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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  June 27, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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7:00 saturday morning. breaking overnight an amber alert in prince george county. three young boys abducted by this man. the manhunt for the second of two escaped murders continues today. and a flash flood watch is in effect. heavy rain and severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening. >> thank you so much for waking up with us this saturday morning. i'm mike hydeck. >> we're going to continue to track the rain and it's already begun. you can see it on doppler 9000. this is a three hour loop.
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three hours ago is when the rain started reaching the ground in the beltway. you can see the yellows and oranges starting to show up on the map. we'll zoom in to south of the city of culpeper. 11/2 inches per hour. this is a great example of the kind of weather that's going to continue to stream through as we head through the day today. the flash flood watch is in effect through late tonight. they might be able to let go of the flash flood watch as we head into the overnight hours. but as of now it's in effect until 2 a.m. sunday morning. up to 3 inches of rain possible. most of us will see 2 to 3 inches of rain. it's going to rain all day. we'll go from light steady rainfall to heavier rainfall. and some embedded thunderstorms are possible. highs in the upper 70s today. and right now we're sitting in
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the mid-60s. i'll continue to track this for you coming up in the first alert 7-day. now to breaking news out of the prince george county. police believe three brothers have been abducted by their father. >> amber alert issued for three brothers last seen in the mount rainier area. kevin, anthony, and elvis, all with the last name bermudas. the father is mario bermudas chavez. they are possibly traveling in
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a silver van 3a j 7515. if you want to see the descriptions or the man suspected of taking them go to if you know where they are or anything about this, please call 911. new this morning. victims of a sightseeing plane crash have been identified and two people from maryland are among the dead. glenda cambasio and hugo cambasio were among the nine killed when the plane crashed. they were on a holland america cruise and took a plane ride after getting off the boat at one of the ports of call. right now we're following breaking news out of northern new york. hundreds of police officers are hunting near the canadian border for david sweat. >> the three week long manhunt has taken a dramatic turn. one of the fugitives was shot
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and killed yesterday. kenneth craig reports from near the canadian border of new york. >> hundreds of police officers will be swarming the woods near malone, new york, searching for david sweat. >> sweat is still out there and he is considered dangerous. >> police admit there have been no actual sightings of sweat since he broke out of the correctional facility. friday afternoon, officers shot richard matt after they found him behind a hunting captain. >> a tactical team met up with matt in the woods, challenged him, and he was shot dead by border patrol at that time. >> state police say he refused to surrender and they found a 20 gauge shotgun on his body. he fired no shots during the confrontation. >> you never want to see anyone lose their life. but i would remind people that
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mr. matt was an escaped murderer. police have set up a tight perimeter 30 miles northwest of where severe weather and matt escaped three weeks ago. sweat was serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy. a montgomery county teenager is fighting for his life and two of his friends are dead after a car crash in north potomac. police believe alcohol was a major factor. alexander rain chances merk and calvin -- of rockville. samuel ellis is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the fourth name was not released because the boy in the car was under the age of 18.
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he remains in serious condition and police say the preliminary investigation indicates that the teens went to an underage drinking party before the crash. >> it was clear to us that speed, alcohol, and a lack of seat belts by the backseat passengers were directly related. >> ellis was behind the wheel of the car and sources say the blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. a d.c. public schoolteacher is waking up behind bars after pleading guilty to abusing a student. giovanni pena sent nude photos of himself to the child using the mobile app snap chat. he'll be sentenced september 4th. celebrations coast-to-coast after the ruling making same sex marriage nationwide. in d.c., the white house was
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lit up in rainbow colors. hundreds gathered and while the decision was celebrated in los angeles. >> i'm interested in children and for children who are being raised in gay families who from now on will simply call -- oh, i don't know -- families. >> gay couples waited for long awaited wedding ceremonies. ♪ how sweet the sound -- ♪ >> that's president obama singing amazing grace and he delivered a moving eulogy at the funeral of clementa pinckney friday. pinckney was one of nine killed t athe charleston church.
