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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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break in a water main sent 2.5 million gallons of water up into the air and through the pavement and then roaring into people's homes. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. it happened at georgia avenue and shorefield road. the southbound lanes tonight are closed indefinitely and northbound commuters are likely to face longer delays than usual. our bruce leshan was the first reporter on the screen and is live now with the outlook for that morning commute -- scene and is live with the outlook for that morning commute. >> reporter: you can see the crew right back the other side of this van breaking through the pavement trying to get down to that water main that has broken. they are hoping but not promising to have the south bound lanes of georgia avenue here reopened in time for tomorrow morning's rush, but for the ramirez family right here and for other families down this way with flooded basements the misery is likely to stretch on.
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>> like a couple feet. >> reporter: a couple of feet? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: roger ramirez angry, frustrated, temporarily homeless with the rest of his family, his basement so badly flooded emergency workers ordered his 14-year-old daughter holding tight to her brothers says this is the second time in six months that a broken water main has flooded their home. >> the water is in the room and we are afraid to -- you know, something happens with us. >> reporter: witnesses say the water burst through the median like a geyser, millions of gallons from a broken 68-year- old main under georgia avenue that crashed through the pavement and roared down the southbound lanes rolling into people's homes downhill. about. >> the second time in -- >> the second time in six months. same way like this time, same way.
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>> reporter: back live check out the traffic northbound outbound georgia avenue, miserable for blocks down that way. there are a total of about 42 families without water. the red cross will try and get a hotel for the ramirez family. the businesses and homes down here, the folks in this plaza all without water, the wssc still trying to figure out if this 16-inch main was on a list to be replaced before this break. live in wheaton bruce leshan, wusa9. >> in all at four buildings were flooded, one of them the medical office of dr. wasid kahn. he sent his parents home and said he's had it with the wssc. >> the patients have just left and we had to cancel the afternoon hours and as well tomorrow morning. i'm not sure what is going to
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happen. it's devastating. i'm just fed up. >> you can hardly blame him. this is the second time he's been flooded since november last year and he's trying to figure out if his $180,000 nuclear camera has been damaged by all that water. we could be in for more storms this evening and tomorrow morning. >> topper says there's a cold front and it's got our name on it. it could bring a wave of storms with it. what did live doppler 9000? >> we've got three little lonely storms, but they're power packed. this is doppler over the last hour or so. we'll zoom in the mainly the threat here is heavy rain, around burke and parts in d.c. and heavy rain moving into prince george's county essentially along route 50. this is heavy rain around burke, north springfield. annandale. rainfall rates are well over 1
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inch per hour. we'll zoom up north and east. we've got big time rains around georgetown, wilson boulevard back to buckingham pushing essentially east, southeast headed towards nats park. they're not playing tonight. further east this storm went through northwest d.c., still has a good amount of rain with it from fedex toward woodmoor pushing east along route 50. we'll track this one. this storm will go a little south where this storm went. this storm went through the northern part of the district. this is going through the heart of the district, so the pentagon, walker mill, fedex by 6:28 on storm tracker. the good news is by 8:00 all the showers and storms will be pretty much gone with temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. we'll come back, talk about the unusual timing of the storms for tomorrow and look ahead
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4th. nearly 1,000 workers got a raise today. the minimum wage went up $1 in the city to 10.50. bruce johnson has been talking to some of the working poor and how are they reacting? >> everybody knows now expensive it's become to live in the district. the people are telling us today the new money is much needed and long overdue. >> $1 an hour is equivalent to a promotion a lot of times. >> reporter: news that low income d.c. workers will have more to spend was good news inside the good food market on rhode island avenue in northeast today. >> we knew from the beginning it meant making it work with wages folks would live. >> reporter: minimum wage workers throughout the city saw their wages boosted $1 an hour. translator: it's really difficult because there's not enough money to pay rent, buy food and support your family. >> reporter: they'll see another $1 increase next year. >> the small business needs individuals to have more money
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to patronize them. so it's going to be good for the small business. >> with me making $8 an hour and trying to pay the rent, that is huge. it's a struggle. ten dollars definitely will help. >> reporter: they're telling us about 40,000 d.c. residents will get that $1 an hour pay raise. it comes about to $4,000 per year and everybody we talked to said that $4,000 will go a long way. >> $4,000 means a lot to a family, more groceries, making rent more easily, having transportation costs and it's a start. >> reporter: in announcing the minimum wage boost, mayor bowser chose the good foods market to show new smaller retail food stores can survive in the city neighborhoods in had become food deserts. >> when we came here more than 1 mile in any direction to any acceptable fresh food
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alternative, that's three times or more what you're looking at if you're in northwest. >> reporter: chris garen, co- founder of good food markets, said the rhode island avenue store is a pilot project. if it works, they'll open up other stores for profit and nonprofit in the city. the federal minimum wage is still 7.25 an hour. it's been that way an hour. virginia goes after the federal rate. in maryland it's 8.50 an hour. some 19 states and the district of columbia have raised their minimum wage laws. >> a lot of county areas are trying to raise that minimum wage as well. as you pointed out and the people told you, it's a small amount, but it can go a long way. >> absolutely. >> again the federal minimum wage is 7.50 an hour has not changed since 2009. it appears former baltimore mayor sheila dixon wants her old job back.
