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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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yellow alert continues for the threat of severe weather. we'll talk about where the storms are going to end up and what it means for your morning commute. this is hank silverburg, i'll have that story coming up. justice's rule on the key portion of the affordable care act. i'm craig boswell, what the decision means for subsidies in all 50 states. the purple line project is moving forward, but it could cost some local residents. and get out of the water. a close up look at the shark spotted swimming in oc. but first tonight at 7:00, the weather is quiet outside right now, but as topper would like to say we're not in clear just yet. good evening i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm debra alfarone. we are under a yellow alert for storms. chief meteorologist topper shutt says some of them could get pretty intense.
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>> reporter: i'll tell you what, just in the last hour we've seen some activity west of hagerstown andcome -- cumberland as everything was the garden variety showers pushing through. but now we see that activity up to the north and to the east of warrenton as this is not severe, but heavy rain. over towards hagerstown, this is going to continue to move off to the east and the southeast as they could have heavy downpours in the next hour or so. further south this is on the south side now looking at manassas, south of 66. that's moderate rainfall as that wasn't there just an hour ago either. this is approaching off the east as well headed across 95 and then dale city in the next half an hour. and our future cast is still emphatic, east of i-95, appearing that the biggest threat is east of i-95 in southern prince george's county and certainly in to the northern neck of fredericksburg
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south through the nighttime hours. at 9:00 that's the heavy storm, not a severe storm in to andrews and in to la platta headed for st. mary's county. you're under a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. we'll come back and track those and tell you about your weekend forecast here. one day that you want to plan stuff outdoors and another day you don't. tonight the maryland governor is given the long awaited and much debated purple line light rail project the green light. but it will be a cost to local taxpayers. their plan will call for cutting back the number of the rail cars and how often those cars run. now the purple line would travel from bethesda to montgomery county to new carolton. but they want them to kick in taxpayer dough to move the project forward. >> the purple line is a long- term investment that will be an important economic driver for maryland. it will be built in part of our state that is demonstrated
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strong support and use of mass transit. >> reporter: leaders in prince georges say that they are committed to getting that light rail line built, even if they demand more local money. the purple line would run 16 miles inside that beltway with 21 stations and with several links in the metro. >> this is the governor's first big public, since revealing that he has cancer with good news to share on that front today. >> yesterday i got my result of my bone marrow biopsy, which says i'm completely clear. i have no problem in that bone marrow, which means i'm at stage three. >> reporter: now you may have noticed that green ribbon on the governor's jacket today. it's from the leukemia and lymphoma society and represents people suffering from blood cancer and of course that they have hodgkins lymphoma. he says the outpouring of kind words have been incredible and humbling. through cheers mourners said good-bye to two victims murdered in the charleston
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church shooting. 70-year-old ethel lance worked at emanuel ame church for decades. lance's grandson said she was a victim of hate, but a symbol of love. not far away loved ones remembered 35-year-old shironda coleman singleton. the mother of three was a minister at the church. nearly seven more funerals over the next week including the reverend's tomorrow. president obama will eulogize him and will carry his remarks live tomorrow afternoon. as you may know the church shooting has sparked an outcry over the confederate flag after the accused gunman was pictured with it. and tonight we have learned that even the national cathedral is having to react. the dean of washington national cathedral says it is time to remove the cathedral to glass windows, featuring confederate flags. the windows were installed in 1953 honoring the confederate generals. and the very reverend gary hall released this statement today, saying that it will be time to take the windows out. high drama at the u.s. supreme court today and after
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the justices upheld tax belt in the affordable care act. that's what would help seven million americans, actually afford to buy that health insurance and today that the high court ruled that the subsidies should be made available no matter where you live. craig boswell has reactions where they were swift on both sides. >> reporter: supporters cheered as a critical part of obamacare was declared constitutional. and in a 6-3 ruling the court said that the government can continue to provide tax subsidies to americans who buy health insurance through the federal marketplace. president obama declared victory for his signature piece of legislation. >> and after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court. the affordable care act is here to stay. >> reporter: they argue that the law as written says only people who buy through the state-run exchanges are entitled to the subsidies. >> the rule of law is all about black words and a white piece of paper and what that actual language says. the only thing as americans that you can count on is actual
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law. >> the supreme court and various justices have said that you cannot look at four words out of contact. and that we would have a responsibility to look at the law as a whole. >> reporter: the chief justice wrote the majority opinion saying that congress passed that affordable care act to improve the health insurance market, not to destroy them. >> again, they rewrote the law to give the administration what they wanted. >> reporter: they would agree, saying that we should start calling this law the care, where they vowed to continue to fight to repeal and replace the law in congress. craig boswell, cbs news, the supreme court. >> and several of the contenders have vowed to appeal the law if they are elected. virtually ensuring that obamacare will remain a hot topic well in to the 2016 election cycle. two major developments today in the hannah graham murder case where they set a trial date for july 5 of next year. jesse matthews is charged with capital murder in last year's uva student. they could face execution that