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some nicknamed president obama the reverend president. 7:08 now. happening today, the black colleges and universities 5k run and walk is probably going to be wet if you're planning to go out. it gets underway at 8 a.m. several roads will be closed in the area because of the event. coming up on camera -- caught on camera. a grizzly bear gets a little too close to comfort for a family trying to get back to nature. and firefighters are facing off for an olympic style competition. and we're on the campaign trail as hillary clinton rallies hundreds in northern virginia. >> reporter: light rain and showers and heavier rain is on the way. you can see it on satellite and radar. the yellows and oranges indicating the downpours. and later this afternoon and evening we have the threat for severe weather, an enhanced
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risk for severe storms in effect for this evening. the rest of the day, temperatures holding steady in the 70s and
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yellow alert because you are going to be dealing with rain all day. >> that's right, that's right. and the potential for severe weather as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours, the biggest threats will be damaging wind gusts and maybe one of those weak tornadoes that happens sometimes in this kind of setup. i looked at a profile and looks like an isolated weak tornado is possible south and east of d.c. the red areas on your screen mostly in the bottom left-hand corner down towards culpeper county and fredericksburg, we're seeing the heaviest rainfall and the
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rainfall rates currently around an inch and a half per hour. we're going to see this all day though. flood alerts in effect for the entire region. we're looking at a flash flood watch and that is because of the potential for between one and 3 inches of rain throughout the day. some areas could end up with more than 3 inches by the time all is said and done. it's because it's going to rain all day long. light showers will change to heavier rain around noon. 77 at 5:00. the high temperature today, 78 degrees. we're in the mid-60s. 62 in germantown. and 64 in damascus. on satellite and radar you can see the heavy rain making the approach from the south and west. the system looks like a nor'easter, the kind of system we get in the winter or early spring. it's going to wind its way up
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the coast and bring strong winds on the back side of it. more than an inch throughout the entire beltway by noontime. towards culpeper and fauquier counties. the rainfall gets heavier. and we'll have 2 1/2 inches on the ground in winchester and almost three in downtown washington. waldorf and la play the looking at three inches of rain. the winds will gust at 20 miles per hour through the afternoon. and getting stronger in the evening. gusting to around 30 miles per hour. on sunday the winds become westerly and that's going to dry us out. we have the one day of intense heavy rainfall. a high of 78. it's a yellow alert day. sunday we're back to the breezy and sunny conditions. a pleasant one with a high of 82 degrees. upper 80s on monday with tons
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of sunshine and the sunshine sticks with us and then the isolated thunderstorms enter the forecast towards the middle of the workweek. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was in northern virginia for a party fundraiser. over 2000 people turned out at george mason university for the rally where the democratic front-runner praised the ruling declaring same sex marriage legal nationwide. she's casting herself as a fighter for struggling americans. >> i'm running for president to make our economy and our country work for you. >> hillary clinton was making her first stop of her campaign in virginia, a states that likely to be closely contested in the general election. president obama won the state in 2008 for the first time that
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a democratic candidate had captured the votes in -- a fundraiser on pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets. hopefully with umbrellas. grilling gets underway at 11 a.m. a busy bridge in the district is closed. how the short term pain will help commuters in the long run. and ttbaling hiv. if you've been putting off getting tested, why today is the day to do it. let's take a look at your photos and we love when you send them to us. this one from my coanchor, allyson rae. her puppy is ready for the severe storms we had this week in his new thunder shirt. >> cute. i love watching wsua 9 because i get to see my friends during
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pet picks. that's funny. >> that's a service dog she's training. >> this one from lisa. 6-month-old pinkie, the fox hound mix.
