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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. we're less than # months away from pope francis' visit to d. c. and today we get an idea of where he will be going when he arrives in september. >> reporter: the possibly will be in the united states this
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fall. his first stop, washington. and in a press conference today, those details were released. here are some of the highlights. >> the desire to be present to all of these things, speaks to the extraordinary popularity of this holy father. he will aerie in defendant c. on wednesday -- arrive in d. c. on wednesday, september 22nd. both pope francis predecessors visited the white house, and he will be the third to do o so. the two have met before, when the two traveled to rome. and then he will host mass it is national shrine. >> he's going to go to the national shrine. there at the shrine, adjacent to and overflowing on the campus, he will celebrate mass. >> the next day, historic event, the pope will speak at
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the joint session of congress. from there, he will visit catholic charity speeding program for the homeless. his way of saying whatever else is going on, don't lose sight of our brothers and sisters who have needs. as far as the historical moment goes, and what he will be talking about, he will not be speaking as a political leader because he is not one. he's a pastor. and yes, the pope mobile will also approximate here. back to you. >> after washington, pope francis will travel to new york city and then philadelphia. the family of a maryland man who was killed in last month's tractor detailment is suing the railroad. the railroad crash killed 8 people, including businessman of oak ridge, maryland. he's accusing the railroad track of negligence and misconduct. in addition to the 8 people
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killed in the derailment, more than 200 others were injured. a lawyer for relatives of people killed in the german wings crash says parent company has made a compensation offer. the company reportedly is offering 27,$740 in compensation per -- $27,740 in compensation. all 150 people on board were killed. nearly 75 people are dead l going the crash of military transport plane. the ac 130 went down in the residential neighborhood just minutes after it took off from a nearby air force base. 38 bodies have been recovered from the crash scene so far. breaking news at this hour, cnn is reporting the superintendent of the clinton
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correctional facility in new york have been placed on leave. this is the prison where o two convicted murders broke out the facility almost a month ago . captured killer david sweat is giving them a blow-by-blow account on his escape. the original plan called for them to escape to mexico but they had to improvise when prison worker, mitchel, backed out. allen warner has more from new york. >> reporter: new york governor andrew said sweat told police he and richard were heading to mexico with help from prison worker, joyce mitchel. >> we would kill mitchel's husband and get in the car and drive to mexico, o on the theory that mitchel was in love with both of them. and they would live happily ever after, which is a fairy tale i wasn't read as a child. >> mitchel was supposed to show up in the get away car, but
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after backing out, the two men took off on foot towards canada. the pair split up five days before matt was shot and killed. sweat felt matt was slowing him down, as a matter of fact. now, we know that matt had blisters on his feet. >> sources say matt was drunk and ill before he was shot and killed by police on friday. >> after matt was killed, it felt like sweat wouldn't be far behind. >> franklin county sheriff said the two men were smart. they didn't steal a car or break into any occupied homes. on sunday, sweat broke the pattern. >> he came out and started walking down a country road. >> that was a big mistake for him? >> absolutely. >> cook saw him, and pursued him. shot him twice in the back. sweat carried a backpack full of snacks and tools and bug
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repellent. >> crowds came out to support the more than 1200 office everies who had searched for the inmates. >> it was a time of terror in our community. it's back to normal. the kids are playing in the yard and it's an overall sight sigh of relief for the community. >> 12 workers at the prison have been put on leave. a pudgily charge stemming from the investigation into the disappearance of a lion sisters in maryland is heading to a grand jury. 65-year-old welch is accused of lying to a special grand jury. she waived her right to a preliminary hearing yesterday. s prosecutors labeled allen welch a person of interest in the case last october. investigators have been looking into the possibility the sisters were taken to bedford county, where the welch family owns land.
