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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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administration's strategy against isis, saying that the terror group will be defeated. >> we're going to do so by squeezing them and cutting off the supply lines and their financing. taking out their leadership. taking out their forces. taking out their infrastructure. >> reporter: but even the president admits that isis inspired lone-wolf attacks like the one in san bernardino that killed 14 people that are tougher to detect. >> we're going to have to recognize that no government is going to have a passage to read every single person's text or e- mails or social media. >> president obama tried to reensure those that intelligent agencies are on the job with no credible threat. but he says that americans will need to remain individual lent. >> reporter: he's not giving up on closing the detainee facility at guantanamo bay. something that he calls a recruitment tool. thanking congress for passing a trillion dollar spending bill to keep the government funded for much of 2016 and promised to work with lawmakers on
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criminal justice reform. craig boswell cbs news the white house. president obama will meet with the families of the shooting victims in san bernardino tonight before heading to hawaii for the start of his christmas vacation before he left the white house the president signed a $1.1 trillion budget passed today by congress. the united nations security council have approved a un resolution to map out a plan to end the civil war in syria. it calls for a cease fire and talks between the syrian government and opposition parties followed by elections. but it makes no mention of the future of syrians president. the revolution acknowledges that the fight against isis and other terror groups would continue during the cease fire. the three democratic presidential candidates hold their third debate tomorrow night in new hampshire. late today bernie sander's campaign filed a lawsuit against the democratic national committee for suspending its access to the party's voter data base. sanders campaign manager
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accused the dnc of actively undermining the candidate's bid for the white house. >> individual leaders of the dnc can support hillary clinton in any way they want. but they are not going to sabotage our campaign. >> his inside blocked the campaign from using party voter fire after a temporary glitch allowed the national data base director to access confidential information belonging to the hillary clinton campaign. sander's campaign says that that staffer was immediately fired and internal investigation is underway. a new national poll out shows clinton with a 31.1 lead over sanders. marco rubio would skip their vote on a budget deal. instead he would remain on the trail. rubio says that he opposes that package without the power to stop it.
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cdc tonight says that maryland and virginia are among 14 states that have seen a surge in deaths from drug overdoses. the number of the deaths last year topped 47 numbers with at least one. call the powerful painkillers. >> two groups of men opened fire. happening at the kentland community center. the community center was closed at the time. it has a lot of programs for children and employees, preparing for a holiday party when that gunfire rang out. >> i'm helpful that none of our children there every day. i'm just thankful that they weren't out there police were interviewing the victim. a service dog is making a remarkable recovery after being
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shot by an off-duty police officer. >> that's right it happened outside a dog park in greenbelt, maryland. scott broom is live. >> reporter: latoya plummer angry after her service dog cloe was shot here at the greenbelt dog park. >> there was no reason to shoot her. >> reporter: latoya who is deaf use add live video interpreter to tell her story. >> i was like what happened? so i turned around and saw cloe limping, bleeding so badly. >> reporter: she was preparing to load cloe and the two other service dogs in her car after a visit to the park. cloe was off her leash when a woman approached with a summary dog on a leash. that woman happened to be an off duty police sergeant who reported shooting cloe to the greenbelt police. here is spokesman george matthew. >> the officer described the dog as running at her and in an aggressive manner with the chief bared. >> being death she didn't hear a gun. the off-duty officer reported
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the shooting immediately. confused, take the dog to a vet -- she had been shot. >> i think that she should be charged with a felony. i love cloe and the other two dogs too. i cherish my dogs. >> reporter: in greenbelt i'm scott broom wusa9. >> tonight investigator haves not released the name of the off-duty officer involved. protesters confronted an off-duty police officer as he headed to court to have wanted jason van dyke faces six counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors say that he shot 17- year-old mcdonald 16 times as the teen walked away from police, carrying a knife. the video triggered protest and prompted a justice department's
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civil rights investigation. and the ceo is dubbed the most final man in america and that they have resigned from the drug company. involving investors and two other companies that he once lead. shkreli came under fiercecriticism this year and that he raised the price of it by $5,000%. mother teresa is going to be declared a saint. pope francis has determined that it is prayers to mother teresa that made a brazilian man's brain tumor disappear back in 2008. the vatican called that the second of two required miracles that are needed before miracle teresa could be canonized. the stomach tumor vanished after praying to the nun. mother teresa spent a lifetime caring for the poor in india. her saint hood ceremony expected to take place at the vatican in september.
