camp and then maybe you can have one week of down time and maybe three days a week we'll do a little bit of school, academic stuff and the other time you can have for facebook or instagraming. >> reporter: parents should talk with their children and see what they want to accomplish over the break. that is what joyce is doing. >> i think paying attention to their interest and incorporating the academics and the interest will really give them a good foundation for the next school year. >> experts say it's good to lay out the ground rules early for summer so the children stick to them. the faces of nine people gunned down in their
6:00 pm
charleston, south carolina church, in washington the tears easily felt. >> we are all together on the side of combating hatred. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington with more. >> reporter: why did an 18- year-old date rape victim die after the attack. i'm scott broom in rockville, coming up, the latest details on this disturbing caught on video incident. >> reporter: imagine this tree falling in your front yard or hitting your house. this is hank silverberg in white oak, more on that coming up. may god have mercy on your soul. those words reached a courtroom across the country. >> those words directed at dylann roof charged with killing nine people at a church in south carolina. first came some basic questions from the judge at an extraordinary bond hearing.


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