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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: as a comedy played on the screen, açó real-life tragedy unfolded in the audience. >> he just stood up and was justçó shooting blank stare. >> rose: what we know about the victims and the gunman in the latest massñrçóñ shooting. also tonight government watchdogs ask for an investigation of the clinton e-mails. airlines are accused of price gouging, while amtrak was derailed. and steve hartman, perfect strangers are reaping the benefits of this man sowed. >> i'm so grateful. thank you so much. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening, scott is off tonight i'm charlie rose. they seem to be coming closer and closer together. just one week after the deadly massñi shooting in chatta=
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t% in a movieñr theater last nightñ lafayette, louisiana. he killed two young women and wounded nine others for no apparent reason. the gunman had añr history of mental illness. omar villafranca begins our coverage from lafayette. >> tense moments outside the grand 16 theater. inside, people scrambled to escape the rampage. >> a crowd of people were trying to get out. >> reporter: lucas knepper was sitting in the second-to-last row of the ambassador screening room, six to eight inches away from theñit( shooter. did he sayñi anything? >> nothing at all. he just stood up and was shooting, blank stare. not at anyone in particular just the crowd. >> reporter: as "trainwreck" played on the screen police say 59-year-old john houser fire department twice hitting two people directly in front of him and randomly at least tenñi more
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times. >> you could see theñi reflecting from the movie and the flash coming from the chamber. it was awful. >> reporter: two teachers are credited for saving lives, onexd shot in the leg pulled a fire alarm to clear the complex and call in police quickly. people carried some of the wounded to an ambulance while others lay on the ground waiting for help to arrive. witnesses say houser tried to blend into the crowd but went back inside the theater once he saw police coming. police say he reloaded his .40 caliber pistol and fired one last shot, to kill himself. louisiana state police colonel michaelxd edmondson. >> a 20 and 30-year-old lady lost their lives last night. they had a face and name and it wasn't to die in theñi theater. >> reporter: 21-year-old mayci breaux was a college,/ student.
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jillian johnson founded clothing stores and was known as a fountain of creativity and the leadñi singer in a band. mary perrin was one of her close friends. >> she had so much potential.çó she had miles to go before she slept, and she slept way too soon. we didn't get to see her full potential. >> reporter: ellie said she feels lucky. >> i'm so grateful it wasn't you. there'sçó guilt there because it could have beenh >> reporter: an onlineñi fundinqi account has been set up to help offsutr theñi0l medical costs for the two teachersñi that many are calling heros. charlie, we'rexdçó also receiving
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word two of the victi%kñ are out of the hospital and one is now in good condition. >> rose:xd thanks, omar. the gunman was much older than most mass shootsers and his family tried to keep guns away from him. justice correspondent jeffç> reporter: online postings inçó the last several years suggest john houser was angry and frustrated by social changes in a country. the southern poverty law center which tracks extremists says it uncovered writings where
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his wife said she removed the guns from the house and he should not have one unless he obtained it illegally. in 2008 he had been admitted to a hospital. unclear to when he was released. in 2014 he lost his home to a foreclosure. the current owner says he trashed the place and gave reporter these photographs. >> he booby trapped it, disconnected the fireplace inside with a gas line. he poured cement down all the drains and toilets and he set the gas line afire. >> reporter: at a late today investigators revealed last year houser purchased a gun from an alabama pawnshop used in the shooting. he had been denied permit in alabama in 2006 to carry a
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concealed weapon. >> rose: thanks jeff. this caught our eye, according to web site, there have been 204 mass shootings in the first 204 days of this year. a mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot in one event. this was president obama's interview with the bbc yesterday hours before the killings in louisiana. >> if you look at the number of americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it's less than 100. if you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it's in the tens of thousands. for us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing but it is not something that i intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months. >> rose: after the interview the president was briefed on the shootings in lafayette, as he flew to africa. he sent condolences to the
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families of the victims. a federal government watchdog determined there was classified information on hillary clinton's private email server while she was secretary of state and now the matter has been turned over to the f.b.i. here is jan crawford. >> i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails -- >> reporter: at an event in new york miller hillary clinton denied wrongdoing from her use of a personal email account while secretary of state. >> we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right, and i will do my part. >> reporter: but she's facing new scrutiny over a revelation that her personal server did in fact contain classified information. the inspector general for the intelligence community has written to congress that there are potentially hundreds of classified e-mails on the private server. he said he referred the matter to counterintelligence officials and the the f.b.i. for potential investigation.
