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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 1, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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millions of gallons of water flood a montgomery county neighborhood, what sent the water spewing? >> reporter: how safe is uber? i'm peggy fox. i'll tell you about a new law that is supposed to make your ride on uber safer. some say it doesn't go far enough. >> reporter: dick matticdip -- diplomatic relations reestablished between the u.s. and cuba. >> and a big fish out of water, why this shark was riding the metro today. but first we are following this breaking news at 7:00 in montgomery county where a child has fallen out of a window. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. police say that toddler is alive and at a hospital.
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our mola lenghi joins us live from the scene in white oak. what have you learned? >> reporter: first an incredible fall to have survived. the 4-year-old boy fell from an eighth story window at white oak towers to the grassy area below on the ground level, still taped off with the police tape. that is where the boy fell. you can even see the mesh screening that fell out of the window to the ground with the boy. the 4-year-old was rushed to the hospital with what are believed to be nonlife threatening injuries. one witness who said he didn't see the fall but saw the 4-year- old on the ground tell me the child was moving around -- tells me the child was moving around, seemed alert, crying obviously in a lot of pain, but he was conscious after the fall. authorities are still investigating and it's unclear exactly how the boy fell out of
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this window. >> we'll be following this one. also in montgomery county tonight crews and residents cleaning up from an impromptu flood that snarled traffic and spilled into homes. the water began flowing after a 68-year-old pipe burst open this afternoon in wheaton near georgia avenue and shorefield road. that water main break sent 2.5 million gallons of water blasting up through the pavement. crews did manage to get the water turned off. it has receded from the roadway. now they've got to dig up that roadway to fix the big pipe. the burst also sent water into several families' basements and for one this is all deja vu. >> the second time in six months. >> reporter: that this has happened? >> same way like this time. >> you can hardly blame him for being frustrated. dozens of homes and several shops in the wheaton park plaza are without water and the wssc is not sure what caused the pipe to bust.
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despite a warning over the possible terror attack over the 4th of july holiday thousands of tourists are making their way into the d.c. area. to be clear, d.c. and federal officials dew point know of a specific -- do not know of a specific threat on washington, but if you see, something you are urged to say something. >> coming here it crossed my mind, but once i got here, there's so much to see you don't think about it very much. >> i don't have any anxiety about it. obviously we came down, feel safe. there's protection all around. i know they're here. >> there are more than 18,000 feet of fencing around the national mall, nine checkpoints where visitors must enter and you can't bring in alcohol, weapons, personal fireworks and new this year, no drones allowed. there will also be a ton of street closures and metro
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changes over the 4th of july weekend. it's posted on the wusa9 app. the storms may be done now, but the damage remains in parts of the metro tonight. strong winds from last night knock over this gas station canopy in bowie. a worker was at the store, but nobody was hurt. throughout d.c. a lot of big trees fell onto cars and into streets. pepco crews have been working hard all day trying to get the lights back on for some of their customers. some of the worst damage is in cecil county, maryland, near pennsylvania and the delaware state line. the severe weather banged up some boats and destroyed a dock. all that's left is a pile of splinters. there have been no confirmed tornadoes from these storms, likely high wind and heavy rain and that is what did all the damage. we have just might see a few storms tonight, hopefully
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not like what we have seen. >> just a couple storms with heavy rain, no wind or hail and not much lightning. these storms remain along i-66 through the district and out route 50. we'll zoom in and lapse this over the last hour, so pretty good storm trailing into fairfax. this storm moved through the district headed toward clinton and into upper marlboro towards shadyside. we are looking at heavy rain. this storm is headed toward burke at 70 time in, so about now and franconia about 7:25 moving essentially east, maybe southeast at 25. it does have pretty good rainfall. this is rainfall rates of about 5 inches per hour. i think that may be overdone, but that's a pretty big amount of rainfall. we are looking at this storm to the east, heavy rain from upper marlboro and now the heaviest cell is east of shadyside moving toward the bay. we will come back, talk about another round of storms
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tomorrow, again friday and look ahead to the 4th. new information tonight on the teen behind the wheel of a deadly crash, sam ellis tweeted this today. "rip, love you boys, see you again soon." the 18-year-old left the hospital today. ellis was driving last thursday night when the car flew into a fence and landed upside down in someone's yard. the crash killed two of his friends, injured another passenger and police believe speed and alcohol played a role in the crash. they had just left an underage drinking party. another person is recovering from a shark attack along the outer banks. the 68-year-old man was swimming about 25 feet offshore in waist deep water from the beach. he's got bites on his midsection, hip, legs and both hands. this is the third bite in the past week along the carolina coast. officials have not said whether the same shark is responsible for all the attacks.
