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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, police are on the hunt for a man who tried to lure and abduct a girl this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm derek mcginty. it happened right off the herndon parkway. >> we know she was on her way or at a bus stop for a summer school program when this happened. police say a man approached her and engaged in a conversation with her, offering her money to come to his house. she refused and started to walk away. that's when police say the man approached her from behind and tried to force her to
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go with him. she broke free and ran home, her mother called police. neighbors say this doesn't really happen here and are stunned to hear something like this in their neighborhood. >> i wish i could put my hands on whoever that man woman is. >> i'm pretty vigilant as it is. i don't let them come out here by themselves so i guess i'd be even more cautious about that now. >> police describe that suspect to be a hispanic male, anywhere from 35 to 45 years old tall with a thin build and curly dark hair. they're asking everyone here to be vigilant and not only that to have a conversation of safety with your children. in herndon, stephanie ramirez wusa 9news. >> police say the little girl was not hurt in this abduction. we'll learn more this week about a decades-old cold case. a news release sent out today has the words "significant developments" in big red letters
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and promises information on the disappearance of the lyon sisters. they were last seen way back in 1975. on wednesday montgomery county police and state's attorney office will be deliverying information about the case. photojournalist talked with residents in woodstock who spent all day dealing with those flash floods. >> amazon river the water is just busting over the road, over the bridge over there. >> reporter: more like the colorado than the amazon, spring creek run cut a path of introduction through woodstock. >> a lot of damage, floating debris people's furniture tools from people's garages. >> within minutes residents trapped in their homes held hostage by rising water. >> water was everywhere. you could not see the pavement whatsoever. had we walked out we'd be shot right down that way.
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absolutely scary. >> reporter: just north of town at the woodstock trailer park -- >> i looked out the window, saw the field was flood ed out back and the water just kept creeping to the back of the trailer. >> reporter: firefighters walked residents and their pets to safety. jr pitcock hopes today's flooding isn't a rep rrks--a reprease of 2015. >> we got robbed. >> reporter: like many they spent the afternoon sleeping up. >> you praise the lord everything is okay and we survive. >> house is still standing. we're bless d -- blessed. those residents will be on alert again tomorrow. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking the next round of rain. >> some showers and storms tonight. then a better chance tomorrow and tomorrow night. we still have the flood warnings in effect from essentially culpeper to woodstock across i-81 and they've been extended till 8:30
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and 9:30. you see all the icons here. those are all reports of flooding. tremendous amount of rain. we're talking 3 to 4 inches of rainfall from north of culpeper through sperryville up in to the woodstock area. 4.3 inches just to the west of 340. that's all you need for some massive flooding. again, these have been extended now a little bit longer. in fact, in culpeper and rappahannock and warren until 9:30. here's the radar. tomorrow might not be quite as lucky. for now you're okay. most of the metro area is quiet this evening. that said, 9:00 on futurecast, some showers popping up to the west. a couple showers possible at the concert tonight but i think that will be either as you head home or late in the show. for the most part nothing big tonight. we'll come back and track these through tomorrow afternoon. prince george's county police want fellow party-goers to speak up about a deadly
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shooting over the weekend. it happened outside this home early yesterday morning in accokeek. when we stopped by today it was a $250 ticket on the front door accusing that homeowner of making money from hosting big parties. neighbors told us there were at least 300 young people partying at that home just before somebody shot and killed daryl king right out in front. his aunt told us today she still can't believe the 20-year-old is dead. >> every day i wake up and i wish this was a dream. >> whoever pulled the trigger still out thereay tod. police offering a reward for anyone who can help solve this case. prince george's county quickly got a murder suspect in another case off the streets today. the investigation began at 2 a.m., a report of stabbing. within hours officers had tracked down who they believed carried out the crime. police say nelson ford was walking nearby and officers quickly arrested him. he's now charged with first degree murder. prince william county police are hoping someone knows
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this man. they say he may have inappropriately touched a woman inside a dumfries walmart friday morning. the victim told police she was shopping when he walked up and rubbed against her. she wasn't hurt. anyone with tips should call prince william county police. in annapolis police say a man might have been high on pcp when he strolled down the street in his birthday seat. an officer tasered him. the annapolis cop said she ordered him to stop but he ignord her and started walking toward an off duty officer with his fist clenched. the man is being charged with indecent exposure. she's arguably the biggest artist on the planet right now and she's playing for 40,000 of her closest friends in nats park. i'm talking about taylor swift, the first of her two sold-out concerts. >> there's a big fan in the news room. garrett the envy of so many when we sent him out to
