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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 25, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, june 25th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a second new york prison worker faces charges in the escape of two killers. he is accuseded of helping them with hamburger and hot plates. >> whole foods accused of overcharging customers. investigators call it one of the worst cases they've ever seen. and there's actually a reason why people won't put down their cell phones behind the wheel. how it's become a digital drug. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. mr. pammeras h been fully
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cooperating with the investigation. he wants to see these two captured and put back where they e benglo. >> a second man is arrested as the manhunt continues. >> they're extremely dangerous. why wouldn't they try to arm themselves immediately upon escape. the military confirms the crash of an f-16. the condition of the pilot not said. >> no remorse, no regret. >> he broke his silence, apologizing for his crimes as hearing where he was formally se centend. >> hundreds of firefighters tried to douse the flames. >> i saw the fire in my neighbor's backyard. the next thing they're knocking on my door saying get out, get out. >>by bobda jinl is the 13th republican to run for the white house. >> i'm rested and ready for this fight. >> flew off the new jersey
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turnpike. >> it's all over. a championship. >> time to celebrate. >> all that -- >> six people were hurt when a bonfire ignited an explosion in spain. >> dosonaldn, he'll get there dodged in and caught it. oh what a play. josh donaldson. >> -- and all that matters -- >> hey, listen. you near my house. >> possible ordering a heckler removed. >> as a jen recallgeneral rule i'm fine with a few hecklers but not in my house. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> i'm ashamed of you. >> she asked how many friends you had and you got all mad. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." a second prison guard faces charges this morning of helping inging two murderers escape. >> gene palmer is charged with delivering tools to them. >> he will plead not guilty at his arraignment. he said his fellow employee took advantage of him. anna werner. good morning. what another twist. >> yeah. he's worked at the facility for 27 years. during last week's investigation he was suspended and put on leave. last night he was arrested. gene palmer was charged with destroying evidence promotes contraband and prison
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misconduct. >> mr. palmer is a man of integrity. he knows he made a mistake. >> andrew brockway is palmer's attorney. >> he didn't know he had given contraband to them. >> reporter: employee joyce mitchell admitted to smuggling tools into the prison. >> she put the bits into the hamburger, froze it and brought it into the facility the correction facility. gene palmer collected it and gave it to matt. >> you believe he did so unwittingly. >> yes, without knowing the two are inside the meat. >> reporter: he's known to have escorted them onto a cat walk to fix electrical breakers so they could use hot plates. now 19 daters more than a thousand heavily armed officers are concentrating their search in a 75-mile section of franklin county.
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>> we have virtually 100% assurance that they were in that area. >> reporter: police say dna evidence linked the convicts to that cabin some 20 miles west of the prison. investigators tell cbs news they now believe the fugitives may have taken a shotgun from the cab snoon just about every cabin or outbuilding in the north country has one or more shotguns and weapons and we have since day one operated under the belief they're heavily armed. they're dangerous and cunning. why wouldn't they try to immediately arm themselves upon escape gr gene palmer was convicted early this morning. he could face up to seven years in prison as could joyce mitchell is whole faces the same charge. >> all right, an nachlt thank you. this morning searchers are looking for the pilot of an f-16 that crashed last night sparking a natural fire near a natural pipeline. it went down in douglas,
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arizona, south of tucson. the pilot was the only one on board. the plane was on a night training mission when it crashed. the fire forced residents to evacuate the area. this morning victims of the boston marathon attack have an apology from the convicted bomber. dzhokhar tsarnaev apologized before receiving his sentence. not all are satisfied with the a apollgy. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on april 13th 2013 the two brothers planted two bombs nchl the two years since then we only heard from dzhokhar tsarnaev once when he pled not guilty. that is, until yesterday. on day when he received sex death sentences and life without parole he apologized. he said immediately after the bombing which i am guilty of i learned about some of the victims, their names, ages.
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he called them good souls. he said i'm sorry for the lives that i've taken. he continued i pray for your relief, your healing, fur your well being, your strength. he thanked the jurors and called his attorneys luf loi companions. >> the last thing we wanted to do was aboutto hear about allah. >> i regret having ever hearing him want to speak because what he said show nod remorse, no regret, and no empathy for what he's done to our lives. >> reporter: henry bore guard was walking home when he was hit. he's come to peace with this ordeal. >> for me to hear him say that he's sorry, that's enough for me. when i made contact with him, it wasn't like looking in the face
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of a criminal. it was like looking in the face of a boy. >> reporter: they heard little from him in two years except for this obscene gesture in a holding cell. one who addressed him in court was april gregory. she said when people look back on april 2013mber your name or your brother's. instead it's the courage and bravery. that's why i think it's so funny you flip off the camera. that's what we do to you, fake limbs or not. he could be there for a very long time since the government reinstituted the federal death penalty in 1988 the united states has object executed three people. charlie. >> thanks don. cbs news legal experiment rikki klieman is a former massachusetts prosecutor. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you make of this statement? >> i am stunned. there is no lesser word.
