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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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on. here's what we've been working on while you were sleeping. we're live as people begin to clear up after yesterday's storms [ inaudible ] >> the obama administration plans to amend its policy on dealing with terries. -- terrorists. it's day two of hearings over what happened during the deadly metro smoke incident. the modern version of trying to lick your elbow but some say it promotes an unhealthy body image. and tommy mcfly with the list of the best and worst baseball fans when it comes to grammar. the news starts right now. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. the storms have mercifully moved out. it is going to be a wonderful wednesday. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. we will take it after a night like last night. larry miller has your timesaver
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traffic. first up our weather team erica grow and allyson rae. no longer the bearers of bad news. >> absolutely not. today is going to be great. it's been so warm and humid lately. we were getting tweets and facebook messages saying okay, i'm ready for winter now. we have the rest of summer to go through. today will be great and a lot more comfortable. i don't think you'll be wishing winter after today. a beautiful start. lots of sunshine out there. and it's going to be pretty comfortable today. upper 80s, lower humidity. you really can't ask for a better day, especially in late june. it could be hot and humid like it was yesterday but it's not going to be. 70 degrees. the dew point continues to fall. the humidity is going to continue to fall even throughout the day with the help of those northwesterly winds. so pretty comfortable out there and even more so tomorrow morning. 63 right now for white oak and d.c. you're at 70. waldorf and brandywine you're into the mid-60s. highs today upper #s on. north we were wind -- upper 80s. northwesterly winds. no rain. over to you. your time right now is
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6:02. a good wednesday morning to you. hope your day is getting off to a good start. no issues on the rails. trains, buses running on schedule. a situation we've been keeping a close eye on, that is downed trees and power lines after yesterday's storm. we got a tweet from fairfax county police that shows us ox road south of braddock is closed in both directions because of that storm damage. you can see here -- you can see the downed trees as well as the power lines so we're asking drivers to stay away from that area. looks like they'll be cleaning that area up for a i would. take you back to the maps and show you how things are shaping up in parts of prince george's county where we're problem free. for those of you heading inbound, you'll have no problems if you're getting ready to head out the door. bw parkway also and 95 on the maryland side free and clear of any problems. let's show you how things are shaping up around the beltway from our maryland camera. this is new hampshire avenue blown out from the sun there
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but you can see task flowing freely on both the inner and outer loop. for those of you traveling northbound on 95 heading from areas like dale city, newington, even springfield, you'll have no issues. just expect some volume mainly when you get into the newington area. we're going to continue to keep a close eye on the storm damage from yesterday and we'll tell you how it's going to impact your commute in the next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. >> reporter: looking at the storm damage that is our top story. we are live in greenbelt this morning and more than two dozen people are waking up in temporary shelter after their apartment building here in greenbelt, the university square apartments struck by lightning. you take a look at all that roof damage. it looks like there's a resident here, just taking a look at a lot of the personal items and the debris that's outside. the lightning struck that roof of 209 lakeside drive, university square apartments just after 7:30 last night. quickly erupted in flames. residents in all 22 apartments rushed out safely, many only doing so after neighbors banged on doors.