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he sent a random sampling of 40 e-mails revealed 4 secret classified information, morphover all e-mails are purported to be cop idea to a thumb drive in possession of clinton's personal lawyer. clinton repeatedly said any email on her private server was not classified at the time it was sent. >> i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. >> reporter: but in a statement late today, two inspectors general said the four e-mails and the random sampling were not marked classified but did, in fact, contain classified information when they were generated. this classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system. now, the justice department has not said whether it's going to open an investigation into the e-mails, but charlie knowingly mishandling classified information can lead to criminal charges. >> rose: thanks jan. firefighters are trying to
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contain a wildfire at graceview national park in montana. at least four thousand acres have burned. a fire in california has charred about 7,000 acres in the mountains above the nappa wine valley. evacuation orders were lifted today for about 200 homes. there have been no injuries. today, turkey launched a new attack on i.s.i.s. from the air and found following turkey's decision to allow u.s. warplanes to use one of its bases to bomb i.s.i.s. strong holds across the border in syria. holly williams reports from istanbul on the growing violence across the boarder. >> reporter: turkey's crackdown on i.s.i.s. came abruptly. in dawn raids thousands of police rounded up suspected i.s.i.s. operatives as well as other militant groups. nearly 300 were arrested. and on the country's 500'
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500-mile-long border with syria, f-16 fightser jets pounded i.s.i.s. positions. terrorist organizations shallpons or face consequences says the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan. y yet turkey critics say until now turkey failed to stop fighters crossing its territory into syria where many joined i.s.i.s. one of the reason for the turn around could be the surge of violence on turkey's border include suicide bomber monday that killed over 30 people and other factors would be pressure from the u.s. after nine months of negotiations, turkey gave permission to the u.s.-led coalition this week to launch airstrikes against i.s.i.s. from its air base. turkey is also fearful of other armed groups in syria including kurdish fighters which could have prompted the shift. the result, charlie, is that
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u.s.-led airstrikes against i.s.i.s. will now be much easier because the air base is gubs 60 miles from the syrian border. >> rose: thanks holly. today health officials in europe approved the world's first vaccine for malaria the ancient scourge spread by mosquitoes sickened 200 people in 2013, killing 600,000 mostly in africa. here is dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: most of the victims are children under age five. the disease claims the life of one child every minute. after three decades of research, there is finally an effective vaccine. how big a deal is this? >> i believe enormous. >> reporter: the vaccine is only 30% effective but with malaria rampant it could be a game changer preventing hundreds of thousands of death each year.
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the disease is caused by a parasite that infects the blood. >> this is a first ever vaccine against a human parasite ever. >> reporter: you have been working on this 27 years and finally, today the vein was a-- the vaccine was approved. what's going through your head? >> i cried. it's very personal. hundreds of thousands of children in sub saharan africa will be changed by this. i can't wait to see the vaccine get into those children. i will be there. >> reporter: the vaccine was tested in partnership with the bill and melinda gates foundation and cost about $600 million to develop. it's now up to the world health organization to determine the rollout date. it could be as early as 2016. >> rose: this is really important. >> huge. >> rose: thank you john. the malaria vaccine was tested in seven african countries including kenya. president obama flew there today for a family reunionen and talks
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on muslim extremists. major garrett is there in nairobi. >> reporter: president obama was immediately greeted with a hug from half systemser auma and then dinner with relatives and grandmother known as mama sarah he visited here in 2006. in the sign of security concerns here, the president will not be traveling to that village on this trip. kenya is on edge because of the continued threat from the al quaida affiliated al-shabaab. in 2013, terrorists from the group attacked the up scale west gate mall killing 67. just as april al-shabaab targeted christian students at garissa university ultimately joseph boinnet runs kenya's national police force and is overseeing installation of hundreds of security cameras in major cities. >> we started off with about
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200, now are working towards putting in place more than 400. >> reporter: now video feeds from nairobi garissa and pour in. al-shabaab is a danger. >> it is. out of somalia. we are working very, very hard to fix that problem. >> reporter: the president's visit is a source of enormous national pride. one boinnet and forces hope will not be marred by violence. major garrett, cbs news nairobi, kenya. >> rose: airlines are accused of jacking up prices while amtrak is out of service. hulk hogan's racial slur caught on video. a run away cat causes trouble on the tracks when the cbs news continues.