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no one, no legal expert expected him to speak at all. his speech has nothing for him to gape. so there are people who've accepted it as we've heard. people who rejected it. people who thought he was sincere, people who thought he was not sincere. here's the thing. if you're his attorney do you second-guess yourself? should you have put him on? it onto takes one juror for life imprisonment imprisonment. and why do we know that now? you heard carmen ortiz. she was not happy with his it made no difference. she was disgusted by it because he didn't renounce terrorism or extremism. he acknowledged allah in the month of forgiveness and what she said in essence, in my
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words, is a perversion of what islam is supposed to be about. >> does it affect the appeals at all. >> theoretically no and i believe no. that the first circuit court of appeals who's going to hear this case is not going to be swayed by the fact that he apologized in any way. at the same time none of us can forget what we've heard or read. i think that -- snooki >> >> can i say, though i thought his statements were so powerful? >> i couldn't agree with you more. that these victims who survived or relatives, their power in their ability to go forward may still -- may not only still but will still carry the day, that our sympathy is with them and not with this young man. >> i know that there are no cameras around in federal court but i sure would have liked to va heard his voice.
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many would have wanted to hear what he had to say. thank you, rikky klieman. the first funeral will be held in the murders of those killed in the south carolina church. the pastor was among nine people killed a week ago. michelle miller is at the church where they'll hold the funeral for pinckney tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened last week in the baseball of mother emanuel and last week more than 100 gathered in that very same room and then hundreds more gathered down the street for a concert to show their solidarity. ♪ this little light of mine i'm going to let it shine ♪ >> one week after being torn apart they joined hands to
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celebrate. >> jeremiah 29:11. >> reporter: earlier reverend gott led a bible meeting. >> we've got to send the right message. >> reporter: gott has been named interim pastor of mother emanuel where he's focusing on community. >> love your neighbor as you love yourself. do unitto others as they would do unto you. >> reporter: paula hinton traveled from nearby holye holly beach. >> it felt like a place of god. >> reporter: myra thompson was one of the members killed. her sister and friends say mother emanuel is where they'll gather strength. >> i can't be afraid and love
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god. >> i'm not afraid to go to mother emanuel because he doesn't instill fear myra would say. god is in control. whatever he's going to do he's going to do. >> reporter: and this is a copy of the program that was handed out to those 100 people last night that speaks of the power of love the source of light. and there's also a scripture from first peter. above all keep loving othering earnestly because love covers a multitude of sins. it certainly seems that here. norah? >> so beautifully said. some americans in captive are welcoming a big shift. for the first time they'll be able to negotiate with kidnappers. 30 americans are being held around the world.
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last night president obama admitted to past issues. >> i would move heaven and earth to get those loved ones back. many of the families said at times they felt like an afterthought or distraction, that too often the law enforcement or military intelligence officials they were interacting with were begrudging in giving them information. and that ends today. >> powerful statement. paula reid is in washington. paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a landmark shift on how the u.s. government will deal with policy makers. the one thing it will not change is the longstanding policy on paying terrorist groups. six have been taken in the past ten months. among those is austin.
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i spoke with his parents after wednesday's announcement. >> this is an excellent step forward that had this new policy been in place when austin first went missing much of what we ended up having to do on our own without guidance sorting our way through the united states government, who does what who should we talk to who can make things happen you know, what are the rules, what are the policies. up in of that existed until now. well it's soon to come into existence with this new policy. >> if the syrian government was to locate your son and you had to make concessions to get him back, how far are you willing to go? >> as the president of the united states said today, if one of his children was taken hostage, he dwould whatever it took to bring them home. >> if there was any opportunity to bring austin home we would do whatever to make it happen. >> the ultimate proof of the
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effectiveness of this policy change is when we have that boy in our arms again. i want him to know we will not give up and we will see him safely home. >> reporter: in order to assess the new policy the president has ordered an official review of the reforms after six months. charlie? paula, thanks. this morning one of president obama's biggest priority in congress is ready for his signature. the president passed a bill giving him fast track authority for pacific rim trade agreements. it forces congress to give only a yes or no vote. lawmakers can not change it. democrats held up the deal for several days saying the trade deal would cost american jobs. >> this morning louisiana governor bobby jindal will be in new hampshire after joining the 2016 presidential race. he posted a hidden video camera. it shows him telling his three