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today she confirmed she plans to run. dixon, a democrat, served as mayor from 2007 to 2010. she resigned after being found guilty of embezzling gift cards donated to the city as gets for the poor. dixon's announcement comes as mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has been criticized over her handling of the riots following the death of freddie gray after died in custody. somebody snapped this picture of a fellow in a shark suit hogging two seats on the shark. it's a land shark named chompy junior off to discovery channel. we know it's shark month in north carolina. coming up why indonesia's military is investigating claims there might have been stow-aways on that deadly plane crash. >> reporter: embassies are opening in the u.s. and cuba.
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people are upset and happy. i'm stephanie ramirez in rockville. i'll tell you what's
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breaking news out in white oak maryland, sky9 over the scene over old columbia pike and a child may have fallen out of a window. montgomery county police found the child and window screen on the ground next to the
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building. that child has a broken arm and injured eye. police are still looking for the parents. there are several screens missing on that building on the second, sixth and ninth floors. more than 100 bodies have been covered from the indonesian plane crash. more than 120 members of the military and their families were on the plane when it crashed shortly after takeoff tuesday. natives say it is a common practice for civilians to pay to travel on military planes because they are cheaper than commercial flights. the indonesian military denies those claims but says it is investigating. it is a heatwave sweeping across europe taking a toll on parisians. >> can you believe this? temperatures reaching 104 degrees in the city of lights? many were natives and visitors cooling themselves trying to wade in a fountain next to the eiffel tower. authorities opened cooling stations around town. they're keeping a close eye on
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senior citizens. france is particularly sensitive about this issue since thousands of people died in a heatwave in 2003. there's an aerial view of the devastation caused by the wildfires in washington state and it is jaw dropping. thousands of people were forced from their homes as that blaze consumed nearly 30 homes and businesses. authorities are not quite sure what triggered the fire but ruled out lightning. we could see more storms before the week
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today president obama announced the united states is reestablishing diplomatic relations with cuba. >> secretary of state john kerry will travel to havana to raise the american flag over the embassy. the president is calling on congress to lift the u.s. embargo on cuba, but that could be a tough sell with republican senator ted cruz. he calls this move an unconditional surrender to the castros. stephanie ramirez spoke with some cuban americans here to find it out what they had to -- find out what they had to say. >> reporter: the owner here tells us he is not happy about any kind of u.s./cuban
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diplomatic relations rekindling, but he's not the only one who has something to say. in fact, some sing it. the gay men's chorus of washington are announcing their first ever gay chorus tour of cuba, the group excited the president's actions will open doors in more ways than one. >> to be able to go and connect through the arts with the community that maybe hasn't had as much exposure to the lgbt environment is really huge. >> reporter: but there's also large opposition to secretary john kerry raising the stars and stripes as early as july 20th. local cuban american restaurant owner joaquin cabrera tells us his family members lost their lives under the dictatorship. >> it's degrading, insulting to us cuban americans to have someone doing this to us, aiding and abetting a person that really we never ever met any concession. >> reporter: on the phone is american university international relations professor phillip brenner who agrees with the president's
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actions. >> only a crazy person keeps doing the same thing over and over again failing and not realizing that they've failed. so this is a policy that hasn't worked. >> reporter: but will this new relationship actually help the cuban people? strong reactions on both sides. >> the poor cubans suffer because of the u.s. embargo. >> he's been going through the business with the entire world the last 50 years, japan, canada. none of them has gone to the cuban people. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it won't be nearly as active always last night. >> they aren't severe, but heavy downpours. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 85, wind
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southwest at 9. this is the past hour radar, clumped together in fairfax county, the district, prince george's county now entering anne arundel county. these are the three trying to become one, if you will. heavy rain is the main threat. they're moving essentially to the east, maybe east, southeast really, a little south of due east, heavy rain now crossing 95 and on the south side of route 50. we'll zoom in. this is a pretty good storm back toward lake barcroft and just right through the heart of town, through the pentagon into portions of prince george's county around temple hill. i think this will become a stronger storm. headed toward oldtown at 6:24, camp springs at 6:42 and into woodyard at 6:50. this also will track right along with it. if you're between fedex and