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cover the festivities. >> sometimes you pull the tough assignments and this is one of them tonight. it's just after 7:00 which means the first of three opening bands for taylor swift should have just gone on stage but the woman of the hour, the woman who inspires all the fanatical devotion you're about to see for that, got to wait a little bit longer. >> taylor swift! >> reporter: outside nats park tonight the excitement level was off the charts. >> on a scale from like 1 to 10 how excited are you about this tonight? >> 1 million. >> reporter: taylor swift yes, the taylor swift will be on stage in just hours in town for her 1989 world tour. with fans big and small arriving hours early including from buffalo, new york. >> how long was the trip? >> about eight hours. >> reporter: parents describe a nightmare in november trying to buy tickets the day they went on sale to give as christmas presents later. >> very stressful situation
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online on the phone trying to get the tickets and it was great. >> is this the greatest present you've ever gotten in your entire life? >> yes. >> reporter: for many that meant a monday night parental chaperon trip to dc including this father from baltimore. >> coming in to dc, this was dad's job to get them home safe and sound. >> i can tell you that not all the adults here are here purely as chaperons. we talked to plenty of folks who were around in 1989 who are perfectly happy to be here just because they want to be. reporting live at nationals park, wusa 9. >> i'm sure there's people like that in this news room. thank you. swift is going to play another show at nats park tomorrow night. you can bet it's going to cause headaches for drivers tonight and tomorrow. we have a list of traffic advisories plus a photo gallery on the wusa 9 app. robbed of her casino warnings. this time the victim was shot. the warning police have for anyone who walks away from the game floor with cash in their pockets is next. >> plus virginia celebrating a
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big money win of its own. we'll explain how thousands of residents will profit after the break on wusa 9.
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for the third time in just a few months, robbers targeted a local resident coming home from a casino with warnings. the -- with winnings. she tried to chase the thief but a man in a getaway car fired at her. the victim has a gunshot wound on her arm but she's expected to be okay. police are warning consumer winners to be aware of their surroundings. >> if you're leaving a shopping center a grocery store take 2, 3 seconds to scan around you. if your car isn't on fire there's no rush to get to that vehicle. look to see if you see anything out of place.
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>> police say they had very little to go on but they don't believe this incident is related to two similar ones. police have arrested suspects in those cases. new tonight at 7:00, good news for the state of virginia and the people who work for it. this morning governor terry mccallif was pumped up. >> i'm proud to announce the budgeinate -- announce the budget in the surplus. >> turns out revenues rose by nearly double what had been predicted and the governor says international and local businesses are booming and the housing market is the best it's been in years. with all that extra cash, state workers will get their first raise in eight years. the 2% increase begins in september. the search is on for a drug lord who broke out of prison for the second time. how he did it is coming up.
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>> radar is quiet right now but the flood warnings have been extended south and west of dc. so from culpeper up to woodstock. we have flood warnings in effect till 8:30 and 9:30 respectively this evening. we'll talk about if the taylor swift concert can get off dry.
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new information on the annapolis mansion fire that killed six people. turns out the riots in baltimore are delaying. they wanted to release a report in may on how on electrical are fire burned up the pyle family's christmas tree but the violence in baltimore became their top priority. the atf hasn't said when we might see that report. the january fire killed don and sandra pyle and their four grandchildren. mexican police and security forces frantically searching for a powerful drug lord who escaped from a maximum security prison over the weekend. this is the second time el chapo has broken out of jail. >> reporter: el chapo's elaborate getaway led to this escape hatch not far from mexico's most secure prison. he escaped through a mile-long tunnel complete with ventilation and lighting. >> there was no way he could walk away from maximum security
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without the assistance of people in the inside. >> reporter: el chapo whose real name is joaquin guzman, is considered one of the world's richest and most powerful drug traffickers. experts say he may have used more than money to orchestrate his break. >> there's an intimidation factor with these guards and middle level officials. >> reporter: so far investigators have interrogated at least 30 guards about the escape. >> authorities believe that tunnel was under construction for about a year. now we take you to campaign 2016 and a rally in wisconsin where wisconsin governor scott walker is the latest republican to announce he's running for president. walker says he's running because americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them. he also says he's the guy who can take on the big fights. walker is the 15th candidate to officially seek the gop nomination. m of democratic presidential candidates were campaigning in the very same spot today. kansas city, missouri.