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in montgomery county, some more close calls with downed trees and power lines and sadly one man lost his life. >> itself car may have struck a branch or a tree, some very large -- fairly large trees were down in this area. the car appears to have skidded off, hit a pole. broke the pole. unfortunately some live wires, hot wires came down on top of the vehicle. >> reporter: we'll have another look at storm damage coming up in the next half-hour. we're live in greenbelt this morning, delia goncalves, wusa9. the obama administration plans to amend its policy on dealing with terrorists today. moving forward, families of american hostages will be able to communicate with captors and pay ransom without fear of prosecution. the white house is expected to announce that change today. the move comes after a policy review prompted by american hostages killed by isis militants. merchandise midgovernor larry hogan says he's against the use of the confederate flag on state license plates. he's ordered the motor vehicle
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administration and the state attorney general to address the issue. plates bearing the replica of the confederate flag are currently available to members of the maryland sons of confederate veterans. meantime in virginia, governor terry mcauliffe also announced he's also for removal of the confederate flag from the commonwealth's license plates. this is mike hydeck in the newsroom. in the news right now another company taking a stand against the confederate flag. warners brothers will stop selling die cast model cars of the general lee with the confederate flag on the roof. that's the orange dodge charger seen in the dukes of hazard tv series. a company spokesperson told yahoo autos, quote, warner bros. has one licensee die-casting replicas and vehicle model kilts featuring the general lee with the confederate flag on its roof, as it was seen in the tv series. we have recollected to cease the aren'ting of these product
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categories. -- have elected to cease the production of these product categories. the suspect used the flag in many of his online postings and racist rants. supporters of the confederate flag say the flag didn't kill the members of the emanuel a.m.e. church. a deranged man did. >> reporter: it's day two of the ntsb hearings into the deadly metro incident that happened here back in january at the l'enfant plaza metro station when smoke filled the train killing one person and injuring about 80 others. disturbing new details came out in the hearing yesterday. i was there for it. most of all was probably the tran crypt that was release -- transcript that was released of an interview with the train operator. he begged controllers for permission to back out and get back to the platform because people on the train couldn't breathe. he told investigators he was repeatedly told to stand by. but that's not all. we also learned about everything that went wrong that day, the poor ventilation system which clearly failed to
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push smoke away from the tunnel and water leaks which caused arcing. one metro employee testified yesterday that water leaks are a huge ongoing problem in tunnels. he said they have about two million gallons of water that is leaked into opportunity hims each day. to put that -- tunnels each day. to put that in perspective, that's about three olympic size swimming pools full of water. we also heard about communication problems first responders experienced that day. d.c. fire chief hawkins said they experienced them almost immediately. >> the first arriving rescue squad one started experiencing radio problems. they got the radio signals started emitting a distinct sound we refer to as honked out. >> reporter: the hearing continues today at 9:00. we will be there but it's also open to the public and available online through live stream. we have that link on our wusa9 mobile app. today's hearing will focus on the overall culture of metro.
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the safety culture as well as the organizational culture throughout the entire company. with all this new information coming out, how do metro riders feel about taking the trains? i'll tell what you a few of them had to say to us coming up at 6:30. live outside l'enfant plaza metro station, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. it is 8 after the hour. thank you for waking up with wusa9. >> before you run out the door, larry miller has another look at your morning commute. first let's check in with erica. >> a pleasant change out here. i kind of feel like i maybe want a light jacket. in some of the suburbs you'll definitely want that jacket as you step out the door. temperatures in the 60s for most of us starting the day and we're going to head into the upper 80s with all that sunshine, a light breeze out of the northwest, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. but changes lie ahead of course in the first
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it's 6:11. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. what a refreshing change from the heat and sweltering humidity we've been dealing with. it's only 60 degrees right now in westminster. 59 in frederick. 64 in hagerstown and leesburg. it's 70 right now in downtown washington but humidity continues to drop as we head through the mid-morning hours. 74 at 9:00. just a few clouds lingering. lots and hospitals of sunshine for the noontime -- lots of sunshine for the noontime hour. we have thunderstorms returning to the forecast. allyson has those w time again for time saver traffic. larry, it's larry miller time. that puts a smile on my face. thanks. i want to let you know again we have downed pow wire lines -- power lines and trees throughout parts of the area so
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be' ware as you head out -- to be aware as you head out this morning. i want to take you to sky 9 where we're on the scene of some work being done there. this is actually on darnestown road and cattail road where you can see power line -- work being down on power lines. the ability to touch your belly button from behind your back mean you're healthy? >> according to a new online trend the answer is
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6:15. for some of us the storms last night were a tranquilizer. slept right through it. >> it has that effect on me. i see the pictures. it looked incredibly violent but it was kind of peaceful. >> that's why we have news in the morning for those who slept right through it. >> they were really powerful. >> but you're waking up to really good news. >> yeah. we'll take talking about the 80s any day of the week. >> we're going to be talking about low humidity, 80s, and temperatures are only going to continue to fall come saturday and sunday. comes with the price tag of
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rain but we are going to be looking at temperatures even below average over the weekend. today pretty comfortable. we're going to be warm. it's not going to be that cool, just cool compared to yesterday. it will be warm, lower really just a perfect june day. as we head through the afternoon, the sunshine will hold. 70 degrees and the dew point continues to fall. the humidity lowers today as we head through the afternoon. once it gets below that 60- degree mark for the dew point that is, it's just very comfortable. 59 right now in frederick. 63 for gaithersburg. a little warmer, still more humid as you head farther south but not for long. high pressure is in place and today it's going to be very comfortable with the high pressure. it's tomorrow when the humidity and rain chances both return. 85 for martinsburg. 88 for fredricksburg. culpeper 86. tonight into the overnight hours, another comfortable night. we're going to be into the 60s and 70s. here's the next three days. rain returns tomorrow. a few isolated showers, 89 degrees.