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♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at welcome back. i'm erica grow. the rain is continuing to approach and the flash flood
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watch is in effect and this is only the beginning. and you can see the heavy rainfall in culpeper county and fall carry county. and stafford is getting rain in excess of 1 inch per hour. 64 at gaitestburg. and 69 in downtown washington. if you are heading to the beach. no relief there today. it's going to be worse because the on shore winds will be very strong. we have the potential for thunderstorms possibly severe thunderstorms during the day along the delmarva beaches today. and a beautiful recover on sunday. breezy and highs return to the 80s as we head into the afternoon. so we do have the threat for the severe weather today. the zone forecast, everyone is getting rain in the entire metro area today. and it's going to hold down temperatures a little bit. the winds will be gusting out of the east and northeast at times around 20 miles per hour. in the evening, winds will get
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stronger out of the southeast gusting to 30 miles per hour at times. mike, back to you. happening today, the smithsonian folk life festival -- the wet weather is probably going to lead to changes. it will starts a 11 a.m. as planned. but the schedule may be modified, moving events inside to the theater at the museum of the american indian. the event includes music and dance performances. the first day of competition in the police and fire competitions. 60 countries have sent participants. archery to swimming and karate. the games run through july 6th. on the roads this weekend. all lanes of the 16th street bridge over military road are
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closed until 10 p.m. this is so crews can put the finishing touches on the reconstruction project of the bridge. the 16th street bridge is expected to open july 1st and that's two weeks ahead of schedule. d.c. has one of the highest rates of hiv in the nation. health officials will be working to lower the numbers of national hiv testing day. >> reporter: as a nation we're making great strides in combating the spread of hiv and aids. today is hiv testing day. it serves as a reminder that there's more to be done. getting tested is the only way to know if you're infected. one in seven people with hiv don't know they have it. the theme is take the test, take control. d.c. is one of the hardest hit cities in the nation with hiv.
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today is the grand opening of a new healthcare center. this is the third in the area. they offer medical assistance regardless of ability to pay. enjoy the rest of your weekend. 7:22. we're just getting started. the maryland state police have issued an amber alert for three brothers, it's believed they have been taken by mario bermudas chavez. two family members from maryland are among the nine killed in an alaska sightseeing plane crash. eight passengers and the pilot were on board the flight when it crashed 25 miles north of ketch a can. authorities have not figured out why the flight went down. police shot and killed richard matt in a wooded area of malone, new york, 10 miles
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from the canadian border. the second inmate, david sweat,
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it's 7:25 in case you're just waking up. don't forget the umbrella no matter where you go. >> it's always fun to visit our national parks and get away from city life and explore nature. but in yellowstone national park nature might have come just bit too close. the grizzly tapped on the glass of a car with his cars and attempted to climb on the hood and looks like he tried to get on the hood too. luckily he lost interest and wandered away while the tourists were left with -- hopefully a change of pants in the trunk. and they got away with minor damage to the vehicle. a washington state family is lucky after a huge chunk of
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ice hit their home. it was a 21-inch chunk of ice that came crashing from the roof. they believe it fell from the wing of an airplane. and caught in a snap -- we'll take a look at the aurora borealis in minimini. they are not normally this visible. it takes a solar flare to make them happen and we had a significant one producing this stunning show. he's what's trending. >> in case you missed it. here's a look at the top talkers on facebook. you might want to think twice before throwing on a pair of skinny jeans. an australian woman was unable to walk for four days because the jeans were too tight. ever regret sending an e- mail? gmail will now give you 30 seconds to take back e-mails.
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whole foods or a whole paycheck. after whole foods is accused of mislabeling the weight of prepackaged items. keep up us with on facebook. coming up in the second half hour, an undercover drug sting in alexandria as police blow their cover. from sharks to bears, how you need to be on the alert after dangerous animal sightings. and a flash flood watch is in effect for the entire metro area. heavy rain continues to push through and
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we're following breaking news. victims identified. we learned two people from maryland are among those killed in an alaskan plane crash. and an amber alert is issued for two brothers abducted in prince george county. a flash flood watch for the entire metro area. heavy rainfall and severe weather are both a possibility as we head through the afternoon. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. and a yellow alert day. >> the rain is not going to let up. it's going to get more intense as the day goes on. and the heaviest rain is
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falling to the south and west of the immediate metro area. we're going to zoom in and you can see where the rainfall is really coming down. getting a little bit of a street view on route 28 near midland where the rain is falling at an inch and a half per hour. the reds in southern culpeper county an indication of rainfall heavier than that. it's a miserable ride on i-95 through stafford and spotsylvania counties. prince william county also getting the heavy rainfall. rain will fall at 1 to 3 inches per hour throughout the day. and we'll see 1 to 3 inches total of rain. some isolated areas could see more than 3 inches of rain by the time this is all said and done. and it won't be over until late evening today. the rain pretty light right now for most of us. but it will get steadier. and then intense in the
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afternoon. 73 and raining at lunchtime. 76 at 4:00. the chance for embedded thunderstorms -- and i mentioned in the last half hour i was looking at a vertical profile. and we do have the potential for weak isolated tornadoes just a little spinup one but they can do damage such as taking down branches and knocking shingles off the roof. 65degrees in hagerstown. i'll track these storms coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. new this morning, the victims of a sightseeing plane crash have now been identified and two of the people are from maryland. glenda cambasio and hugo cambasio.
