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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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warm and welcoming and fresh from your oven with our flakiest crust ever. you're always welcome at mrs. smith's. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. an argument at a party ends in
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tragedy in montgomery county. it started about 12:30 this morning at a home in damascus. nikki burdine joins us now with an update reporter: it was supposed to be a christmas party but something went terribly wrong. now one man is dead and another behind bars. >> at this point, investigators believe that the suspect and victim were acquaintenses and knew each other, and for reasons still under investigation, an argument ensued at which point it's believed that the suspect shot the victim. reporter: police say the victim lives here with his wife and their children. >> i've known him since he moved here about two years ago. he's a great guy. reporter: police say the victim, a 40 year old mario perez and his girlfriend were here for a while on sunday when if argument started and then shots were fired. police say the suspect stayed on the scene. >> they're friendly.
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their son plays with ours. yeah, its very shocking. reporter: this type of crime, both an unwelcome and unfamiliar sight in damascus, especially days before christmas. police have not released the reason for the initial argument. . police have now charged trujillo with first degree murder. police in prince george's county are inlookg for the gunman who shot and killed a man outside a senior living community. shots rang out about 9:30 last night. medics rushed the victim to the hospital where he later died. 17 year old dante crawford baltimore will likely be charged with murder later today. that's because the student he's accused of stabbing last month inside renaissance high school died yesterday. authorities are trying to figure out what provoked the attack. a suicide attack has killed
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six nato soldiers. at this point, nato cannot confirm the nationality of those killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the pool of republican presidential candidates got smaller. senator lindsey graham has ended his bid for the gop nomination. the latest polls show that graham was polling highest in his home state but was only attracting likely 1% of voters. >> i believe we've run a campaign you can be proud of. we've put forward bold and practical solutions. reporter: of the front runners, marco rubio is third in all three states, chris chris dee is surging -- christie is surging in new
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hampshire and donald trump was defending himself over a statement made during the debate. it's cold and overcast but that will change. allyson rae joins us with your forecast. you've out of luck -- you're out of luck if you're dreaming of a white christmas. >> if you want a warm christmas, i have that for you. its about 50/50. half people say this is great, i love warm weather, and half of the people say i want cold weather. it's going to be warm so we have to gear up for that. 51 degrees. it is chilly out there and breezy, cloudy. it does feel cool, however our average high for this time of year is in the upper 40s. current temperatures, 48 for chevy chase, 49 for springfield and 47 for rockville. we're going to get a little warmer as we head through the afternoon. we stay dry, except for areas well off to the west. i'm going to detail that out later.
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i want to talk about the temperatures heading our way. these are our records for christmas eve day and christmas. we are forecasting temperatures in the 70s. 66 for wednesday, into the 70s for thursday and 64 for christmas day. that's not too bad. we'll talk about the rain chances that come along with all of these warm temperatures coming up later. >> thanks. triple a says the average price of gas has dropped below $2 a gal long for the first time -- gallon for the first time since 2009. as omar reports, that means extra money to spend for millions of us. reporter: erica drives up to 200 miles a day for her window cleaning business. >> yeah, this is my work business. reporter: she says filling up is a more pleasurable experience these days. that's because gas prices have plunged
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about 75-cents per gallon since the summer. >> i can eat steak and shrimp now. reporter: triple a estimates americans have saved $115 billion on gas in 2015 compared to 2014. that's about five other for -- $550. most people are spending that extra cash. a group analyzed data. >> 80% of the savings at the pump are being spent and mostly on restaurants and groceries but department stores, entertainment and electronics are also getting boosts in sales. reporter: that extra spending is good for retailers during the last few days before christmas. >> what are you doing with that money? >> saving it for christmas, to buy christmas presents. reporter: americans will likely continue to have extra spending money. gas prices are