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children he intends to run. all right. firefighters in california are battling fierce wildfires. fierce wildfires are across the state. the fire in santa clarita started yesterday. john blackstone is there, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at one point more than a thousand people were forced to flee their home and with tinder-dry areas, the california firefighters could find themselves stretched to the limit. the santa clarita wildfire broke outalongside a busy freeway after 1:00 p.m. wednesday and quickly spread dangerously close to homes. >> we're looking at some of these larger ranch homes that have been affected. >> reporter: about a thousand people were forced to evacuate. >> i saw a fire in my neighbor's
7:18 am
backyard and then it was like okay. >> then they were banging on the door, get out, get out. >> reporter: firefighters on the ground were helped by water dropping helicopters and retard aunt fixed wing aircraft. they say this fire season is months ahead of schedule. >> it's running about where we would typically see in august. as we start getting into dryer weather, we're going start seeing a lot more fire activity. >> reporter: meanwhile a similar scene was playing out in northern california. more than 500 acres burned and more than 100 homes burned in the antioch area. fires burned near lake tahoe and as flare-ups continued and new evacuations ordered in the san bernardino area. evacuations were lifted here late wednesday afternoon and only one garage was slightly burned here. but temperatures will soon be
7:19 am
going up and any winds could fan hot spots into another fire here charlie. it's dangerous wildfire season here in california. >> thanks, john. this morning thunderstorms threaten the midwest. drivers navigated dangerous conditions. pope francis sent shock waves through the catholic church with new comments on divorce. ahead, why he says that splitting up is sometimes morally necessary and what that means for
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by expedia. the world is at your fingertips. download the expedia app today. the grocery chain some call whole paycheck is the target of a new investigation. >> the one city taking on whole foods for allegedly making
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customers pay more for food than less. the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's portion is sponsored by toyota. let's go places. to show her right from wrong. and realized my little girl had become an amazing human being who will make choices of her own. toyota let's go places. ♪ ♪ food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty. dressing, clean. debates should be healthy. hatchets buried. tables should be full. and good food should be good for you. we're not saying these are the rules we should all live by. but it's a good place to start.
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alabama removed all four flags from its state's capitol. >> yes, alabama. >> attention, change in kra attention. >> hold on. apparently there's been a change in cra status. can we get the cra map on screen? loading now. >> oh oh oh my god. look what happened. oh, my god. it appears alabama is not cra anymore. congratulations, alabama you're not cra anymore. >> that's larry willmar. give the definition of what cra
7:31 am
means. >> crazy. >> cra-cra. >> it's phrase and i like it. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning". coming up in this half hour whole foods is accused of routinely charging too much to customers. $15 for a single package of shim shh rim p. not fair. why regulateors say it's one of the worst cases they've ever seen. why social media is an addiction drug. why so many are texting and driving even when they know how dangerous it is. that's ahead. the "washington post" said pope francis said sometimes the separation of a husband and wife may be quote, morally necessary. his comments yesterday at his weekly address are a major shift in tone on marriage by the church. francis said separation may be inevitable to protect children or spouses who are victims of
7:32 am
domestic change. charlie, you said you can talk about climate change but when you talk about marriage you're going. >> right to to the harthe heart. research shows death from terrorism. 48 were skilled by non-jihadist extremists like white extremists and anti-fanatics. 26 were killed by self-proclaimed jihadists. britain's "telegraph" says they have asked twitter followers to share positive images from syria. instead they showed a backlash. one said blatant lies and continued massacres. "usa today" says drought has pushed the water level in lake mead to a record low.
7:33 am
it stores water for new mexico nevada, and california. water managers say use far exceed as what the colorado river provides. >> and "business insider" says whole foods is under investigation for allegedly overcharging customers in new york city. the upscale grocery change is accused of exaggerating the weight of some products. elaine quijano is outside a whole foods store in manhattan of why this is not the first time the company faced these accusations. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some shoppers have a long joke that whole foods should be called whole paycheck because of the chain's pricey products. it turns out here in new york city some items may have been unfairly marked up. since 2011 the chain has been slapped with more than 500 counts of violations in the city alone. across the country whole foods is san antonio for its organic and wholesome products be u in
7:34 am
new york city the department of consumer affairs says customers are paying more for less in one of the worst cases of overcharged we've ever seen. >> we're not talking about a few violations but what is thousands of violations throughout the new york city area. >> reporter: last fall investigators tested products at three locations and found they had inaccurate weights and labels. for instance, chicken tenders found commerce on average would have overpaid by $4. the markup ranged from 15 cents for pecan panko to $15 for a package of shrimp. >> i've spent over $3,000 in the last three years. >> occasionally there will be human error, but there's no
7:35 am
