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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ . we begin with breaking news of a deadly shooting of a news crew in mometa, virginia -- moneta, virginia. the man who pulled the trigger is lester flanagan. he posted the carnage on social
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media. deal deem joins us with breaking -- delia goncalves joins us with breaking news. >> reporter: we have learned that the suspect 41-year-old bryce williams, his on air name apparently took his own life on i-66. that has been confirmed. we have a crew on the way. sky 9 is heading to that scene as well. we hope to have pore information for you. -- more information for you. we are told that the suspect approached the news crew early this morning around 6:45 as they were condpucting a live -- conducting a live interview on tourism. we're choosing not to show this video to you. it is horrifying. you hear gunshots, screaming and then the camera falls to the ground. the reporter is seen running away. then she was shot dead. reporter alison parker just turned 24 years old. photographer adam ward just turned 27. young journalists gunned down during a live report at 6:45
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this morning. their colleague continued the broadcast shakenned by the brutal attack that unfolded before their eyes broadcast to their neighbors. >> we're all in a state of shock. you can hear people behind us in the newsroom crying. it's just really hard. >> it's really hard to even comprehend. we cover these things all the time but it's really tough. >> this is different. >>it's tough covering it when you don't know the people but when it's two of your own. >> reporter: police immediately placed nearby schools on lockdown. f.b.i. and a.t.f. agents helped search for the suspect captured on adam ward's camera while the young photographer lay on the ground taking his last breath. it's a frightening image of fear, hate, death that took to young journalists who were just doing their jobs beginning a career full of hope and possibility. >> i'm in contact with colonel flaherty, the head of our police and secretary moran. they'll keep us up to date. they need to do their job and get the suspect. they know who the suspect is
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and need to bring him into custody peacefully and protect other lives. >> reporter: as we mentioned, the suspect used social media to get this horrifying image out. we have since learned that that twitter page has been removed. i can tell you a bit about the victims. the reporter alison parker was dating one of the station's anchors. photographer adam ward was engaged to a producer who unfortunately was in the control room while all of this was unfolding before her. you can imagine we're shaken up. we are shaken up because we are out in the field every day. >> in the mornings just like this crew was. >> just like this crew doing a routine live shot. and you never know what can occur. so we are shaken. i can only imagine what the crew over in roanoke is feeling right now. so our hearts certainly go out to them. >> absolutely do. wdbj is in our prayers. thank you, delia. the suspected gunman, 41-
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year-old lester lee flanagan also known as bryce williams killed himself as authorities closed in on him on route 66. he shot and killed the photographer and reporter while on air during the live morning newscast. we're going to continue to follow this developing story and get you the latest. you can join us on facebook, twicer and our wusa9 app. a homicide rate, the total in the district is now at 103 for the year so far. mayor muriel bowser wants more police power. mayor bowser says the plan could include filling gaps in some laws that already exist. bowser wants the city council to grant more authority to police to curb the growing rate of violent crime and to get repeat offenders off the streets. one proposal would close a loophole that prohibits officers from serchg cars or homes of -- searching cars or homes of people on probation and immediately lock up anybody found in violation. investigators at a home on mill stone court. they are trying to determine how a woman died there. her body was found yesterday morning after neighbors saw
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dogs running in and out of the home. police also found a baby in that home. the child was not hurt. the autopsy will be performed today. authorities say the unidentified woman suffered trauma to her upper body in this. metro officials are meeting today to discuss the ruts of an investigation into that derailment earlier this month at smithsonian metro station. our media partners at "the washington post" report that special closed door session will review the ruts of the investigation -- results of the investigation into the august 6 derailment and discuss potential disciplinary action against agency employees. it's determined that the problem led to the derailment of an empty train detected back in july. you knew d.c. traffic was bad. did you know it is the worst in the entire country? it is official beating out other top cities. nikki burdine has more on the study and why some drivers say it is so bad. >> reporter: it's not exactly breaking news. a new study came out and says that d.c. has the worst traffic in the country, but you didn't
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need a study to tell you that. if you live in the dmv and you drive in this earks you know just how -- in this area, you know just how horrible traffic can be. >> yeah, i can believe that. for the amount of time that's wasted in traffic is staggering. >> reporter: not surprising but still frustrating. >> stuff is clogged up very suddenly. there's no standard rush hour. you think it's not rush hour and it might be rush hour at 12:00 or 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: we beat l.a., new york and san francisco. d.c. your honor top honors in many areas. this year we were named the fittest city but this number one ranking the worst traffic in the country is not something to boast about. >>it's frustrating. at one point i even changed jobs specifically because it would have saved me time on my commute. >> reporter: for chris, the public transportation alternative proved to be even less effective. >> even if you wanted to use the public transportation system, it's so expensive and so inefficient in ways that it really negates the benefits. >> reporter: according to the study rush hour congestion ats