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expected to stay low in january . . . triple a says americans are on track to drive a record number of mile this is year. americans have driven more than 2.63 trillion miles through october and that's an increase compared to last year >>a retired police officer is facing charges after a fake bomb is found on an air france jet. the plain was flying when the pilot made an emergency landing in kenya. police found a fake device rigged with cardboard, pieces of paper and a kitchen timer. police were waitingty airport when the jet landed and arrested the man. weather in the 70s this week and the redskins are in first place, its got to be freezing over enter if you get my drift. washington hosted buffalo last week. as in last week's game, the skins
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started off to an early lead and then had to fight off a come back by the bills. . that makes the skins, eagles game this saturday crucial for washington's playoff hopes and you can watch it here on wusa9. we get things started with our pregame show at 7:00 p.m., kickoff at 8:25 in lincoln field. if the redskins win, they will claim the division crown and get this, after the start, they will be able to host a playoff game. one person is dead and dozens hurt after a driver plows into a crowd in las vegas. coming up, hear from witnesses who saw the whole thing. >> and it was a great day for a walk in space. coming up next, what
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welcome back. a surprise in space today, nasa gave the green light to the international stays station crew for a -- space station crew for a space walk. the mission is to move a piece of equipment which is stuck before wednesday's scheduled arrival of an you think piloted russian supply craft. the space walk comes the same day as the launch of a supply rocket. two big names in the international world of soccer are vowing to fight their suspensions. they're been banned from the support for eight years. a committee of fifa imposeed the suspensions. one part of the investigation centers on a payment of about $2 million that blatter approved in 2011. both men deny any wrong doing. . canada may be accepting
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more syrian refugees than initially planned. the country's new liberal government has pledged to resettle 25,000 refugees by the end of february . now their minister of immigration and citizenship says it hopes to settle up to 50,000 syrians by this time next year. allyson is back with the forecast next. >> temperatures are just going to keep on climbing in the coming days. 70s, believe it or not but it does come with a price tag of showerings. we have several -- showers. we have several chances of rain to go through.
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. a tennessee mother is
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preparing to bury her 15 year old son, a star high school football player. police say he was shot to death by gang members while shielding three young girls from the gun fire. his brother zach was there when it happened. . >> picked him up, and i set him on my arms. i was shaking him. i was like i love you, wake up. reporter: at a candle light vigil, classmates honored the sophomore who grew up in a high crime area of knoxville and became a stand outfootball player. police have come up with a great idea to cut down on package thefts. they're planting fake packages with a gps tracker to track thieves. police say they've nabbed six year criminals this -- career criminals this way. >> once the package is stolen by a suspect, an alert occurs within the police department and usually within a
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few minutes, we're able to apprehend the suspect. >> police say the best way to prevent theft is to be proactive. a woman is in police custody in las vegas accused of deliberately ramming her car into crowds of pedestrians. one person was killed, dozens more injured. there are many questions surrounding this case. reporter: in a moment of horror, the driver of this car barreled through a business las vegas sidewalk. witnesses say she had a toddler with her. >> people were punching the window trying to get the child out of the backseat. she accelerated and except mowing everyone down. reporter: emergency responders were forced to set up a triage center to care for the nearly 40 victims. >> she went up off these streets on to the sidewalk two or possibly three times and based on the evidence and information from our investigators, at this point,
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we are treating this as an intentional act. reporter: police say the violent rampage started near the planet hollywood resort. the suspect drove on and off the sidewalk reaching paris hotel and casino. >> it looked like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she was just looking straight forward. reporter: police say the suspect attempted to drive away but was tracked down to a parking lot. >> we were able to get her detained and she's being interviewed as well as being tested for impairment. reporter: police say the driver and the 3 year old in the car were unharmed. investigators will be combing through surveillance video. witnesses say the car was going 30 to 40 miles per hour as it mowed people down here in the las vegas strip. . police say four members of pacific university assures ling -- wrestling team were among the injured.
