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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 29, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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6 -- reaction tonight that terrorists may attack 4th of july celebrations here in the u.s. >> a birthday party on the lake that turned tragic. i'm scott broom in lake linganore maryland. the events that led up to a pontoon boat with nine people onboard going over this dam, killing one. >> i talk to a man who was on his boat when a speed boat that lost control in a race crashed in to his killing a 7-year-old. i'm stephanie ramirez. i'll have what he says happened coming up. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. first at 7:00 tonight a strong warning tonight from federal agencies about the potential of a terror attack during our fourth of july
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holiday weekend. >> homeland security issued a bulletin to law enforcement officers and the military. final preparations are underway for celebrations on saturday all across. we asked dc mayor bowser about the athlete a short time ago. >> we have no reason to believe there are any threats against the district of columbia. these bulletins are often released around major u.s. holidays. one cia official says this time he's taking it very seriously. >> the director of the cia said he was running around with his hair on fire. a deputy says we need to be paying attention
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again. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> reporter: former cia insider says dozens of arrests of alleged isis sympathizers in the u.s. in the last few months have increased his alarm. nay includ -- he says isis' call to arms during the month of ramadan make this an especially dangerous time. washingtonians refuse to be intimidated. >> we can go out here any day of the week and be a victim of something. might as well just try to live as best you can. >> reporter: this was a nationwide bulletin to law enforcement and the military about threats to police at fourth of july celebrations. officials say there is no
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specific threat to dc. at the lincoln memorial, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and the white house says security officials are working aggressively to counter the threat of lone wolf attacks. >> if you're planning on crowding the downtown for this year's fireworks display over the national mall, here's what you need to know. bring plenty of water with you and of course sunscreen. here's what not to bring according to the park service. no guns, no knives, no ammunition no drones, no alcohol, and no glass containers. and there were a lot of questions about whether the foo fighters would be playing the big day long concert at rfk after front man dave grohl fractured his leg. he said see you at home, dc. it marks the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album.
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how is the forecast looking for the holiday? tenacious topper has got the answer. he's here with a first look at the first alert forecast. i know it's several days away but we want to know now. >> it's a forecast i would have given you back in january if someone would have asked me what it's going to be on the fourth. the cold front is going to linger over us. scattered showers and storms. very warm but not a washout. i think sitting here on monday, not a bad forecast for saturday. the farther south that front goes, the better off we're going to be over the weekend. a little too early to show how far this is going to go. in the meantime, clouds return, temperatures around 70 to the mid 70s downtown. by 5:00 tomorrow, there will be a few showers but not enough to warrant a yellow alert. showers north of leesburg and around the winchester area. notice shades of green. all pretty light. if you go through tomorrow night the cold front rolls through. pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night and even in to wednesday we run
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the risk of a few showers and thunderstorms. we'll come back and talk more about the holiday weekend and have your 3-degree guarantee. in the meantime we've got new information on the massive government data breach at the office of personnel management. opm has temporarily shut down one of its databases after security check revealed it too was vulnerable to more attacks. this is the database that allows people to fill out and submit their background check forms online and this comes after hackers stole information from more than 4 million current and former federal workers back in april. an electric powered pontoon boat went over a dam last weekend and killed the 62-year-old man operating it. it happened at lake linganore. we learned tonight at the time of the accident that group was carrying 18 celebrating a birthday. >> i'm scott broom in lake linganore where the remains of the pontoon boat who went over
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saturday with nine people onboard are still at the base of the dam. the 62-year-old man who died here had taken eight of his daughter's friends for an outing on the lake to celebrate her 16th birthday while she stayed on shore with other party guests. >> reporter: the rescue of some of her friends by helicopter caught on tape by the frederick news post. but her dad did not make it. brother-in-law jerry mcdaniels said stephen hembree died a hero. >> the kids have all told me he did everything possible to get them to shore or to large boulder where they could be rescued and that in doing all of this he exhausted himself and the last they saw of him he was floating downstream. >> reporter: rescuers said the heavy rains definitely played a role in this, but by the time hembree took the kids out at 6:40 in the evening the rain had passed, the sun was coming
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out and the lake looked calm. the current going over the dam was a different story and the exact cause of why the electric motor failed has still not been determined. at lake linganore scott broom wusa 9. >> hembree was an official with the community association that operates lake linganore and had years of experience on the water there. now we take you to kent island where a boat race turned horribly and deadly and tragic over the weekend. today our stephanie ramirez spoke with a man who was there and saw that speed boat flying right toward him. >> everyone here is just stunned over the tragedy especially the people who run this boat race. the boat was racing in the 25th annual thunder on the narrows. the president of the kent narrows racing association. >> just very, very concerned about the causes and what we can