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>> a maryland man accused of exporting firearms to pakistan will be spending the next two years in prison. 35-year-old cameron ali used fake names and false addresses to ship semiautomatic rifles overseas. he's originally from pakistan and owns a pizza shop in marlboro. a new jersey man is facing charges he conspired to join isis. a criminal complaint alleges he brought a plane ticket -- bought a plane ticket for his brother to fly to the middle east to join isis. wal-mart is apologizing after one of its workers made an isis-themed cake . a louisiana man says the store denied his request to design the confederate flag image . the day he asked for the black flag, which was approved. the next day he posted video of
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the cake on you tube. in the statement, wal-mart said it was unfortunate a man took advantage of wal-mart employee who didn't know the flag or the meaning. governor christie joins a very large field of contenders. >> new jersey governor, chris christie ended years of speculation by declaring his candidate for the 2016 presidential nomination. >> i have spent the last 13 years of my life as u.s. attorney and governor of this state, fighting for fairness and justice, and opportunity for the people of the state of new jersey. that fight has not made me more weary but stronger, and i am not ready to fight for the people of the united states of america. >> christie joins an already
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crowded field. he's the 14th gop candidate to seek the nation. >> when you ask about my moral compass, that's it. >> that style has won him two elections here in new jersey but his approval numbers at home have dipped to all-time low. >> christie gained national attention after super storm sandy in 2012 and working with president barack obama. a year later he was embroiled in the scandal known as bridge gate. two former atyrants were indicted and he said he knew nothing of the plan. christie has visited the early campaign states of iowa and new hampshire in recent months and will return to new hampshire
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later today for a -- later today for a town hall meeting. we have some rain falling in parts of the viewing area, allison ray is tracking the storms. what's going on, allison? >> we had quick-passing showers and quick-passing morning showers. this is exactly what happened. now things are quieting down. and i think we will see a little quietness for a couple more hours. coming up a little later i will time it out for you on the future cast. you will need the umbrella today and the coming days. we're heading to the upper 80s. feels like sum iser today. -- feels like summer today. we will get to the holiday forecast a little bit later. wheelchair bandit, police look for a man who held up a
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bank in a wheelchair. a car goes r ai
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. a florida man is facing trouble after going over an open bridge. he plowed right through the crossing guard and hit the bridge just at the right time. he was cited for reckless driving. surveillance video shows a man passing a note to the teller demanding cash, in a wheelchair. police say it was unclear if he needed the wheelchair or used it as a disguise. we will be joined by one of the stars of the
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. we're happy to welcome stage and screen actor michael park to the studio. he's appearing in the contemporary musical dear evian hanson, july 10 t-august 23rd t- august 23rd -- july 10th july 10th-august 23rd. >> i am here to announce my bid for presidency. >> i don't think there's more room in the pennsylvania it's 16 next week. >> amazing. exactly. >> amazing that you were here. i know people who are cbs fans, recognize you, because you are one-half of a soap super
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couple, jack snyder and morrow west played carly on "as the world turns." >> it's been five years since the show went off the air. it went by quick. she's on general hospital now, which is nice. it's been a great chance to get back into theater. unfortunately, the 9:00 to 5:00 job, with the weekends off is over. but you know, it's been an interesting chance to see my kids in a new light. yeah, it's been fun. >> you have a 9:00 to 5:00 job but you were always doing something on the stage even during that. >> i was. >> and now you're apart of this. what's that about? >> you know, it's a faith-based plot. and it's about this kid, evian hanson, who has social anxiety and finds himself in a moral- gray area, and chooses to lie and befriends this kid who
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passed away, to get everything he wants essentially. and i play the father of the child who is passed away. and i find hanson comforting me. i never really was able to connect. for some reason, he's connecting with hanson. hanson, with the white lie he tells, heals everybody on stage. >> we are seeing more faith- based in movies and on stage. what attracted you to this? i know we have stories by stephen leavenson. >> yes. >> what attracted you to this show, and the character? >> well, we talked about doing a show for 13 years. and i love doing new pieces. creating new characters. what better playground to do it
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than with this script, with this fantastic director, and the composers. and of course stephen leavenson's fantastic book. when you have something that looks so good on paper, you have to be apart of that. >> absolutely. michael park, we will seen on stage next month through august. and we have had lots of great successes from the stage to broadway. this could be your future. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> much success and let's find out about the weather you're dealing with. here's allison. thank you. it's a lot warmer. we have a little break yesterday with the low humidity and the temperatures in the low 80s. back to the upper 80s and back to showers and thunderstorms. couple of quick passing showers. this is off to the northeast, over 95. everybody else will be pretty