systematic effort to overcharge or upcharge customers. >> the company says it's tried to address concerns walking officials through its auditing and training program. >> we're not going to be coerced into paying outrageous demands and them coming out to the press and making these issues when they're not accurate in the first place. >> whole foods said they came to the table, that you made a monetary demand and they didn't find that to be fair and the negotiations stopped. can you elaborate on that at all? >> i can't discuss the nature of the discussions with whole foods. we were disappointed that despite this they continued with the vie legislations. >> reporter: this isn't the first time whole foods has been accused of cheating customers. last year they were forced to pay $800,000 to california for a similar violation. >> if the customer at any point goes to cashier and believes
7:36 am
that they have a wrong label or incorrect price, they can simply ask the cashier, and if it's a mistake, we'll refund the money or make it right with the customer. >> the bottom line is it's not the consumer's responsibility to do this legwork. it's always on the employer to do the right thing. >> reporter: the investigation is still ongoing and it's not clear what exact punishment whole foods could face. but the fines are hefty. $950 for the first violation and up to $1,700 for each one after that. >> it makinge inginge ings me want to take the cut fruit and weigh it. >> excuse me sir. that's too much. >> norah o'donnell here. >> i would like a refund please. >> at least it puts the store on notice. >> i know. spend a little gopro with norah this weekend into the grocery
7:37 am
store. >> i kblts waitcan't wait. >> if you see norah in your store. >> call the authorities. >> close the store. >> all right. now to another really interesting story that we're covering this morning. detroit is jumping into silicon valley's sharing economy. ford is allowing a pilot program to allow ford credit to rent their cars short term. 14,000 americans in l be eligible as well as 12,000 ford runners in london. they'll help provide potential winners. melodylody hobson what a really interesting idea. how does it work? >> ford is calling it the airbnb of cars. instead of renting your house, you're going to rent your car, albeit to a prescreened person. general motors started this
7:38 am
three years ago. >> i know you've been talking with your people at ford. i see why part-time want to do it, to get more money, but why would the ford company want to do something like this? >> they say first and foremost the company insider said they're not rolling over for uber and zipcar. they recognize they're putting a accident in their business. uber is huge 300 cities 58 countries. secondly, they say those millennials buy into the idea of a sharing economy. it's not a fad. it's here to say. this peer-to-peer sharing is staying and last but not least, this one shocked me. they don't want to be known as a car company anymore. they want to be known as a mobility solutions company. however you're getting around, buying a car, renting a car even electric bike they want to help provide that mobility solution to you. that's why they're doing it. >> are there any drawbacks to this? >> yes, of course. first of all, let's talk about
7:39 am
the fact that you're going to hand over your keys to your new car to a perfect stranger. another thing, wear and tear. more repear and maintenance. instead of your car sitting at while you're at work means people are driving it. >> how much will they make? >> anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month. >> whoa. >> they seem like big numbers if the average car right now has a car payment of about $500 a month. so we're talking about a huge amount of cost defrayment. but, you know the jury's still out. this is all new. >> i like it. the mobility solution company. i like that mellody. >> millennials are going to love. >> mellody, you look good morning. i love that summer haircut. you always do. why some are blames social
7:40 am
median on addiction. we'll show you a solution. if you're heading off to work taking your kids to camp. >> if you're going to to grocery store to weigh something. >> perfect. set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like because we'll still be here for the next hour and 20 minutes. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported
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there is brand-new evidence that drivers are ignoring distractions behind the wheel. the national highway traffic officerty administration says distracted driving caused 3,100 deaths in 2013. they show the problem goes far beyond the texting. kris van cleave with the reason why we're taking our attention off the road. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. safety experts say if you're dialing while driving you're three times more likely to crash. if you're texting while driving, you're 23 more times what about
7:45 am
video chatting? here i'm doing it from a passenger seat. this would take a whole new level. a new survey are finding that many are doing this behind the wheel. as many as one in ten drivers, 10% could be doing this. >> this could be the feature here of driving and talking. >> reporter: video chatting on their drive home according to a provider from at&t. the same survey found 61% admitted to texting and driving. a third check their e-mail while driving and 17% admitted to taking a steering wheal selfie. despite the widespread understanding of the dangers of driving, we're doing it anyway. 22% of people surveyed who access a social network while driving gave addiction as a reason. >> in essence it's a drug or what i call the digital drug. >> reporter: he founded the center center. >> this is the circuitry that
7:46 am
gets activated when anything pleasurable is being done. >> reporter: he worked with people at at&t and said he believes people get a high from being on their cell phone behind the wheel as someone on a slot machine. >> it comes what when and wrenwhere and when the reward comes and it's positive and you like it it's going to elevate the dopamine. your brain, which is a pleasure chemical. it increases your wanting to do it again. >> there is an app that prevents you from using your app while on the road but it's hard to catch on. another tracks the person's eye movement and triggers an alert when the person is distracted or is drowsy. >> it will perhaps lock out behaviors that you shouldn't be doing. this is talking about shaming people into a better behavior.
