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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a live look at the national mall where tomorrow thousands of people will be gathering to mark the 20th anniversary of the million man march. how will it affect you being able to get around town. and it was a stormy night out there. will it affect the rally. >> a yellow weather alert impacted us tonight. lightning in the area canceled high school football games and outdoor events. this is a look at the storm moving through the university of maryland tonight. >> and heavy rains fell in d. c. right around the time a lot of you were headed home from
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work or headed out for friday night. no serious problems reported though. hopefully you remembered your umbrella or you got all wet. thanks for joining us tonight for wusa9 news at 11. >> i'm adam wongo and. >> it was bad timing between the rush hour and high school games. everything is south of us. we're clearing out. on the futurecast tomorrow morning it's going to be kind of cool. compared to our near 80 degrees today, 57 is going to feel chilly. 52 in gaithersburg, 51 in frederick and 54 in fairfax. by 8 a.m. temps aren't going anywhere, low to mid-50s still. by 10:00 still below 60 downtown. only 59 in frederickburg, mid- 50s in rockville and gaithersburg and fairfax. by noon we're finally crawling above 60, 62 downtown, 60 in
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leesburg and 61 in manassas. we'll come back. you might be surprised how cold it's going to be tomorrow night. warmer air on sunday and have your 3-degree guarantee. thank you. right now at 11, thousands of people are planning to hit capitol hill and the national mall when they wake up tomorrow. >> in the morning a huge rally commemorating the million man march will be held. it's called the justice. hank silverburg covered the original march and he's back live on capitol hill to tell us how tomorrow's rally will be different. >> unlike 20 years ago there's less controversy surrounding this rally. it's got a lot less hype than that one did but there are a lot of people who have a lot of big issues on their mind. >> cars have been towed and the security perimeter has been cleared in preparation for the justice or else rally. while the name sound like a threat, the people we talked to are focused on progress. >> a lot of has changed.
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a lot remains the same. we're seeing some of the same challenges that we saw 20 years ago. we see today in the same context. obviously we want to bring a much greater awareness to what we're seeing happening in terms of some of the violence that's occurring in our community. >> these are scenes in 1995. retired major general john hawkins was there then. >> we have issues that not only involve economics and the status with respect to freedoms, but also issues that involve physical safety and are we, in fact, being targeted. >> the rally like 20 years ago will feature the controversial nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. >> there is a matter of accountability that is most critical here, and that is recognizing that we have to hold one another accountable within our own community. >> so what is different now than in 1995? >> i started my own newspaper.
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i started my own not for profit and never really realized it was off the energy of what i saw then. now when i look back on it i attribute it to what i experienced in 1995. >> reporter: now if you are coming down here, metro may be your best bet as usual when there are big crowds, there are the usual problems with big crowds. there will be security. you'll have to go through a metal detector and will be subject to being searched. if you don't have to come downtown tomorrow, it might be a good idea to stay home, and the gates open here at 5 a.m., and the event starts at 10. we're live on capitol hill, hank silverburg wusa9. thanks so much. as he said if you're going down there, plan to spend some time in security. >> road closures and delay info, you can find those in the wusa9 app. let's track metro tonight. there are major developments in the safety crisis involving the washington metropolitan area transit authority.