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the winner is, oops, steve chary is -- harvey is apologizing for announcing the wrong winner. the contestest from columbia was already wearing the crown when harvey returned to apologize for his mistake. the philippines conquest president, pia alonzo wurtzbach is this winner and ms. columbia is the runner up. >> it was a mistake. it was just an honest mistake. all i knew to do, when i got that and started reading the card, i just tried to turn around and fix it. reporter: wurtzbach said she felt joy when she was told she won but at the same time, she felt concern for the columbian contestant. at least 85 people are still missing this afternoon after a landslide in china. dozens of buildings came crashing down around an industrial park in china
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near a major manufacturing center. seven people were pulled from pulled from the rubble with minor injuries. we are now just four days from christmas and into the final frenzy of -- phrensy of shopping -- frenzy of shopping. we're sharing a wall 06 wishes. -- of wishes. susan posted i wish my family would put the bs behind them, love one another and move forward with happiness together. never see it in real life but we can wish for it. anna wishes i wish for no more cancer and allyson is wishing for snow. reporter: no. >> you can get your wish on the wall by tweeting or instagramming with wall of wishes or posting on the wusa9 facebook page. check out the wall at slash wishes. . it was just a wish if
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you're hoping for a white christmas or even a cold christmas. reporter: yeah, much of the country east of the mississippi, warm as can be. if you want a white christmas, you've got to head to the rockies. its going to be so warm here. so we are looking at temperatures headed to the 70s. let's get a sneak peek of your christmas eve and christmas day forecast. then we'll get to the details of afternoon showers. shower showers and evening showers christmas eve. we'll see a little sunshine and temperatures headed to the 70s. christmas day, we cool off a little bit. again, much of the day is going to be beautiful if you like 60-degree temperatures. that's one of the temperatures that is not too warm. a lot of sunshine later in the day. this is an unsettled forecast. we're going to have a chance for rain almost every day. you have to kind of stay tuned to see the timing of each rain system but your chances are greatest for tuesday and wednesday and also
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on thursday. today is the coolest and driest of the week. we're looking at cloudy skies. we are above average and we are warmer than we were over the weekend but it feels cool out there. rain chances will increase, especially right before christmas. they start to taper off over the weekend. i know we have the big game in philadelphia. right now, it looks to be dry but there is say small chance of a shower. we're looking at record highs on christmas eve. not only during the afternoon, we're also looking to break records overnight. we could see record minimum temperatures at their high southeast highest overnight low temperatures. it is something we do track. we're going to stay warm all weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, we're into the 60s. if you're looking to get your kids outside, that would be when to do it. 51 degrees, it is a little breezy out there. we have a couple of showers hanging out there. we're going to stay dry today.
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your drive home is going to be dry. after mitt night, we're tracking a few light -- midnight, we're tracking a few light showers. we're looking at showers entering as early as tomorrow morning and also on wednesday morning so if you're getting up, trying to head to grand ma's early, you might be dodging showers. tonight, 6:30, no problems. its still cool out there. with these clouds not budging, it's not going to feel that warm. 2:30 in the morning, here come knew sanction showers. -- new sans showers. you'll be sleeping. it heads out fast. before lunchtime, over to maryland. by 5:30 tomorrow, your drive home, you're dry. another chance for rain on wednesday. this wave has more steady rain with it. this is going to be a yellow weather alert day. as we head through the overnight
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hours, we dry out. christmas eve, 6:00 in the morning, another round of showers but this is when we get that warm air. 55 degrees today, 60 for tomorrow gearing up for mid-60s on wednesday. wednesday and thursday we could see a couple of thunderstorms mixed in. by friday, a little cooler but hey, 64 degrees. saturday and sunday, we're looking at a stalled front to the north of us. that could bring showers to the game in philadelphia, but for now, its going to leave our region dry. we'll keep an eye on it. we'll be
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. ugly sweaters are big in the days
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before christmas. the university of kansas set a new guinness record for the most ugly holiday sweaters worn at one time during an event. . reporter: i can honestly say the field house has not looked as festive. it looks really good. the town has sold out of sweaters, i believe. >> jayhawks fans set a new record with 4,783 ugly sweaters topping the previous record by nearly 2300 sweaters. >> i thought my sweater was cute. >> it was cute. >> thank you. >> love a go ugly sweater. you're not going need sweaters this week. well, maybe today. this will be the coldest day, 60s are back tuesday and wednesday and by thursday, we're looking at 70s. you know, i'm saying even though it gets warm, the amount of blue skies is going to be limited. we're looking at shower chances each day. tune in and we'll keep you up to date on the
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mobile app. >> that's it for wusa9. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day and do keep up with us
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[ music plays loudly ] >> billy: [ groans ] [ sighs ] [ groans ] >> gwen: jack. >> jack: i'll meet you at the table? >> phyllis: okay. don't be long. >> jack: hi, gwen. thanks for meeting me here. >> gwen: no problem. what's up? >> jack: i guess you've heard about the, uh, rather large settlement that we were forced to pay newman. >> gwen: yeah. put a hell of a hole in our balance sheet. >> jack: well, it's forced us to take some pretty severe austerity measures, and i-i hate the timing of it, right before the holidays. >> gwen: you're... >> jack: downsizing, yeah. >> gwen: ...firing me. >> jack: no, no, no. not for cause.


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