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more so into the overnight hours thursday and into friday. then over the weekend going to be pretty wet on saturday. we'll get the timing as we get closer to it but it kicks out of here for sunday. look at temperatures. 80 for saturday and sunday. larry, over to you. looks like we have issues on 66 with the right lane being blocked right now. working on getting information in terms of what's causing the blockage but we can tell you at this point it's causing at least about a mile to two-mile backup at this point. if drivers are going to be heading out in that area, you want to add additional 10 to 15 minutes to your commute time so you can bypass this trouble spot and make your way inbound this morning. sky 9 right now over the scene of some work being done on some power lines as well as some downed trees n. is at darnestown -- trees. this is at darnestown road at cattail road n. is some of the damage -- road. this is some of the damage from yesterday's storm. luckily there's not a lot of it in terms of being a lot of these situations going around
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but they're pretty intermittent for the most part. i want to take you back to the map and show you how things are shaping up around the metro so we can talk about your commute this morning. if you're going to be heading out and traveling on the inner loop of the betway, no problems from georgetown pike to kenilworth avenue. you're looking at a 20-minute commute and eastbound on 66, considering that delay there and road closure from sully road to north lee highway, a 39- minute commute for you this morning. we'll send it over to you. maryland lieutenant governor boyd rutherford has already begun filling in for governor hogan. he sat in for the governor at yesterday's board of public works meeting. monday governor hogan said ruther fundamental would tack ta on a -- rhetterford would take on a greater workload while he undergoes chemotherapy for non-lodge kin -- non- hodgkin's lymphoma. the group public citizen claims former public service commissioner for maryland kelly
6:19 am
bachmann should have recused herself from the vote that okayed the merger for what it calls conflict of interest. voters after she voted to approve the merger, she took the job with the alliance to save energy which acknowledges it takes money from exelon. she applied for the job with the group back in february. we spoke with both public citizen and her new boss. >> it would have been her putting her personal interest and her financial interest in conflict and in contrast to what her public duty was at the time. >> to work for an ngo with a relatively modest budget and to come in and help us further our mission which she could have the choice of lots of better paying jobs really i think it just -- it stinks. >> by e-mail she told wusa9 there was absolutely no connection between my vote on the merger and my search for a job calling the governor's
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announcement of my replacement on the commission. public citizen has filed a petition asked the maryland circuit court to send the vote back for reconsideration [ inaudible ] they have decided not to file any charges against lawfers involved in the shoot -- lawfer officers involved in the shooting. ricky hall was killed and kevin claiming was wounded when an officer fired at their suv as it ram add security barrier and raced toward an officer. a warning for neighbors in montgomery county this morning. over the past few days there have been sightings of a black bear in the damascus area. the bear appears to have an injured paw. authorities remind neighbors to exercise caution if they find themselves in close proximity to the bear. >> i don't know why anybody would do this but it's the latest version of the licking of your own elbow challenge. >> officially a challenge for everything. experts say it's promoting an
6:21 am