7:47 am
>> reporter: one particularly scary finding in this at&t survey survey 33% of those checking twitter are doing it all the time, that's despite the fact that 46 states prevent texting and driving. >> we're not going to be able to do it on our own. lit it will have to be done in the car. even thinks they can do it. ahead t labels that may be lulling you into an unhealthier lifestyle. and a massive whirlpool that could swallow a boat. what's
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@]bh it is thursday june 25th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is one word that could undermine your weight loss goal. dr. holly phillips looks at the poofwer d foo labels. first your "eye opener" at 8:00. gene palmer has been arrested earlier this morning. if convicted he could face years in prison. an f-16 crashedrk spaing a half-mile file near douglas, arizona. >> i was stunned. no one expected him to speak at all. >> tsarnaev will join dozens of r otheteinmas on death row. he could be there a very long time.
8:01 am
>> california firefighters could find themselves stretched to the limit. >> video chatting. here i'm doing it safely from a passenger bseatut this would take distraction to a whole new level. a surprising number of drivers are doing this bd ehinthe wheels. >> some have long joked whole foods should be called whole paychecks. some items unfairly marked up. >> it makes me want to weigh it. >> excuse me sir, too much. >> norah o'donnell here. >> i would like a refund please. queen elizabeth may be forced to vacate buckingham palace while it undergoes renovations. that could mean only one thing. road trip. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotels. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. skoonld prison employee accused of helping two escaped killers plans to plead not
8:02 am
guilty today. gene palmer is charged with delivering tools to david sweat and richard matt and taking them into areas. >> palmer's lay ees's lawyer says he never knew they were there. police think sweat and matt may have stole an shotgun from a cabin where they stopped a few days ago. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will soon head to federal death row. he spoke at his sentencing yesterday and told victims of the attack that he's sorry. he's covered the case from day one and joins us from boston. kevin, good morning. what were your impressions when he spoke? >> hi, norah. well, the first thing i think that struck most people in the courtroom, norah, was the accent. it was an affected accent. it was something we had never
8:03 am
knew before. if you talked to him before all this, he did not have an accent. he had quite a noticeable accent. >> what kind of accent? >> i would say it was somewhere between russian and maybe somebody who spoke if arabic was their native language but it was definitely obstructed. nobody expected that. the words were as unexpected as the accent. >> and the reaction among the victims and those who said they did not want to be considered victims by him? >> charlie, it's like we in our business like to deal with mono monolith monoliths, but there's no monolith when it comes to the survivor community. i think mostly what i thought was skepticism. where was this before why did we not see this before. a lot of folks are saying do i trust my eyes as having watched him throughout the trial or do i trust my ears having heard what he just said. so you're going to find a real
8:04 am
division of opinion among the surviving community. >> is there any idea on who may have been influencing him to do this? >> not really. i talked with -- you know i was outside federal court after that and just bumped into a number of lawyers who were in c other business. they were all surprised. their sort of opinion is i wouldn't let my client say that. you have to remember that they are now going into a series of appeals to save his life and so when you have both they during the trial, his lawyers and he now in his apology admitting guilt and saying i did it you know, that does definitely affect the appeal down the road. >> one victim impact statement is getting a lot of attention. rebega gregory. tell us about her. >> she lost part of her leg but not her texas spunk. you have to -- i talked to some of the survivors who watched this in a courtroom which is, you know reserved for them a
8:05 am
video link. and when rebecca spoke, they cheered. and i think they cheered for two reasons. one was she said i am not your victim. and the other thing rebecca focused on is that whaer evil whaer bad or horrible things that were unleashed by that bond were quickly by good. she said technically you're not supposed to direct your comments at the defendant. rebecca did her thing. she said, you know long after you're gone, we will not remember you but all the good that came out of this will carry on. there are many foundations that have been created for and by survivors. they will go on for generations helping people. and i think that really resonated with people. it was a positive note and she delivered it in her inname inable style. >> thanks. >> thanks charlie.
8:06 am
>> president obama faced hecklers in the white house. >> it's been a long time. >> okay. you know what? no, no, no no, no, no no no no. no, no, no no no. no, no no no. >> back and forth on wednesday until the president lost his patience. the protester turned out to be an undocumented transgender advocate against trade policy. >> listen. you're in my house. you can either stay and be quiet or we'll have to take you out. as a general rule i am just fine with a few hecklers but not when i'm up in the house. you know what i mean? >> you're in my house and i make the rules. >> you can have some hors d'oeuvres and drinks but behave. >> he was removed and the president continued to speak at the lgbt event. >> hecklers do not belong in the
8:07 am
president's house. >> the people's house. this morning, finding your rootses is on hold. an internal investigation found that producers violated standards. it happened last year when they left out a slave owner related to ben affleck. he said i apologize for putting pbs and its member stations in the position of having to defend their programming. >> that's too bad. i think it's great show. >> i do too. so-called fitness foods. dr. holly phillips is in the
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice. one of the best big wave
8:09 am
circuits in the world had a near death experience. now he has a new mission. ahead, how he wants to change the way people ride the waves forever. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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in our "morning rounds" labels on food labels may cause you to eat more not less. dr. holly phillips is here this morning. good morning. >> good morning, gayle. what really struck me about this is this is one of the clearest reminders that we should never allow ourselves to underestimate the power of market. so basically marketing is branding them as fitness and health is a popular sales strategy. so researchers wanted to know how they eeaffected them. they took two groups of people
8:14 am
and gave them the trail mix. the same trail mix. one group got it labeled trail mix. the other got it labeled fitness snack. overall for people trying to lose weight, those who ate the fitness trail mix ate much more 100 calories more. >> and exercised less. >> they did. >> why did they do that? >> after they had the trail mix they were offered stationary bikes. for people who had the fitness trail mix, less exercise and less intently. in part it's called the fitness halo. we tend to overindulge and take in more calories if we feel the snack is healthy. but to me it's an insidious way that labels gives people who are trying to lose weight a false sense of security. >> it happened to me in college.
