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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 23, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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wusa9 presents pope francis in america, washington d.c. >> it has been a historic day in d.c. pope francis made a man a saint, kissed babies, hugged a little girl and greeted thousands of admirers from around the world. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster and, of course, our bruce johnson has been anchoring coverage from the basilica of the national shrine where the canonization mass just wrapped up. bruce, you got to see it with your own eyes and feel it with your own heart. tell us what it was like to be there. >> reporter: that about sums it up. we saw it, we heard it, we felt it. the pope is in that little fiat headed back uptown to 34th and
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mass, the vatican embassy. we'll go to mola lenghi live as soon as we capture him on our cameras. the spirit of the world tells us to be like everybody else, to settle for what comes easy. we must regain the conviction that we need one another that, we have a shared responsibility for others and for the world is what pope francis said here to some 25,000 people and we ate it all up. he had a lot more to say about looking out for one another, that it's not just about us, stop being so selfish. i thought it was a great speech. the service itself was incredible, the singing, the vibe. scores of people took to communion including many members of the media up here. it was an incredible event, i'm sure nobody will leave here the same as they came in. the catholic church has a new saint tonight, a pope born in europe and called to the americas. jan jeffcoat has that story. [ cheering and applause ] >> he arrived by popemobile,
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pope francis waving to a sea of people along the route to the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he came to celebrate a mass of canonization for franciscan friar junipero serra, the first canonization on u.s. soil. >> in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, peace be with you. >> in the 1700's serra left spain for the new world, ministered to the people of mexico, then traveled north and established catholic missions along the california coast. the archbishop of washington cardinal wuerl addressed the pope to present serra's name for sainthood. >> the holy mother church earnestly beseeches your holiness to enter blessed junipero serra among the saints. >> the pope's reply in latin.
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[ speaking latin ] >> relics of the new saint were placed on the altar. then cardinal wuerl again thanking the pope. >> most holy father, in the name of the holy church i thank your holiness for making this proclamation. >> and it was done, a new saint, junipero serra. jan jeffcoat, wusa9. >> reporter: pope francis said serra lived by the motto keep moving forward and urged all of us to do the same. now we're waiting for the pope to arrive back at the vatican embassy in northwest where he'll spend the rest of the night with nothing else on his official schedule. we've got a live look at the scene in northwest. we're told pope francis should be there soon. it's right across the street from the vice president's residence. one of the highlights of the day was the papal parade. you saw this many times over. this is the best chance for thousands of people to catch a
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glimpse of pope francis. they crowded the national mall as the pontiff waved from a specially fitted jeep wrangler. people cheered and waved as a secret service agent or two or more plucked a couple of lucky babies from the crowd for a special papal blessing. the most memorable moment, of course, happened when a young girl slipped through the police and secret service barricade and tried to greet the pope. we have this close-up video of when it happened. she backed away when a bodyguard came near, but then the pope spotted her and motioned for her to come to him. she let the bodyguard pick her up and bring her to francis for a papal kiss and blessing. an immigration advocacy group said the little girl is 5-year- old sophie cruz from california carrying a letter and t-shirt with a message about the status of immigrant parents of children who are born in the u.s. the guard put both of the
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items in the popemobile and she ran back to her family tears streaming down her face. clearly she and her loved 1 and all of us were touched -- loved ones and all of us were touched by the pope's kind gesture. people from around the world were at the parade and basilica. many told our surae chinn they just wanted to be part of history. >> welcome to the usa! >> pope francis, all the way from chicago! >> reporter: the singing and the signs all to show their love for pope francis. the crowd chants we feel, we see the pope is present. >> to see the pope and like pray for him and tell him to pray for us, too. >> we got up at 1:30 in the morning to drive him from mission, virginia, my sister and i. they drove all wait from chicago, left yesterday at 11:00. >> we can't wait to see him. >> reporter: people have lined
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both sides of constitution avenue. many have traveled very far to see the holy father. >> it's like a chance for all of us to get together and just celebrate whatever like catholicism. >> reporter: and you traveled all the way from where? >> from michigan. >> reporter: the young and old and everyone in between want to be in the presence of the pope. >> he's the head of the church. >> reporter: for some it's a deep keck of faith towards the pope and sometimes -- connection of faith towards the pope and sometimes it's the simple things. >> he loves to take selfies. i think that's awesome. the way that he talks to people is just amazing. >> >> reporter: pope francis started his day at the white house, more than 15,000 people on the south lawn to witness the historic joint appearance
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by pope francis and president barack obama. our andrea mccarren was there. >> reporter: the pope's remarks here at the white house offered a preview of what he may say to congress. he did not shy away from controversial issues from climate change to integration to marriage. by the time pope francis left the white house he'd etched a lasting impression on the thousands who gathered to hear him speak including a delegation of hundreds of cardinals and bishops. the pope jumped right into controversial issues like immigration. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country which was largely built by such families. >> reporter: as journalists from around the world documented his first visit to the united states. the pope spent the greatest
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portion of his speech on climate change. >> mr. president, i am finding it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. >> reporter: president obama applauded the pope's efforts to help the poor, the sick and the vulnerable. >> you shake our conscience from slumber and give us confidence that we can come together in humility and service. >> reporter: president obama gave pope francis two gifts, first the sculpture of a dove which is the international symbol of peace and the christian symbol for the holy spirit. he also gave the pope a key to the maryland home of elizabeth ann seton, the first native born american to be declared a saint. at the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> reporter: wish we could tell you how all these people were at the basilica got here and how they're going home. metro this morning was saying ridership was down 14%.
