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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 29, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight a murder suspect confesses to a cold-blooded killing. i'm adam longo. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. alek james jones has confessed to stabbing a young man with disabilitied. it happened outside gaywood elementary school in seabrook. the stabbing was random and completely unprovoked. it was 24-year-old douglas reyes. tonight his family is heartbroken. >> he took away what i have left, my reason to be here. and defending himself. >> reporter: when he was a
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child, he survived a car accident killing his uncle. family and friends plan to gather in his honor about one hour from now. as for the suspect, alex jones is behind bars. friends and co-workers mourning the death of the 19-year-old bicyclist hit and killed in a crosswalk. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in aspen hills. they got moved to our area in may to escape a troubled home life in tennessee. that bicycle he was riding was a christmas gift. >> i kept saying this is not real. >> reporter: friends say that he finally found happiness and acceptance living in a group house with strangers he had met playing games online. >> i collapsed on the kitchen floor as it is unreal. >> reporter: frank loved
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working with children. at the time of his death he was biking home from his job at dynamite gymnastics. >> they loved him very much. >> it ended when they failed to stop at this crosswalk at the bottom of the hill. >> they don't slow down. if i cross, i'm looking. >> reporter: they liked painting their nails, reading, cooking, watching the golden girls. most of all he would love their new life that they would create in rockville and he almost made it out in home. anny hong wusa9. >> reporter: they have identified the driver of the four runner as the 34-year-old of silver springs, they do not believe that even texting were factors in xhthe crash.
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in identifying some of the motorcyclists seen here. >> reporter: reckless driving, negligent driving, traffic infractions. >> reporter: just some of the charges that the state police may throw at motorcycle riders, reeking havoc on the beltway last sunday afternoon. >> by the time the troopers are ready to get to the scene of the accident, it was too late. while they may have evaded the police, they didn't escape the cameras. >> they are helpful to police, because we have been able to follow up on who those registered owners are.
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>> a lot of them did the right thing. some safely had their passengers take video or jot down information that would be helpful for police. in pikesville james hash wusa9. please contact the barracks with any new information. tonight, two grinches under arrest. and the 27-year-old kyle pestin as they say that the pair broke in to a vehicle in germantown and stole more than $20,000 worth of camera equipment and computers. the suspects quickly tried to turn around and sell that stuff. in dc police trying to identify and track down another grinch. one that pulled off a crime on
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christmas eve, showing them carting off bottles of liquor along the block of kentucky avenue in northwest. the only witnesses that you would see them there and they are not talking. two cutouts from those commercials. several days of heavy rain where homes and businesses, flooding along the river near st. louis and the water is not finished yet. expected to crest on thursday breaking some records along the river as the floods have killed at least 18 people, mostly involving the drivers. the same storm system that caused all the flooding, many kids in maine, massachusetts, and new york did spend a part of today building the snowmen probably for the first time this winter, right? the adults were quickly reminded of what it will be like to drive on the slick
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roads. all that crazy weather is creating a nightmare for those driving home for the holidays. >> there are plenty of grounded travelers tonight. >> the weather in the dc area is obviously clear. being felt across the country with thousands and thousands of flights, grounded over the last 48 hours. as if holiday travel is not stressful enough, this year they are bringing some passengers to tears. >> they canceled our flights, five minutes before it is suppose to go. our flight was at 5:30. people are waiting in lines,
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stranded, frustrated. even cities that were not impacted by the weather in tampa and los angeles were hit with flight delays and cancellations. if there is a silver lining, perhaps that many of the major airlines are not charging any kind of penalty or fees rebooking those flights, i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> it is always weird to be at the airport to have all the delays when things around here are just fine. >> exactly. tracking some showers now headed this way. >> i think tomorrow afternoon some showers will roll in with no green blobs. we'll advance it by 10:00, 51
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in silver springs and bowie and still dry and brand new as they were not showing up over the last three hours or so, bringing in the showers through much of the metro area. redskins nfc champions would hit the shelves in two days. >> then they started flying off of them. we were there to check out their new threads and here to see them catch the playoff fever. they have not won the playoff game, back when joe gibbs is the head coach as they are ready to make new memories. >> the championship tattoo.
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>> just completely new hope for the redskins for our team and our city that we would have something to look forward to in the playoffs. the redskins could play the green bay packers, or the seahawks. until then you can track all things on our free wusa9 app. church members will pray for a mir cal as they face a huge bill and eviction, that's later. and the teen, the one that fled to mexico, how they look different now and how they tried to disguise themselves.
