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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for an unusually long period of time. investigators say he and his mother arrived at the park and the three-year-old was alive. they say when he was placed in the swing he was alive. where police say that he was until they found him. the the boy's grandmother told wusa 9 last month that her daughter had been diagnosed with a mental illness, a sort of depression about three months before that incident at the playground, and that she had been seeking help. the grandmother also stressed that her daughter would never do anything to intentionally hurt her son. it is unclear, police say, whether the mother's mental illness may have played a role in her son's death. >> thank you so much, mola. we have gotten late word about a takoma park police officer charged on assault associated with a bizarre case of road rage. investigators say he was mad at driver who he thought wasn't going fast enough. first the police say he got in front of the other driver, then
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he slammed on his brakes, then he hooked around and got behind the driver and tailgated him. finally he went to fas other driver and pointed a black handgun at him. >> certainly we would take it seriously no matter what is pointing the gun, but what you have police officer who is charged with serving and protecting our citizens, to have them act in this manner is very troubling. >> troubling indeed. he was involved in another incident on route 50 in march of this year. that time his car slammed into another vehicle that was stopped in traffic, and the three people in that car died. anne arundel county cops say they are still investigating that one. takoma park police say he is currently on administrative leave j. a bethesda live-in nanny is in serious trouble accused of sex abuse of a minor. takoma park police arrested a man. they say the incidents happened between 2002 and 2008. he has been living in bethesda and working in the d.c. metro for various families since
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2008. police are worried there may be other victims. so if you know anything, takoma park police would love to hear from you. we're learning more about pope francis' visit to d.c., now three months away. the pope will arrive in d.c. on wednesday, september 22nd at andrews air force base. the next morning he will visit the white house and president obama. the next day an historic event, the pope will speak at the joint session of congress from. there he will visit catholic charities feeding program for the homeless. bruce johnson has been getting ready for the pope's visit. he is live at the basilica of the immaculate conception in northeast d.c. hey bruce. >> reporter: this is the one public event where you might get a chance to see the pope. there's going to be an outdoor mass from the east side of the building. they're expecting some 25,000 people, possibly even more. now, if you don't see the pope up here, you might try d.c.'s streets, because he has brought his ride along with him. take a look at this package.
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it's not just the area's 600,000 catholics who might welcome a visit from the pope. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> what about you? >> i love the pope. >> reporter: he is bringing the popemobile where he should hit one or more of the city streets. >> i like everything about him. i loved it when he was talking about gay priests. he said if he has the lord in his heart, who am i to judge. >> reporter: catholic charities says specially proud of the coming papal visit. >> kai not be more excited to think the pope is coming to frankly validate our work and to say to all this is the work of the church. >> only the federal government
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spends more than the catholic charities on this country's needy. >> people come in, and if they're hungry we provide food. if they have dental, healthcare needs, if they need a job, if they need to learn english. >> reporter: church officials today confirmed his visit to the white house, and francis will become the first pope to address the joint session of congress. >> i think he will not get into specific political issues, specific programs. but i think he is going to highlight that whatever the issue, we have to come at it from the perspective that we are all god's children, this is one human family, and we need to respect and care for one another. >> reporter: now, it's no secret that here in the washington area and throughout the world, as a matter of fact, a small percentage of catholics are actually those practicing the faith on a weekly basis. coming up at 6:00 i talk to
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archbishop donald wuerl about that. >> after d.c. the pope will travel to new york, then philadelphia. today funeral services were held for the southeast high school student shot and killed two weeks ago today over a belt. his death came right after a d.c. journalist who had been used as a human shield was also shot and killed. as stephanie ramirez tells us the family had a message for the community as they laid the 16-year-old to rest. >> reporter: his mother tells us he was supposed to start his summer job yesterday. instead, family and friends many of them fellow high school students, cried and prayed together at the memorial baptist church on martin luther king jr. avenue. his mother. >> the person that took his life, you know, i don't know what to say to that person. i don't know how to feel about that person right now. i just want everybody to love each other, have respect for
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each other. >> reporter: her message to those watching, the family forced toned life support for mercer on what was supposed to be his 16th birthday. police say a suspect now in custody had just gotten off the bus on june 16th when he shot and killed the teen over a gucci belt. he was 15. those here today celebrated his life saying he was happy taken checking on his mom and inspiring others. >> he just was positive. he used to keep me motivated. >> if way see me slipping, he would say, come on, you can do better than that. i used to stay in class because he told me to. nine trying to bring up my son to be respectful. >> not only young people, but black people, we need to get ago. to fight. it's ridiculous. he got killed over something so small. he was only 15. i want people to love, get
