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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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r summer so the children stick to them. the faces of nine people gunned down in their charleston, south carolina church, in washington the tears easily felt. >> we are all together on the side of combating hatred. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington with more. >> reporter: why did an 18- year-old date rape victim die after the attack. i'm scott broom in rockville, coming up, the latest details on this disturbing caught on video incident. >> reporter: imagine this tree falling in your front yard or hitting your house. this is hank silverberg in white oak, more on that coming up. may god have mercy on your soul. those words reached a courtroom across the country. >> those words directed at dylann roof charged with killing nine people at a church in south carolina. first came some basic questions from the judge at an extraordinary bond hearing.
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>> what is your age? >> 21. >> you're 21 years old. are you employed? >> no, sir. >> you're unemployed at this time? >> yes, sir. >> then the judge gave relatives of the victims a chance to speak to roof and one by one many of them forgave him. >> we welcomed you wednesday night in our bible study with open arms. you have killed some of the most beautiful people that i know. >> i won't be able to hold her again. >> roof offered no response. now he is formally charged with nine counts of murder and a weapons violation. the victims gunned down during a bible study session. the governor of south carolina wants prosecutors to seek the death penalty, but the chief prosecutor wants to talk to the families about that. evil will not win are the
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words of one mourner today at the ame church in northwest washington where the victims of the charleston church were honored. >> reporter: people came from all different backgrounds and religions and unfortunately say they've come together too often for these types of solemn gatherings. as the country struggles to understand why nine people were gunned down in their church, sadly this hasn't been the first time places of worship have been under siege. two years ago a gunman opened fire at a sikh temple in wisconsin. >> a neo-nazi came in and attacked and killed six members of our community. this hits home for us as americans and people of faith. >> reporter: more than 15 years ago a gunman attacked the los angeles jewish community center. >> hatred and extremism, it's been there and we haven't noticed. now we're noticing. >> reporter: the gunman stole that sense of security in
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church when he took so many lives, but the place of worship is where people came to seek solace in a painful time. >> we are a stronger society when we protect one another and we stand up for one another. >> in service today allows us to try to put a stake in the heart of racist activity and people that would like to season us go back to the stone -- to see us go back to the stone age. >> how much further are we as a society? have we progressed in terms of civil rights or applaud ourselves for the progress we make, but when things like this happens it tells you underlying all of our progress there are some real serious issues we still need to address. >> reporter: so many people asking tonight how far have we really come? we'll have more conversation and more from ernie green. he is part of the little rock nine. he bravely walked into school
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after the landmark decision of brown versus board of education. we'll have much more coming up at 7:00. >> millions of people are praying for the victims and their families in charleston. you can leave your thoughts and messages for those mourning on our wusa9 facebook page or share your feelings through our mobile app where you can find information on the latest developments with this tragedy. use the #prayforcharleston. a man shot along fifth and n streets showed up at the hospital before midnight. he was 24-year-old bay trick slaw wounded -- patrick shaw wounded in the back. ism later died there. police made an arrest -- he later died there. police made an arrest in the shooting of a teenager earlier this week in the 2800 block of 28th street near
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naylor road. there was surveillance video showing three machine getting off a metrobus and following the victim. police are not saying much yet about the suspects. prince george's county police have arrested two men who targeted their victims on craigslist. the two men contacted people offering to sell their iphones and in each case the potential sellers were robbed at gun point when they tried to complete the deal. there was a total of four robberies in six days. police have some advice for folks trying to those items online. police say they've recovered two guns from the suspects and expect to make some additional arrests. police in prince george's county have set up a safe zone for people to make craigslist contractions. the greenville police department says sellers and buyers can use its station lobby on crescent road if they have concerns about safety. that lobby is open 24 hours a day. a tragic mystery still