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that means a lot of federal and local government workers stayed home, did a lot of telecommuting and it also means a lot of people walked to this event in northeast. you saw a lot of people on the sidewalks. lesli, jan, back to you. >> looks like a lot of people have started to clear out already now that the mass is over. bruce may be there by himself for a little while. thank you. of course, pope francis wraps up his d.c. visit tomorrow. we'll start with a historic speech to a joint session of congress. then thousands of people are expected to gather outside the capitol to watch it live on jumbotrons. they might also catch a glimpse of francis when he makes a quick appearance on the west steps of the capitol. then it's over to st. patrick's catholic church where he's expect to serve lunch to hundreds -- expected to serve lunch to hundreds of the district's less fortunate. we know that is a really important part of what this
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pope intends to do. after that pope francis will rest up before his 4:00 flight to new york city. if you're planning to heading to the national mall tomorrow, there's a huge list of items to keep home including big bags, signs, chairs, coolers and selfie sticks. that list plus road closures are on the free wusa9 app and on you'll be able to watch all of the events live. topper? what a great day for the pope, a great beginning to fall. low temps tonight kind of chilly, 50 in leesburg tonight, 51 in haymarket, manassas, downtown 59 or 60. we'll come back, tell you how temps recover tomorrow and look ahead to some unkettled weather over the weekend. >> and -- unsettled weather over the weekend. >> and we are waiting for pope francis to pull back into
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not everyone was happy to hear the pope's message. some protesters were willing to be arrested while trying to make their voices heard. >> but they were the minority at a d.c. cathedral today where catholic leaders held prayers for the pontiff. the pope took part -- >> reporter: the pope took part in a midday prayer service at the historic cathedral of st. matthew. it was an opportunity for bishops around the country to meet in person with pope francis. it looked like a convention of bishops as 10 buses pull up to the cathedral and 300 of them step out. the anticipation grows and minutes later pope francis arrives in that small black fiat. washington's archbishop cardinal donald wuerl greets francis with a huge smile, a shout from a fellow hispanic in the press corps catching the pope's attention and a wave. >> for me it's very emotional. >> reporter: pope francis is head into st. matthews, the mother church for washington's catholics, to lead a midday prayer for hundreds of
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catholics. >> it was spectacular. it was really great. >> reporter: just as midday prayer begins protesters a block away just outside the extremely tight security zone blocked connecticut avenue. they want to see the church allow women priests. >> we are here to deliver a message to pope francis about the equality of women and to recognize that he has left women out of all of his conversations. >> reporter: when they refused to move and police begin arresting and moving them, spectators cheer. their issue was not mentioned by the pope in his remarks today, but another even more sensitive issue was. >> and when we bring sacor, then the victims have healed and we have to hope that such crimes will never repeat themselves. >> reporter: attendees were pleased at his frank discussion. >> i think it was great he hit it head on. i think he's trying it make a point that it's a fact. we're going to get through it and you need to be very aware of it. >> i think it will make
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changes. i don't know how fast it will happen. people got to start getting serious about something. >> reporter: and this lady got to sing for the pope. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: her mother was ecstatic. >> i said this is what i want for my birthday and see my daughter sing. >> reporter: it was a memorable day for all here. at st. matthews peggy fox, wusa9. >> all day long we've been introducing you to the people that have traveled near and far to try and catch a glimpse of pope francis. our ellison barber has the story of 1 family who drove 18 hours for their son. >> reporter: the martinez family stood on this sidewalk and held their 11-year-old son over the fence hoping the pope would stop. on sunday the family packed up their car and headed north. >> we got in our car sunday and came up from miami, florida, to see the pope. >> reporter: they came with their two children christina and simon. >> he has a rare metabolic
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disorder. he suffered brain damage when he was 6 months old. >> reporter: each one had expectations for the day. >> maybe he'll touch me in some special way and touch all of us here. >> reporter: but most of their hopes revolved around simon. >> i hope that he actually approaches us and maybe he can send a little blessing my son's way. he's very aware of what is happening, he's a smart little guy. so he would absolutely love it. >> reporter: for hours they sat inside the theological college and waited. when they finally ventured down to the road where pope francis would drive by, they lifted their son and once again waited until finally they saw police lights. pope francis passed in front of them and just as quickly as he appeared he was gone. it wasn't the exact moment they dreamed of, but somehow still exceeded their expectations. >> it's just a glimpse of heaven, a glimpse of christ.