unhealthy body image. >> reporter: it has gone viral on the chinese version of twitter and now the belly button challenge is making its way to the united states. >> the premise is if you can reach behind your back and reach your belly button, that you are healthy or fit. >> reporter: it has heather gallovan very concerned. >> healthy buttons come in every shape and size. being able to reach around your body to touch your belly button is pore a function of your arm length and shoulder flexibility than an indicator of health. >> reporter: she's alerting parents because kids know what's happening on social media more than parents do. this kind of social media pressure she says can lead to eating disorders. >> unfortunately these challenges really kind of perpetuate a lot of body shaming and that only one size is okay when in fact that's not true. >> reporter: so she says talk to your kids about the belly button challenge. tell them it is not an indicator of health. >> that we're more than what
6:22 am
our body is and really focusing on the things our body allows us to do regardless of shape or size. >> reporter: value true talents and not what long arms and flexible shoulders allow you to do. >> we're playing along here. >> i'm not even close. >> we have fingers. >> i'm not even getting around my waist. >> again, why would you want to do this? >> i give up. >> that was my yoga workout. thank you for playing along. it's 6:22. a judge in tennessee has declared a mistrial in a high profile rape case. >> why two convicted rapes could go free on bond. >> i cannot reach my belly button either. we're looking at a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, low humidity. we've earned it, right? temperatures reaching into the upper 80s this afternoon.
6:23 am
82 at 1:00. i highly recommend doing that lunch outdoors today. you're going to enjoy it. just make sure you have the sunscreen handy with that strong sunshine that we have this time of year. but the chance for thunderstorms comes back in just one day. allyson has
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people in south carolina begin saying goodbye to the nine victims killed as they were studying the bible at a historic black church last week. don champion reports from columbia where a viewing will take place for slained pastor and state nor clementa pinckney. >> reporter: the bodies of clementa pinckney will lie in the capitol's rotunda today as mourners pay their final respects. on tuesday his friends and colleagues took a moment to remember his character. >> a man who loved everyone that he came in contact with. >> reporter: those who knew him best described pinckney as a man guided by faith, not politics. it was the mother emanuel a.m.e. church where he was killed last week along with eight others studying the bible. >> i ask that in the memory of mr. pinckney that we are generous in spirit, gracious in
6:27 am
our conversation. >> reporter: a horse-drawn caisson will carry the reverend's casket to the state house grounds later today where the confederate flag continues to fly high. lawmakers in south carolina have new begun debate on removing what many view as a sign of hate, others a symbol of history. >> as we consider this amendment, we be respectful of the victims' families who are awaiting to bury their loved ones. >> reporter: president obama will deliver the eulogy at pinckney's funeral friday. >> two other viewings will be held tomorrow for reverend pinckney. one at emanuel a.m.e. church where he was pastor. the other in his hometown. services for the other eight victims will take place this week and next week. the city has temporarily banned protests or picketing within 300 feet of where the funerals, memorials or burial sites will be. this is mike hydeck. in the news right now he spent 24 years in prison for a murder t
6:28 am
commit. now a new york city man will get $6.25 million from the city and it was a receipt from disney world that eventually set him free. his name john preparing convicted of -- fleming convicted of killing a long- time friend back in 1990. at the time he told investigators he was at disney world celebrating his son's ninth birthday. he had no proof. he hired private investigators to help him and they found that disney receipt which set him free. new york city comptroller scott stringer said in a statement announcing the settlement, we cannot give back the time that he served but the new york city can offer jonathan fleming compensation for the injustice that was committed against him. sadly his mother died shortly after he was released. good morning. welcome to wusa9. our time 16:29 -- is 6:29.