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82 hours of gridlock suffering each year to the average commuter in the dmv. >> the job i was doing before, it was about 20 minutes. that was only because i worked an off shift. >> reporter: maybe that's the trick. you go to work at odd hours like we do, say, 3:00 in the morning. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> the study says by 2020 average delays will grow to 47 hours and the total delay will climb to 8.3 billion hours. the washington monument is reopened now after the crews had to fix a broken elevator there. last night dozens of visitors had to walk down 500 feet of stairs so they could get out of the monument. firefighters also had to help two pregnant women make the trek down. u.s. park police say an issue this time with the elevator door contacts is what caused the outage. the monument was closed several times earlier this year because of electrical problems with the elevator. straight ahead on the news at noon, an american history -- a peefs american history discovered -- piece of american history discovered at the bottom of a nearby river. how they got there is a
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we continue to follow the breaking story about that shooting after tv reporter and photographer out of roanoke in virginia. wdbj. we just learned the suspect lester flanagan moments ago we had reports he was dead. we're now getting another report saying he is in very critical condition but police have caught up with him on route 66. once again the suspect in the shooting of a tv reporter and photographer from wdbj in roanoke at no point is -- at this point is alive but in critical condition. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. the coast guard and police divers are searching for a fishing boat that might have capsized in the waters off new jersey. so far some debris including a life ring has been found but there is no sign of the 40-foot
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patroller -- 40-foot troller. it is not clear if anyone was on board when the boat went under. a gunman is facing fehr rich -- terrorism charges for his foiled attack on a european train. we have more on the investigation and the latest on the american airmen who was helping prevent the attack. >> reporter: bryant folded ayoub el-khazzani was escorted to face the charges in a french court. he pumped himself up for the attack by watching a jihaddist video insides the bathroom of the train before emerging shirtless and strapped with 270 rounds of ammunition. he said moroccan born el- khazzani was intent on killing a whole train load of people if not stopped by those passengers on board. french american mark moulgalian was the only one who took a
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bullet trying. >> i hear somebody saying, an american. i'm sorry for my language. [ bleep [ . i see two guys running. >> reporter: the gunman saw them, too, and took aim. stone thought it was all over. >> the guy kept pulling weapons left and right. pulled another handgun. seemed like he had pointed it backwards and clicked it on my head. it wasn't working either. every time i heard a click, i just just -- i was like oh, i'm still alive. oh, i'm still alive and then we hit each other. >> reporter: when stone saw a bullet had sheared through an artery in his husband's neck, it not only stopped the bleeding but the fear of dying. >> stone helped reassure the passenger keeping him talking and telling him everything was going to be okay. enjoy the mild weather while you can. erica grow is up next with the forecast. she'll tell you why. >> that's right because heat and humidity will return this
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weekend but in the meantime, anothe
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we want to bring you up to date on our breaking news. we just learned that the suspect in a shooting where a
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tv reporter and photographer were killed this morning while doing a live shot, this is a picture of that suspect, lester flanagan is in very critical condition. we had earlier reports he had passed away. that is not the case. our updated information indicates that the suspect in this early morning shooting is in very critical condition. police did catch up with him on i-66. he is accused of shooting and killing a tv reporter from wdbj in roanoke, shooting it with a cell phone camera and posting it online. to tons of confiscated ivory was destroyed today in thailand. the country's prime minister and delegation of officials witnessed the destruction at a special ceremony in bangkok. thailand it one of the top destinations for african ivory smuggling in asia. there could be sanctions.
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the ceo of a popular wine train says he is sorry. he apologized to a predominantly black book club who were kicked off the train for being disrupted. they boarded the train expecting to have a good time. that did not happen. >> we shouldn't have been subjected for being -- to being ejected from a train for laughing because we're black. that's what we firmly believe. >> up to 50 members of the book club and their friends can ride in a reserved car at no charge. a rare piece of maryland history has surfaced on the eastern shore. it's a 200-year-old shipwreck. it's been found near the town of vienna. the big question, what sent it to the bottom? >> chances are you crossed the route 50 bridge on the way to ocean city. it spans the river at the old port town of vienna. in april a state highway crew clearing debris from beneath the bridge started pulling up some very old wood. it turns out to be ship's
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timbers. tree rings were counted to set the age. >> we can estimate that we're looking at a ship that was circa sometime during the -- after the 1750s or so. so the last half of the 18th century. a 45-foot merchant vessel possibly built at a chesapeake plantation. >> the rivers, those were our interstates back then. that's a place where they moved a lot of people, goods, produce, you name it. >> reporter: and a place where recovering shipwrecks is rare. >> we hardly ever are able to exam shipwrecks because they stay buried in our sediments at the bottom of rivers. >> reporter: what brought the vessel here and why it sank is unknown. but one theory celebrated every july 4, the ship may have been burned by british sympathizers during the revolutionary war. >> because this shipwreck has these burned timbers, it's very, very possible -- [ inaudible ] to be able to have