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camp springs, upper marlboro, you'll get heavy rain in the next half hour to an hour. we'll keep isolated showers and storms in this evening, but ironically or counter intuitively showers and storms are possible tomorrow morning, not so much in the evening, and then a yellow alert possible getting into thursday. we'll monitor that carefully. friday okay in the morning, but then more storms we think in the afternoon. here's a look at the futurecast. we see showers pretty much generally free of showers i think in the morning, temperatures upper 70s to around 80. we get into the 10:00 hour tonight, in the 70s, could be a leftover shower. i think you'll be dry after dinner. by 6 a.m. here come the showers right up 66 and 95 and you see a little yellow and orange there. some of them will have heavy downpours. i don't think anything will be severe tomorrow morning. we play may -- may have to
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issue a yellow alert in the morning. fredericksburg and portions of southern maryland will have the heaviest showers in the afternoon, after that hit or miss showers, mid- to low 80s. day planner, maybe a shower in the morning, 11:00 it's 77 and breaks in the clouds, 78 by 1:00. friday storms in the afternoon, normal time, 82. saturday for the 4th really pretty nice, make an afternoon storm. we'll see you at 7:30 in potomac for autism speaks 5k. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday afternoon storms isolated with temps either side of 90. wizards talking free agency already? >> it's bubbling a bit. they're holding out for kevin durant, though, the big fish. >> we're all holding out. >> take lot of phone calls made
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at -- a lot of phone calls made at 12:01 this morning. what did they say to paul pierce once they woke him up in
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> nba free agency underway and can you hear the crickets, gang? in the nation's capital no movement yet, but a phone call has been made according to the washington post shortly after midnight, the team seeking to reach the truth, paul pierce what i'm talking about. several sources are reporting washington offered pierce the
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max amount of money the veteran can get on the open market, about $6 million. pierce turns 38 in october, but he still takes and makes big shots, championship pedigree and he's a good team guy. the clippers are thought to be in the race to land pierce as well. we'll see. four years of soccer, not much has changed for the american women who could forget the way they lost four years ago. they had it twice and lost it on penalty kicks to the japanese team. well, they're back. last night's victory over germany will be remembered for late game dramatics and good old-fashioned american resolve. by now you've seen the penalty kick. this was the penalty goal. it happened so quick you almost have to watch it in slow mo to appreciate the pass from carli lloyd and the flying finish by kelli o'hara. how about that? it's o'hara's first international goal. that's enough to make a 26-year-
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old feel like a teenager again. listen to this. >> i scored, saw the ball in the goal, like the bowl is in the goal. we're up 2 -0. oh, my gosh, freaked out and then was like where's carli? that was amazing. found her, jumped on her, was just so, so happy. >> sounds like a teen-ager, i freaked out. bryce harper blowing away competition in the all-star voting. he's got 11 million plus votes which is a national league record. josh hamilton owns the all time record, over 12 million. voting ends thursday night. more nats news, there's a new racing president at nats park starting friday. calvin coolidge will join the presidential race, president c square was a fixture at senators games in the 1920s. our holden kushner went to find
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out why this addition makes sense. >> reporter: calvin is a fan of basketball. july 4 is his birthday. on his birthday eve we're going to roll out the racing president and that's a great time for him to win the race. wimbledon, 6-4, 6-1, this woman absolutely amazing, 33 years old still knocking them out. >> dominant force in women's tennis. >> incredible. >> all three storms we're watching tomorrow night, more in the morning. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back in 30 for your only local news at 7:00. have a grea
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>> pelley: shipwreck-- violent weather brings destruction on the water, on the ground, and light up the sky on both side of the country. also tonight were major airlines on a collusion course? the government investigates a possible conspiracy to keep prices high. the f.b.i. is investigating a string church fires after the massacre in charleston. team u.s.a. heads to the finals after the breaks go their way. and is this architect playing with a full deck? >> i mean, i am a little crazy but who wouldn't be for doing this right? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, we are a nation of extremes.


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