6:29 am
we're in for a cleat 180 -- complete 180 today. the storms are gone. the humid weather gone. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. yesterday's roller coaster ride is over. smooth sailing today at least weather wise. we'll see if that is the case on the roadways. first erica grow and allyson rae, give us the good news. >> all good news today. it's going to be a really great wednesday. today we have low humidity and sunshine. no rain. and enjoy it because you know it's not going to last forever. you know the humidity is going to return. it's summer. let's take a look outside at our mike equal & son camera. we're looking good. the humidity will continue to drop throughout the day. pretty comfortable, especially during the evening hours and first thing tomorrow morning we'll feel very comfortable before those winds make their way back out of the south. bringing in the humidity for thursday. today 70 degrees right now and winds still out of the north, northwest. a nice breeze. it will stay breezy at times, especially through the morning hours. temperatures across the area,
6:30 am
frederick 61. very comfortable. manassas 66. annapolis you're at 71. high pressure is in place today. no rain. we are going to be tracking rain as early as tomorrow afternoon. so enjoy today for all its's worth. -- it's worth. outside lunch, it's going to be a good one. highs into the upper 80s. no 90s today. larry, over to you. we have a mixed bag this morning. let's start with the good news. here's the good news. the trains are running on schedule for metro and buses. that's the good news. here's the bad news is we stirl have a lot of clean -- we still have a lot of cleanup going on now and it seems like we're getting more and more information coming into the traffic center. let's start with the first one, this one coming into the traffic center a few minutes ago where we have the right lane closed on the bw parkway southbound between 198 and 197 because of a doubled tree. we're starting to see residual delays in that area for those of you that are making your way toward the beltway. you want to account for that by adding anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to your drive time to go through, to deal with the delays and also just make sure
6:31 am
if you are heading out in that direction, that you use some caution as well. i want to take you to the map -- to our cameras right now and show you how things are shaping up from our web cam where we have ox road just south of braddock closed in both directions as a result of downed trees as well as power lines. folks, we've been seeing stuff like this all morning long so if you're going to be heading out, make sure you use caution because this is one of very many situations that we're keeping a close eye o. we'll have an update for you on the situations around the metro coming up in about ten minutes. our top story looking at the aftermath of yesterday's violent storms here in greenbelt where more than two dozen people are waking up in temporary shelter this morning trying to figure out what happens now that they're forced out of their homes after a lightning strike and fire at this apartment building. you can see all that damage on the roof. i just spoke to a gentleman who says he has lost everything in his home and he had no renter's insurance. lightning struck the roof of
6:32 am
209 lakeside drive. the university square apartments in greenbelt just after 7:30 last night and quickly erupted in flames. residents in all 22 apartments rushed out safely. many only doing so after neighbors banged on doors. in montgomery county some more close calls. the evening storm wrecked havoc around maryland taking down trees and power lines leg avin residents shocked, humbled by nature's power. >> as soon as i saw the fire, i just grab my baby and i just run. everything is lost, completely lost. thank god that i'm -- that my baby's good and i am fine glrks a sad situation here because certainly a lot of those people lost everything inside their homes. i just told you that man i spoke to a moment ago had no renter's insurance and he's literally just wandering around with a cell phone trying to figure out what to do next. thankfully, though, no one was hurt here. unfortunately one man was killed in montgomery county.