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along, get your education, aim for something higher. it's not about the street. you are going to end up dead or in jail. get your education and strive for something higher. >> reporter: in southeast, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> the family has set up a go fund me page to help defray the cost of that funeral. if anyone is interested, we'll have a link on-line at and a memorial tonight for the two teens killed in a car crash in north potomac. friends and family will gather at wooten high to remember alex and cal vicinity. they were in the backseat and were not wearing their seat belts that night. those two teens and two others who were in the front seat were at an underage drinking party right before that crash happened. montgomery county police are still looking into that. >> a couple of big updates out of the d.c. council. the deployment of police body cameras is being delayed. for how long? that's a point we don't know. the mayor meeds to find $1.5 million to fund that project,
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and the council must agree to a perfectly about if and how the public will be able to access the video. next up, council members have given the police chief, cathy lanier, the power to shut down businesses caught selling synthetic drugs, for four days. those businesses can also be feigned $10,000. lanier and d.c.'s mayor have linked the synthetic drugs to an increase in homicides this year. take a look at this. the sinkhole opened earlier today in the middle of 7th street. a d.c. water spokesman says the cause appears continue a collapsed water line so now workers have to locate and repair that link. 7th street remains closed and could stay closed throughout the night j. a major announcement from the white house. president obama proposing new rules that would dramatically expand the number of people eligible for overtime pay. our andrew mckaren is live in down town silver springs.
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>> reporter: derek, in fact 5 million americans stand to gain everytime pay under this rule change, and that is music to the ears of some of the folks we met here in silver spring. >> give me some space, i know them bills get paid. >> reporter: he goes by the name of crown virkz k, with a county. >> i see you girl, got two kids, that don't stop the grind because you're still in school. >> my mom works every day, six days a week but i still have to help her. i would say middle class is not really middle for us. >> reporter: the whited house rule change means that any salaried worker who earns up to $5,440 a year will earn time and a half pay for overtime. >> i think it's great. i think it will relieve a lot of stress for people in the middle class. that extra money could be used. they all put in long hours. >> i think they deserve it because they're putting the work in. so yeah i think it's fair. >> reporter: under the current
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overtime rule, any full-time employee earning a salary of more than $25,660 is considered a manager. exempt from overtime pay. >> basically we're just living a regular life, trying to get out of the middle class and live the, quote unquote, american dream. >> reporter: workers in retail stores and restaurants are among those most likely to be affected. the national retail federation said overtime expansion would add to employers' costs and could ultimately lead to layoffs. republicans and pro-business groups have also criticized the plan, while many unions are celebrating it. the salary threshold for overtime has only changed twice in the last 40 years. reporting live from silver spring, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> thank you andrea. those new rules would take effect next year. we've posted a state by state
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breakdown of the number of workers that would be affect. get to metro is calling for more service cuts on four lines so that it can had a trains and reduce wait times on the blue line. right now blue line riders wait 12 minutes between trains during rush hour. under a new proposal blue line passengers would only have to wait eight minutes. a metro spokesperson says the idea is to reduce that bottleneck at rosslyn tunnel. maryland's governor, larry hogan, remains upbeat as he fights an aggressive cancer. this is what he posted. good morning, starting day four of 24-hour chemo treatment. still feeling really strong. i think cancer picked the wrong fight. will be out of the hospital and heading home tomorrow night, feeling the love, support, and prayers, that means the world to me, and helps keep me going. last week hogan announced he was diagnosed with non- hodgkin's lymphoma. we're just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. a victory for area drivers who racked up huge fines after using the toll lanes in
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virginia. peggy fox brings us the story at 5:30. the latest on the economic crisis in greece and its potential ill pact on our economy coming up. and top ser back with more on that severe weather threat in tonight's yellow alert. >> the people of the united states of america. >> and after the breaky new jersey's chris christie says's got what it takes to win the
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why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this.
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new jersey governor chris christie is running for president. it's all official. >> the two-term republican announced his campaign from his old high school auditorium. he joins a crowded field of gop hopefuls. an uncertain is reception. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie announced his candidacy for the republican nomination. he promised to do what's right, not always what's popular. >> we are going to tell it like it is today so that we can create greater opportunity for every americans tom. >> his tell it like it is style is the center piece of his campaign. supporters say he will resonate. >> he's willing to tell it straight with the american public. i think that's something that we need very much right now.