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do to prevent. >> as competitors we take risks and we don't expect the risks to go to our spectators. just praying for everybody involved. >> i didn't know what to do. and the thing of it is, it hit my motor. if it hadn't hit my motor, there was about 20 people next to me tied up. it would have wiped them all out. >> reporter: jerry showed us what's left of his motor yesterday. he tells us the 7-year-old girl who died in the sunday evening speed boat crash is actually the daughter of his niece's best friend. they were all staying with him. the young girl in a float tied to the boat some 50 feet off the course when a double speed pontoon boat came hydroplaning right at them. >> first time in a long time that a child died. it's sad. >> my heart goes out to them. i can't even imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: on kent island, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> three people were injured in that accident. the coast guard is not releasing the name yet of the little girl killed. they're still trying to notify all the
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family members. in montgomery county tonight a school staff member assigned to work with special education students has been arrested on sex abuse charges. police say the allegations against arsinil melandres had nothing to do with the work he did with the schools. information on the crash in north potomac that killed two teenagers and injured two more. community members are devastated by the deaths of 18-year-old alex murk and calvin lee. driver sam ellis pulled through surgery. he's expected to survive. the 17-year-old in the front passenger seat did not suffer life-threatening injuries. police need anyone with information about the hours leading up to that crash to come forward and talk about it. >> the community is asking was a parent hosting the party? where did the kids get the alcohol? what do we tell them? >> that's what we're trying to find out. we know people know the answer to this question.
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we need them to come forward so we can deal with facts. >> three of those teenagers were recent grads of wootton high. another was a rising senior. wootton opened its doors today to offer grief counseling to any students who may need it. if you can help those investigators, the number is on your screen. 240-773-6620. crime strikes upper northwest dc again. police are looking for a man in his early 20s who they say broke in to a woman's home and sexually assaulted her. it happened early saturday morning on forty-first street northwest. the victim says her attacker ran away after that incident. dc crime solvers is offering $1,000 for information leading to that suspect's arrest. a couple of things to get you up to date on. from the u.s. supreme court in a 5:4 decision the justices ruled the first of three drugs being used for lethal injection is not cruel and unusual punishment and the high court also agreed to hear an affirmative action case for the second time.
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this one centers around using race as criteria to admission for a public university. it is summer in the city and that means hot weather and a record number of new jobs. next a closer look at mayor bowser's expansion of the dc summer jobs program through the eyes of the young folks it's helping. >> plus, some big changes for a big personality in the entertainment world. we'll tell you why donald trump is doing some shopping around tonight. >> we got a lot more to tell you about tonight.
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the summer youth employment
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program, when he passed away last year thousands paid tribute by saying the program he started helped to launch their careers. tonight that program is underway and it is bigger than ever. >> this was the first day on the job for 15,000 young men and women from bruce johnson caught up with some of them. >> a lot of people from southeast they automatically assume you're from the south side. you're not going to be anything. >> reporter: they're but a few of the 15,000 young people that started work today in the mayor's summer jobs program. >> not all employers give young students or people an opportunity to come in to a job. >> reporter: every young city resident who applied has been matched up with real work. >> mostly males who have lack of direction because the females are all on track. >> reporter: 30% of the young people will be working in the private sector. at places like enlightened, inc. an i.t. firm in downtown washington. >> one of the things we believe
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in is giving these young people opportunities to get in to the doors. we want to make sure they're trained on how to communicate, how to run a business, how to run a technology company. >> reporter: mayor bowser is given additional credit because for the first time this year the summer jobs program has been expanded to include young adults up to age 24. there's an added bonus. it keeps the young people off the streets and away from the violence out there. >> we know that the difference between a 22-year-old that gets the job and one that doesn't is having a resume filled with great work experience and that's what this summer youth employment program should be. >> reporter: shante goodwin says a summer job in areas such as i.t. exposes young people to work that doesn't always require a college degree. >> it gives them a job when they graduate high school. so they not only have a job they can create jobs for others. >> can't tell you how many successful people you run in to on the city streets who tell you
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they got their ver job in the mayor summer jobs program. as for the pay it ranges anywhere from $5 to $13 an hour. bruce johnson, wusa 9. >> the summer jobs are meant to be temporary. the last day on the job for those young folks will be august 7th. speaking of jobs, today was the last day for the business relationship between nbc and donald trump. following some controversial comments the republican presidential candidate made about immigration when he was announcing he'd like to be in the white house. the celebrity apprentice will be carrying on without the donald. one more media note for you. this time it's about us. gannett is now tegna. the company head quarters remains in mcclain. gannett spun off its publishing business. the broadcast and digital units will now be under the new corporate name tegna and that includes us
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here at wusa 9. biking coast to coast. still to come tonight, how one endurance athlete is hoping a bike ride totaling more than 2,000 miles will help change lives. >> just a picture-perfect evening. we're stealing one from summer here. here's a look at the pollen count this wasn't bad either today. trees low grass is moderate and molds are finally coming down a little bit in the moderate range as well. we'll talk about the prospect of storms tomorrow. tell you where we stand in history with this wet june we're having and look ahead to the holiday weekend.