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>> rose: today, the government opened an investigation of five major airlines for possible price gouging. they're accused of charging sky-high fares while amtrak service was suspended. here is kris van cleave. >> reporter: the report of fares as high as $2300 between new york and d.c. prompted the department of transportation investigation. that $2,300 ticket is more than five times what the same flight colonels today even if booked at the last minute. transportation secretary anthony foxx. >> we have sufficient information to be concerned about it, i'll just put it that way. part of what an investigation is drawing down into what the facts are in trying to understand what's there. >> reporter: in a letter d.o.t. instructed five major airlines to turn over fare records for flights between 11 airports from may 12 to may 17, days amtrak service was interrupted after train 188 derailed outside philadelphia
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killing 8 and damaging the rail line. >> i've never seen fares that high. >> reporter: george hobica is the founder of the air fare watchdog and his tome noticed the fares strike after the crash. >> airlines are always trying to get as much as they can for a seat and i think they went too far. >> reporter: all five airlines tell cbs news they will cooperate. american denied wrongdoing. delta accused of the $2,300 fare said it did not increase air fares following the crash added it lowered prices, honored existing amtrak tickets and increased seat capacity. one of the questions unanswered here, those sky high air fares are they a preexisting part of the airline structure. the department of justice is also investigating airline pricing. >> rose: thanks kris. it's friday so steve hartman "on the road" is coming up. first, flying umbrellas.
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>> rose: good, world wrestling entertainment terminated the contract of one of its biggest stars, hulk hogan. this followed a report hogan was caught using racial slurs on a sex video at the heart of invasion of a privacy suit. hogan apologized today. the incoming storm this week whipped it quite a sight in ocean city maryland. the wind sent more than a dozen umbrellas sailing down the beach. a number of people, including the folks renting the run away parasols had to scramble out of the way. one down and eight lives to go for george the cat in new york yesterday. he got scared, broke his leash and ran on to subway tracks. the train hit the brakes and waited while he was rescued. catastrophe averted. in a moment, a story from steve hartman's "on the road" next. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital.
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>> rose: there's no more basic tool than a simple needle and thread, and in the right hands they can have amazing power. here's steve hartman, "on the road." (siren) >> reporter: when most people look at the streets of the tenderloin district in downtown san francisco, they see drugs crime and homelessness. >> i find the tenderloin the most beautiful magical place. >> we looking at the same place. >> reporter: this is michael swaine. >> i think we are. >> reporter: his unique perspective comes from a 15-year mission to mend this neighborhood -- literally mend this neighborhood. once a month this college art teacher sets up a sewing machine on the sidewalk and stitch by stitch, repairs the fabric of his community, all for free. >> i don't need any money.
6:57 pm
give it to someone wholes needs the money. >> reporter: it's such a simple gesture but means so much to the residents here. >> it's like, i got that back! something i thought i lost, i got it back. >> he's fixing them and making them better. i don't have the money just to waste. who wants to come sit in these nasty, crimey growths and fix them. >> reporter: it's a good answer. >> the sewing machine is more than a tool for mending. it's also a tool for making people stop. what stories do you have for us today, veronica? >> the too comfortable around. >> reporter: michael started sewing for strangers after he found this antique tossed to the curb. it was his way of paying it forward. in the years sense it has become less about letting out pants and more about taking in stories. about building community. >> all this team work. we work together, you know what i'm saying? >> i really appreciate from the bottom of my heart what he does for the neighborhood.
6:58 pm
>> he's touching the world with his gift, and i honor him and i thank him. >> reporter: like an old pair of jeans, the tenderloin will probably never be good as new but thanks to people like michael -- >> this material has a little stretch. >> reporter: still got a lot of life left in it. >> i'm so grateful. thank you so much. >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road," in san francisco. >> rose: small things become big things in the right hands. our san francisco station kpx reports michael swaine is moving next months to seattle but leaving the sewing machine so his assistant can take over. they're not dropping a stitch. that's cbs news. scott will be here sunday on "60 minutes" and back here
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one month after a grisly crash claimed two young lives we are learning more about what happened inside that car just moments before the impact. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. we have some new information on that north potomac crash investigation and it is something you will see only on 9 tonight. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren. we've learned some items shared on social media may be critical to this investigation including video shot from inside the car minutes before impact. the memorial has faded. the collective pain of the community has not. >> this is a serious case, two young people died. >> reporter: the june 25th crash killed


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