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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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substantially, simplifying and getting rid of deductions that are actually obsolete. >> reporter: single people making less than $25,000 a year and married couples making less than 50 under trump's plan would pay no taxes. the top individual tax rate would cut off at 20 five%. trump said he'd cut -- 25%. trump said he'd court the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15 -- cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. the proposal is already getting reaction from sandra levin, the ranking member of the house ways and means committee. >> i think i would look at it and then i would throw it in the basket. >> reporter: to tax advocate grover norquist. >> if you have strong growth, then without raising taxes you can afford more things. if there were 12 million more americans not paying taxes today, the government would have more money. >> reporter: to people on the streets of northwest d.c.
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>> i definitely want to read more about it. i like the basic idea of eliminating income taxes on people who earn that little. >> i don't believe anything donald trump says and he wants a lot of press and media and he wants it his way or no way, but i don't really believe i would benefit from anything that he has to say. >> reporter: trump says he'll pay for the plan in part by scaling back deductions. he's also calling for a one time mandatory tax on u.s. corporations making overseas profits. in northwest i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> some say this plan is reminiscent of other republican proposals, namely linked to jeb bush. bushel's campaign said his plan would eliminate federal income tax -- bush's campaign said his plan would eliminate federal income taxes for about 15 million families. trump said his plan would get rid of them for 31 million happens. pretty close call for carly fiorina during the national convention of women business owners last night in san
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antonio. security rushers rushed to her aid. she was not hurt when the curtain came down and continued on with her speech. cnn says vice president joe biden can participate in the first democratic presidential debate on october 13th even if he declares his candidacy that day. the debate rules state candidates with an average of  1% support in three polls are invited to participate. biden has yet to confirm whether he's running or not. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin are holding their first face to face meeting in nearly a year this evening at the united nations. during their speeches earlier today to the u.n. general assembly the two world leaders showed just how divided they are on the crisis in syria. here is the report. >> reporter: president barack obama addressed the u.n. general assembly with stern words about syrian leader bashar al assad whom he called a tyrant. the president said he is
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willing to work with russia and iran to find a solution. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of 1 nation's internal affairs. it breed's suffering that affects us all. >> reporter: vladimir putin spoke to the world body for the first time in nearly a decade. he maintained support for the syrian leader saying it would be a mistake to abandon the current government in its battle against isis. translator: no one but president assad's armed forces and militia are truly fighting the islamic state and all the terrorist organizations in syria. >> reporter: outside the u.n. hundreds of protesters who support ukraine, they say that the syrian conflict is a side story to the brutality happening in that country. >> that's the whole point of putin creating that story just to make sure that -- syria story just to make sure that people will not care about ukraine anymore. that's why we're here to remind
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people what's going on in ukraine. >> reporter: both presidents disagree on what caused the ukraine crisis. they agree the ukraine future should be decided by its people. >> president barack obama told the general assembly that the world cannot watch as russia violates ukraine's integrity. he says if there are no consequences for russia's annexation of crimea, that would happen to any other country in the united nations. taliban forces have been on the move in northern afghanistan. they captured most of the city of kundu. afghan officials say hundreds of cal ban forces stormed the city -- taliban forces stormed the city from all directions and seized government facilities. government sources have retreated to the city's airport. the international group doctors without borders says it's treated more than 100 wounded people. tonight a disturbing hike in the death toll from the stampede in saudi arabia.
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there have been about 1,100 fatalities documented. the president of iran says thousands were killed, but he's provided no evidence to support that. saudi officials say the stampede began when two waves of muslim pilgrims converged on a narrow road. some much needed rain is on our way to the area, but could it disrupt tomorrow's commute? first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with more on our yellow alert. topper? >> i think tomorrow morning we're okay, but tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night a little different story. we're going to advance futurecast all the way to 4 p.m. tomorrow, a few showers across much of the metro area, warm despite the fact we're seeing showers and clouds, 80 downtown, upper 70s in the burbs and then by 6:00 big time showers out to the northwest along i-81 and also some big showers to the south of us down 95 into southern maryland that will begin to propagate northward. some of those will be heavy. by 8:00 we're seeing a little area of red around culpeper.
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that's the heaviest activity you can get. this will be a pretty heavy event going through 3 p.m. to midnight tomorrow. we'll stop it at 10:00. futurecast has been pretty consistent on this little area of heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms leesburg to martinsburg to hagerstown into frederick. we'll come back, talk about the possibility of a yellow weather alert for wednesday as well. here in the nation's capital your next ride in an ambulance could be with a private outfit. d.c.'s fire chief is asking for outside help. tomorrow chief gregory dean plans to ask the d.c. council to green light a plan to hire a private ambulance company for a one year trial run. under dean's plan d.c. fire and ems would still respond to all 911 calls. >> once we've evaluated the patient we'll make a determination is the patient stable and can they be transported by a private ambulance or do we need to have our paramedics come in and transport the patient? >> the fire chief says there would be three primary benefits.