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it's one of the most talked about stories online today. expected back in the u.s. tomorrow as they were caught and his mother tonya were caught last night. a new photo would show that he tried to disguise himself. his blonde hair died brown. police believe that the video surfaced showing them drinking alcohol. he's underage and already on probation, which could end up being revoked, getting 10 years in prison. another presidential candidate has dropped out of the race. george is trending in dc right now after he told some of the biggest supporters he's calling it quits. the former new york governor spent most of his time campaigning in new hampshire. but one of the latest polls would have them at 0%. and now there are a dozen republicans that are running for president. they are eagerly awaiting to meet their two new puppies
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born this weekend. they're unique because they were cloned from the couple's beloved dog dillon who died earlier this year. and it will be $100,000. they don't mind the criticism, just the six-second vine of one of the puppies just moments after they were born and amazed by how much they would look like dillon already. oh my gosh $100,000 already? man. >> yes. all right, a $400 bill for one person at olive garden, what is not included to ring in the new year in times square. i think that the clone family probably doesn't have any children, thus the money for the puppies. how much warmer are we right now? and not bad.
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and warmer in cumberland and charlottesville and then had we'll come back and track some rain and showers tomorrow and look ahead to the new year's
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a popular radio pastor and the new church are facing eviction tonight. >> she was hoping and praying
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to keep their church. as they fight a very big bill. >> and hearing them say that they would owe half a million dollars, leaving them accusing the company of the place. >> that's minutes before she would get served, now facing e vaccie and the resolution was in site played for suckers, looking for a new home. >> and we have given more than $100,000 since may. >> it has been a lot of
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investment in the community, an e-mail away. and on the week before christmas. that we just don't understand that. >> reporter: their lawyers declined to comment on this after court today. in mt. rainier prince george's county scott broom wusa9. a church attorney told us that the hearing saithes are open to a settlement offer before the next hearing date on january 14. metro has a bargain for all new year's eve partiers this year. all metro rail and bus rides will be free starting midnight on new year's eve until the system shuts down 3:00 a.m. it's a part of a program sponsored by the folks at miller lite to keep people drinking off the roads. good for them.
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i know, i've been losing sleep of this. that is just a small sampling in times square to make sure that it would work. they need to make sure. how much would you be willing to pay to stay out of the cold? maybe get a view of the ball drop in times square? >> olive garden is banking for party goers to shell out $400 to get a seat. comparable to the other places around there. so you're going to the olive garden, open bar, dj, buffet, but no soup, salad, breaksticks. >> come on, man.
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also a couple of blocks from where the ball drop, so you might get a sliver of what's going on outside, but mainly just checking it out on the tv. >> you'll be in times square. come on a lot of those folks, they start lining up in the morning. >> yes. >> that is one reason when you pay. although $400 ahead is a lot. >> and they will probably get it. >> yes, two inches by two inches. how does it fall? nothing will change it the next couple of days. highs in the 40s. 13 days in the 60s. three days in the 70s.
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we also broke their streak when we had 60 or higher in a row as we finished a seven-day streak treatment-degree guarantee as we'll talk about it at 11:00. thankfully to 56 as we were worried about the cold air damming, kind of wimpy when we are talking about cold air still in the 50s. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. 52 right now. a little worried here as we will keep you posted. and dry and quiet for travel on thursday and chilly and seasonable back in the 40s. just a few breaks.
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again 44 now in rockville and bowie, then 50 downtown with a couple sprinkles here and there. some showers off to the west, what they were doing just in the last hour as they would move through during the evening and afternoon hours. everything will be general to the i-90 corridor as it will be 53 at 11:00. i think that it will be dry until one or two. a little dose for the new year. staying cool in the mid-40s on monday and tuesday.
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the terrapins team is ranked fourth in the country. they won all the games they were suppose to win in their non-conference schedule with that moment after their loss to north carolina. they open up tomorrow night against penn state and they would say that this team, they would head to the schedule with more confidence than before. all to lead the young guys in this transitianon d being the hunted. he's new to the conference. >> this is my first time being in the big ten too and letting them know that it gets real now. like i said earlier that every year it is not going to be easy. whether it is a winning one or a losing one. that's the thing that i would try to reiterate. that we need to be sharp in everything that we do. real quick breaking news, they've fired their head coach
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chip kelly with just one game left to go and the third year as the head coach. we wish the redskins a coincidence? >> maybe not. but that's it for us on the news at 7:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00 v. a
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oprah's emotional new revelation about her life long struggle with weight. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> every time i tried and failed, has brought me to this. >> why oprah's new commercials are bringing people to tears and what she only told "e.t.." >> i'm not comfortable with the weight. but the weight isn't who i am. >> plus, all new people half their size. >> i started my journey at 267 pounds. >> find out how the real people lost hundreds of pounds. >> people have surgery or use a diet pill. >> plus, a "glee" star arrested for possessing child pornography. stay tuned for the latest. >> then our 2015 hollywood romance report card.


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