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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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picked, not through their primaries. that he told donors behind closed doors that he is not worried about carson or donald trump. >> i believe that they would bring both of those campaigns down. the stress that we face and who we are comfortable in having the finger on the button. >> reporter: cruz has jumpedto second ahead of carson, well behind trump. he has maintained their lead despite their call for a ban on muslims entering the country. that during the radio interview that they offered his opinion on trump's staying power with some gop voters. >> there's about 40% of the primary voters who say that they were born. >> reporter: and he says that trump's nomination would lead to the inauguration. receiving zero% in that news
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poll and that the other candidate and the democratic candidate. the largest in the region, criticizing for their proposal from entering the country. today they rested their case charged with involuntary manslaughter in gray's death. they presented evidence that porter should have called for a medic for gray. they presented witnesses that porter did his duties, notifying a supervisor and others when gray asked for help. baltimore attorney warren brown has been observing the trial. >> and that is a doubt based upon reason that the jury has to acquit an individual. what they are doing is countering the state's experts with their own experts. so that becomes a wash.
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>> william porter is one of six officers charged in gray's death. a new police chief was introduced today. a surprise announcement. that's right, joining us to explain these moves, scott? >> what has been a winning formula here. crime is way down that they have gone way up. he was introduced, promising more of the same. >> reporter: that is the interim police chief. announcing today the successor to retiring the chief. >> he understands the dynamics of the relationship and the trust and how they translate to the community and how they translate to reducing crime. >> reporter: he leads them in a county where crime is down 40% since 2010 and where they are
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improving that one reason that the prosecution of the high- profile police misconduct cases like this one and that the officer convicted them this month of pointing the gun at the man's head. it's a contrast of what's going on in baltimore and where they are undersiege. that the local president says that the prosecution, they are here and they have sent that message. >> that we're not going to tolerate them, our citizens. >> that's one of the things that we love about him and one of the architects of the transforming neighborhood initiative. more to do with a whole realistic approach to make them better. they will continue. >> they have both been police officers here for 30 plus years. and that they have seen the department during the tough
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times years ago. >> as a part of his promotion that chief magaw will oversee all the agencies including fire, ems, and corruption. the man that mentored the young police officer killed in the line of duty spoke about leotta's potential and the need for tougher dui laws in maryland. he was among the dc area cops honored today. all were recognized for their efforts in getting drunk drivers off the road. the officer womack took leotta on his first ride along as a police intern and provided guided sense of support when he became an officer. >> don't get caught up when people are yelling at us to be professional. he came to our department
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prepared to be an unbelievable police officer. >> reporter: he was drinking at this hooters for four hours. by maryland law they could not be held liable. now they are hoping that the death may bring new tougher drunk driving laws to the state. >> investigating the attacks to search the lake for evidence near the massacre. possibly dumped there by the shooters. not when they were granted to enter the u.s. from pakistan as they also question his friend, about the planned terrorist attack that they were banned in 2012 and that they will be
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cooperating with investigators. reaction to plans that would jack up the traffic fines where they were speeding for more than 25 miles. the right turn on red would cost you $200. blocking traffic would cost you $500 on the city streets, we found support. >> too much money to put that sign up. >> it will not help to slow people down. >> you think it's fair? >> it is fair. innocent people die a lot. >> and they say that they have the authority to put the fines on the book after that period, but they want to know why they are trying to impose change by coming to them first. >> they have decided to change the name of their stadium as
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they will be called the maryland stadium. students started this campaign eventually agreeing to the change. for the racial segregation as he proposed that moratorium on rename buildings after the figures. expect temperatures to be around 20 degrees above average for this time of the year. we are going to be in record territory on saturday and sunday and record highs both saturday and sunday at national and 71. we are forecasting the high of 68 tomorrow. but we are forecasting a high of 72 on sunday, which would set a record both at national and also at dulles. 52 in manassas and leesburg and 55 as far north as hagerstown. high temperatures tomorrow
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again, 68 downtown. 67 or so in fairfax. 68 in silver spring and also in bowie. look at how warm it is in cumberland. 63 as far north as new york. we'll come back and talk about the prospect for tonight and tomorrow night. a day after the officer was killed by a drunk driver. they pay a visit to the police station to show their appreciation. but first, one of the victims convicted of praying on women will
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charged with murdering a 6- year-old boy in trying to kill his father. they show that mar shall's norris greenhouse carried chris fughs and his son jeremy. he had his hands raised when they opened fire. the son was injured and killed. no explanation on why they began that chase. and some of the witnesses that were assaulted by the oklahoma city police officer is now speaking out.