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>> reporter: that style has won him two elections here in new jersey, but his approval numbers at home have dipped to all-time lows. governor christie angered republicans three years ago when he worked closely with president obama after superstorm sandy. today group of teachers and other public workers protested after christy skipped payments to their pension plans. >> by being here where he is announcing his press den see, it will allow the rest of the country to see what kind of a man he really. >> reporter: the governor is now headed to the early primary state of new hampshire for a town hall meeting, as his campaign officially guess on the road. marley hall, cbs news, livingston, new jersey. >> that first republican debate, august 6th, five weeks away. it's midnight in athens. european union finance ministers have decided not to grant a bailout extension to greece, lacking the money to cover billions of dollars in
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international debt. greece risks getting kicked out of the euro zone. yesterday that rocked stock mark, including wall street. today the street was relatively calm. at the white house, president obama spec about to situation and its potential impact on the u.s. economy. >> for the american people this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system. >> worried about a run on banks, greece's government has shut them for a weak and is limiting withdrawals at cash machines to just under $70 a day per customer. the government has scheduled a referendum on whether to accept debt recommendations. this is a yellow alert day. here's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> okay, the entire metro area is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. and the threats are damaging
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winds and also large hail. now remember a watch means conditions are favorable for that to happen. warning means it's actually occurring. i just thought i would share this with you. these are all severe thunderstorm watches. almost all of pennsylvania, the mid-atlantic, back into the carolinas, back into a good portion of georgia, back into east tennessee and eastern kentucky and even ohio those are all severe thunderstorm watches at this hour. okay, a live look outside. it's 99. the dew point is creeping up a little bit. the relative humidity almost 50%, and the winds are gusting to 23 miles per hour. oh, here's the radar. it's not as crazy as i thought it was going to be twea. we have some big storms to the northwest of town. these storms are departing. they've already moved from st. mary's county across the basement we are watching a storm to the west of warrenton and we will see if that can materialize into a bigger storm, but these are heavy storms, frederick, back to charles town, hagerstown, and to the north of martinsburg.
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these are going to head north, chambersville, maybe fayetteville. this storm is going to head over frederick, kind of skimming frederick. i have checked. i don't see any damaging winds. there's no warnings on these which makes sense but see the reds. that's some darn heavy rain throughout much of hagerstown and now to the west of thurmont. we will zoom into this store. a little better organized in the last 20 minutes or so but still no hail, and still nothing in terms of -- not much even in lightning. this is going to continue to move off to the north and east and will head for walkersville in not too long, about 5:34 from now. so right now the big threat is heavy rain, but our watch is going to continue until 9:00, wand that watch comes the threat of damaging winds and also large hail. but again no warnings right now, just a watch. that's good. showers and thunderstorms, i think they're still possible overnight until 1:00, 2:00. and nothing heavy or severe tomorrow. in fact, i think tomorrow is going to be a pretty nice day
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with just some ace late here is mr. futurecast. you can see by 8:00 tonight, not a lot going on. the heaviest activity is now northeast of baltimore, up toward chestertown, but still some activity back in the mountains. this is going to roll east overnight. so at 10:00 we still have showers, d.c. into prince george's county, bowie, mitchellville, but nothing heavy at this point. and then by early morning we clear out pretty quickly except for southern maryland. temperatures will be in the sick again. not as cool as it has been, but you get below 70, that's a victory. 67 in gaithersburg and manassas, by 8:30, 9:00, back in the 70s is. by 1:00, you can walk to lunch, no worries about a shower. by 4:30, just an isolated shower or thunderstorm but the at mows sphere is not as juicy and not as unstable so they're not going to be heavy. tonight different story. showers and authorities, some heavy, some severe, low 66 to
5:21 pm
74 downtown. on the day planner, returning partly cloudy, upper 70s by 9:00, low 80s by 11:00, and mid crates by 1:00. the next three days, more storms on thursday 88. a few storms on friday, 83. but temperatures holding below 90 thursday and friday. next seven days, the weekend looks okay. the fourth looks, we had some isolated storms in the forecast. that's about all you can ask for. 86. 90 on sunday. we have taken the storm out and we have kept monday dry as well. low 90s on tuesday with more storms. nats in town friday through next wednesday. >> thank you top. coming your way at 6:00 p.m. tonight will you get an extra second. >> what are you going to do with that? >> i don't know. >> a leap second is being added to the atomic clock. they are added occasionally to help the atomic clock keep synced up. i don't know what to do with it either. i think we just lost it. straight ahead, the battle