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it's surreal to see him in person and see the vicar of christ driving by. >> he is very special to us and brings joy to everybody. >> reporter: it was a special day for a lot of people, certainly a special day for this family. >> and the martinez family was able to get so close to the pope thanks to the nonprofit called the national catholic partnership on disabilities. >> we have so many pictures and videos from this historic day in d.c. we cannot fit all of them into the newscast unfortunately, but we do have them all on and on the free wusa9 app. after the break topper's got a look at the weather for the pope's les day in the
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>> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by zocdoc. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right. a beautiful evening, a beautiful day and right now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 74. look at the dew point. i pointed out 49. what that means is it's going to be chilly he tonight, clear skies, calm -- chilly tonight, clear skies, calm winds. bus stop temperatures 50 to
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about 70. i think a sweatshirt is a good idea if you're out there early. still very warm tomorrow and then showers and drizzle threaten friday and quite frankly threaten saturday and sunday as well. 10:00 tonight in the 60s primarily, 61 in fredermaybe 62 toward gaithersburg, olney and manassas. by morning kind of cool, 52 in frederick, maybe 61 downtown, 54 in leesburg, 57 in la plata. 78 at 1:00 downtown, 75 in hagerstown and cumberland as well. so for the day planner looks like this. 66 at 9:00, 73 at 11:00, full sun and 78 at 1:00. we're still in pretty good shape tomorrow. then we go downhill, showers or drizzle possible friday, 76, heaviest activity south and more showers and drizzle possible saturday, only 72. next seven days sunday may have the same pattern and break out
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into sunshine monday,
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hi, bruce johnson back here at the basilica. they're wrapping up here. everything will be cleared out of here probably by 11:30 tonight. we're tracking the pope. we're told he's now on florida avenue making his way north from the embassy going towards the vice president's. mola lenghi will bring us the shot live. >> reporter: looks like the front end of the convoy is starting to pull in. we're told the pope is on florida avenue as of about a minute ago, so we're expecting him really any moment now looking for that fiat. he will be greeted as he is every time he has come back here to the vatican embassy by groups, scores of people. these are all catholic schoolchildren here waiting to see him. every time the pope has come to or left the vatican embassy there and that's been several times today he's just been greeted with these crowds. he embraces and hugs the
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catholic schoolchildren who have been screaming with excitement waiting for his arrival right now. i heard one of these catholic students out here couldn't have been old are than 10, 11 -- older than 10, 11, 12 years old say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. even at that age they seem to be able to grasp how special and unique of a moment this is. >> reporter: i should remind you the pope is 78 years old getting back to the vatican. he needs his rest. you can see he's held up on both sides. he's had a very intense day. hopefully he gets some rest and we'll see him back here tomorrow in the best of health. >> he's got a big task tomorrow to address congress. he'll need all his energy for that and meeting with homeless people later in the day. >> catholic charities. thank you, bruce. see you back here at 11:00. remember you can follow along with all of our coverage live on the free wusa9 app because we're actually streaming it. >> that's right. we'll be back at 11:00. thank you for tuning in.
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victoria beckham's stumbling party exit. what happened? plus celebs making the pilgrimage to d.c. to see the pope. >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> pope, there it is! >> the networks are all stepping up. >> inside the media madness for a fiat-riding pope francis today. why the stars are fired up? >> plus -- >> are newly single "voice" coaches gwen and blake dating? as beckham props up his wife. did she party too much? >> theavn lelee a gacy for your children. >> inside frank gifford's will. who will his reported $10 millfoion rtune? >> my vocal cord was cut open. >> donny osmond's first interview after throat surgery. can he still sing? >> i thought my career is over with. >> you say it. it's not something i like to be called.


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