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metro is now the first u.s. subway system to be placed under direct federal supervision. transportation secretary anthony foxx announced the plan late this evening. this is a result of the ntsb's ongoing investigation of the smoke accident at the plaza station in january of this year that killed one person. there are also recent problems that raise questions about safety on board the train. the increased oversight means the federal transit administration would directly enforce and investigate safety issues. fox also emphasized the importance of hiring a new general manager, you know, the agency has been without a permanent leader all year. a law passed back in 2012 gives the fta the ability to take over safety overtight if they need to. if you'd like to read the transportation secretary's complete letter, be sure to download our new wusa9 app. new tonight, a family held a vigil in upper marlboro for a relative missing for three
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weeks. they passed out flyers and prayed for the safe return of luben fitz. he disappeared september 18th. >> we just continue to pray and, you know, try to keep the group strong so that we can move forward. today's officially the completion of week number 3, and we're now starting week number 4. >> luben fitz has dementia. he disappeared during an outing to watkins rentallal park. his daughter says she was told her father excused himself to go to the restroom and he hasn't been seen since. if you've seen luben fitz, please contact the police. also tonight, another vigil held at northern arizona university in flag staff to remember a student killed on campus. >> the young man 18-year-old collin brough had strong ties to our area. collin went to broadneck high school outside annapolis during
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his freshman and sophomore years. collin was killed and three college classmates were injured overnight in a shooting sparked by a fight in a campus parking lot. in annapolis we spoke with some of the family's former neighbors. >> it's horrible. absolutely horrible. i just feel for the parents so much and his brothers. >> they were a loving committed family, the parents were devoted to the children who were very active in all the sports. i remember soccer and lacrosse. >> tonight the alleged shooter is behind bars being held on $2 million bond. he's also a student at northern arizona university. an 18-year-old freshman named steven jones is charged with first degree murder and aggravated assault. now to houston where police are holding two people and searching for a third in connection with another deadly shooting on campus, this one at texas southern university. police say shots were fired this morning outside a campus apartment complex. one student was killed. another is in the hospital in stable condition.
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police are investigating whether this is connected to a shooting last night near the very same apartment complex. even as police investigated those two campus shootings, president obama was in oregon trying to comfort families who lost loved ones in last week's massacre at umpqua community college. the president met privately with relatives of the eight students and a teacher killed by a shooter who then turned the gun on himself. president obama said the american people will eventually have to come together to figure out how to prevent these deadly shootings. south carolina flood waters reach new heights. we told you at the top of the newscast about the rain moving through our area. it is still nothing at all compared to what's moving through several coastal counties just a week after historic record setting rainfall, more is on the way. >> so far the state death toll is holding at 17 but emergency crews are preparing for another dangerous night. >> people in flood ravaged south carolina are trying to remember the place they knew
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that now exists under water. >> i've lost everything that i've worked 50 years for. >> 72-year-old's house isn't even in a flood zone, and like most people she doesn't have flood insurance. >> well, i'll have to use my life savings to rebuild our house. >> posten lives in andrews, about 100 miles southeast of columbia, but the misery extends across the state. people are still evacuating their homes. >> you can replace anything had this world except your life. if there's any danger that the water is going to come up to a high-rise in your neighborhood, leave. >> the flood waters are moving towards the sea, but the rivers are still rising and more rain could be on the way. forecasters say a storm could stall over south carolina this weekend dumping up to an inch of rain before that weather system moves out. state officials are monitoring dozens of dams, more than 200
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roads remain closed. crews are reinforcing. >> president obama has already signed a disaster declaration that orders federal aid to help recovery efforts in south carolina. statewide cleanup begins monday, and at this hour, 13 miles of interstate 95 remains closed because so many bridges are just not safe. turning to the race now for president and republican candidate dr. ben carson is taking flak over recent comments about gun violence. today he not only stood by his tough talk, he doubled down. carson told bruce that more guns in the hands of trained people could have prevented some of the mass shootings we've seen. >> i would feel much safer if there are people in the school who have access to arms and are trained. >> now the jewish defense