5:22 pm
for the confederate imagery is on the football field. and why drivers of two vehicles are being urged to get off
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starting tomorrow the tolls on some maryland roadways are
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going to be reduced which is good news for all you hitting the road for the 4th of july. the biggest roll back on the chesapeake bay bridge if you pay in cash. e-z-pass users will see their tolls drop to $2.50 instead of $4. in tonight's consumer alert stocks had a modest rebound on wall street as greece continues to grapple with its crisis. nasdaq in positive territory up 2 points. jeep grand cherokee and dodge durango owners are receiving urgent calls to park their cars immediately. thousands are being recalled because the suspension components can cause the brakes to fail. that defect was found during an internal quality review. fiat chrysler says the majority of those are still on dealership lots and not on the road. the number of people claim to have died because of faulty
5:26 pm
ignition switches in gm cars has climbed to 819. gm admitted it knew about the defects decades before it recalled the vehicles last year. the families are being offered at least $1 million in com pep saismghts more than 200 that were injured are expected to be paid settlements as well. and chick-fil-a takes the top when it comes to customer satisfaction. that's according to a recent acs is i survey. which i survey. chipotle came in second. mcdonald's was the lowest. a top security official says the gunman in tunisia trained in libya around the same time two others targeted a museum in masn. 38 people were shot dead, most of them tourists.
5:27 pm
the attack has devastated tunisia's vital tourism industry. the united states and other world powers have extended the deadline on reaching a daily with iran. the deadline had been extended seven days from tonight to july 7th. president obama says he will only sign an agreement with iran if he can be assured that it will prevent tehran from obtaining a nuke. right after the break top ser back with the latest on that severe weather moving into the d.c. metro area. four days after the supreme court decision, some same-sex couples in texas are having trouble getting marm licenses. i'm don champion in the town of grandbury, the latest coming up. he tried to pay his toll but the bath was unmanned. now he is won a major victory against the dulles
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why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want,
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not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a victory for some drivers tonight. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a yellow alert and a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. the good news, there are no warnings right now. there's not a whole lot on radar. these are heavy storms from frederick to hagerstown and now crossing into pennsylvania, but no hail no, sheer, and nothing to cause a warning to be issued really but some heavy rain around frederick. that will slow you down if you're headed home. down to the south, we'll watch this storm around washington. it is running off to the north and east. it is trying to intensify, but
5:31 pm
some of the ingredients for severe weather have moved away which is g. this is still bog to head toward marshall at 5:59. right now just has some moderate to heavy downpours. a severe thunderstorm watch covers everybody until 9:00 p.m. a victory tonight for some drivers on the dulles toll road who have racked up some pretty huge fines. our peggy fox joins us live with the judge's decision which just may indicate future rulings could go the same way. peggy. >> reporter: that's right, a judge has just ruled that toll violations cases on the dulles toll road similar to those on the express lanes have only a one-year statute of limitations, in the two. but the man who won this case fought it for a different reason. you see, he doesn't have an e-z- pass. he prefers to pay with coins or cash if need be. but he found sometimes that's impossible to do. >> i went to the full-service on those seven occasions, and
5:32 pm
there was nobody there. >> reporter: our new digs was sued for not paying seven tolls. he fought the suit and won. >> it was in excess of 3,000 for $7 in tolls. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i think it's highly disproportionate, unfair. >> reporter: the circuit judge dismissed his case. the reason he fought it was because of this. >> there's no one here at that time booth. >> reporter: after he was sued, he started recording baths that are unmanned after 9:00 p.m. >> reporter: i wasn't aware that there's no one there have after 9:00. there's no signage there. >> reporter: we did find signs that state baths are unmanned after 9:30, but half that we surveyed had no warning what
5:33 pm
sore. >> they did give me an option to pay around $500, and i felt that wasn't fair. >> reporter: his attorney was also ready to argue that the operator, washington metropolitan airport authority, had no grounds to sue using the name the dulles toll road because that's not its real name and it's not a corporation. >> the statute than ables them to operate in virginia requires them to sue and be sued in their own name so the bottom line is in my view all the cases that have been sued under the name dulles toll road are void and can be set aside and that includes every pending case and all the cases probably dating back to 2008. >> reporter: now, david burnhart has won on that name issue in express lane cases. he plans to bring that up case once again in september on a dulles toll road case. going back to the unmanned tollbooths, a spokesman for the dulles toll road says is, yes, there are unmanned booths at some places at night.