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after half a century the united states and cuba have restored their diplomatic relations and agreed to open embassies in each other's countries. craig boswell reports while this is a big step, there's still kinks that need to be worked out. >> reporter: the u.s. will send an ambassador to cuba for the first time since 1961, two years after fidel castro's revolution. the u.s. and cuba have been negotiating to reestablish embassies he following a surprise announcement in -- embassies following a surprise announcement in december that secret talks had led to an agreement in diplomatic relations. >> this is a historic step to normalize our relations with the cuban government and people. >> reporter: there are still some challenges that need to be negotiated. the cubans want trade embargoes lifted. the u.s. wants to talk about cuba's human rights violations, compensation for u.s. property
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seized in sha havana and people taking refuge there. >>ing what the reaction to this -- what is the reaction to this major change in u.s. policy? that depends who you talk to. take the d.c. gay men's chorus about to take their first tour of cuba and they're all excited about it, but if you talk to folks with ancestral ties to the island, they may not be as happy. a local cuban american restaurant owner said he lost family members to its dictatorship and wants cuba's treatment of its own people to get better before the countries rekindle any relationship. >> it's degrading and insulting to us as americans to have someone doing this to us, aiding and abetting a person that really we never ever met any concession. >> to be able to go and connect through the arts with the community that maybe hasn't had as much exposure to the lgbt environment is really huge. >> secretary of state john kerry is expected to raise the american flag in cuba as soon
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as july 20th. there is increasing pressure to take down a large confederate flag that could be seen on 95 in stafford county. nearly 400 people have signed an online petition against the flag organized by the local naacp chapter. it all started after the shooting in a charleston church. wayne cash put up his flag in the backyard and belongs to the virginia flaggers who say the flag is a symbol of pride and a tribute to their ancestors who died for the south. >> the first time i saw it i was embarrassed to be in a county where someone would feel the need to have that size of that symbol. >> the flag is on private property and this is the second confederate flag they've put up along i-95. the secret service sharpens its security outside the white house, a look at the new feature meant to keep people from scaling the fence. >> later on no danger from this
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particular shark, but what was it doing riding metro? we'll talk about it.
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100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v nobody seriously hurt when a car careened into a liquor store, but look at the damage to the store itself out in lanham, maryland. that car literally went all the way into the business. prince george's county police told us the driver was trapped by debris but not seriously hurt, no word why that crash happened. also in prince george's county police are looking for the crook who preyed on those in mourning. the victims were visiting a gravesite at george washington cemetery in adelphi when the thieves struck. they were only away from the car 15 minutes, but somebody opened the door and stole ail purse during that time. here's sur -- a purse during that time. here's a surveillance photo showing a man or it could be him using a stolen credit card
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at a store in hyattsville. there is a cash reward for help in identifying this suspect. changes in security on the inside and outside of the white house today. crews added new sharp met al points to the -- metal points to the fence. they are temporary and will stay on until a permanent solution is determined. it will take about six weeks to add the new security feature. inside the white house they are letting their guard down just a little. >> if you've been on a white house tour, you may have seen this sign. well, not anymore. >> that's first lady michelle obama taking to instagram to announce the white house is lifting its longstanding camera and photo ban. guests are welcome to take photos throughout the white house tour route. visitors are encouraged to share their experience on social media using the
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#whitehousetour. stepping up security in virginia, what the state is doing to keep riders safe while mailing an uber car. >> just a couple thunderstorms mainly south of town. doppler the last hour, heavy downpours, one headed through fairfax county, another one toward clinton and shadyside. we'll track those and talk about the next chance for showers and storms and look ahead to the holiday weekend. >> taking a ride on a sea turtle shell, how this underwater view is helping the u.n. make a pretty important decision.