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also breaking overnight, a cyclist has been rushed to the hospital after being hit by a drag racer. this happened around 1 a.m. on richie road near edgewood drive. neither car stops. we are working to get updates and will bring them to you. breaking news out of prince george county. police believe three brothers have been abducted by their father. >> three brothers between the ages of two and 11 years old. last seen around 8:40 last night in the mount rainier area of prince george county. the three brothers have the same last name. bermudas. anthony,iven, and elvis. they may be traveling in a
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silver van, a honda odyssey. if you know where these four people are or see them, please call 911. if you want to see the descriptions or photos again, go to our website, one of the two convicted murderers who pulled off an elaborate escape from a maximum security prison is dead. hundreds will be warm swarming the woods, searching for david sweat. there have been no actual sightings since he broke out of the clinton correctional facility. richard matt was shot dead after he was found behind a hunting cabin near malone. he was armed. a tactical team from customs and border protection met up with matt in the woods. challenged him, and he was shot dead by border patrol at that
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time. >> state police say he refused to surrender and they found a 20 gauge shotgun on his body. police say they assumed sweat was armed. they've set up a tight perimeter 20 miles west of where they escaped three weeks ago. an undercover drug operation ended with police officers firing their weapons. this went down friday afternoon near the 4200 block of duke street. a man with a gun tried to rob an undercover narcotics officer. the two men are now in custody. a community is in mourning after a crash claimed the lives of two high school graduates and injured two more. this was in north potomac and it's believed alcohol was a major factor. alexander merk and calvin -- of rockville. samuel ellis is in the hospital
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with life-threatening injuries. a fourth name was not released because of his age and that person remains in critical condition. wooten high school will have grief counselors coming up monday morning. a d.c. public schoolteacher is going to remain behind bars after pleading guilty to abusing a 4th grade student. giovanni pena pled guilty to the charges. he's going to be sentenced on september 4th. celebrations from coast-to- coast after an historic ruling from the supreme court making same sex marriage legal nationwide. >> the white house was lit up in rainbow colors. hundreds gathered to take selfies. and the decision was celebrated in l.a. as well. grammy award winning singer
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songwriter melissa manchester -- >> i'm interested in children and for children who are being raised in gay families who from now on will simply be called -- i don't know -- families. >> reporter: gay couples held long awaited wedding ceremonies. >> looks like another shark bite in north carolina. this happened on hatteras island. the 47-year-old victim was swimming with others when the incident occurred. he received injuries to his right leg and lower back but did survive. and we're taking a live look at ocean city, maryland where there are several shark sightings this week. all looks calm but here's what people saw on thursday. here's the video. it showed a hammer head shark, look at that. swimming near a boat in the water. several sightings prompted authorities to temporarily
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close parking lots of -- parts of the beach. on dry land and it's bears that have some people worried. check out the photos taken outside a daycare center. that's a 200-pound black bear on the prowl. >> i turned around and looked and it was right here in the parking lot. it's not something you see every day. we never expected it here in milestone. >> i am not surprised you didn't expect that. it headed to a nearby school and when police showed up it retreated into the woods. it's believed this was the same bear spotted in damascus a week ago. 1 d.c. based organization is hoping to curb the rate of new hiv infections. u.s. helping u.s. will be offering free hiv tests today, explaining how one pill can help prevent the disease.