6:33 am
we're told by montgomery county fire and rescue he crashed, lost control of his car and crashed his car on to some downed power lines. we're live in greenbelt this morning, delia goncalves, wusa9. now on to day 19 for the search for convicted killers richard matt and david sweat. investigators found a pair of boots and d.n.a. of one of the prisoners in a remote cabin in alice head, new york. now hundreds of law enforcement acts are scouring the area for the two, just 20 miles from the prison where they made their getaway earlier this month. back in maryland "the baltimore sun" has obtained a copy of the freddie gray autopsy report t. says he suffered a high energy injury, the type you would see in a shallow water diving accident. the injury likely happened when the baltimore police van with gray unbelted inside suddenly slowed down. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide because the
6:34 am
officers failed to follow the safety procedures. the six officers face trial in october and all pleaded not guilty. happening today, it's day two of the ntsb hearings into what went wrong here at the l'enfant plaza metro station back in january when smoke filled a train killing one person and injuring about 80 others. i was in the hearing yesterday for day one when the chairman of the ntsb opened up by apologizing to carol glover's family, the woman who died in the incident. we saw surveillance video from the moments smoke filled the train and learned disturbing new details. critical problems were exposed right after the accident. major communication issues with first responders. we heard from d.c. fire chief hawkins who said when they arrived at the scene, they almost immediately started having radio problems. witnesses also talked about problems with the ventilation system in the tunnel and water leakage that then leads to arcing. that was a problem back in january. one metro employee said they have such a huge problem with water leaks in tunnels, it's a
6:35 am
constant battle. they have about two million gallons of water that is leaked into the tunnels each day. that's the equivalent of about three olympic size swimming pools. hearing these issue, we asked several metro riders what they had to say and how they feel about getting on board. >> maybe once a week or once every other week i might drive just because. i think that might be the day there's going to be an incident. >> reporter: the hearing continues today starting at 9:00. we will be there tweeting out updates and posting them on our website but it is also open to the public if you'd like to attend or you can live stream it online. again that link is on our wusa9 mobile app. outside l'enfant plaza metro station, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. this morning two former star vanderbilt football players will learn if they can go free on bond. cory batey and brandon vanderburg were convicted of
6:36 am
raping a fellow student in a dorm room but on tuesday the tennessee judge declared a mistrial after a juror failed to disclose he was a rape victim in another case. >> to be involved as a victim in a case which is wholly analogous to this case we're on trial for makes him an unfit individual to be a part of this particular jury. >> a prosecutor says he intends to request a new trial. overseas france's defense council is holding an emergency meeting today to address allegations the u.s. spied on french leaders. a wikileaks report says the national security agency eavesdropped on sfertions of the past three french presidents. -- crchtion r -- on conversations of past three french presidents. you can enter our text to win contest. text the words "luke
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♪ ♪
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. welcome back. it's 6:39. aim first alert meteorologist erica grow. you might want a light jacket if you're stepping out the door in northern maryland. the temperatures right around 60 degrees. it feels like a dramatic shift from where we've been. we're looking at 64 in leesburg and martinsburg. 64 in hagerstown as well. 66 degrees right now in waldorf. but temperatures will rise quickly because of the sunshine
6:40 am
and a little bit of downsloping. we're going to have winds coming off of the appalachians this afternoon, northwesterly at 10 miles per hour. it's going to lead to a comfortably warm afternoon, though. 78 at 11:00. 82 degrees at 1:00. 87 at 3:00 and our high temperature today in downtown washington will be 88 degrees. by the chance for thunderstorms comes right back. allyson will have details on that coming up in a few minutes. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. again the right lane is closed on the bw parkway southbound between 198 and 197 where we have a downed tree causing delays on that stretch of the road there this morning as you make your way inbound toward the beltway. sky 9 is also on the scene right now at twinbrook road at braddock road where we have fallen trees -- fallen tee and power lines there as well. so we're still cleaning up from a lot of the residual damage caused by the storm last night. taking you right now to 66.
6:41 am
this is eastbound where we have a lane blockage causing residual delays for two miles on that stretch of the interstate. folks, if you're going to be traveling on i-66 i suggest you add 20 minutes to your commute time to account for the delay because it looks like with the storm delay and along with some other traffic issues, we have some problems going on this morning. but we'll continue to update you throughout the morning. we'll send it over you to. it 16:41. is uber -- it is 6:41. is uber becoming the next big brother. >> why the company may know your whereabouts where you'
6:42 am
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6:44 am
this sounds like a case of big brother. uber could know exactly where you are even if you're not looking for a ride by one of its drivers. >> in no way is this creepy, huh? mike sugarman explains why uber wants to follow your every
6:45 am
move. >> reporter: uber knows where you are obviously so drivers can pick you up. here's what's new. starting next month the ride- providing company says we have the potential to start tracking you even when the app is off. and keep the data. those could be good. suppose you're kidnapped. suppose you go missing? the app will know where you are or it's bad if you call in sick and you end up at the ballpark or some other place you really shouldn't be. >> they have this vast trove of information where every person has gone. it's subject to a lot of security issues, subpoenas. who knows who can get their hands on that data. >> it's too confidential. >> reporter: you don't like it? >> no. >> i guess it's not too shocking that companies like that are tracking you and how their service works to begin with but it's still a little unsettling to hear that. >> reporter: uber's response? we went to their headquarters.