5:34 pm
he says if you come upon one and you only have cash or not an e-z-pass, all you have to do is call customer service later to avoid a violation. however, there's no sign that tells you that at the bath, and mr. digs did not know that. i'm peggy fox reporting live in herndon. >> thank peggy. the airport authority put out a statement concerning the name argument saying it lacks merit and should not impact the airport authority's ability to pursue toll road users who unlike the vast majority fail to pay. more fallout in the wake of that prison escape in new york. the prison boss and 11 other staffers are on administrative leave while officials investigate. david sweat is still recovering after being shot during his arrest. richard matt was killed. tonight we're getting a lack at the camper in franklin county, new york, where matt spent some time. the rescue vehicle is in the woods hidden by deep brush. we've also learned that sweat left matt five days before he was captured because matt was slowing him down.
5:35 pm
same-sex couples would want to get married in texas may still encounter roadblocks. despite the u.s. supreme court's historic ruling. over the weekend the attorney general of texas told clerks and judges they may object to issuing marriage licenses if it goes against their religious beliefs. don champion reports. >> reporter: this couple show off their texas marriage license. >> this is where we met. >> reporter: but four days after the supreme court decision that legalized same- sex marriage in all 50 states, some texas cup pass may run into problems. sunday the state attorney general said clerks have religious freedom and may not have to issue marriage licenses because of their religious objections. the clerk here in hood county is one official who says her office will not be issuing licenses. on the hood county website, clerk katie lang wrote, i will not be issuing same-sex marriage licenses due to my
5:36 pm
religious conviction. the clerk in harris county says couples can find another worker to process their license. >> we want to accommodate our employees' religious beliefs, and we are doing that. >> reporter: whitney calls that discrimination and says it is time to move on. >> let's all just let each other be happy together. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news, granbury, texas. >> the texas attorney general warned clerks they will likely face fines if they don't issue lntsdz, but he says there's plenty of lawyers ready to defend them. tempers still flying high on both sides of the issue of the confederate flag. >> law makeers will consider a bill to take it down july 6th. dueling protests led to a clash between the sides. >> just because nine people lost their lives in charleston, which i'm not down playing,
5:37 pm
still a tragedy has nothing to do with that flag. >> we want it down. >> state senator coach johnson says' got the votes he needs to bring the flag down j. it is a controversial high school mascot now under fire at an alabama high school is. parents say it is time for the rebel to retire. they say as the south continues to become more diverse, the high school needs a mascot that's more inclusive but supporters say they're being met with stiff resistance. >> i was told to keep my blankety-blank at home if i didn't want to hear the rebel yell. i was also threat evened with, blood. >> the cbs station that originally reported this story said it reached out to parents who supported the rebel but no one returned any calls. still ahead, another airline tax on luggage fees. plus apple's siri giving some hilarious answers to folks who know how to ask the right
5:38 pm
question. and would wal-mart is saying after what one man why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back,
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. let's take a look at stories trending tonight.
5:41 pm
wal-mart apologizing, this is a story that people are talking about. an associate made an isis flag cake for a customer. >> never good. it started after the employee in slidell, louisiana refused to make a confederate flag cake, consistent with policy. but he went on to ask for an isis cake the very next day, and then on this youtube video asked why southern heritage is being trashed while anybody can get a flag featuring the islamic state. it has been rumored for months and apparently it is about to become official. tmz is reporting that ben affleck and jennifer garner are getting divorced. i know you're like, oh, i'm a little heat. papers reportedly will be filed once all property and custody sishes are settled. tmz says this is an amicable split. they will be sharing custody of
5:42 pm
their three young children. i'm not unhappy at them, i'm just happy that i have a chance now. >> with ben fleck. >> exactly. apple hopes to take a bite out of the business dominated by spotify and pandora. the company hopes its extensive itunes catalog will gift a a competitive advantage. >> and one person ask's -- >> sir ray, what's zero divided by zero. >> imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. how many cookies does each get some see, it doesn't make sense. khaki monster is sad, and you are sad that you have no friends. >> for example, try to ask her, read me a haiku. >> i will do that in the break.