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coming up, apple's co speaks to 60 minute -- ceo speaks to 60 minutes about encrypted apps. why it wasn't the first though save the crash victim's -- wasn't the first to save the crash victim's life. all right, we lost 20, 25 degrees. but you know what, that just means that we're back down to average temps. the feel-like temperatures if you will, the windchills feels like it is 31. we will come back and we will track these windchill temps for you throughout tomorrow. we'll also look ahead, of course all the way to christmas day. yeah, we're a week out. you might be surprised what the temps are going
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that will allow them on sunday night 60 minutes when they speak to tim cook about encryptions. >> if the government lays that proper warrant on us today, then we will give the information that is requested as we have to by law. in the case of the encrypted communication, we don't have it to give. and so it is like your messages are encrypted. we don't have access to those. >> i don't believe that the trade off here is privacy verses national security. i think that it is a simplistic
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view as we are america. that we should have both. >> that interview took place before the paris attacks. but cook says that his position has not changed. you can see the full interview on 60 minutes sunday night right here on wusa9. a harrisburg, pennsylvania teenager is charged with aiding isis. he was arrested yesterday when federal agents raided his home. he's a u.s. citizen communicating with the person in turkey and several known isis members. he also created a new 57 different twitter accounts to spread isis propaganda according to the fbi. an unexpected search for the mystery woman in scrubs credited with helping to save a man's life. but up next, charges are pending against a driver involved in a
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out of prince george's county tonight, the morgan state university junior where the 20-year-old adedire ososanya was killed last night when another driver crossed the center line hitting him head on. and the other driver suffered
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non-life threatening injuries. police have not filed any charges yet. the former navy seal commander was laid to rest today. hundreds of bicyclists joined holden's family in arlington to pay their respects and advocate for better road safety. holden was killed while riding shs bike in bethesda as they ow that the driver who struck him, only received a fine. they say that they were trying to make their roads and i
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checked for a pulse. he didn't have a pulse. >> reporter: officer smith did five cycles of cpr, alternating their chest compressions, bringing mondino back to life. then the mystery woman in scrubs
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yeah, it is so good to know that. >> absolutely. we are building a wall of wishes to share what you wish for. >> karen scweitzer has been unemployed for some time, wishing for a job. we're with you, tina powell wishes for good health and joy for her family and friends. betty vogul wishes to keep the nice weather in spring that will come sooner than later. i like that one. topper? >> you can get your wish on the wall by tweeting the wall of wishes, and then go and check out the wall on
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my concern when it is this warm that we will get hit in january or february or something like that. >> i like their thinking. >> not likely though? >> not likely. i post add picture and that started something, getting a lot of pick --%tures now. this has got all kinds of blooms going on. but now on the contrast as i preach about this. 125 miles west of here it is a little place called garrett county on the other side of the divide. a little different story. they'll pick up an inch or two tonight, as they get the snow going for a while. a little reality check here for a while, but they will not last long as we'll see the temperatures rebound quickly next week. a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam as it is down to 40. winds are out of the northwest
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at 17. high temperatures currently at midnight occurring just before midnight tonight. dew point is pretty low in the mid-20s. giving you an idea of the dry air mass. something you would expect for yesterday and the day before. very cold tonight with those windchills in the 20s if you're headed out. in fact windchills are in the 30s all day. chilly for the game on sunday and still nice near 50. the best thing about sunday's game, the pure sunshine and light winds, that's a good deal. then on monday, back to the 60s on tuesday, yes. well in to the 60s on wednesday and thursday. so 10:00 tonight, 33 in manassas and downtown and 31 in gaithersburg. 30 in al knee and 32 in bowie as they will advance this. we have 20. even 28 in la plata.