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the city's ambulance crews would be freed up for more serious calls, they'd have more time for training and maintenance crews could keep the fleet already out there in better shape. dean had a similar private ambulance arrangement out in seattle when he was fire chief out there. a 22-year-old germantown man was denied bond today after police say he intentionally hit and killed another man with his car and drove away. 21-year-old william dean mcdaniel was killed friday in that hit and run on sweet spire drive in clarkbsurg. ryan salandy is charged with first degree murder. the two men argued after a business transaction and salandy got in his car and ran over mcdaniel. salandy drove to his germantown home where his mother called police. police say salandy confessed to the murder during questioning, but the defense questions why detectives held salandy until 4 a.m. to get that confession. >> when you first heard about the charges, what was the reaction? >> obviously shock, you know. anything like this is obviously
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disturbing. >> salandy's attorney maintains his innocence. coming up a major announcement that changes just about everything we thought we knew about life on mars. >> that's right. >> also ahead washington nats hand out punishment for yesterday's fight in their own dugout. >> but up next a local senator gives an indications of which day federal government may be leaning toward for relocating
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maryland senator ben cardin says prince george's county will likely win the competition for the location of the fbi's new headquarters. according to his spokesman, cardin's mark this morning is based on the quality of the county's mass transit services. the fbi, as you know, is considering two locations in prince george's county and a third in springfield, virginia. all three sites are within walking distance to a metro station. house majority leader kevin mccarthy has made it official. the california republican is running for house speaker hoping to succeed john boehner. mccarthy is also making headlines through the fight against terror. he says the united states should set up a no-fly zone in northern syria and should consider putting special forces on the ground in iraq to help win the fight against isis. talk of a possible plea deal today during a hearing in the dennis hastert hush money case. the former house speaker has pleaded not guilty to violating banking laws and lying to the fbi. prosecutors say he gave $3.5
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million to somebody to hide past misconducts. the payments were reportedly to conceal claims of sexual misconduct when he was a teacher and wrestling coach decades ago. virginia is preparing to execute a prison inmate for the first time in three years. he's been on death row the past five years. his execution is set for thursday. death penalty opponents have asked governor terry mcauliffe to intervene saying prieto should be exempt from the death penalty because he's had intellectual disabilities. virginia state nor mark obenshain -- senator mark obenshain will not run for personal reasons. he nearly lost a 2013 attorney general's race to democrat mark herring. other possible gop candidates include former rnc chairman ed gillespie, former virginia
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attorney general ken cuccinelli. coming up nasa announces a game changing discovery on the planet mars. >> but up next a fairfax county police chief reacts to an incident in which one of his of
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fairfax county police are backing the officer who was caught on camera tasing a man in the roseville shopping center in franconia last thursday. >> police released the suspect's name, but we still don't have the name of the police officer. peggy fox has the latest from police headquarters. >> brutality was unnecessary, the taser. he was already putting his hands on the car. >> reporter: pablo lara posted this video on social media. it shows a white fairfax county police officer tasing a black man at least once. the man falls to the ground and the officer stands over him holding his stun gun. the suspect had been walking through the parking lot. police apparently got a call someone matching his description stole a pair of sunglasses that belonged to a tell early at the nearby suntrust bank. >> the customer went into the manager's office, put his sunglasses on and left, which was weird, too and now i guess he's kind of like wandering around outside. >> reporter: police charged the suspect with larceny and
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assaulting an officer. to be charged with assaulting an officer i think that you would have to assault an officer and you didn't see that? >> no, nothing from beginning to end nothing. the guy simply turned around after he saw the officer pulled out the taser. the guy was -- by the time he got tased the guy was already with his hands on the hood. >> reporter: could the guy have spat at the officer? >> no. >> reporter: maybe thrown a punch you couldn't have seen? >> no. >> reporter: kicked him? >> no. >> reporter: you saw no assault? >> no assault. >> police officers take an oath of office and that's what we found through our investigation of the officer. the officer's written statements and i back my officer. if that is proven wrong, obviously there will be consequences for that, but the officer is sworn by oath to tell the truth. >> fairfax county -- fairfax county police say they've arrested the man who has been taking shots at
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buildings. malacarne is charged with five incidents since the end of july and is under investigation for at least three others. besides shooting unup oned buildings, mel car any is accused of -- malacarne is accused of damaging security cameras and shooting down a building elf -- shutting down a building elevator. no one has been hurt in these incidents. a police officer shot and killed a man who bit into one of his fingers along i-95 at the start of morning rush hour. authorities say the officers confronted the 31-year-old man after he crashed what was believed to be a stolen taxi. the officer was treated and released from the hospital. nasa announced today it has strong evidence that mars has flowing streams of salty water during the summer months. back in 2008 scientists confirmed the existence of frozen water on mars, but this new discovery has even wider ranging implications for the exploration of the red planet. >> it changes everything because it means that this liquid water can be used for