6:46 am
>> we'll get back to you. >> reporter: and late this afternoon they did. a spokesperson says it's only meant to know where you are faster and you could turn the feature off on your phone and in an apparent backtrack, the spoars person says they have -- the spokesperson says they have no plans to make the change at this time. critics worry they could at any time. >> we should be pushing back again the idea of this company collecting and keeping all this information about where we're going and where we are at all times. >> reporter: we don't know where she's going but starting next month, uber will, even if the app is off, though they say that's not their plan right now. >> wow. that is creepy. >> i wonder if itself concept on their -- the concept on their end is to get the drivers closer in your area in case you're a past customer? who knows. moving right along, time on turn to our partners at cbs this morning to see what
6:47 am
they're covering. >> gayle king is in the studio giving us a preview. good morning, gayle. >> i am here, my friends, on west 57th street where you'll find me every wednesday at this time. hello, nick and andrea. ahead a massive storm traps train passengers, pulls down trees and knocks out power in the north east. we're in one of the worst hit areas. and the new study finding that medical marijuana does not work for many illnesses that it's supposed to treat and scientists analyze the pop charts and they discover something interesting,s single biggest event that changed american music forever. what do you think that is? the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. any guesses from washington, d.c.? >> i would have said the beatles on ed sullivan but now i question that. >> i guess we shall see. >> you would be wrong. >> i would be wrong. >> we will have the answer at 7:00. >> okay. see you guys. >> taylor swift being born is probably the answer. >> oh, my. gayle, thank you.
6:48 am
>> we'll be watching. 6:47 now. there's something missing from this desk. >> a fan. we don't need one. >> where is the fan? >> we don't need it today. >> no, you don't. it's going to be absolutely great. temperatures in the upper 80s, lower humidity. you can leave the umbrellas at home with your fan as well. >> it's always close by because things do change in weather. >> enjoy today because like i said they're going to change and tomorrow will be hot and humid. just a little hot, nothing like yesterday. take a look how we're starting off. a beautiful start. we're looking at sunshine today, 70 degrees. it's pretty comfortable. the humidity just dropping and dropping but tomorrow it's going to increase and increase and increase. so, hey, we get what we get. winds out of the northwest 12 miles per hour. a little breezy at times. look at these temperatures. very comfortable out there. 61 for frederick. 64 for martinsburg. culpeper 67 down through southern maryland you're into the mid- to upper 60s. it's going to be a good day. thanks to high pressure the storms are out of here. no rain in the forecast today.
6:49 am
tomorrow right back at us. we'll see a few isolated showers during the afternoon and more rain into the overnight hours. here's your futurecast for today. hey, the nats game today after a rain delay last night, no delays today. the game looks perfect. very comfortable for the nats tonight. that will be pretty good. as we head through tomorrow, rs fit thing tomorrow morning it's going to be comfortable with the humidity still pretty low. allows for a cool night. a few isolated showers during the afternoon. i think the nats game will start dry and then maybe on the way home running into a few showers. more showers into the overnight hours and then this is setting us up for somewhat of an active period friday and into saturday. looks pretty wet. and with that temperatures continue to fall off. # 8 degrees today -- 88 degrees today. 89 tomorrow. it is going to be warmer and more humid with the rain showers pushing on through mainly thursday night into friday. scattered showers on saturday. more saturday night into first thing sunday morning but we're only going to be near 80 both saturday and sunday and then we'll warm right back up by next week.