8:15 am
a girlfriend said she could eat the whole package of end men doughnuts because they're sugar--free. >> it's good for their bottom line, not so good for our bottom line. >> my point is maybe they ought not to do that. how can we avoid this. >> sure, sure. it's hard not to be influence >> hush charlie rose. holly understood what i was saying, didn't you holly? >> i completely under it. >> how can we avoid it, charlie -- i how can we avoid it holly? >> we need to look at the labels closely. just because it says gluten-free or healthy or organic. >> doesn't mean it's healthy. >> and not an excuse for not exercising. >> you see the athletes on the cover. >> eating less and exercise are two separate thing ss means you
8:16 am
should do most. >> so the bottom line skinny girl doesn't mean the whole thing. >> some are taking a cue from president obama's playbook. the multimillion dollar business with online campaigning business. see how it's paying off with by less with more. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by copper tone sunscreen. from harmful uv rays. game on. coppertone sport. [narration throughout] i started my camry. ran a race most wouldn't dream of starting. chose to take down a monster. and realized when it's dark enough... can see the stars. one bold choice leads to another.
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louisiana governor bobby jindal is part of a not so exclusive ivg club. some of the campaigns are giving retail politics new meaning with online stores. julianna goldman with how politicians are profiting. good morning. >> good morning. there's a lot more to campaigning than meets the eye. it goes beyond slapping a person's name on a t-shirt. it's turned into a money-making data collecting enterprise. banners, bumper stickers flags. how passe.
8:21 am
campaigners need to think big and get creative. there's already online goods tracking it. you have marco polios and others. how about this onesie for sale on hillary clinton's store for 25 bucks. >> we want to engage people anyway we can. >> clinton's communications director jen palmieri says the merchandise is a must. it's a way to have fun but the kitsch y kitschy things is a way to make cash. >> it's a way to show your support but do it in a creative way. >> reporter: when you buy campaign gear you're making a campaign donation. in 2008 the obama campaign revolutionized the practice. they made each purchase a 100% donation to the campaign. in 2012 they perfected it into a money-making machine with merch hauling in tens of millions of
8:22 am
dollars. >> $40 million in 2012? >> $40 million. >> in merch. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: obama gear showed them the money and something else that was just as important. a treasure trove of voter information. >> we would learn a lot of information about their shopping habits and that would tell us the demographics and what the people in that ira kr likearea liked. >> in this day and age you have to have a robust store. >> reporter: shaun spicer concedes gop merchandise has been a bit stale but he said his party is camping up quickly. >> you're not just buying a t-shirt. you're helping to sell a message, providing data getting people excited about the campaign. >> sometimes going too cool can
8:23 am
land a candidate in hot water. when they found out they were made without approval they were pulled out. but even a faux pas like, that spicer says, can make the candidate money. >> still the exposure like that brings in additional money. >> evolving from items like these john kerry flip-flops which hit the candidates' record in 2004 with this more high thek job which promise 1/00% genuine erased clean e-mail server. senator ted cruz is playing it straighter from t-shirts hats to i phone cases. rick tyler is cruz's campaign spokesman. >> that voter is not only going to wear that brand, they're going to promote ted cruz to their friends, their family, their co-workers. >> campaigns are also getting
8:24 am
smart with their sourcing. some ted cruz comes from georgia and others. the koozie known as the cruzie is from texas. >> there's a strategy. thank you, julianna. there's so much more when you buy a t-shirt. i thought that was very interesting. >> very smart. >> we, too can get a life size cutout of a candidate. throwing it out there. julianna, we thank you again. is there a gender gap when it comes to apologies, do you think? according to an article women say sorry way too often. her apologetic reasoning. we'll introduce you when we come back. we'll be right back.