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league has taken carson to task for his comments that holocaust victims might have survived if more of them had been armed. tonight house republicans are hoping no doesn't mean no. in the case of representative paul ryan. endlessly divided they're nauplioiding with ryan -- pleading with ryan to step in as speaker. the appeal comes after majority leader kevin mccarthy took his name out of the running. ryan has repeatedly said he doesn't want the job and refused comment again today. a local college student collapses suddenly on a bus. tonight and only on 9 the shocking explanation and what his friends are doing to help save the lives of others. no laughing matter here a drone crashes near the white house, the secret service springing into action. why the guy responsible was really surprised. >> and check out the halloween decorations that some say are just too scary for kids. should this display gory as
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a lot going on this weekend. tomorrow we're live on the national mall for the million man march, and we're downtown for the taste of d. c. >> that means a lot of road closures plus changes on metro. a college student's sudden death explained. back in may a 20-year-old sophomore at the university of maryland collapsed on a university shuttle bus. >> he was pronounced dead at the hospital and no one knew what happened for months. tonight we have answers and hiss story might save others. wusa9's allison barber live at the university of maryland's campus. this man's death was a huge shock. >> reporter: it really was and
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almost two months after lowell collapsed on that shuttle bus his parents got a call from the medical examiner telling them that their son seemingly died from testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs. >> and i said wait, what? he had cancer. and he said yeah, they had originated in the testes. they found a burned out area that had tissue growing around it. >> no one expected it, not his parents not his friends. >> in addition complete shock. as a 20-year-old you never think that your best friend is going to pass away. >> doctors say testicular cancer is a disease of young men. >> it is fairly common, it happens to one in 200 men. >> there's plenty of research. many people don't know enough about it and wait to go to the doctors. >> a lot of men have a delay of diagnosis for about six months because it's not painful and they're not sure what to do about it. it's in an area that people are uncomfortable, they might not
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want to ask their friends if they've had a similar situation. >> for the guy who met lowell when he was three, that is unacceptable. >> because lowell was so close to me, like it's been that much more important to me to make sure that people learn about testicular cancer. >> and he's dc it with the help of his fraternity. >> home runs for lowell it's a home run derby because lowell loved baseball. each team pays $150. >> everything will go to cancer research. his friends say it's a way to honor a person who gave them so much. >> he was the kind of guy who would go around and just lift everybody's spirits and we knew that we were going to be okay just because he was there to brighten our day. >> and hopefully get rid of the disease that took the life of a boy they loved. >> but yeah, we miss him all the time. >> reporter: and lowell's friends who are hosting this home run derby tell me all the money they raise will go to the memorial sloan kettering cancer
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center. >> thank you. the home run derby is set for tomorrow afternoon at 2. it will take place on the college park campus. since lowell grew up in the area, they are hoping for a big turnout. tonight a reminder that there is a 15-mile no drone zone around the white house at reagan national airport. why do we need to tell you this? because a d. c. man learned this the hard way. he got busted flying his small toy drone early this morning into the ellipse in front of the white house, so police handed howard sullivan an $85 citation and took his drone. solomon said look, i didn't even know about the no fly zone for drones. now he does. >> yeah. >> okay. so first she kicked him out of the house. >> now she has finally got him kicked off the front yard. 69-year-old sherafad kahn spent
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five months camping outside the million dollar home he shared with his wife. they had no legal authority to remove him since he shared title. the judge has signed off on the divorce kahn's wife has been requesting and the judge declared her sole owner of the home. as a result police showed up. they asked kahn to leave and he did. so he's gone. bye bye. >> see ya. all right, which would be creepier, seeing that guy on your neighbor's front lawn or seeing these guys. this is the new halloween display that a family put up in parma ohio. it's got their neighbors a little, you know, traumatized and when you consider the fact the house is steps away from an elementary school, some neighbors have asked the family to, look, take it down or tone it down. the barrettes say look, we're having fun. >> shock. you take a double take because it is a very realistic display, and almost horrified.