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the judge announced she would not recuse herself from the case. defense attorneys have filed a motion to have her replaced because she has a daughter attending uva who went to a vigil for hannah graham. >> the fact that the court may have a child of the same age and same gender that is also a college student. i think the public expect that judges should be able to set those matters aside. >> her daughter had no connection to hannah graham. we are learning more today about the thoughts of the accused triple killer. a judge has ruled that the jury can see the chilling writings of charles severance. protesters called them a manifesto of hate. >> reporter: the prosecution in the case has thousands of pages of e-mails, writings, and blogs that he posted over a decade. calling it a manifesto of hate. nancy dunning were all known,
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living within a few miles of each other. in his writings, he lashes out at the judicial system, denying custody of his child. more of that will come out -- more on that will come out. they provided a glimpse in their mind and what they were thinking. a month before being murdered in 2016. a decade after nancy dunning's murder that he wrote that he received no satisfaction and after a revenge killing. the murder is good and the court justice bad. elsewhere a chilling paragraph for the people in the neighborhood where all three victims live. introducing murder in to a safe neighborhood, doing it again and again and increased uncertainty among the status quo of the oppressive elites. chilling says that the neighbor was also a friend. >> i think that it is really scary and that is the worse part and the people that he ended up killing, they were really good stewards of the city. and the neighborhoods. and that would make it even
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worse. >> the trial is set for october, taking six weeks. hank silverburg wusa9. >> and it will be real perspective as they were told that they will not apply in this case, even though that the charges include capital murder. some of our prince george's county bureau and the police department has founded about three out of every ten police car dash cams don't work properly. the department says that a part of the problem is a limited budget for repairs and remakesments. but the other problem is that some of these dash cams are so old that they are no longer having parts available to fix them. the plans to faze these out to provide new patrol cars. >> today metro's board of directors would include a plan to eliminate the paper cards by early next year. under the plan metro would stop planning them. starting next march, they will be accepted. customers would have until june of next year, to trade in the old cards before losing their
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cash value. there is something lurking in the waters off ocean city. take a close look that you won't like it. the latest on the shark sightings coming up. smashed out windows, even courtney love got caught up. what is causing them to protest in paris. topper is keeping an eye on developing stories. we'll have the updated forecast in just minutes. you're watching wusa9 an
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. swimmers cleared out of the water today in ocean city after several reported shark sightings. the beach patrol captain tweeted this one hammer head behind all the sightings. check out this close look that somebody got today. new vid yes. first you can see the fin and then the whole body right on the surface. yesterday somebody else was recording when a hammer head was spotted playing in the ways close to shore. and in only two feet of water, that may be the scariest thing.
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the beach patrol is watching the area between 22nd and 52nd street. shark experts say that the hammer heads are only attacked when provoked, so don't provoke. >> don't provoke. good advice. earlier this week a couple vacationers in delaware had their own hammer head encounter, but in this case the shark was dead. but the two men were strolling the beach when they saw this 10- foot long hammer head in the water and they said that they could tell it was dead as eyth went in and pulled that shark out to get a closer look. in north carolina an 8-year- old boy is recovering from a possible shark bite. he was swimming in shallow water when that attack happened. it shows the bite marks on his leg and foot. this is the fourth shark attack just this month. the other three at ocean isle beach south of wilmington. children were involved in all four bites. >> well more americans are
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planning to get away from the 4th of july holiday. that's the most in eight years, whether it is by cars, trains, cruise ship there is an uptake. gas prices will be at their lowest independence day since 2010 that right now the average cost is $2.78. that's down $0.88 from just one year ago. storms are now increasing off to the west. we'll track those for you and let you know when that threat will finally be over. they are now charged. and how they had a hand in helping
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topper is the watcher. >> yes, he is. he's been watching outside. >> that's good news on saturday. we've had sunday and monday off and then tuesday and wednesday. now we're tracking some big storms right now. the good news is nothing severe as we'll talk about that 3- degree guarantee. we went 87 today. actual high, we'll give you that tonight at 11:00. i will say that we are sort of on a streak after a very, very slow start to the month of june. a live look outside. this is 83 right now. winds are out of the southeast at 8. the dew point in the mid- 60s, which is that humid. not exactly the soupy air. humidity 54%. the real instability and high humidity is south of us. but with that said these storms, they've increased in intensity, just within the last hour from now and just northwest of frederick through hagerstown. essentially moving right along the maryland border and heavy rain right now a check for hail and that there is very little sheer, 20 miles an hour sheer and nothing severe and some
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heavy downpours, no doubt. cumberland, you are now done for the time being, but hancock and hagerstown crossing over i- 75, probably just sort of brushing frederick. you'll have the heaviest rain just to your north in the next half an hour. over towards clear springs, that this is now going to move right over you in the next 10 minutes to get ready with no lightning either. down to the south we would go, south of tysons, south of i-95 and north of dale city. you'll see some yellows, moderate rainfall, nothing heavy that this will track essentially eastward on the storm tracker headed towards mt. vernon about 7:32. maybe all the way up here by 8:05. this storm could intensify a little bit towards the river as we will keep you posted on that and follow me on twitter. yellow alert tonight, threats, still hail and damaging winds.