6:50 am
larry, over to you. thank you. it is certainly getting busy in the traffic center. right now the trains are running on schedule but we have bus delays on 17a, 17f, 17g. 87 and b30. you're going to see delays because of fallen debris and they affect routes close to where much of the fallen debris is right now. i want to take you to the maps right now where we have an issue of more fallen debris and power lines at ox road at braddock road. and that is where we find sky 9 to give us a picture of that this morning so you can see the fallen trees as well as the power lines. crews are working to get this situation cleared up but it looks like it's going to be taken well into the rush hour which is obviously right now and even throughout parts of the afternoon at this point. so drivers will need to consider alternate routes and to make sure you're taking it particularly easy if you're going to be driving out in this part of town. we'll have another update for you shortly. over to you. take me out to the ballgame and bring your english books
6:51 am
with you. >> tommy mcfly has the list of best and worst fans in baseball when it comes to grammar. he joins us in the 94.7 fresh fm studios with more. good morning, tommy. >> reporter: those mets fans are the worst. full disclosure. i can't proofread my way out of a paper bag. s maybe that's why the nationals came in tenth which it came to grammar. "the wall street journal" went through and scanned a bunch of online articles and fans' comments. nats fans had under six errors per hundred words. the cleveland indians fans were the best and orioles fans had about ten errors per 100 words. we'll see how the nats do on the field today against the braves and then online when it comes to grammar. so as you're tweeting and commenting, make sure you proofread. i before e except after c. i'm tommy mc fly, wusa9. >> that's a respectable
6:52 am
purchase machines. i like where we stand. the confederate flag controversy hits close to home. >> how the governors of both maryland and virginia are weighing in on the subject when people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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>> reporter: i'm delia goncalves ated university square apartments in green -- at the university square apartments in greenbelt. take a look at this damage. lightning struck the roof of this building and it created a fire. tons of roof damage there and all these residents, more than two dozen all displaced living in temporary shelter now. in montgomery county the storm caused more havoc and actually killed one man. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live at l'enfant plaza metro station. today the ntsb hearings will continue into what went wrong here at the l'enfant plaza metro station. back in january when smoke filled a january, one person died and about 80 were injured. yesterday's hearing we learn some disturbing new details, one of which was there were several communications problems that day, ventilation problems and a lot of water that leaks into the tunnels each day. we also heard from several witnesses talking about communication issues with first responders. the hearing continues today at
6:56 am
9:00. mike? >> reporter: convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will officially be given the death penalty today. a jury recommended that sentence back in may and a judge will confirm it today. three people died. 260 were injured during the bombing at the marathon finish line april 2013. maryland governor larry hogan said he's against the use of the confederate flag on state license plates. he's ordered the motor vehicles administration and the state attorney general to address the issue. virginia governor terry mcauliffe also announced he's calling for removal of the confederate flag from all license plates in virginia. today is going to be great. enjoy it. 88 degrees. low humidity. no rain because rain returns to the forecast as early as tomorrow. so enjoy your wednesday. looks like we're still cleaning frup yesterday's storms. again a fallen tree and power lines ox road and braddock road. that's where we find sky 9 over the scene of that situation there. if you're going to be heading
6:57 am
out soon, be careful because we still have a big mess to be cleaned up. cbs is next. they'll answer the question about the moment music was changed forever. >> we've been racking our brains over that one. it can go a lot of different ways. [ multiple voices ] we'll see you again in another 25 minutes for news, weather and traffic. >> erica and i will see you at noon. take care, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, june 24th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." severe storms tear across the east coast. the wild weather rips down trees, crosses cars and straps passengers. leaked intelligence claims leaks on three french presidents. >> a provocative campaign transports a famous coke commercial to teach the world to avoid sugary drinks. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. a very active stretch


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