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look at washington, d.c. that's a pretty pick. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up how many times do you say i'm sorry. you need to dial back the apology reflex. she's in our toyota green room with when how much is too far. how to make an intoxicating sport less intoxicating. that's ahead. "the wall street journal" says chinese billionaire jack ma bought a sprawling real estate worth $28 million. ma is the co-founder of ecommerce alibaba. he bought the property for
8:31 am
conservation pufrpss but plans to use it as an occasional retreat. apple niece's streaming service scored a new big one. pharrell. this is big news. ♪ hold on to me ♪ ♪ don't let me go ♪ >> apple music launches next tuesday. >> that's a big deal. the "san jose mercury news" says the bold 50. they got a behind-the-scenes look as they did a promotional spot yesterday. there's our friends jim nantz and james brown. they're there. we're counting down to the super bowl. it takes place february 7th, 2015. you can watch all the action right here on cbs.
8:32 am
>> we'll be going. >> absolutely. >> a tradition like none other. >> i'm excited. our partners at cnet shows how streetview scaled el capitan. google relied on a team of experienced climbers to record the 3,000-foot ascent to the top. >> that's s so cool. "times" said 2015 will go down down as the year of the gender-neutral baby name. some top examples amar'e karter phoenix, andquinn, and reese. the president of germany presented her with a painting during her visit of berlin. it shows a young elizabeth on horseback and her father holding the raines. she reacted with said, quote, is that supposed to
8:33 am
be my father? >> never good when giving a gift to say blue is an unusual color for a horse. >> i think it's a nice painting. >> reporter: "the late late show" host received the most excellent order at his ceremony today. look at his face. it is for his work as an acteder. princess princess anne performed the investiture. we spoke to him after the ceremony. >> my mom didn't know which way to wear her hat this morning. she'd forgotten, yeah. it's a nice thing for my parents. i feel very, very lucky. >> the 36-year-old was the leading comic actor in the uk. he earned international acclaim in 2011 for his performance in play "one man, two governors." it became a broadway hit. he took over the "late show" in march. what great thing. >> do we have to call him sir
8:34 am
james corden now? >> no. i think we still call him james. >> reporter: nearly three months ago we brought these harrowing and heartwarming incidents in oklahoma. firefighters rescuing 60 girls when a tornado destroyed their dance studio. they god a chance to thank the firefighters. a nonprofit group helped to find a new gym home. >> to have them smiling, high-fiving us knowing they're going to be okay. >> reporter: the aim high academy which helps at risk kids moved into a temporary studio earlier this month. the comedy series "inside amy schumer" recently poked fun how women constantly apologize, it was hilarious, no matter how much fun they have. >> this is the water system --
8:35 am
sorry. >> you do need some water. >> great. >> if you can. thanks. no worries. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. no, can you -- can i actually have a water? sorry. i'm just allegic to caffeine. please, go on. >> no, please. i. >> just a water would be a great. thanks. sorry. i feel like i'm being such a diva. >> well, one of the most popular story this morning on "the new york times" website is called why women apologize and should stop. opinion writer sloane crosley is the author. sloane, good morning. >> good morning. >> so this has really struck a chord because women recognize they do it far too often. >> they have. i think as you saw in the clip i actually personally knelt there was an extra thing to be written about it when i had an experience recently that i think a lot of us have probably had where i was in a restaurant. i took a bite of sandy food that should. have been sandy.
8:36 am
asked for it to be sent back apologized. was not apologized to. apologized and apologized again when as a veg tear yab a dish of bacon was brought back to me and apologized a third time and in the confusion i realized i lost a fork and i had to go into a kitchen because i couldn't get a waiter's attention. i thought the entire time i'm saying i'm sorry when i don't think i mean it. >> so why do women do it? >> i think part of it is sort of a -- >> why more than men? >> why more than men? >> start with why do we do it? >> i would guess we do it as kind of -- something left over from having to get what we want. the conception of politeness that's sort of inex-stringably tied up with it. the schumer sketches aim eight why do we make ourselves smaller. it's a wonderful sketch but there's sort of an added element
8:37 am
to it as well. >> is politeness a bad thing? >> no. it's great especially when it's warranted and there are other ways to be polite. i'm sorry, i'm sorry is an acknowledgement of offense. and the way we use it in our culture has sort of an imbedded or inexplicit lobby for forgiveness. is that really what you're asking someone? i'm sorry so sorry but could you please tell me where the hardware section? ? >> here's what you say. every day we see more apologetically self-assured females yet their pros station seems only to have increased whiechl is that. is there an apology for being assertive, successful asking for a raise? why is there -- >> sorry. i think that we -- >> you did it. >> by the way, that was a natural. i do it four times before i leave the studio. it's hard to weed out.