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isolated tornadoes, they are not in our ballpark and extreme southern maryland, and that is about it and that is the focus of severe weather that will be south of i-95 in dc. a critical time though up about midnight on friday and it will not be a washout to take a little time to get that sun back and turn back the clouds and yes end with a couple of showers, but nothing severe in terms of friday verses saturday. to take advantage of friday. and that they will be blossom for you with the reds and the yellows. and that is where it will be south of fredericksburg. but still that it is potentially severe weather and certainly heavy storms in to charles county, st. mary's county. and by 11:00 all the severe weather and heavy activity across the bay will be the low to mid-70s. in the day planner it will take a while, but skies become partly sunny. 78 by 11:00. and 80 by 1:00 p.m. clouds are keeping the temps
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down, that's the silver lining. yellow alert for you and showers and storms all day. and you may see that flash flood watch for portions over the western area. 82 on sunday. not bad returning partly sunny and generally dry. monday and tuesday and wednesday and thursday, we're kind of flirting with 90 degrees with just some isolated storms in the afternoon. >> and you know the taxi driver protested against uber turning violent in paris. cabbies have set fires, smashing the car windows. they say that uber unfairly undercuts them that uber drivers don't have to pay thousands of euros. france passed the legislation last year forbidding uber service, but the chief says that the company is contesting court rulings against the country and winning. we are almost to the point when we would start naming who is not in the gop presidential race. today a couple of folks who know him say that the new jersey governor will be making it official next tuesday. he's expected to launch their 2016 campaign. and back in his old high
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school. now, christie was once considered an early front runner, but has not built much momentum in recent times. joining more than a dozen major candidates who are already out there running and raising money. the defense has started their case in the colorado theater shooting trial. the attorneys for the gunman james holmes are going a more clinical route after two months of emotional testimony. and the defense, they plan to focus their case on proving that holmes was legally sane when he opened fire in a crowded movie theater in hopes of keeping him off of death row. new information tonight on a second employee charged after two inmates escaped from the upstate prison. prison guard jean palmer out on guard after police arrested him last night. today we learned that he told investigators he let one of the convicts have access to an interior cat walk that they later use today make their getaway as palmer said they smuggled tools in to the gel by hiding them inside frozen meat, giving them to the convicted
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killers by paintings. and tips on the other prisoners and their illegal activity. >> he's devastated, embarrassed, sorry for the attention that he is getting right now. >> according to the court documents, he burned and buried the paintings that he would get from their inmates after escaping and that they have been on the run for 20 days now. the man known for playing a high school dweeb is headed off for jail. today a judge in wisconsin ordered dustin diamond a.k.a. screech to spend four months behind bars. earlier this month the jury convicted the save by the bell actor of carrying a weapon and disorderly conduct. stemming from a christmas day barroom fight. well still a chance for a storm, strong winds, maybe even hail. topper with an update next on wusa9 and your
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>>ye> a llow alert is in effect. topper has the latest on the storms. >> good news, nothing severe. and that is the bad news, getting heavy up in hagerstown. and that we're going to be tracking it very carefully over
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the next half an hour. >> thank you, top. she'll be following you on twitter. >> yes, absolutely. >> and instagram. that's it for the news at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00 though. have a why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't.
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whitney houston's daughter on her death bed. in hospice with her organs failing. >> but is her ex now the focus of a criminal investigation? where we found nick gordon today. >> they're going to have a make a decision of whether this is a homicide or a domestic violence. >> the $10 iomilln lawsuit filed from bobbi kristina's death bed. >> we're with the family as they say their last good-byes. >> they're just going to let things take its course. >> and -- i am my mother. >> the eerie parallel ben twee whitney and bobbi kristina. >> yeah, it's like a little fairytale. and then kim k. and kan setting the record setting.


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