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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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i love it. that reminds me of when we blended our furniture. yeah. ryan helped me get all my stuff just the way i like it. and emily helped me get all of my stuff right to the curb. that was a great day. yeah. refresh your space at havertys with savings in every room! plus enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. right now at 11:00 severe weather strikes again and while we appear to have gotten off easy, this weekend we may not be so lucky. good evening. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm derek mcginty. within the past couple hours heirloom of severe weather rolled through the d.c. area. now most of it's -- a line of severe weather rolled through the d.c. area. now most of it's moving out. >> topper shutt has what that means for your morning commute. >> good news now, no severe storm warnings, but there is some pretty heavy rain through
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southern maryland. you can see all the red. that's rainfall rates over 1 inch per hour from dunkirk to prince frederick to leonardtown back into much of charles county. we'll zoom in more and give you rainfall rates. this is impressive, just west of huntington 2 3/4 inches per hour of rain. there's no lightning or hail but flash flood still possible. here is some of the damage reports, nothing crazy like tuesday or last saturday, but we seem to be in a pattern of severe weather. we had a 41 mile-per-hour wind gust at quantico at 10:01 and a 41 mile-per-hour wind gust at 8:00 at swan point that. storm produced hail across 95 and weakened going into southern maryland. tomorrow we're in good shape, mid-60s in the burbs, low 70s downtown, breaks in the clouds. by 9:00 everybody is in the 70s. it should remain dry for the morning commute. by 11:30 showers are starting to pop up. we'll come back and go with futurecast through tomorrow afternoon and advance it through saturday. you might not like what you
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see. we'll also have the 3-degree guarantee. it took a security escort in montgomery county to cut down trees today. >> that's after previous efforts to cut them down were thwarted by the homeowners. our mola lenghi with a story only seen on 9. >> reporter: it's a fight being fought throughout montgomery county and this rockville neighborhood today was the most recent battleground. what you see back there is the aftermath. [ chain saws ] >> up until today we've always been able to stop them. >> reporter: for months homeowners in this montgomery county neighborhood have been stopping pepco from cutting down trees that the utility says threatens power lines. >> in the past when they would go up into the trees and start to cut, then three, four, five, eight, nine would get under the trees and say go away and they would. >> reporter: but today pepco
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brought backup. they hired security and made sure homeowners did not get in the way. >> they barricade the whole area. we couldn't do anything with the policemen around there and everything. we're losing it. >> you've got enough people annoyed that they have to bring police protection in to do this, there's something wrong. >> reporter: pepco says they're trying to do right by their customers. after the 2012 derecho storm when half their customers lost power in montgomery county, they are looking at what is vital to their lives. >> those are lines for tens of thousands of customers. >> reporter: the utility is mandated to trim or cut trees in their easement. >> it depends on the size and species of the tree and how close they are to the line. >> reporter: homeowners throughout the county pleated with pepco to trim instead -- plead with pepco to trim instead of recklessly cut the
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trees down, but the homeowners say the utility doesn't listen, gives them lip service and destroys their neighborhoods. >> it's a disaster. >> reporter: it's led some homeowners to a realization. >> we may lose this. >> reporter: the work is far from done. pepco plans to be back out here several more times. you can't season because it's dark, but there is a line of hundreds of trees that go down this way. neighbors say they expect all those to probably be gone at the hands of pepco as well. live in montgomery county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. what's causing a summer spike in killings that has the homicide rate in the district up 20% from last year? that was one question on the mind of a lot of people gathered at the 5th police district in northeast tonight where we find garrett haake who asked that question of mayor bowser and chief lanier. what's the answer? >> reporter: well, in the last 30 seconds mpd sent an e-mail marking what would be the 65th homicide in the district, a 20%
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spike from last year. tonight both the mayor and chief link that spike in homicides to a rise in the sales in synthetic drugs. the chief and mayor say the users can have violent, even psychotic episodes. >> reporter: today police reveal a man whose body had been found burning in the trinidad district had been shot to death, the 64th homicide of the year. >> people were definitely concerned about and shocked that it took place and near an abandoned property. >> reporter: addressing several dozen mostly northeast residents, mayor bowser linked the spike in murders to the rise of synthetic drugs in the district likening their violent effect on users to that of pcp. >> it's also dangerous to all of us because it produces in that person really psychotic behavior, dangerous behavior.