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unsolved. how did an 18-year-old woman who was the victim of a date rape on june 12th in montgomery county end up dead before she even made it to the hospital? >> reporter: i'm scott broom in rockville where the 18-year- old victim of this brutal date rape caught on video appeared to have had some kind of medical issue that led to her death, an issue that play not have been preallotted to the attack against -- may not have been related to the attack against her. >> at this point we're trying to determine if there was any relation to the events that transpired before her passing. >> reporter: those events, a rape here on the side of the courthouse on june 12th caught on video. news of the girl's death was circulated on twitter where friends remembered her as a girl who suffered merciless bullying in high school. reports spread it was suicide, not concurrent with the facts as they stand. the death came after prosecutors say this 16-year- old boy martese turner charged
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now -- marquiz turner charged now as an adult date raped the young woman against the wall of the courthouse. the 16-year-old suspect is held on $0.5 million bail. >> that suspect is a sophomore at churchill high who carried a 3.7gpa. a joint, federal and local investigation is underway in a car buying credit scam. >> many people bought cars through a now defunct company based out of chantilly. that's where our peggy fox joins us live. >> reporter: the company was called covasco. it's now gone. we've confirmed through fairfax and montgomery can. police there is an investigation. it's -- county police there is an investigation. it's one of the companies being investigated and in order to avoid exporting restrictions by dealerships this company would
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hire buyers to buy cars for them. they would pay off the loan and ship the cars to china where people would pay double for these high end cars only the problem became that they would ship the cars first and the loans weren't getting paid off. that has left dozens of people holding the bag for cars they don't have and can't pay off. >> i got a very high credit score. i consider myself at least somewhat intelligence. obviously i'm a sucker at there point. >> reporter: mike they'rey's credit is shot -- neary's credit is shot and he's filed for bankruptcy. he saw covasco's booth at a home show. >> we have so many buyers we can't keep up with demand, but this is where you come in. >> reporter: the buyers' agents would be paid between 500 and $1,000 for their time and effort. >> the other thing that obviously blinds you.
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you meet them at a home show. any company i've seen at a home show has been legitimate. >> reporter: kelly alonzo and dozens more signed a document agreeing to be the purchasing agent and kc financial, part of covasco, agreed to pay them back before the car was delivered to the buyer. neary bought two land rovers. he said everything looked and felt legitimate. >> i'm not thinking anything is wrong with this because these guys are supplying $20,000 in a downpayment. i'm like nobody is going to walk away from $20,000 on a car. >> reporter: a few months payments were made at loan, then they stopped and the company folded, its president unreachable. the same thing happened to kelly alonzo and more than 80 others. >> right now that car is somewhere in the world titled in my name. >> reporter: and you didn't have it. >> right. >> reporter: that didn't worry
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you walking out of that dealership? >> it should have. >> reporter: that was richard proctor. he's a veteran. military people are targeted in these scams because they often have uaa insurance which gives them discounts at car dealers and often they are known to have good credit. >> montgomery county police recently arrested car salesman brian armstrong who is accused of stealing a woman's id to ship an expensive car to asia. coming up on wusa9, a town in california is threatened with losing its own source of water after a four year drought. >> we'll talk about how much rain could fall tomorrow night with the remnants of bill. this is 1 computer model. we could see 2 to 3 inches of rain especially north of town. that is the bull's eye.
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we'll come back, talk about the yellow alert and flash flood watch as well. >> plus julia dreyfus and her veep
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counties are scrambling to find a way to keep water flowing. >> we're out on the open market looking for a way to provide an alternative water supply to get through the reminder of the year. >> there isn't any extra water in california right now. >> we're in the fourth year of a drought. there's a lot of people looking for water. >> the town inherited water rights that went with the land, but that all changed with the historical cal drought changed -- historic california drought changed the rule. veep says they are moving to california for the $96.5 million tax credit from the
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state. an hbo spokesperson said maryland has been home to manufacture its important projects including the wire -- many of its important projects including the wire
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the supreme court decision whether to uphold the affordable care act subsidies is due out the end of this month and republicans hope it can translate into a death nail for the program itself. however, congressman paul ryan said the gop must help transition americans out of obamacare by keeping some sort of financial assistance in place. >> we do feel an obligation to make sure that people do not fall victim to this failure of a law that, they do not get caught in the crossfire because the president tried to jam through law something that would be deemed unconstitutional. >> for more of our conversation with the congressman paul ryan and a sneak peek how democrats in new hampshire are leaning at the presidential field, watch capital download with me and susan page sunday morning 8:30 here on wusa9. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> are you going to be able to get a bike ride in saturday morning? >> i'm a little busy saturday.