5:43 pm
also, alex trebek rapping the lyrics under the "fresh prince" theme song on jeopardy. >> in the theme to this '90s sitcom, i hope to ask about seven or eight, a and -- >> that was really bad. >> you do that so much better. >> who doesn't. >> i mean, siri could do that better. next up, our producer's pick for the best trending video. >> and take a look at the houston texans' j.j. watt. he can do a rap, but he can also tackle you. that's what did he to a fan that went on stage at a zac brown concert, but it turns out it looks like a stunt. he actually works for that band sort of capacity. he's okay. and when you head out to the old ballpark every now and gang they give away the free stuff. in today's inside pitch they
5:44 pm
explain the promotions can gate tad bit weird. what the heck is that? >> right after the break, topper is going to be back with the latest on the severe weather moving into
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
check this out. this is hail from minnesota. a massive storm. it was posted on facebook, part of our station in minneapolis. if you have ever wondered what a lake look like when large hail stones fall into it, that's what it looks like. at east rush lake, an hour north of minneapolis, and that is incredible stuff. hail stones the size of baseballs are hitting the lake. that's incredible. thankfully, nothing like that here. in fact, we have a severe thunderstorm watch but no warnings. but i want to show that you the area covered by severe thunderstorm watches. from pennsylvania all the way down to north florida. okay, a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. 88, toasty. humidity sort of on the edge
5:48 pm
of not being bearable, almost 5%. and we're looking at winds gusting to 23 out of the southwest. here's the radar. actually kind of encouraged by this radar. nothing severe. we do have these heavy storms to the north of us. the storm around warrenton just kind of died out altogether. all we have to track for of stores. one around frederick, one to the north of gettysburg. that's going to head north up to chambersberg and fayetteville. it's red which is pretty good rainfall rates on the north side of frederick. in fact, probably about an inch and a quarter, an inch and a half per hour, but nothing severe. yellow alert will continue as will the severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. lets of damaging winds and large hail. the showers are still possible overnight so probably 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. i think tomorrow is looking pretty good. nothing heavy, nothing severe, just isolated showers on wednesday. tonight at 6:00, mostly showers and stoppers, the heavy activity north and east
5:49 pm
of town. there are still some spotty showers, temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, and then by 10, we still is have showers. if you are walking the dog, will you probably need an umbrella. certainly d.c., over towards calvert county and arundel county. nothing crazy but you did notice some yellow and orange passing south of town. 3:00 in the morning, there's still going to be some activity in the metro. not severe, but occasionally heavy rain. then by morning, 8:30, 9:00, tells in the 70s, sunshine returns. by 1, 85, partly cloudy skies. by 5:00, a couple of isolated showers popping up, and that is it. so on the day planner, 77 at 9:00, 85 at 1:00 p.m. next three days, a little better chance of storms on thursday but not a washout. 87. and 83, a few storms on friday. next seven days, saturday 86, so that's not bad. just isolated storms.
5:50 pm
90 on sunday, low 90s monday and tuesday, and the storms roll back in tuesday. a status report on hiv in the district. for the sixth year in a row the number of new hiv cases in the district has dropped. d.c.'s mayor delivered the positive news earlier today. >> from 2009 to 2013, there was a 40% decrease in the number of newly diagnosed and reported hiv cases. from 916 in 2009, to 553 in 2013. >> in another sign of the success of the district's fight against hiv the mayor says there were no babies born with this disease in its latest study. a peek into the not so perfect lives of washington's rich and famous. scores of them are having to move out of their multimillion- dollar georgetown condos because there's been water
5:51 pm
leaks and fireproofing condos. it's a place where even president obama stops by for a visit with his buddies. the inside story in 10 minutes. after holding off for years, jetblue has joined the ranks of fees for checked bags. new travelers will now pay $25 for checked luggage. jetblue says it will reinvest the millions it collect in bag fees into new seats and tv autos. the move now leaves southwest as the only airline not charging a bag fee. if you have been to baseball game lately you are probably familiar with the give-aways offered. in today's inside pitch, holden kushner uncovers a world of weirdness at nationals park and the minor
5:52 pm
league affiliates. >> base balm and promotions. they're little incentives for pans to show up at the park, like this bryce harper bobblehead. now, i gave this very one to kristen berset because she looked really sad that she didn't get one herself. but lately give aways and promotions are getting down right bizarre. the potomac nationals, they recently gave away this wilson ramos burks ffarine. it's his head on the body of a buffalo. notice the horns, too. there's also the jayson werth chia-beard. last year werth had a garden