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>> reporter: after the meeting i asked about that link. why is that one specifically linked to violence? >> well, we think that some of the homicides or gun violence is related to drug sales and disputes over drug sales and that's where we see the growth. >> reporter: chief lanier explained further. >> you will get lots and batches of it where it is much, much more potent and when that happens, we see these spikes in overdoses and vie helps. >> reporter: lanier said violent -- violence. >> reporter: lanier said violent crime in the district is actually down with less shootings being fatal. the cliff also promised increased cooperation with federal -- chief also promised increased cooperation with federal partners and more overtime for the officers to stop the killings. >> i'm confident it's going to bring the spike under control, but it's early summer. >> reporter: tuesday the mayor will put forward an emergency measure which would give mpd authority to shut down businesses caught selling synthetic drugs for up to 96
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hours giving the police one more tool to combat the drug and they home the violence. live in northeast -- home the violence. live in -- hope the violence. live in northeast, garrett haake, wusa9. >> they are expected to vote on the emergency plan tuesday. tonight a contentious school board meeting in fairfax county. the board voted to add the topic of gender identity to its family like curriculum. supporters call it a step forward. >> i'm us somethinged with what the board did tonight -- i'm disgusted with what the board did tonight. it was not respectful of parents. they should have taken their time and gone aside for several months and studied it. >> we think that progress was really made and in fairfax county and really for northern virginia and nationwide. >> those classes start at the 7th grade level. the school board emphasizes parents can opt their children out of the lessons.
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tonight we know when jesse matthew will go on trial for the murder of hannah graham and it's not any time soon. the judge set the date for july 5th of next year. matthew is charged with capital murder in the uva student's death in charlottesville last year. if convicted, he could face execution. also today judge sheryl higgins announced she would not reach cues herself from that -- reaccuse hers from that case. defense attorney -- reaccuse herself from that case. defense attorneys asked that she reaccuse herself because she has a -- recuse herself because shes that a daughter going to university of virginia. >> i think it's expected that judges can be able to sent those matters aside. the writings of triple murder suspect charles severance, prosecutors called them a manifesto of hate and come october they may be a
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manifesto of evidence. the judge ruled the jury will be allowed to see the writings in the trial in october. all three victims were shot at their homes in alexandria. according to prosecutors, severance's writings include these lines, introduce murder into a safe and secure neighborhood. it shudders with horror. do it again and again and again. wow. high drama today at the high court where supreme court justices saved obamacare for a second time. >> in a 6-3 ruling the court ruled the federal government can continue to provide tax subsidies to americans who buy their health insurance through the federal marketplace. opponents argued the law as written said only people who buy through state run exchanges are entitled to those subsidies. chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion saying congress passed the affordable care act to improve health insurance markets, not destroy them. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> the rule of law is all about
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black worlds on a white piece -- words on a white piece of paper. it's what the actual language says. >> the supreme court and various justices have said you can't look at four words out of context, that we have a responsibility to look at the law as a whole. >> i think john roberts again rewrote the law to give the president and the administration what it wanted. >> judge an toe anyone scalia agreed -- antonin scalia agreed with that last statement. several republican presidential contenders have vowed to repeal the law if elected. taxpayers, be careful when you wish for. you might get it. maryland governor larry hogan has given the purple line light rail project his blessing but with conditions saying taxpayers would have to chip in more to allow the state to chip in less. however, he didn't give a number. >> under our more efficient and more cost effective version of
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the purple line, the state's share of the project willing $168 million. >> way less than the original 700 million. hogan wants to make cuts to build what his transportation secretary characterized as a chevy instead of a cadillac. yes, there will still be 21 stations and links, but fewer cars would be purchased and the light rails would run less frequently. a shark get doing close to comfort today on the eastern shore, the multiple sightings forced ocean city beach patrol to order swimmers out of the water. check out this video shot by dallas harrington. it shows a hammerhead shock swimming towards his boat. >> shark coming right at the boat. >> different phone same image, remarkable video of the people at paradise watersports coming face to face with that very same shark. sam taken kyle miller says --