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>> you would think he's the typical young professional. he's healthy and active in the community. but for 10 years, he's been living with the virus that causes aids. >> what is you day-to-day? >> now my day-to-day is effortless. i put no plan into it. i just wake up thankful that i'm able to do the work i love. >> he's doing well thanks to a cocktail of drugs and support from family and friends. >> hiv changed my life in such an important way but it brought out some of the insecurities. >> reporter: he and other staff from us helping us a social services organization for black gay men will be conducting free hiv tests. the centers for disease control and prevention say african- americans account for 44% of new infections. >> we need to increase access to the information out there for young black gay men. and we need to talk about the
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mental health disparities. when you feel good about yourself you take better care of yourself. >> a once a day anti--- that prevents hiv. he's been on the drug for a year now. and remains hiv negative. >> people do slip up. and we know that happens a lot because there are a lot of unplanned children running around here. >> we've come a long way in stopping hiv and educating high risk groups. but with new infections happening every day there's work to do. larry miller, wusa 9. >> the mobile testing unit -- you can find out more at the alexandria food and wine festival showcases local food and wine and includes live
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entertainment, craft vendors, and children's activities. it will be held at -- of rockville know co-park. we have information on school kids and meals. and how today's testing of self-driving cars could mean we're one step closer to these on the steps of the district. i'm erica grow. the rain has picked up in intensity a little bit in northwest d.c. but you can see there's heavier rainfall on the way. satellite and radar with the yellows and oranges to the south and west of the beltway. that is where the rain is falling at its heaviest. this is only going to get more intense as the day goes on. and we have the potential for severe thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon and evening. the main thefts will be damaging winds and possibly an isolated weak tornado. so today, expect that rain to hang around all day long. temperatures right around 80
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for the afternoon high. and the strong to severe storms and the
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good morning, everybody. i'm larry miller. the construction work on the 16th street bridge over military road is going to open two weeks earlier. but there's actually going to be a full closure this weekend. be mindful and consider east, west highway as an alternate route. if you're hopping on metro, the red, blue, silver and orange line every 10 to 20 minutes. green-- normal service. first alert weather, yellow alert, the rain has started and it's not going away most of the day. forget about outside. >> the rain is not going to let
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up until the overnight hours. and before it gets any better, it's going to get worse. so the steady, just light rain that you have in most of the metro right now is not what we'll see for the rest of the day. the rain is going to get heavier. and it started to get heavier to the south and the southwest of the beltway. we'll zoom in at the heaviest rainfall areas and you can see that's on i-95 right near juan ceo. stafford also picking up on the rain. along 15 and 17 we have intense rainfall as well. that is falling at a rate of an inch and a half per hour. of course it doesn't hover over the same place but you'll see the cells move through today. the flash flood watch is in effect for the entire metro area, 1 to 3 inches total out of the system. and isolated areas could see
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more rain than that. it's a kind of a foggy view on the weather cam. we'll continue to see the light rain through 9 a.m. and 72 degrees. and by noon the rain picks up in intensity and temperatures stay steady. in the afternoon, an injection after warm air will lead to the potential for thunderstorms. and as i mentioned at the beginning of the newscast. along with the thunderstorms we'll have intense downpours, possibly some isolated tornadoes and certainly we'll have damaging wind gusts in association with any thunderstorms that develop. we'll continue to see the rain increase in intensity. and i just mentioned 1 to 3 inches likely in the immediate area and that will lead to flash flooding. 67 in centerville. and temperatures really just steady throughout the area. you can see on the wide view of satellite and radar.