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that's where former maryland governor martin o'malley, former secretary hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders spoke at a conference for a latino advocacy group. he said he's going to lay out a detailed immigration plan tomorrow. clinton and sanders spoke of the need to overhaul america's immigration laws. clemency granted to 46 criminals whose harsh sentences he says based on outdated guidelines. >> i'm andrea mccarren at the white house. among the 46, norman o'neal brown of maryland sentenced to life for distributing crack cocaine. now he'll get out of prison in november. >> these men and women were not hardened criminals. >> reporter: calling the united states a nation of second chances, president obama commuted the sentences of 46 men and women. that means their convictions remain but their punishment ends. >> 14 of them had been
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sentenced to life for nonviolent drug offenses. >> reporter: but the move is very controversial. >> we're trying to fight cyber terrorism. we're trying to fight isis. we've got bigger problems to worry about than babysitting drug dealers, many of whom are nonviolent. >> we disagree with the idea that drug trafficking is nonviolent even when it's not done with a gun. >> reporter: the united states states currently spends $80 billion locking up criminals. >> president obama will address the criminal justice system tomorrow. thursday he'll become the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. it's taken nine and a half years to get there but now the new horizons space craft is less than 24 hours away from making history by make a fly-by of pluto. the space craft will travel within 7800 miles of the dwarf planet making it the first
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to visit pluto. >> the data we're going to produce, the data we're already producing, is a gift for the ages to all mankind. >> in fact, scientists say they've already learned a lot from the data sent back so far. one of the things, the dwarf planet is a bit larger than they had thought. the nitrogen is escaping the atmosphere at a rate faster than they expected and the ice of the north pole of pluto is in fact a polar cap. pluto is so cold, i figured the whole thing was one big ice cap. >> can you give os3-degree guarantee on pluto? >> that would be tough. i can give you a 300 degree. really good article in the post back on the fourth of july. they lost contact with the new horizons and that was like huge and they were able to get it back. and every time they sent a message the computer took four and a half hours to get back. there's some tension, waiting 4 and a half hours for a response. >> it's like you're texting
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someone and you see the little dots. >> 3-degree guarantee it's a tough one. with the clouds and showers today we went 88. did we make 88? maybe not. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. some folks did have sun and did make the upper 80s. right now it's 81. that's as warm as i've seen last hour or two. winds out of the southeast at 7. getting up there. dew points right around 70, humidity 67%. still a little bit on the stick y side. here's the radar. very quiet right now. couple of showers just entering western parts of i-66, north of warrenton. some of the showers will get in to the western suburbs here in the next couple of hours. nothing heavy overnight. we still have these flood warnings in effect till 8:30 and 9:30. that includes our friends in page and shenandoah and warren county and down to the south in culpeper and rappahannock. this one goes till 9:30 tonight which means flooding is occurring as we speak. yellow alert tomorrow for showers and thunderstorms. just a few showers tonight.
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nothing heavy tonight. mainly north and west and i do think most of the concert will be okay. morning showers tomorrow and then afternoon storms tomorrow evening even a better chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night improving. may take a while but not as hot on wednesday. here's the futurecast. by 10:00 couple showers popping up. if you've been with us all evening you notice futurecast has been changing the position and intensity of these showers. suffice to say a few showers tonight. nothing crazy heavy. temps in the 70s. by morning some showers roll through to the north. temperatures still upper 60s. that's it. pretty muggy night. 69 in manassas and gaithersburg. mid 70s downtown. by 8:30 back in the 70s. a little bit of sun. by 1:00, showers developing west of town, maybe just to the southeast of leesburg lands down, culpeper, manassas. we get more sun tomorrow. temps go up a little bit. 85 at 4:30. then more showers and storms roll through tomorrow night. i think between 9 p.m.
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and about midnight or 2 a.m. that's going to be the best chance for this stuff to roll through the metro area. you can see the red just popped up around gaithersburg. some of that could be heavy late tomorrow night. some showers in the morning. 74. 81 by 11:00. 83 with a little bit of sun by 1 p.m. some showers on wednesday. 87. not a bad day. then 85, gorgeous on thursday. next seven days, friday pleasant. 87. that's a nice way to end the week. low 90s on saturday. mid 90s on sunday. we've got the nats on 9 friday and sunday. then 96 on monday with just an isolated thunderstorm possible. coming up, an ultra marathoner says he's gone the distance on the appalachian trail and he's broken a record in the process.
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at least your finances will be easy to control. an ultramarathoner said he completed the appalachian trail in record time. >> he reached the summit yesterday to complete the 2,189-mile run from georgia to maine. he said he did it in 46 days eight hours eight minutes. that beats the previous record by more than
7:28 pm
three hours. all recordkeeping on the honor system. he said he averaged about 50 miles a day. by the way he's 41 years old. >> and in the possession of new bunions. [ laughter ] >> see you
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ben affleck front and center at comic-con. same with harrison ford. both making news, but why is harrison flying again? >> and why is ben wearing his wedding band was it only for the cameras as ex jen keeps hers on too. >> the batman. ben affleck. >> ben and the magic ring at comic-con. on for the press. dissipates for the fans. >> jen also snapped with her wedding band on. and harrison in a flight after his plane crash. >> are you feeling good, are you feeling okay? exclusive. jenny garth's wedding. farmhouse i dos with "90210" co-star. >> this is a do-over. who claimed george michael was addicted to crack? and backstage at miss usa. >> can you please repeat the


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