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captain kyle miller says when he saw that shark, his jaw dropped. >> we're driving the boat nice and slowly by and the fin just rises right out of the water and the tail swimming back and forth, very cool. >> reporter: what was your first thought when you saw that fin? >> sweet. >> chopper video capturing something you almost never see in the summertime, packed beaches, empty water. that's because from 30th street down beach troell played it safe and intermittently -- patrol played it safe and intermittently shut down parts of the water. >> we started following it all the way down the whole coast. >> reporter: a photographer from wboc? salisbury captured this video of the shark -- wboc of salisbury captured this video of the shark. why are you playing this music? >> because there's jaws out there. i'm telling you it's coming. >> ocean step beach patrol says
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really -- city beach patrol says really there's no reason to panic. >> it doesn't really pose a danger. >> hammerheads will not attack unless provoked. >> as shark experts will tell you, a hammerhead shark is one of the most docile types of sharks. they're scary looking, but they're not aggressive sharks. >> okay. that shark, 8 feet long, 300 pounds. she says it's very rare for a shark to be swimming so close to shore and for that reason it's likely the shark is either sick, maybe hurt or get this, even pregnant and preparing to give birth which means, of course, more sharks. hundreds of mourners turn out to see a slain pastor return to his church. i'm marley hall
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. in south carolina people are paying their respects to those murdered in bible study last week in church. >> marley hall reports from charleston. >> reporter: the body of state senator reverend clementa pinkney has returned to emanuel ame in charleston. of his death. pinkney and eight others were gunned down last week during bible study in what prosecutors are calling a hate filled
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massacre. mourners came by to pay their respects including pinkney's widow and two daughters. >> he saw no evil that could not be snapped out by love and he lived by that. >> reporter: president obama will deliver the eulogy at senator pinkney's funeral friday afternoon. through tears mourners said good-bye to ethel lance. the 70-year-old worked at the church for decades. not far away another funeral service was held for 45-year- old sharonda coleman singleton. >> any time we have that type of angel in our mid, we have to be happy. -- midst, we have to be happy. >> reporter: there will be seven more funerals over the next week with many of the same mourners in attendance. >> cbs news will carry president obama's remarks live right here on wusa9. the arraignment for the second prison worker charged with the escape of those two convicted killers in upstate
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new york is on hold tonight. the reason? his attorney quit today. 57-year-old gene palmer was arrested last night in connection with the escape of david sweat and richard matt. investigators say palmer admits he gave the men tools and access to a prison catwalk, but his former lawyer now insists palmer never knew the men planned to try to escape. palmer is the second prison worker charged. joyce mitchell is accused of smuggling the tools into the prison by hiding them in frozen ground beef. more than 1,000 law enforcement officers are still out there looking for the escapees. the search in week no. 3. univision, the largest spanish media company in the u.s., is pulling the plug on the miss usa pageant in protest of pageant owner and republican presidential candidate donald trump's recent inflammatory comments calling mexican immigrants drug dealers, criminals and rapists. some performers and both co-
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hosts of the pageant's spanish language telecast are backing out, but miscalifornia will compete in next month's pageant even though she says trump's comments were pretty tough to hear. >> i do respect mr. trump. now it's time to show the world that we are more than just what is being said out there. >> it is a shame that such an important institution as miss usa is in the hands of a clown. >> trump issued a statement saying i have great respect for mexico and love the mexican people, but my loyalty is to the united states and making our country great again, no word if he plans to sue univision for breach of contract. nbc plans to broadcast miss usa as scheduled. this is a alert day. wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we know it's accurate because there is the 3-degree guarantee. >> we must face the music every