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it has been so warm so lately back in to the 30s. looking at the temperatures in the low to mid-30s. the winds will make it colder than what it is, keep that in mind. 36 at 9:00. 40 at 11:00 and 43 at 1:00 p.m. the next three days. chilly to milder on sunday, it's not a bad day at all for both games. then monday is milder with the clouds coming in, but we will keep it dry in the mid to upper 50s on monday. next seven days. a little warmer on tuesday with showers, 62. mid-60s on wednesday, appearing to be the wettest day next week with the shower possible. not a washout. for christmas day, partly cloudy, still in the mid-50s. >> that's two in a row. >> it's been a while. and you've heard them, right? >> yes.
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>> nice. >> they have been made. >> i say that they would win big on sunday. that's what i'm saying. now it's up to the players. turns out that they have a big fan in that discover the world
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in terms of the sexy matchups, it doesn't quite jump out at you right away as they will have a lot of high-profile players, but the coaches, they are probably the best sound byte from the coaches podium in the nfl, right? and that is mr. ryan. mr. rex ryan. he's at it again.
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buffalo's coach, asked to describe washington's defensive line, including that guy, pot roast terrance knighton as well as the improved trenton murphy, beginning with pot roast, mr. terrance knighton. >> we all know the guy from his treadmill commercial. that dude's huge. i mean you look at him, he's enormous, playing nose tackle in there. the guy that is always thinking that it's been a good player as my brother coached him in dallas. you know, that he is 6-7, 310 i something like that. mean that they've got monsters out there. >> no doubt about it. i like the sweater too by the way, a good christmas sweater. don't forget to join us on game on sunday morning at 11:30, we'll preview the skins game every week. a live report from fedex field. the biggest game of the year, wouldn't you say? >> no doubt. i always tell my friends that it is hard to fathom how big pro athletes are because everyone is big, right? lebron james, six foot nine,
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250 pounds. well, last night while chasing a loose ball he spilled in to the wife of the professional golfer jason day who is about five feet five. ellie day was taken off by stretcher. james tweeted out afterwards saying apologies, hope you feel better. ellie is okay, but feels like she's been in a minor car accident, which you can imagine when you get hit by somebody that is six foot nine, 250 pounds. no doubt. and finally the game of the week, delving in to basketball season. tonight it's a montgomery county clash kennedy verses einstein. grace olsen with a preview. >> we are lady titans. >> reporter: tonight's game of the week brings us to einstein high school where the lady titans are staying laser focused on one primary goal. >> we're really focusing on getting to the basketball more and making shots this season.
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>> it's a work in progress for each game. we are showing improvements, girls are starting to gl together. >> it is helping us to improve, either it is being able to execute our plays and play as a team. >> reporter: the ladies in blue take the court at 7:15 against the kennedy cavaliers, looking for their second win at the season. in einstein high school grace olsen wusa9 sports. >> another highlight is coming up tonight at 11:00. >> yes, not even a chance for the dusting. >> no. >> i mean you're in garrett county, but not christmas time here. no, no, no. it is great for the games on sunday near 50. and then some showers on tuesday. better chance for showers on wednesday. that will appear to be the wettest day. look at that near 70. that will be incredible. >> wow. >> okay, all right. that's wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back with
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>> pelley: more big-city schools are threatened with mass violence. investigators question the owner of an e-mail server. also tonight, severe storms hit the west. in the northeast, old man winter does a rip van winkle. trump on putin. >> he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think our country does plenty of killing, also. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a mere mortal out to perform a miracle to make a paralyzed man walk again. >> reporter: you don't have a medical degree. >> i have a film degree. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they're becoming epidemic-- e-mailed terror threatsa that are rattling the


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