5:53 pm
gnome. but my favorite promotion is in harrisburg where the nats aa affiliate plays. twice a year the monkey rodeo comes to town. ladies and gentlemen, what could be more entertaining than monkeys fighting dogs who are chasing goats? just look at this. i'm going to be next month's monkey rodeo cowboy. and that's your inside pitch for wusa 9 sports. i'm holden kushner. >> i got nothing to say. >> i got something to say. >> what you got? >> by the way, everyone is obsessed with the monkey rodeo because there's one of our photographs what loves the monkey rodeo and has wanted to get a go proceed on that monkey for a long time. >> and the goats. >> i was thinking if you just add those screaming type goats, it would bring a whole new level to the event. >> that would be hilarious. >> coming up in half an hour, we're going to show you the connection between the usa women's world cup soccer team
5:54 pm
and our area. that story plus a preview of tonight's game and more later in sports. but first, hundreds bolting town as the wildfire threatens dozens of home. see why the crews are having a why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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5:56 pm
firefighters are scrambling trying to get a happen on a wildfire in central washington east of seattle. >> the 3,000 acre inferno not
5:57 pm
only destroyed homes but left the dreams of many in smoke. >> reporter: many in this neighborhood returned to find entire streets of homes reduced to smoldering ash. >> it doesn't matter where you look. there's nothing left. >> reporter: the intense wildfire destroyed 24 homes including john's. >> the fact that this is all i have now is -- it's just heart breaking. >> reporter: thousands were forced to leave their homes as flames devoured the hillside. several residents say they escaped just in time. >> i don't even have a fork or a plate. just your bank things that we all take for granted, it's just gone. >> reporter: the state is in the middle of a severe drought. hundreds of firefighters are dealing with hot, dry conditions as they battle the flames. >> and they're looking for those small pockets of heat to make sure everything is completely out. >> reporter: the wildfire is threatening more than 100 structures. investigators still don't know how it started. chelsea edwards, cbs news.
5:58 pm
>> officials say there's a high probability that that fire was caused by humans, but they're still investigating. the wildfire is 10% contained. another wildfire has been reported 40 miles northeast of wean wenatchee. >> reporter: residents of some georgetown condos costing as much as $6 million moving out, alleging shoddy construction. >> reporter: this is bruce i don't know son. some 25,000 people will be up here for an outdoor mass that pope francis will be celebrating. i'm going to have the story on how everybody is reacting to the pope's coming visit to the nation's capital. we could be in for a wild ride tonight. strong storms moving through the region. damaging winds and hail are possible. thank you for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm derek mcginty. topper shutt is tracking those storms now on the way. where are they now,ton?
5:59 pm
>> they're still north of town. so far, so good. we've only had one warning today, and that was in st. mary's county. these are heavy storms north of frederick, thou crossing over i-70, but nothing severe. i've checked for hail and damaging winds. do not seat. therefore, there's no severe thunderstorm warnings issued. this is a heavy storm around gettysburg. heavy storm moves through frederick with heavy rain but that was it. this is still producing some pretty good rain around walkersville and hansonville. this is going to move off to the north. but again, no hail and no gusty winds. that's good. we are looking at this storm now, just into portions of west virginia, in the panhandle, headed toward oakland, west virginia. also headed towards hedgesville. everything is moving off to the north and east. good news, nothing severe as of yet. the watch goes until 9:00. so the potential is still there, although i think the ingredients are wakening. 8:00 tonight on the futurecast, we see
6:00 pm
temperatures in the low 80s downtown, 70s elsewhere with showers and a few storms. by 10:00, still pretty good showers out towards winchester so even though the watch expires at 9:00, i think the showers and storms are going to be in the forecast through 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. we will come back, we will talk about what happens in the wake of this system tomorrow, and look ahead to the holiday weekend. we're following breaking news out of charles county, maryland, involving a suspicious death of a three- year-old boy. a medical examiner has ruled the death was a homicide. the child's body was found last month at a park in la plata. so far no one has been charged. here's more on how that little boy died. allyson. >> reporter: the charles county sheriff's department says the medical examiner has finished his awe top see, and


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