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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> to express their gratitude for their sacrifice, we have to fight to maintain that ordinary. >> reporter: and the social services center where they occurred last wednesday remains closed. as this nearby memorial grows each day. danielle nottingham cbs news, california. >> reporter: and they said that they would praise isis on facebook. but the investigators say that there is no evidence that they were directed on the bigger plot and that they had taken target practice that ranges from that metropolitan area and with one session that is held within days of that rampage. jay johnson says that the changes are needed to better inform you about their threats to the u.s. the third system put on by dhs since the september 11 terrorist attacks.
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president obama says that the administration is evolving to the growing threat of terrorism that the u.s. and their allies will defeat the extremist groups. however, republicans criticized the prime time address for refusing to say the problem is with radical islamic terrorists. the white house says that it is exactly what they want. that it is a fantasias it is not true. >> reporter: they are calling for a total and complete shut down of those entering the u.s. to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: offering support to muslims in the u.s., as they
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just left that briefing with the secretary of homeland security. are they reacting to the call to cut off all muslims entering the u.s., bruce? but the homeland security called for access to microphones to avoid isolating and vilifying the muslim community. as he says that it will be un- american and counterproductive. and the secretary met here with boy scouts and the girl scouts at their society as they would meet with them as they have worked with the f bi, as they
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worked through social media. that it is exactly the kind of partnership that they will need right now. and to be responsible in their rete rick that someone has lost their life that those firefighters, that they should not question or second guess their countries. >> and their mission here is two-fold as they wanted to defend their freedom and that they also called on the american muslims to keep their
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eyes open. he is encouraging them to call law enforcement. >> all right, thank you. some 25,000 people worship at their center as they would say again if you are suspicious of them or just curious and that you are welcomed to come to the service to see what they are all about. appearing in court today on the attempted murder charges. that it was an act of terrorism and that the suspect shouted and that we are quoting here that this is for syria. the stabbings comes just days in syria. the shake up of the case as they would excuse the juror a black woman due to the medical
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emergency. the first to go on trial for the death of freddie gray and that today the assistant state medical examiner said that she would not have ruled their death a homicide if the police driver had taken gray to the hospital as officer porter suggested. testifying the medical attention would have likely prevented gray's death. attorney general loretta lynch and their chicago police department. it is the same type of the investigation of unconstitutional policing practices, recently opening up in baltimore and also in ferguson, missouri. >> we will examine a number of those issues, including their racial force. >> the announcement of the justice department probe comes nearly two weeks after video was released of officer jason van dyke in the death of the 17- year-old mcdonald. chicago mayor says that he
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welcomes the investigation. another chicago police officer hassen be cleared in the deadly shooting of the black man that same month. officer george hernandez will not be charged in the death of ronald johnson iii. prosecutors say that dash cam video released today shows johnson pointing a gun at officers before hernandez shot him in the back while running off. johnson's family says that he was not armed and that the claims about the gun, they say that gun was planted. the university of maryland's board of regence will meet on sunday. that the official recommendation to change the name to maryland stadium. curly bird was university president from 1936 to 1954 when he was a big proponent of separate, but equal proposition. that they should not be named for someone with those values. well, are you ready for some football? because fans, they are filling in at fedex field with a whole
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lot of anticipation about this monday night washington/dallas game. >> scott broom joins us live with the long-time rivalry, regularly put some friendships to the test, scott. we know that. >> reporter: it absolutely puts friendships to the tests. redskins on this wasn't dallas on this side. this is what you would call the tailgate party with a gravity of this game tonight. and washington going in first place. dallas is still on the hunt. it is unbelievable. all right, hang on. let's go redskins fans. isn't this a whole lot more fun than where we were in august? >> yes, sir. that they are starting to crack down for the end of the season. that every win is a must and that this is a must win game. >> hang on. we've got it, the dallas fans here that they will call madden madden. >> it's madden baby. >> i mean dallas is 3-1 and that you guys are still in it. >> we are still in the hunt.
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>> here we go. >> that's enough for now. before i go, i need to showout other guys over here. talk about the rivalry as you talk about being on the road trip here. let me show you this. >> this is a road trip, man, lead by me as i'm driving now. >> we are good friends and everything. you've got a 30-year history with these guys and the other day that they will go home. >> when we go back to north carolina, that man will have his tail between his legs, crying, as i will try to get as much tissue paper as i can. >> by the end of the day it is all about who wins this game. if i don't win another game, if i beat the redskins, that will be my super bowl. >> we are all good friends right here.
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>> all right. so the rivalry is fine and they were first place on the line that it will be awesome, right? >> yeah! it will be a great game here tonight. reporting live outside fedex field. u.s.a. 9. >> it will be an interesting drive back to north carolina. >> yes, i think so. >> i love it when they say they are still in the hunt with the record that they have. >> you can dream, right? >> please. >> it will be a perfect night for football. >> yes. >> we called the diagrams a better day. are you kidding me? generally in the 40s during the game. still in e 50s. by the time they start looking at the 40s. still chilly with the light winds. that is a good deal. we will come back and talk about how long they will last and the next shower and the rain chance for you. but up next, we'll ride the rail with their new general manager to get their take
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that she is training for a wounded warrior. talking about changing the culture at metro, improving customer service and they would promise the fare hikes are not considered until 2017 at the earliest.