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>> we don't want to scare kids. we just want to do the halloween fun of it but definitely no ill intent, no. >> well, you might get ill if you see it. i don't know. city officials say the family's not breaking any laws and they do have a right to express themselves, even if it's rather gory. >> sure they do, we don't want to scare kids, i think fail on that one. >> what do you think? >> don't go in their basement. >> yeah, yeah. >> that would be not a good thing. >> nothing frightening about the forecast. >> no, no, actually a very nice weekend, a little more like fall tomorrow. we were a little warm today. our 3-degree guarantee worked out okay. we went 80 and i thought we might be a shot at a bulls eye today. >> how'd you do? >> we did okay, 79. >> that's not bad tom. 26, 27, tomorrow's number, mr. bernstein you will inherit 67 tomorrow. a live look outside. 68 right now. dew point's falling a little bit. wind out of the northwest at 8. drier air is going to move in
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overnight. temps are going to hold in the 60s tomorrow. a nice day, a perfectly nice saturday, no doubt about that. cold saturday night. grab a coat if you're out late. i think some folks may diinto the upper 30s on saturday night. beautiful sunday, a little milder, just about average in terms of temps. you may see upper 70s return as early as monday. temperatures in the 50s and just a few clouds lingering into southern maryland. that's about it. the rest of us partly cloudy skies, 51 in gaithersburg, 54 in fairfax. by 11:00, temperatures are still mainly in the 50s. if you have soccer games tomorrow, kids, and you're watching the kid, it's going to be kind of cold for the parents. keep that in mind, a little bit of a breeze. by afternoon we crawl back into the low to mid-60s, maybe 65. downtown at 3:00, and 63 in leesburg and 65 also in bowie and then by 6:30 we're back in the 50s across the board under clear skies. and what advances into sunday
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morning, 41 in frederick, 44 in gaithersburg. i think those numbers are high. we'll have a 39 in damascus. 57 at 9:00 on the day planner. 60 at 11:00 and 63 with lots and lots of sunshine. milder sunday, temperatures in the low 70s. perfect for the raven's game which you can watch here on wusa9 and 77 on monday, clouds come in monday night, but then we're looking at just showers roll in on tuesday. wednesday we're cooler, thursday we're cool and more showers on friday. dave is back with sports after this.
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now wusa9 game on sportings with dave owens, brought to you by xfinity. >> hard to find a more beloved figure in this area than cal ripken right, the iron man showed up and showed out 2600 straight games. wow. there's a saying around here, you're either an orioles fan or a nats fan but both can agree that this guy is a legend. the dude's a legend. i call him the bomb diggity. the man showed up and did his job. his name has come up when discussing the nats job.
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he said the timing wasn't quite right to bring him on board. tonight ripken said he was interested in the job. ripken, criticism of matt williams who was just let go. stay tuned. caps open up the season tomorrow on alex ovechkin going to be featured here on wusa9, part of the interview series. he sits down with ovechkin about a myriad of topics including ove's rivalry pittsburgh's sidney crosby. >> the comparison which was our first year was great for fans. was great for media, but right now it's still a little bit, you know, challenging. still a little bit war but it's not like the first two years. >> here we go, nba preseason,
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wizards nicks, kelly ubray, the sprinkler head haircut. that's carmelo anthony commandeering, is he healthy? yeah. i'd say he's healthy, dunks on cliff to have poor sink gas. the rookie kelly human being ray 047. all right. i like the ladies there at blair high school. high school football, but first a shoutout to my man topper shutt who told us earlier high school games would be affected by storms, and what happened, high school games were affected by storms. here's a little piece of advice. don't doubt tenacious. never. game of the week, duval. i want you guys to look at this young man, this is the puma's c. j. rainy. i'd say this is called cutting
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on a dime and leaving $0.09 change. tigers defense coming up, c. j. smith hauling in the nice pick, but as topper would say, the lightning and the weather, boy, that really affects this one. othisisne postponed. they'll pick it up on monday at 5:00. they had to clear the stadium out of there. moving on, blair taking on spring brook, cheerleaders say we got spirit, yes we do, blazers i'm calling him sticky fingers magillicutty, how about that right there. take it into the end zone, blair up 17-8. blazers are blazing. desmond colby, a 12-yard td pass. blazers win 38-20. >> chris, a very late kickoff tonight, slick turf. you still lit it up on the field. >> thank you. we just dominated, had to do what i had to do to get the w, and that's it. >> he did on both offense and defense.
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let's send it back to you guys in the station. >> and there you have it guys. >> he had to do what he had to do. >> and we're going to get some monday night football. >> monday afternoon football, monday night football, do it all. >> oh, well that's a good price. seriously? i'll grab two. get ready to save. love the honey nut cheerios. the safeway stock up sale is on. stop in and stock up on all your favorite products. from soup, snacks and cereal to meat,
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