7:47 am
it's a big storm system and looks like the kind we get in the wintertime minus the snow. it does look like a nor'easter on the model data as well. you can see the steady rainfall and the easterly wind that becomes southeasterly in the afternoon. intense rainfall in frederick county and leesburg. and also passing through the immediate metro. by the time we get to midnight. the rain is tapering off. and sunday will be a dry day and a breezy day. once we get past that we'll be able to dry out for a couple of days. a few clouds sunday afternoon and breezy and pleasant. on monday, 88 degrees and warmer. and it's going to feel more like summer on tuesday with a high of 88 degrees and a few more thunderstorms. but today this is the big concern. flash flooding and any of the low lying streets, streams, and creeks will be susceptible to
7:48 am
minor flooding this afternoon and evening. >> important to watch for that. school may be out but hunger does not take a vacation. many children could actually miss out on meals because of the summer break. lesli foster has more. >> reporter: kids can get the same meals they rely on during the school year. any child or teen 18 or younger can eat for free at designated sites across the country. but many people don't know about the sites. if you or someone you know could use this resource. keep your child active and full this summer. lesli foster, wusa 9. the maker of faulty air bags is considering setting up a compensation fund for victims. takata's ceo has apologized for
7:49 am
the air bags. and they haven't figured out what caused them to explode. a growing number of t- mobile users have taken to social media to complain about the blue screens of death. the screens go blue, shut down, and then reboot. check out the workout clothes. a recall is possible. lulu lemon is recalling yoga tops because of an elastic hood that can cause injuries. the cars of the future are hey now. and rolling out on the streets of san francisco. betty you takes a look. >> reporter: these were the stuff of dreams years ago. and now they're a reality on mountain view suburban streets. if car looks really, really cute. it looks like they came out of
7:50 am
a computer game or space. >> reporter: she's been sharing the road with the self-driving cars for years. the black bubble on top has scanners that map everything around it in 360 degrees. for now, the two seaters have humans inside in case of emergency. >> i trust technology more than the people. there are so many bad drivers in the bay area. >> reporter: the goal is to help the company get a better idea of how well technology works with other cars on the road. and google is asking neighbors to submit feedback on the cars on the website dedicated to the self-driving car. >> i think they've been designed in such a fashion as to not be aggressive. and it's a great advantage for people who are disabled or elderly. i think it's the future. >> that was betty yu reporting. fascinating. and we'll take a look at
7:51 am
what's happening around the world. flooding in indiana has been wreaking havoc on the crops. the problem is the drainage. that results in pools of standing water. the oversaturated soil is damaging the roots which would force farmers in the area to replant. more flooding this week. high water killing 81 people in western india. the subcontinent is notorious for the monsoon season. 9000 have been evacuated. a lightning strike so powerful that it blew the chimney on the apartment building right off. in missouri this is where it happened. luckily, no one was hurt. mike, back to you. cbs has a unique way of
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promoting the summer hi people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. maryland state police have issued an amber alert for three brothers. they were last seen in mount rainier, prince george county. they could be in a honda silver
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odyssey van. 3a j 7515. the victims of a sightseeing plane crash have been identified and two people from maryland are among those killed. glenda cambiasio and hugo cambiasio were both killed. all in the plane including the pilot were killed. one of the murderers escaped from a new york prison is now dead. the other is still on the run. police are searching for david sweat. on friday afternoon, federal agents shot richard matt after they found him behind a hunting cabin near malone. in order to promote the show zoo people in santa monica got a photo with a gorilla.
7:56 am
not a real gorilla. looks realistic. this is based off james patterson's number one selling novel zoo. the show centers on a wave of violent animal attacks against humans around the world. it premieres tuesday, june 30th. the host of the tonight show, jimmy fallon took a tumble last night. he tripped and when he caught his fall, his ring caught on the side of a table and almost ripped his finger off. he didn't have to spend too much time out of commission but he had minor surgery and the reported to be doing well. and bobby, christina, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown is in hospice care. on wednesday brown's family made a statement saying she's in god's hands now. police are treating the case as
7:57 am
a criminal investigation. when we talk about weather today, think rain first and foremost. and as we progress through the day, the possibility of weak tornadoes. >> that's right. severe weather is definitely possible, especially from the beltway and points south and east. this is a strong storm system rolling through. today's high temperature, 78 degrees. and rain will only get stronger and more intense as the day goes on. >> and we're talking about measured in inches in some places. >> as much as 3 inches. and just about everyone gets at least an inch of rain. it's going to be a soaker out there today. >> that's a wrap for wusa 9 saturday morning. join us tomorrow morning. >> and tune
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. good morning it's saturday, june 27, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning" saturday. >> the hunt for those two escaped killers is now down to one. the details on how the first suspect was shot and where the second may be now. plus states scramble to issue marriage licenses after the supreme court's hisrriage. the president gives an emotional eulogy for the pastor killed in the charleston south carolina shooting. and a thrilling win at the world cup. what's next for team usa a


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