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dry. a couple of hours of a low until we see more storms firing up this afternoon. it could be on the stronger side. i don't think all of them will be strong but a couple will reach severe limits with quick, gusty winds. we are hot. i can feel the humidity outside. dew point has increased to 75. it's increased almost 15- degrees from yesterday. that's remarkable. those southerly winds add a lot of moisture. it sets the stage this afternoon. it's 82 but it feels 87. when we head to the upper 80s, it will feel into the 90s. we're at risk for severe weather this afternoon. i think it will be spotty on which storms will be on the stronger side. here we are at 1:00, showers lining up east of 81. they will get stronger as they approach 95 between 3:00 and 4:00. this is south of 66. and the reason we didn't issue
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the yellow alert, by the time you drive home, they fall apart i little bit. the -- apart a little bit. as the front pushes through, we will have more showers and thunder during that time. tomorrow, we are going to stay pretty hot and humid. seasonal temperatures really, though. near 90-degrees. stray shower is possible for wednesday. most of us will stay dry. the rest of the week, the rain chances are right back in the forecast. for today, 88-degrees. showers and thunderstorms. and as we head through wednesday, a little drier. but still spotty showers. the 4th of july is here. we will see isolated showers on saturday. not enough to ruin your plans. sunday, a little bit on the drier side. we will be just what we expect this time of
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. the white house will turn into a campground tonight. michelle obama will be hosting 53 girl scouts tonight and they will be pitching at the present tents. it's part of the "let's move" initiative. ty smith is behind the pink lace summer camp. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you all for being here with us. you were telling me you have been training young girls as far as self-esteem is concerned. why? >> well, because we realized the need is there. the ages between 9 and 13,
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which you call the tween years are critical because they have to learn how to embrace themselves and there's a lot of peer pressure and things like that. so we just found there's a need for uplifting and for them to feel comfortable about who they are. we decided to take the same training we have been doing for five years within the area, and bring it together for one camp, for two-week sessions in july. and we are really excited about it. >> that sounds great. what do you learn in the camp? >> you learn beauty, etiquette, and self-esteem. >> what does that mean, self- esteem? >> it's like embracing your confidence. >> you're confident? >> yeah. >> where is the camp held? >> the camp is held at the quinn park middle school. >> so are are there spaces available for people? >> yes, definitely spaces are still available. we have two sessions. one is july 13-17.
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and the second session is july 27-31st. >> now, is this an expensive undertaking or typical of what we get for summer camps? >> typical for summer catches. however, we -- camps. however, we provide lunch and before and after care. it's the typical camp prices during the summer. >> you're not only providing the training but you're a mom. so you are obviously observing something. >> what i realize with her being 12 years old, she has a sense of independence. she doesn't want me to help her all the time. and i just felt that sometimes they still need those tools to through, whether it's making sure their hair is age- appropriate, and making sure they have nice nails and knowing how to eat in public. dining etiquette. and then self-esteem is so very important. just not with yourself, but also learning to embrace others, and building them up.
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>> how do people get in touch if they want to get involved? >> they can go online, image up to >> that's it. image up
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>> ashley: the doctor didn't say that jack was never gonna come out of the coma. he just said that he hasn't woken up yet, okay? >> kyle: that's right. my dad's gonna be okay. >> billy: you know, you said you had nothing to do with this. >> adam: what the hell's going on here? i didn't. >> ashley: please don't start this again. >> billy: but you still haven't explained what you were doing in the park. >> adam: billy, i was taking a walk. is there a law against taking a walk? >> billy: no. you just happened to run into jack in the middle of the night right after he got shot? >> adam: that's exactly what happened, okay? and, quite frankly, you should be grateful that i did run into him. >> billy: i should be grateful? >> adam: that's right! he was gonna bleed out! >> billy: do you expect any of us to believe this? >> ashley: okay, stop! >> adam: it's what happened, billy! >> ashley: there's a bigger question here. what the hell was jack doing in the park at that hour? >> marco: what are you doing marisita? >> marisa: what i should have done long ago. >> marco: you're going to shoot me for leaving you behind? >> marisa: i'm turning you in marco. everyone will know you were behind this plot to replace jack abbott. and jack getting


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