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irrigation, rocket fuel and drinking water. >> more exploration is needed to determine the source of water and whether it helped to support life on mars. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> freshwater would be better. saltwater, you know. >> you could make something. more like august today, temperatures a little above august, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still very nice, 81, a little humid, but not too bad. for this time of year temperatures don't go that high. we can handle 81 and 60% humidity, wind east, southeast at 9. we talked about this tropical depression 11 which is forecast by the national hurricane have to become a
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tropical storm. i'm going to show you the track. this is not written in stone, but it does become a drops tomorrow, winds about 50 -- a tropical storm tomorrow, winds about 50. then it turns northward and kinds of parallels the coast. there's going to be a frontal boundary just off the coast. it will probably become absorbed in that. that said this could bring us some heavy rain friday night into saturday. we'll keep you posted. it's got the howard homecoming game saturday and terps back in town saturday, so lots of stuff going on. just a few showers tonight. you can walk the dog, just isolated. bus stop temperatures mild, 64 to 74, yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. some storms are heavy between 3 p.m. and about midnight, so some could be heavy and a few could be severe. we'll keep an eye on it. 10:00 tonight just a few clouds, nothing crazy, temperatures warm upper 60s, low 70s. by morning a couple light showers, but i think the morning commute will be dry, 66
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gaithersburg, 67 in bowie, 65 in frederick, 66 in leesburg. by 9:00 we're right around 70 with a lot of clouds. by 1:00 we're seeing shower beginning to develop. these will work their way northward. we've got yellow, red, orange and these will become heavy between 3 p.m. and midnight. these could have some leave downpours that could result in flash flooding and perhaps even some small hail. so 72 by 9:00 on the day planner, 76 at 11:00, perhaps a shower or storm as early as 1 p.m. inside the beltway. wednesday we'll monitor that for a yellow weather alert yellow weather alert day. right now we'll keep it alone, but showers and storms, 77 and more showers and cooler 68. friday morning showers and clearing. this all kind of changes if hoe joaquin, the storm, gets closer
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to us. right now saturday around 70 for the burgundy and gold. this may bring us closer, the fight. >> you hope, so but there needs to be some changes in that club house for the nationals. it's a sight we never expected to see from the preseason world series favorites, but very telling how far this team has fallen. coming up general manager mike rizzo +
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> my, how the mighty have fallen. this is a weekend and possibly a season the nationals would like to forget. just one day after getting mathematically eliminated from
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the playoffs teammates and coaches had to separate two key players after a fight in the dugout. after this stunning sight in the nats dugout yesterday bryce harper sat out today's game and the team suspended jonathan papelbon without pay for four games. check out these photos tweeted out by washington post dan steinberg. the team store was selling papelbon jerseys, but a manager took them back to the storage area. now there's strasburg jerseys in its place, very telling. holden kushner has more. >> reporter: in an incident that began right here on sunday at nationals park, it came to a head today, jonathan papelbon suspended four games by the washington nationals, three game suspension from major league baseball meaning he won't be around the club for the rest of the season. bryce harper with punishment as well for his role in the incident not playing on monday. matt williams explains. >> well, again looking at it brief out of the corner of my eye initially, it was very quick.
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you have arguments in the dugout, didn't get a chance to see the full altercation until after. >> every player acquisition we make, makeup and character are a big portion of the evaluation process and we felt that what happened in the incident in the dugout was unacceptable and we acted accordingly. >> reporter: as for matt williams the jury is still out whether or not he'll even be the manager of the nationals in 2016. from nationals park i'm holden kushner, wusa9 sports. >> now the nationals trying their best to put this behind them, a makeup game against cincinnati, max scherzer pitching another gem. he took a no hitter into the 8th inning, finished with 10 strikeouts, so close to his second of the year. the nats offense had some fire behind them. nats win their final home game 5-1. now the burgundy and gold return home with a chance to
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get back to .500 this week, make a move in the division when they face the philadelphia eagle sunday, the loss to the g men thursday night quite the letdown, but this nfc east divisional race is still wide open. >> regardless of what's going on with the other teams it's so early in the season everyone has a chance right now, especially with how the records are. we're all 1-2 except dallas. they're 2-1. everyone really does have a chance in this division and hopefully we can take advantage of that. >> so redskins trying to get back in it. who would have thought the most dysfunctional team we'd be talking about now was the nationals. >> i want to know why bryce was punished. the man came at him. >> he was jawing at him, come and get me or let's go. >> that's why they both played a role in that. that's unfortunate. that's it
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>> pelley: the u.s. shuts down its effort to train syrian opposition forces, acknowledging an embarrassing failure. also tonight, the trump tax plan, the first review is in. >> we have an amazing code. >> pelley: and we'll have more of our conversation with trump. an alternative to chemo for breast cancer. a new study finds who could benefit. and a major discovery on mars. new evidence that there could be life on the planet next door. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the picture tells the story. at the u.n. today, two world leaders about as far apart as two can be and still exchange a


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