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by sodexo. watch tonight at 11:00 for the exclusive 3-degree guarantee. the justice departmeout whether some of our biggest airlines schemed to keep ticket prices high. the government sent a letter to some major carriers today demanding copies of all communications they've had with each other. the doj is looking into weather airlines colluded to slow their own growth and keep prices high. d.c.'s low he is paid workers got $1 -- lowest paid workers got $1 per hour raise today. some of those workers gathered with mayor bowser to talk about the district's new minimum wage law which is now setting that wage at $10.50 an hour. workers say that adds an extra four grand to their yearly salary. >> $1 an hour is equivalent to
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a promotion a lot of times. translator: it's really difficult because there's not enough money to be able to pay rent, buy food and support your family. >> with me making $8 an hour and trying to pay the rent, that is a struggle and $10 definitely will help others. >> the district's minimum wage goes up another $1 next year. also today maryland raised its minimum wage to $8.50. virginia is still leading the federal minimum at $7.50 an hour. something in virginia did change today, has to do with uber, lyft. drivers need to be 21 years old, have a valid driver's license and pass a criminal background check, but some say that's not enough. >> reporter: uber and lyft drivers operating in virginia now have to display stickers showing they're licensed, good news for customers who rave about uber. >> i love the app so you can
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track your driver. >> used it back and forth from parties and to help get my mother-in-law to the airport. >> reporter: i've never used uber. i just downloaded app. the driver arrived in about four minutes. the car was clean and the driver professional and he said the company was safer because it does background checks on its drivers, but the virginia taxicab association says it's not enough. >> uber background checks only go back seven years. >> reporter: he says taxi drivers go through fingerprinting to identify all past criminal left. another difference, if your uber driver gets in a wreck and you are injured, it should be covered under his personal insurance, although most insurance companies say they won't cover it. however, come january 1st uber and lyft will be required to carry insurance that covers
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both drivers and passengers. >> customers are advised to only take uber or lyft through their apps so they can assure that those drivers are legitimate. if you've ever wanted to swim with a turtle, here's what it would look like, no scuba gear. a go pro strapped onto a sea turtle shows it gliding over australia's great barrier reef. environmental groups were pushing for the reef to be endangered which meant a lot more work and restrictions to protect it. today that request was denied, but it was acknowledged the reef's health continues to decline. look at this photo. that person in a shark costume is hanging out on a metro train. tim mack, a reporter for the daily beat, wrote just when you thought metro couldn't get any worse you encounter a shark man. we looked on discovery channel and the only thing chompy jr. is spreading today is love for shark week.
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he's been all over the metro from the white house to a candy store and was on his way to discovery's headquarters in silver spring. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> if you're going to see a shark, i'd prefer to see them that way than in the water. >> chompy. it's been shark month in north carolina. >> we're looking at a weird pattern tomorrow with storms in the morning and probably a better afternoon. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature 82 degrees, dew points a little high, almost 70, but off to the south and southeast the storm continue to move off to the east, southeast. they're heavy. we don't see any lightning, don't see any sheer or hail, but we do see heavy downpours with these three storms.
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this is running through central fairfax county south of 66 over the last hour. it's gotten a little bigger. this is just south of clinton over 301 and the other storm is about to exit into the bay. this storm south of fairfax, talk about rainfall rates impressive, over 4 1/2 inches. that may be overdone, but i think needless to say if you're in burke now, you are getting dumped on in terms of rainfall. it's moving right across the southern part of the district. this is a pretty heavy storm in clinton. you may get hit twice. some heavy rain continuing into much of clinton down route 5 down toward brandywine and also pretty good storm still east toward mount calvert, rainfall rates about 1 1/2 inches per hour. we're keeping isolated showers and thunderstorms in through this evening. once they move out, that's it, but showers and storms develop
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again tomorrow by dawn, especially south and west of town. that could warrant a yellow alert. we will probably decide at 11:00 tonight. friday looks okay in the morning and then more afternoon thunderstorms, which is actually the way you'd expect things to go this time of year. 10:00 tonight perhaps a leftover shower in southern maryland, but most of us have temps in the 70s under partly cloudy skies. by 6 a.m. clouds roll back in. futurecast slowed the onslaught of showers and storms, but they're still into fredericksburg almost into culpeper. by 9:00 scattered showers across parts of the metro area with 70s. this is a brand-new futurecast. by 12:30 showers are developing especially south of town into southern maryland. don't get too hung up on the locations of those storms, just scattered showers and storms tomorrow. 704 at 9:00, 76 at 11:00 and 70 effort under -- 78 under partly
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cloudy skies. saturday not bad, 85, an afternoon storm but should be okay for the fireworks and hope to see you at the potomac for the autism speaks
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wish we had more time, but we got to go. >> that's it for
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the latest on ben and jen's divorce. what really went wrong? >> there's bee n alot of speculation and tabloid claims about ben's alleged drinking and gambling. >> y'all make a hamendso couple. >> she definitely brings the average up. >> one way for the cameras, a different story behind closed doors. and their history of hooking up with co-stars. >> i love being married to scott foley. >> then an "e.t." exclusive. donald trump after getting fired from nbc leaving ms. usa without a home. >> they were abandoned. i think it's disgraceful. >> why he won't back down. >> they're bringing crime, their rapists. >> are you racist, i just want to ask you? >> plus, caitlyn's son opened up about his dad. then getet w with channing


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