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night at 11:00. >> sing for us. >> we're seeing the ball pretty big. we went for a high of 87. it's 87. i have a new bull's eye. >> i like it. that's a bull's eye. the bull says can i have back, man? >> 84 is what we're forecasting for tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 74 now, wind northeasterly at 10:00, fairly humid, temperature low enough and close enough to that temperature. relative humidity is about 82%. radar, all the showers are pretty much done in the immediate metro area. there's a couple stragglers to the west. there is the heaviest activity down to the south. rainfall rates about 2 inches per hour, so still some heavy rain south of dunkirk, for instance friend rick. it's moved away from mechanicsville. -- prince frederick. it's moved away from mechanicsville. friday quieter, just a few
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showers, saturday almost a washout and some flooding is possible saturday evening and saturday night. we're looking at the possibility of maybe 3 inches of rain and right now i would say make outdoor plans for sunday. your best chances to play golf and cut grass would be friday or sunday, not so much saturday. maybe better to do it tomorrow before the big rains on saturday. tomorrow morning just a few clouds, temps upper 60s, low 70s, mid-70s by 9:00, 72 in manassas, leesburg, gaithersburg. by 1:00 some breaks in the clouds, sun tomorrow, not a picture perfect day, but some sun. you'll see a couple showers. don't get too fixated on their exact location. isolated showers are possible. all the heavy stuff stays south of us tomorrow. by 10:00 tomorrow night again a couple showers possible is about it. now we'll go to saturday with futurecast. by 6:30 look at all this. that rolls in overnight on
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saturday, thus our yellow alert and my concern for flooding. damoner 72 at 7:00 -- day planner 72 at 7:00, 80 by 1:00, partly sunny skies. yellow alert, showers and storms all day, 81 saturday, not bad sunday, maybe a morning sprinkle, some clouds, 82 to finish the day. next seven days, monday we're in good shame, looks warmer next week -- shape, looks warmer next week. upper 80s to near 90 wednesday and thursday and isolated thunderstorms those four days. there's a new fellow going to join the wizards, a name many of us may not know. >> some of you may have heard him before depending how much you are into college basketball, but wizards were hard at work to make sure they got their guy in tonight's nba draft. we'll introduce you to the newest wizard, what he brings to the team in skills and fashion. sports is next. we continue to watch and
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wait the supreme court to be handing down crucial rulings between now and monday. >> we're looking at more wet weather, but the weekend is going to be 50/50. one day it looks a lot better an
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it was a busy night in brooklyn for this year's nba draft. the washington wizards were part of a three-way trade. they moved up to the 15th spot in order to get who ernie grunfeld said was their highest rated player on the board. the atlanta hawks had the 15th pick and drafted kelly oubre out of kansas. the wiz traded two future second round pictures in 2016 and 2019 to get their guy. oubre provides the wizards with athleticism on the wing and he has some flashy fashion sense. >> i have shoes like that. >> stay away from those. they're spikey. here's where he was asked about the rumors going to d.c. >> whoever gets me gets the
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jewel. i'm ready to win the championship. whatever team gets me we're winning the championship and i'm ready to put the work in to do. so. >> we talked about this guy earlier. uva's justin anderson was taken 21st overall, late first round pick. anderson left uva after his junior year and is headed to suit up with the mavericks. another guy waiting to harley his name called is former tear -- hear his name called is former terrapin dez wells. he will become an undrafted free agent if he doesn't sneak into the second round. his agent says several teams are already interested. the washington nationals disabled list is slowly shrinking, ryan zimmerman getting slowly closer to returning. so instead of adding to it harper and rendon got the day off to rest up. nats starters entering with a scoreless streak of 34.75
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innings. adding to is that seven shutout innings striking out four. ian desmond seems to be breaking out of his slump, fresh off his game winning sack fly last night he had this two- run shot to get things going to the nats today. they win 7-0. finally nears a case of determination on the part of -- here's a case of determination on the part of an outfielder for syracuse chief. check it out. going after -- the only thing stopping him from catching the ball is the wall. >> did he make the catch? >> he did not make the catch, but you have to applaud at least the effort and the focus. it's a triple a affiliate of the nats. >> we will applaud the effort, if not the construction of that
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we dodged a bullet. >> but apparently we won't be able to do it on saturday. >> the rest of it tomorrow and then another yellow alert for saturday. so tomorrow is okay. it will return partly sunny, slight chance of a shower and then showers and storms pretty much on and off all day saturday, heavy late in the day and night, kind of concerned about flooding as well saturday night and sunday looks okay after you get rid of morning clouds. >> are we thinking it will be dry in the
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