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that might be it. >> you could ride sunday morning if you ride after 10:00, 11:00. i think most of the stuff will go out of here overnight tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon maybe the threat of big storms and overnight the threat of the remnants of bill rolling through. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 87, looking at dew points now falling a little bit which is nice in part thanks to that west, northwest wind. i think the game will be fine tonight at nats park. you can watch it here also on 9. here's radar the past hour. these are holding together fairly well as they approach i- 81 and winchester. we'll zoom in. no lightning. we don't see wind or hail, but just southwest of winchester you see the red here. heavy rain downpours possible, moving east and south, could be in upperville about 7:06 and
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middleville about 7:23 if it holds together. that's why we are saying isolated thunderstorm this evening. we get into tomorrow, yellow alert saturday between the storms and what's left of bill, heavy rain possible 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. that is bill, not the thunderstorm. hot on father's day with isolated thunderstorms. so 10:00 tonight we're in the 70s with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, just muggy and by 12:30 some showers beginning to pop. you're getting close. if you don't get done by 12:00, try to get to your tee time before 8 a.m. tomorrow. by 5:00 showers and storms across much of the metro area. at 8:00 there's heavy activity inside the beltsway and to the west. this is bill. leesburg at 9:30, look at how muggy it is, still 80s downtown. by 11:00 still lingering by frederick and by 1:30, 2:00
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everything moves across the bay into the delmarva. sunday for dad morning showers, then just hot, 94, 93 monday, isolated storms. tuesday 96, low 90s on wednesday, upper 90s on thursday, isolated storms and mid-90s next friday with isolated storms. they're having a little golf going on at the u.s. open and tiger is having an apparently day. >> it's cut day the former no. 1 -- a
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> once again the washington nationals have a man down. this time it's superstar outfielder bryce harper who hurt himself last night in the loss to the tampa bay rays. in the 6th inning harper made a throw home, fell to the ground, grabbed his left hamstring. the team said he suffered a strain. skimmer matt williams said he was scare -- skip are matt williams said he was -- skipper matt williams said he was scared when he went down. >> when you lose your best player certainly, arguably one of the best in the game, to an injury for today at least, guys got to step up.
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when you lose your three hitter and your five hitter and 2/5 of your rotation we need to step up. >> we just mentioned pitcher stephen strasburg on the mend which is good news for the up and down nats. strasburg battled a number of health issues this season and hasn't always had his stuff on the mound. >> reporter: beyond endurance and pitch count they were happy now he threw the ball in that rehab start. his mechanics were much more online than earlier in the season. physically he came out of it with that trap suise, the back and ankle dating back to spring training. >> for your nats on 9:00 fix, coverage tonight starts at 7:00. the second round of the u.s. open, there was a time when tiger woods being in a tournament caused a buzz. now it's more likely to elicit
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a chuckle, label a laugh. he played pitifully thursday adding insulted to injury on his first hole of the -- insult to injury on his first hole of the day friday. he took a tumble down the hill. he shot 6-over 76 today. he missed the cut. from the ying to the yang of golf and a spectacular shot from jason day this afternoon we'll look at his first hole of the day on the par 5 first. he wasn't thrilled with his third shot of the day, but his fourth bounces into the hole for a birdie. even he was surprised. now fast forward because a little later walking on the 9th hole he falls down, said he was dizzy. he got up, finished the hole. he is three off the lead,
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jordan spieth and stinson tied at 5-under. >> do they know why he fell? >> he's had problems with vertigo in the past. i'm certain they'll check into that. >> you don't want to be dizzy trying to hit a golf ball. next seven days, we've got a yellow alert tomorrow and a flash flash flood watch tomorrow. i think 1 to 2 inches of rain across the board tomorrow night. about. >> stay with wusa9 for the cbs evening news next. >> tonight as always
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>> pelley: the alleged dpun man in the charleston church shooting is charged with nine count of murder, and in court he hears from the families of the victims. also tonight new calls to confine the confederate flag to history, not the present. at least 10 major wildfires are burning in the west, fed by drought and triple-digit heat. and steve hartman "on the road" takes a turn down memory lane. >> reporter: you recognize any of these? >> i sure do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, we witnessed an extraordinary moment in a charleston courtroom. in south carolina, victims are allowed to speak in bail hearings, and as dylann roof


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