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the chance to finally get a chance to touch and to examine a shipwreck that's over 200 years old, it's wonderful. >> that was alex demetric reporting. the remains of the ship are currently undergoing preservation work in calvert county. firefighters in washington state are keeping an eye on rising temperatures and winds that threaten to expand these wildfires there. that includes the largest wildfire on record in the state. temperatures in the area are expected to climb into the 90s. and the winds are gusting to 20 miles an hour. take a look at the skies over phoenix. this is the result of a monsoon that slammed into the area. the storm brought heavy rains, high winds, and a massive wall of dust. 11 people got stranded in their cars after power lines came down on a highway there. we, it's a spanish tradition no matter how you slice it. more than 20,000 people pelted each other with tomatoes during the festival. it just turned 70 years old this year. people packed the streets of
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the tiny spanish town which turned interest a sea of red pulp as it does every year. afterwards the tradition is to take a shower, i would imagine. >> they need it after that. each day could not be better than the next lately. wow, are we blessed the. >> security -- blessed. >> absolutely. we returned to the beautiful weather yesterday getting a repeat performance today and a repeat repeat tomorrow. so we're going to get to enjoy this for a little bit longer. let's get it started with a look at our allergy report. the one kind of fly in the ointment here, that weed pollen and mold spores are both high. as a matter of fact, weed pollen is very high and we are nearing the peak of ragweed season. that's when it's going to be the worst for you fall allergy sufferers. i'm one of them. in the michael & son weather cam shot, we have the washington monument and lots of blue sky. that's the way it will stay this afternoon. 82 degrees at 3:00. 81 with nothing but sunshine as you're heading back home from work. 75 degrees at 9:00 and clear skies. going to be a great night for
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scar gazing in the suburbs. right now 75 degrees in frederick. 37 in leesburg and culpeper. 76 in fredricksburg. 77 right now in washington and at andrews. i wanted to show you the dew points because that is really at thing. when you have dew points in the 50s, it feels nice and refreshing. that's what we've got. 55 degrees in leesburg and frederick for the dew point numbers. 50 at andrews. even close to the water the dew points aren't bad. you look north and west, dew points in the 40s. that's a fall-like feel when you have dew points that low. on satellite and radar, we have high pressure to the west. that northerly breeze is going to keep things dry. it's going to keep things comfortable, not only today but also tomorrow. so it's a great night to head down to the ballpark as the curly withs are -- ws are taking on the padres. 81 degrees as you're heading down there. 77 degrees at 8:00. the sun will be down but temperatures are still going to be nice and comfortable. 73 degrees at 10:00 as you're heading back home, hopefully with a nats victory. and of course great beach weather, too. we're really dealing with nothing but sunshine for the
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next couple of days. 81 degrees at ocean city on wednesday, thursday we'll be at 82 degrees with a good amount of sunshine as well. bethany beach just 80s across the board and tons of sunshine. it's going to be nice and comfortable. the water temperature still in the 70s. it's a great time to be down at the delmarva beaches. forecast highs for today, we're at 18 in manassas and leesburg this afternoon. 78 degrees in martinsburg. 80 at andrews and 84 in downtown d.c. over overnight tonight we'll stay a little bit on the warmer side close to the water. washington down 2066. 62 -- to 66. 62 in fredricksburg. look at the 50s north and west. we'll dip down to 57 in hagerstown and winchester. 58 in leesburg. another great night to open up the windows and we'll get a repeat performance on thursday. # 4 again. partly -- 84 again. partly to mostly sunny again and cooling down at night again so you can really enjoy in nice stretch of weather. it will still be nice on friday. just a touch warmer and more humid. a high of 86 degrees. dew points will return to the 60s so it will feel a little
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more humid, noticeably so but it's really on saturday and sunday unfortunately your weekend days where we have the heat and humidity and the chance for thunderstorms. the best chance for a storm will be on sunday and then we clear it out. but we have a ridge moving in and that's going to bring our temperatures
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welcome back to our breaking news now that we've had throughout the morning. this is the suspect in a shooting that took place earlier this morning at wdbj in roanoke. this man, his name is vester flanagan. his on air name was bryce williams. police say this suspect is thousand in very critical condition. he is accused of shooting and killing a reporter and a photographer at wdbj in roanoke during a live shot this morning. the reporter's name is alison parker. she just turned 24 years old. adam ward, the photographer just turned 27. this is the tv crew that was killed this morning and the suspect vester flanagan is in very critical condition after police were able to catch up with him on route 66 this morning. stay with us on tv, online and of course on the wusa9 app. we'll keep you updated throughout the day today. it will be a beautiful day weather wise. >> we're still looking g. high temperature 84 degrees --
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looking good. high temperature 84 degrees. lots of sunshine, low humidity. thank you for joining us. our prayers are with the crew at wdbj. take care, everybody.
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>> adam: just tell me where to sign, and we can make the purchase of this home official. >> chelsea: what? >> adam: chelsea, hey. this is margot. she's a real-estate agent. >> chelsea: bonjour. >> margot: bonjour. >> chelsea: gabe, we never agreed to buy a home. >> adam: uh, well, that is -- that's true. but, um, i wanted to surprise you, so made an offer. >> chelsea: so, um -- so, it's, like, a done deal? >> margot: [ french accent ] not quite. the current owner wants to meet with mr. bingham before she approves the sale. >> adam: uh, great. so, i'll -- i'll be in touch with you, and we can go ahead and set that up, okay? >> margot: bon. >> adam: all right, great. thank you for coming by. [ door closes ] you're upset. i understand. okay. sh


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