8:38 am
i think that one of the things is we're doing it to try to trigger something in someone else. that's the thing. if it's for plightness, this's wonderful. if you feel like you've offended someone, you should apologize but if you're doing it to try to trigger yore point to get someone to say why are you apologizing, i should by b apologizing, guess what it never works. >> really in part it seems to me it's a sense you're not really asking for an i'm sorry but i'm sorry has become a word we've used to make another statement. i know i'm interrepresentupting you but -- >> i know i'm interrupting you but it's sort of a trojan horse for annoyance and that's what makes it a slightly different breed than the wi i hear in the amy schumer sketch although i hear that. it's like saying is there
8:39 am
something you want to say to me? >> there's different kinds. >> some are assertive. that's the thing. it would be so great if we were just assertive instead of apologizing. >> there was a fly. we've got flies. >> which she did not apologize for before she murdered. >> i know in the past 24 hours if i've had to actually apologize for asking for something or inconveniencing someone i've had to apologize, no, i really am truly regretful that i have to inconvenience you. >> thank you. it's a very good article. >> thank you so much. a seaseachange could help change the planet. >> sea surfers would like to think they're environmentally friendly when in reality everything in the oceanering we use from wet suits to surfboards are toxic to the environmental. now there's something sustainable and it's a surfboard made from algae.
8:40 am
that story is coming on
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wave. in august the smithsonian will honor "the endless summer" with a special skpisht bum this morning carter evans shows us how the surfing industry is taking us for a ride. >> reporter: it's a sport often zreebed as spiritual. about as close as you can get to being in synch with mother nature. >> when i'm in the ocean, i feel i live. that's something that so resonates in my soul that it literally lifts me up. >> reporter: it may come as a surprise that tools of the trade are actually toxic to the environmental. they've been made with harmless petroleum-based products for more than 50 years. >> there was no conservative. this is what the surf bods were constructed of. you either road one of them or
8:45 am
not. >> reporter: greg long is one of the best surfers in the world. in 2014 he won bill a bopg's ride of the year. but on this day long joined me in san diego and surfed only a couple of feet to try out the first surfboard made of algae. >> part of the exciting thing is testing these new ideas, equipment, advancements, and technology and making a difference in the future. >> it surfaced after a terrible accident in 2012. he nearly died surfing a giant wall of water at cortez wave. the waves trapped him 30 feet below the bottom of the surface. >> they pull med up and i was completely stiff and unresponsive. >> reporter: since that incident where you pretty much drowned you kind of have a new purpose
8:46 am
now. >> i see that as a new event. that forced me to look at my life. what is it that you really accomplish while you're here. the platform i've established myself felt like i could have contributed, you know, a lot more. >> reporter: so long team one a nonprofit called sustainable earth urging lovers of the deep blue to go green. it's the brainchild of a man concerned with climate change and an entrepreneur. >> what if you had to use surfing culture, beach culture to sustain it that would actually do some good. >> reporter: they worked with manufacturers to find ways to replace toxins like pollure thain and polyester rosen. >> it's not rocket science, right? >> reporter: this public quid is where science meets the earth. a california algie plant.
8:47 am
>> they use oil to row place the chemicals. like me he's a surfer. >> i believe they're going have a soul and i think they're going respond differently. >> reporter: long says eco-friendly boards perform just as good or better than traditional surfboards and only costs a few dollars more. >> it's hard to believe it's made from a plant. >> it's hard to believe, right. >> reporter: but it's more than a board. if there the sand to the sea it's a change. it encouraged recycling styrofoam into new material called blank. there's a new company replacing knew oh preen with a product made from desert shrubs. >> what we want to do is have surf being the poster child of a sustainable life.
8:48 am
they'll see surfers and they i want to do that. >> reporter: today's ocean activists are hoping to inspire the next generation to cherish and protect the coastal environmental. and with surf legends like long on board the industry is paddling in the right direction. how long will it be before we see you surfing an ecoboard at a place like maverick? >> i think by the time winter comes around i'll have one or two and have a go. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," carter evans, san diego. >> that's terrific. either of you guys surf? >> i do. >> you do? in a sweat suit? >> no. i grew up in virginia beach during the summer and would serve there. >> that's cool charlie. >> you were being polite when you looked at me because the answer is no. thank you for including me. okay. coming up, a trio of triplets.
8:49 am
up next, a maternity ward where good things just keep multip
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one hospital in california is seeing a bumper crop of babies. not one, not two but three. a mom said she was shocked when she got the news. >> probably all i could do for an hour after was just laugh his takely. that was it. i could not process all the information. i just bought a nice little car and three. we had expected one. >> the hospital said all nine of the babies are doing fine. >> she said she's going to need three. that's a lot of work. >> that does it for why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this.
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>> warning the simple every day mistahake tt many make that could kill you. >> it caused this woman to burn from thei insde out. >> massive over most of her body. >> and struggling to reading to learning disabilities. the shocking discovery that changed their live. >> and the shocking cholesterol discovery. >> wait, wait! >> on the doctors. ♪


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