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>> i'm with you. and as i do. but i want you to know that just as well. >> reporter: he is settling in quickly as of last weekend with a new place to live in dc. that they carry 1.2 million passengers every weekday. prosecutors in the murder trial of jesse matthew, accused of the defense attorneys of deploying the strategy. and today in court, that where they were stalling, because of the lead detective failing
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everything in one place. my giant. gathering to mark 74 years since that attack as they hosted a ceremony, remembering those killed by december 7 of 1941. the ceremony was held on the navy pier overlooking their memorial. >> and their veterans were honored at their memorial right here in washington. >> introducing you to that one special veteran playing a key role in that ceremony. >> reporter: it's taking a century to get them to the nation's capital. at 110 years old, the world war
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ii veterans, just one of the many challenges that they have lived through over here. that they have been through all of this. >> reporter: among the veterans who laid a wreath at their memorial on monday and a ceremony that will honor the thousands that died 74 years ago when they attacked pearl harbor, launching them in to the war as they will also visit their white house for the first time. that they would hope to meet president obama. and he said it as you can see it. >> reporter: they they came here from across the country in that honor flight, dedicated to bringing them from all works of washington to see the memorials that are built in their honor. he remembers the attack on pearl harbor vividly. >> honored in that airplane and it came right down over our angle. >> reporter: both he and levingston are still serving
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the country by paying tribute to the victims. >> yes, ma'am, that is why we would remember for those guys. >> reporter: and fallen, but not forgotten. cbs news, washington. >> robinson is one of several world war ii veterans that will be honored tonight at fedex field where they were des ignite, but they salute to their service gangs, they are here. >> chilly, but dry. >> yes, it could be bone chilling. we get those pretty easy mainly during the 40s. not as cold as it has been. a high of 55 today. what did we do and how far did
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they go up? you can also download our apps outside looking north. winds are out of the northwest at 8 with the clouds and the dew points, which are high and that it is not as cold tonight or quickly either. but still chilly. if you are headed outside. we still have temps in the 40s. their bus stop temperature, dry, but not windy either. brisk start tomorrow and then on tuesday and even milder on wednesday. that they will be a warmer southwest wind on wednesday. and so the future cast at 10:00 tonight. 38 in gaithersburg and downtown. and about 32 for bowie, under generally partly cloudy skies.
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by 1:00 that they could actually stand outside here as long as you are in the sun that it will be 50s out there. 51 up by 1:00 p.m. next seven days, 53 on friday and saturday and upper 60s on sunday with the next chance for rain on sunday night and monday. >> all right, thank you so much, topper. kristen berset live at fedex field for us, gearing up the big game here tonight. becoming a little bit of a hum now. >> yes, loud a little bit later. >> it is going to be loud and it will be crazy here as you heard it tonight and their salute to the service game as you can see on my right shoulder here. one of the big weapons for the dallas cowboys, warming up before the game.
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we are just two hours away from the big start here at fedex right now. this is the 17th time that they have met on monday night as that will tie the broncos and the raiders for the longest most common match up on monday night and the record for these two it is 18-8. somebody will get the advantage as they are looking to take a stronger hold. but they have not been too kind to the burgundy and gold.
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winning just four of their lights. but i will tell you what, this team is not thinking about that. >> reporter: i don't know if you know that playing under the lights or their prime time game is necessarily a thing that, you know, that we feel like we would trug l with it and that we need to go out there to treat it like another game. even though it is more on the line. >> reporter: a lot on the line, of course as they would beat them yesterday. to give them a little bit of their breathing room. so they have now become the hunted for the first time since 1999 and that they have a 5-1 record at home and of course going for their first back-to- back wins of the season. new territory for the skins. but their quarterback say that is not the feeling in the locker room. >> i personally don't feel like the hunted just because we feel like we need to win in order to get anything done and that when you look at their record for the past couple of years that we're not in that position to be their hunted that we are the
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hunters. that it feels like they have arrived and that is my mind set. an important game and just as important. last week will be as well. frank kratovil joining me now. are you concerned at all about the nerves? >> into thely. the simple fact as this team has been so inconsistent all year long. they look great one week and bad the next. that's on the road as they look great here. tonight, dallas is still in the hunt. even though that they are 3-8. it is amazing what a difference a year makes. as someone that covers the
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team, yes, i'm still nervous about this team. >> reporter: it is all records throughout the window, even though that they have matt cassel, they still have bryant and a lot of these weapons at the secondary, the cover tonight. >> yes, awesome last week. if they can represently kate then they should come out with a win tonight. >> and we'll see if they could get it, two wins in a row as we will have more on tonight's game at 7:00. ladies, we'll send it back to you in the studios. >> thank you so much. we certainly have the faith. >> we do to make it work. >> all right. >> and it is next. we'll see you back here for discover the world
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>> pelley: the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination calls for a ban on all muslims entering the united states. also tonight, the san bernardino killers practiced at a shooting range. survivors tell their stories. >> i kept thinking, why doesn't he stop? why won't he stop? >> pelley: the justice department investigates the chicago p.d.'s use of force against minorities. and a queen praises a king and brings the president to tears. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this time it was donaldmp


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