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three years ago some of us had no power for days. >> it's a day most of us would rather not think about again. >> it's a day that does not bring fond memories. go to our website, there's a big blog on exactly what happened. we were live at the at&t golf tournament. let's talk about june. kind of a different story this year. believe it or not we've vaulted in to second place all time for the wettest june. we may add a little bit to this but i don't think we're going to overcome 2006 when we had 14
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inches of rain. we have ddly enough 1972. got about 11 and a half inches and that was really primarily the remnants from agnus. looking outside 81 right now. relative humidity, 45%. just a great, great evening. oftentimes we tell you in the summer do not exercise in the evening because it's still so hot. it's quiet it's cool, and the air quality is excellent. a fantastic heat with low humidity. warmer tomorrow but the morning commute looks dry. a few thunderstorms are possible for the afternoon commute. they're going to be kind of few and far between. near 90 degrees wednesday and thursday so heating up a little bit but we're not talking mid 90s or anything crazy. 10:00 tonight on the futurecast. we're looking at some showers back to the west and cumberland, maybe oakland. rest of the metro area is dry. although clouds will begin to move in as the cold front approaches from the west. by 6:00, a few clouds. partly sunny. mid 60s. not as cool as
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it was this morning. 63 at national this morning. 6 a.m. tomorrow 70 downtown but 65 in gaithersburg 65 in manassas. by 9:00 clouds, yes but generally quiet in terms of the radar and then by 12:30 1:00, showers trying to develop. baltimore southward along the west side of the bay. but then by 5:00 a few showers popping up here and there. winchester west of frederick northwest of leesburg. we go through the nighttime, those showers will roll northward. i think we'll even have a better chance of showers overnight tomorrow. tonight no problems just skies becoming partly cloudy. comfortable. not as cool. 64 to 72 for lows. on the day planner we have 77 at 9:00. 82 by 11:00. perhaps a thunderstorm by 1:00 but i think that's mainly west of town. temps in the mid 80s. next three days isolated storms on wednesday. still okay, near 90. scattered storms on thursday. still 90. we'll monitor those
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days for yellow alerts. 86 on friday. nats back in town. 87 for the fourth. scattered showers and storms. 90 on sunday and 93 with scattered storms on monday. a local athlete is back after 2600 miles worth of biking. >> the reason for the ride helping a neighbor. we're going to have that story up next on
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a local endurance athlete is being celebrated tonight. >> he biked 2600 miles across the country in a grueling race across america competition. the race is 12 days long, runs from california to annapolis and riders cover 200 to 300 miles a day. >> and you're a biker so you know how significant that is. frank made it all the way to clarksburg west virginia before an injury forced him to drop out. he entered the race to raise money for ryan, a young man who suffered a severe brain injury after a beating he endured in college. >> he had such promise and i was struck by in 30 seconds a couple monsters hit a kid and
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now his life is basically over. i think about all the things i've been able to do and meanwhile he's not going to do anything. >> he's close to reaching his new goal. he wants
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backstage at the b.e.t. awards, "e.t." is in the middle of it all. janet's comeback. diddy's fall, and the most surprismoing s.ment >> what was this award for? i'm sorry. i was all like, rattled and crazy with it. plus, tears for bobbi kristina. >> it's so unfortunate. and then -- >> you're fired. >> nbc tells donald trump, you're fired. no more "apprentice," "miss usa," gone. new details on his exit. plus, arnold surprised by fly and sandra bullock sounds off. >> even though you're an adopted son, i say, please don't say that. he's my son. plus, lucy yewing on her painful past. >> back then, it was shock treatmentrt, saitjackets, and institutions. >> a mentally ill mother on her own at age 14, abused in foster care. and we have the story behind the crazy paris hilton plane prank. >> i don't want to jump. i don't want t


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