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he used his power to pray on women that he could intimidate. one of the victims spoke out today. >> i was scared that i didn't know what to do. i had to do what he was making me do. >> following his emotional reaction during yesterday's verdict. topper says that you'll want to dres
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a day after police lost one of their own, they went to the police station to show how much they care, appreciating them risking their lives every day to appreciate their own. >> thank you for all that you do. but she wanted to send this heartfelt message. >> as you finish your reports
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under the street light that i would see you direct traffic in that snow and their rain. >> the same one that they would share with the police officer that was on call during their riots. they would go on to say that i see you as you watch the media crucify your character while minimizing your cause. >> but stuff like this that it truly means a lot to us. >> reporter: especially at a time when they are saying good- bye to one of their own. that they died yesterday. the drunk driver killed him while he was trying to protect all of us. >> and that during the holiday season it is very important to make sure that you would keep them in your minds, to say thank you. to see how difficult their jobs are every day. >> it's been a tough week for the members of our agency that
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it is a difficult time for us. it is nice to be able to see some appreciation for the jobs and that officers do. >> of course that the mom hopes she could inspire others to thank more officers. by the way she was just 24 years old and had been working a special dui assignment the night of that crash. president barack obama has an early christmas gift for all federal workers. christmas eve will now be just a half word day. in recent years they have given the day before or after christmas as the bonus holiday. for this weekend all week. >> you have, huh? >> the weather will be incredible. >> it will be incredible and so weird that you wouldn't plan in november and by golly that you can talk about late april
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temperatures with no showers, good deal. let's start with the three- degree guarantee as we will be okay today and that at 2:00 and 3:00 that it was only 61 that we went 65 for the high. you can download our app to ,é find out how you would deal with it yesterday. there is the airport. 54 still. so it is still crazy warm only about 48 and 49 and climate is what you would expect and that is what you would get. that's what we'll be getting over the weekend. mild with patchy fog tonight if you are out late after midnight, yes, take it easy with the low beams, please. but it is more like late april and early may this weekend. early afternoon showers will be dry and we will monitor the possibility of the yellow weather alert. topper will take care of that. warm on tuesday and wednesday and cold by next friday. real temperature correction for you by next friday. but even as they they will take that cold out very quickly. we won't see any prolonged cold
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air for the rest of the month of december. now 10:00 tonight, 56 downtown. low 50sin manassas. 51 or 52 in fairfax and 52 in gaithersburg. just a few clouds will roll through from time to time. if you are out west of the divide that you'll have showers. even a lot of clouds that will keep your temps down a little bit. fantastic at 7:00 tomorrow morning. you wake up to the mid to upper 40s. by 10:00 you're in the 50s. 56 in manassas and 59 in fredericksburg by 10:00 on saturday you're killing me. average highs in the upper 40s. then by 2:00 70s appear. low 70s. maybe 72 in fredericksburg. 70 manassas. 68 as far north as cumberland. a few clouds this time tomorrow night not a huge deal. temperatures still in the low 60s. a pretty mild saturday night. temperatures will hold we think in the 50s tomorrow night for the most part. day planner looks like this. some upper 40s to start
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downtown. then 53 at 9:00. we jump to 59 at 11:00. we jump to 65 at 1:00 p.m. now sunday if we would hit 72 that will be a record high. the record high is 71. even with showers rolling in on monday that we are still forecasting a high of 69. the next seven days is even crazier. after they go through forecasting a high of 70 on tuesday and then temps go down. 65 on wednesday. we lose 10 on thursday and almost 10 on friday and it looks like a cold rain, a little nor'easter with the highs in the mid-40s. >> that's the navy game that you need to recuse yourself. >> a couple of things to bank on that they will be great and navy defeating them. >> right. >> the only thing. there you go you like that? the only thing that could be real is distractions. do they have one now? and is this the weekend and the navy game coaching the amount for them to last in
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yesterday was the annual alumni visit, announcing that he was considering the vacant coaching job. now, he's the winningest coach in their academy history with 67 wins. he'll visit utah on monday. meanwhile that his team is focusing all of his attention on defeating army for the 14th consecutive season and then he's favored by number 22 guys. that's the stone cold night. maybe 9-2. steam rolling
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most opponents this weekend and leading to the highest rankings in the polls since the late 70s. the coach is explaning why. >> everybody talks about the streak, but we don't really ever talk about it, but they know and this senior class, they recognize, you know, that we have a tough challenge. we have a ton of respect for army that they will meco out. we have to be ready to go with guns ablazing. >> i love that snow. don't forget to drop what you're doing tomorrow unless you're holding the kids and watch them right here on wusa9. pre-game festivities will begin at 2:30. followed by wusa9 news at 6:30. baseball off season could make you yawn unless there are big names out there, but not the case this year. and that it is the fact and that they have missed out on a couple of free agents, offering
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money, competing teams. and that it will be a $184 million deal today, reporting that they offered $200 million to heyward with decent power. and they began their career with the braves, playing with the car lows, but they will be miss -- carlos, but they will be missing out on that. get down to the winter fest. fans of all ages can play interactive games, meet players, coaches, but it is the off-season too and kind of the perfect time for them to meet your favorite nats player. during the season they are working. they have 162 games. they rarely get a night off and throughout the season itself and they say that it is a different setting to show you what they would normally get for sure. >> go to winter fest to get your ticket as they finally have guys that are good and that there are people that could sing and sang. ravens kicker is one of the
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best in the nfl and that's not all that he's good at. but take a listen to this. ♪ [ music ] >> that's real. that is real, his real voice. he is stunning that they knew he could sing, but not this well as he is absolutely fantastic. and that is not anything like that. but justin tucker could really sing that well. >> he's got a career after football. >> exactly. a great kicker to probably kick for the next 25 years. >> wow. >> i mean it is amazing what he could do, but we saw that and that they were blown off there.
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>> got it. that was amazing. just good looking. 72 on sunday and that would be the record high and then nice on monday with showers in the afternoon and then 65 on wednesday with a little reality. we're back in the 40s with some rain as they get cold again next saturday and then they will retreat as they do not stay cold for probably the end of this month. >> okay, we will take it around. that's wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back with your only local news at 7:00. have a good one. >> enjoy the weather.
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>> pelley: fire at a california mosque. the f.b.i. is investigating whether it was arson. also tonight, extreme weather in the west. it's been one storm after another and another is on the way. one of the hottest gifts for the holidays could get dangerously hot. and steve hartman with a man who dispepses an antidote for evil. >> kindness is the bridge between all people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, the f.b.i. is investigating a fire at a mosque in southern california. it happened about 75 miles from san bernardino, the scene of the terror attack last week. officials at the mosque, the islamic center o


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